Supernatural (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam reunites with a childhood girlfriend who is supposedly preying on human brains.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I'm having a difficult time
figuring out what's real.


Sometimes I see Lucifer.

Wait, are you seeing him
right now?

Let me see your hand.

I was with you
when you cut it.

I sewed it up.

This is real.

There are things much older
than souls in Purgatory,

and you gulped
those in, too.

- [ Straining ] I can't hold them back!
- Hold who back?


Bobby: Those...

Sam: Leviathan.

If they're in the pipes,

they got themselves
a highway to anywhere.

Something's eating folks

down at Sioux Falls
General Hospital.

A few of us
in the right positions,

and we could feast
every single day.

I'll meet you at the house.
We can regroup.

That place was torched.

Somebody knew
what they were doing.


Oh, no.

E.M.T.: I got two males --
one with a head trauma,

one with an open
compound tibia fracture.

- On route to Sioux Falls.
- Sioux Falls General?

You got to take us
somewhere else. Anywhere!


so maybe I'm not real.

But I'm not
going anywhere, Sam.

Sammy? You stay with me,
you hear?

E.M.T.: He's seizing.
- Sammy!

[ Monitors beeping rapidly ]

Doctor: [ Echoing ]
No response.

B.P.'S 60 over 30.

Pupils fixed and dilated.

[ Rapid beeping continues ]

Hold him down.

Three, two, one, set!

Just relax.

Where am I?

You're at the hospital.

- Which one?
- Sioux Falls General.

Where's my brother?
We got to go.

He bashed his head
quite seriously.

He's gone up for an MRI.

Okay. I got to go.

You're not going anywhere
on this leg, buddy.

No. [ Breathing heavily ]

[ Mumbling ]

[ Rapid beeping continues ]

[ Beeping stops ]

Oh, no, no, no.

[ Grunts lightly ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Thud ]
[ Groans ]


[ Door opens ]

You okay?

Bobby, you're alive.

'Course I am.
Why are you on the floor?

They gave me morphine.
A lot.

Hey, look, a monster
broke my leg.

[ Grunts ]


Wait...the house.

We thought you were dead.

Well, I ain't.
Not yet.

But we got to run.

This place ain't safe.

Where's Sam?

Head scan, I think.

Meet me at the ambulance dock,

- I'll find Sam.
- Wait, where?

Bobby, I'm a gimp.


You've scheduled dessert,
I presume?

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Clears throat ] Yes?

The Winchesters?

[ Grunts ]

Hold the phone there, son.
Who's this?

Yeah, this is the guy.
Coverage lapsed.

We're shipping him
to county.

Come on, sicko.

Let's get you healed up
someplace a little safer.

Come on, Dean.


Come on, Dean.

Come on, Dean!

Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go!

[ footsteps approach ]


What happened?


Adiós, ese.

Well, this ought to
cheer you up.

My baby!

Now I just got to get this stupid
thing off and I can drive again.

So how is it out there?

Weird with a side order
of bloody.

Talked to a few hunters.

They're running into
the same kind of thing

that set up shop
at that hospital.

Yeah, and don't forget
tried to kill us at your place.

Well, consensus is
they're, um,

they're like shapeshifters

only a lot more
into eating folk.

And nothing can kill 'em.

Good times.
Anything else?

They bleed black goo.

Like that stuff
that came out of Cass --

those things from Purgatory.

- Uh...Leviathan.
- Yep.

What about those chompers that you
and the sheriff saw at the hospital?

They still
making spleenburgers?

Yeah, made some calls.

That doctor never
showed back up to work.

Ditto a nurse
and some administrator.

Lucifer: [ Echoing ] You never left, Sam.
They took off.

[ Echoing ] So they could be
at any hospital in America.

You're still in the cage...
with me.

What do you think,



Hey, ground control!


Yeah. What?
I'm -- I'm right here.

You okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.


Every last bit of info
I ever had burned down,

- What about this place?

Rufus leave anything?
Did you check the basement?

C-rations and dust.

I don't think
he'd been here in years.

So, I got to go round up
my old library.

