Supernatural (2005–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Dean investigate a series of odd murders that strangely resemble fairy tales and urban legends. The brothers track down an 11-year-old boy named Jesse, and realize that whatever Jesse believes is coming true. Castiel appears again and tells Sam and Dean that Jesse is a serious threat and needs to be eliminated which deeply disturbs and divides them since it is against the Winchester brothers' custom of killing a human.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You chose a demon over your
own brother and look what happened.

I did it. I started the Apocalypse,
and I set Lucifer free.

- I'm sorry. I would give anything to take it all back.
- I know you would.

If we're gonna be a team,
it has to be a two-way street.

We gotta just grab on to whatever's in front
of us, kick its ass, and go down fighting.

I can get onboard with that.


Come on, get out of there.

Yeah, go on. Go.


I told you to go to bed.

I can't. I'm dead.

What is this? Ketchup?

- Gross.
- Ow!

You're mean.

Yeah, that's what your parents
pay me for, to be mean.

- Bed, now.
- Okay, okay.

Just wait. Wait.

I'll go to bed
if you let me touch your boob.


I'll take Amber home. Don't wait up.




Agents Page and Plant, FBl.

Gentlemen. What brings you by?

- We need to see Amber Greer's body.
- Really? What for?

The police report said something
clawed through her skull.

You didn't read the autopsy report
that I e-mailed out this morning?

We had server issues.

When they brought her in,
we thought she was attacked by a wolf.

- Or something.
But we were wrong.

- Is that-?
It's a press-on nail.

We found it in her temporal lobe.

Is that even possible?

You saying
that she did this to herself?

Uh-huh. She scratched her brains out.

It'd take hours and it'd hurt like hell,
but, sure, it's possible.

- How?
- Pick your acronym.

OCD, PCP, it all spells crazy.

My guess?
Some kind of phantom itch.

I mean, an extreme case, but-

- Phantom itch?
- Yeah.

All it takes is someone
talking about an itch...

...or thinking about one,
and suddenly you can't stop scratching.

- Thanks, doc.
- Okay.

Okay, now, some of these questions
might seem a bit odd...

...but, please, just bear with me.

Have you noticed
any cold spots in the house?

- No.

What about strange smells?

Like, say...

What you looking for?

Don't know yet.

It's Jimmy, right?

- So Amber was your babysitter?
- Yes, sir.

Yeah, most of my babysitters sucked.

Especially Miss Chancey,
she only cared about two things:

Dynasty and bedtime.

- Did you see anything strange that night?
- No, sir.

You sure about that?

I would tell you if I knew something.
I promise.

A hundred percent, cross my heart.

Well, Jimmy,
I happen to know you're lying.

I'm not.

We gonna start talking truth, or are you
and me gonna take a trip downtown?

Kid said he put this
on the babysitter's hairbrush.

Dean, no way itching powder
made that girl scratch her brains out.

It's just ground-up maple seeds.

You have any another theories,
I'm open to them.


Yeah, we'll be right there.

Dr. Norris.

Dr. Norris.

What happened?

Guy got electrocuted.

Any idea how?

Maybe a loose wire
or a piece of equipment shorted out.

So far, we haven't found anything.

- Witnesses?
- Yeah.

Guy in there, Mr. Stanley.

He says he saw it,
but he's not making a lick of sense.

- Senile.
- Thanks.

Mr. Stanley?

It was just a joke.

I didn't know it would really work.

What would work?

All I did was shake his hand.

- You ready?
- Hit it, Mr. Wizard.

That'll do, pig.

What the hell?

- That crap isn't supposed to work.
- This thing doesn't even have batteries.

So, what?
Are we looking at cursed objects?

Sounds good.

Maybe there's
a powerful witch in town.

Is there any link between
the joy buzzer and the itching powder?

One was made in China, the other
in Mexico, bought from the same store.


Welcome to the Conjurarium,
sanctum of magic and mystery.

- You the owner?
- Yep.

Sold any itching powder
or joy buzzers lately?

Yeah, grand total, one of each.

They aren't exactly big-ticket items.

Look, you boys here
to buy something, or what?

So you get many customers?

Kids come in.

They don't buy much, but they're
more than happy to break stuff.

These days,
all they care about are iPhones...

...and those kissing-vampire movies.

The whole thing makes me just-


Yeah. Yeah, I am angry.

This shop has been my life for 20 years,
and now it's wasting away to nothing.

- Which is why you hate them.
- I suppose.

You wish there was something
you could do.

Yeah, I guess I do.

So you're taking revenge...

...with this.

Yeah, something tells me
this guy is not a powerful witch.

