Supernatural (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 10 - Supernatural - full transcript

Dean and Castiel try to rescue Samandriel from Crowley. Sam tries to decide whether or not he should continue hunting or be with Amelia.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You're alive. What happened?

Standing close to exploding dicks
sends your ass to purgatory.

How did you get out?

- Hello, Dean.
- How did you make it out?

Hello, Castiel. My name is Naomi.
We rescued you.

- Hell gates.
- What about hell gates?

The tablet told me of stuff
about closing the gates of hell, forever.

Amelia Richardson.
She and I had a place in Kermit, Texas.

- What are you doing?
- Leaving. I'm trying to do the right thing.

You and Don deserve a chance.

- Dean?
- You're an angel?

My name is Samandriel.

There are more tablets?

More than leviathan and demon?

Innocent lives.

- Risk that on Benny's word?
- Damn right I am.

Lay down your arms,
you unholy thing!

- What do you want?
- I want your head on a stake.


- Is it done?
- Yeah.

- Any casualties?
- Martin.

- Was it Benny?
- He had it coming, Sam.


Naomi, Crowley has me.

Ah, ah, ah.

Been on angel radio, have we?


Don't lie to me, Alfie.

I'm not lying.

Please, I wouldn't lie to you.

Oh, Alfie,
after all these weeks together.

Yeah, how I wish that were so.

Now we're going to have to turn off
that signal.





Who'd you expect?

- Long drive.
- I wouldn't have had to make it...

...if you hadn't hung up on me.
- I heard all I needed to hear.

You heard what you wanted to hear.
Told you Benny wasn't killing.

I watched him end the fangbanger
that was.

How about Martin?
How did he end that?

Stupid, just like I said it would.
Didn't give Benny a choice.

- It was self-defense.
- Seriously, Dean?

That's that story you're going with?

That the vampire
was the real victim here?

Like it or not, that's the truth. There
was a time when that meant something.

Yeah. Yeah, no kidding.

What does that mean?

- You think this is just about Benny?
- What the hell are you talking about?

What do you think I'm talking about?


I sent you that text
because I needed you to...

You need me to what?

To tear ass to Texas, to be afraid
that what happened to Jessica...

...what happened to everybody
we ever cared about...

...might have happened to her?
- What was I supposed to do?

Is that what we are?

You save a vampire... making me believe
that the woman I love might be dead?

What do you wanna hear, Sam?

That I was wrong?

Fine. I was wrong.


But if you'd heard me out, trusted me,
all of this could've been avoided.

You didn't want me to trust you.
You wanted me to trust Benny.

And I can't do that.

All right.

Okay, well then,
what the hell do we do now?

That depends.

It depends on you.

On whether or not
you're done with him.

Well, honestly, I don't know.

Glad I made the drive.

He's been crying for two days.

The doctors missed something.
It's called an inguinal hernia.

Very hard to detect.


We have a situation.
Samandriel has been captured.

I thought Samandriel was dead.

He's been missing.

And now we know. Crowley has him.

- Where?
- His distress call cut out...

...before I could pinpoint
his exact location.

But you will find him
and you will bring him home.

Crowley will have warded against angels
this time.

- I'll need help.
- Take whatever you need.

But you will be certain, Castiel.

It was your idea to rescue Samandriel.

Not mine, not heaven's.
Do you understand?

Damn it, Cass!

How many times I gotta tell you?

- It's just creepy.
- Dean, I need your help.

The angel, Samandriel...

- Sam...
...he's been taken.

You mean Alfie?
The wiener-on-a-stick kid?

Yes. I...

I heard his distress call this morning.

On angel radio?
I thought you shut that down?

My penance, it's going well.

And I thought it was time
to turn it back on.

I've, uh, been helping people, Dean.

Well, good for you.

All right.

So who snatched heaven's
most adorable angel?


I'm listening.

Samandriel's being held in the general
vicinity of Hastings, Nebraska.

The general vicinity?
That's all you got?

