Supernatural (2005–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Supernatural - full transcript

The Winchesters and Bobby Singer encounter the angry spirits of people they couldn't save.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Look, Sam. We save a lot of
people, but we just can't save them all.

I'm Meg.

Ronald Reznick.

This is Special Agent
Victor Henriksen.

Dean, you're not gonna go to hell.

Sic him, boy.

Somebody help me!

Pretty slick, Sam.

What the hell's going on, Ruby?

- Who are you?
- Castiel.

I'm the one
who raised you from perdition.

- What are you?
- I'm an angel of the Lord.

And why would an angel
rescue me from hell?

Because God commanded it.

Because we have work for you.

Hey, it's O/ivia.

I'm not in, /eave a message.

O/ivia. It's Bobby.
Ca/ me back, wi/ you?

I got something big.
I cou/d use your he/p.


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Tell me what it could've been.

All I know is
I was not groped by an angel.

Why do you think this Castiel
would lie to you about it?

Maybe he's some kind of demon.
Demons lie.

A demon who's immune to salt rounds?
And devils' traps?

And Ruby's knife?
Dean, Lilith is scared of that thing.

Don't you think that if angels were real,
some hunter somewhere...

...would have seen one,
at some point, ever?

Yeah, you just did, Dean.

Trying to come up
with a theory, okay?

- Dean, we have a theory.

One with a little less fairy dust.

I'm not saying we know for sure,
I'm just saying that I think...

Okay, okay. That's the point.
We don't know for sure.

I'm not gonna believe this thing is
an angel of the Lord because it says so.

You two chuckleheads
wanna keep arguing religion...

...or you wanna come
take a look at this?

I got stacks of lore.
Biblical, pre-Biblical...

...some of it's in damn cuneiform.

It all says an angel
can snatch a soul from the pit.

- What else?
- What else what?

- What else could do it?
- Airlift your ass out of the hot box?

As far as I can tell, nothing.

- Dean, this is good news.
- How?

Because for once this isn't
just another round of demon crap.

Maybe you were saved
by one of the good guys.


Say it's true. Say there are angels.

Then what? There's a God?

At this point,
Vegas money's on "yeah. "

- I don't know, guys.
- Okay, look.

I know you're not
all choir boy about this stuff.

But this is becoming less about faith
and more and more about proof.

- Proof?
- Yes.

Proof that there's a God out there
that gives a crap about me personally?

- I'm sorry but I'm not buying it.
- Why not?

Because why me?

If there is a God out there,
why would he give a crap about me?

- Dean...
- I've saved some people.

I figure that made up for the stealing
and the ditching chicks.

But why do I deserve to get saved?
I'm just a regular guy.

Apparently, you're a regular guy
that's important to the man upstairs.

Well, that creeps me out.

I don't like getting singled out
at birthday parties, much less by God.

Okay, well, too bad, Dean...

...because I think he wants you
to strap on your party hat.

Fine. What do we know about angels?

Start reading.

You're gonna get me some pie.

Yes, Dean, I'll get the chips.

Dude, when have
I ever forgotten the pie?


I gotta go. Yeah. All right, bye.

- Ruby.
- So is it true?

- Is what true?
- Did an angel rescue Dean?

You heard.

Who hasn't?

We're not 100 percent sure,
but I think so.


- Bye, Sam.
- Whoa, whoa. What's...? Wait.

- What's going on?
- Sam. They're angels. I'm a demon.

They're not gonna care
if I'm being helpful.

They smite first,
and then they ask questions later.

- What do you know about them?
- Not much.

I've never met one.
And I don't really wanna.

All I know is that they scare
the holy hell out of me.

- Watch yourself, Sam.
- Heh.

I'm not scared of angels.

- Keep the engine running.
- Why, what's going on?

I got a friend, one state over.
Olivia Lowry.

Trying to reach her for three days
on this angel thing.

Not like her to ignore calls.

- Olivia Lowry. A hunter, right?
- Yeah.

We're gonna go check on her.
You guys follow me.

Scoot over.
- Yeah.

- Dude?
- Yeah?

Where's the pie?



Salt line.


Olivia was rocking the EMF meter.

Spirit activity.

Yeah, on steroids. I've never
seen a ghost do this to a person.

Bobby, you all right?

- I called some hunters nearby.
- We could use the help.

Except they ain't answering
their phones either.

Something's up, huh?

You think?

Yeah, this is Jed.

I'm not around. Leave a message.

Jed, Dean Winchester again,
friend of Bobby Singer's.

Something's happening.
We think it's happening to hunters.

Wanna make sure you're okay.
Ca/ me back.

Yeah, we're at Jed's. It's not pretty.

Worse than Olivia. What about you?

I checked on Car/ Bates and R.C. Adams.

They've redecorated. In red.

What the hell's going on here, Bobby?

Why would ghosts
wanna gank off-duty hunters?

I don't know. But until we find out,
you guys get your asses to my place.

We're on our way.

Hi, Sam. It's been a while.

Hi, guys. It's been a while. Heh-heh.