Sorry. Sorry.

I'll just slip this tooth
under your pillow...

...and while you're asleep,
the tooth fairy will float down...

...and swap it out for a quarter.

Some freak is gonna come in my room
while I'm sleeping and take my tooth?

Sounds scary. No, thank you.

Come on.

Good night, sweetie.

Hold still,
you might feel just a little pinch.

Well, I appreciate that,
Nurse Fremont.

Please, call me Jen.

Oh, Jen it is.

What's up with Toothless?

- Cavity Creeps get ahold of him?
- Close.

He wrote up a description: 5'10",
350 pounds, wings and a pink tutu.

- The tooth fairy.
- So he's whacked out on painkillers.

Maybe. It got past locked doors and
windows without triggering the alarm.

Come on, the tooth fairy?

And it left 32 quarters
underneath his pillow.

One for each tooth.

Well, I will see your crazy
and raise you some.

Kids upstairs with ulcers say they
got it from mixing Pop Rocks and Coke.

Another guy, his face froze that way.

What way?

He held it too long and it stuck.

They're flying in a plastic surgeon.

So, I mean, if you add all that up...

I got nothing.

I thought Sea-Monkeys were real.

They are. They're brine shrimp.

No, no, no. I mean, like in the ads.

Like the Sea-Monkey wife cooks the
pot roast for the Sea-Monkey husband...

...and the Sea-Monkey kids play
with the dog in a Sea-Monkey castle.


- I mean, I was 6, but I believed it.
- Okay.

The point is,
maybe that's the connection.

The tooth fairy,
the Pop Rocks and Coke...

...the joy buzzer that shocks you,
all lies that kids believe.

And now they're coming true.

Okay, so whatever's doing this
is reshaping reality.

It has the powers of a god
or of a trickster.

And the sense of humor
of a 9-year-old.

Or you.

Dude, seriously? Still with the ham?

We don't have a fridge.

Well, I found something. Here.

Tooth fairy attack was here,
Pop Rocks and Coke was here...

...then you've got itching powder,
face freeze and joy buzzer.

All located within a two-mile radius.

So we got a blast zone of weird,
and inside, fantasy becomes reality.

- Looks like.
- And what's the A-bomb in the center?

Four acres of farmland and a house.

Our motel isn't in that circle,
by any chance?

Yeah, why?

Oh, dude.
That's not what I think it is, is it?

I got bored. That nurse was hot.

You know you can go
blind from that too.

Give me five minutes.
We'll go check out that house.

Hey. Do not use my razor.

- Can I help you?
- Hi.

What's your name?

Who wants to know?

The, ahem, FBl.

Let me see that.

So, what, you guys don't knock?

- Are your parents home?
- They work.

Well, you mind
if we ask you a few questions?

Maybe take a look around the house?

I don't know.

Come on, you can trust us, huh?
We're the authorities.

- What's that?
- It's called soup.

You heat it up and you eat it.

Right. I know.

It's just...

...I used to make dinner too,
when I was a kid.

Well, I'm not a kid.

Right. No, I know.

- I'm Robert, by the way.
- Jesse.

Jesse? Nice to meet you.

- Did you draw this?
- It's the tooth fairy.

That's what you think
the tooth fairy looks like, huh?

- Yeah. My dad told me about him.
- Huh.

What, didn't your dad
tell you about the tooth fairy?

My dad?

No. My dad told me different stories.

Well, the tooth fairy isn't a story.

What do you know
about itching powder?

- It will make you scratch your brains out.
- Pop Rocks and Coke?

You mix them and you'll end up
in the hospital. Everyone knows that.

- You shouldn't have that.
- Why not?

It can electrocute you.

Actually, it can't.

It's just a wind-up toy.
It's totally harmless.

Doesn't even have batteries.

So it can't shock you?

Nope. Not at all.

I swear.

Oh, okay.

All it does is just shake in your hand.
It's kind of lame. See?

What did you say
your name was again?

- Dude, what the hell?
- I had a hunch, I went with it.

You risked my ass on a hunch?

We know who's turning this town
into Willy Wonka's nightmare.

- The kid.
- Everything Jesse believes comes true.

He thinks the tooth fairy looks like
Belushi, joy buzzers really shock people.

Convince him that joy buzzers don't work,
and they go back into crap toys.

He probably doesn't even know
he's doing it.

How is he doing it?

So dug up what I could on Jesse Turner.
It's not much.

B student,
won last year's Pinewood Derby.

But get this: Jesse was adopted.
His birth records are sealed.

So you unsealed them.

There's no father listed, but Jesse's
biological mom is named Julia Wright.

