Supernatural (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 21 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Dean have possession of a Word of God, but are unable to read it. They find a young prophet that can help, but unfortunately, the angels and leviathans are after him, too.

I am inside you.

Is it me,
or is this just like the cage?

[ Grunts ]


So, Dean, what's poor, dead
Castiel doing in that junker

out there?

He doesn't know he's Cass.
I know.

So, here's the deal --
I need friends.

We go straight to Sam.

So, you're saying
there's nothing?

This isn't a problem
I can make disappear.

But I may be able
to shift it.

I don't know.
I mean, we can't just leave him.

Dean: Well, we can't
bring him with us.

Everything on the planet's
out for us, okay? This is safer.

Welcome to the team,
Nurse Masters.

Dean: So Dick's funding
an archaeological dig?


You will call as soon as
the package is in hand.

I don't know. Whatever it is,
he wants it bad,

which means we got to grab it --
end of story.

I've been looking for this
for a very, very long time.

Sam: So now what?
Dean: That's a good question.

Why don't we answer that a few
thousand miles away from here, though?

[ Classical music playing
on cello ]

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

[ Computer chimes ]

[ Vibrating continues ]

[ Chiming continues ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Channing: Hey, Kevin.

Princeton just adjusted
its acceptance rate

down to 8.7% for 2013.
Breathe, Kevin.

Are you studying?

I'm talking to you.

I'll start on probability
and statistics in 14 minutes.

I hate probability.

Tomorrow's my last chance
to get a perfect math score.

Your S.A.T.s are great!

Channing, everybody's S.A.T.s
are great.

I have to do perfect.

[ Keyboard clacks ]

I have absolutely
nothing to say.

I know.
I know what you mean.

I read one by a kid
who got into Cornell.

He didn't have any arms
or legs or anything.

He had to type the whole thing
with his mouth.

[ Sighs ]
It was beautiful.

I am so screwed.

You know, no matter what,
one day,

college isn't going to matter

You're out of your mind.

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ]

That's a lot of fuss
over a caveman lego.


Well, whatever Dick wants
is bricked up inside that.

All right.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Tab pops ]

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Thunder crashes ]

That sound like somebody saying,
"no, wait -- stop" to you?

Uh...Yeah. Yeah.


Oh, well.

[ Thunder crashing ]

[ Thunder rumbling ]

[ thunder rumbling ]

[ Mid-tempo rock music plays ]

[ Thunder crashes ]

I don't know.

I think the line might panic
when they turn this corner,

see the blade assembly
up ahead.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Strange, isn't it,

that someone would choose
to be named "Dick"?

[ Cellphone beeps ]


[ Telephone rings ]

This is Kevin Tran's voicemail.

Please leave a message.

[ Beep ]

Mrs. Tran: Kevin, it's mom.

I know
you're at school already,

about to take the test.

And I know all your hard work

will net the results we've discussed...
Wait! What?!

...but like Dr. Ender said,

don't obsess on
the "perfect."

No. No. No!

That's just a nice feather
in our cap, if we get it.

Now, Kevin, we're about to
finish up our last seminar.

My flight's confirmed for 7:00,

so I'll see you
at breakfast tomorrow.

Love you, honey.

Reporter: ...At a lost to explain
the continent-wide storm system

that appeared
seemingly out of nowhere,

a good part of the nation

in freak lightning displays.

Here with Dr. Marlon Price of
the U.S. Meteorological Society

had a press conference
earlier today.

Price: "Baffled"?
No, I'm not baffled.

Frankly, I'm offended.

This is not the way
weather behaves.

[ Water running ]

[ Water shuts off ]


Bobby, that you?

Sam: Think so.

[ Warbling ]

But that whole adventure
at Roman's

seems to have drained
his batteries.

[ Sighs, sniffs ]

So, what?

We start the storm
heard 'round the world?

When we broke this thing open
last night,

every maternity ward within a
hundred-mile radius got slammed.

Looks like any woman in
the last month of her pregnancy

went into labor.

[ Scoffs ] Hmm.

This one goes out
to all the ladies.

So, heavyweight signs, omens --
what do we got?

I assume it's writing.

I've never seen
anything like it, ever.

And it doesn't match anything
in any book or online.

All right, so big daddy chomper
lands here,

he grabs himself
some dick...

And then he starts

secretly underwriting
university departments,

pouring money into digs --
all for this.


[ Scoffs ] No clue.

We do know that
he will be tearing new ones

until he gets it back,

we got to take a minute,

hole up somewhere safe,
find out what we've got.

Rufus' cabin, then?