Yes. Which is why I need your help.

It seems this is gonna involve
talking to people.

Come on, Cass,
I thought you were a hunter now.

Yeah, well, I thought so too.

But it seems I lack a certain...


You saw nothing.

All right, ahem, what am I looking for?

Well, when you torture an angel,
it screams.

And that kind of pain... creates a ripple effect
of strange incidents.

Where's Sam?

Sam's gone.

We'll, uh, find Alfie ourselves.

This charming
little dung beetle makes his living...

...upon the sands of Egypt.

Here, billions of tiny particles,
the remnants of ancient seas...

...are pushed ever higher
by the relentless winds of the Sahara.

This is where the dung beetle
makes its living.

The ancient Egyptians...

Look, last night at the bar,
I just wanted to make sure it was you.

You know...

...peeping in my window.

Peeping? You make it sound so...


Anyway, I ran out...

...because he was leaving.

He travels a lot, since he's been back.

Right. No, I get it.

You had someplace...

I had to be. Yeah.

Are we gonna have a whole conversation
with me finishing your sentences?

So why are you here?

It's not what it looks like.

I thought you were in trouble,
that you had...

It doesn't matter. You're okay.

I was.


You know, settled in, content.

But here you are.

What am I supposed to do with that?

Give me five seconds and I'll be gone.

I didn't come here to make trouble
for you. I came because...

You cared.

See that?

I just did it again.

I finished your sentence.

Yeah, I care.

I care too.

I told you it was an accident

Yes, of course.

But now there should be
no more accidents.

No more angel radio.

Stop this, please.

- It's been...
- Weeks, yes.

We're almost there, though.

I'm certain of it.

I'm begging you.

When we demons possess a human,
we invade all of them.

Their muscles, their bones,
their brains.

I can't help but wonder
if it isn't the same for angels.



Mr. Hinkley?

Hi. We're from the Geneva Gazette.

Wanted to ask you a few questions
about your ambush. Heh.

Yeah, well, I'd laugh too...

...if it didn't feel like the sun
just ate my face.

It's a metaphor.

Sorry. Now, in the police report,
it said that the bush... talked to you, yeah?

Yeah, I know it sounds crazy,
but yeah.

What did it say?

No clue.

Sounded like Klingon to me.

Gonna need exact words.

Are you serious?

That's his serious face, yes.


As much as you can remember,
Mr. Hinkley.

Sounded something like:




- What? Mean anything to you?
- Yes. It's Enochian.

It means obey.

Obey? Obey what?

I don't know, but the amount of pain
an angel must be in...

...not just to manifest
through shrubbery, but to burn.

Dean, we have to find him
before it's too late.


Okay, well, look, a sign like that,
Alfie can't be too far, right?

So we'll just start at the bush
and work our way out.

And look for what?
Crowley could have him anywhere.

If I know Crowley, place'll be swarming
with demons. We'll drive till we see ugly.

It's official.

I hate motels.

Say something.

What would you like me to say?

That was great?

That was... a mistake?

I don't know.

Both, I guess.

I understand.

Do you?

Do you understand I have a life here?

A good man that loves me.

A man I don't wanna hurt.

I know.

Do you know you're first thing I think
about when I wake up in the morning...

...and the last thing
before I go to sleep?

It's tough
to let something like that go.


Especially if you keep showing up

You're saying you want me to leave?

I'm telling you that if you stay...

...against everything I believe in...

...I would be with you.

But if you leave...

...don't come back.

I can't have you with one foot in my life
and one foot out there...

...doing whatever it is you do.

That life of yours
I have no idea about.

You don't wanna know about it.
Believe me.

That's a big step.

For me or you?


I need to think about this.
You need to think about this.

Words will never cover
what you mean to me.

What you'll always mean to me,
but we should...

Think about this.


How about two days from now?

Around 7:30.

I'll be off work then.

One of us will be here...

...and we'll know.

Neither of us will be here...

...and we'll know.

Or both of us will be here...

