Supernatural (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 22 - Supernatural - full transcript

Angels are committing suicide in Castiel's name. Sam and Dean try to find out why.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
First time
I touched that Blade,

I knew that I wouldn't be stopped,

and that I would
take down Abaddon,

and anything else if I had to.

I'm glad the Blade gives you
strength or calm or whatever.

I gotta say, I'm starting to think
that Blade is doing something else.

So this war between angels
is really gonna happen, huh?

Not if I can find
a diplomatic option.

I know you truly believe
it's for the greater good.

Your mistaken trust in Metatron
will bring you down again.

The gates are sealed.
No one can get in.

Who said anything about gates?

You don't need gates
when you have a private portal.

You can't hide something like that.

You can if it moves around
from place to place,

if it's wherever
the boss wants it to be.

How's that stolen grace
inside you working out?

- It's fine.
- No, it's not.

- Dean.
- Do I know you?

We go way back.


I know something they don't know,
the ending.

How I get there doesn't matter as
long as everybody plays their part.

Yeah. Give me one scoop of
the no-fat, non-dairy vanilla,

with a quarter teaspoon
of the sugar-free caramel,

and ten, not nine,
not eleven, blueberries.

Got it? Good.

What do you want, honey?


Excuse me. I know this is
none of my business...

You're right.
It's not. Go away.

Where are your parents?

I don't have parents.

I'm an angel.

Yeah, you're a little angel.

Does your mother know you're sitting
here, eating diabetes?

- You need to run.
- What?


Nice reflexes.

Better hair.

What's wrong with you?

I could have shot you.

Why aren't you sleeping?
We got in like two hours ago.

Not tired.
And we got work to do,

so put on your dancing shoes,
and let's boogie.

All right.

What's up?

I called Cass. He said there's
something going down in Missouri.

What kind of something?

He said he couldn't talk
about it over the phone.

- Why?
- Because he is a weird guy, okay?

He's a weird, dorky, little guy.

But he happens to have an army
of angels behind him,

and, even though I hate to say it,

if we're gonna take a shot
at Metatron, they might be useful.

Do you think we need
the First Blade?

Why don't we just leave that here?

We talked about this,
and we decided that...

No. In all fairness,
we didn't decide. You did.

Okay, I decided that a hockey stick
that can kill anything

might come in handy, so sue me.

How many times have we
been around this block?

Magic that powerful comes at a price,

and right now we don't know
what that price is.

I'm fine.

- I'm fan-friggin'-tastic.
- And I'm glad, honestly.

I'm not saying we bury the thing.

I'm saying we just save it
for when we really need it.

Crowley. Metatron.
The big boss fights.

You don't have to have it
with you all the time, right?

I mean, just leave it.


- No problem.
- Thank you.

Agents Spears and Aguilera? FBI?

- Uh-huh.
- Your partner said you'd be along.

Thank you.

Thank you for coming.

Spears and Aguilera?

I've noticed your aliases are usually
the names of popular musicians.


Come here.
Take a look at this.

Look. And the other bodies
are the same.

Burnt-out husks.

Okay, so, what is this,
some sort of mass smiting?

I don't know what this was.

Never seen anything like it.

Six humans died here...

And one angel.

One of yours?

Was a good soldier.

This attack...

I knew he wanted a war, but this...

This is abhorrent, even for him.

Uh... just a second!

I gave you a second.

You are such an angel sometimes.

- What do you want?
- To talk about tonight.

- We'll be fine.
- No, we...

We're losing, Metatron.

Castiel's followers outnumber us.

And while they haven't gone
on offense, they have proven capable.

They stopped you from killing him,
and me, for example.

I told you, we had our shot
with operation Lee Harvey,

and we took it.

I gave the orders.
You weren't to be harmed.

- You had me followed.
- Yeah, and you met with the enemy...

In secret.

What is that old line
about sins and stones?

He spoke. He lied.
And I listened.

That's it.

But I serve Heaven.

- I serve you.
- Good.

Don't forget it.

I mean, I don't get this
whole Cass love fest, either.

I'm offering our people a way home,

and still,
they're choosing him over me.

I mean, sure, he's cute.

And Castiel has this simple... charm.

He's like a mentally deficient puppy.

