Supernatural (2005–…): Season 6, Episode 7 - Supernatural - full transcript

Dean becomes suspicious of Samuel's motives, but Sam isn't sold on the idea that their grandfather is doing anything wrong. The brothers go along on a hunt with Samuel and the other Campbells, but things go terribly awry.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Now you're sure it's vampires?

Their Alpha's building an army.
We don't scare them.

I'm your grandfather.
Samuel? We thought you're dead.

Whatever pulled Sam up,
pulled me down.

- So we're both a part of it.
- But you don't know what that is.

You all right? It's Sam, Bobby.

He's different.
Something's not right to me.

- What is wrong with him?
- I don't know, Dean. I'm sorry.

You let him get turned.
Get a man on the inside.

- Find that Alpha we've been looking for.
- You think I'd do that? Risk my brother?

You got my back.

No matter what happens, I can
always count on you, right, Sammy?

Yeah, of course, Dean.

What are you? You're not human.

Let me explain.
Why should I believe anything you say?

There's something wrong with me.

I need help.

You're right. He looks terrible.

You did this?


Let me go.

- Has he been feverish?
- Have you?

No. Why?

Is he speaking in tongues? Are you?

No. What are you-?

- Are you diagnosing me?
- You better hope he can.

- You think this is-?
- You think there's a clinic...

for people who
just pop out of hell wrong?

He asks, you answer,
then you shut your hole. You got it?

How much do you sleep?

I don't.

- At all?
- Not since I got back.

It never occurred to you
might be something off?

Of course it did, Dean.

I just never told you.

- What?
- Sam, what are you feeling now?

Ha, ha. I feel like my nose is broken.

No, that's a physical sensation.

- How do you feel?
- I think-

- Feel.
- I don't know.

- Wha...? Uh...
- This will be unpleasant.

- What?
- Bite down on this.

If there's some place that you find
soothing, you should go there...

in your mind.

- You find anything?
- No.

- So that's good news?
- I'm afraid not.

Physically, he's perfectly healthy.

- Then what?
- It's his soul.

It's gone.

Ha, ha. Um...

I'm sorry.
One more time, like I'm 5.

- What do you mean, he's got no-?
- When Sam was resurrected...

it was without his soul.

So where is it?

My guess is it's still in the cage
with Michael and Lucifer.

So is he even still Sam?

Well, you pose an interesting
philosophical question.

- Then get it back.
- Dean.

- Well, you pulled me out.
- It took several angels to rescue you...

and you weren't as well-guarded.
Sam's soul is in Lucifer's cage.

There's a difference. It's not possible.

There's gotta be a way.
Gonna untie me?

- No.
- Listen, I'm not gonna-

How am I supposed to
let you out of this room?

Dean, I'm not some psycho.

I didn't want you to get hurt.
I was just trying to stop the vamps.

I'm sorry. It won't ever happen again.

- Please let me go.
- You're kidding.

- What you gonna do, keep me locked?
- Say that like it's bad.

Okay, fine. Look, I get it.
I get it, Dean. I was wrong.

I'm telling you, I'm trying to get right.

It's still me.

- Is it?
- Yes. So just let me go.

No way in hell.

I didn't want it to come to this.

You're not gonna hold me.

Not here, not in a panic room,
not anywhere.

You're stuck with the soulless guy
so you might as well work with me.

Let's fix this.

I'm gonna be watching
every move you make.

Fine. Sounds about right to me.

Cass, clean him up.

Gonna figure out what happened,
we need to find who yanked you out.

- You say you don't know.
- No idea.

Then we start a list.

So hard to spring someone out,
who's got that kind of muscle?

I don't know.

You have no memory
of your resurrection?

I woke up in a field. That's all I got.

No clues? None?

I've got one.

Gramps throw a barbeque
and leave us off the e-vite list?




Hello, Newman. Where's the man?

Come right on in.

Need to ask you a few questions.

What's wrong?

The day you got back,
what happened?

- We've been over this.
- Well, recap it for our wingman.

This Castiel?

You're scrawnier than I pictured.

This is a vessel.

My true form is the size
of your Chrysler Building.

All right, all right, quit bragging.
So you were dead, and-?

