Supernatural (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 7 - Supernatural - full transcript

Crowley has kidnapped Kevin and the rest of the prophets that are able to read the Word of God. Castiel mysteriously returns from Purgatory and helps Sam and Dean rescue Kevin.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
No! Stop! Stop!
Not leviathans.

What the hell
happened to you guys?

I went to Purgatory.
Sam hit a dog.

Crowley kidnapped you. I saw
that. But you escaped. How?

There was a tablet.

I told Crowley
I was opening a hell gate,

but I was reading
from another chapter...

how to destroy demons.

Hi, Mom.

Ah... oh! Oh!

She's clean.

Who is this
lovely young thing?

Stay away from my son.

Hello, boys.

Good luck
closing the gates to hell...

without this.

You've got to be kidding me!

Since we lost the tablet,
Kevin figures we don't need him.

but Crowley still does.

You're an angel?
You're chasing the magic rock?

We protect
the word of God.

Cass didn't make it.

Dean! Aah!

Push me! Push me!

It's finger painting, Aaron,
not body painting.

Let's get you
cleaned up.

There you go.

* Supernatural 8x07 * A
Little Slice of Kevin Original Air Date on November 14, 2012

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* We got to get out
of this place *

* If it's the last thing
we ever do *

* We got to get out
of this place *

* Girl, there's a better life
for me and you *

* mm, yeah

* My little girl,
you're so young and pretty *

* and one thing I know



You look like
you've s...

well, I was gonna say, "you look
like you've seen a ghost,"

but you'd
probably be stoked.

Uh, you okay?

Yeah, I'm cool.
What's up?

Well, this kid went missing
from a preschool.

That sucks. And?

And at the same time
he vanished,

a surprise tornado hit,
lasted maybe 20 seconds,

then, uh... shazam!

Back to perfect weather.

Hmm. And they pooh-pooh
climate change.


Well, similar wackiness
has happened

over the past few weeks
in other places...

uh, Tulsa,
a bus driver vanishes

and a river gets overrun
with frogs.

New Mexico...
a mailman disappears,

the earth splits open.

All right.
So, uh, you thinking demons?

Yeah, possibly, but...

I mean,
this stuff was major.

These folks have nothing
in common...

no religious affiliations,
different hometowns, all ages.

Why would demons
want them?

Why do demons
want anything?

Uh, so, we on this?


What do you want?!

I've given you
all the names.

No. No. No. And no.

That's not
what I want to hear.

This hurts you
more than it hurts me,

so I can go on forever.

Which, in your case,
forever means...

Well, forever.

When the Angels find out
what you're doing...

They'll be what...
put out?

I'm quaking, really.

The power grid is so whacked out
in heaven,

they don't even know
you're not there.

on the count of 3...

1, 2...

What happened to 3?

I lied. I do that.

Just give me
the other names.

There are no other names!

The next generation
isn't born yet.



Well, I suppose
there's no reason

to keep torturing you,


Once you get going,
it's really hard to stop.

Keep him on ice.

We've only just scratched
the surface with this one.

I hope the ruckus down the hall
wasn't too off-putting.

Construction standards
aren't what they were

during the Inquisition.

I see.

No niceties.
All right, then.

I suppose you're wondering why
I convened this motley group.


You've got to stop drowning me
in holy water

every time I go out!

I'm not possessed!

Not yet. Not now.

They got to me, remember?

We've got hex bags that make us
invisible to demons.

We've got demon traps
painted everywhere!

I've got a Sigil tattooed
on my arm!

If we just keep moving,
we'll be fine!

What, and keep living
in rat-infested hovels

and running
from cursed creatures?!

This is no life!

It's my life.

I'm the one
dragging the Prophet load.

I'm sorry
I pulled you into it.

Don't be sorry.
Be ready.

We've got to stop running
and start taking a stand.

you know that's crazy.

No, it's not!

Not if we have the bomb you used
on Crowley's demons.

The thing I made had ingredients
from all over the world.

All right?
Demons had to get the stuff.

That's why I went
to an expert.

What? Who?

I hired a witch.

A witch?
Off of Craigslist.

Her name is Delta Mendota,
and she is a smart cookie.

She's scrappy, reliable,
and she's willing to kill.

Look, I'm your mother,
and I did this for you.

What makes you think
you can trust her?

I don't.

That's why I didn't give her
the exact quantities

or tell her
how to blend them.

She's in the dark.

You told her we were making
demon bombs!

Yeah, and that got her
super motivated.

Oh! Time for Delta
to check in.

Oh, my God.

Hi, Mrs. Tran.

Is that your son?

Hi, Kevin.

Hi, Delta.
Bring us up to speed.

You've got
all the stuff?


I don't suppose you'd tell me
the recipe for these bombs?

You know the rules.

"Casual encounters."
That means no questions asked.

