Supernatural (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 14 - Supernatural - full transcript

Kevin's spirit returns to ask Sam and Dean to find his mother. Castiel is taken to Bartholomew.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Angels butchering angels.

No one will survive this war.
It's madness.

It's Bartholomew.

Haven't I always said
that angels are dicks.

What is that?

It's, uh, Kevin Tran.

He was a good,
straight-"A" kid,

and then he got sucked in to
all of this -- this angel crap

and became a Prophet.

I don't want to be a Prophet.

Hi, Mom.


You tortured me.
I torture all my friends.

You killed my mom!
Did I?

Man, we told you not
to talk to Crowley, okay?

He messes with your head.

Here's the first name
on your to-do list.


And there's no way
that Kevin's

getting out of this intact,
is there?

You're gonna
have to trust me.

I always trust you.

And I always end up screwed.

You didn't save me for me.
You did it for you.

You didn't
want to be alone.

If the situation were reversed
and I was dying,

you'd do the same thing.

No, Dean.

I wouldn't.

♪ There's danger out tonight

♪ the man is --






Bunker's haunted.

♪ Supernatural 9x14 ♪
Original Air Date on February 25, 2014

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How is this possible?

I thought you said this was
the safest place on the planet.

Look, I know
nothing got in.

I mean, the bunker is warded
and sigiled from top to bottom.

There's no way something came in
from the outside.

Okay, so whoever's haunting us
died here.

dead man of letters?

No, that doesn't track.

I mean,
we're the first people

to occupy this place
in 50 years.

Why would a ghost wait so long
to get its spook on?

Must have been
a more recent death.


How can you be so sure?

Because I burned his body
myself, okay?

It's not him.

Okay, so you cremated him.

We cremated Bobby, too,
and he came back.

Sam, I'm telling you --
this ghost, it's not Kevin.



We commit her body
to the ground,

earth to earth, ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,

with a clear and certain hope

of resurrection
into the eternal life,

according to
the mighty working,

whereby he is able to subdue
all things unto himself.

In ne patris, et filii,
et spiritus sancti.

Yea, though I walk

through the valley
of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil,
for thou art with me, Lord.

What are you doing here?

Please, she was my friend!

The dead human or the angel who
was killed while possessing her?

The angel. Rebecca?

had a lot of friends.

Friends like Metatron.

Where is he?!

You're looking
in the wrong place.

Rebecca and Metatron
were friends.

That was a long time ago.

Had no contact
since the fall.

Naomi, Metatron,
heavenly battles, politics --

she gave it up.

All of it.

Rebecca taught us
the angels have lost touch

with our true mission.

What do you mean by "us"?

The penitents.

Her followers.

Another faction.

Not like the others.

We don't make war.

We live humbly
among these humans.

Or we did.

He killed
all the others.

And he killed her.

Who did?

Who else?

The monster.



Eh, a couple of dings.

A little EMF activity,
but mostly...silence.

So, he's back
in the veil.

I guess so.

to break through.

I mean,
you got to figure

it took Bobby months
to make contact.

Kevin's only...

He's new at this.


All right, you're up.



All right, I can't do this.

bump-in-the-night crap.

I got serious things
to say to you, okay?

And I'm not gonna say them
to this.

Kevin, I'm sorry.

You did not choose this life.

You busted your ass,

you lost everything,
everyone you've loved...

And your reward?

Getting killed...

On my watch.

If I...

It was on me.

It was my fault, and...

And there's nothing I can do
to make that right.

I am so sorry.

Hey, did you see that?

The -- the lights were...

No, this is not happening.

Didn't spend months struggling
to break through the veil

just to get stuck
listening to Dean Winchester

having a self-pity session.

Didn't hear enough of those
when I was alive.


You can see me?

take it easy, Kevin.

You might not hold this
form for too long, okay?

I-it takes a while.

Then we should talk fast.
Wait, wait, wait.

Why aren't you in --
in heaven?

I mean, if anybody deserves
an express pass to paradise --

I couldn't.
I can't.

No one can.

closed for business.

Everyone who's died
since the angels fell

are just stuck
inside the veil, waiting.

And it's bad in here.

DMV-line-times-infinity bad.

Well, I mean,
what can we do?

I need a favor --
big one.


Find my mother.


Crowley only told you
she was alive to mess with you.

I'm not going off his word.

All right?
I have my own sources.