This time,
I'm doing the shopping.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

It's Meg.

[ Cellphone beeps ]


What up, Bullwinkle?

Just a little FYI call.
Your boy's awake.

What? Cass is awake.

When? When?

Last night about 8:00.

And you waited till now
to call us?

I've been busy with Cass.

He's just a tad different
than when he dozed off, 'kay?

What do you mean,

Hey, Seacrest, guess what --
not a nurse.

Just playing one on TV.

Want answers? Start driving.

[ Cellphone beeps ]


So, Indiana?


8:00 last night.

Yeah. [ Sighs ]

Same time
we opened up that thing.

Aah! Aah!

[ Tires screech ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]


Kevin? Where were you today?
You missed the test!


And student council
and quartet.

I had to take
my mom's car.

I think I had a seizure
or something.

I've been chosen.
It's my birthright.

Oh, my God, Kevin, all
the pressure you've been under.

This isn't one of those
overachiever-teen meltdowns,

is it?

I'm supposed to keep going.

I'm not allowed to stop.

What do you mean,
"not allowed"?

Is someone with you?

They didn't make you take
your mother's car, did they?


We raced all the way here.
Now I don't know.

I can't say I'm fired up
to see what's left of the guy.

You think he remembers
at all?

[ Scoffs ]
That, and I'm guessing

whatever kind of hell baggage
he lifted off of your plate.

It's not gonna be pretty.

Hey. Excuse me, gentlemen, but
it's way past visiting hours.

It's okay, Abel.
I've been expecting them.

Hello, boys.

Hey, Cass.

Hello, Dean.


Hey, Castiel.

Look at you,
walkin' and talkin'.

That's -- that's great,

Pull my finger.


My finger --

pull it.

[ Laughs ]

Just hang on, Cass. Wait.

Let us catch up to you
for a second.

So, you're saying you remember
who you are, what you are.

Yes. Of course.


Outside today, in the garden,
I followed a honeybee.

I saw the route of flowers.

It's all right there,
the whole plan.

There's nothing to add.

You might want to add
a little thorazine.

Meg: Right?

He's been like the naked guy at
the rave ever since he woke up.

Totally useless.

Will you look at her?
My caretaker.

All of that thorny pain.
So beautiful.

We've been over this.
I don't like poetry.

Put up or shut up.

[ Clears throat ]

So, Cass, you said
you woke up last night?

Castiel: Yes.

I heard a ping that pierced me,
and, well,

you wouldn't have heard it

unless you were an Angel
at the time.

That's also
when we opened this.

Oh. Of course.
Now I understand.

Understand what?

You're the ones.


[ Chuckles ]
...I guess that makes sense.

What makes sense?

If someone was going to
free the Word

from the vault of the earth,
it would end up being you two.

I love you guys.



All right. All right.

[ Clears throat ]
Yeah, yeah.

You said something about
"The Word."

Is that what's written
on there?

Did you know
that a cat's penis

is sharply barbed
along its shaft?

I know for a fact the females
were not consulted about that.

Cass, please, we're losing
ground out there, okay?

We need your help.

Can you not see that?

This is the handwriting
of Metatron.

Metatron? [ Scoffs ]

You saying
a Transformer wrote that?

No. That's Megatron.


The Transformer --
it's Megatron.



He's an Angel.

He's the scribe of God.

He took down dictation
when creation was being formed.

And that's
the word of God?

One of them, yes.

what's it say, then?



"Horse"? "Fiddler crab"?
I can't read it.

It wasn't meant for angels.

this all sounds bad.

What are you two jackasses
doing with the word of God?

Let me see that thing.

Back off, Meg.

Come on,
it's my ass, too.

Back off.

Damn it!

Enough of this "demons
are second-class citizens" crap!

Don't like conflict.

[ Rustling ]


What the hell was that?

You heard him.
He doesn't like conflict.

He's down in the dayroom now.
I guarantee it.

All right,
I'll go handle Cass.

Sam, will you please pick up
the word of God?


What are you guys
caught up in now?

I deserve to know, Sam.

Okay, fine.

I'll hit the road, then.

Let me
just go get my angel.

Meg, what are you talking about?

We both call, who do you think
Cass will come to?

I'm guessing me.

You heard him --
thorny beauty, blah, blah.

I'm the Saint
who stayed with him.

He owes me.
His words.

Yeah, what about
what he owes us?

work on him a little.

Maybe he'll start crushing
on you, too, hot stuff.

What are you gonna do with
a broken angel? Don't be stupid.

I'll take power
where I can get it.

I've got myself
to look out for.

