Supernatural (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 13 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Dean go up against the Amazons as they go on a killing spree. But it's twice as difficult for Dean because one of them is his daughter.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Dean: Bobby. Bobby!

Woman: Gunshot wound to
the right frontal area.

No exit wound found.

Hello, Mr. Singer.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Your time's up.


[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Flatline ]



[ Watch ticking ]
What's it gonna be?

Stay or go?

You lied to me.

And you killed my friend.

Killing Amy was not wrong.

You couldn't do it,
so I did.

Tell you the truth,

I don't know why I'm doing
much of anything anymore.

Here's my advice
you didn't ask for -- quit.


It's not even an option.

I'm not gonna walk out
on my brother.

Do what I did.

Decide to be fine
until the end of the week.

Make yourself smile
because you're alive

and that's your job.

And do it again
the next week.

Do it right...

with a smile.

Or don't do it.

♪ ...and I don't need
no pills ♪

♪ and I don't need no doctor
to tell me how I feel ♪

♪ all right,
you can keep the bill ♪

♪ I've been drinking poison
and hoping you'd fall ill ♪

[ Floorboard creaks ]

Barb, that you?

♪ So maybe I'm an angel,
and maybe I'm a thief ♪

♪ maybe I'm a beggar that
you walk by on the street ♪

♪ all right ♪

[ Floorboard creaks ]

[ Thunder rumbling ]

[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ Screams ]

[ Groans ]

[ snoring ]

[ Sighs heavily ]


[ Sighs ] Hey.

Was that Bobby's?

[ Scoffs ]

I didn't know
you kept that.

Yeah, mine sprung a leak.

[ Clears throat ]

You know, most people
would just carry a --

a photo or something
for a memento.

- Shut up, man.
- I'm -- I'm honoring the guy.

All right?

This is, uh,
grief therapy.

Kind of like you
and your wild-goose chase.

Wild-goose chase?


Four guys murdered
in two weeks,

hands and feet cut off.

Well, some guy
with a foot fetish run amuck.

Grown men thrown so hard
they went through walls.

Did you -- did you even read
the article?

No, I was napping.

Well, anyway...

What else
you got going on?

Dick Roman's a dead end for now.
We might as well...

Stay busy.



The latest
but probably not the last.

You guys
always work this late?

Ugh. Hours suck.

Yeah, but great
benefits package.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

- 10% co-pay on all drugs.
- Seriously?

Oh, but just generic,

No, no,
name brands are cool.



What's our boy
here weigh?

[ Sighs ] A buck 90.

Thrown against a wall so hard
it buckled.

Based on the blood flow
at the crime scene,

the hands and feet were cut off
while he was still alive,

just like the others.

The killer wanted him
to suffer.

And all the vics were male,

With the, uh, same kind
of artwork as this?

Yeah. Identical.

So, uh, DNA left
at any of the scenes?

All of them.

One before this,
the guy bit the attacker.

Still had a chunk of flesh
in his teeth when he came in.

That's about as good
as it gets.


- So, we have a match?
- We do not.

Samples were rejected.

The genetic markers don't match
anything we've ever seen.

Didn't match any person
in the database?

No. I mean, they don't match
anything human.


I'll admit, it could be
in the general vicinity

of the ballpark
of our kind of thing.

Yeah, uh, "didn't match
anything human"

usually seals the deal
for me.

I don't know.

I've never seen
this symbol before.

Let's get a bite to eat,

go back to the motel,
haul out the laptop.

That's a great idea.

that's a brilliant idea.

Here's my counter.

You do that,

I'll go undercover,
go mingle amongst the locals,

and see what kind of clues
bubble to the surface.

You're going to a bar.


If you want to
oversimplify it.

[ Mid-tempo music plays ]

Lydia: [ Chuckles ]
Dinner and a movie.

Which sounded fine...

Except the movie was
"Human Centipede."

[ Laughs ]

Well, so, wait. Uh,
so you had a problem with that?

The date from hell.

Dating, right? Ugh.

But what's the option?

I don't see settling down
anytime soon.

Well, that's something
you don't hear every day.

[ Laughs ] Oh, what?

Are you ready
for the big commit?


[ Chuckles ]

Not exactly.

Nice suit, by the way.

Guys don't dress up much.

I like it.

