Supernatural (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 19 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sheriff Mills calls Sam and Dean for help when she finds a young girl running from a vampire pack.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
DEAN: Dead man's blood...
it's poison to vampires.

And most of the vampires
lore is crap.

The only way to kill
them is by beheading.

Hey, Dean. Jody Mills.

Jody, are you sure you're, uh,
ready to jump back in the fray?


This wackadoo stuff
keeps coming.


More I know, better
armed I'll be.

Did you... Get...

Born again?


I don't make promises
I can't keep.

I enjoy church.

I mean, after my son
and my husband...


I needed something
that made sense to me.



All right, Missy, calm down!

Let me go!

Calm down!

Let me out!


MAN: Hey, Frank, someone
smashed the front window

over at Dawson's Hardware...
possible B&E.

Need you to check it out.

Yeah, copy that,
but the bullpen's empty,

and I got someone in holding.

Sheriff's heading
to the station now.

They won't be alone long.

Roger that. I'm heading out.

Hey, don't leave me.







There you are, girl.

How did you find me? Come on.

You don't really need
to ask that, do you?

A-are the others with you?

Everyone was off on a hunt when
I'd realized you'd run away.

Figured I'd do you
and them a favor

and come take care of this

before they even know
we're gone.

You can't get me in here.



Cop sure was in a hurry to check
out that "B&E" I faked.


Barely even saw me coming.

I keep telling you...

you can run and you can hide,
but we will always find you.



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You boys are a sight.


How's the shoulder?

Eh, only aches when it rains.

How you boys been?

Peachy. Touch and go.

I know the feeling.

So, what you got for us?

Yeah, uh, that's a vamp,
all right.

I don't know, Sammy.

Looks like Jody might not
need our help anymore.

Oh, they grow up too fast.
Don't they?

Yeah, joke all you want.

There's more where
this came from.


My men brought
in a runaway last night.

There's no I.D. on her...
nothing on her, actually,

except for a bus ticket
out of Nebraska.

Total Jane Doe. She won't
even give me her name.

Girl's basically feral.

She's got zero manners,

didn't even thank
me for saving her.

Anyhow, this thing went to plenty
of trouble to get at her.

And to hear him tell it,

the "others" will want her
at least as bad as he did.

Sounds like a nest. Yeah.


I'm guessing that's not half
as cute and cozy as it sounds.

Oh, I'm afraid not.

YOUNG WOMAN: Wilson and Fisher?

You two are FBI, then
I'm Taylor Swift.

That wasn't a dental I.D.

It was a fang check.
You're hunters.

And you're alive because, uh,
hunters trained the sheriff.

I think the first words
out of your mouth

should be a thank you.

So, who were you
to this vamp, anyway?

Hmm? What's so
special about you?

Is there a nest?

Sorry to interrupt.
We got a match on her DNA.

Annie Jones.

Reported abducted
outside of Kenosha in '06.

Raised by an elderly

No living kin.

You think the vamps
are the ones who took her?

Eight years is a long time
for a human to live with vampires

without getting
killed or turned.

You're the experts,

but there was something...

familiar about the way
this vamp talked to her.

Jody's right.

And she had scars on her
neck, feeding scars.


They're layered,

as if they'd been built
on for years.

So she's a blood slave.

We've seen it before...

vampires keeping people
as pets, human feedbags.

Sometimes these slaves...

Stay loyal to their captors.

Yeah. Right.

So... This girl's not talking

'cause she's got a case of...

Vampiric Stockholm syndrome?

She's protecting the nest.

DEAN: So, you feel a debt.

They gave you
a home, raised you.

Annie, we get it.

Loyalty is a very
powerful thing.

My name is Alex. No, it's not.

Your name is Annie Jones.

Those vampires stole you.

They're monsters, Annie.

Alex. And they didn't love you.

They loved your blood.

They fed on you.

I fed them.

My choice.

My brothers...

they brought me food
when I was hungry.

So when they struck
out on a hunt, I fed them.

They're my family.

Okay, you care about them,

but, Alex...

There's a reason you
decided to run away.

It was time...

to move on and get
out on my own.

And how do you think
that decision

is gonna sit with the rest
of the nest?

One of them already pursued you.

You think when the rest of them
find out that you left

that they're just gonna
shrug and cut their losses?

You lived with them for years.

They've tasted your blood.

They have your scent down cold.

I mean, how far can you
run and for how long?

You didn't think
this out, did you?

What would happen,
who might get hurt...

your, uh, "brother," for one.

His name's Cody.

And she killed him.

Because of a choice you made.

These are the consequences.

You got two options...
them or you.

And we can help you.
We can keep you safe.

