Supernatural (2005–…): Season 6, Episode 18 - Supernatural - full transcript

Castiel sends Sam and Dean back in time to 1861 to collect the ashes of a phoenix.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- I don't believe it.
- Wyoming? What does that mean?

Each of these X's
is an abandoned frontier church.

All mid-19th century,
built by Samuel Colt.

Samuel Colt. The demon-killing,
gun-making Samuel Colt?

Yep. He built private railway lines
connecting church to church.

It just happens to lay out like this.

- It's a devil's trap.
- A hundred-square-mile devil's trap.

- 1973. What is this?
- What does it look like?

- Is it real?
- Very.

So angels got their hands
on some DeLoreans?

- How did I get here?
- Time is fluid, Dean.

Not easy,
but we can bend it on occasion.

I'm thinking purgatory.

This is all about opening a door
to let something in.

- What?
- I'm working on it.

- Could you give us something?
- I got a name: Mother of All.

We got zero on ganking her.

- We have so much to do.
- Let's get started.

She has a message for you.

Oh, yeah? What's that?

You're all gonna die.

- Look, it's here somewhere.
- Help me move this.

Well, I'll be damned.

Welcome to the Campbell
family library.

- So Samuel collected all this stuff, huh?
- Apparently.


- What are we looking for?
- Well, anything that'll put a run...

- in the Octomom's stockings.
- Pick a row.


Either of you jokers ever heard anything
about a phoenix?

River, Joaquin
or the giant flaming bird?

It says here that the ashes of a phoenix
can burn the mother.

The mother?

- Great. Where do we get one?
- You got me. I thought it was a myth.

Great. Well, let's see if we can
find something out about a phoenix.

Guys. Guys, guys, guys,
check this out.

"March 5th, 1861.

Sunrise, Wyoming.
Gun killed a phoenix today.

Left a pile of smoldering ash."

Really? Whose gun?

- Colt's.
- Colt? Colt like...

Like the Colt.


Samuel Colt's Journal.


- That's his?
- Yeah.

- Dude, no.
- Dude, yes.

- Well, let me see...
- Get your own.

What else about the phoenix?
What does it look like?

- Has it got feathers?
- It just says phoenix.

- Did he say where he tracked it?
- No.

All right. I guess we gotta find
one of our own. Whatever it is.

I know where we can find one.

March 5th, 1861, Sunrise, Wyoming.
We'll Star Trek IV this bitch.

I only watched Deep Space Nine.

It's like I don't even
know you guys anymore.

Star Trek IV, save the whales.

We hop back in time, join up
with Samuel Colt, hunt the phoenix...

and then we haul the ashes
back home with us.

- Time travel?
- Yeah.

- That's a reasonable plan?
- We got a guy who can swing it.


the, uh, fate of the world
is in the balance...

so come on down here.

Come on, Cass. I Dream of Jeannie
your ass down here, pronto.




I understand you need some assistance.
How can I help you?

Well, uh, we kind of need to talk
to the big kahuna.

I'm here on Castiel's behalf.

- Well, where's he?
- Busy.

- Busy?
- Yes.

Well, we've got a line on the mother
of freaking everything, so...

I'm sure your issue is very important...

but Castiel is currently
commanding an army, so...

- So we get stuck with Miss Moneypenny.
- So you need to learn your place.

I don't know who you think you are...

- His friend.
- You think we're not?

I think you call him
when you need something.

We're fighting a war.

- We get that.
- Clearly you don't...

or you wouldn't call him
every time you stub your toe...

- you petty, entitled little piece...
- Rachel.

That's enough.

- I told you I'd take care of this.
- It's all right, you can go.

- You're staying?
- Go.

I'll come when I can.


- Friend of yours?
- Yes. She's, uh, my lieutenant.

She's committed to the cause.

Now, what do you need?

Where the hell's Dean?

Supply run, he said. I don't know.

Um, about your plan...

You'll only have 24 hours.



Well, the answer to your question
can best be expressed as a series...

- of partial differential equations.
- Yeah.

Aim lower.

The further back I send you,
the harder it becomes to retrieve you.

Twenty-four hours is all I can risk. If I
don't pull you home within that time...

you'll be lost to me.

Well, then we better get you a watch.

What the hell's all that?

We are going native.

Gotta blend in.

- Uh, ha, ha. No, thanks. I'm fine.
- Sam.

