Supernatural (2005–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Dean discover that a witch is running a high-stakes poker game where the currency is life years vs. money. Bobby sees the game as a chance to get out of the wheelchair and bets 25 years, but loses. As Bobby begins to age rapidly, Dean steps in to save him but also ends up turning into an old man, leaving Sam holding the only hopes for their survival.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ chuckles lightly ]

[ door opens ]

Hey, babe.


Nice to see you, too.

[ breathing heavily ]

[ exhales sharply ]

[ breathing heavily ]

[ gasps ]

[ crash ]


Are you okay?



You expect me to believe
you're cdc?

Excuse me?

It's just that
you're a day early.

First time in history
i haven't sat on my ass

waiting for you people.

New administration.

A change
you can believe in.


[ metal clatters ]

Doctor: meet xavier.

Date of birth --
april 3, 1984.

I know.

I ran the dna twice.

That's definitely him.

Well, he wasn't big
on the sunscreen, huh?

what's your theory?

All i know is,
decedent's male, 25 years old,

And he died of old age.

You were right about this one.
it's definitely a job.

Thought so.

Any other stiffs in town?

Just the one body.

Anything else?

Couple missing persons,
but usual for a town this size.

Well, check 'em out.

You think
they're connected?

Call it a hunch.
you got it.

And, by the way,
how you doing?



You know, general?

oh, you mean my legs.

Well, i'm just weepin'
in my haagen-dazs.


[ beep ]

[ cellphone closes ]

the most recent.

How long
has he been missing?

Oh, i knew right away

When he didn't come home
tuesday night.

Is there someplace he likes
to go after work, maybe?

A favorite bar?

[ laughing ] no.

Tuesdays, he always works
a bit late,

But he always
comes straight home.

May i use
your facilities, ma'am?

"working late," my ass.

Well, at least
he's consistent.

Same room every tuesday,
hourly rates.

Hope i got that kind of kick
when i'm his age.

yeah, like either of us
will live that long.


what do you think's in there?

A wrinkly,
gooey corpse.

[ asian music plays ]

[ sighs ]

Man: oh, god!
oh, god!

Oh! oh, god!

[ grunts ]

What the...

Oh. god.

It's gooey.

[ clears throat ]

Sorry. uh...

Got the wrong room.

Close the door!


[ scoffs ]

Nice tattoo.

Happen to know anybody
named cliff whitlow?

Never heard of him.

Well, that's weird.

'cause you're carrying
his wallet.


Your wife told us
about your, uh, birthmark there.

That's nice.

you look great, cliff.

Did you get
some work done?

[ sighs ]

Could you give us
some privacy?




Please don't tell my wife.
dean: slow down.

I'm begging you.
as far as she knows, i'm dead.

For the love of god,
let's keep it that way.

how can you possibly
be cliff whitlow?

I can't tell you.

Well, either you tell us
or we tell the missus.

Okay! okay!

It was a game.

What's xbox?

poker -- high-stakes.

Instead of cash,
you play for years.

What is that
supposed to mean?

Look, i know
it sounds crazy.

Guy comes up to me at a bar,
invites me to play.

Gives me 25 of these
weirdo poker chips, right?

Chants some mumbo humbo
over them,

says now
they're 25 years.

I'm laughing...

But then i come out up.

And look at me.

what was
he chanting?
[ laughing ]
how should i know?

All i know is,
my bad hip's good,

I threw away
my glasses.

one of those ladies
was here for free!

Man's some kind
of miracle worker.

What does this miracle worker
look like?

Just a guy.

Maybe 35, brown hair.

Irish accent.
his name was patrick.

All right, all right.
where's this game at?

He said he likes to keep moving.
never stays in one bar long.

and he finds you.

Thank you, cliff.

Oh, and, uh...

Stay classy.

It sounds crazy,

Bobby: no.
there's lore on it.

Goes back centuries.

Traveling card player
pops into town.

