Supernatural (2005–…): Season 6, Episode 11 - Supernatural - full transcript

Dean goes to Dr. Robert to have a 3 minutes near-death experience to meet Death. They have a meeting and Death proposes Dean wear his ring for 24 hours; in return, Death would retrieve ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Death. He's gonna be there.

I understand you want this.

There are conditions.

You know you can't cheat Death.

I don't think it's killing people.
I think it's taking them.

- When their time's just up.
- A Reaper.

You're much prettier
than the last Reaper I met.

- This is the Reaper that came after you.
- Dean.

Tessa. Balthazar.

- Why are you buying human souls?
- Any idea what souls are worth?

What power they hold?

Making sure you're not having second
thoughts about getting your soul back.

Sam's soul has been locked in the cage...

with Michael and Lucifer.

If we try to force that mutilated thing
down Sam's gullet...

- it could be catastrophic.
- He needs his soul.

Look, we get it back...

and if there are complications...

then we will figure out a way
to deal with those too.

It's so fresh here.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

Hi. I'm, uh looking for-

Follow all the way back.

All the way back.

Dean Winchester?

You must be Dr. Robert?


I stitched up your daddy more times
than I can count, let me tell you.

Oh, it's good to see you.

Of course, that was ages ago.

Back when I still had
my medical license.

Right this way.

Well, you know,
I'm no germ freak, but, heh...

Rent's cheap.

- Eva, my assistant.
- Hi.

- Hop right up.
- Now, you've, uh, done this a lot?

Oh, many, many times.

And your success rate?

Oh, excellent. Almost 75 percent.

So should we get the, uh, preliminaries
out of the way?

Yeah. Yeah. Right.





listen, if something...

- Goes wrong?
- Yeah. Uh...

Would you mail this for me?


Would've thought you had something
for your brother Sam.

If I don't make it back...

nothing I say
is gonna mean a damn thing to him.

Don't be a baby.

A little bedside manner would be nice.

Are we ready? Hmm?

You've got three minutes.

- No pulse, no sinus rhythm.
- He's dead.

Good times.

This better work.


- What the hell?
- What do you know? It worked.

I was in the Sudan.
What's with yanking me-?

- Wait. Why are you dead?
- I need a favor.

You died to ask me-?

- Tell your boss I need to talk to him.
- No.

- Please?
- Where do you get the nerve?

Desperate times.

He calls us. We don't call him.

- Make an exception.
- I can't.

- Can't or won't?
- Both.

All right, Tessa. Thank you very much.

Hello, Dean.

I'm busy, Dean. Talk fast.
I have something of yours.

You mean my ring?
I recall loaning you that temporarily.

Well, if you want it back, then-
I'm sorry, you assume...

that I don't know
where you've hidden it.

Now we've established you have hubris
but no leverage.

What is it you want?

Lucifer's cage.

I figure you're one of the few people
that can actually jailbreak it.

Do you?

- Sam's soul is stuck in that box.
- I've heard.

Our other brother is trapped too.
Michael rode him in.

Dean, quit shuffling and deal.

I want you to get them both out.


Pick one.

- What?
- Sam's soul or Adam's.

- But-
- As a rule, I don't bring people back.

I might make an exception.
Once. Not twice.

- So pick.
- Sam.

His soul has been in there for a year...

and I understand that it's damaged.

Try flayed to the raw nerve.

Well, is there any way
that you could, uh...

I don't know, hack the hell part off?

Four, three, two...


- Again.
- Dean, Dean, Dean.

What do you think the soul is?

Some pie you can slice?

The soul can be bludgeoned,
tortured, but never broken.

Not even by me.

- Well, there's gotta be something.
- Maybe.

Can't erase Sam's hell.

But I can put it behind a wall,
if you will.

- A wall?
- In his mind.

A dam to hold back the tide.

Nasty, those memories.

You don't wanna know
what they'll do to him. Believe me.

- Okay. A wall. Sounds good.
- But it's not permanent.

She's right. Nothing lasts forever.

Well, I do, but...

So that's the choice:

Sam with no soul,
or Sam with some drywall...

that if or when it collapses,
he's done?


Do it.

I never said I'd do it.

- Then what have we been talking about?
- Your prize if you win the wager.

Great. What's the bet?

Don't roll your eyes, Dean.
It's impolite.

Now, when you fetch my ring,
put it on.

- What?
- I want you to be me for one day.

Are you serious?

No, I'm being incredibly sarcastic.

Eva, adrenaline.

Take the ring off before the 24 hours
are up, and you lose.

No soul for Sam. Clear?

Okay. Yes. But...

- But why?
- Simple, Dean. Because-

Oh, thank Moses.

