Supernatural (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 1 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam is dying. Dean asks for help from the angels. Castiel tries to adjust to being human as the angels come after him.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There is pretty much
nothing the Winchesters can't do

if they work together.

I figured out
how to close the Gates of Hell.

♪ I walk 47 miles
of barbed wire ♪

♪ I got a cobra snake
for a necktie ♪

♪ a brand-new house
on the roadside ♪

♪ and it's a-made
out of rattlesnake hide ♪

♪ got a brand-new chimney
put on top ♪

♪ and it's a-made
out of human skull ♪

♪ come on, take a little walk
with me, baby ♪

♪ and tell me,
who do you love? ♪

Heaven needs your help,

♪ Who do you love?

Hello, Castiel.

♪ Around the town I use
a rattlesnake whip ♪

♪ take it easy, baby,
don't you give me no lip ♪

♪ who do you love?

♪ Who do you love?

♪ I've got a tombstone hand
and a graveyard mind ♪

♪ I'm just 22,
and I don't mind dying ♪

♪ who do you love?

I deserve to be loved!

♪ Yeah, who do you love?

♪ Who do you love?

Sammy, stop!

Just let it go.


What's happening?


They're falling.

This makes no sense.

I mean, how many angels fell --
hundreds, thousands?

And nobody sees anything.

This is...

Look at this.

They're calling it
a meteor shower.


What's going on, man?
You okay?


I'm fine. It's just --

it's just we got a major
freakin' crap fest on our hands.

tell me about it.

Thousands of superpowered dicks
touching down,

and we got no idea
where to start.

Angels aren't our problem
right now, okay?

Or demons or Metatron

- or whatever the hell happened to Cass.
- Why?

Because we hugged it out
in that church

and -- and now we're gonna go
to Disneyland?

you said it yourself --

we're not gonna sleep
till this is done.

I know.

what's the problem?


Look, there's no easy way
to say this, okay?

But something happened
back there in the church.

And I don't know what.
I don't know why.

You're dying, Sam.

Shut up.

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The MRI shows
massive internal burns

many of the major organs.

Oxygen to the brain
has been severely deprived.

The coma is the result

of the body doing everything
in its limited power

to protect itself
from further harm.

This wasn't
supposed to happen.

If your brother continues
on this trajectory,

the machines
might keep him alive, but --

He'll be dead.

Technically, yes.

I'm afraid so.

So, there's --
there's no recovery?

I mean,
there's no bounce-back.

There's no nothing.

I'm afraid
that's in God's hands now.

You're a doctor.

a medical professional.

You're trying to tell me

that my brother's life
is in God's hands?

What, is that supposed to be
a-a comfort?

Mr. Dougherty --

no, God has nothing to do
with this equation at all.

I didn't mean --
that's not good enough.

Cass, are you there?

Sammy's hurt.

He's hurt, uh --
he's hurt pretty bad.

And, um...

I know you think
that I'm pissed at you, okay?

But I don't care
that the angels fell.

So whatever you did
or didn't do,

it doesn't matter, okay?

We'll work it out.

Please, man, I need you here.

Screw it.

Okay, listen up.

This one goes out to any angel
with their ears on.

This is Dean Winchester...
And I need your help.

This is Dean Winchester...
And I need your help.

The deal is this --

Linwood Memorial Hospital,
Randolph, New York.

The first one who can help me
gets my help in return,

and you know
that ain't nothin'.


Hell, it's no secret that we
haven't always seen eye to eye.

But you know
that I am good for my word,

and, uh,

I wouldn't be asking
if I wasn't needing, so...

Look, just because you're dying

doesn't mean you're
dead -- not yet, okay?

We've jimmied ourselves
out of worse.

We're gonna fight this.

I got the plan. You just got to
hang on. You hear me?


You think I'm lying?

Pretty much, yeah.

You understand that we're not
really in this car right now.

We are in your head, and you're
in a coma and are dying.

How do you know that?

Because I'm you
and you're you.

All of this is you.

We're in your head!

You're serious.

The whole reason I stopped doing
the trials was not to die.

And the next time we see Naomi
or Metatron

or whoever is to blame for this,
we will get some justice,

but for right now,
we got to fight this, man.


All right, what's the plan?

I'm working on it.

What does that mean?

I'm kind of dying here,

It means I'm working on it,
all right?

The thing is, if I am dying --
and I believe you. I do.

But if you're you
but you're really me

and you're the part of me
that wants to fight to live...


I have no idea what you
just said, but continue.

But if you don't have any idea
how I'm supposed to fight,

then am I supposed to be
fighting at all?

Are you serious?

Hell, yes, he's serious.

And if you ask me, I think
the kid's got a good point.

Hey, buddy.

You okay?

It hurts.

What the hell you doing in the
middle of the road like that?

I heard angels.

How about
we get you some water, hmm?