I thought you said most of those
books were one-of-a-kind.

Yeah. That's why I stashed
copies all over the place.

Okay, good. Um...

Hey, uh, two-legs.
We're fresh out of grub.

Want to make a run?

Sure. Yeah.

[ Grunts ]

Be careful with her,
would you?

[ Chuckles lightly ]
And, uh, Sam?



Obviously. [ Scoffs ]

[ Door closes ]

- So?
- "So" what?

Before you bail again,
"Girl, Interrupted" over there.

Any thoughts?

Looks to me
like he's doing better.

Better? What do you mean,
better? You just saw him!

Saw him check out once.

- That's progress.
- You're kidding!

Look, seems to me
that Sam's head

ain't no different
than your leg.

People heal on a curve.

Not diff-- Bobby, I get
this thing off in five days,

I'm golden.

Sam's not a curve.
He's a frickin' time bomb.

It ain't like
he's keeping secrets.

What you see
is what you get.

What's so nuts
about calling an upswing?

Because that's not how it works,
Bobby, ever!

All right?
Especially not with Sam.

The other shoe
is gonna drop.

- It's just a matter of when.
- Okay.

How 'bout we worry
about today's problems?

And today, we need intel.

I'm going.
You sit there and stew.

I'll check in. sitting here
wringing your hands

ain't gonna do nothing.

Maybe he'll surprise you.

[ Door closes ]

♪ Well, I've walked through
those swinging doors ♪

♪ a least a hundred times ♪


♪ She looked into my eyes ♪

♪ I know just what she said ♪

♪ and she said,
"give me a twirl" ♪

♪ and I really couldn't tell you
what happened to that girl ♪

Paper, too?

Uh, yeah. Yeah, please.

♪ ...At that hardwood floor ♪


♪ Wishing she was here
so I could beg her for more ♪

♪ and she was... ♪

Chet: Yes, sir.

Do you see any other strange
charges on your statement?

The May 27th charge
to "Mistress Magda," perhaps?

Oh. Sorry for asking.

We're gonna have to call
you back.


Chet: Yes, sir.

The Winchesters have triggered
one of my search programs.


A shop in Montana,

about a day and a half,
maybe two days from here.

- So?
- So?

So, why are you
still talking to me?

[ Keys rattle ]

Ah, thank you.

Sam: Yep.

Where's Bobby?

- He take off?
- Yeah.

Hey, Sam, how you doing?


I mean, you still,
you know...

Yeah, no,
I-I know what you mean.

Yeah, I'm -- I'm still seeing
crap that's not real.

But, yeah, I'm fine.

I mean,
I can tell the difference.

Think it's getting better?

Honestly? Uh...

I don't know.

I just know
I'm managing it, so...

So don't worry.

Where's the pie?

I got cake.

It's close enough, right?

Yeah, so, from what I can tell,

it's something called a Kitsune.

Not much.

They...look human...

till they sprout out claws

and stab you behind your ear
to get to your brain.

I don't --
I don't know yet.

Yes, Dean, I realize
killing 'em's important.

Maybe if Uncle Bobby
sent a book in English.

I am!

No, no, don't --
don't put him on the phone.

Hi, Dad.

Yes, sir.

I realize people are dying.

Yeah, I'm on my way
to the library right now.

[ Sighs ]

Sorry, honey.
Price went up.


Oh, I don't --
I don't have it.

That's too bad.

Maybe we can make
a little trade.


[ Grunts ]


Other shoe!

Other who?

Sam. He took off.


I don't know.
Nowhere good.

Well, maybe he needed
a little "me-time."

Yeah, but his me-time
ain't just him.

I mean, for all we know

he's road trippin'
with Lucifer somewhere.

[ Grunts ]

Left me here like
Jimmy friggin' Stewart.

- I assume you called.
- Straight to voicemail.

He turned his GPS off,

And he took my car!

- Don't panic.
- Too late!

Look, he says he's okay,

so give it
a couple of days.

Just till
you get the cast off --

then hunt him down.

Till then,
we'll both just keep calling.