It's crowded
in the veil.

All of us are stuck
near the sites of our deaths.

But I've been able to pass
messages spirit to spirit.

I made contact
with another new arrival.

She said she saw my mom
just a week ago, alive.

Okay, this --
this spirit

that you're playing
ghost telephone with,

I mean, what do you even know
about her?

Her name's Candy.

Says she's in a forest
in Wichita.


Long-distance communication
within the veil --

it's not ideal.

That's why I need you
to go there, summon her,

see what else she knows.

You say
you want to make it right?

This is how.

Where did your friend go
in such a hurry?

You're too late.
He's gone.


Our boss has been looking
for you.

All right,
that's the trestle.

Candy said her spirit
was stuck nearby.

She died here?


Dude, what got her?
A bear?

I'm still stuck on the fact
that we're trying to summon

a ghost named Candy.

You know,
just 'cause Kevin said

he heard his mom is alive
doesn't mean she --

Hey, we at least owe it
to the kid to try, right?

What'd you bring?

Well, she's only been dead
a week, right?

So I figured
she could use

as much help
as she can get, so...


Whatever works.

How much longer?

You have someplace to be?

His blade.

Standard security protocol.

Can't be too careful
these days.

Hello, Bartholomew.


It has been too long.

You feel that?

I think I felt
a chill.


It's 'cause it's cold.

Crowley, it's Dean.

Call me
when you get this.

Really, Dean?


That's your third
unanswered voicemail.

You ever think maybe
he's just not that into you?

Well, he is our last
confirmed link to Ms. Tran.

he is a flaming douche,

but at least we know
he's real,

which is more than we can say
for this Candy no-show.


Are -- are you there?
Is that you, Candy?



Madness, wasn't it?

A puny force of 20
behind enemy lines,

launching an incursion against
Raphael and his loyalists.

It was
a calculated risk.

I thought
you'd gone insane,

and I questioned
your leadership,

every step of the campaign.

But you were
my commander.

I held my tongue.
I followed orders.

Raphael fled.

Most of his loyalists,
dead or captured.

Your gambit paid off.

We won.

Word of your victory

You got called back
to the garrison.

You became
the great Castiel...

While I stayed behind,
just a grunt.

You gained a reputation
for yourself, as well.

The captives I left
in your care,

you tortured
and killed them.

I was ordered to kill
those captives.

You've been flying solo
for so long,

you've forgotten
that's what angels do.

We follow orders.

Not you, though.

Not anymore.

That's right.

I give them.

At home and...

Something hit me...
There. There. There. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Candy? the box.
They put me in the box.

All of us in boxes,
side by side.

Me, Jerome, Linda.

Linda's --

Ms. Tran.

Candy, these boxes,
where were they?

I don't know.

They were cold.


There -- there was a vent.

We could talk to one another.

Okay, and the walls,
can you describe them?



Except for the door.
That was...metal,, ridged.

You mean like corrugated?


I tried to lift the door,
but I couldn't.

Locked from the outside.

Like a storage unit?


who was holding you there?

Two men.

It was so dark in the box.

When they came,
I could barely see.

The -- the first guy
was British, I think.

Kind of short,
loved hearing himself talk.

And what do they want?

Said I was worth more alive
than dead.

But he stopped coming.

Then it was just the other guy.

We thought with just him...

...we'd try to escape.

I ran so hard, so far, but...


Candy, are you there?

What about Ms. Tran?


I don't know.
Maybe she survived.


That's not what you told
her son.

I said she was alive.

I don't know what happened

For her sake,

I hope she's dead.

No! No!

No! No!


Okay, there are three
storage facilities nearby.

The closest one
is about a mile up the road.

Oh, and I, uh --
I dug up some stuff on Candy.

Turns out she was the kept woman
of a powerful Congressman.

Gossip blog said he worshiped
the ground she walked on,


He, uh -- foot fetish.

So, Crowley was holding

the beloved tootsies
of a powerful politician?

And the beloved mother
of a powerful Prophet.

Human leverage.

But why kill Candy?

Well, you heard her.

Uh, she tried to make
a break for it.

Maybe Crowley wanted to make
an example.


The guy left in charge.

Crowley wanted the victims

So, what,
you want to give him a medal?

I mean, Crowley's the one

who put them in the cells
in the first place.

Yeah, I know.

I'm just talking it out.
You know, working the case.