- Dean, I can wear this.
- Like a spaceman?

Just because you're obsessed
with Wild West...

- I'm not.
- You have a fetish.

Shut up. I like old movies.

You can recite
every Clint Eastwood movie ever made.

- Even the monkey movies?
- Especially the monkey movies.

His name is Clyde.

At least wear the damn shirt.

Dean, this is stupid. I look stupid.

- You're going to a hoedown?
- Now, is it customary to wear a blanket?

It's a serape.

And, yes. It's, uh...

Never mind. Let's just go.

What's this?

Where you're going
they don't take plastic.

I'll send you back to March 4th.
That should give you time to find the Colt.

And this phoenix creature.

All right, well,
see you at high noon tomorrow...


Oh, now we're talking.

- I have to go.
- What about getting the boys back?

Pray for me in 24 hours
and I'll return.

I'll pray for all of us.

All right, let's go find Samuel Colt.
Hey, we should try the saloon first...

to see what we get from the locals.

Sure. Whatever, Sundance.

Think we'll have time
to hit on the saloon girls?

Kidding. Come on.

Oh, damn it. Come on.

You know what that is?

- Yeah. It's horse...
- Authenticity.

We stand here today...

March the 4th, 1861...

to execute justice upon Elias Finch...

for the murder of his own wife.

Wow, talk about authenticity.

Sentence handed down by myself,
Tye Mortimer...

duly appointed judge
of the Wyoming Circuit.

You will be hung by your neck
until you die.

You got anything to say?

You're gonna burn for this.

Every one of you.

Good times.

- So where do we find Sammy Colt?
- No idea.


I think I know who to ask.

Nice blanket.

Sheriff, can we have a word?

Depends who's asking.

Marshal Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood.

This here's, uh, Walker.

He's a Texas ranger.

So, what can I do for you boys?

We're looking for a man.

I'll bet.

Nice shirt there.

- What's wrong with my shirt?
- You're very clean.

It's dirtier than it looks.

We need to find Samuel Colt.
Do you know him?

- The gun maker?
- Yeah. Is he in town?

Not that I know of.

Might try asking Elkins
over at the saloon.

Been here longer than God.

This is not awesome.

- Hi.
- What'll you have?

Oh, uh...

Okay, great.
I'll have your top-shelf whiskey.

Only have the one shelf.

That'll do just fine.
He'll have a sarsaparilla.

Are you Elkins?

One and only.

Know a man named Samuel Colt?

He passed through here
about four years ago.

- He still around?
- Rumor is he's building a railroad stop...

20 miles out of town,
just by the postal road.

Middle of nowhere.

The Devil's Gate?

Location fits.

Howdy, boys.

Darla's my best girl.

Try me.

You want a kiss?

Ugh, ooh.

It's so much more germier
than I pictured.



Nice to see you.

I thought we had a date.

- That was a close one.
- I guess it's good to be judge.


Oh! It's like gasoline.

Sarsaparilla ain't half bad.

- You okay, sheriff?
- Of course I'm okay.

- It was a ghost.
- It wasn't a ghost.

Unless ghosts leave footprints.

I am telling you Elias Finch was here.

He did that...

and then he walked out that door.

Rope didn't kill him. Seen it before.

- You got any idea where he could be?
- Could be a thousand places.

Well, you got a way to flush him out?

Of course.

We're gonna form a posse
then string Finch up right.

Put a bullet in his head
for good measure.

- That actually sounds like a good plan.
- You two should come along.

Meet downstairs at dawn.

Yeah, we'll be there.

Get yourselves
some real gear first, huh?

Well, I think
we ought to pay our respects to Finch.

I was thinking the same thing.

Thinking what I'm thinking?

Rose from the ashes,
burned up its victim?

Maybe we're not looking for a bird.
Maybe the phoenix is walking around...

- in cowboy boots.
- It makes sense.

Could be Finch.

So question is,
how do we put this thing out?

We do know one thing
that'll kill anything.

- Yeah, the Colt.
- So you go get the gun.

But isn't the gun coming here?
According to Colt's journal?

Yeah, but people here barely know
who Colt is.

Maybe you gotta go find him
and make history.

I'll stay here, hook up with the posse.

Because you know me,
I'm a posse magnet.

I mean, I love posse.

Make that into a T-shirt.

You done?

