Supernatural (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 11 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Castiel believe that they found a way to track Gadreel. Dean and Crowley team up to find the first blade, which is in the hands of the biblical Cain.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My name is abaddon.

Who is a knight of hell.

I am your king.

About that...

[ grunts ]

You lied to me...Again.

I didn't have a choice.
[ monitor beeping ]

So, what?

You decide
to trick me into...

Being possessed
by some psycho angel?

I know who you really are.

I will join you
as second in command.

Here's the first name
on your to-do list.


I save sam,
I leave here a free man.

Take control, sam!
Cast him out!

He saved your life.

The thought of somebody else
being hurt 'cause of me...

I can't live with that.

Kevin's blood
is on my hands.

I'll find gadreel, and I will
end that son of a bitch.

But I'll do it alone.

I'm not gonna stop you.

[ wind gusting ]

[ footsteps ]

[ horse neighs ]

He's coming!

Stand your ground,
no matter what happens.

The knight must be protected.

[ rumbling ]

[ rumbling stops ]


[ bones crack ]

[ bullet clatters ]

[ men screaming ]

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So...Is that boudoir smile
for me?

At least buy me
a drink first.

I said the next time
I see you --

Yes, rings a bell,

But let's not dwell
on the past, shall we?

This bar is a bust.

That waitress is trouble
with a capital vd,

And your prey, gadreel,
has left the building.

So, it's time to move on
to more pressing matters,

Like destroying abaddon.

Yeah, good luck
with that.

The knights of hell
aren't exactly the dying kind.

But there is something
that can kill a knight.

The weapon that the archangels
used to execute them --

The first blade.

Never heard of it.

Can I kill you now?

I've been chasing that blade
for decades.

The closest I got to it was when
one of my droogs -- smitty --

Got wind of a protégé demon
of abaddon's

Who claimed knowledge
of the blade.

Sadly, before smitty
could nab the guy,

A hunter by the name
of john winchester

Nabbed the protege.

I'm here to see
if there's anything

In the john winchester
memorial library

That might lead us to the first
blade -- to killing abaddon.

You want to hunt?
With me?

I do love
a good buddy comedy.

[ chuckles ]

Oh, yeah. Here it is.

Yeah, he picked up a protégé
who had bones with abaddon,

But that's about all it says
in here.

What do those numbers
in the margins mean?

None of your business.

You're gonna play
hard to get?

We have time for a montage?

It's a code --
one of my dad's storage lockers.

He may have put something
about the case there.

And what does the "t"
next to the numbers mean?

Not a clue.


Let's go find daddy's man cave,
then, shall we?

And how do I know
this isn't a trap?


[ sniffs ]
that's what makes it fun.

[ door closes ]

[ door opens ]


[ door closes ]


Tastes like...Molecules.


What are you talking about?

When I was human, you know,
I had to eat constantly.

It was kind of annoying.

Yeah, a lot of human things
are pretty annoying.

But...I enjoyed
the taste of food --

Particularly peanut butter
with grape jelly, not jam.

Jam I found unsettling.

So, what?

Now you can't taste
pb and j?

No, I-I taste
every molecule.

Not the sum
of its parts, huh?

It's overwhelming.

[ chuckles ]

It's disgusting.

I miss you, pb and j.
[ sighs ]

We need to continue
your healing.

[ clears throat ]
we're almost done.



You're a terrible liar.

That is not true.

I once deceived and betrayed
both you and your brother.

that's not the point.

Cass, what's wrong?

I noticed something.

It's, uh...
It's resonating inside you.


Something angelic.

Okay, uh, what the hell
does that mean?

Maybe we
should call dean.

[ inhales sharply ]

[ clears throat ]

He wanted to go,
and he's gone.

We'll handle this.

[ sighs ]

[ storage locker door opens ]

[ grunts ]

[ exhales sharply ]

Is all this
really necessary?

I mean, I've been
inside your brother.

We're practically family.

Listen to me.

We are the furthest thing
from family.

You got that, dickbag?

Oh, yeah.

Now, you want to hunt?
Let's hunt.

[ sighs ]

I'll be right here.

So, what do you call
this decor, anyway?

Rustic obsessive?
Paranoid deco?

Here we go.

Looks like my dad
was working with another hunter

When he nabbed abaddon's pet.

I guess the "t" didn't stand
for terrible father.

It stood for --


All right, looks like
they interrogated the demon.

Then they exorcised him.

But not before he mentioned
the first blade.