No, Mom, that's another part
of Craigslist.

How long
have you been a witch?

A full witch?

Since the band broke up.

You were in a band?

Look, guys.

I take my witch business
real serious.

I'm on it, and it's gonna be
wicked awesome.


Mrs. Hagar?

Agents Roth and Malloy.

We want to speak to you
about Aaron Webber's abduction.

Like I told the police,

one minute I was taking Aaron
to get cleaned up,

and the next minute...

I woke up in a park
three blocks away.

And you have no memory
of what happened?

No. He was just gone.

Can you think any reason why
somebody would want to harm him?

Um, any enemies?

Enemies? He's 5.

Exorcizamus te,
omnis immundus spiritus...

Excuse me?

It's, uh,
code for your own safety

so that you
can't reveal anything

enhanced interrogation.

Now, when you woke up
on the floor,

were there any signs
of struggle?


Smell like sulfur?

How did you know that?

Lucky guess.
Thanks for your time.

No reaction
to the exorcism.

Yeah, not possessed
at the moment.

But I'm willing to bet a demon
got ahold of Aaron Webber.


What's going on?
Are you all right?

I don't know.

I just saw something.

Uh, you saw what?




Right there.

And... and... and earlier,
on the road.

I feel like
I'm seeing him.

That's... not possible.

I mean,
you said it yourself.

You made it out
and he didn't, right?

I tried so damn hard
to get us the hell out of there.

I know you did.

You know,
I could have pulled him out.

I just don't understand
why he didn't try harder.


You did everything
you could.

Yeah, but why
do I feel like crap?

Survivor's guilt?


If you let it, this is gonna
keep messing with you.

You got to walk past it.

We're getting close.

I don't see crap.

I mean, what the hell
is this escape hatch

supposed to look like?

He doesn't know.

Hey, you just drug me
through the fire.

Please tell me you know.
It's here. They promised.

Oh, they?
Well, that's comforting.

even if it does exist...

Broken record,

it's a human portal.

There's still no proof
that an angel can pass...

Stow it, Cass. You're coming.
That's final.

I'm just saying...

If it doesn't work...

...thank you
for everything.

Save the hallmark.


It's gonna work.
Nobody gets left behind.

Hope you enjoyed
our orange juice and pancakes.

Best to pack in those carbs
in the morning, you know.

Are we on a spaceship?

Snapping us up from our homes,
our families,

teleporting us
to this m-mother ship.

Mother ship?
You're aliens, right?

Possibly a long shot.

Does this
mean anything to you?

I don't read Chinese.

Talk about
the dumbing down of America.

Anyone? Come on. It's fun.
Give it a go.

You hapless toads are
utterly clueless, aren't you?

I-I-I got a wife
and kids.

I-I got bills.
I can't miss work.

I got rights!

my one phone call?

Anyone else
want to complain?



"We hold this..."

Um, maybe "these."

"...truths to be..."

Oh, right.

that's better, yeah.

Kevin, right?


So, I was... ohh!

What the hell?!

And my mother,
you've met.


You have everything?

You bet.
It was a bitch, but so worth it.

Honestly, I am sick
of being treated like dirt

by those demons.

Like, who died
and made them boss?

probably somebody did.

But they could use
a serious attitude reduction.

where's the ladies room?

Long drive,
and, you know...

Over there.

Delta, what is this?!

I was clear.
I need to build an arsenal.

This maybe gets me
one weapon!

It's just a little taste
of what you'll get

when I get paid in full.

That was not
the agreement!

It is now.


Forget it!

Hey, so it's not just Americans
who are vanishing.

Uh, this guy,
Luigi Ponzi

disappeared walking
between two subway cars in Rome.

And right above ground,
there was a freak hail storm.

So, we going to Rome?

Wouldn't be too shabby.

Hello, Dean.

Unbelievable, man.
I-I cannot believe it.

You're actually here.

Yeah, I've been
trying to reach out.

But for whatever reason,
I wasn't at full power.

So I couldn't connect
with you.

That must have been
why you kept seeing him.

I mean, you think?


Yeah, uh,
I got to be honest.

I-I-I'm thinking, how the hell
did you make it out?

I mean, I... I was there.
I-I-I know that place.

I know how we had to scratch
and claw and kill and bleed

to find that portal
and make it through it,

and it almost
finished me.

So, uh...

So how exactly are you
sitting here with us right now?

Dean, everything you just said
is completely true.

And that's
the strange part.

I... have no idea.

I remember endlessly running
and hiding from Leviathan,

and then I was on the side
of the road in Illinois.

And... that was it.

And that... that was it?


Oh. I'm dirty.

Yeah, well,
Purgatory will do that to you.

Maybe you were lied to.
Maybe there is no seam.

I lie.
I don't get lied to.