I, uh,
I don't drink water.

Dehydration's a real bitch
up here, mister.

A phone.
Do you have a phone?

No signal up here.

How about a lift, hmm?

Yes. Good.

I would fly, but I --
I have no wings, not anymore.


Sam wants to die,
and you think he's got a point?!

I don't want to die.

I asked if maybe
I was supposed to die.

Shut it, Sam.

You -- go.

Oh, and, uh, before you throw me
under the bus,

you're welcome
for the hell rescue.

Hey, first of all, you didn't
rescue Jack, half-wit. Sam did.

Second of all, Sam,
you're in a coma.

Now, suck as that may,

sometimes that's just the way
things go.

What are you talking about?
There's always a way.

You taught us that.

Oh, you mean like the way
one of you idjits

does some "bass-ackwards"
crazy thing to beat death,

like sell your soul?

Exactly like
selling my soul.

Yeah, like that worked so well
the last time.

Enough! Both of you!
I can't hear myself think!

Well, you're not actually
buying this, are you?

Excuse me.
Are you dead?

Because I am, and maybe I'm here
because I'm the part of Sam

that actually knows what
the hell he's talking about.

I'm in the front seat
because Sam put me here

because he wants to fight.



that just got
real uncomfortable.

See ya, Dean.

Sam, don't you dare --

Yip, yip, yip.
Am I right?

Honestly, Bobby, I --

I don't know
what's right.

Honestly, Bobby, let's walk.


I can't take your money.

For the phone.

And a sandwich
if they have one.

It's okay. I don't eat.

You'll figure something.


Take care, kid.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Hang up the phone.


Excuse me.

This is an emergency.

I don't want to hurt you.

Hold on, hon.

Sure you do. Hurt me.

I'm sorry.

I'm gonna finish
this call.

Then I'm gonna stab you.

I know you.
I don't think so.


We met in heaven.

My name is Hael.

You're an angel.

Am I?

What's an angel
without its wings?


I'm just gonna break the ice.
Are you an angel?

Sometimes I wish I were.

My name is Kim Schortz,

and I'm a grief counselor
here at the hospital.

Right. Uh, uh...

I'm just tired.

Well, all due respect,
but, uh,

I'm not grieving --
not yet at least, so --

I'm afraid,
as hard as this may be,

this might be
a good time to talk...

About the inevitable.

Look, I'm sure you're
a nice person

and that you mean well,
but "inevitable" --

that's a fightin' word
where I come from.

There's always a way.

And I am a prayerful woman

who believes in miracles
as much as the next,

but I also know
how to read an E.E.G.

And unless you're telling me
you have a direct line

to those angels
that you were looking for --

Yeah, no, I, uh...

Guess I don't.

But I might have something

I got
the king of Hell in my trunk.

Uh, is -- is that...

I'm sorry.

Is that a metaphor?

Crowley, listen up,
you son of a bitch.

One for yes, two for no.

You alive?

Come on,
don't be a pouter.

There we go.

You prayed?

Yeah, for help.

You'll be helping me.

If you lie to me,
Dean Winchester,

I will rip
your throat out.

Where is Castiel?

Who's asking?

Try every angel
who was ejected from their home.

Oh. Oh, well, in that case,
I have no clue.

Easy there, brother.

This young man has prayed
for our assistance.

Are we creatures of wrath
or compassion?

I would argue the latter.

Forgive me, brother.

I don't recognize you.

Happy to make
your re-acquaintance.

After you disarm.

Come, now.

Is that any way to treat
a brother injured in the fall?

Who are you?

Never mind me.

You're Dean Winchester.

I heard your prayer,
and I am here to help.


It was a normal day,
and then just...


And then
I was just...falling.

How could that happen?

I don't know.

Your grace --

I do still hear angel radio,

Then you've heard them --
our brothers and sisters,

many still circling for vessels,
most afraid.

There's nothing
to be afraid of.

I can assure you.

But Heaven --
there was order.

There was purpose.

believe it or not,

there may be something
even better down here.

I don't understand.

There's opportunity for you,
the others who have fallen,

to do finally do
what you would like to do --

not just
what you've been told.

And what would I
like to do?

You tell me.

If you could do anything,
what would it be?

There's a place.

I built it
when I was last here --

many years ago.

A Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon, yes.

I-I would like to see that.

Let's go see the Grand Canyon,

You want to help?

Start with a name.


All right, Ezekiel.

How do I know
you're not hunting me or Castiel

like the other angels?

Oh, I'm sure there are
many angels who are.

Many more are on their way here,
most likely.

How do you know that?

You put out an open prayer
like that...

I must
really be desperate.

Believe it or not, some of us
still do believe in our mission.

And that means we believe
in Castiel...and you.

You said you were hurt
during the fall.

I was.

Entangling with my brother
back there did me no favors.