But I'm lovable.

And funny.

I made God laugh, twice!

You're the one who asked him
to lead an army.

Well, I didn't think
he'd be good at it.

Your meeting tonight.

He controls the largest independent
faction of angels left, and...

And I have to make
a good impression. I know.

I've got a plan.

It's not that, is it?

Shut up!


Oh, it's just creepy.

Sam, Dean, this is Hannah.

The Winchesters,
I've heard so much about you.

What can I say?
Cass is a fan.

- I'll start to examine this evidence.
- Oh, um...

Sir, this morning,
Josiah wasn't at roll call.

Roll call?
You hold a roll call?

They like to hear me
say their names.

I know a couple of women like that.

No one's seen Josiah
since Ezra was murdered.

We think that...

You think Josiah's the killer,
that he is the mole?

Well, who else?

We searched the grounds,
but he's vanished.

Not without wings.

He's an angel, but he's still got
to travel like he's a human,

which means walk, drive,
means he's gonna leave a trail.

All right.
What was his vessel's name?

- Sean Flynn from Omaha.
- Okay.

This the guy?

Yeah, that's him.

All right.

Someone just used his credit card
at a Gas-n-Sip in Colorado.

And that's how we do things
in the pros.


I have something.

This phone's memory chip
has a video time-stamp

just before the explosion.

Now the moment you've all
been waiting for.

- What?
- No!

I do this for Castiel!

- What the hell was that?
- I don't know. I didn't...

I would never ask an angel to
sacrifice himself to kill innocents.

I'm gonna be sick.

Cass, why would an angel blow up
a Colonel Scoop's in your name?

That's not what he was doing.
Roll it back.


That was an angel, Esther.

She's one of Metatron's.

- So, this was some kind of hit?
- I don't know.

Stop saying you don't know.

You can't think I would allow
something like this.

Cass, I know you try
to be a good guy, okay?

I do. You try.

But what you got here,
this is a freakin' cult.

- Dean...
- Last time you had a kind of juice,

you did kill humans and angels,
and you did nothing,

but lie to me and Sam
about it the whole damn time!

Can we take this
somewhere else, guys?

Stow the baggage, Dean.

Look, we've got a case.

Let's work it.

Cass, did you know
the angel in that video?

Yes. His name was Oren.
He was a new recruit.

- He worked in community outreach.
- And what does that mean?

Some of my troops are stationed
at a local hospital.

They help where they can.

Minor miracles. It's nothing
that would draw attention.

What was he doing in that video,
with the stabbing?

The Enochian runes
that were carved in his chest...

I think that they
were meant to focus energy.

When he stabbed himself,
it unleashed all that power.

What about the girl?
What happened to her?

If she was the target,
if the blast was focused on her,

then more likely than not,
she was atomized.

So, what do we do now?

Well, you don't do jack.
Me and Sam will head to the hospital,

see if we can find somebody
who knew this walking nuke.

Hold on. These are my people.
I can help.

Well, that's sort of the problem.

I mean, the Manson girls aren't
gonna give us a straight answer

with Charlie in the room,
so just hang back.

So, I should just sit here?

- Pretty much.
- No.

If you don't want my help,

then I will follow
Josiah's trail to Colorado.

I have to do something, Dean.

All right, fine.

But Sam's coming with you.

- What?
- Because you don't trust me?

To help.

Abaddon is dead.

And then some.

Oh, no.

Okay. Um...


Does Dean seem different to you?


Lately, he seems to be...

...amped up, you know, on edge.

- Effects of the Mark?
- What else?

He does seem angry.

I mean, he's always a little angry,
but now it seems like...


I think a part of him
actually believed

that I ordered those angels to,
you know...

Sam, you don't, do you?

No, man. Cass, listen.

You got a weird thing
going on back there.

Those other angels,
the way they stare at you...

It's like you're part rock star,
part L. Ron.

- They've put their faith in me.
- And maybe that's the problem.

I mean, people have been
doing messed up crap

in the name of faith... the name of God, since forever.


I'm not trying to play God.

I'm just trying
to get my people home.

Ha-ha! Yes!

Well done!

It's such a simple game.

And boy, you got to love
the sound of those pins.

Beautiful, a symphony of wood.

So, you've heard our offer.

