Supernatural (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 22 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Dean try to figure out how to cure a demon. Crowley starts killing victims that Sam and Dean have saved from previous jobs. Castiel and Metatron begin the trials to close the gates to Heaven.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Takes a painful long time
to bleed out from the gut.

You can do whatever you want,

Metatron -- he's an angel.

He's the scribe of God.

This is Metatron.
This is Metatron?

I'm not one of them.
I'm not an Archangel.

I worked
in the secretarial pool

before God chose me
to take down the Word.

I've got it.
The third trial.

- What is it?
- To cure a demon.

- Cass?!
- A little help here.

Abaddon. She's a demon...

Who, it turns out,
is a knight of Hell.

Knights of Hell are
handpicked by Lucifer himself.

The Demon Trap in your noggin is
gonna keep you from smoking out.

We're gonna cut you
into little steaks

and bury each strip
under cement.

I can't believe you finally
came up here with me.

Why wouldn't I?

I love this place.

It's like...I can breathe,
you know?

Tommy you okay?


Yeah, I'm good.

Did you hear that?


The growl?

Maybe it's a bear.

Shelly, get back!

Baby, what is wrong?

It's not a bear.
It's a Wendigo.


Hide in the bedroom.
Right now.

Hide, Shelly!

I don't hear anything.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna light his ugly ass
on fire.

Get back.









- Please tell me that's everything.
- Yeah.

No, not even close.

You see, the Men of Letters
kept files

on every demonic possession
for the last 300 years,

I mean, we've got Borden, Lizzy,
all the way to Crane, Ichabod.


How you feeling?

Honestly, um...

My, uh,
my whole body hurts.

I feel nauseous and like I'm
starving at the same time,

and everything smells like
rotting meat.

I've had that hangover.

Jager, man.

Maybe you should, uh,
take a break, get some air.

Dean, the only thing
that's gonna make me feel better

is finishing this.
All right.

Well, I'll go get you some grub,
keep your strength up.


I like this bunker.

It's orderly.

give us a few months.

Dean wants to get
a ping-pong table.

I've heard of that.
It's a game, right?

Are you okay?

My wound isn't healing
as quickly as I'd hoped...

But I am getting better.

And you're getting worse.

Well, two trials down,
one to go.

And the final test,
do you -- you know what it is?

I have to cure a Demon.

Of what?

That's what we're trying
to figure out.

Soup's on.

There we go.

I think this is, uh...

it's still good.

A half-drunk beer, jerky,
and three peanut-butter cups?

Yeah, we're --
we're running a little low.

I'll make a run.

I can go with you.


I'm sorry.

For what?

For everything.


Like, uh...
Like ignoring us?


Or like bolting off
with the Angel Tablet,

then losing it
'cause you didn't trust me?

You didn't trust me.



that's not gonna cut it.

Not this time.

So you can take your little apology
and you cram it up your ass.

Dean, I thought I was doing
the right thing.

Yeah, you always do.

Hey, uh,
do we have a room 7B?

Dude, go easy on Cass,

one of the good guys.

Dude, if anybody else --
I mean anybody --

pulled that kind of crap,

I would stab them in their neck
on principle.

Why should I give him
a free pass?

Because it's Cass.

What are we supposed to be
looking for down here?

anything on case 1138.

It was
a class 5 infernal event --

St. Louis, March 8, 1957.

"Class 5 infernal event"?

Yeah. See, the Letters have
this whole rating system.

"The Exorcist"
would have been a class 2.

All right, so, what makes
this puppet show so special?

It was weird.

Weird how?

No clue.

One of the files just had a note
written in the margin

about room 7B

and the word "weird"
with three exclamation points.

Good times.



Got it.

Sammy, check this out.


Is that a Devil's Trap?

It takes up
half the room.

These chains -- they have
spellwork etched into them.

So we have a dungeon.


What do you got there?

Movie night?

Simon, we're filming.

Um, hello, world.

So this new ritual
we're going to see,

this new type of exorcism,
h-how does it work?

I don't know.
It's my first time.

is that Abaddon?

Aah! Aah!

It's not killy enough.

It's got to be the, uh,
the chick she possessed.

We must do it now.

Dead! They're all dead!

Everyone you ever loved...

Hey, those chains look exactly
like the ones in our dungeon.

In your what?

Demon on a leash --

Aah! Aah! Aah!

Exorcizamus te,
omnis immundus spiritus...

hanc animam redintegra...



She's dead.

Where's the demon?

Stop filming.

What happened?

Will you just stop?!

Well, that was weird...

three exclamation points.

That wasn't
a normal exorcism.

They changed the words.

I believe "lustra"
is Latin for wash or cleanse.