You beat him,
you get your best years back.

'course, most folks lose.

Well, that would explain
the crunchy corpse.

Supposedly, this player's
a hell of a card shark.

Got a lot of years
in the bank.

You find the bar
he's working in yet?

There's a lot of dives
in this town.

We're gonna have to
split up.

well, why you still
talking to me?

Sam: find anything?

Yeah, a whole bunch
of squat. you?

No, not a thing.
all right.

Well, you come up dry,
circle back to the motel in two.

Your turn
to grab dinner.

Extra bacon.

Can i get a beer?


You wouldn't happen to know
of a poker game

Going on in back,
would you?

It's a bar,
not a casino.

My friend ben
told me you'd know.

Don't know any ben.

Sure you do.

You know, balding, smart-ass,
real ladies' man?

Listen, pal,
i told you --

I don't know any ben.

I don't know nothing
about a game.

You sure?
'cause, uh...

...he sure
seems to know you.

'round back.
take the elevator down.

[ clattering ]


What the hell
are you doing here?

Planting daisies.
what's it look like?

Came in on the case.

and you beat me here?

Well, brains trumps legs,

So, you found the game?


Did you stop it?


[ breathing heavily ]

Not exactly.

What did you do?

I played, okay?


I lost.

Are you kidding me?

You played
some -- some he-witch?

Don't you take
that tone with me.

You idiot!

they're my years!
i can do what i want!

How many did you lose?


We're not done.

So, you're saying
that you're a mind reader.

[ irish accent ] ah, come on.
no such thing.

but i can read people.

Take your lovely
companion here.

I'd say, judging
from her exquisite posture,

She used to be
a dancer.

[ chuckles lightly ]

Not much of a drinker.

Very independent.

Looking for adventure.

Hey, man.

Excuse me.

Can i borrow you
for a sec?

Oh, yeah.
of course. great.

Good to see you.

Would you two
please excuse me?

Sorry to cut you short

With mr. and mrs. easy marks
over there.

Oh, no big.

Wasn't a total loss.

Look, i don't know what it is
you think i did

To your wife
or girlfriend,

Mother or sister,

But, uh, i just want you
to know, my feelings were real.

That ain't my problem,

You owe my friend
some years.

that's what this is.

[ clicks tongue ]
i'm sorry. he lost.

Them's the breaks.

Well, then un-lose him.

[ gun cocks ]

Oh, go ahead
and shoot me,

If it makes you
feel better.

i could use a good...

You know...tickle.

You want years?

Play me for 'em.


[ raspy ]
dean, no!

they're my years.
i can do what i want.

[ coughing ]


[ wheezing ]

it's barely linty.

Okay, well, suit yourself.
just trying to help.

All right, all right.
come on. let's do this.

You understand
the terms?

Buy-in's 25 years.

Make it 50.

I like
the cut of your jib.

gu dealrach a-nis.


That's 25 years.

they go to him.

And he's cashing out.


You sure?


las suas agus cuir
ás an teine.

mar sin bitheadh.

That's 25 years
you just pissed away.

Better be sure
you can win them back.

[ slams chips ]

Shuffle up and deal.

[ chuckles lightly ]

This is gonna be fun.

Hey, dean?

You find anything?

Uh, you might say.

Who the hell are you?!

Dude, relax.

It's me.



What the hell happened?

I, you know...
found the game.

You f--

i thought you said
you were g-good at poker.

I am. shut up.

So, you were just gonna shoot
some old guy? is that it?

i didn't know what you were.
i mean, h-have you seen you?

You look like --

The old chick in "titanic."
i know. shut up.

I was gonna say
"emperor palpatine."

[ door thuds ]

[ door slams ]

I see you met
john mccain there.

Yeah. either of you
want to tell me what happened?

Bobby's an idiot.
that's what happened.

Hey, nobody asked you
to play.

Right. i should have
just let you die.

and for damn sure,
nobody asked you to lose!