Aren't you guys
all about faith?

Not particularly.

Oh, ye of frigging
little faith.

What the hell?

There it is.
It's reacting to you.

All right. Ready?
Just like we talked about.

Putting a lot of trust in you,

You earned it.

I'll see you
on the other side.

Conjunti sumus,
unum sumus.

Let's go.

Dean, wait.



You all right?

You do see something
severely wrong here, right?

Sammy, I remember every second
of leaving that place.

I mean, I remember the heat,
the stink, the pain, the fear.

I have that whole ugly mess
right here,

and he says
he has no idea how he got out?

I'm just not buying it.

So you think he's lying?

I'm saying
something else happened.

I saw
the shape that he was in.

I mean, there was no way he was
fighting his ass out alone.

No way.

All right. So, who...

or what got him out?



you little skank.

In the service industry,
you always deliver the goods,

then you get paid.

Even hookers know that.

Hmm. Says you.

my sister's a hooker.

So hookers get paid first,
and then you get the goods.

Look, I'm not
the one with demons on my ass.

You want to renege on our deal,
it's fine by me.

bring me my purse.

Your mother
must be so proud.

She is.

Of course, with my sister,
the bar ain't real high.

Mom! Did you break the salt line
by the store-room window?

What?! Of course not!

I wouldn't bother,

There's no rush.

Hello, Delta.


You betrayed us?

How could you?

I'm mercurial.

I'm afraid Delta
found you to be

a difficult and ungrateful
employer, Mrs. Tran.

She felt she'd gain far more
leverage by negotiating with me.

I am, after all,
the King of Hell.

And you are a mom.

I did good,
didn't I, your majesty?

Yes, very.

Presumptuous twit.

Please. Take me.
Leave my son alone.

What would I do with you?

Kill her. Destroy the makings
for the spell.

Yes. Say goodbye to mommy.

What's the latest?

The latest is nothing.

It's like
it all stopped.

No freak disappearances linked
to any freak natural events.

So how many have we got,

Yeah, uh, Luigi, Justin,
Aaron, Maria...

Dennis, Krista, Sven.

I missed television.

Wait, Cass. How did you know
those are the names?

Well, they're prophets.

Yeah, Angels instinctively know
the names of every Prophet...

past, present, and future.

So this list is the name
of every one of 'em that exists?

Yes, until the next generation
is born.

Plus Kevin Tran, of course.

The other seven
are future prophets,

since, uh,
only one can exist at a time.

How is Kevin a Prophet
if Chuck is a Prophet?

I'm not sure what happened
to Chuck, but, um...

He must be dead.

So, the next one comes off
the bench if Kevin goes down?


And they have no idea
who they are, of course.


Insurance. Boy,
he's getting desperate.

all the weird phenomena.

Lower-level demons nabbing
heavy-duty cargo.

The vessels of God's word...

I get the feeling
something's going on.


Mrs. Tran?!

where the hell have you...


Crowley's got Kevin.

So, Kevin, as you can see,

our relationship
is much simpler now.

You either help me,
or you die

and one of these fine specimens
takes your place.

I don't quite understand
your hesitation.

You just killed my mother.

Very unfortunate.

But to be fair, she was plotting
to kill me and my kind.



I can do a great deal
for a plucky lad like you.

You'll just kill me
as soon as I read the tablet.

Are all young people
so horribly cynical?

It depresses me, Kevin.

Here's the thing.

I really want you to read
the tablet

because, frankly,
this lot fail to inspire.

However, better a stupid Prophet
than a stubborn Prophet,

as the saying goes.

So what's it gonna be?

Perhaps you doubt
that I'm serious?


any good tablets lately?

Where the hell is she?

She'll be here.

Look, mile marker 96
was kind of the halfway point.

We got to move!

The portal's closing!

Damn it! Come on!


Come on!

I got you! Hold on!


Hold on!



can I talk to you outside?


Exactly. What?

What the hell happened?

Back there. Purgatory.

I told you
I would get you out.

We were there!

It was like
you just gave up.

It's like you didn't believe
we could do it.

I mean, you kept saying that you
didn't think it would work.

Did you not trust me?!


I did everything I could
to get you out... everything!

I did not leave you.

So you think
this was your fault?

You can do this,
can't you?

You can get him back?

How did Crowley
find you?

Oh, I hired a witch,
and she ratted us out.

A witch?!

Why'd you hire a witch?

To make demon bombs,
of course!

These are Kevin's notes.

You have any idea
where Crowley took him?

No. But, uh...

this guy might.


Let's talk.

I thought privacy
might make it easier to chat.

Decision time, Kevin.

How's this going to go?

Don't be recalcitrant,

You know it brings out
the worst in me.

All right!


I'll do it!

The next is...
"The demonic influence

on the collective tapestry
of the soul."