Oh, yeah, 'cause that was
the most freaky thing

was the vocabulary.

What about the bloody high five
or the chest burster?

Anything else on the film,
like director's commentary,

sequel, maybe?

Yeah, listen to this.

The older priest, Max Thompson,
bit the dust in '58,

but the younger one is still
alive and still in St. Louis.

Think this kind of weird
is worth the drive?

everything in those folders --

the possessions,
the deals, all of it --

we've seen that before,
but that --

That was all new.

it's worth the drive.

All right. Let's roll.

Not you.

Sam is more damaged
than I am.

Yeah, well, you know, even
banged up, Sammy comes through.

Dean, I just want to help.
We don't need your help.

Just stay here
and -- and get better.

Father Thompson had
some unorthodox ideas,

which is why the Men of Letters
were interested.

Unorthodox how?

What exactly do you mean,

A demon is a human soul,
twisted and corrupted

by its time in Hell.

Father Thompson believed that
you could wash that taint away

and restore their humanity.

So, what, they just stay

in whatever schmuck
they're possessing

and -- and get a ticket

I wish I knew.

Okay, but this --
this ritual...

Can cure a demon?

I suppose, if it worked,

but that night,
something went terribly wrong.

The Demon escaped
into the world,

and that poor old woman...

It was horrible.

I know father Thompson
kept trying.

There were other possessions,

but I couldn't face that --
not again.

And then,
a few months later...

He was dead.

How'd that happen?

Something tore him apart.

Did he keep any,

Did he keep records
or --

Uh do you have
a-a bathroom, maybe?


Is he all right?

Uh, no, padre.

He's...pretty damn far
from all right.

That's why we're here.

I don't understand.

Well, short story is,
uh, Sammy there

is gonna take
whatever shredded your friend

and every other black-eyed bitch
out there,

and he's gonna get rid of them
for good.

He is?

In his condition?

over the past couple of months,

I've seen him do crap that I
didn't even think was possible.

I mean, sure,
he's miserable and he's hurting,

but you know what?

There's not a doubt
in my mind

that he's gonna cross
that finish line -- not one.

So, will you help us?

I'll get father Thompson's
things for you.

Thank you.




I -- I have money.

Where's the pie?

I think we're out.

You don't understand.

I need pie.

Put the virgin down,

We need to talk.

You're Metatron?

The Metatron?


In public, it's Marv.


And you're Castiel.

Kevin Tran
told me about you.

- He did?
- Yeah.

According to him,
you and I have a lot in common.

We're both free thinkers.

We're both
on heaven's most wanted list.

I thought we could socialize,
maybe grab a bite.

I'm sorry --
we can...What?

I've been on sabbatical.

I'm trying
to play catch-up,

but I have to talk to somebody
about what's going on back home.

And by home, you mean heaven?

I've been looking around,

crawling through
a few divine nooks and crannies,

and from what I can see,

without the Archangels,
it's a mess up there.

Open warfare.

I thought Naomi
was running things now.

Is that what she told you?

I mean,
Naomi's a player --

don't get me wrong --
just one of many.

There are factions
upon factions,

all fighting,
betraying each other.

It's just a matter of time

before they start ripping
each other apart.

It's all broken.

I know, I'm the one
who broke it.

There was a time when I thought
I could lead our people,

but I was mistaken.

I spilled
so much blood.

And I've tried to atone
for my sins and I did penance.

And I
betrayed my friends

to protect our secrets,

but I've just failed.

And now --

Look, I know.

But now the angels --
heaven --

need someone
to come to the rescue.

They need us.

Yeah. Just -- just picture it.

We ride to the rescue,
save the day --

make a great story.

Look, the angels are like
a big, dysfunctional family.

We need to lock them all
in a room

until we work
these problems out --

all the factions,
you, me --

like a big family meeting?


Which is why we have to
shut down heaven.


Do you like crepes?

Wait --
Eugenie's in Ojai

makes the greatest
caramel apple crepes.

Metatron -- Marv.

I can't find Cass.

You think he blew town?

Sounds like him.

So it turns out that, uh,

Father Thompson recorded
all of his demon-cure tests.

This one here,
this was the last one --

two days before he died.

The date is August 3, 1958.

This is trial 19, hour 1.

My subject is Peter Kent.

Mr. Kent is the father
of two young sons,

and three weeks ago,
he was possessed by a demon.

I'm going to
ask you a question now.

When you crawled into Mr. Kent
and ate his children,

how did it feel?



The first dose
has been administered.

Do we know what padre was dosing
number-one dad up with?

Uh, yeah,
his own purified blood.

Purified how?

Before he started,

Father Thompson
went to confession.

This is trial 19, hour 2.