...and we'll know.

Well, will you look at that?

Our ninth abandoned factory.
Ain't that America?

This doesn't pan out...

...we head back to that beer and bacon
happy hour about a mile back, huh?

Wait a minute, Dean.

Those derelicts, they're demons.

I can see their true faces.

Crowley's got that many hell monkeys
outside, he's gotta have double inside.

And angel warding.

I can feel it.

Well, you, me and the demon knife
ain't gonna cut it.

Okay, I'll get Sam.

No, we don't need Sam.

- You just said...
- If Sam wanted in, he'd be here.


I got a better idea.

Slow read?

The slowest.

Where's Garth?

Supply run, I don't know.

I sort of lost track
of when he comes and goes.

You guys need help or something?
I'm working here.

You look horrible.

Yeah. Thanks.

He's right. Are you okay, Kevin?

I'm fine. I'm just...

In the middle of this.

And? Any luck?

Interpreting half a demon tablet? No.

I got nothing.

All right, well, buck up...

...because we need some more
of that demon TNT, ASAP.

You used it all.

Yeah, so let's whip up another batch.


West Bank witch hazel,
skull of Egyptian calf...

...the tail of some newt
that may or may not be extinct.

All right, I get it.
Ingredients are hard to come by, huh?

That's just the first three ingredients.

Give me the list,
I'll get what we need.


What on earth
could you possibly need now, Viggo?

I've given you every torture instrument
known to man.

Short of a Neil Diamond album.

I've found something, sir.
I need a translator.

You're looking at him.

Show me.

What have we here?

I think it's Enochian.

Of course it's Enochian, you pigeon.

The question
is why is he speaking Enochian?

What have you drilled into here, Viggo?


What is it, sir?

Well, what our feathered friend
was uttering essentially was:

"You, celestial being, have been created
to be an angel of the Lord."

You've got into his operating system.

His factory settings.

From who? God?

Who cares where it comes from?

Let's find out
what makes this flying monkey tick.


I mean, come on.

How long does it take
to get a calf skull from Egypt?



Your mom is hot.

I'm serious. Your mom is one sexy...

I thought I told you
to go underground.


I am so far under
I'm breathing through a straw, brother. Heh.

Look, what happened
with your friend Martin back there... wasn't supposed to go down
that way.

- I know. Your granddaughter told me.
- Dean, you did this old dog a real solid.

The way you stood up for me.

Shoe on the other foot,
you'd have done the same.

Yeah. I hate to ask for much else...

...but I don't suppose there's any chance
you're near the Catskills?

Working a case on the
other side of the country. Why?

Yeah, just hitting a little rough patch,
I guess.

You know,
doing this whole solo thing.

Benny, one day at a time, man.

You know what?

A cup of coffee
sure would do me good.

All right, as soon as I'm done
with this case, I'll, uh, I'll be there, okay?


All right, brother. Thank you.


Where is your mom?

Somewhere safe.

You kicked your mom to the curb?

She was too distracting.

I couldn't focus.

The angels said I had to go to the desert
to learn the Word of God.

This is my desert.

Yeah, but your mom's your mom.

I can't enjoy a world
I need to save, Dean.

I can enjoy it when this is over with.

But right now...

There's nothing more important
than this.

Watching humanity,
it never gets old, does it?

I got what we need.

About time.

What's he doing here?

Don't worry, Dean.
Once we save Alfie, I'm out.

No, once we save Alfie.
Don't hurt yourself, Sam.

- Cass and I can handle it.
- Not according to Cass.

I told you we didn't need him.

We need everything, Dean.

And I need both of you,
as you say, to stow your crap.

Can you do that?

So there are four main points of warding.
North, south, east, and west.

And four Enochian symbols... these...

...that you need to destroy
before I can enter.

So we go in, take care of the hell mooks
and you extract the angel?


After killing so many,
I need to save at least this one.

Sounds like a plan.


Let's do this.

Wait, here.