And, pow, I was on Elton Ridge.
Don't know how, don't know why.

- I got nothing to hide, guys.
- You mind if Cass here double-checks?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's okay, it's okay.

- What the hell?
- Cavity search.

I'm fine, just give us a minute.

- But-
- Just give us a minute.

What the hell was that about?

- His soul is intact.
- What?

Of course I have a-

What's going on, Sam?

Whatever dragged me out
left a piece behind.

- Did you know?
- No, but I-

I knew it was something.

You're a hell of a hunter, Sam...

but the truth is,
sometimes you scare me.

So, what's the deal here?
How do we get his soul back?

We don't know yet. But we have to.

I'm here to help, of course.

- What leads you working?
- Dead ends, and you.

Well, then, we'll just have to dig.

Sam, Dean.

I have to get back.

- You're leaving?
- I am in the middle of a civil war.

Tear the attic up,
find something to help.

Of course,
your problems always come first.

I'll be in touch.

Would have asked him
to stick around for a beer.

What's with the book club outside?

- Putting together a hunt.
- Lot of guys for one hunt.

You found him, didn't you?

- Who?
- He's got a lead on the Alpha Vamp.

- Do you?
- Maybe.


How'd you track him down?

We're good.

- That's all I get?
- When's the run?


And you didn't call me? Why?

Because of me.

You don't trust me, do you?

- Especially when it comes to big game.
- Not true.

Okay. Well, then we're in.

- No offense, but-
- You don't trust me?

No, I just don't know you.

Not like I know Sam.

All right. You call the plays,
100 percent. I'm here to listen.

Since when?
Big Daddy Bloodsucker?

I ain't gonna miss that.

But this is your deal, okay? I get it.

I'll follow your lead. I trust you.

I don't trust him.

Dude's hiding something.

- What?
- I can feel it.

If you weren't RoboSam,
you'd feel it too.

- Huh.
- What?

Just you saying you don't trust family.

We hang close, see what we pick up.

Think Samuel's connected
to this soul thing?

I still think he's the only lead we got.

You lost, Dean?

Had to make a call,
needed some privacy.

Samuel's locked office.
That's pretty private.

- Wasn't locked.
- Who you calling?

Your wife. Let her know
I'm not gonna make it over tonight.

You know, I've tried playing nice, Dean,
but I think I'm done.

You're a bigger knob
than you've been letting on?

I'm the guy who's been here,
doing my job.

Who are you?
You think we need you here?

You walk around
like you're playing pro tennis.

Only action you seen lately
is between your slut girlfriend's legs.

You sure you wanna come with us

Accidents happen.

Don't worry, man. I got your back.

The house is just over the hill.

About a dozen vamps and the Alpha.

We got one shot at this son of a bitch.
Christian, take flank.

The rest of you are with me and Sam.

Dean, Gwen, hang back,
sweep any stragglers we flush out.

- Problem, Dean?
- No, sir.

I'm in the rear with the reject?

All right, let's go.

Don't worry. It's fine.

Oh, nothing's fine. You're not fine.

Go. Go.

Sorry about the "reject" thing.

I've been called worse.

Just, uh, get sick
of getting left behind.

Probably because I remind him
of his daughter or something.

Well, you do speak your mind.

- I'll take that as a compliment.
- Well, you should.

You're welcome.

We're supposed to wait here.


Sam! Hey.

Got him? Here. Here.

Sam, hold him.

Okay. Get him in the van.


Get him in there.

Get him in. Strap him down.

Where were you?
Everything all right here?

Just, uh, chopped up a runner.
No big deal.

- How'd it go?
- Rough. But one Alpha down.

Where is it?

Wanna pay my last respects.

Well, bring marshmallows.
Already on the pyre.

- Things go okay back there?
- Fine.

Nothing weird?

I saw you walk that Alpha
out the door, Sam.

Now, call me crazy,
but that seems weird.



You weren't supposed
to know about that.

- Know what?
- Something Samuel's been doing.

Catching things, taking them
somewhere, grilling them for info.

Grill. Torture, right?

- And not telling me, that was his idea?
- No. It was mine.



Because you'd mess it up.

You shoot first, ask questions later.
And we needed to ask questions.

