Supernatural (2005–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - Supernatural - full transcript

Investigating two mysterious deaths in a small town, Sam and Dean discover a witch is sacrificing people to summon an ancient powerful and extremely dangerous demon.

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You know how I feel about halloween

Who are you?

I mean what are you?
I'm an angel of the lord.

The rising of the witnesses
is one of the 66 seals.

Those seals are being broken
by lilith.

Last one opens and...

Lucifer walks free.

So,you been using your,uh,freaky E.S.P. Stuff?

Yeah,well,let's keep it that way.

I'm just exorcising demons.

With your mind!

I can send them back
to hell.

But try to see the other side here.
The other side?!

I'm pulling demons
out of innocent people.

Use the knife!
The knife kills the victim.

What I do, most of them survive!

You should show me
some respect.

I dragged you
out of hell.

I can throw you back in.


How was the store?



Everyone in town
was stocking up.

Did,uh,you get enough?

I had to arm-Wrestle
norma bleaker for these.

Honey,she's 74.

And a lot stronger
than she looks.


Remember last year?
We ran out at 6:30.

It's just one piece.

You can have as much
as you want...

After halloween.


Oh,who needs a bath?



Oh,there we go!

You coming?

I'll be up in a minute.


Luke,what's taking you
so long?

Oh,my God.

Oh,my God!

Now,how many razor blades
did they find?

Two on the floor,
one in his stomach,

And one was stuck
in his throat.

He swallowed
four of them.

How is that even possible?

The candy was
never in the oven.

We just have to be thorough,
Mrs. Wallace.

Did the police find any razors
in the rest of the candy?


I mean,I don't know.
I don't think so.

I just...

I can't believe it.

You hear urban legends
about this stuff,

But it actually happens?

[ Sighs ]
More than you might imagine.

Mrs. Wallace,
did luke have any enemies?


Anyone who might have held
a grudge against him?

What do you mean?



Maybe a woman.

Are you suggesting
an affair?

Is it possible?


No,luke would nev--

I'm very sorry.

We just have to consider
all possibilities.

If someone wanted to kill
my husband,

Don't you think
they'd find a better way

Than a razor in a piece of candy
he might eat?

[ Chuckles ]

After that guy choked down
all those razor blades?

It's halloween,man.


For us,
every day is halloween.

Don't be a downer.

Anything interesting?

Well,we're on a witch-Hunt,
that's for sure.

But this isn't your typical
hex bag.

Hmm. No?

Goldthread -- An herb that's
been extinct for 200 years.

And this is celtic,

And I don't mean
some new age knock-Off.

Looks like the real deal --
Like 600-Years-Old real.


That is the charred metacarpal
bone of a newborn baby.



at least 100 years old.

like that makes it better?

They're so freaking skeevy.


Well,it takes
a pretty powerful one

To put a bag like this

More juice than we've ever dealt
with before,that's for sure.

What about you --
Find anything on the victim?

This Luke Wallace --
He was so vanilla

That he made vanilla
seem spicy.

I can't find any reason

Why somebody
would want this guy dead.

This party blows.

We should just go
t.P. Somebody.

Uh,hey, Justin.


You break
into the booze yet?

Uh,it's triple-locked.

So,you guys going to the
mausoleum party tomorrow night?

Are you gonna be there?

It's gonna be rad.
I'm gonna get so baked.

[ Laughs ]

Well,it's got to be better
than this g-Rated assfest.

Oh,come on,
it's not that bad.

Oh,check it out.

Okay,bobbing for apples
is lame.

Oh,come on,
it's halloween.


I stand corrected.

Well,I want to try.


She can really
hold her breath.


Help me!




What is happening?

Jenny,come on!


Help! Jenny!

Oh,my God.


I got this one.

Two words -- Jail bait.

I would never.

You know,
it's just so weird.

I mean,the water in the tub --
It wasn't hot.

I had just been in there

You friend didn't happen to know
a man named Luke Wallace?

Agent Seger -- FBI.

Um,who's Luke Wallace?

He died yesterday.

I don't know who that is.

I'm telling you,

Both of these vics
are squeaky-Clean.

There was no reason
for wicked-Bitch payback.

Maybe 'cause it's
not about that.

Wow. Insightful.

Maybe this witch
isn't working a grudge.

Maybe they're working
a spell.

Check this out.

"Three blood sacrifices
over three days --

The last before midnight on the
final day of the final harvest."

Celtic calendar -- The final day
of the final harvest

Is October 31st.