I love it when I'm right.

Yeah, well, the rest
of the file's empty, genius.


Didn't they teach note-taking
at hunters hogwarts?

Let's go see
if tara's still kicking.

I've found,
well, something.

It's a detail about when angels
leave their vessels...

I think.

It's, uh, enochian,
which can be a bit flowery.

"and the departed
shall remain,

And the remains
shall be the departed."

Okay, so,
when an angel leaves a vessel,

They leave behind
a piece of themselves.

Like, uh...
Like an angelic fingerprint.

Whatever you want to call it,

This piece of the departed
contains grace.

Wait, you're saying there's
angelic grace inside of me?


But it's fading
each time I heal you.

Is that good or bad?

Well [sighs]
it's harmless.

But the grace itself...
Might be helpful.

According to this,

We may be able to use the grace
that remains inside you

To track gadreel...
If we can extract it.

How would we do that?


The men of letters
believed that you could perform

A tracking spell
with extracted grace,

But they were never able
to test the theory.

Well, they didn't have
a guinea pig, but we do.

You have a guinea pig?


Me, cass.
I'm the guinea pig.


Any idea where that is?

[ bell dings ]


That's what the sign says.

Can I help you?

Yeah. Hope so.

John winchester
ring a bell?

I'm his son.

You sam or dean?

[ knee cracks ]

[ exhales sharply ]

Well, didn't you
grow up pretty.

Still in
the family business?

Yeah, born and raised.

Listen, bunch of years back,
you worked a job with my dad.

Well, me and my,
uh, associate h--

Ever since '92,
I get a painful little tickle

In what's left of my knee
whenever a demon is around.

Hunters. So trusting.

I'll go grab a latte
while you get this sorted.

[ snaps fingers ]

Devil's trap under
the knock-off persian, jackass.

Tara [exhales] listen,
my, uh, associate --

Friends --
besties, actually.

Not helping.
Not caring.

Look, I'm the king of hell.
He's a winchester.

There's a reason why
we're working together.

It's called possession.

[ spits ]

See? I'm good.


[ sighs ]

Yes, you're right.

He is a jackass,
but he's helping me on this.

Helping you with what?

You and my old man
found a demon

Who knew something
about the first blade.

We need to find
that blade.

Well, hell.

You are as handsome
as john.

And as dumb, too, if you're
looking for that old relic.

We're hunting
a knight of hell.

Why? They're all dead.

One came back --

The demon said
the archangels used a weapon

That could kill
the knights of hell.

We'd never heard of anything
like the knights of hell

Or a first blade.

Your dad thought he was lying,
trying to save himself.

We took him out,

And we had
a lovely weekend together.

Then we went
our separate ways.

But I could never
let the blade go.

Something like that could really
give a hunter an edge, you know?

I looked all over the world --
destroyed my knee and my life.

And all I found?

A location spell
for the blade [sighs]

That I could never finish.

Couldn't find
one ingredient --

Essence of kraken.


I got a warehouse full
of kraken essence in belize.

Break the trap,

I can be there and back
before you say, "presto."

I can help. Dean?

He wants abaddon
as dead as I do.

If your daddy
could see you now.

[ gunshot ]

You know,
even if that blade is real,

It ain't worth being bosom
buddies with the king of hell.

[ chuckles ]

Abaddon? Way worse.

I'll deal with crowley after.

Trust me.

You sound
just like your dad...

When he said he'd call me.

[ clears throat ]

Shall we?

Missouri. Figures.

Would you care to join us?

Him? Anytime.

You? Never.

Thank you.

Good luck, dean.

You're gonna need it.

[ door opens ]

[ engine shuts off ]



I'm feeling something.

Oh, cramps?

I feel something dark.

What, darker than you?

Oh, no.

We need to leave here now.

What, are you allergic
to bees?

That's not a beekeeper.

That's the father of murder.

Sorry. Who?

It's cain.

As in cain and abel?


We need to be a world away
from here -- from him.

You're not going anywhere.


[ bees buzzing ]

Why don't you
just zap out of here?

I'd never leave
my domestic partner in crime.

[ chuckles ]

Yeah, like your heart
grew three sizes.

You can't zap out of here,
can you?

[ sighs ]
cain's doing something to me.

Well, it's not your day
for getaways, is it?

All right,
so, tell me about this cain.

Well, after cain killed abel,
he became a demon.

What do you mean
"became a demon"?

I mean he became
the deadliest demon

To walk the face
of the earth.