You know, I don't care if you've got

or the mumps.
You know better than this.

Do you even want your soul back?

- How does-?
- Have you been to the place?

I mean, have you been in
on these interrogations?

- No, but I hear-
- And what does he want, and why?

Did it occur to you that this is shady?

- He's our grandfather.
- Yeah.

Yeah. A guy who talks a great game.

But you can't assume that family
means the same thing to him...

as it does to us. He's not Dad.


- You don't see it, do you?
- What?

You've got no instinct.

I mean, you are seriously messed up.

- Thanks.
- I'm not kidding, man.

Nobody's forcing you
to work with me.

Okay? But if we do this,
I drive the bus.

I call the shots.

You tell me everything
whether it's important or not.

Because trust me,
you can't tell the difference.

Or you know what? Go-
Go with Samuel.

See how that goes. It's up to you.


Damn, kid, learn how to knock.

Where's your brother?

- Gone.
- What do you mean "gone"?

I mean, he left about an hour ago.

He and I just aren't
seeing eye-to-eye anymore, I guess.

That's too bad.

I want in.

- In?
- On the interrogations. On everything.

I can help.

This family, this is it for me now.
Whatever you need, I'll do.

- Yeah, I know you will.
- Great.

But until we figure out this soul business,
you keep doing what you're doing.

- But I can-
- No. You can't.

- I'm sorry.
- Right.


- You didn't think I'd come back.
- I figured, 60-40.

So Samuel didn't take the bait.

So I went with Plan B.

We had a Plan B?

Fired up the GPS on one of his phones.
Should be able to track him to Alpha.

- The old man won't notice?
- Trust me. He thinks Velcro is big news.

There. Got him.

Dead man's blood.


Lock the place down
with vamp repellent.

You're seeing now how
this shapes up is entirely up to you.

Where is it?

Answer the question.
Where is it? How do we find it?

Ouch. Stop. That hurts.

Now, this-This is Club Med compared
to what we have planned for you.


- I got all the time in the world.
- Well, that makes two of us.

Are you two going to hide all night?

Come on out, boys.

How can I help you?

We got some questions for you,

Since you're going nowhere fast.

Don't be so sure.


Locked down pretty tight.

With dead blood
rushing through your veins...

not sure you got enough juice to fire
up that psychic Bat-signal of yours.


Not near enough juice for that, Dean.

Didn't realize we were on
a first-name basis.

Of course we are.

After all, you were my child
for a time.

Dean, tell me, did you enjoy it?

I'm asking the questions here,
Fright Night.

When your kind
first huddled around the fire...

I was the thing in the dark.

Now you think you can hurt me?

I have all night, boys. You do not.

Anyway, I'm happy to tell you
whatever you want to know.

Why? Why?

Because soon I'll be ankle deep
in your blood...

sucking the marrow
from your bones.

So you're really it.

The first of your species.

The very first.

But if you're the first, who made you?

Well, we all have our mothers.

Even me.

What does that mean?

What's with the big surge
of vamps lately?

We're going to war.

What's going on?
Why did Samuel bring you here?

You smell cold.

You have no soul.

What an oddity.

Do you feel how empty you are?

- What is it like to have no soul?
- Answer my question.

- You first.
- You're in the cage.

The thing about souls, if you've got
one, of course, is they're predictable.

You die, you go up, or down.
Where do my kind go?

Enough with the sermon.

I'm trying to answer the question.

Now, when we freaks die,
where do we go?

Not heaven, not hell, so?


Little rusty on our Dante, boys?


Purgatory? Purgatory's real?

Oh, stupid cattle. Ha, ha. Of course.

It is filled with the soul of every hungry
thing like me that ever walked this earth.

Now, where is it? That is the mystery.

And that is what your kind-hearted
granddaddy is trying to beat out of me.

Samuel brought you here
to find out where purgatory is?

I keep telling him,
"How would I know such a thing?"

- But he refuses to untie me.
- You know exactly where it is.

- Why does Samuel care about any of this?
- He doesn't care.

He does as he is told.

Well, if the old man's Kermit,
whose hand's up his ass?

Evening, guys.

You know, I have seen some stupid
in my time, but you take the crown.