All right.

You're goin' down.

You guys thinking
this is another one --

so-called ice pick killer?
- Same M.O.

Can't say I'm too broken up
about this one.

Oh, you knew him?

Busted him
half a dozen times.

- Real mensch.
- So, what's the deal?

Um, killer comes to town,
ganks a lowlife, moves along?

Looks like.

Stabs 'em all exactly the same,
right? Behind the ear?

No explaining a psycho.

We left that detail
out of the paper, though.

How'd you know?

I worked a case like this
a few years back.

Think it's related?

You find anything weird
about the brains?

Like what?


Huh. Good question
for the coroner.

Right. Thanks.

How you doing?

Uh, was there a, uh,
big guy in here yesterday?

That's specific.

Uh, I mean big.

Like about yea high?


- Uh, brown hair?
- Yes, yes. That's him.

Do you, uh -- you remember
what he bought?

Snacks, maybe?

How about a paper?
Do you have yesterday's paper?

Yeah, right there.

Do you mind?

We don't get too many murders
out this way...

...much less a serial.

- So what'd you find?
- It's what we didn't find.

Let me show you.

Big chunk of mid-brain
went missing.

like pituitary gland?

Actually, their pituitaries
were clear gone.

How'd you know that?

[ Sighs ]
Yeah, so, they need

a steady diet of human
pituitary glands to survive.

Educated guess.

Hang on. Slow down.

[ Sighs ] Right.

So, the victims are located
in parks just off the highway.

Just one per town.

That's something.

[ Sighs ] What?

I-I'm just tired.

I've been looking at this
for like eight years.

Wait. Hang on.

I'll call you right back.

[ Sighs ]

Triple red eye, please.


Triple red eye.


You stab it in the heart.

Stab it in the heart.

I said,
you stab it in the heart!


Okay. Are you guys cool?

Can I have a normal life
for five minutes now?

Oh, Dean.

Quick question --

how do you talk to girls?


I just wanted to, you know,

say hi and --

Go away.

It's just, I'm not supposed to
talk to boys.

Young woman:
Leave me alone.

Young man: Come on.
We just want to talk.

- I have to go.
- Why so rude?

Don't touch me!

- Hey. I said be nice.
Sam: Why don't you?

Butt out.

[ Grunts ]

Hi. I'm Sam.

I'm Amy.

[ Muttering ]

[ Keys clatter ]

Oh, damn it.

Hi, Amy.


- Wow.
- Yeah.

I just...never thought
I'd see you again.

- What are you doing here?
- I think you know.

You got tall, huh?

Small talk? Really?

Let's take a walk.

Sam --

So, same pattern,
same victim pool --

just like
when we were kids.

No, I-it's not what --
look, I'm not --

I've had the same job
for the last six years.

I-I have a house,
two cats, a mortgage.

I have a normal life.

You call this normal?

[ The Goo Goo Dolls'
"Two Days in February" plays ]

Ready to play doctor?

♪ I hung your picture
on the wall ♪

♪ and that's all it is ♪

So, you gonna tell me?


How you kicked the crap
out of those guys.

I mean...

No offense,
but you're kind of...




Just watch
a lot of Bruce Lee movies.

♪ You say you got no faith
in things you can't see ♪

You thirsty?


♪ I'm sorry
I ain't there with you ♪

♪ but you ain't here with me ♪

So, you live around here?

It's a cool song.

My dad doesn't listen
to anything

recorded after 1979, so...

Does that mean
you can't?

I'm kind of
stuck in the car a lot.

My dad has to travel.
For work.

Yeah, me and my mom
bounce around a lot, too.

She's all about, like,
"Letting the wind be our guide."

Like a hippie?

Minus the peace and love.

[ Can opens ]

♪ You said that this is crazy,
you're a half a world away ♪

We're always on the road.

I mean, I've seen the world's
biggest ball of twine twice.

[ Chuckles ] Three times.
Not that big.

[ Both chuckle ]

Okay, but be honest --

I mean,
moving all the time sucks.

You're always the new kid,

and everyone always thinks
you're a freak.