Killed thousands.

The best
at being the worst.

And then he just...


Everyone thought he was dead
or, at least, hoped he was.

Do either of you keep bees?

It's very relaxing.

They're such
noble creatures.

And the honey?

Well, I keep it right
on the comb.

There you are.

[ cup rattling ]

They're dying, you know.

Without bees,
mankind will cease to exist.

So, what are
the king of hell

And a winchester
doing at my house?

You know who we are?

I'm retired.
I'm not dead.

What I don't know
is why you're looking for me --

More importantly,
how you found me.

Ah, that's, uh,
a funny story, really.

Bit of a misunderstanding.
We really should --

[ stammering ]

[ grunting ]

Oh, you gotta teach me
how to do that.

Why are you here, dean?

[ cup thuds ]

We're looking for the weapon
the archangels used

To kill
the knights of hell.

The first blade.

We need it to kill
a knight of hell -- abaddon.

Look, I get it.
You're retired.

We're not here to get between
you and the demonic aarp,

But it's bad out there,

And I'm just looking
to even the odds.

One last time --
how did you find me?

We didn't.

The location spell
was for the blade.

One-time deal.

Anyone else
know you're here?


[ knee cracks ]
[ exhales sharply ]

[ door opens and closes ]

Excuse me, ma'am.

Wonder if you
might have seen

Some of my friends
pass through here.

Big guy,
kind of funny ears.

[ chuckles ]

[ body thuds ]

Well, it's been a pleasure
having company,

But once a century
is enough for me.

You can let
yourselves out.

Hey, listen, pal.

We're not leaving here
without the blade.

You have quite a reputation,

I see the part about you
being brave rings true.

Well, what can I say?
I'm an all-in kind of guy.

Abaddon is the last
knight of hell,

And if you're out of
the game, what the hell
do you care if she dies?

If your friend here
could talk,

He would tell you that I trained
the knights of hell.

I built that entire demonic
order with my own hands --

Abaddon included.

that is information

I could have used
five minutes ago!

[ stammers ]

Well, here's something
your friend doesn't know,

That no one knows, in fact --
outside of abaddon.

It wasn't the archangels
that slaughtered the knights.

It was me.

Why did you turn on your own?

Once again,
I admire your bravery.

But if you'll excuse me,
I have errands to run in town.

Goodbye, dean winchester.

Never return.

[ door closes ]

Well, that was lovely.

Can we leave
the country now?

But you said the first blade
was our only shot

At killing abaddon.

This is the closest
you've been to it.

We're not leaving.

[ sighs ]

Will you listen to reason
for once?


He said he was going
into town.


We wait till he's gone,
come back,

Bust in,
take what's ours.

[ car door opens ]
got it?

[ car door closes ]

Sam, may I ask you
a question?

You just did.

Can I ask you
another question?

Well, technically, you --
yeah, go ahead. What's up?

[ clears throat ]
sam, the trials.

[ scoffs softly ]

You chose not to go through with
them for a reason, didn't you?

You chose to live rather than
to sacrifice yourself.

You and dean...
Chose each other.

Yeah, I did.
We did.

And then...
Dean made a choice for me.

What dean did --
it doesn't matter
what dean did.

Look, I could have put
a stop to all this, cass.

I could have closed
the gates of hell.
Oh, sam.

Dean's gone, okay?

This is on me now,
and if I can find gadreel...

I can fix this.

Now...Being a human
means settling your debts.

Let's start balancing
the books.

[ breathes deeply ]

[ door opens ]

[ door closes ]

This is by far the dumbest idea
you've ever had.

Yeah, well, it's early.

Oh, there's nothing here.
Shame. Let's go.

Hey, sack up
and start looking, okay?

We don't have
that much time.

[ sighs ]

You'll never believe what the
winchester and crowley found.

[ chuckles ]
send back-up.


[ grunting,
breathing heavily ]

Now comes the part
that will actually hurt.

I'm gonna begin
the extraction.

[ groans painfully ]

Is it working?

[ sighs ]


[ sighs ]

I-I need to push
the needle in deeper.

We need more grace
in order to cast the spell.

Okay. Do it.

Sam, if I get
too close to --

Damn it, cass!
Just do it.

[ groaning loudly ]

[ gasps, grunting ]

What the hell was that?

Your body is regressing to the
state it was in before gadreel.

Do we have enough grace
for the summoning spell?

Do we or not, cass?


Then keep going.


Not even porn.

Think I figured out
why he went off the reservation

So many years ago.