This doesn't just work on angels.
It kills demons too.

Thanks, Cass.

Well, not my most original work,

What is it?

That was tablet talk.

Protecting the Word of God seems to be
hard-wired into these dingbats.

- Thanks.
- Come on.

Demon tablet?

Tell me one I don't know, huh?


Not that this isn't important, but we
should be making preparations to leave.

We seem to be under attack.

Did you say something?

All right, anytime now, Cass.

Cass? Hey, you okay?

Must be the sigils.

I'm not at full power.

Sam, help me muss this crud.

No, wait, there's no time.
Samandriel won't last much longer.

Cass, here, take this.

Dean, hurry up.

All right, plan B.

We have a plan B?

As you were saying...

Cass, anytime now.


Spit it out, you heavenly pile of filth!

Holy mother of sin.

What? What is it?

There's an angel tablet.

Hold still.

Wait! I know things.

Cass. Go.

Okay, good, good.

There's so much you don't know.
You need me.


Yeah, I don't think so.

It's okay.

You're safe now.
I'm taking you home.

You can't take me back there, Castiel.

Why not?

You don't understand.

I told Crowley things.

Things he shouldn't have known.

He got to our coding, our secrets.

Secrets I didn't even know we had.

What secrets?



No. Who's Naomi?

Who is...?

Listen to me.

Listen to me closely.

I've been there. I know.

They're controlling us, Castiel!

What do you mean?

- Kill him.
- What does he mean controlling us?

- Castiel...
- Who is controlling us?

Why did I see your face?
Why was I so afraid?

What did you do to me?

This is a direct order. Kill him!

What did I just do?

You killed a traitor.

Samandriel was good.

And I was trying to atone for...

Samandriel was broken.

He revealed the existence
of what I would die to protect.

What any of us would die to protect.

The angel tablet, Castiel.

Crowley knows.

I just murdered one of our own
to protect a tablet?

If the demon tablet can seal demons
in hell...

...what do you think
the angel tablet could do to us?

You're a hero, Castiel.

You've done heaven a great service.

And that's what I tell Sam and Dean?


What the hell happened?

You tell the Winchesters
that Samandriel had been compromised.

He was compromised.

He came at you
and you acted in self-defense.

He came at me.

I killed him in self-defense.

Say you must return his body
to heaven...

...and then bring him to me.

Cass, you okay?

My vessel must have been damaged
in the melee.

I have to go.

Samandriel's remains
belong in heaven.

I need to see just how far
Crowley dug into him.

Do you understand?

Yes, I understand.

Cass, wait.

Thank you both.

For everything you've done.


Okay, that should do it.

Cass can't see or hear us now.

- Okay, what the hell?
- I know.

Something was off
since he got back from purgatory.

- Someone's messing with him?
- Who?


Why would the angels have him kill
another angel?

You know what, man, I got this.

You go.


Don't you have a girl to get back to?

Yeah, I guess I do. Um...

Since when are you
on the Amelia bandwagon?

I don't know.

I'm just tired of all the fighting.

And, you know,
maybe I'm a little bit jealous.

I could never separate myself
from the job like you could.

Hell, maybe it's time
for at least one of us to be happy.

you being such a big hugger and all?

She does make me happy...

...and she could be waiting for me
if I went back.

I'd be a very lucky man if she was.

But now with everything staring down
at us...

...with all that's left to be done...

I don't know.



Well, I do know this.

Whatever you decide...


Both feet in or both feet out.

Anything in between
is what gets you dead.

Yeah, I keep hearing that.

I'm gonna take a walk.

Clear my head.


I thank you mightily, bud.

I'm in a hard way here.
How close are you?

I'm sorry, man, I...

I'm not gonna make it.

You mean now or?

Listen, Benny.

Everything you've done for me,
I will never forget.


This is it.

End of the line?

End of the line.

Yeah, well,
I never liked these cell phones, anyway.


You stay good, all right?

You too, Dean.

And thanks for the ride.

Yeah, man.