What exactly are
the,uh,blood sacrifices for?

Uh,if I'm right,
this witch is summoning a demon.

And not just any demon --


Am I supposed to be

Dean,samhain is the damn origin
of halloween.

The celts believed
that October 31st

Was the one night of the year

When the veil was thinnest
between the living and the dead.

And it was samhain's night.

I mean,masks were put on
to hide from him,

Sweets left on doorsteps
to appease him,

Faces carved into pumpkins
to worship him.

He was exorcised
centuries ago.

So even though samhain
took a trip downstairs,

The tradition stuck.


Only now,instead of demons
and blood orgies,

Halloween is all about kids,
candy,and costumes.

Okay,so some witch
wants to raise samhain

And take back the night?

Dean,this is serious.
I am serious.

We're talking
heavyweight witchcraft.

This ritual can only be
performed every 600 years.

And the 600-Year marker
rolls around...

Tomorrow night.

Well,it sure is
a lot of death and
destruction for one demon.

That's 'cause he likes

Once he's raised,samhain can do
some raising of his own.

Raising what,exactly?

Dark,evil crap
and lots of it.

They follow him around like
the friggin' pied piper.

So we're talking ghosts.



Those little dudes are scary.
Small hands.

Look,it just starts
with ghosts and ghouls.

This sucker keeps on going,

By night's end,we are talking
every awful thing

We've ever seen,

Everything we fight
all in one place.

It's gonna be
a slaughterhouse.


How's it going?


Yeah,I talked with
Mrs. Razor blade again.

I've been sitting out in front
of her house for hours,

And I've got a big,steamy
pile of nothing.

Look,Dean,someone planted
those hex bags,

Someone with access
to both houses.

There's got to be
some connection.

I hope we find him soon

'Cause I'm starting to cramp
like a -- Son of a bitch.

Quit whining.

I mean "son of a bitch."


Our apple-Bobbing


The wallaces' babysitter.

She told me she'd never even
heard of Luke Wallace.


Interesting look
for a centuries-Old witch.

Yeah,well,if you were
a 600-Year-Old hag

And you could pick
any costume to come back in,

Wouldn't you go
for a hot cheerleader?

I would.


Well,tracy's not as wholesome
as she looks.

Did some digging.

Apparently,she got into
a violent altercation

With one of her teachers.

Got suspended from school.

Bring back memories?

What do you mean?

Being a teenager,
all that angst.


What'd you think I meant?

[ Chuckles ]

brings back memories.

Dude,I need
a bigger kiln.

You gentlemen
wanted to talk to me?

Ah, Mr. Harding.

Oh,please. Don.


Even my students
call me Don.

Yeah,we get it,Don.

Uh,I'm agent Geddy.
This is agent Lee.

We just had a few questions
about,uh,Tracy Davis.

Uh,yeah, Tracy.

Uh,bright kid,
loads of talent.

It's a shame
she got suspended.

You two had a,uh,
violent altercation.

Yeah,she exploded.

Uh,if principal murrow
hadn't walked by when he did,

Tracy would have
clawed my eyes out.


You know,I was only trying to
rap with her about her work.

It had gotten inappropriate
and disturbing.

More disturbing than --

Than,uh,those guys?

She would cover
page after page

With these bizarre
cryptic symbols.

And then there were
the drawings --

Detailed images of killings,

She would depict herself
in the middle of them,


What kind of symbols?

Uh,anything like this?

Yeah. Yeah,I think that
might have been one of them.

You know where
Tracy is now?

I would imagine
her apartment.

Her apartment?

She got here
about a year ago alone,

As I understood it,
as an emancipated teen.

God only knows
what her parents were like.


Tracy was nowhere
I could find.

Any luck with her friends?

Luck is not our style.

Friends don't know
where she is.

It's like the bitch
hopped a broom.

She could be making
the third sacrifice any time.

Yes,thank you,Sam.

Trick or treat.

This is a motel.


So we don't have
any candy.

No,we have a ton
in the,uh --

We did,but it's gone.

we can't help you.

I want candy.

Well,I think
you've had enough.

Who are you?!


It's Castielo...

The angel.

Him,I don't know.


Oh,my God.

Er,uh,I didn't mean to --

It's an honor.

Really,I-I've heard
a lot about you.

And I,you.

Sam Winchester --
The boy with the demon blood.

Glad to hear you've ceased
your extracurricular activities.

Let's keep it that way.


Who's your friend?

This raising of samhain --
Have you stopped it?

Dean,have you
located the witch?

Yes,we've located
the witch.