- So how do we survive?
- Henriksen?

Are you...? Did you...?

I didn't survive...

...if that's what you're asking.

I'm sorry.

- I know you are.
- Lf we'd known Lilith was coming...

You wouldn't have left
innocent people... that police station
to die in your place.

You did this to me.

It was your fault.
She was after you, and I paid the price.

You left us there to die.

Damn it, Bobby. Pick up.

How you feeling?

- How many fingers am I holding up?
- None. I'll be fine, Dean.

- Henriksen.
- Yep.

- Why? What did he want?
- Revenge. Because we got him killed.

- Sam.
- Well, we did, Dean.

All right. Stop right there.

Whatever's going on, it's happening
to us. I can't get ahold of Bobby.

So if you're not thinking answers,
don't think at all.


I'll go. You check outside.




Come out, come out,
whoever you are.

Dean Winchester. Still so bossy.

You don't recognize me?

This is what I looked like
before that demon cut my hair...

...and dressed me like a slut.

This is Dean.



It's okay. I'm not a demon.

You're the girl
the demon possessed.

Meg Masters.

Nice to finally
talk to you when I'm not... know,
choking on my own blood.

It's okay. Seriously.

I'm just a college girl.

Sorry, was.

I was walking home one night,
got jumped by all this smoke.

Next thing you know,
I'm a prisoner in here.

You know, I was awake.

I had to watch
while she murdered people.

- I'm sorry.
- Oh, yeah?

So sorry you had me
thrown off a building?

- Well, we thought...
- No, you didn't think.

I kept waiting, praying.
I was trapped in there...

...screaming at you,
"Just help me, please!"

You're supposed to help people.
Dean, why didn't you help me?

- I'm sorry.
- Stop saying you're sorry!

Meg. Meg.

- We didn't know.
- No.

You just attacked.

Did you ever think
there was a girl in here?

No, you just charged in,
slashing and burning.

You think you're some kind of hero?

- No. I don't.
- Damn right.

Do you have any idea what it's like... be ridden for months
by pure evil...

...while your family has no idea
what happened to you?

- We did the best we could.
- Uhn!

- Are you scared, Bobby?
- We were scared, Bobby.

- When the monster came for us.
- And grabbed us tight.

- And we couldn't even scream.
- You were right there, Bobby.

- You were in the house.
- You were so close.


- You could have saved us, Bobby.
- I'm here, Bobby.

You walked right past that door.

- The monster had us.
- And you didn't find us.

And now, they won't find you.

It wasn't just me, Dean.

I had a sister.

A little sister.

She worshiped me.

You know how
little siblings are, right?

How they'll do anything for you?

She was never the same
after I disappeared.

She just...

She just got lost.

And when my body
was lying in the morgue?

- Beat up, broken?
- Meg.

Do you know what that did to her?
She killed herself!

Because of you, Dean.

Because all you were thinking about
was your family...

...your revenge and your demons.

Fifty words of Latin a little sooner,
and I'd still be alive.

My baby sister would still be alive.

- That blood is on your hands, Dean.
- You're right.

Bobby! Hold on, Bobby! I'm coming!



Come on, Dean.
Did your brain get french-fried in hell?

- You can't shoot me with bullets.
- I'm not shooting you.


- So they're all people we know?
- Not just know.

People we couldn't save.

I saw something on Meg.

Did she have a tattoo
when she was alive?

- I don't think so.
- Like a mark on her hand.

- Almost like a brand.
- I saw a mark too, on Henriksen.

- What did it look like?
- Paper?


That's it.

I may have seen this before.

- We gotta move. Follow me.

Okay. Where are we going?

Someplace safe, you idiot.

- Bobby, is this...?
- Solid iron.

Completely coated in salt.
One hundred percent ghost-proof.

You built a panic room?

I had a weekend off.

- What?

You're awesome.


This is why I can't get behind God.

- What are you talking about?
- Lf he doesn't exist, fine.

Bad crap happens to good people,
that's how it is.

And no rhyme or reason,
just random, horrible, evil.

I get it. Okay? I can roll with that.

But if he is out there,
what's wrong with him?

Where the hell is he while these decent
people are getting torn to shreds?

How does he live with himself,
you know? Why doesn't he help?

I ain't touching this one
with a 10-foot pole.

- Found it.
- What?

The symbol you saw.
The brand on the ghosts.

- Mark of the Witness.

- Witness to what?
- The unnatural.

None of them died
what you'd call ordinary deaths.

See, these ghosts,
they were forced to rise.

They woke up in agony.
They're like rabid dogs.

It ain't their fault.
Someone rose them on purpose.

- Who?
- Do I look like I know?

But whoever it was
used a spell so powerful it left a mark.

A brand on their souls.

Whoever did this had big plans.

It's called
the Rising of the Witnesses.

- It figures into an ancient prophecy.
- Wait, wait.

What book is that prophecy from?

Well, the widely distributed version's
just for tourists, you know.

But long story short: Revelations.

This is a sign, boys.

A sign of what?

The apocalypse.