But you have to help us.

Where's the nest?

I can't.

After what's happened...

mama finds me, she'll kill me.

Mills, you okay?

No wonder she didn't thank me.

That creep was her brother.

I'm fine.

You know, mostly, I'm just...
I'm hung up on the name.

Alex and Annie...
they're so close already.

Why'd they change it?

Okay, so, we know
from her ticket

that Alex hopped a bus
out of O'Neill, Nebraska, right?


Obviously, it'd be better to go
in with a firm location,

but the town ain't that big.

There are no caves or other
natural hiding places.

All right, so go in,
canvass it cold.

Well, I worked
together a short list

of possible nest locations.

Uh, there's an empty
fire station,

four or five derelict homes.

Nothing we couldn't
hit in a day.


You sure you're all right
to babysit by yourself?

Oh, well, girl's a flight risk,

not exactly friendly,

but I think I can handle
babysitting detail.

The station's been made.

It might be worth heading
upwind for a while.

I mean, vamps are trackers.

Terrific. Yeah.

Well, I've got an old family
cabin outside of town.

That'll work. Okay.

Well, shouldn't raise
too many eyebrows,

me being gone for a day.

Maybe, but you, uh, sure
you don't want backup?

You want me to enlist my men

in a protection detail
against vampires?

Frank's still in the dark
about what hit him last night.

The guy still has nightmares

about the barn episode
of "Walking Dead""

They're good cops.

They're not ready for this.

Jody, in your late-night

did you ever come across anything
about Dead Man's blood?


It takes vamps
down like a horse tranq.

I would not say no
to some of that.

I mean, not that I'll need it.

You guys are gonna get
the jump on these vamps

and be back here

before they even realize
their kin's missing, right?



Well, it's not my fault.

Well, Ralph didn't show
up for work today.

I had to pull a double shift.

I'll be home soon.


Connor, you scared the...

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
snuck up on you like that.

It's just, you haven't seen
Alex around, have you?

Uh, your sister. No,
I can't say I have. Sorry.


So you didn't sell her
a bus ticket out of town?

Did I help your shut-in
kid sister

get away from her weird,
scary-ass squatter family?

Answer's still "no".

So you're saying
Ralph lied to us?

'Cause he said... that you
sold her a ticket...

right before we killed him.


You calling my family weird?

Oh, honey, you have no idea.



Too rustic for your taste?

Well, I have a lot
of great memories.

Used to come up here
all the time...

first as a kid with my parents
and then with my...

Anyhow, it's a lot nicer than it
looks from the outside.


F.Y.I... The woods
around here...

really easy to get lost in if you
don't know your way around.


I know them like the back
of my hand.

I got it.

"Don't try running.
You won't get far".

You know this doesn't
work, right?

On vampires? (SCOFFS)
It's useless.

That's not why I have it.


This your family?


Where are they?

Oh. Dead.

You know, there
are about a thousand more polite ways

you could say that.

I'll give you a pass

on account of the whole
raised-by-monsters thing.

How'd they die?


You must be exhausted.

I know for a fact you
didn't sleep last night.

I'm fine.

It's no problem.
I can make up a bed.

I'm fine.

Suit yourself.




This place
is a foreclosure, right?


It is, just
like the rest of them.

Well, somebody's squatting here.

Blackout windows.




Hey, you need a hand with that?



I guess not.

You go out with the family,
bring home a nice dinner.

How did you get stuck
doing the dishes?

We all have our roles to play.

Yours being destroying
the evidence, yeah?

Nice job.

Ralph Hedges. Stacy Kepler.

Any reason you targeted them?

Yeah. Hunger.


And, so, the family's what?

Out taking a nice
after-dinner stroll?

Oh, I'm sure they'll be
back real soon.

What I asked was...


Where are they?



Nice shiner.

Can I help you
all with something?

As a matter of fact...

I think you can.

You don't want to talk.

No skin off my back.

'Cause you see, a blood-sucking,
body-chipping vamp...

that's bad enough, but vamps...

that kidnap kids...

Well, I'm going to enjoy
putting you down.

Of course.

Oh, I knew this
was about Alexis.


I warned mama

that girl would screw
everything up for us one day.


As in one vamp turned you all?

Well, all of us but little sis.

She was, uh, "too good to turn".


Mama couldn't bring herself
to, no matter what we said,

no matter how bad Alexis got.


Let me guess. You never
had a teenage sister.

Dragging her heels,

whining, near constant,
about everything,

but more and more
about the blood,

like she's somehow above it,

like she's better than us 'cause
she don't feed on people.

She is better
than you, dumb-ass.

Her moping?