She lives in Elk Creek,
on the other side of the state.

Whatever you're selling,
I'm not interested.

Oh, we're not salesmen.
Agents Page and Plant, FBl.

Put your badge in the slot.
Your partner's too.

What do you want?

We just had a few questions
about your son.

I don't have a son.

He was born March 29th, 1998,
in Omaha.

You put him up for adoption.

What about him?

We were just wondering. Was it a-?

Was it a normal pregnancy?

- Was there anything strange?
- Stay away from me!

Mrs. Wright, wait.

We just wanna talk.

You're not demons?

How do you know about demons?

I was possessed.

A demon took control of my body
and I hurt people.

I killed people.

That wasn't you.

But I was there.

I heard a woman beg for mercy.

I felt a young girl's blood
drip down my hands.

That's how you knew about the salt.

Yeah, I picked up tricks.
It was in my head for months.

How many months?

So your son...

Yeah, the whole time,
the pregnancy, birth...

...all of it...

...I was possessed.

The night the baby was born,
I was alone...

...and the pain was overwhelming.

I screamed, and it came out a laugh
because the demon was happy.

It used my body
to give birth to a child.

When it was over, something changed,
maybe the demon was tired...

...or if the pain
helped me fight it, but...

...somehow I took control.

And the demon wailed inside me,
it pounded against my skull.

I thought my head
was gonna explode, but I knew.

I knew what I had to do.

- And when I was alone
with the baby, part of me-

Part of me wanted to kill it.

But God help me,
I couldn't do that... I put it up for adoption and I ran.

Who was the father?

I was a virgin.

Have you seen my son?

Is he human?

His name is Jesse.

He lives in Alliance.

He's a good kid.

So now what?

We need help.

I take it you got our message.

It's lucky you found the boy.

Oh, yeah, real lucky.
What do we do with him?

Kill him.

- Cass.
- This child is half-demon and half-human.

But it's far more powerful than either.

Other cultures call this hybrid
cambion, or Katako.

You know him as the Antichrist.

That wasn't me.

Who put that there?

Anyway, I don't get it.
Jesse is the devil's son?

No. Of course not.

Your Bible gets more wrong
than it does right.

The Antichrist is not Lucifer's child,
it's just demon spawn...

...but it is one of the devil's greatest
weapons in the war against heaven.

If Jesse's a demonic howitzer,
what's he doing in Nebraska?

The demons lost him, they can't
find him, but they're looking.

- And they lost him because...?
- Because of the child's power.

It hides him from both angels
and demons for now.

So he's got, like,
a force field around him.

Well, that's great. Problem solved.

With Lucifer risen,
this child grows strong.

Soon, he will do more than just
make a few toys come to life...

...something that will draw
the demons to him.

The demons will find this child.

Lucifer will twist this boy
to his purpose...

...and then, with a word, this child...

...will destroy the host of heaven.

Wait, you're saying
that Jesse's gonna nuke the angels?

We cannot allow that to happen.


We're the good guys.
We don't just kill children.

A year ago, you would've done
whatever it took to win this war.

Things change.

Okay. Hey, look.
We are not going to kill him, all right?

But we can't leave Jesse here either.
We know that.

So we take him to Bobby's,
he'll know what to do.

You'll kidnap him?

What is going on in this town, it's what
happens when this thing is happy.

You cannot imagine
what it will do if it's angry.

Besides, how will you hold him?

With a thought,
he could be halfway around the world.

- So we-
- So we tell him the truth.

You say Jesse's destined to go
dark side, fine, but he hasn't yet.

So if we lay it all out for him,
what he is...

...the Apocalypse, everything,
he might make the right choice.

You didn't.

And I can't take that chance.

Damn it.

Sorry. Sorry.

- No worries. You okay?
- Yeah.

It's just, today, a little shaky.

Well, talking to the Winchesters
will do that to you.

Don't you recognize me, sweetheart?

We had so many great times together,
didn't we?

And then you stole something from us,
hid it away.

That was very, very naughty of you.

So we watched, and we waited...

...and now, they told you
where he is, didn't they?

I think it's time we go
and visit our son.

Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you.

Mom! Dad!

Your mother and father are sleeping.

I assure you,
they won't wake until morning.

I'm sorry.

Was there a guy here
in a trench coat?

Was he your friend?



I did that.

But how did I do that?

You're a superhero.

- I am?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I mean, who else
could turn someone into a toy?

You're Superman,
minus the cape and the go-go boots.

See, my partner and I...

...we work for
a secret government agency.

It's our job to find kids
with special powers.