Putting Jaws in a fishbowl?
How you think that's gonna end?

- Don't know-
- Think I'm doing this for kicks?

I think you got these feebs
convinced you're John Wayne.

So whatever you're doing,
whatever you're hiding...

it's gonna put you in the ground.



And I thought
we had something special.

Are you scared of me?

I would be.


Grab your stuff.

How much dead man's blood
we got left?

- How long till the Alpha's 100 percent?
- Hour, maybe less.

- We need to get him back in the cage.
- No.

- No?
- I don't know what your plan was...

but catch is not on the table.
Take the head off...

or it kills us all. You know that.


We split up, clear every room.

Get a shot, take it.
It's not gonna kill him...

but dude will move slower.

And if we make it through this, you, me
and Sam are having a family meeting.

You think he ran out?

The boy with no soul.
I've got big plans for you.

It's amazing how
that pesky little soul gets in the way.

But not for you.

You will be the perfect animal.


Well, that was dramatic.

- Crowley?
- Hello, boys.

What an unexpected treat.

- Bring Christian back now.
- I'm sorry?

My nephew. The one you just
crammed a demon into!

No, I had him possessed ages ago.

Samuel, really.

I keep an eye on my investments.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You know each other?

Not in the biblical sense.
More of a business relationship, I'd say.

You're Crowley's bitch.

Not what you think.
It's precisely what you think.

That Alpha he's caught me
is getting him a gold star.

Since when do you give a crap
about vampires?

Since, uh...

What's today? Friday?

Since, let's see,
mind your business.

You may as well share with the class.
We know you're looking for Purgatory.

- So you heard about that?
- Yeah.

- You wanna tell us why?
- Isn't it obvious?

Location, location, location.

I'm a developer.

Purgatory is vast, underutilized
and hell-adjacent, and I want it.

- What for?
- Best shut your gob.

Don't question management.

We ain't your employees.
Of course you are.

Have for some time, thanks to gramps.

I don't keep Captain Chromedome
around for his wit, do I?

Samuel knows things.
More than any of you, actually.

Walking encyclopedia
of the creepy and crawly.

And I knew you two are so hung up
on family loyalty nonsense...

he said jump, you'd get froggy.

- Yeah, well, game's over.
- Yeah, well, afraid not.

Not if you wanna see Sam's soul.

You're bluffing.

Tell them, Samuel.

He pulled us both back, me and Sam.

What? You knew?

No. It takes big-time mojo
to pull that off.

- You're a punk-ass crossroads demon.
- Was a punk-ass crossroads demon.

Now? King of hell.
Believe me, I've got the mojo.

I snap my fingers,
Sam gets his soul back.

Or you can be you...

and I shove
Sam right back in the hole.

Can't imagine what it's like in there.
And I can imagine so many things.

So we clear? Me Charlie, you angels.

Job's simple enough.
Bring me creatures.

Aim high on the food chain, please.

Everybody wins.

It's been a pleasure. See you soon.

It's time to go. Get the van.

- You're letting a demon call the shots?
- Nothing's changed.

We hunt. Period.

Don't worry about him,
I'll take care of it.

You trust me or not?

Get the van, Gwen.

Working with a demon, huh?

- You're not who I thought you were.
- You don't know anything about me, son.

So, what's so important that you're
the king of hell's cabana boy, huh?

What'd he offer you?
Girls? Money? Hair?

I got my reasons.

- You gonna make a move? Go ahead.
- Or what?

Or nothing. I'm not gonna do
anything to you, Dean.

You boys...

you're my family.

So the way I see it,
you got two choices:

Put a bullet in your grandfather,
or step aside.

- He sold us out.
- I know. Let it go.


Get out of here.

- So, what now?
- We can't work for Crowley.

- You sure?
- I don't think you understand.

- Demons bone you every time.
- Oh, no, I get it. I do. Believe me.

Just running the math.
Do we have another choice?

- We can stab him in his throat.
- And get my soul back how?

Just saying. Seems like we gotta
play ball. At least for the moment.

I have done some stupid things in my
time, but punching a demon's clock?


- Just till we find another way.
- And then?

Then we track Crowley down, give that
son of a bitch what's coming to him.

You with me, Dean?