Yeah, well, it's, uh,
a conservative line of work.

What line is that?

Investment banking.

Oh, God.

I hear the hours
are ridic.


But there's money
to be made.

I've had a fortunate year.


...may you have many more.


[ Laughs ]
You speak Japanese?

Ah, enough to get by.

[ Laughs ]


Look at you.

Yeah, look at me.


You want to move
this conversation elsewhere?

[ AC/DC's "You Shook Me
All Night Long" plays ]

[ Knock on door ]

♪ She was a fast machine ♪

♪ she kept her motor clean ♪

♪ she was the best damn woman
that I ever seen ♪

♪ she had the sightless eyes ♪

♪ Telling me no lies ♪
what can I do for you?

♪ Knocking me out
with those American thighs ♪

♪ taking more than her share ♪

♪ had me fighting for air ♪

♪ she told me to come,
but I was already there ♪

♪ 'cause the walls
start shaking ♪

♪ the earth was quaking ♪

♪ my mind was aching ♪

♪ and we were making it ♪

♪ and you shook me
all night long ♪

[ Groans ]

♪ Yeah, you ♪

♪ shook me all night long ♪

[ Screams ]

♪ Oh, oh, oh, you ♪

♪ shook me all night long ♪

♪ yeah, yeah, you ♪

♪ shook me all night long ♪

♪ yeah, you shook me ♪

♪ all night long ♪

[ Sighs ]


You look like crap.

Yeah, well,
I feel worse than I look.

I do recommend the Cobalt Room,
by the way.

Awesome night.

Although I think
I'm getting too old for this.

Did you, uh,
figure out that symbol?

No. Um,
we're gonna need an expert.

- Expert?
- Our expert's dead.

[ Police radio chatter ]

All right.

Comes off the wall
down here...

Well, nice decor.

Very early slaughterhouse.


this is Charlene Penn.

She's the lead
on the case.

More of the same.
Uh, no forced entry.

Thrown across the room.

Made to suffer.

Both hands and feet
cut off.

Same symbol
in the chest.

Mm. Whoever the killer is,
the guy's a monster.

Excuse me.

This guy's
just like the last one.

Early 30s,

Yeah. Just like the first three,
you know?

Fairly successful,
no known enemies.



Excuse me.

I got it.

How can I help you?

I was just trying
to find out what happened.

Jerry was a friend.

I'm very sorry.

Jerry was killed
sometime last night.

Do you live nearby?

Two doors down.

You, uh, you know anyone
who would want to harm Jerry?

No. He was the nicest guy
in the world.

Well, his -- his wife
wasn't real happy with him.

Why's that?

A few nights ago,
he has a little one-night fling.

Ann found out, took off.

But...She would never
do anything like...

Yeah. Of course.


Who was that?


Said the vic's wife
caught him cheating.

Yeah, but we're not thinking
it's the wife.

Not unless she benches 350

and did the other guys
as a warm-up.


I left Bobby's flask
over at Lydia's.


My workout partner
from last night.

Now I've got to go get it.

So, not only
do you know her name,

you're actually gonna
call her?

Bite me.

Sweet --

she gave you her number.

They always give you
their number.

[ Ringing ]

[ Sam chuckles ]

[ Ringing ]



Hey, it's, uh, Dean
from last night.


Uh, listen, I think I left
something over at your place.

It was an old flask.

It doesn't look like much,
but it has sentimental value.

So, uh, have you seen it?


But if I do,
I'll call.

You want my number?

My cell grabbed it.


I gotta go.

Just real busy
at the moment.


[ Beep ]

She's real busy.

[ Lydia grunting ]



Control, Lydia.

As in all things.

One final push.


The pain is an honor.

[ Baby crying ]

[ Crying stops ]

What will we call her?

You'll call her Emma.

[ Baby fusses ]


[ Bell tolling ]

Morrison: Fascinating.


And actually, rather
accomplished draftsmanship.

Yeah, if you get past
the fact

that it was carved
into a guy's body.

Professor Morrison,

we're hoping you can tell us
what the symbol means.

Yeah, maybe.


It's possible I could,
even likely.

Is the FBI offering
suitable remuneration?

The respect
of a grateful nation.

And a good word
with the I.R.S.


Well, it appears
quite ancient.

that narrows it down.