Lovely. Little plain.
Who is she?

Cain had a similar ring on.

Father of murder got hitched.

[ door opens ]
he's back. Come on.

[ door knob rattling ]


That belongs to me.


Gorgeous, by the way.

[ vehicle approaches ]

I don't suppose
they're with you.


Demon: I guess
we can't wait any longer.

Your friend tara
was very helpful!

Got downright chatty...

After I peeled
all her skin off.

We don't want any trouble,

Just want the so-called king
and the winchester.

I got a new master
to impress,

And I'm betting bagging
those two will do just that.



This lot
all need to die.

I count --
too many.

The whammy you put on the doors
that keeps us in.

Will it keep them out?

For now.

I'm gonna barricade
the entrances.

Get ready for a fight.

Well, good luck with that.


You exposed my home.
You exposed me.

Well, boo-hoo.

Brave, but impulsive.

You truly have lived up
to your reputation.
I can't say
you've lived up to yours.

What can I say?
I'm retired.

If you survive,
you're welcome to join me

For the last meal
I will eat in this house

Before I disappear again.

It's the least I can do.

Sam? Sam?!
[ grunting softly ]

[ weakly ] keep going.


We -- we --
we have to find gadreel.


Why must the winchesters
run toward death?

No, don't. Don't.

Don't stop.

Sam, when I was human,
I died,

And that showed me
that life is precious,

And it must be protected
at all costs, even a life as...

As pig-headed
as a winchester's.

[ breathing heavily ]

My life's not worth any more
than anyone else's --

Not yours or dean's...

...Or kevin's.


Please, help me
do one thing right.

Keep going.

[ screams ]

[ grunts ] all right,
I got this. You take the front.

So, this is your play?


What am I not getting here?

I mean, it's not like
you're a coward.

Since when does the great
dean winchester ask for help?

Well, that doesn't sound like
the man I've read about

On demon bathroom walls.

Maybe you've lost a step.

Let's find out.

[ snaps fingers ]

[ snaps fingers ]

Oh, don't mind me.

Enjoy yourself.

[ grunts ]

[ grunting ]

Doing great.


Isn't it past your bedtime?

You're good.

[ screams ]

But I'm crowley.

[ grunts ]

Was that some kind of a test?

I felt connected to you
right from the beginning.

Kindred spirits,
if you will.

You and I
are very much alike.

Yeah, except I didn't kill
my brother.

You saved yours.


Because you never give up
on family -- ever.

Where's your brother now,

I don't know what kind of game
you're playing here,

And I don't really care.

Just give me the damn blade.

Sorry, dean.

I have nothing to hand over.


I no longer have the blade.

It's gone.

[ breathing weakly ]

Hold on.

This may pinch.

[ groans ]

Cass, what the hell?

[ panting ]


What the hell was that?!

I've healed your wounds

And the grace?

Well, whatever grace
was inside you is gone now.

What's left of gadreel
is in here.

We'll just have to try the spell
with what we have.

Damn it.

Sam, I want gadreel
to pay as much as you do.

But nothing is worth
losing you.

You know, being human,

It didn't just change
my view of food.

It changed my view of you.

I mean, I can relate now
to how you feel.

What are you
talking about?

The only person
who has screwed things up

More consistently than you...

Is me.

And now I know
what that guilt feels like.

And I know what it...

I know what it means
to feel sorry, sam.

I am sorry.

I know.

You know, old me --

I would've have
just kept going.

I would've jammed that needle in
deeper until you died

Because the ends
always justified the means.

[ sighs ]

But what I went though --

Well, that pb and j taught me
that angels can change, so...

...Who knows?

Maybe winchesters can, too.


What do you mean, "gone"?


The spell brought us here
to you, so it has to be here.

Your spell brought you to
the source of the blade's power.


Really? Now?

It's the bloody mark
of cain.

From lucifer himself.

The mark and the blade
work together.

Without the mark,
the blade is useless.

It's just an old bone.

A bone?

The jawbone of an animal.

The jawbone you used
to kill abel

Because he was god's favorite.

Abel wasn't talking to god.

He was talking to lucifer.

Lucifer was gonna
make my brother into his pet.

I couldn't bear
to watch him be corrupted,

So I offered a deal --

Abel's soul in heaven
for my soul in hell.

Lucifer accepted...

As long as I was the one
who sent abel to heaven.

So, I killed him.

Became a soldier
of hell --

A knight.

And lucifer ordered you
to make more.