Yeah, I sign on the dotted line,

and, well, my people,
they get a ticket upstairs.

What if we don't want to go?

- But it's home.
- It's boring.

I mean, there's nothing
like this in Heaven.

I could whip you up
a bowling alley.

Eh, but it wouldn't...

I mean, just smell that.

Old shoes and alcoholism? I...

- Authenticity.
- So, wait.

You're turning me down
because of... bowling?

And I like being
an independent operator.

And I hear you're losing.

And I hate your face.

Well, I could get a new face.

You'd still be you, a nerd trying
to be one of the popular kids.


Okay. Time for the hard sell.


You knife me, and all my guys
will go running to Castiel.

Even you're not that stupid.

I tell you what, huh?

You out-bowl me, we'll talk?

Yeah, I saw him, officer.

He filled up some old,
woody station wagon.

Don't suppose you got
the license plate number?


But he was headed to an address
in Pray, Montana.

- How do you know that?
- Guy asked for directions.


You want me to write that down?

- Yes.
- Now. Please.

What do I call you?

My angelic name is 18 syllables long.

- Let's stick with Flagstaff.
- Copy.

So you knew this Oren guy?

We worked together
at the hospital.

He was a joy.
Bright, full of life.

Yeah, I hear he had
a real explosive personality.

- Do you think this is a joke?
- Do you see me laughing?

Is there anything else
you can tell me about him?

For example,
why he'd light his own fuse.

No. Can I go?
I have lives to save.

Welcome to the club.

- Something funny?
- Not funny "ha ha."

But you thinking you help people,
it's amusing.

I help people.

A clogged artery here,
a tumor there.

I do good in this world.

You believe every problem
can be solved with a gun.

You play the hero,
but underneath the hype,

you're a killer with oceans
of blood on his hands.

I hate men like you.


Honey, there ain't
no other men like me.

Don't. Please.

Oren. Friends?


And Tessa.

- Tessa? The reaper, Tessa?
- You know her?

That looks like the car the guy
at the gas station was talking about.

Maybe Josiah's still around.

Sam, this place is radiating power.

I haven't felt anything like this
since... Since Heaven.

We have to get in here.

All right.

Step aside.

I got this.

I don't got this.

Howdy, Tessa.

You're supposed to be working
at the hospital tonight,

but when I stopped by,
you were gone.

So was an ambulance.

- Pro tip, they all have GPS.
- Good to know.

So, you're here. Why?

You just love musical theater?

Only if it's Fiddler.

- We need to talk.
- Can't. Sort of got a date.

Not happening.

Where's the other one?

Where's Constantine?

- Better luck next time.
- Thanks.


I do this for Castiel.

I checked all the windows and doors.
No luck.

What about you?
You find anything?

I think so.

It's Enochian.

I believe it's some sort of riddle.

"Why is six afraid of seven?"

I assume it's
because seven is a prime number,

and prime numbers
can be intimidating.

It's because seven ate nine.

It's wordplay.

And the answer is the key,

like the doors of Durin
in Lord of the Rings.

Wait a second.

You know about
The Lord of the Rings?

I'm very pop-culture savvy now.

- Hey.
- How is he?

He's, uh... He's Cass.

What about you? How's it going?

Great. Went out, got some air.

Met an old friend.

Say hi to Sam, Tessa.

- Your brother's a psycho, Sam.
- Stop.

- What's going on?
- You first.

I know he's the commander's friend,

and I know we're supposed
to pretend we like him,

but that ape put a knife
to my throat.


- What are you doing?
- You want to tell her?

Oh, God.

There's no God.
There's only Castiel.

Oh, and you're done.

You wounded her.

More like defused, okay?

I cut up that old testament graffiti
she carved into herself.

I figured that would break the spell.

And now, what will you do to her?

- Guess.
- Torture. Predictable.

We need to know if there
are other bombers out there.

No. I won't allow it.

I know what Tessa was planning.

It's horrible, but there's only
one person who can punish her.

Let me guess. Yay big, trench coat,
sensible shoes?

You have to understand that Castiel

is the only thing
holding us together.

A month ago,
half the angels in this place

were trying to kill the other half.

Castiel has given us a purpose.

But more than that, he has
given us a way to live in peace.