It's like
"grumpy old men."

Shut up, sam! shut up, sam!

What the hell
were you thinking?

He's a witch.

He's been playing poker
since guys wore tights.

You just don't get it.

Yeah, i get it,

You saw a chance to turn
the hands of the clock back

And get out
of that damn chair.

Pretty tempting.

[ scoffs ]
i can imagine.

no, you can't.

You got me.

I never been paralyzed.

But i tell you something --
i've been to hell,

And there's an archangel there
wanting me to drop the soap.

Look at me!
my junk's rustier than yours!

you hear me bellyaching?

A-actually, yeah.


[ strained ]
i'm having a heart attack.

No, you're not.

[ exhales sharply ]

What is it?

Acid reflux.

Guys your age
can't digest certain foods.

[ exhales slowly ]

You're gonna need
to put down that cheeseburger.

[ sighs ]

So, you want
to keep emoting

Or you want to talk
about solving this
little issue of yours?

It's got to be
about the chips.

I slid 'em across,

Patrick did
his little witchy number,

And you prettied up
in a hurry.

I mean,
what are you all thinking?

Some kind of magic chips
or something?


You remember
what he chanted?
yep -- every word.

All right, then let's find out
where he stashes his chips.

And steal me 50.

Benjamin button me
back into burger shape.

[ snorts ]
what do you think?

I think you ought to
put some clothes on.

[ knock on door ]

[ clears throat ]

Ready for housekeeping,

Born ready.

[ chuckling ] you're just like
my grandfather.

He hits on
anything that moves, too.

You're adorable.

And dangerous.


[ laughs ]

Can we just go?

[ engine revving ]

[ tires squeal ]

Man: guys, get some help!
he came out of nowhere!

[ car door opens, closes ]

[ engine turns over ]

[ jazz music plays ]

What the hell?

[ laughing ]
i got to say,

I kind of like
the guy.

[ sighs lightly ]
well, i'm out.

[ breathing heavily ]


[ sighs ]

[ sighs ]

[ exhales sharply ]

[ jazz music stops ]

[ jazz music resumes ]

[ panting ]

[ jazz music stops ]

[ door opens ]

[ lock clicks ]


Dime-store model.

Piece of cake.

[ groans ]

It's like "mission: pathetic."
watch out.

[ dial turning quickly ]

i could have done that.

What are you doing?

Aren't you
the chick from the bar?

I'm a lot more
than that.

[ both groan ]

It's all right,

It's all right.
they're harmless.

You boys want chips?
take 'em.

They're just chips,

It's showmanship.

This may
come as a shock,

But the magic does not lie
in a pile of crappy plywood

Or in
any phony abracadabra.

It's in
the 900-year-old witch.

You boys want years?

Score 'em
the old-fashioned way.

Texas hold 'em.

Fine. let's do it.

What card
am i holding up?

That's what i thought.

If your eyesight's that bad,
what about your memory?

I'm not a murderer.

on the other hand...

No, sam.

What, sam not
much of a player?

Okay, well,
happy trails, dean.

Enjoy the twilight
of your life.

Should have taken better care
of that ticker, though.

You're free to go.

Oh, but, sam...

Your brother's
situation --

That's punishment enough,

But i can't let you leave

a small parting gift.

What are you

You'll find out
soon enough.

Let's get
out of here, sam.


I believe that he-witch
gave you the clap.

[ laughs ]

[ strained ]
little help here?

[ grunts ]

You know,
i still think i should play.

No, no, no.

You're not good enough.

i'm better.
bobby's way better.

we both lost.


So, what? so i don't get a say
in this anymore?

Sammy, when you get
to be our age --

You're 30, dean!

Look, i've watched you hustle
plenty of poker --

Knowing the game
is not enough, sam.

It's not about
playing the cards.

It's about playing
the other guy. i know that.

Well, hooray for you.

All i'm saying is,
i played this guy.