Look, the problem is Colt's 20 miles
outside of town.

How am I supposed to get there
and back before noon?

Ride 'em, cowboy.

Uh, try the other side.

- Yeah. Good boy.
- Right. Yeah, right.


- This actually feels all right.
- Just take it easy.

Yeah, you bet. I'm good.

- All right, 11 a.m.
- Don't be late.

- Okay.
- All right. Go on. Go.

I'm okay.

That poor horse.

- Forgive me. I'm sorry.
- You had your chance.

Tell it to the judge.

We need to talk.

You summoned me here?

Castiel, I've been hearing things.

Things I don't wanna believe.

Just tell me if it's true.

- If what's true?
- You know.

Your dirty little secret.

- I have to defeat Raphael.
- Not this way, Castiel.

- Rachel.
- We put our faith in you and...

Look what you're turning into.

I don't have a choice.

Then neither do I.

I'm sorry.

What the hell?



Are we running or fighting?



New hat.

I look good.

Where's the posse?

I must be early.

Ha. Or you're the only greenhorn
dumb enough...

to go chasing after a ghost.

What? Sheriff's tough as nails.
He'll be here.

Oh, God! The sheriff's dead!

Or not.


Who's the sheriff now?

- Wait, what?
- Well...

congratulations, sheriff.

Samuel Colt?

You have the wrong drunk, gentlemen.

Have a nice day.

We've been looking for you.

And who might "we" be?


I've long since hung it up.

I'm tired and I'm too old for this. I'm
sure as hell not looking for any trouble.

Well, it's found you anyway.

We know you built that Devil's Gate.
So you're gonna open it for us.

That is if you fancy keeping your lungs
in your chest.

Walk away, gentlemen.

I think we'd rather rip you to ribbons,
you soft...

Aw, that's a shame.

A damn shame.

Who's there?

Candygram for Mongo.

Howdy, pilgrim.

I ain't no pilgrim.

All right, back up.

Is that any way...

to greet your new boss?

Missed you at the posse this morning.

I was a one-man wolf pack,
thanks to you.

- What's going on here?
- Going to visit my sister.

- She'll have to wait.
- If I don't...

Finch said he was coming back
for the former sheriff...

Judge Mortimer...

and you.

Now, that's two down and one to go.

- Then just let me go.
- You really think you can outrun him?

He's going to kill you.


Unless what?

Unless we gank him first.

Gank? What's gank?

Mister, you're crazy.
No way. You're on your own.

I'm not asking you to throw down
with him. Play your part.

- My part?
- Yeah. Bait.


Okay, not a demon. Not a demon.
Just a hunter.

- Sheesh.
- You're a what?

You Samuel Colt?

My name is Sam Winchester.

I'm a hunter from the year 2011.

Prove it.

All right.

All right?


That's it?

Well, when you've done this job
as long as I have...

a giant from the future
with some magic brick...

doesn't exactly give you the vapors.

I need your help killing a phoenix.

A phoenix? They exist?

Well, you shoot one
in about three hours.

- If you say so.
- I don't.

You do.


I'm either too drunk
or not drunk enough.

So, what is it I'm about to exactly do?

Well, the phoenix is in Sunrise.
Uh, if we leave now, you can...

I appreciate your situation,
but I'm not gonna be of any help to you.

- I'm booked.
- Right. But you say right here...

Don't believe everything
that you read.

But you're a hunter.

- Retired.
- There's no such thing.

- I'm out.
- There's no getting out.

Look, for what it's worth,
in my time, you're a hero.

- Me?
- Yes, sir.

Now, look,
we need to kill this phoenix.

Its ashes are the only thing
that can kill the monster I'm hunting.

So stow your crap for a few hours
and let's go.

We gotta go now.

So either you're coming with me
or I need the gun.

What gun?

The gun.

Oh, that gun.

I lost it in a game of stud.

- You're lying.
- Am I?

Now, that doesn't sound like me.

You shot demons with it an hour ago.

How do you figure?

Two pairs of boot prints.
Cabin reeks of sulfur.

Not bad.

You don't want it.

- It's a curse. Believe me.
- Then let me take it off your hands.

Go put on a few more miles
then come back and we'll talk.

Trust me, I've got plenty of mileage.

I'm doing you a favor. Believe me.

So what? You can really just sit there?

I've given my whole life to this.

- I'm done.
- Doesn't matter what happens?