[ Door closes ]

What the hell?

[ Panting ]



Not a demon or a chomper.
What the hell are you?

[ Panting ]

I'm a...
K-Kevin Tran.

I'm in advanced placement.
P-p-p-p-please don't kill me.

I'm not gonna kill you.

[ Grunts ]

I'm sorry.

[ Grunting ]

I-I'm sorry. I...

I don't -- I don't know why,
but I can't let go of this.

You realize you just
broke God's word?

It's Sam's thing,
isn't it?

You taking on his, uh,
cage-match scars.

I'm guessing that's what
broke your bank, right?

Well, it took...
everything to get me here.

What are you talking about,

Dean, I know you want
different answers.

No, I want you
to button up your coat

and help us
take down Leviathans.

Do you remember
what you did?

Do you want to go first?

You really stepped in it,

[ Laughs ] Oh, man.

All I know is,
this is -- it's for me.

I'm supposed to keep it.

Good luck.

But you don't know
what it is?

Open it.

You know,
we weren't sure at first

which monkeys
were gonna make it.

No offense, but I was backing
the Neanderthals

because their poetry
was...just amazing.

It's in perfect tune
with the spheres.

But in the end,
it was you --

the homo sapiens sapiens.

You guys ate the apple,
invented pants.

Cass, where do we find this,
uh, Metatron?

Is he still alive?

I'm sorry. I -- I think
you have to go back to start.

This is important.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Game piece slams ]

I think Metatron could stop
a lot of bad.

You understand that?

We live in
a "sorry" universe.

It's engineered
to create conflict.

I mean, why should I
prosper from...

your misfortune?

But these are the rules.

I didn't make them.

You made some of them.

When you tried
to become God,

when you cut that hole
into that wall.

Dean...'s your move.

Forget the damn game!

[ Game pieces clatter ]

Forget the game, Cass.

I'm sorry, Dean.


You're playing "Sorry""

Kevin: It's writing.

Yeah. Yeah, we get that.

What's Leviathan?

What? You can read it?
Is that what it says?

Sort of.
It hurts a little.

Like looking through
somebody else's glasses,

but I think it...

It's about Leviathan,
how it came to be.

God locked him up far away,

Like in jail...
Because they're so...


...they're real,
aren't they?

Yeah, Kevin. They -- they are.
And they're here.

Does it say anything
about how to kill them?

'Cause that's --
that's kind of been a problem.

I don't know.
It's not like reading reading.

It -- it's hard to focus
on it too long.

Something's up.

[ Electricity crackling ]


Kevin, hey, hey, hey.


[ Glass shatters ]

[ Rustling ]


[ Rustling ]

[ Indistinct whispering ]



He's talking to angels.

A demon whore
and a Winchester...again.

Step away
from the Prophet!

Who? Who, me?

Sole keeper of the word on
earth, we are here to take you.

What do you mean, "take"?

Kill the demon
and her lover.

That's not how it --
we're not --

Where did you get that?!

[ Rustling ]

[ Pants ]



You're alive?


Hello, Hester.

You smote thousands
in Heaven.

You gave a big, scary speech.
Then you were gone.

What the hell was that?!

Rude, for one thing.

Where have you been?

Oh, Inias.

Hester, I...

I know you want something --



I wish it could be that --

there are still many things
I can teach you.

I can offer, um,
well, perspective.


Pull my finger.



Meg will -- will get
another light,

and I'll --
I'll blow it out again.

And, well, this time,
it'll be funny,

and we'll all look back
and laugh.

You're insane.


Heads up, Sunshine.

All angels blown back
to their corners.

We got like
three, four hours tops.

where did you get that?

A lot of angels
died this year.

What's happening?!

[ Breathing heavily ]

What's happening?!
[ Breathing heavily ]

What is that?

It's, uh...
Kevin Tran.

He's, uh,
in advanced placement.

So, these Leviathans --
these monsters are real.

And angels with wings?

No. Uh...

No wings.
No anything.

No junk.

So, Kevin, you can, uh,
read the chicken scratch

on the God rock, huh?

[ Stammers ]

That is back in one piece,
I see.

And you're saying
that there's some sort of

a "How to punch Dick"
recipe in there somewhere?

I don't know
what you're saying,

but it seems kind of like
an "in case of emergency" note.

What did they mean
by "Prophet"?

Oh, no. Really?

Yeah. Yeah,
that's what the angel said.

I don't want to be a Prophet.

No. You don't at all.

Gentlemen, we've got to
start running and hiding.

Or do you want to tangle
with those wing nuts twice?

I'm sorry.
Did you say "we"?