Sam, you are a freak.

But so was, I don't know,
Jimi Hendrix and...Picasso.

So am I.

All the coolest people
are freaks.

♪ ...Wrong, oh, ho, ho ♪

♪ it's all right ♪

Amy: Sam.

What I am, I'm managing it.

You spiked three guys
this week.

No, you don't understand.
It's not like that.

I'm -- I'm not
just some murderer.

- I had to.
- Why?

[ Voice breaking ]
I can't.

I just had to.

Please believe me, Sam.

I can't. I'm sorry.

So am I.

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ]

This is the one
he asked to see.

Great, great.

Uh, let me ask you,
did he do anything to it?

No. He just asked
a few questions

about the other vics --

missing pituitary glands
and so forth.

Son of a bitch.

Sam's chasin' a what?

A Kitsune.

It's pretty rare. Dad and I
hunted one back in '98.

Vaguely rings a bell.

Yeah, didn't make
our highlight reel.

Well, least now we know
he's working a job.

- Yeah, but why pull the Houdini act?
- Not a clue.

What are you gonna do
when you catch up?

I got a few ideas.

How did you find me?

You dropped this.

"Amy Pond," huh?

Cute name.

You weren't kidding
about the mortgage.


Wait, that's fresh.

That's not mine.

So, you killed again!
You think I wanted to?

I think you better tell me
exactly what you're doing,

or I have to kill you
whether I want to or not!

I can't.

- Sam, you know me.
- No, I knew you.

That was a long time ago.
No, you know me.

You know the kind of person
I am.



I didn't mean to.

It's just, if she sees it,
you know,

my mom will be so pissed.

It was just an accident.

Yeah, well,
she has a temper.

It' big deal.

My dad does, too.

You don't want to see him
when he's drinking.

My mom...

I don't think
she's a good person.

Sometimes I don't think
I'm a good person, either.

You are.

Don't be so sure.

I've been around enough bad

to know good when I see it.

It's just she has this...
whole plan for me,

but...I don't want
to be like her, you know?

I don't want to be like
my dad, either.

All right.

So then tell me
what's going on.

Drop the knife
and I'll show you.

Show me
and I'll drop the knife.

Don't move.

This is Jacob...

my son.

I've built a life here,

I' the PTA.
I'm boring.

- But you're still feeding.
- On the dead.

I'm a mortician.

I know.

Not sexy, but,
you know, health benefits.

I quietly take
what Jacob and I need.

No one gets hurt.

But it can be risky,

feeding like that,
especially for a kid.

Jacob got sick.

He was dying, and the only way
to fight it off was --

He needed fresh meat.

It worked.

- After the last one, his fever broke.
- Amy --

- It's over.
- You can't guarantee that.

I give you my word.

So, how is spilling more blood
gonna help anyone?

You could still walk away
from this.

We both can.


After what I did
for you.

- Amy, I --
- Hide! Quick!



They caught up.

Who caught up?

Couple of pros
in a piece-of-crap Impala.

We're leaving.

But, Mom --

I'm only gonna say
this once --

I put the food on this table,
so you will do as you are told

or I will let you starve.


Gas up the van.
I'll pack.

Good girl.

[ Door slams ]

Awesome first date, huh?

Look, I'm sorry you got to
go like this, but...

What's wrong?

Look, I know my mom's --

No, I just have to go.
I'm sorry.

Oh, that -- that's nothing!
That's just...


It's my dad and brother
in the Impala.

You're a monster.

You're a hunter.


You're supposed to
kill me...

...And I'm supposed to
kill you?

I guess.

I've never killed anyone.

And I don't want
to hurt you.

Do you want to hurt me?


Then run.

If my mom finds you,
she'll kill you. Just run.

Please, Sam.

[ Grunts ]

Howdy, Sam.

New rule. You steal my baby,
you get punched.

The hell were you thinking,
Sam, running off like that?

I mean, for all I know,

Satan could have been
callin' your plays.

Dean, look, how many times
do I have to tell you? I'm fine.