When you ate his children,
how did it feel?



The second dose
has been administered.

Hour 4.

When you ate
his children --

Kiss my ass!

How did it feel?


The sixth dose
has been administered.




...did it...

Aah! Aah!



Hour 8,
the subject is prepped.

Aah! Aah!

Exorcizamus te,
omnis immundus spiritus.

Hanc animam redintegra,


When you ate his children,
how did it feel?

They were screaming...

and I laughed.

Why did I laugh?

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

God, I was a monster.

But now you are a man

And you have been saved.

Did he just...
Cure a demon?


Could we take this hoodoo
on a test drive?

Um, I mean,
I have the exorcism right here.

All we need is the blood,
consecrated ground, and a demon.

So, what?
We summon a demon, trap it --

Or -- or we use one
that we've already tagged.

Do we still have dad's
old army field surgeon's kit?

It's in the trunk.

Yeah, I think it's time
we put humpty dumpty

back together again.

Why did you leave?

I can't have this conversation
on an empty stomach.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Can I get you anything?

Coffee, please.

Sure. Cool coat.

it's actually quite warm.

Cute and funny -- okay.

I should have picked
a better-looking vessel.

What did you mean,
we can shut down Heaven?

Oh, you know,
the trials --

God's little
"pull in case of emergency""

the Leviathans
get out of control,

you put them in Purgatory.

Demons get a little too demonic,
toss 'em into Hell.

Angels get uppity,
slam the pearly gates.

Are you saying you know
the trials to close heaven?

I wrote 'em down.

It's not something
you forget.

I think a little alone time

would be good
for the angels.

At the very least,
it would s--

It would stop the fighting
up there

from spilling out down here,
which will happen.

It always does.

You're gonna complete
these tests?


I can't.

I am a pencil pusher,
always have been.

I'm not strong enough.

But you --
you are a warrior.

I've got the plan.

You've got the muscle.

We can do this.

Heaven needs your help,

I am the one
that caused these problems.

I should be the one
to fix them.

But you understand this is,
um, not going to be easy.

I understand.

No, you don't.

See our waitress?

She's the first trial --
got to cut her heart out.


No, she's...

She's just a girl.

No, she isn't.

She's a Nephilim,
an abomination.

She's the offspring
of an angel and a human?

I thought that wasn't allowed.
It's not.

There's only one on Earth,
and you are looking at it.

But she didn't choose to be
a Nephilim, so she's innocent.

Yes, she is.

I told you
it wasn't gonna be easy.

But if you want to do this,

if you really want to
do this,

you got to ask yourself
what's more important --

her life or your family?

So you really think
this will work?

Dude, we got needles.
We got thread.

We've seen "Young Frankenstein"
about a thousand times.

Yeah, we're golden.


This is
gonna be disgusting.


Morning, sunshines.

It worked.

You owe me a beer.

And I owe you both
so, so much.

I can't wait to tear out
those pretty green eyes.

Good luck with that.

We figured kitty
didn't need her claws.

Then I'll stump you to death.
It'll be swell.

Yeah, that's not gonna happen,

The bullet -- remember?

So you sit there
like a good little bitch.

We're gonna consecrate
the ground,

and you're gonna get
to fessing up.

Oh, I know this tune.
I doubt that.

Father Max Thompson,
born October 12, 1910.

Died August 5, 1958.

Who do you think
ripped him apart?

Word got back
to home office

that Maxie
was messing with things,

so we made an example.

It wasn't my most artful kill,
but it was effective.

And bonus --

before he died, he told me
all about Josie Sands.

I found her, and I rode her
into the Men of Letters.

And what I did
to them, that was art.

So you know
what Max was doing?

Fella screamed
the basics...

But it'll never work.

You keep telling yourself

Hello, boy.



The salesman?

Try the King of Hell.

This is a joke, right?


Hold on.

How'd you get this number?

Ah, first things first --

what are you wearing?

Oh, okay,
hanging up now. Hang up.

This isn't a social call.

I was wondering.

You lads been reading
the papers,

say, Denver Times
from yesterday?


Well, you should.
It's side-splitting.

What the hell --
I'm sexting you an address.

Check it out.

Then we'll talk.

Wait, what?


Here it is.
Vic's name is Tommy Collins.

Why do I know that name?

Well, Tommy Collins,

we saved him from a Wendigo
like forever ago.

Okay, and, what, you think
that Crowley blew his head off?

Well, what are we
dealing with here?

Some sort
of Demon-Wendigo team-up?

Uh, no clue.

All right, well, we'll
pour one out for Tommy later.

As far as Crowley goes,
screw him.

We got everything we need to put
him in a permanent time-out.

No! No! No! No!