I'm on the angels' radar

You think I don't need
a little safety in numbers?

All right,
we'll go to Rufus' cabin.

Kid can do his book report

We know you're hungry.

Why not enjoy
Biggerson's homemade pie bar?

It's like a salad bar
but with pie.

Reporter: Now back to
our top story on news 10,

the search
for the missing honor student.

The victim in this case

reportedly insisted
he'd been chosen by birthright,

causing speculation that a cult
may be behind the abduction.

The family car is also missing.

Federal authorities
have been placed on alert.

Reporter: Again, 16-year-old
honor student Kevin Tran

reportedly taken from his
Michigan home early yesterday.

Oh, crap.

Sam: Hey.

we got another wrinkle.

Uh, looks like
Kevin's gone missing...

And it's gone federal.


Where's Meg?

I'm here.

so now we're kidnappers?

Not if we shut up about it.

Why? Who'd we kidnap?

Oh, God.


Nothing. Nothing.


my life...

my future...

[ Cellphone rings ] girlfriend...
[ Cellphone beeps ]

My mom's car.

Yeah, Castiel. It's me.

Where? Where is he?

Shut up.
No. No, Cass.

You talk.


"Perth"? As in Australia?

What dogs?

He says he's surrounded
by unhappy dogs.

Oh. Okay.

He's at a dog track
in Perth.

Yeah, they're unhappy
'cause the rabbit's fake.

Listen, we're on highway 94,
north of St. Cloud, Minnesota,

just passing
mile marker 79.

[ Rustling ]

[ Gasps ] Aah!

Kevin, this is Castiel.

You're one of the angels?


Meg, are you hurt?

Shut up.

Guys, what happened back there?
Who were those guys?

They're from the Garrison --
my old Garrison.

Looks like
Hester's taken over.

We were assigned
to watch the earth.

Often, it was boring.

The wars were very boring
and the sex --

you know, the repetition.

Anyway, I was, uh...

I was their Captain.

Isn't that strange?

Cass, why are they pissed
at us now?

You know, those racing dogs
were absolutely miserable.

They can only think
in ovals.

Cass, don't make me
pull this car over!

Why are angels after us?

Are you angry?
Why are you angry?

No, I-I'm...

can we just stay on target?

There is no reason for anger.
They're only following protocol.

If the word of God
is revealed,

a keeper of the word
will awaken,

like this hot potato
right here.

Please stop that.


Garrison code dictates you
take the keeper to the desert

to learn the word
away from men.

Dean: What kind of sense
does that make?

He has to tell us
so that we can use it.

That's God
and his shiny red apples.

I can't live in the desert.
I-I'm applying to Princeton!

Dean: Okay, you know what?
Screw the Garrison.

We need the tablet to end
Sick Roman's "soylent us" crap.

If you want the word,

you'll have to duck Hester
and her soldiers.

Yeah, you're in our corner,
right, Cass?

I don't fight anymore.

I watch the bees.

Let's leave off angel-proofing
sigils or I'll be expelled, too.

As long as we're invisible
to your Garrison buddies,

it works for me.

I'm sure you're pretty hungry,

so once we get settled
in upstairs,

we'll get some dinner going.

This looks like
a sex-torture dungeon.

Is this
a sex-torture dungeon?

this is not a sex-torture...

Get over here.
Sit down and read, would you?

You seem troubled.

Of course, that's a primary
aspect of your personality,

so I sometimes ignore it.

Okay. Um...

...right now I'm just
wondering about you.

What about me?

You're worried about
the burden I lifted from you.

I think I was done for.

Do you see Lucifer?

I did at first.

It was...

It was a projection of yours,
I think, sort of an aftertaste.

Now I more see...
well, everything.

It's funny. I was --
I was done for, too.

The weight
of all my mistakes,

all those lives
and souls lost, I...

I couldn't take it,

I was [sighs]

I was lost
until I took on your pain.

It's strange to think that
that helped, but --

I know you never did anything
but try to help.

I realize that, Cass,
and I'm grateful.

We're all grateful.

And we're gonna help you
get better, okay?

No matter what it takes.

What do you mean,

[ Breathing heavily ]


[ Breathing heavily ]
This is all too much.

What's happened
to my life?

I'm just a kid
from Michigan.

I didn't want to be
a word keeper!

[ Heavy breathing continues ]

Looks like
we're brown-baggin' it.

I am not prepared to factor the
supernatural into my world view.

Okay, there we go.

That's it. That's it.
Just breathe. Take it easy.

[ Breathing deeply ]

[ Sighs ]

I don't know, man.
What can I say?