And is the witch dead?

No,but --
We know who it is.

Apparently,the witch
knows who you are,too.

This was inside
the wall of your room.

If we hadn't found it,

Surely one or both of you
would be dead.

Do you know
where the witch is now?

We're working on it.

That's unfortunate.

What do you care?

The raising of samhain
is one of the 66 seals.

So this is about
your buddy lucifer.

Lucifer is no friend
of ours.

It's just
an expression.

Lucifer cannot rise.

The breaking of the seal
must be prevented at all costs.

Okay. Great.

Well,now that you're
here,why don't you tell
us where the witch is?

We'll gank her,
and everybody goes home.

We are not omniscient.
This witch is very powerful.

She's cloaked,
even to our methods.

we already know who she is.

So,if we work together --
Enough of this.

Who are you,
and why should I care?

This is Uriel.

He's what you might call...

A specialist.

What kind of
a specialist?

What are you gonna do?

You -- Both of you,you need to
leave this town immediately.


Because we're about
to destroy it.

We're out of time.

This witch has to die.
The seal must be saved.

There are
a thousand people here.


And you're willing
to kill them all?

This isn't
the first time I've...

Purified a city.

Look,I understand
this is regrettable.


We have to hold the line.

Too many seals
have broken already.

So you screwed the pooch
on some seals,

And now this town
has to pay the price?

It's the lives of 1,000
against the lives of 6 billion.

There's a bigger picture here.


bigger-Picture kind of guys.

Lucifer cannot rise.

He does,
and hell rises with him.

Is that something
that you're willing to risk?

We'll stop this witch
before she summons anyone.

Your seal won't be broken,
and no one has to die.

We're wasting time
with these mud monkeys.

I'm sorry.

But we have our orders.

No,you can't do this.
You -- You're angels.

I mean,
aren't you supposed to --

You're supposed to show mercy.

Says who?

We have no choice.

Of course
you have a choice.

I mean,come on,what,
you've never --

Never questioned
a crap order,huh?

What are you both,
just a couple of hammers?

Look,even if you can't
understand it,

Have faith
the plan is just.

How can you even
say that?

Because it comes from heaven.
That makes it just.

It must be nice
to be so sure of yourselves.

Tell me something,Dean.

When your father
gave you an order,

Didn't you obey?

Sorry,boys,it looks like
the plans have changed.

You think you can stop us?


But if you're gonna smite
this whole town...

Then you're gonna have to
smite us with it

Because we are not leaving.

You went to the trouble
of busting me out of hell.

I figure I'm worth something
to the man upstairs.

You want to waste me?

Go ahead.

See how he digs that.

I will drag you out of here

Yeah,but you'll have
to kill me.

Then we're back
to the same problem.

I mean,come on.

You're gonna wipe out a whole
town for one little witch?

Sounds to me like you're
compensating for something.

We can do this.

We will find that witch.

We will stop the summoning.

I will not let these --


I suggest
you move quickly.




I thought
they'd be different.

Who,the angels?


Well,I tried to tell you.

I just --

I mean,I thought
they'd be righteous.

they are righteous.

I mean,
that's kind of the problem.

Of course,there's nothing
more dangerous than some a-Hole

Who thinks he's on
a holy mission.

But,I mean,
this is God and heaven?

This is what
I've been praying to?

Look,man,I know you're into
the whole god thing

And jesus on a tortilla
and stuff like that.

But just because
there's a couple of bad apples

Doesn't mean the whole barrel
is rotten.

I mean,
for all we know,

God hates these jerks.

Don't give up on the stuff
is all I'm saying.

Babe ruth was a dick,

But baseball's
still a beautiful game.

Well,are you gonna figure out
a way to find this witch,

Or are you just gonna sit there
fingering your bone?

You know how much heat
it would take

To char
a bone like this,Dean?


A lot.

I mean,more than a fire
or some kitchen oven.

Okay,betty crocker,
what does that mean?

It means we make a stop.

So,Tracy used a kiln
to char the bone?

What's the big deal?

Dean,that hex bag
turned up in our room

Not after we talked
to Tracy...

After we talked
to the teacher.


Oh,my God.

Those are all
from children.

I'm guessing he's not
saving them for the dog.

The decision's
been made.

By a mud monkey.

You shouldn't
call them that.

that's what they are --

just plumbing on two legs.

You're close to blasphemy.

There's a reason
we were sent to save him.

He has potential.
He may succeed here.

At any rate...

It's out of our hands.

It doesn't have to be.