But what strength I have left,
I offer to you.

I want to fight. I do.

But I just feel like...

Like you got nothing
to swing at?

Like you're punching
at shadows?

You got to let go of fightin'
and scratchin'

and lookin' for loopholes,
'cause that ain't happenin'.

So -- so, what?
I-I-I just die?

"Just die"?

All the good you've done,
all the people you've saved,

all the sacrifices
you've made?

You've saved the world,

How many people
can say that?

How many people can say

that they have left
this godforsaken hunk of dirt

that much a better place?

What you call dyin'
I call leavin' a legacy.

You still able to cure things
after the fall?

Yes, I should be,

He's so weak.

Who is this?


what the hell's going on?

Metatron tricked me.

It wasn't angel trials.
It was a spell.

I wanted you to know that.

Okay. That's great, but we've
got ourselves a problem.

What's wrong?


He's, um --
they say he's dying.

What happened?

I don't know. I mean, first
he was okay, and then he wasn't.

And I --
have you heard my prayers?

I've been praying to you
all night.

Metatron -- he --

he took my Grace.

Don't worry about me.

What are you doing
for Sam?

Uh, everything I can.

There's actually another angel in there
working on him right now.

What other angel?

Um, his name is Ezekiel. He's
cool. I mean, I think he is.

Ezekiel. Yes.

He's a good soldier.

He should be able to help
until I get there.

Wait, no, no, no.
No, hey, that's not an option.

It might be a few days,
but --

Hey, Cass, listen to me.

There are angels out there,

And they -- they're looking
for you, and they're pissed.

Not all of them, Dean.

Some are just looking
for direction.

Some are just lost.

What are you talking about?

I met one.

I think I can help her,

No, Cass,
I know you want to help, okay?

I do, but helping angels

is what got you in trouble
in the first place.

Now, I'm begging you --
for once, look out for yourself.

Until we figure out what the
hell is going on, trust nobody.

And do what?
Just abandon them all?

Damn it, Cass.
You hearing yourself?

There's a war on,
and it's on you.

There's thousands of them
out th--

you said you lost your Grace,

That means you're human.

That means you bleed
and you eat and you sleep

and all the things you
never had to worry about before.

I'm fine, Dean.


What's going on?

I think
we got more company.

Look, get your ass
to the bunker alone.

You hear me?

Go, Cass!

One of yours?

Trying to secure a vessel.
We need to move.

No, no.
If we move him, he dies.

If we stay,
we could all die.

I don't understand.

I'll come with you.

We can see your friend

It's complicated.

There could be trouble.

It's -- it's best
if I go alone.

My -- my friend --
he...needs my help.

I need help.

You can do this, Hael.

This is your chance
to help people,

to help yourself.

I'm sorry.

Long as these are up,
no angels are coming in.

No one's coming out.
You gonna be okay with these?

I'll manage.


They're here.


Do not open this door
for anybody but me.

Save him,
you hear me?

Everybody out! Now!

Get out!

You understand that I couldn't
just let you leave.

I'd be lost without you,

I'm...beginning to see that.

It's the least I could ask
of you, considering, well...

...this is all your fault,
isn't it?

Making the angels fall?

So, we'll drive
to the Grand Canyon,

you'll tell me more
about humans,

and I'll show you
what I'm capable of.

We're going to become
more than just friends, Castiel.

We're going to become one.

You want to possess me.

Your vessel is strong.

This one won't hold me
much longer.

You were right, Castiel.

With us together, I think
I could learn to like it here.

You got to get out of here.

Come on. Come on.


Stay behind me.

Or not.

There it is.

Everything inside you need
to help you on your way.

Go on, son.

I'll be waiting for you
with a couple of cold ones.

Sorry, old man.

Dean, are you insane?!

Come on, Sammy.

Bobby was the part of you
that wants to die.

I know it stings,
but he had to go.

No. You have to go.

When are you gonna realize
it's over?!

There's nothing to fight for!

No, see, I know
you don't believe that.


Then what's your plan,

My plan?

My plan is to fight!

My plan is to try!

My plan is to give a damn!

Are you telling me
there's nothing? Huh?

You telling me
there's nothing to fight for,

that there's
nothing to hope for?!

I'm telling you there is.

You might not like it.

You might not accept it,
but it's in there.

It's in that house.

You know
what's in that house!

Now, I can't help you

if you ain't willing
to fight for yourself!

I know.

It's okay.

It's what I want.

Let me make this easy --
tell me where Castiel is,

or your brother's
gonna wish he were dead.

Yeah, good luck
getting past the warding.

But we will.

And when we do, I'm gonna
strip off all his skin,

and you're gonna watch.

Bite me.

Anybody ever tell you
you hit like an angel?

Hello, Sam.

I've been waiting
for you.

Okay, wait, wait,
wait, wait.