A corrupted version of symbology
associated with worship.

Definitely an obscure
regional script.

Oh, this will require
some research.

All right. Great.

Well, uh, I guess
we'll be seeing you tomorrow.


[ Laughs ]

I've spent entire sabbaticals
on a project like this.


We have a serial killer
on our hands.

Your government
needs you, sir.

Gentlemen [Sighs]

My housekeeper
needs a green card.

Good God,
where'd you find this guy?

He's supposed to be a top expert
in his field.

Yeah, well, when his field
includes things

that go bump
in the night,

he's gonna be worth
the breath we just wasted.

So, what are we
supposed to do, Dean?

Spin our wheels?

Sam, this is us
spinning our wheels, okay?!

Dean, you know what?
I want to call him, too, okay?

Believe me.

But Bobby's not here.

So we're settling.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah.

We sure are.

Damn it,
why hasn't she called?

Who? Lydia?

[ Scoffs ]

Wait, so some girl's actually
dumping you the morning after?

I think you're enjoying this
a little more than you need to.

Screw it. I'm going over there
and getting the flask.

[ Doorbell rings ]



I guess you didn't get
my messages.

No, I did.
I've been busy.


Anyway, I, uh, left that flask
over here the other night.

Yes. I found it.

It was so beat up and old,
I almost tossed it.

Yeah, well, guy it belonged to
was beat up and old, too.

But I was very close
with him,

and I'd, uh,
I'd hate to lose it.

I'll get it for you.

So, how you been?

Other than "busy."

Just that.

Really busy.
Here you go.

[ Emma fusses ]
Oh, wow.

I can see why you're busy.
You've been babysitting, huh?




You didn't tell me
you had a little girl.

There's probably
all kinds of things

we didn't tell each other.

What's her name?


Hi, Emma.
Your first?


Well, I hear they grow
like weeds.

You have no idea.

[ Cellphone rings ]

I got to take this.


Mm. Hey.
Where are you?

It's a flask,
not the holy grail.

Hey, man, I'm a people person,
all right?

I'm engaging
in some social skills.

[ Scoffs ]
You get anything out of Morrison?

No. Not yet.
Look, would you get back here?

We're due
at the crime lab.

[ Hushed conversation ]

Hang on.

Hey, look,
why don't you just...

Emma: Who's that guy
in the other room?

Who is that?

You there?
Lydia: Shh!

Don't talk.
We'll discuss it later.


Let me call you back.

[ Exhales sharply ]

So, again, we got a guy
weighing about two bills...

Thrown into a wall so hard,

he's got pieces of plaster
lodged in his skull.

What triggered the Feds'
involvement in this case?

I always think you boys
have bigger fish to fry.


Actually, we...

I just figured
it was the similarity

to the other cold cases?

If it's the same killer,

then he crossed state lines --
that would bring you guys in.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, that's exactly right.

Uh, what he said.

Yeah. Whatever.

You're gonna have to
wrap this up.

Your case isn't the only one
we're working on.

[ Door closes ]

You get used to her.

Uh, so, Eddie, by the way,

I didn't bring
the cold-case files with me.

Is there a chance
you have a copy?



The Cobalt Room.


it's pretty well known.

Looking to hook up,
it's a pretty good place to go.

[ Chuckles lightly ]

I've heard.

Vic number two was there.

And according to
his security guard,

he left with a hot girl.

Two days later,
he's an obituary.

Same with Jerry Price.

Mm-hmm. And, uh,
as far as we can tell,

at least a couple of those
in there.

Same thing in Chicago.

Yep. A lot of
busted marriages,

with unknown women,

that kind of thing,

all just before
they got offed.


[ Bird chirping ]

[ Car door closes ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Is Emma ready?

Yes. Come in.

Thank you.

[ Cellphone ringing ]


Sam: Dude.

You never showed.

I'm outside Lydia's.

Oh, come on, man. What,
are you obsessed or something?

No, I'm telling you.

I have been eating at the buffet
of strange all afternoon.

Meaning what?

I'll tell you
the second I know.

But something
ain't right.

Or you're obsessed.

Shut up.
I'm serious.

Okay, uh,
you need backup or...

No, not yet.
What's up on your end?

Apparently, there was
an identical murder fest

two years years ago in Chicago,
and again in Miami

two years before that.