That teenage
crisis-of-conscience crap?

It's annoying as hell,
but it's just an act.


When the chips are down,

she'll always choose
us over humans.


I mean, how do you think

we stayed off your radar
all these years?


Pretty, young, lost-looking
thing like her?


especially to the kind of man
few people would miss.

♪ I never read it in a book ♪

♪ I never saw it on a show ♪

♪ But I heard it in the alley ♪
♪ on a weird radio ♪

♪ If you want a drink of water ♪

♪ You got to get ♪
♪ it from a well ♪

♪ If you want to get to heaven ♪

♪ You got to raise ♪
♪ a little hell ♪

I mean, sure, we hunt
sometimes for sport,

but it's a lot easier and a lot
safer to get delivery.

Come on, sweetie.

Aren't you gonna give me a name?

It's... Ann.

Mm. Sweet Ann.

You got any idea what I'm
about to do to you?

Yeah. I do.


What the...

Is this a party?


She's your lure.

Best a vamp could ask for.


And you better believe you
don't get that good at it

unless you enjoy it.

In her own sweet way...

Girl's as bloodthirsty
as any vampire.











I made you a sandwich.
It's out there if you want it.


My grandma?

I'm so sorry.

No, it's... it's fine.

I figured... it's been years,
and she was old.

You got it. Thank you.

She's not answering.

I just ran the victims'
names through local P.D.

They both
worked at the O'Neill bus station.

So they killed them
for Alex's location.



Dean, what's up?

Listen to me.

The vamps knew that Alex
went to Sioux Falls, okay?

They're probably already there.

We're on our way there next.

But there's something else.
There's something about Alex.

It can wait.

They're here.


At the cabin. Now.

We're on our way. Hurry.

She hung up.

We moving?

Yeah. Meet you outside.


Alex, come on. We got to go.


We got to go.

Jody, help!





Help me! Help!

Let me go!


MAMA: Come on, let's go!

Move it!


Hey, you okay? Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Where's Alex?

You tell us.

They came and I tried
to stop them.

And you got knocked out.

Well, happens to the best of us.

Just lucky you're alive.

You think they went
back to the nest?

Of course they did.
Why wouldn't they?

Question is...
what are they gonna do

when they find
their brother dead?

So we go back now.

Okay. I'm coming.

Uh, Jody? Hey, hey. Whoa.

Hold on. You're hurt.

I'm coming.

Jody, we can handle
the nest on our own.

I don't give a fig
about the nest.

That girl
was under my protection.

Okay, that "girl" can't be trusted.
She's a lure.

She's a-a honey trap.

She's been feeding people
to those vamps!

I don't care.

Whatever she did, she did
because they made her.

Oh, and that's a reason?
She's a kid!

Yeah, a kid
who's been playing vampire murder

since before she was in braces.

Jody, he's right.

A-at best, her loyalties are...


And how do you even know
she wants to be saved?

For the past eight years,

she has been baiting the hook
for an entire nest.

She's got more
blood on her hands

than most monsters we kill.

Are you saying
she's on your list?

No, we're not saying that.

Well, not yet.

Look, it sucks, okay? It does.

But with hunting monsters
comes harsh truths.

This is a clean-up mission.

It's not a rescue.

What is this even really about?

You barely know the girl.

I'm coming.

And if either one of you lays
so much as a hand on Alex...

You'll have to go through me.

MAMA: Put up quite
a struggle with Connor.

Says you nearly
took his eye out.

Maybe that was just his excuse
for knocking you out.

You have any idea
the mess you made?

Hunters raided the place
while we were out,

tortured and killed Dale.

Our home's been made.

We're gonna have to move again.

Mama, I-I never meant...

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh, shh!

We will all find our way.

Things got screwy...

but you're back now.


After everything,
I thought that you...

You thought what?

That I'd hurt you? Kill you?

I would never hurt you.

Not my baby girl,
not my sweet Alex.

How could you even think that?

Baby, why did you do it?
Why did you run from us?

I love you, mama.

I do. I just...

I couldn't take it anymore.

The blood and the death,

the sounds of their screams.

I just... I can't do it anymore.

And the way I feel afterwards,

the guilt...

I'd rather die than feel
that way again.

It's my fault.


All of it. This is my fault.

I should've turned
you years ago.

their truck's in the driveway.

So we're walking right into it.

Well, we've faced worse odds.

Yeah. Jody.

This is a raid,

so tread lightly, stay close.

Priority is clearing the nest.

Alex comes second. You got it?

Got it.

It was so selfish.

I wanted to watch you grow up.

I kept putting it off.
Don't you see?

These things
you've been feeling...

all the guilt and suffering...
those are human feelings.