My knights and I,
we did horrible things --

For centuries.

Bringers of chaos
and darkness.

Then you met colette.

Cain: She knew who I was...
And what I was.

She loved me

She forgave me.

She only asked
for one thing.

To stop.

When the knights found out,
they took retribution.

They took colette, so I picked
the first blade back up,

And it felt so good to have it
in my hands again,

And I slaughtered
the knights of hell.

Not all of them.


[ wind gusting ]

[ bones crack ]


My love.

[ sighs ]

What have you done
to my wife?

Answer me, abaddon!

We can make this right,
can't we, cain?

Come back to us.

Come back to me.

I'm done.

With the knights
or with me?

I'm done!
Then so is she.

[ grunting, bones cracking ]

No. Stop it!

We could have been forever,
but you chose her.

Well, if I can't have you,
then neither can she.

[ grunts, bones crack ]

[ whimpering ]

Enjoying the view?
I know I am.

Best seat in the house.

[ laughs ]

[ grunts ]

[ gasping ]

No, colette!

Colette, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.

I will find abaddon,
and I will kill her.

No, there's been
enough killing.

Promise me.

You're better
than all of this.

[ gasping ]

[ exhales sharply ]

[ sobbing ]

Cain: So I buried her,
and I walked away.

Well, I'm sorry --

But I have to stop

So, where is the blade?


Hey! Listen,
you son of a bitch.

You may be done killing,
but I'm not.

You never give up on anything,
do you?


Well, I do.



[ indistinct shouting
in distance ]

I'll stay as long as I can.

Aren't you a peach?

I've tried.

I've tried, colette,
to see myself as you did.

But I know who I am --

What I am.

I know you
watch over me still.

But I need you
to look away now.

[ indistinct shouting ]

What the hell, man?

You in or out?
I'm getting head spins.

I can give you the mark, dean,
if it's what you truly want.

What are you talking about?

The mark can be transferred
to someone who's worthy.

You mean a killer like you?


Can I use it
to kill that bitch?

But you have to know

With the mark
comes a great burden.

Some would call it
a great cost.

Yeah, well,
spare me the warning label.

You had me
at "kill the bitch."

Good luck, dean.

You're gonna to need it.

Yeah, I get that a lot.
Let's dance.


[ grunts ]

Crowley: Dean?
I'm fine.

All right, where the hell
did you stash the damn blade?

Nothing can destroy
the blade,

So I threw it to the bottom
of the deepest ocean.

It's the only way I could
keep my promise to colette.

[ shouting continues ]

You find the blade,
kill abaddon,

But make me a promise first.

When I call you --
and I will call --

You come find me
and use the blade on me.


For what I'm
about to do.

[ snaps fingers ]

[ door closes ]

They're all
trapped in there.

With him.

[ demons shouting ]

[ engine revs ]

Was that, uh...

Was that it?

I'm afraid
there wasn't enough grace.

We'll have to find gadreel
another way. I'm sorry, sam.
[ sighs ]

It's all right, cass.

You, uh...

[ clears throat ]

You were right.

You were right
about everything.

Now's the part
where you hug back.



Uh, sorry.
Ah, there you go.

As far as I'm concerned,

Metatron is the key to fixing
everything that's wrong.

I'm gonna find him.

You know, sam,

We could use all the help
we could get

To find gadreel and metatron.

We got this.

[ engine shuts off ]

He waright,
you know.

You are worthy.

Oh, great. Now you're gonna
get all touchy-feely, too?

Your problem, mate,

Is that nobody hates you
more than you do.

Believe me, I've tried.

So, how do we find
this blade?

You can't search the bottom
of the ocean, but I can.

So, I'll find it and
bring it to its new owner.

I saw you, crowley.

Back at cain's.

You dusted
that undercard demon,

And then you just sat back
and watched the main event.

You knew.

You knew about the mark.
You knew about abaddon and cain.

You knew all of it.

And you played me.


He would never
have given me the blade.

Who can say no to you?

I needed you to play along.

You knew
we were being followed,

And you
didn't say anything.

Well, cain would want
to see his prize fighter

Up close.

You plus demons
equals fight night.

Tara died.

Thanks to you.

Omelets. Broken eggs.
Et cetera.

After I kill abaddon,
you're next!

You don't mean that.

We're having too much fun.

Listen up.

Even with the blade,

We're gonna need all the help
we can get against abaddon.

Go find the blade.

It's always something
with you boys, isn't it?

[ grunts ]