I know his style.
i can take him.

No, bobby. you don't have
enough years in the bank.

I got enough.

No, you'll die
if you lose, bobby.

So what if i do, huh?

what exactly
am i living for, huh?!

The damn apocalypse?!

Watching men die bloody
while i sit in this chair,

Can't take a step
to help 'em?


No, no.
it's the facts.

I'm old...

And broke down...

[ voice breaking ]
and i can't...

I ain't a hunter
no more.

I'm useless.

And if i wasn't
such a coward,

I'd have stuck a gun
in my mouth

Day i got home
from the hospital.

Bobby, you are not
playing again.

I'm not...
letting you do that.

There's another way out of this.
there's got to be.

And i'm gonna find it.

Take it.

It'll help you.

What is this?

The most powerful
reversal spell you've
ever laid your eyes on.

And it reverses what?

Patrick's work --
all of it.

You -- you saying
i could be normal again?

You and everyone else
he's ever played.

Who's still alive.

Why the hell
should we trust you?

Trust me, don't trust me.
i don't care.

The spell is real.

If it zaps everyone,
don't that include your man?

And me, too.

I look good for my age.

Lady, this don't
add up for squat.

Why would you want that?

I have my reasons.

Do it quick.

We leave town tomorrow.

[ poker chips clinking ]


I sense you've got me
by the jewels on this one, hesh.

I fold.

[ grunts ]

What are you up --
like 13 years there, hesh?

What do you say
we call it a day?

[ chuckles ]

Thanks, patrick.

Hesh here is gonna live

To see his granddaughter's
bat mitzvah.

Isn't that right, hesh?

[ sighing ] ohhh.

Thanks again, patrick.

Shalom, my friend.

[ chuckles ]

[ cards shuffle ]

That was nice of you.

I'm a nice guy.

What can i do you for?

[ cards shuffle ]


[ dean grunting ]

Jawbone of a murderer.

[ breathing heavily ]

You know,
this really sucks.

How do we even know
her spell's gonna work?

We don't.
but we ain't got a plan "b."

Now, less flappin'
and more diggin'.

Oh, god!

[ moans ]

My elbows!
i'm all creaky.

Hurry up, you crybaby.

Pound it up your ass,

One little grave.

then you do it.

i'll hop right in.

Well, least your legs
are numb.

Shut up and dig,


Now it's my back!
[ groans ]

Can you straighten up?

Yeah, but a little sympathy
wouldn't hurt.

Butt cheek tingling?

Well, that's
kind of personal.

So "yeah"?

It's sciatica. you'll live.
keep digging.

You know, bobby...

Killing you is officially
on my bucket list.

I like you, sam.
i do.

You're smart, and your heart's
clearly in the right place.

I can tell a lot about a guy
by looking.

You mean you're psychic.

that'd be cheating.

I'm talking about
good old-fashioned intuition.

let's just play.

we are playing.

Does your big brother
know you're here?

Bet five.

Didn't think so.

I raise.

Here you are, right...

trying to clean up
their mess,

And they still want to sit you
at the kiddie table.

You're not the little brother
anymore, sam.

Then again...

...maybe you are.

You're in over your head
here, sam.

I mean, you can keep
making these moves --

You know...

Playing it cautious,

Playing the percentages.

But i'm still gonna kick
your ass into the nursing home.

Does this
armchair-psychology routine

Usually work for you?

[ laughs ]

you tell me.

You're the one
who's losing.

Little break?

How's it going
in there?

[ scoffs ]

how do you think
it's going?

What about you?
you have everything you need?

We still need
a little he-witch dna.

He was chewing it.

Hurry up, dean.

All right.
just keep him busy.

And, sammy...

Don't lose.

[ grunts ]

bobby: gairmidh mi air maponus,
dia na hogalachd.

gairmidh mi air sucellus,
dia na time.

till an-dràsda obair uile
gu bheilair a bhith deànta.

mar sin bitheadh.