Blah, blah, blah.

Doesn't anyone ever edit
this stuff?

So far, as a writer,
God's a snooze.

No fun at parties,
I hear.

Um, "Demonic transport
to the regions of hell."

Tell me something
I don't know!

Think macro.
This is stupefyingly micro.

How macro?
Game changing.

Sorry, Mrs. Tran.

Wait! What?!

This it?


My son is in there!

Which means Crowley
already has leverage.

He doesn't need
another hostage.

Oh, come on!



Don't provoke me,

You still have
nine fingers.

This section has to do
with building defensive weapons

against demons.

Mm-hmm. You're familiar
with that one, I believe.

And this one...

sealing the gates of hell.

So it's true.
It's there.

Clearly, humans cannot possess
this thing.

What was God thinking?
We'll get back to that.

We're just getting
to the sexy part.

All right.
I'll check that way.

Hold on.

This is different.
It's... it's not text.

It's like
a personal note?

A personal note
from God?

the archangel... Metatron.

The scribe...

...and suck-up.

Took down God's word,
picked up his cleaning.

It's like
a farewell note.

Go on.

"Upon completion
of this task,

I take my leave of my master
and this world."


Looks like
you guys got me.

We're very near Kevin.

Oh, no.



I'm here to help.

What the hell's
going on?

You're not all the way back,
are you?

"So ends
the transcription

"of the sacred word
for the defense of mankind.

"Into the hands
of God's children

thus passes the compendium
of tablets."

It's a collection of things,

especially one systematically organized.
I know what "compendium" means, Kevin.

What does Metatron mean?

It's not working.

Dean, I'm going in.

Cass, no.
You're not strong enough.

There are more tablets?

More than "Leviathan"
and "Demon"?


Fresh from Purgatory.

I wish
you'd called first.


Which Castiel is it this time?
I'm never sure.

Madman or megalomaniac?

Kevin is coming with me.

I think not.

The Prophet's playing
on my team now.

So this is how
it's gonna be?

It's all very West Side Story,
but let's be logical.

You look like hell,
and I should know.

You're not up for this.

Maybe you can get it up,
but you can't keep it up.

You're bluffing!

Do you want to take
that chance?

Cops are on their way.

They're gonna pick up
the prophets.

Um, they'll all
be heading home.

What about us?

I called a friend of ours,

He does what we do.
Well... in his own way.

He'll keep an eye
on you guys.

No more going off
on your own.

You get that it was hiring
that witch

that got you into all this,

How you holding up,

You kidding?

I want to seal
those bastards up forever.

Took my finger.

Cass thinks he might be
able to fix that.

In the meantime, just lay low
till we get back to you, okay?

That was a bonehead move
back there.

You could have gotten yourself

Why didn't you wait
for me?

Well, I didn't get killed.
And it worked.

And if it didn't?

It would have been
my problem.

Well, that's not
the way I see it.

Hey, everything isn't
your responsibility.

Getting me out of Purgatory
wasn't your responsibility.

You didn't get out.
So whose fault was it?

It's not about fault.
It's about will.

do you really not remember?

I lived it, Cass.

I know what happened.

No, you think you know.

You remembered it
the way you needed to.

Look, I don't need to feel
like hell for failing you, okay?

For failing you like I've failed
every other godforsaken thing

that I care about!

I don't need it!

Just look at it.

Really look at it.

Damn it! Come on!

Come on!

I got you! Hold on!


Hold on!



it wasn't that I was weak.

I was stronger than you.

I pulled away.

Nothing you could have done
would have saved me,

because I didn't want to
be saved.

What the hell
are you talking about?

It's where I belonged.

I needed to do penance.

After the things I did on earth
and in heaven,

I didn't deserve to be out.

And I saw that clearly
when I was there.


I planned to stay
all along.

I just didn't know
how to tell you.

You can't save everyone,
my friend...

though, you try.


Everything okay?


Just, uh...
setting a few things straight.

Good. Garth is gonna lay low
with the Tra...

Hello, Castiel.

Where am I?

You don't know?

You're home, Castiel.


I've never
been here before.

Not many have.

My name is Naomi.

We rescued you.


An incursion of angels,
which cost us many lives.

Consider these chats
your repayment.

I don't understand.

Tell me
about Sam and Dean.

The Prophet
is being kept safe.

The tablet
has split in two

and the Winchesters are trying
to recover the missing piece.

Why am I telling you
any of this?

It's not your concern.

Help the Winchesters,
come when they call.

You will report in
to me regularly,

and you will never remember
having done so.

No. I won't do that.

Now, as you were.

They won't even notice
you were gone.

...track down
the other piece.

You're with us on this one,
right, Cass?

Cass, you okay?

I'm... I'm fine.

And, yes, I'm with you...
if that's all right.

It is, right?

You two are good?


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