Realizing they were more trouble
than they were worth,

we purged
our human allies,

then commandeered
Boyle Ministries, Inc.

For our own use.

Buddy Boyle.
So, you killed him.

No. We made him
and his colleagues vessels.

At least those
who didn't go "pop."

You nervous, Castiel?

Your followers
want me dead.

I'm not entirely certain
you don't, too.

If I wanted you dead,
you'd be dead.

So, we're friends here?


And I'm free to go?

Of course.

I don't know why you would.

What's out there for you,

What do you really expect
to accomplish on your own?

You'll never find Metatron
that way.

How'd you know
about Metatron?

I figured that's why
you were pursuing Rebecca,

with her follower.

We have different methods, Cass,
but we want the same thing --

to find Metatron
and restore our kind to heaven.

Then why kill Rebecca
and her followers?

They're no threat to you.

Perhaps, but better to nip
a fledgling faction in the bud

than let it grow into
a bigger threat down the road.

A drop of blood
to save a gallon.

I don't agree.

I'm not asking you to.

I will outrace Malachi
in the hunt for Metatron,

and I will certainly outrace you
on your own.

But if you can set aside

your qualms about methods
for one second,

there's no reason the two of us
can't take him down.


Let me guess --
5'5", pasty white,

black-rimmed hipster glasses
just like the last place.

Nailed it.

Can I help you?

Yeah, hi.
Agents Nicks and McVie.

Need to take a look
at your, uh, rental records.

Uh, my manager's not here.
I really don't think I should --


The records, pal.



Bring out
the rental binder!

There you go, sir.


Okay, check it out.
Corridor "Q."

Three adjacent units
separate from the others.

I mean, Candy said there were
three hostages, right?



It's all leased
by the same guy -- a D. Webster.

D. Webster?

Wait. As in, like,
Daniel Webster?

Well, I know a lame
Crowley in-joke when I see one.

You guys say
"D. Webster"?


Yeah, you --
you seen him?

Uh, no, just...

I know his name
from the records.

He's leasing another unit

on the other side
of the facility.

I could show you.

That'd be great.

All right, why don't you take
corridor "Q"?

I'll go with, uh,
Del the funky homosapien.


Ms. Tran!

Ms. Tran!
Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey, it's me.
It's Sam. It's Sam.


Oh, my gosh.


We have to get out of here
before it comes back.

Is Kevin with you?


You sure this is the one
leased by Webster?

Yeah, this is it.

This isn't Crowley's unit.

What are these

Sightings of Metatron.

He's been on earth?

Three times
we know of so far.

That's the benefit
of a massive ground operation.

Eyes and ears everywhere.

It's only a matter of time

before we get
an active location.

Why wait?

With this kind of information,
I'd lure him out.

I knew you'd be an asset.

No one's as motivated as you
to take him down.

I've had my hands so full
with the factions,

it's distracted me
from the real goal.

But with you
by my side --

the new boss and the ultimate
rebel working together --

think of the message that would
send to would-be dissidents.

They'd finally understand
that resistance is futile.

Think of the bloodshed
we could avert...

What a united angelkind
could accomplish in heaven...


Bart, what are you doing?

What needs to be done.

I'm gonna torture the rebel,
find out what he knows,

then kill him.

And you're going to help.

Here we go.
All right.


There's a --
there's an electrical line,

leads to
the control panel.

this might take a while.

We have to unplug
the ground wire first.

If this is standard
U.S. color coding,

it should be
the green one.


Helping Kevin with his
engineering-club assignments,

I picked up
a thing or two.

I'm sure he insisted,

but I trust
you weren't foolish enough

to bring Kevin along
on this mission.

That you left him
someplace safe?

Of course.


Now all we have to do
is get this door open,

get the hell out of here,
and you will bring me to my son.


Ms. Tran.

You will take me
to my son.



"Trust me," he says.

"You definitely
want to be a part of this --

"a chance to get in on the
ground floor of my operation,

"a real learning experience.

Consider it a stepping stone,
my lad -- like an internship."

Should've known.

Internships suck.

So, you're the one.

You're the one
who Crowley left in charge.

What a privilege.

Feeding the apes,
hosing the floors,

washing out the honey buckets,
and for zero credit.

The boss, M.I.A.

Too important
to show for work,

to even return my calls.

And you know
the worst part?

I wasn't even allowed
to kill anyone.

I was told
to protect them.