Drop it in.


How do i look?

Question --

Is this what you meant
to give your big brother?

The one you gave him
never passed my lips.

Won't do a scrap of good.

I don't like
cheating, sam.

[ gasping ]

Stop it!
patrick, let him go!

He tried to kill us!

i did it!
i gave him the spell!

[ panting ]



Why would you do that?

You know why.

You know.


Everything we put
in that spell was kosher.

Yeah, everything
except the damn toothpick.

You got to go get
a speck of dna.

Strap on
your track shoes.

Oh, goody.

More stairs.

It's too damn clean
in here.

First witch
i ever heard of

Didn't spew bodily fluids
all over the place.

Toothbrush, comb --

Well, look at you --

The percentage player
betting the farm.

Awful transparent
of you, sam.

I mean, if i had a monster hand
like you have,

I'd trap you.

But you get so excited,

You bet yourself
right out of a big pot.

[ sniffs ]

I fold.

Set of ladies,
i'm guessing.

Nice bluff.

If we had time, i could make
a real player out of you.

I got time.

[ chuckles ]


But i can't say the same
for dean.

Your brother's
gonna be dead soon.

And when i say "soon"...

i mean minutes.

The game's not over
till i say it is.


[ grunts ]

[ groans ]

So, when it's about
your brother,

You get so emotional,

Your brain just flies
right out the window.

Good to know.

Go to hell.

I'm all-in.

[ sighs ]

Don't do that, sam.

I can't leave
until it's over?

Fine. it's over.

Now, where's my brother?

Look, there's poker
and then there's suicide.

Just play the hand.

dean, you there?

[ gasping lightly ]



I'm sorry, kid.

Aces full.

[ gasps lightly ]

[ exhales heavily ]

You're crying.

[ sniffles ]

For a witch, you're so nice,
it's actually kind of creepy.

It's okay.

It was a great hand.


...not as great... four 4s.

[ chuckles lightly ]

[ scoffs ]

Well played.

You know, that whole...

bit --

Very method.

Well, there's more to you
than meets the eye.

Cash these in for dean,

With pleasure.

Dean, you hear me?

Damn it, dean!


I can't do this.

Yes, you can.

Don't make me.

I don't want to win.

I buried my daughter.

And she looked like this.

It's not natural.

You knew...

When you decided
to come with me.

This is what you wanted.

You're still young.

You're so beautiful.

you have me.

I miss my family.

[ gulps ]

I'm sorry, patrick.

I thought you loved me.

I do.

of course i do.

I thought
i was cut out for this,

But i'm not.

I don't think i can do this
without you.

You got on okay for a long time
before you met me.




Thank you.

No tricks --
you actually beat the guy?

How the hell?

Just lucky.

Hey. i'll see
y'all guys later.

Where you going?


Mm, nowhere.

A booster shot.

Don't say it.

[ groaning ] well, i guess
we can get the van loaded.

[ clears throat ]

I shouldn't have
called you an idiot.

Which time?

I'm sorry.

I mean,
i actually -- i-i...

I get it.

Getting old
ain't a bachelor party.

and dealing with the crap
you got to deal with...

Don't you go
on pity patrol.

I'm not.

I'm not. i'm just...

I'm saying, you know,
if i was in your shoes...

You'd never
stop complaining.

Fair enough.

You're not useless,


Good talk.

No, wait a minute.
listen to me.

[ sighs ]

You don't stop
being a soldier

'cause you got wounded
in battle.


No matter
what shape you're in,

Bottom line is,
you're family.

I don't know
if you've noticed,

But me and sam,
we don't have much left.

I can't do this
without you.

I can't.

So don't you dare
think about checking out.

I don't want
to hear that again.





Now, we done
feeling our feelings?

'cause i'd like
to get out of this room

Before we both start
growing lady parts.

Yeah, we're done.

Let's go, ironsides.

oh, that one's sticking,