In fact, we're here to take you
to a hidden base... South Dakota,
where you'll be trained to fight evil.

- Like the X-Men?
- Exactly like the X-Men.

In fact, the guy we're taking you to,
he's even in a wheelchair.

You'll be a hero.

You'll save lives, you'll get the girl.

Sounds like fun, right?

They're lying to you.

Stay right there, dreamboat.

Can't hurt you. Orders.

You, on the other hand,
hurting you is encouraged.

Leave him alone.

Jesse, you're beautiful.

You have your father's eyes.

- Who are you?
- I'm your mother.

No, you're not.

You're half-human, half one of us.

She means demons, Jesse.

Those people you call your parents,
they lied to you too.

You're not theirs, not really.

- My mom and dad love me.
Do they?

Is that why
they leave you alone all day?

Because they love you so much?

These people...

...these imposters, they told you
that the tooth fairy was real...

...and your toys could hurt you,
and things that aren't true.

They love you so much,
they made your whole life a lie.

Look into your heart, Jesse.

You've always known
you weren't theirs.

You've always known
you were different.

Everyone has lied to you.

They're not FBl agents.

And you're not a superhero.

- Then what am I?
- You're powerful.

You can have anything you want,
you can do anything you want.

Don't listen to her, Jesse.

They treated you like a child. Nobody
trusted you, everybody's lied to you.

Doesn't that make you angry?

See? It does make you angry.

But I'm telling you the truth, Jesse.

Wouldn't it be better
if there were no lies?

Come with me.

You can wash it all clean.

Start over.

Imagine it, a world without lies.

She's right. We lied to you.

But I'll tell you the truth. Ugh!

I just- Ugh! I just want to tell- Ugh!

Stop it.

I wanna hear what he has to say.

You're stronger than I thought.

We lied to you, and I'm sorry.

So here's the truth.

I'm Sam Winchester,
that's my brother, Dean.

We hunt monsters.

Except when you are the monster,
right, Sammy?

And that woman right there,
her name is Julia.

She's your mother.

But the thing inside of her,
the thing that you're talking to...'s a demon.

- A demon?
He's done nothing but lie to you.

Don't listen to him, punish him.

Sit down and shut up.

There's kind of a war
between angels and demons...

...and you're a part of it.

I'm just a kid.

You can go with her if you want.

I can't stop you. No one can.

But if you do,
millions of people will die.

She said I was half-demon.
Is that true?

Yes. But you're half-human too.

You can do the right thing.

You've got choices, Jesse...

...but if you make the wrong ones,
it'll haunt you for the rest of your life.

Why are you telling me this?

Because I have to believe someone can
make the right choice, even if I couldn't.

Get out of her.

How did you do that?

I just did.

Kid... you're awesome.

Is she gonna be all right?


Look, uh, truth is...

...he's kind of a buddy of mine.

Any way you could turn him back?

He tried to kill me.

Right. Uh-

But he's a good guy.
He was just confused.

Okay. It's been a long night.

We'll talk about it later.

What now?

Now we take you someplace safe.

Get you trained up.

You'd be handy in a fight, kid.

What if I don't wanna fight?


You're powerful.

More powerful than pretty much
anything we've ever seen.

- That makes you-
- A freak?

To some people maybe, but not to us.

See, we're kind of freaks ourselves.

I can't stay here, can I?


Demons know where you are,
more will be coming.

I won't go without my mom and dad.

There's nothing more important
than family, we get that...

...and if you really wanna take them
with you, we'll back your play.

But you gotta understand,
it's gonna be dangerous for them too.

What do you mean?

Our dad, he would take us with him
wherever he went.

Where is he now?


A demon killed him.

Look, Jesse,
once you're in this fight...'re in it to the end.

Win or lose.

What should I do?

We can't tell you. It's your choice.

It's not fair, I know.

Can I go see my parents?

I, uh- I need to say goodbye.


He's been up there a long time.

He's gone.

- I don't know.

Jesse put everyone in town
back to normal.

The ones still alive. Then he vanished.


What does it say?

That he had to leave
to keep his parents safe.

That he loves them, and he's sorry.

How do we find him?

With the boy's powers, we can't.

Not unless he wants to be found.

You think Jesse's gonna be okay?

I hope so.

You know, we destroyed that kid's life
by telling him the truth.

We didn't have a choice, Dean.


You know, I'm starting to get
why parents lie to their kids.

You want them to believe
that the worst thing out there... mixing Pop Rocks and Coke,
protect them from the real evil.

You want them going to bed
feeling safe.

If that means lying to them, so be it.

The more I think about it,
the more I wish Dad had lied to us.

Yeah, me too.