It ain't too late. I can
take the pain away.

And then we can stay together,

as a family.

Like none of this ever happened.

Wouldn't you like that?






Drop it.




Alex, come on. Come on, honey.
We got to go.

Go away!

We got to go!

What did they do to you?

I'm sorry, Jody.

I made my choice.

She chose me.

No, no, no. No. Unh-unh-unh-unh.

Hell of a sight
to come home to...

Brother lying dead on the floor.


No idea it was a Winchester
that had done it.

So... Which one of you was it?

Which one of you took
off my brother's head?!

Was it you?

Was it him?

Pretty fitting...

brother for a brother.

This place has
been a good home to us.

But since you two had
to come around and ruin it,

we're gonna have to to hit
the road and find a new one.

And when we hit the road...


We like to pack a lunch.

Can't say you didn't
come prepared.


Hey. Don't be bothering my girl.

She's going
through something, a process.

What did you do to her?

Fed her my blood.

She's on her way now.

All that's left is to feed.

Please, mama.

Let her go.

I already drank from you.

Let her go.

Made an impression
on my girl, I see.

Baby, this is the human
half of you talking.

After the change, this human...
she ain't nothing to you.

Clearly, Sheriff,
you got issues,

some hole in your life you're
using my Alex to fill.

I would say go and get
a family of your own,

but, well... you know.

Wow. That's pretty rich

coming from the woman
who stole Alex to begin with.

I have fed her,

clothed her, loved her
going on nine years.

You think motherhood's just
about blood?

You don't know the first
thing about it.

Maybe not, but I know
what it isn't.

And it ain't about forcing
her to be like you

the second she becomes

Don't you see
what she is trying to do?

This hunter cop bitch

is trying to turn you against me

to save her own hide.

Don't believe a word she says.

Ha! Ow!

She ain't your mother.


Tapped this keg.
Get the short-hair one ready.


Time to finish this.


Was that her name?

You named her after someone.

Was it your daughter?

I couldn't figure out why
you changed her name.

I thought maybe you were
ashamed of your theft,

but you have no shame.

You said that I was using her
to fill a hole in my life,

and you're right. I am.

You are, too.


I guess it takes
one to know one.

That Alex...

She died a long time ago.

And it still hurts.

You still feel it,
the loss, the pain...

like a stone in your gut.

It hurts just a little bit
less whenever she's near.

You bitch.


Look at me.

Look at me, bitch!



Yeah, I know.

You wouldn't have
done the same for me.

No. Jody.

Good news, lady cop.


Whoever you lost...

You're gonna see them
again real soon.



How could you?

You were my girl.

I'm sorry, mama.

Don't watch this, sweetheart.



Nice work back there.

"Look at me, bitch"?

Well, hey, you got another snappy
one-liner, I'm all ears.

What I'm saying is...

it looked to me like you
were enjoying it.

Maybe too much.


Well, sorry for not
putting on a hair shirt.

Killing things that need
killing is kind of our job.

Last I checked, taking pleasure
in that is not a crime.

Right, but...

How's things back
at the station?

(GROANS) Well, they beat
Frank up pretty bad,

but at least
they left him alive.

He kept apologizing for spilling
the beans about the cabin,

but I told him that one's on me.

Well, speaking of apologies, um...
We owe you a big one.

We were wrong about the girl.

No. You were right... about me.

My judgment was clouded.

You know, working this case,

it brought... feelings back.

Feelings I've been trying
to bury for years,

you know, buried it under work,

religion... even dating.

We know how that worked out.

But, you know, it was still
there, you know, underneath.

The grief.

Don't know
what that means for me,

just that I've been...

I've been fooling myself
to think that I could ignore it.

Anyway, thank you...

for coming out, for curing Alex.

You don't need to thank us.

I mean, you're
the one who killed her sire,

got her blood.

Sure it'll work?

Well, speaking from experience,

it'll be a rough
couple of days, but...

She should pull through.

You sure you don't
want us to stay?

I'm good.

After it's done,

you know what to do with her?


Don't get up on account of me.

I'm... I'm hot.

Should I grab a...

I'll just be cold
again in a second.

It's part of the cure, I guess.

You want something to eat?

No, I'll just throw it up.

But, uh, thank you.

I want you to know that...

When mama offered, I just...

I couldn't disappoint her again.

I had enough to be
ashamed of as it is.

Jody, I-I've done things.

You don't have to explain.
I know.

Whatever you want
from me, I'll give it.

If you want, I'm here.

But what you've been through the last
48 alone,

losing your entire family,

everything you've ever
known or loved...

no one can understand that.

You can.

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