All the victims were young,

a lot of them
went to the same bar.

It lines up. The trails
always went cold fast.


Oh, and by the way...

As a personal kicker,

here, at least
some of the vics

hooked up in that bar
you went to,

the, uh,
the Cobalt Room.

So, just saying, man, you
[Chuckles] you dodged a bullet.

Got to go.

Nice talk.

Emma, hurry up.

Come on, Emma.
Time to go.


You be a good girl.

Make us proud.

I will, mommy.

[ Engine turns over ]

Bye, Emma.

[ Car door closes ]

[ Engine turns over ]

I hate when this happens.

So what?

I mean, so maybe she has another
kid she didn't tell you about.

Nope, just the one.
[ Keys clatter ]


But that night,
when I was with her,

she didn't have any.

And I was at her place,

There was no playpens,
no blankets, no rubber ducks.

Right. Like you would have been
focused on that kind of thing.

Hey, dude, that's
the first thing you notice.

Red flags.
[ Scoffs ]

Then, all of a sudden,
boom -- baby.

Yeah, the one
you thought talked.

Oh, it talked.

And not baby talk,

Now you know so much
about child development?

I know enough to know that
they don't say, "Hey, Mom.

Who's that guy?"

[ Chuckles ]
So, cut to...

Lydia's handing this kid
who's calling her mommy

over to these two women,

But this is not a baby.

No, no, this kid's
got to be 5...

And same name -- Emma.

You know, George Foreman
named all his sons George.

Are you deliberately
messing with me?

Dude, I know weird.

Okay? There is no non-weird
explanation for this.

This morning,
Emma was a baby.

By sunset,
she's Hannah Montana.

Early years.

[ Cellphone rings ]

It's the Professor.

Oh. Good.
The Professor. Yeah.

I'm sure he'll crack this wide open.

On this special night,

you join
an exceptional family.

You are ready to take
your places alongside us

and learn our traditions.

This is a tribute to the one
who created and protects us.

We hunt for her.

We kill for her.

And now we consume that kill

as a symbol of unity

with those who have completed
their blood missions

and furthered the life
of the tribe.

Go ahead, Emma.
You need to eat.

You know, identifying the scroll
was no day at the beach.

Lesser scholars
would have crumbled.

The symbol?

Yeah. Yeah.

It's ancient, regional.

Very difficult to identify.

But I managed
to find a match.

It's a variation of a symbol

associated with
the Greek Pantheon,

the temple of the goddess

According to myth,

the coupling of Harmonia
and Ares, the God of war,

produced the Amazons.

The Amazons?

Like Wonder Woman?

No, like --
like a tribe of warriors.

They actually existed.

The comic books --
they're just silly perversions.

The symbol -- I believe it
originated with the Amazons.

Pictographs meant to pay homage
to Harmonia --

occult talismans,
if you will.

They had an exclusively
female culture.

No use for men whatsoever,
except procreation.

All the vics were male.

So you said --
with this symbol

carved in their chests.

And their hands and feet
cut off.

Now, that is interesting.

Got our attention.

After they were

they killed the male --

first cutting off
certain body parts.

I couldn't check their I.D.s

because everything
they have is fake.

I've been digging
for hours.

And one thing's for sure --
they ain't FBI.

And who are they?

They're after us,
is what they are.

Remember that cross-country
murder spree

those crazy brothers
went on a couple months ago?

That's them?

Barely scratches
the surface.

They're thugs.


But, look, we've dealt
with hunters like this before.


The one is already scheduled
to be taken care of.

We'll just simply add
the other one to the agenda.

I know Bobby's got a Grecian
encyclopedia of weird in here.

I saw it last time I was
looking through this stupid...

[ Exhales sharply,
coughs ]

Would it kill him
to have a system?

He has a system.

His files are set up
like his brain.

[ Sighs ]
You got anything?

Uh, yeah.

There's this whole crazy side
to Amazon lore

that Professor Morrison
didn't even mention.

That's 'cause
he doesn't believe in it,

which is a real handicap when
you're trying to deal with it.


Um, apparently,
there was this long, bloody war.

The Amazon population
was decimated,

so they made a bargain
with Harmonia

to replenish their ranks
and make them stronger.

Well, I'd say throwing grown men
through walls was stronger.