Ahh. You couldn't have given me
five more seconds?

you were gone for seven minutes.

- I was?
- Mm-hm.

I thought for sure
Death had you by the twins.

You what? Hear me out.

I heard Cass and Crowley.

They said it would kill me
or turn me to Jell-O.

- I heard enough.
- Death can put up a wall.

A wall? Yes, a wall.

You wouldn't remember hell.

- Really?
- Really.

For good? Like a cure?

No, it's not a cure. It-

- He said it could last a lifetime.
- Great.

Playing fast and loose
with my life here.

- I'm trying to save your life.
- Exactly, Dean. It's my life.

It's my life, it's my soul, and it ain't
your head that's gonna explode...

when this whole scheme of yours
goes sideways.

Just curious.

I presume Death's not doing this
out of the goodness of his heart.

So, what's your half of the deal?

- I'm sorry, I didn't get that.
- I have to wear the ring for a day.

Why would he want you to do that?

Get his rocks off. I don't know.
But I'm doing it.

Where are you going?

Look, I hear you, all right? I get it.

Just need a minute
to wrap my head around it, all right?

Looking for this?

Just taking a walk.


I'm your brother.

I'm not gonna let you get hurt.
I know what I'm doing here.

- What if you're wrong?
- I won't let it go wrong.


- Fine? So you're-?
- So I'm trusting you here.

- Barely.
- You sure?

You're the one with the compass, right?

- Just don't mess it up.
- I won't.

Watch him.

So is this the part where you pull a gun
on me and lock me in the panic room?

Do I have to?


I guess Dean's gotta do
what he's gotta do.

Guess we all do, kid.

Well, here goes everything.


Just let any slack-jawed haircut
be Death these days.

You're all charm today, aren't you?

Let's be clear...

so that we get through this
with a minimum of screw-up.

I don't like this, and right now,
I'm not crazy about you either.

This is your boss's idea, not mine.

True. But you have a long history
of throwing a wrench in everything...

- so let's just stick to the rules, deal?
- And the rules are...?

For the next 24 hours...

- kill everyone who's up.
- How am I to know who to-?

- Kill?
- I have a list.

- Let me see.
- No.

You touch them, they die, I reap them.

- Are we clear?
- Yeah, I guess.

Remove the ring, you lose.

Slack off, you lose.

- Got it?
- Yeah.

Don't mess this up.

It's not my job
to be your damn babysitter.

Sam Winchester.

This had better be good.

Well, here's one
for the list of dumbest things ever.

Summon the angel
who wants to kill you.

Desperate times.

- I need your help, Balthazar.
- Interesting.

Since last time we met,
you wanted to, um-What was it?

Oh, yes. Yes.
Fry my wings extra crispy.

- Well, that was a misunderstanding.
- Some misunderstanding.

- I need some advice.
- Advice?

Angel advice.

Then go ask your boyfriend.

Cass can't help me.

I need to know if there's a spell,
or a weapon...

anything, that can keep a soul out

Aw. What's going on, Sam?

It's for me.


The plot thickens.

Where's your soul, Sam?

Good God, no. It's not still...?

It is.

My brother found a way
to put it back in me.

- I don't want it.
- No, you don't. No, no.

Because Michael and Lucy
are hate-banging it as we speak.

- Can you help me?
- Oh, yes.

The question is, will I?

Set your terms.

- I'll do it for free.
- Free? Heh.

- Why?
- You seem like a capable young man.

I'd love to have you in my debt.

And I have to say,
I'm not a fan of your brother.

So screwing him would delight me.

Anyway, to business.

The spell, yes.

So finding the ingredients
should be easy enough.

- But there's one tricky part, however.
- Okay.

You need to scar your vessel.

Meaning what?

Meaning something that so pollutes it,
it renders it uninhabitable.

Calls for something very specific.

- Great. What?
- Patricide.

- My dad's been dead for years.
- Ha, ha.

To be clear, um,
you need the blood of your father...

but your father needn't be blood.


Just so you know, when people die,
they might have questions for you.

Well, you know, not you, but Death.

You mean like,
"How did Betty White outlast me?"

"What does it all mean?" is popular.

- And am I just gonna magically know?
- No.

What am I supposed to say?

- Give me something.
- Suck it up. Comes with the gig.

Come on, come on. Let's go!

They can't hear you, can't see you.
Let this play out.

- Well, who am I taking?
- Wait and see.

- Which one?
- You want me to shoot the kid?

Hurry up!

You think I'm kidding? And don't forget
the drawer under the register.

Come on. Move it! Let's go.

You idiot.

Hello? Ticktock.

He's in agonizing pain, right?

Uh, yes.

Give me a minute.

- Why?
- Mostly because you're a dick.