Oh, yeah, no, you're
a poster boy for mental health.

You have any idea

the kind of horror shows
I had going on in my head?!

Dean, I left you a note.

There was a job in town.

A Kitsune.

Yeah. No, I know.

And you ignore Bobby and I's
phone calls why, exactly?

Because I wanted
to take care of it.

And I did.
I took care of it.

- Really?
- Yes.

Where's the body?

There is no body.

Why not?

Because I let her go.

She's gone.

You what?


Amy: Sam!

I knew
you were hiding something.

we can never blow town

without Amy throwing
a bitch-fit.

So agreeing
to go peacefully -- well.

Who is this?

- He's my friend.
- No, he's not.

Shut up!

What is wrong with you,

You that stupid? Really?

I already told you,
you cannot have friends.

This kid is food!


This'll teach you.

You never told me that.

[ Exhales sharply ]
I never told anyone.

I mean, can you imagine
what dad would have done?

So you saw the article
in the newspaper,

and you just bolted.

It was my mess.

And you call letting her go
cleaning it up?

She killed her own mom,
Dean, to save me.

I hear you, Sam. I do.

But look at her now.

She's dropping bodies,

Which means
we got to drop her,

no matter
how many merit badges

she racked up
when she was a kid.

I'm sorry,
but it's that simple.

Nothing in our lives
is simple.

[ Scoffs ]

You have to run.


Do you have cash?

I-I want you on the first bus
out of town.


- What about --
- I'll take care of her.

Just go!

Come with me.

We don't have to be alone.
We can be freaks together, Sam.


I can't.

I'm sorry.

So am I.

Look, man, I get it, okay?

You meet a girl,
you feel that spark --

there's nothing better.
But this freak?

[ Grunts ]

I didn't mean --
yeah, you did.

Look, I see the way
you look at me, Dean,

like I'm a grenade

and you're waiting
for me to go off.

- Sam --
- I'm not going off.

Look, I might be a freak,

but that's not the same
as dangerous.

I didn't say --
it's okay.

Say it.

I've spent a lot of my life
trying to be normal,

but come on.

I'm not normal.

Look at all the crap
I've done.

Look at me now.
I'm a grade-a freak.

But I'm managing it.
And so is Amy.

Is she? How?

She works
at a damn funeral home

so she doesn't
have to kill anyone, Dean.

She's figured out
how to deal.

Okay, well,
then explain the bodies.

She's done.

Her friggin' kid was dying,

Put you or me
in her position,

we'd probably do
the same thing.

Look, you don't trust her.


Trust me.

Dean, please.



Got to start sometime,

Bozeman. Right.

Got it. Thanks.

That was Bobby. We'll hole up
in Spokane tonight.

We'll meet him tomorrow.

Why don't you drive?

You gonna punch me again?

[ Engine turns over ]

Hey, why don't, uh --
why don't you check us in?

I got to hit the candy store.

[ Pill rattles ]
Doctor's orders.

Next time you run,

you should change
your license plates.

Keeping the same tags
makes you easy to track.

- Who --
- I'm Sam's brother.

And you are Amy Pond,

the Bozeman mortician
who went missing.

There's people
looking for you.

Sam sent you?

Sam doesn't know I'm here.

But he told you.
My son --

I know. I know.

But people...

They are who they are.

No matter how hard you try,

you are what you are.

You will kill again.

I won't. I swear.

Trust me, I'm an expert.

Maybe in a year, maybe 10.

But eventually,
the other shoe will drop.

It always does.

[ Gasps ]

I'm sorry.

You got someone
you can go to?

You ever kill anyone?

Well, if you do,
I'll come back for you.

The only person
I'm gonna kill is you.

Well, look me up
in a few years.

Assuming I live that long.

Yes, sir.

Sam Winchester
was definitely here.


Every alias we have for them,

and I'll find out
where they went from here.

I'm only
a couple days behind them.

Just grabbing a bite first.

Do you know what I find?

Plain old people taste fine,

but everything is better...

with cheese.

[ Whimpering ]

[ Muffled shouting ]

[ Screaming ]