I mean,
how sick is that?

Am I not
a young, vital demon

with basic demon needs
and rights?

And when I call Crowley
to inform him

that I've single-handedly
caught the Winchesters,

if he even answers
my call,

think I'll get
a thank you?


Yeah, you're right, kid.

He won't give you credit.

If anything,
he'll be pissed.


Well, me and Crowley,
we're -- we're tight now.

Thick as thieves.

Saw him just last month.

We, uh,
had a grand ol' time.

So, that's where he's been.

Out partying with humans,
with hunters?!

While I languish here

in this go-nowhere,
no-kill joke of a job.

is a bit of an exaggeration.

This job blows!

I quit.

Tell me where they are.

I told you.
They're dead.

I'm the last.

Can't you see he's telling
the truth? He's done.

Yes, I believe he is.

Now finish him off.

it doesn't need to be like this.

get your head out of the sand.

Do you know why they brought you
back from the battlefield?

The truth?

Yes, I know the truth.

Our leaders
wanted those captives killed,

and they knew you'd
stand in the way of their order.

Said you didn't
have it in you.

That you couldn't do
what needed to be done.

But I know different.

I know you've changed.

I'm not a murderer.

You weren't. Not then.

But since then, you've
slaughtered thousands of angels.

You killed Malachi's man
for his Grace.

Who I was, what I did,
that's not who I am.

Then who are you?

I want to work with you,
Castiel, but I need proof.

They need proof
that they were wrong.

That you can do
what has to be done.

This has to be done.

I was never free to leave.

My only choice
was to obey or be killed.

Well, I choose.

I am truly
sorry to hear that.



Do you know how long it's been
since I've done this?

I thank you for reminding me
what I truly am.

As your refusal
makes perfectly clear,

you always thought
you were better than me.

Shall we put your superiority
to the test once and for all?


Angels fighting angels
has to stop somewhere.

Might as well stop
with me.


Stand down!

This is between me
and the rebel.

To the victor.

Do it.


What are you now?
A penitent?

I'm nothing.

You never did understand,

There can be no peace
without bloodshed.


Let me pass.

Do it. Kill me.

No, we're saving you
for someone else.


Much worse.

Do the honors,
Ms. Tran.

With pleasure.

Hey, lady. I swear.

I was just following ord--

Take me to my son.


You here?



We got her.

She's alive.

She's here.

But we wanted
to give you a moment to...

You know, process.


I, uh...

Does she know?


Hello, son.

Hey, Mom.


So, this is, uh --
this is all of it.

You know,
hunter's tools --

notebooks, papers, pencils,
P.S.A.T. results.

Perfect score.

Way to go, kid.


This is it.

His father's.

Mr. Tran died
when Kevin was a baby.

It's the only piece
of his father Kevin ever had.

If Kevin's s-spirit is bound
to some object here...

This is it.

Listen, Ms. Tran.

There's a lot that we don't know
about this heaven situation.

There are risks
to taking Kevin home with you.

Now, spirits, the longer
that they're in the veil,

they have a way of...

it doesn't end up well.

He's my son.

It's my job to keep him safe
for as long as I can.

Sorry I created this chaos.

Sorry I couldn't do more
to fix it.

You may have lost the war,

but you tried a new way.

You have my respect for that.

I don't want to fight.

But if I have to,
I will.

I didn't come to fight.

When I fell,
I thought I had no choice,

but yesterday, you've showed me
that there is a choice.

And I choose you.

I'm sorry.

I'm no leader.

Yes, you are.

If you will have me, Castiel,
I will follow you.

And I am not
the only one.

She was held and tortured
for a year because of me.

Now that I found her,

I'm not letting her
out of my sight.

She's my responsibility.

And you were ours.

And we failed you.
I --


I know that wasn't you.

Go put a blade
in that asshat who possessed you

and we'll call it square.


Thank you.

You can thank us when we get you
to heaven where you belong.

Okay, until then,
enjoy your time with your mom.

The, uh, uninterrupted,
24/7, no-escape quality time.


Hey, before I go...

Will you guys
promise me something?

Yeah. Anything.

Can you two...

Get over it?

Dudes, just 'cause
you couldn't see me

doesn't mean
I couldn't see you.

The drama, the fighting...

It's stupid.

My mom's
taking home a ghost.

You two...

You're both still here.

Of course.




Well, that was...

Yeah, okay.

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