You've been chosen.

And it sucks.
Believe me.

There's no use
asking "why me?"

'Cause the angels --
they don't care.

I think maybe they just don't
have the equipment to care.

Seems like when they try,
it just...

...breaks them apart.

I just want to be

the first Asian-American
President of the United States.

Then do your homework.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Brakes hiss ]

See? I'm here,
just like I said.

You'd better start talking,

Tell me again why
I'm not just hauling you off

to the king's cash window.

Come on, Rosco.

I told you.
I've got something way better.

You know how Crowley
likes presents.

He's not gonna care
if we bring in the Winchesters.

Yesterday's news.

Not the Winchesters.

I've got the angel
who double-crossed him.

I've got Castiel.


Castiel -- he's dead.

'cause you're in that loop.

Where is he, then?

First, I want to know how many
of you jerks I have to cut in.

[ Laughs ]

You think we're stupid?

We didn't tell anybody.

I love demons.

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunting ]

Didn't expect
to see you back.

Yeah, not without
the King's army.


Meg: Typical.

I save our bacon,

and you're sitting here,
waiting by a devil's trap.

Seriously, I just killed
two of Crowley's men.

I could have gone
the other way on that.

It's true, incidentally.

There's other demons' blood
on that blade.

Look, I'm simpler
than you think.

I've figured one thing out
about this world --

just one, pretty much.

You find a cause,
and you serve it.

Give yourself over,
and it orders your life.

Lucifer and Yellow Eyes --
their mission was it for me.

So, what?

We should trust you because you
wanted to free Satan from hell?

I'm talking "cause,"
douche bag,

as in reason to get up
in the morning.

Obviously, these things
shift over time.

We learn, we grow.

Now, for me currently, the cause
is bringing down the King.

And I know we'll need help
to do it.

Crowley ain't the problem
this year.

When are you gonna get it?
Crowley's always the problem.

He's just waiting
for the right moment to strike.

I know what I'm supposed to do.

And it isn't
screw with Sam and Dean

or lose the only angel
who'd go to bat for me.

This is good --

harmony, communication.

Now our only problem
is Hester.


Well, here, we're hidden
from the Garrison,

but when you killed a demon, you
put out a pretty clear beacon.

We need
better angel-proofing now.

Hester: You took the Prophet
from us?!

I'm -- I'm sorry?

You have fallen
in every way imaginable.

Please, Castiel.

We have to follow the code.
Help us do our work.

He can't help you.
He can't help anybody.

We don't need his help...

or his permission.

The Keeper goes to the desert

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back off.

We're actually trying to clean
up one of your Angel's messes!

You know that.

Castiel: He's right.

An angel brought the Leviathan
back into this world,

and -- and they begged him.

They begged him not to do it.

Look, just give us
some time, okay?

We will take care
of your Prophet.

Why should we
give you anything...

After everything
you have taken from us?

The very touch of you

When Castiel first laid a hand
on you in hell, he was lost!

For that,
you're going to pay.


They're the ones we were
put here to protect.

No, Castiel.

No more madness!

No more promises!

No more new Gods!

[ Grunting ]

Hester! No!


There's so few of us left.

[ Grunts ]

You wanted free will.

Now I'm making the choices.

Meg: What?

Someone had to.

These are strange times.

I think
they've always been.

I wish
you'd come with us.

Oh, I'm not part
of the Garrison anymore, Inias.

I'm sorry.

[ Pen clicks ]

[ Sam sighs ]

Thanks, Kevin.

Not a lot of people
could handle this.

You doing all right there,
"chosen one"?


Are you ready, Kevin Tran?

Bring the Keeper to his home.
We can watch over him there.

[ Rustling ]

I couldn't find Meg

Yes, well,
she enjoys laying low.


Leviathan cannot be slain

but by a bone
of a righteous mortal

washed in the three bloods
of the fallen.


It says we need to start with
the blood of a fallen angel.

Well, you know me.

I'm always happy to bleed
for the Winchesters.

What are you gonna do,

I don't know.

Isn't that amazing?

[ Rustling ]

Well, let's get to work.

We're going everything
we can.

Mrs. Tran, believe me.

He said
he'd had a s-seizure.

What -- what if
they hit him?

What if he has
a brain injury?

You need to trust us,

It won't help to
wear yourself out with worry.

[ Rustling ]




[ Cries ]

Who are you?

It's -- it's okay, Mom.
They brought me back.

They're keeping me safe.

I don't believe
that's true.

Rock beats scissor.

Leviathan beats Angel.

Hello, Kevin.