Yeah. Well, basically,
they became more than human.

Harmonia turned them
into monsters.

Can you kill them
like humans?

Or is there
some kind of trick?

Uh [Sighs] doesn't say.

No idea. I guess
it could go either way.

Well, that's helpful.
What else?

The lore says
they reproduced quickly --

as in, after mating,
they gave birth within 36 hours.

The babies grew
incredibly fast,

then the aging process
became normal.

Which is one way
to make an army, I guess.

The mating cycle
is every two years.

They send out all the women who
have reached child-bearing age.

Which lines up,

'cause this happens
every couple of years

in different towns, right?


And we know for sure
that at least some of the vics

hooked up with strange women

days before being killed
Amazon style.

Hooked up in the same bar
I met Lydia, right?


And then suddenly,

she's got a little baby
in like fruit-fly time.

That baby turns
into a little girl just as fast.


- So maybe you're --
- Don't say it.

if that kid's yours --

I said don't say it!

Fine. I won't.
But, Dean...

Dude, seriously, a one-night
stand, you're just gonna...

- Roll the dice? You don't even --
- Of course not...

Sam. What, do you think
I'm brain-dead?

Accidents happen.

If one even did,

which I-I-I don't think...

No. You know what?

We're not gonna talk
about this anymore

because my skin's
starting to crawl!

All right, fine.

But if it's true,
if it happened...

I know. I got to hang on
to my hands and feet.

We are so pleased
with your progress.

You are absorbing the traditions
of our mothers,

and you are close to fulfilling
your tribal destiny,

and taking your place
alongside your sisters.

Today, you are a warrior.

[ Sizzling ]

Though you may walk
among others,

your heart is only
with the tribe.

Soon, you will take the final,
glorious step

into adulthood.

Today, you will learn
how to endure pain

and how to inflict it.

[ Sizzling ]

Fight it, Emma.

As with all you do,

courage is everything.

Looking through Bobby's files
is like dumpster diving.

Yeah, tell me about it.

So, it makes sense
why the Amazons

all want to hook up with
decent-looking, successful guys.

Oh, they're picky
about the gene pool?


So [Sighs]

What was Lydia doing
with you?

Well, she may
or may not have thought

I was a rich
investment banker.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Exhales sharply ]



These papers just moved.

- What?
- I didn't touch them.

[ Device warbling ]

It's all over the place.

[ Warbling continues ]


[ Exhales sharply ]

Oh, and...

Power lines
by the open window,

where there's a breeze...

- That could have moved the papers.
- Did you feel a breeze?

It doesn't matter, Dean.
The readings are useless.


Maybe, uh...

We burned him, Dean.

- So what?
- So, what are you suggesting?

I don't know.
What are you?

on something else.

- Why?
- Because it's not Bobby!

- Could be.
- No, it couldn't be.

- Why not?
- Because we want it to be.

Maybe it's useful.

It's in a pile of
"maybe it's useful."

Besides, it's in Greek.
Nobody reads Greek.

Yeah, except Greeks.

Oh, and Bobby.

And Professor Morrison.


I'm going, Dean.

You stay here,
keep the door locked.

Don't go anywhere.

I mean it.


[ Door opens, slams ]

Oh, you have got
to be kidding.

I have office hours
tomorrow --

I'm sorry, Professor.
I need your help.

[ Book thuds ]

The FBI isn't paying me enough
for this.

All right.
I'll sweeten the deal.

We'll remove your wiretap.

[ Light knock on door ]

[ Knocking continues ]

Emma: Hi.

You don't know me,
but my name is Emma.

I need your help.

I think I'm in trouble,

and you're the only person
I can trust.


Because you're my father.

How'd you find me?

They've been watching you,

ever since mom
got pregnant.

Well, if you're
such a prisoner,

you mind telling me
how you escaped?

I waited
until lights out.

The women who watch over us

change shifts
a little after 10:00.


And you left because...?

They stick you in there,

and you trust them.

It's all you know.

And you don't question
what they want you to do --

terrible things.

That's why I had to leave.

They tortured me.

They told me
I had to endure pain

so I could be strong
like them.

But I don't want to be
like them.


Come on in.

Have a seat.

[ Clears throat ]

Let's assume that you're not...
Like them.


What do you
want me to do?