We have rules. Order.

If I let you take matters
into your own hands,

what's to stop one of them
from doing the same?

You can talk to her.

You should talk to her.

But leave the Blade outside.

- Are you asking or telling?
- We're not asking.

You sure you don't want
to go back, Cass?

Look, if Dean
is right about Tessa...

No, I... I do.

I just... Give me a second.

"Only the penitent man
shall pass"?

Cass, wait!

The Last Crusade?


Well, let's start with an easy one.

Who are you working for?

- Castiel.
- Liar.

People like you,
they never understand.

Sacrifices have to be made.

So you go after
one of the bad guys,

and if a few humans
get microwaved,

no big deal, right?

In the grand scheme,
they don't matter.

Oh, Tessa, you are so wrong.

When Castiel came to me
and told me what I had to do,

he said I was chosen
because I was strong.


...they couldn't handle this.

They're too weak.

Settle down!

Is... Do you think
she's telling the truth?

She thinks she is.

- Sam. We found it.
- What?

- It's the door to Heaven.
- Seriously?

What else would Metatron go to such
great lengths to protect?

I can hear it.
It's calling to me, Sam.

If we control this door,
we can take the fight to Metatron.

We may not even need
to fight at all.

Cass, wait.

What the hell?

"Welcome to your own personal
heaven, Castiel.

Good luck finding the real one."


It's Josiah.

He reeks of holy oil.


Looks like he got
Home Alone-ed.

So, all of this was a lie.

Supposed to be here.


He told me...

After Ezra, he told me
that I should come to him.

Metatron told me
that I could go home.

I just wanted to go home.

- Here. Let me...
- No!

I would rather die than owe
my life to you, Castiel.

You play at being noble.

You play at being one of us.

But I look into your eyes...

...and I don't see
an angel staring back at me.

- Where's your friend?
- Just you and me now.

Let's talk about us.
I mean, we got history, yeah?


I still remember our meet-cute.

You were dying.

Good times.

Here's the deal.

I like you, Tess, okay?
For an angel.

But tell me,
why are you doing this?


No, forget Cass.
Why are you doing this?

What would make a person want
to pop their top, huh?

I mean, look,
I've been in bad shape.

I have. But I have never been
that damn low.

I guess I just
can't take the screaming.

Who's screaming?

All of them.
The lost souls.

The ones that can't get
into Heaven

now that it's been boarded up.

I hear them.

They are so confused.

They're in so much pain.

All I want to do is help them.

It's what I do.
It's my job.

But I can't.

So I suffered...

...until death... nothingness.

Suddenly, it didn't seem so bad.

It seemed quiet.

So why don't you
just jam an Angel Blade

in your throat and call it a day?

I thought about it,
but I was too weak.

Till Castiel gave me
a reason to die.


See, that just doesn't sound
like the Cass I know.

But doesn't it, though?

And the Cass you know,
would he raise

an army of angels
without telling you?

'Cause this Cass did.

I'll tell you a secret.

There's more out there.

Like me.

- So many more.
- You got names?

That would ruin all the fun.


No, see...

...the fun's just getting started.

- Dean, what have you done?
- What I had to.

Welcome to the club.

Thank you.

He put up a fight.

Get out.

You should have seen
the other ten guys.

- They said you killed Tessa?
- Not so much.

She knifed herself.

Yeah? Why would she
do that, Dean?

I don't know, Sam.

She was saying all kinds of crap.

So that's why you brought out
the First Blade?

- They told you about that, huh?
- We had a deal.

- Well, it was a stupid deal.
- Really?

'Cause if you'd stuck to it,
Tessa would still be alive.

Without her, we ain't got jack.

You think I don't know that?
You think I wanted that to happen?

I don't know, Dean.
Did you?

All right, that's enough.
Stop it.

Commander, I'm sorry,
but you have a call.

From Metatron.


Bet you're not happy to see me.

Is anyone, ever?

Dean, always with the B-grade
'80s-action-movie wit.

What do you want, Metatron?

Just to tell ass-tiel, there,
that I'm still alive.

His bomber failed.

- My bomber?
- The crazy guy.

Big knife. Kablooey.

I'm fine, thanks for asking,
but Gadreel is wounded, and Tyrus...