- No, it doesn't.
- Everything you did, it all means nothing?

Give me the gun.


You look like you went 12 rounds
with Truckasaurus.

- What happened?
- I was, um...

I was betrayed.

Rachel, uh...


- He corrupted her. She turned on me.
- Sorry.

Girl's a real peach.

She's dead.

I was wounded. I needed safety.
Thank you.

Hey, hey, hey.

Now, what's with the finger painting?

It's a warding symbol against angels.

How bad does it hurt?

- I'll heal.
- Well, good.

We've got less than an hour before
you pick up the kids at Frontierland.

I can't.

Come again?

This fight...

drained me.

Well, if you're up on blocks...

call in another halo
who can get the job done.

I can't.

Well, there's gotta be something that
can juice you up. A spell, something.

There is one thing that might work...

but it's extremely dangerous.


So lay it on me.

It's your soul.

What do you want me to do?
Make another deal?

Seal it with a kiss?

I need you to let me touch it.

- Touch it?
- The human soul, it's pure energy.

If I can siphon some of that off, I might
be able to bring Sam and Dean back.

And the catch is?

Doing this is like putting your hand
in a nuclear reactor.

I have to do it very gingerly.


Or you'll explode.


Keep both hands on the wheel.

Let's do this.

Never been late in your damn life, Sam.
Now you're dragging ass.

So this is your big plan, huh?
Just let me rot in here till Finch comes.

Pretty much.

Why's he gunning for you, anyway?

I guess you missed the part
where we hung him?

No. I'm thinking to a thing like Finch,
that's no big whoop.

He would've just blown town,
but he came back. That seems personal.

Tell you what, you let me out of here,
we'll talk.

No can do.

Open up that cell.

Open it yourself.

You melt people's faces off.

I bet you got the juice
to tear that apart easy.

Unless you can't.

Just like you couldn't break those cuffs
when they strung you up.

Iron shackles.

Iron bars, iron nail.

See a pattern?

Don't worry. Most creatures I meet
can't get it up for iron.

It's a common monster problem.

So you're a hunter.

- Slash sheriff.
- You know what this son of a bitch did?

- Do tell.
- I was married to a woman.

Good woman, human.

We lived outside of town,
didn't bother anyone.

Sure. A freak with a heart of gold.

You wanna call me "monster," fine.

But all we did was go into town.

I go into the bank for five minutes.
I come out, she's gone.

And then I heard her scream.

This man...

had her pinned in the alley.

I go to stop him, he pulls his gun...

shoots me, then her.

She died in my arms.

Of course, I don't die.

The shots brought the sheriff.
Next thing I know, I'm in iron.

That's why I want him
just where he is.

Trapped, scared.

I saved the best for last.

Is that true?

So tell me.

Are you really willing to die
to protect this piece of filth?

Honestly, I could care less about him.

- He's a dick and a coward.
- Hey.

But this ain't about him.
I know what you are.



So I gotta kill you.

If you know what I am,
then you know you can't.

Wow, I should've
seen that coming.


Sam, come on, come on!

Hey, where's Colt?

- He's not coming.
- What?!

But he sent this.


Hello, beautiful.

All right.

- Come on.
- Yeah.

Are you sure?

Well, we can't just

strand those idjits
in Deadwood, can we?

The risks...

Just... don't explode me.

Get out here, Finch!

What are you doing?!

Come on! Let's do this!

So, this is how you want to die.


Yippee-ki-yay, mother...


The ashes!

You gotta send us back.

Dean, look at him. He's fried.

I never want to do that again.

Bobby, you...

I'm still kickin', Annie Oakley.

Be back good as new in...

a decade or two.

And we screwed the pooch.

Bobby, I'm sorry.

Is there a Sam Winchester here?

Who's asking?

Look, this is nuts...

Me and a couple guys made a bet.

So... this thing's been laying
around the office since...


Uh, with a note on it
saying to bring it here today.

It's from a-a Samuel Colt?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah,
that's... that's mine.

Great. Thanks.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

"Dear Sam,
I got this address and date

"off your thingamajig,

"and I thought the enclosed
might come in handy.

Regards, Samuel Colt."

Is that what I think it is?

Ashes of a Phoenix.

You know what this means?

Yeah, I didn't get
a "soulonoscopy" for nothing.


And... it means
we take the fight to her.