And what would you suggest?

That we drag Dean Winchester
out of here,

Then we blow this insignificant
pinprick off the map.

You know our true orders.

Are you prepared to disobey?

Thank you.
He was gonna kill me.

Ugh,that sick
son of a bitch.

I mean,
did you see what he was doing?

Did you hear him...

How sloppy
his incantation was?

My brother
always was a little dim.

He was gonna make me
the final sacrifice.

His idea.

But now,
that honor goes to him.

Our master has returned.

This spellwork's
a two-Man job,you understand?

So for 600 years,

I had to deal with that pompous
son of a bitch.

Planning,preparing --

The whole time,
I wanted to rip his face off.

And... get him with a gun.

Oh,I love that.

You know,back in the day,

This was the one night
you kept your children inside.

Well,tonight,you'll all see
what halloween really is.

What -- What are you doing?

Just follow my lead.

My love.

You've aged.

This face...

I can't fool you.

Your beauty is beyond time.


What the hell was that?

Halloween lore.

People used to wear masks
to hide from him,

So I gave it a shot.

You gave it a shot?

How are we gonna find
this mook?

Where would you go
to raise all the dark
forces of the night?

A cemetery.


So,this demon's
pretty powerful.


It might take more
than the usual weapons.


You're not using
your psychic whatever.

But --
Don't even think about it.

Ruby's knife is enough.

Because the angel said so,
for one.

I thought you said they were
a bunch of fanatics.

Well,they happen to be right
about this.
I don't know,Dean.

It doesn't seem like
they're right about much.

forget the angels,okay?

You said yourself,
these powers --

It's like playing with fire.


I'm tripping balls.

Be quiet. It's the cops.

Mr. Harding?

I mean...Don?

Uh,don,you,uh --
You locked us in.

Help them.
Dude,you're not
going off alone.

Do it.

Stand back!
Stand back!

Come on,come on,come on!


Bring it on,stinky.


That demon-ray-gun stuff...

Doesn't work on me.

Zombie-ghost orgy,huh?

Well,that's it.

I'm torching everybody.

Tomorrow is November 2nd.

That's an anniversary
for you,right?

What are you doing here?

It's the day azazel
killed your mother

And,22 years later,
your girlfriend,too.

It must be difficult
to bear,

Yet you brazenly
use the power he gave you,

His profane blood
pumping through your veins.

Excuse me?

You were told
not to use your abilities.

What was I supposed to do?

That demon
would have killed me

And my brother
and everyone.

You were told not to.

If samhain had gotten loose
in this town --

Been warned twice now.

You know,my brother
was right about you.

You are dicks.

The only reason you're
still alive,Sam Winchester,

Is because
you've been useful.

The moment
that ceases to be true,

The second you become
more trouble then you're worth,

One word -- One --

And I will turn you
to dust.

As for your brother,

Tell him that maybe
he should climb off

That high horse of his.

Ask Dean...

What he remembers from hell.

Let me guess.

You're here
for the "I told you so."


Well,good,'cause I'm really
not that interested.

I am not here
to judge you,Dean.

Then why are you here?

Our orders --

Yeah,you know,I've
had about enough of
these orders of yours.

Our orders...

Were not to stop
the summoning of samhain.

They were to do whatever
you told us to do.

Your orders
were to follow my orders?

It was a test...

To see how you would
perform under...

Battlefield conditions,
you might say.

It was a witch...

Not the tet offensive.

failed your test,huh?

I get it.

But you know what?

If you were to waive that --

That magic time-Traveling wand
of yours

And we had to do it
all over again,

I'd make the same call...

I don't know what's gonna happen

When these seals are broken.

Hell,I don't know
what's gonna happen tomorrow.

But what I do know is
is that this here --

These kids,the swings,
the trees,all of it --

Is still here
because of my brother and me.

You misunderstand me,Dean.

I'm not like you think.

I was praying that you would
choose to save the town.

You were?

These people --

They're all
my father's creations.

They're works of art.

And yet...

Even though
you stopped samhain,

The seal was broken,

And we are one step closer to
hell on earth for all creation.

And that's
not an expression,Dean.

It's literal.

You of all people should...

Appreciate what that means.

I'll tell you something

If you promise
not to tell another soul.


I'm not,uh...

A hammer,as you say.

I have questions.


I have doubts.

I don't know what is right
and what is wrong anymore...

And whether you passed
or failed here.

But in the coming months,

You will he more decisions
to make.

I don't envy the weight
that's on your shoulders,Dean.

I truly don't.