Enjoy the ride down, pal.

Trust me, sauna gets hot.

It's okay.

That wasn't so hard.

Call me crazy,
but this smells like a heart attack.

Lucky guess.


You think maybe
it was the extra cheese?

Yeah. It was good, though.

- Is that a local place?
- Dean.

Right. Um...

Time to go, man. Sorry.

Will you tell me what it all means?

Everything is dust in the wind.

That's it? A Kansas song?

Sorry. He's new.

Woke up and you were gone.
Where you been?

Just driving around. No biggie.

- Drink?
- Yeah. Sure.

After you, boss.

Ha, ha. Yeah. It was a lot of fun.

And that one?

That's you,
when we went to California.

You were 6 then.


We should burn that.

You were adorable. Yeah, right.

- The dad or the kid?
- Kid.

Is that me?

Come on. What is she, 13?

She's 12.

And that?

That's your mom,
when she was your age.

- This guy have any other family?
- No, not really.

Oh, I remember that.

Well, this is awesome. What?

You thought it was all gonna be robbers
and heart attacks?

- She's 12.
- With a serious heart condition.

Who's next on the list?

- Dean. You have to take her.
- Says who?

- Death.
- I'm Death.

- You know what I mean.
- Who tells him?

I don't know, it just is. It's destiny.

Oh, give me a break.

I've spent my whole life
fighting that crap.

There's no such thing as destiny,
just like there was no Apocalypse.

Just a bunch of mooks
who didn't want us human slaves...

asking questions.
Well, I say the little girl lives.

Do you know what's amazing? You don't
actually buy a word you're saying.

- Yes, I do.
- Oh, really?

All the times
you messed with life and death...

they just worked out for you?

It was just a beach party every time,

Well, I know this much:

I'm Death, she's 12...

and she's not dying today.

Let's get it over with.
The surgeon's ready to go.

Everything's gonna be fine. You'll see.

Medically, I can't explain it.

So, ahem, her heart just healed?

Couple of times in your career,
you see something...

you just gotta call a miracle.

All I know is I won't have to operate.

Thank you. Thank you, doctor.

You did it. You're gonna be okay.

Hey, hon. Guess what. I'm leaving.

No, surgery was canceled.

Come on. We have more work here.

Okay. See you soon.

Pair of aces.

- You want another one?
- Yeah, sure.

May have been born at night, boy,
but it wasn't last night.

Not good.

Let's not do anything hasty here, Sam.

Don't say, "Here's Johnny."

I gotta do this, Bobby. I'm sorry.
You shouldn't have cornered yourself.

I didn't.

Reinforced steel core.
Titanium kick plates.

Get comfy.

You wanna explain
what this is about?

I just, uh...

- I have to do this, Bobby.
- Says who?

Dean shoves that soul back in me,
think how bad that could really be.

I can't let it happen, Bobby.

It's not like I wanna kill you.
You've been nothing but good to me.

So, what, demon deal or something?


You're making a mistake, Sam.

I'm trying to survive.

Dean's got a way to make it safe.

Oh, yeah, what,
some wall inside my head...

that maybe stays up? Come on.

- If it works-
- Yeah, what if it doesn't?

Dean doesn't care about me.
He just cares about his little brother...

Sammy, burning in hell.

He'll kill me to get that guy back.

Look, I-

I know how scary it is.

But you know what's scarier?

You, right now.

You're not in your right head, Sam.

You're not giving us
much choice here.



Ain't nobody killing me
in my house but me.

I don't wanna blow your legs out, boy,
but I will.

Oh, what, you're gonna give me
the silent treatment now? Really?

- Damn it. I knew it.
- What?

Five hundred ER.

What's going on? Accident.

Fractured spine, internal bleeding.

Had a heart attack. We need Owens.

He just left.
Call Owens, tell him to turn around.

BP? BP, 60 over 30.

Pupils fixed and dilated.
Push one milligram of epi.

- Start a dopamine drip.
- That's-

You let the girl live,
nurse goes home early...

gets in a crash she wouldn't have,
and she needs the heart surgeon.

Where is he?

Three. All right.

You knew this would happen? No.

Just knew
you knocked over a domino.

Come on.
She's in cardiac arrest.

- Take her.
- What?

- Clear.
- She's not on the list.

Everything you do has consequences.

- Wanna set off another chain reaction?
- She's got nothing to do with this.

Well, too bad, Dean. You put
on the ring, now do your damn job.

Go. Clear.

- No response.
- Fine.

Trauma Zone. Nothing.

She's not gonna make it.
Still nothing.

V- tach. She's crashing again.
We're losing her.

300. 300. Charging.

Clear. Go.

No response. Is that...?

- Still nothing.
- Am I...?