His followers are not
your biggest fans, by the way.

- They've all come over to my team.
- I didn't send anyone to kill you.

Oh, stop lying, Castiel.

Who are you to lecture me on lying?
Your deception led to the fall.

I did what I had to do.

I have always done
what I have to do,

for God and for the angels.

Sure. Yeah, you're Mother Teresa
with neck beard.

What I did was
neither good nor bad.

It was necessary, a small hardship
to make us all stronger,

to make us a family again.

Yeah, except for the angels
you had Gadreel kill.

Okay, yes.

Maybe I got
a little carried away at first,

but those days are over.

A near-death experience
makes you re-evaluate.

So, one time only,
I'm offering amnesty.

Every angel,
no matter what their sin,

may join me and return to Heaven.

I will be their God,

and they can be
my heavenly host.

Why would we follow you?

Well, look around.

You've seen earth.

You've had a taste of free will.

I got to ask you,
do you like it?

I mean, the way you've flocked
off to follow Castiel

tells me you need
to follow someone.

It's in your DNA.

But Cass,
he's not what you think he is.

He sends angels out to die.

Have you told them about
your stolen grace, Castiel?

How it's fading away,

and when it burns out,
so will you?

So..., then.

I'm not the best,
but I'm the best you've got.

You want to stay with Castiel, fine,

but he's playing you,
because at the end of the day,

the only thing he cares about

is himself
and the Hardy boys there.

You've got a choice to make.

Make the right one.

- He's lying.
- About the grace?

It's complicated.

So he wasn't lying.

He was about
everything else. He...

- You believe me, don't you?
- I want to believe you, but I...

- We need proof.
- Name it.

- Punish him.
- What?

He murdered Tessa.
He broke our rules.

Y'all can all go to hell.


Hey, wait a sec...

You gave us order, Castiel,
and we gave you our trust.

Don't lose it over one man.

This is justice.

No. I can't.

Goodbye, Castiel.

You're right.

There is no other side.

Well, welcome aboard.


...the first of Castiel's flock
has come around.

The rest will follow.

You should have told me
what our elite unit was for.

Why? It was none
of your business.

Tessa, Constantine.

I recruited them, and you...

...brainwashed them
into blowing themselves up.


Well, that's an old writer's trick,
flipping the script.

You start by building up
a seemingly unbeatable enemy,

like the Death Star,

or a rival angel with a bigger army.

That way,
I look like the underdog.

But then, oh, no!

The competition gets greedy.

He starts pushing things too much.

With the help
of my combustible double agents.

And then, after a rousing speech,

his true weakness is revealed.

He's in love with humanity.

And now...

...I'm inevitable.

- What about Josiah?
- Mm.

He was a loose end.

I told him where the gate was...
before we moved it.

Oh! I just wish Cass had walked
into one of those traps.

Anyway, point is,

while everyone else
is playing checkers,

I'm playing Monopoly,

and I always build a hotel
on Boardwalk.

And I always win.

So, Dean, uh...

Are we gonna talk about this,
or what?

About what?

Yeah, I lied,
but you were being an infant.

Wow. Even for you,
that apology sucked.

Oh, I'm not apologizing.

I'm telling you
how it's gonna be.

Dean, that Blade...

That Blade's the only thing
that can kill Metatron,

and I am the only one
who can use it.

So from here on out,
I'm calling the shots.


Look, until I jam that blade
through that douchebag's heart,

we are not a team.

This is a dictatorship.

Now, you don't have to like it,
but that's how it's gonna be.

So, batteries.

- I'm fine.
- No, you're not.

How long you got?

Long enough
to destroy Metatron, I hope.

But without an army...

Well, hey, you still got us.


Those bombers,
you don't really think that I...

Cass, you just gave up
an entire army for one guy.

No, there's no way
that you blew those people away.

You really believe
we three will be enough?

We always have been.


I'm not here to fight.

I thought about what you said.

You're right.
Metatron, he's...

Something needs to be done.

And we should trust you why?

Because I can give him to you.

I know where Metatron is.

I know everything.

I know the bombers. They...

They were his agents, not yours.

You don't trust me, fine.
I understand. I've...

...made mistakes.

But haven't you?

Haven't we all?

At least give me a chance.