I'll tell you
where Cass is.

I just have one question.


If heaven is locked,

then where do you go
when I do this?


What the hell's happening?

This just started.

And the warding.

I'm afraid
I'm weaker than I thought.

I am sorry, Dean.

No. No, no, no.

No, we had a deal,

I fight. You save.

And would that I could.

I'm just afraid
it's too late.

Are you kidding me?

Are you saying there's no way
to save my brother's life?

No good ways, I'm afraid.

what are the bad ones?

We're out of options here,

Good or bad,
let me hear them.

I cannot promise,

but there is a chance I can fix
your brother from the inside.

From the inside.

So, what,
you gonna open him up?

What, possession?

You want to possess Sam?

I told you.

No way.

It's your call.

No, it's Sam's call.

There's no way in hell
he'd say yes

to being possessed
by anything.

He would rather die.

I'll leave you two alone,


If I consider this --
and I mean just consider it --

I need something, man.

You got to prove to me
how bad he is.

Close your eyes.

I must admit,
when I heard it was you,

I had to come myself.

I bet you get off
on this.


But not in the way
you assume.

I consider it
to be quite the honor

to be collecting the likes
of Sam Winchester.

I try so hard not to pass
judgment at times like this --

not my bag,
you see, but you...

Well played, my boy.

I need to know one thing.


If I go with you...

...can you promise
that this time it will be final?

That if I'm dead,
I stay dead.

Nobody can reverse it,
nobody can deal it away...

And nobody else can get hurt
because of me.

I can promise that.

What the hell you doing,

As you can see,
there's not much time.

I know.

Damn it. I know.

How will it work?

Mutual benefit,
I suppose.

I heal Sam
while healing myself.

And when he's healed?

I leave.

It's the best
of a bad situation, Dean.

Even if I said yes,
it doesn't mean squat.

Sam will never say yes --
not to you.

But he would say yes
to you.

I don't want to hurt you.

I didn't want to hurt
any of them.

I want to help you.

I will devote my life
to helping you all.

Do you know how ridiculous
you sound?

Help angels?
After what you did?

They don't want your help,

They want your head.

You're wrong.
I'm one of you.

I will never stop being
one of you.

Don't you get it?

I can protect you, Castiel.

I don't need your --

I don't want
your protection.

If you leave me here
in this broken girl,

I swear it, Castiel --
I will tell them where you are.

And they will hunt you.

Until their last breath,

they will seek revenge
on the angel that did this,

who destroyed heaven.


They will seek a vengeance
on you

that will make God striking down
Lucifer seem like child's play.

Stop it.

I will go on angel radio
and tell them everything

unless you open your heart
and say yes.

It's time, Sam.
Shall we?

Hold on.


It's okay, Sam.

I, uh,
would have brought cronuts,

but time is short,

By all means.

What's going on?

I found a plan.

It's too late.
I'm going.

No, no. No, no.
Listen to me.

Why are you even here?

I'm not fighting this

You have to fight this!

I can fix this, okay?

But not if you shut me out.

It's not his time.

That's for Sam to decide.

Sam, listen to me.

I made you a promise
in that church.

You and me,
come whatever.

Well, hell,
if this ain't whatever...

But you got to let me in,

You got to let me help.

There ain't no me
if there ain't no you.

What do I do?

Is that a yes?


Come on.

Who are you?

What the hell
is going on here?

I have no idea.


How's it look in there?

Not good.

There is much work
to be done.

Yeah, but he's gonna wake up,

He will.

So, what he does -- what,

is he gonna feel you inside,
triaging his spleen?

He will not feel me,

There is no reason for Sam
to know I'm in here at all.

You're joking.
No, this is -- this is too big.

And what will he do

if you do tell him
he is possessed by an angel?

he'll have to understand.

And if he does not?

Without his acceptance,
Sam can eject me at any time,

especially with me so weak.

And if Sam does eject me,
he will die.

Then we keep it a secret
for now.

Or until Sam's well enough

that he doesn't need
an angelic pacemaker

or I find a way to tell him.


As for him
being in a hospital,

I'll have to
figure something out.

I can erase it all,
if you like.

He will not remember
any of this.

Where are we?

Whoa! Sam?


Okay, take -- take it easy.
How you, uh -- how you feeling?


Like I -- like I slept
for a week.

Well, try a day.

You've been out since the sky
was spittin' angels.

What the hell happened?

What do you remember?

The church,
feeling like crap,

the angels falling,
and that's it.

But you're feeling good?

I mean, I just, um...

You've been driving around
with me passed out

in the passenger's seat
for a day?

Oh, I mean, I stopped,
you know,

let a few Japanese tourists
take some pictures.

Nobody got too handsy.

I knew you'd pull through.

I meant what I said
at the church.

You're capable of anything,

and hell
if you didn't prove me right.


'Cause we got work to do.

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