Yes. I'm sorry.

But I'm-

Time of death, 10:43.
So young. Yeah.

Actually, you were supposed
to live for many decades.

Have kids, grandkids.

- Then why?
- Because he screwed up.

You did this to me?

Come on, Jolene. It's time.


I'm sorry.

Where is she?
Where's my wife? Where is she?

Scott, wait. We did everything we could.



- A real vacation?
- Yeah.

I can take you to this one caf?.

Show you where I met your mom.

You saw what happened to the nurse.

Go and kill that girl, Dean.

Get some sleep.

Good night, Daddy.
Night, Hilary.

I love you. I love you too.

I tried to tell you
what you already know.

She's disrupting the natural order
by being alive.

You of all people know
what that means.

Chaos and sadness will follow her
for the rest of her life.

We tried it your way.

- Give me a minute.
- What?

Come on, man. Pull the car over.
You're gonna get yourself killed.

What are you doing?
Pull the damn car over.

Come on. Stop the car.
Come on. Stop the car.

What are you doing? Stop the car!

Son of a bitch.

- Hit the brakes!
- Aah!

Damn it.


You there, Tessa? I lost.

Sam's screwed. You happy?

Least you could do
is zap my ass back home.


I lost the bet.

Sorry about your brother.

Let's just go.

Go where, Dean? We're done.

What are we...?

Unfinished business.

It's over. You took the ring off.

I thought you wanted
the girl to skate by.

No one really skates by.

Do they?

You should say your goodbyes, man.

Man, I must have dozed off.


Somebody! One, two...

three, one. One, two, three, one.
Nothing. Not getting a pulse.

One, two, three, one.

I'm dead?

I'm sorry.

But what about my dad?

- He'll be fine.
- Really?

I have no idea.

I can't just leave him.

- It's not fair.
- I know.

Well, then, why?


there's sort of
a natural order to things.

Natural order's stupid.

I agree with you there.

Everything we could. I'm so sorry.

Listen to me.

You don't wanna do this.


I've been like a father to you, boy.

Somewhere inside
you got to know that.

Well, that's just it.


- Unh!
- Hi, Sam. I'm back.

I can't keep doing this, Bobby.

What, am I gonna tie him up
every time he tries to kill someone?

- That's not gonna hold him. He's-
- Capable of anything.

What am I supposed to do here?

I don't know.


Join me.

Brought you one.

From a little stand in Los Angeles
known for their bacon dogs.


Wow, what's with you
and cheap food?

I could ask you the same thing.

Thought I'd have a treat
before I put the ring back on.

Heavier than it looks, isn't it?

you just want the thing off.

But you know that.

Not hungry?

Look, I think you know that I flunked.

So there.

Oh, and by the way,
I sucked at being you.

I screwed up the whole
natural-order thing...

but I'm sure you knew
about that too.

So if you could go back,
would you simply kill the little girl?

No fuss, no stomping your feet?

Knowing what I know now? Yeah.

I'm surprised to hear that.

Surprised and glad.

Yeah, don't get excited. I would've
saved the nurse. Okay? That's it.

I think it's a little more than that.

Today, you got a hard look
behind the curtain.

Wrecking the natural order
is not quite such fun...

when you have to
mop up the mess. Is it?

This is hard for you, Dean.

You throw away your life...

because you've come to assume
that it'll bounce back into your lap.

The human soul is not a rubber ball.

It's vulnerable, impermanent...

but stronger than you know...

and more valuable
than you can imagine.


I think you've learned
something today.

Wanna know what I think?

I think you knew
that I wouldn't last a day.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I lost. Fine.

But at least have the balls to admit
that it was rigged from the jump.

Most people speak to me
with more respect.

- I didn't mean-
- We're done here.

It's been lovely.

But now I'm going to go to hell
to get your brother's soul.

- Why would you do that for me?
- I wouldn't do it for you.

You and your brother
keep coming back.

You're an affront
to the balance of the universe...

and you cause disruption
on a global scale.

- Apologize for that.
- But you have use.

Right now,
you're digging at something.

The intrepid detective.

I want you to keep digging, Dean.

- So you just gonna be cryptic, or-?
- It's about the souls.

You'll understand
when you need to.


With Sam, is this wall thing
really gonna work?

Call it 75 percent.

Bobby? Stay away from me.

- Open the door.
- What happened?


Get away from me!



Now, Sam...

I'm gonna put up a barrier
inside your mind.

- No, don't touch me.
- It might feel a little itchy.

Do me a favor.

Don't scratch the wall.

Because, trust me,
you're not gonna like what happens.

Please. Don't do this.

No. No. You don't know.
You don't know what'll happen to me.

Dean, please.

No. No.

No. Aah!