She's gone.

She's -- son of a bitch!


It's a text message
from Crowley --

an address
in Prosperity, Indiana.


Didn't we work
a case there?

Yeah, yeah, the one with
the witches and the baked goods.

So what? He's going
after somebody there now?

I don't know.

We got to check it out.

Well, you know it's a trap.
Of course it's a trap.

But a trap means demons,
and we could use one right now.


Is that...Jenny?

You were a great gal,
Jenny Klein.


What the hell are you doing,


Oh, Moosie,
isn't it obvious?

I'm killing everyone
you've ever saved --

the damsels in distress,
the innocent whippersnappers,

the would-be vampire chow --
all of them.

How do you even know --

I have my sources
and a cracking research team.

When you boys hit a town,

you tend to leave a mess.

you're probably wondering

why my droogs aren't in there
giving you the bum's rush,

so let's brass these tacks,
shall we?

I'm gonna gut one person
every 12 hours

until you bring me
the Demon Tablet

and stop
this whole trials nonsense.

We don't have the tablet.
Kevin took it and --

I took Kevin.

Then someone took him back.

Word from the cloud
is that it wasn't Heaven.

So either
the cutest little Prophet

in the world
is with you two lads,

or you better find him

because time,
she is a-wasting.

About now, you're thinking
of ways to stop me.

You won't be able to, but you'll
try because that's what you do.

You -- you try.

time for an object lesson.

the Ivy Motel, room 116.

You have 57 minutes.

What's it gonna be,



I'm Sarah Blake.

I'm Sam.

What's going on?

I know what you are.

I could see your halos.

And we know what you are,

Please, I'm not.

I try to be nice.

I just want to live
my life.

We know.

I am sorry.

You will be.

Having fun?

You want an abomination?

I'll show you
an abomination.

So a demon named Crowley

is gonna kill me
in...16 minutes.


No, he's not.

Sarah, long time.

What you doing in Indy?

I...was scouting
an estate sale for my dad.

Look, we're gonna put
Devil's Traps everywhere --

the windows, the door.

We've got holy water,

an exorcism ready to play
on a loop,

and anything that comes
through that door --

it's meat.

I know this is insane,

but insane
is kind of what we do.

We'll keep you safe.


Okay? That's it?

You've done it before.

That's new.

Yeah, I...

His name is Ian.

He works
search and rescue.

Guess I have a type.

Our daughter, Bess --
she'll be one in a month.

That's, uh, great.

I mean it.

I'm really, uh...

I'm really happy for you.

Thanks, Sam.

And what about you?


Pretty much the same,
I guess.

No, you're not.

You're not the same.

Look, it's been years,

and I can't even imagine
the things you've been through.

But I don't know.

You just seem...more focused,
confident, like... you know
what you want.

You grew up, Sam.

I do miss the old haircut,






Sarah! Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Can you hear me?


She's dying, and there's
nothing you can do about it.

You son of a bitch!

Son of a witch, actually.

My mommy taught me
a few tricks.

It's a spell.
Find the hex bag.

I thought of sending in
a few of my bruisers,

really letting them
go to town.

But then, well, trial one
was kill a Hellhound.

Trial two was rescue a soul
from the pit.

So, from here on, I'm gonna
keep everything hell-related --

demons, et cetera --
away from you.

Safe side and all that --

plus, I just thought
it seemed fitting.

From what I understand, Sammy
took that bird's breath away.

What's the line?

Saving people, hunting things --
the family business.

I think the people you save,

they're how you justify
your pathetic little lives.

The alcoholism,
the collateral damage,

the pain you've caused --

the one thing that allows you
to sleep at night,

the one thing is knowing
that these folks are out there,

still out there happy
and healthy because of you,

you great, big,
bloody heroes.

Hey! Hey! Hey!
You're gonna be okay.

They're your life's work,

and I'm going to rip it apart
piece by piece

because I can,

because you can't stop me,

and because
when they're all gone,

what will you have left?

No. No, no, no.


No, please, no.

You want to keep those people

I want complete
and utter surrender.

The tablet, the trials --
you'll give them up,

or we'll keep doing
this dance.

Your choice, my darlings.

You okay?

What do you think?

Look, I know
it's bad right now, okay,

but we stick to the plan.

We shut down Hell.

How, exactly?

We get a demon --

You heard Crowley.

He's not gonna let one
near us,

and without a demon,
all we can do is sit back

and watch people we know,
people we saved,

die like Sarah.

So what are you saying?

I'm saying...

Maybe this isn't
one we can win.

Maybe we should just take
the deal.

We'll figure this out.

We will.

Man, we'll get it done.

We'll kick it in the ass
like we always do.

Are you with me?