Get me away from here.

You're a good man.

My mother told me that.

[ Scoffs ]

I seriously doubt
she said that.

And if you knew me, you would
seriously doubt it's true.

They told me
you're a hunter.

So maybe you'll understand
about me.

Maybe you can
protect me.

Just long enough
so I can get away.

Then I'll leave you alone.

I know you don't want me.

All right,
let's not...Go there, okay?

This isn't a matter of...

[ Chuckles ]

You get this isn't
a normal situation, right?

How would I know?

Three days ago,
I wasn't even alive.

Now here I am.

My mother threw me
into that place.

[ Voice breaking ]
And my father...


You get this is
my last chance

to have anything normal
ever, right?

It's fascinating.

What's it say?

Oh, I haven't
gotten there yet.

The paper is handmade.

A cellulose,
rather like papyrus,

which would explain
its durability.

- Professor --
- Wherever did you get it?


A crazy, drunk, old genius.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah.
They always have the good stuff.

Well, it's in Greek.

Yeah, yeah.
I-I know that.

Not a common dialect.

My God,
what is it with you and Amazons?

Professor, it's important.

At 11:30 at night,
it better be.

Oh, here's a new twist.

It repeats
the conventional lore.

Amazon warriors mate with males.
The males are murdered.

Yada, yada.
But according to this...

It's not the women
who do the killing.

a ritual of initiation

requires that the child
born of the mating process

must kill her own father.


You look exhausted.

And starving?

It's been a tough
sweet 16.

So you believe me?

You'll help me?

If you really want help.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Chuckles ]

You're here late.

Yeah. Listen, could we talk
in the morning?

What's your hurry...


Sam Winchester.
Let's see.

I could run you in for
impersonating a federal agent.

[ Gunshot ]


[ Groans ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Well, now, what happens when
they find out you're missing?

They may have
already found out.

And they'll hunt me down.

Look, I know this is
gonna be hard,

but if I'm gonna get out,
I have to do it now.

We got cheese
and a leftover burrito.

Doesn't make a difference.

You were asking
if I believed you.

[ Tires screeching ]

I was told
you'd be a challenge.

I figured
you'd chat me up...

Try and catch me
off guard.

Almost worked.

I was expecting
your mother.

[ Engine revs ]

It's not her place.

I have to kill you.

- Is that what they told you?
- It's what I am.

Well, then, I should just
kill you right now.


But you could have done that
30 seconds ago.

[ Tires screech ]

It's weirdly hard,
isn't it?

- It is for me.
- Knock it off.

How could it not be?
You're my father.

- Hey! We're not gonna do that.
- But it's true.

You're the reason
that we're standing here.

I wouldn't be here
if it weren't for you.

So now someone
has to kill someone.

You know what?

So far, my childhood's been
kind of disappointing.

You haven't killed
anybody yet, Emma.

Walk away.

Right now --
I won't go after you.

I can't.

I don't have a choice.

[ Voice breaking ]
Please don't let him hurt me.

Here's the mother ship.

Let's get this done.

They're gone.

Hey, you know what?
I don't like it, either.

I wanted to torture them
just as much as you.

Yeah, but, hey...

Next time they surface,
we'll be ready...

If we live that long.

All right, fine.
Just sit there and be pissed.

What did you say to me...

When I was the one
who choked?

What did you say
about Amy?

"You kill the monster!"

I was going to!

Oh, the hell you were!
You think I'm an idiot?

What, you think I am?

Dean, you were gonna
let her walk!

No, I wasn't.
That's ridiculous!

Look, man,
she was not yours.

Not really.

[ Chuckles ]

Actually, she, uh,
she was, really.

She just also happened to be
a crazy man-killing monster.

But, uh, hey.

You know what?
Bobby was right.

Your head's
not in it, man.

When Cass died,
you were wobbly, but now...

Now what?
[ Sighs ]

Oh, what, you're dealing with it
so perfect?

Yeah, news flash, pal --

you're just as screwed up
as I am!

You're just...Bigger.


I don't know.


Dean, the thing is,

It almost got you killed.

Now, I don't care
how you deal.

I really, really don't.

But just don't --

don't get killed.

I'll do what I can.

Well, what's that
supposed to mean?

It means I'll do what I can.
All right?

You can shut up about it.