- Apocalypse.
- Yep.

As in "apocalypse" apocalypse?
The four horsemen, pestilence...

...$5-a-gallon-gas apocalypse?
- That's the one.

The Rise of the Witnesses
is a mile marker.

- Okay. So, what do we do now?
- Pfft. Road trip.

Yeah. Grand Canyon,
Star Trek Experience, BunnyRanch.

First things first.

How about we survive
our friends out there?

Great. Any ideas, aside from staying
in this room until Judgment Day?

It's a spell to send the witnesses
back to rest.

- Should work.
- "Should"? Ha. Great.

If I translated correctly. I think I got
everything we need here at the house.

Any chance you got everything
we need here in this room?

So you thought our luck was gonna start
now all of a sudden?

Spell's gotta be cast
over an open fire.

- Heh. Fireplace in the library.
- Bingo.

It's just not as appealing
as a ghost-proof panic room, you know?

Cover each other, and aim careful.

Don't run out of ammo until I'm done,
or they'll shred you.


Hey, Dean. You remember me?

Everybody on the floor, now!

- He's got the laser eyes.
- Ronald?

Huh? With the laser eyes?

- I wish I could say it's good to see you.
- I am dead because of you.

You were supposed to help me.

If you're gonna shoot, shoot.
Don't talk.

Upstairs. Linen closet. Red hex box.

- It'll be heavy.
- Got it.


Kitchen. Cutlery drawer.
It's got a false bottom.

Hemlock, opium, wormwood.

- Opium?
- Go.

Bobby. You walked right by us...

...while that monster ate us all up.

You could've saved us.

You know what really
pisses me off, Sam?

You saw how I suffered, for months.

I thought you must
have learned something.

- I thought I died for something.
- Meg.

But what you're doing
with that demon, Ruby?

How many innocent bodies
has Ruby burned through for kicks?

How many girls just like me?

And you don't send her back to hell?

You're a monster.

- Dean?
- I'm all right, Bobby. Keep working.

- Victor.
- Dean.

- I know.
- No, you don't.

It's my fault you're dead.
I left you behind.

And the minute I heard
about that explosion, I thought...

I should've known.
I should've protected you.

Nuh-uh. Not so fast.

You think you left, then Lilith came...

...and we all died in a beautiful blast
of white light?

If only.

Forty-five minutes.

- What?
- Over 45 minutes.

Lilith said she wanted
to have some fun.

The secretary was first.
Remember her? Nancy? The virgin?

Lilith filleted Nancy's skin off,
piece by piece.

Right in front of us.
Made us watch.

- Nancy never stopped screaming.
- No.

I was the last.

Victor, I'm...

Tell me how it's fair.
You get saved from hell, I die?

Why do you deserve
another chance, Dean?

- You all right?
- No.

- Let's go. Come on.
- Uhn!

Ronald. Hey, come on, man.

- I thought we were pals.
- That's when I was breathing.

Now I'm gonna eat you alive.

Heh-heh. Well...

Come on. I'm not a cheeseburger.


- Sam!
- Cover Bobby.


- Fireplace.
- Aah!



Excellent job with the witnesses.

- You were hip to all this?
- I was, uh, made aware.

Well, thanks a lot
for the angelic assistance.

You know, I almost got my heart
ripped out of my chest.

But you didn't.

I thought angels
were supposed to be guardians.

Fluffy wings, halos...
You know, Michael Landon.

Not dicks.

Read the Bible.
Angels are warriors of God.

- I'm a soldier.
- Yeah? Then why didn't you fight?

I'm not here
to perch on your shoulder.

- We had larger concerns.
- Concerns?

There were people getting
torn to shreds down here.

And by the way,
while all this is going on...

...where the hell is your boss,
huh, if there is a God?

- There's a God.
- I'm not convinced.

Because if there's a God,
what the hell is he waiting for?

Genocide? Monsters roaming the earth?
The freaking apocalypse?

At what point
does he lift a damn finger...

...and help the poor bastards
stuck down here?

The Lord works...

If you say "mysterious ways,"
so help me, I will kick your ass.

So Bobby was right...

...about the witnesses?

Was this some kind of a sign
of the apocalypse?

That's why we're here.
Big things afoot.

Do I wanna know
what kind of things?

I sincerely doubt it,
but you need to know.

The Rising of the Witnesses
is one of the 66 seals.

I'm guessing that's not a show
at SeaWorld.

Those seals are being broken by Lilith.

She did the spell,
she rose the witnesses?

Mm-hm. And not just here.

- Twenty other hunters are dead.
- Of course.

She picked victims
the hunters couldn't save.

So that they would
barrel right after us.

- Lilith has a certain sense of humor.
- We put those spirits back to rest.

Doesn't matter. The seal was broken.

Why break the seal, anyway?

You think of the seals
as locks on a door.

Okay. Last one opens and?

Lucifer walks free.


I thought Lucifer was just a story
they told at demon Sunday school.

There's no such thing.

Three days ago, you thought
there was no such thing as me.

Why do you think we're here,
walking among you now...

...for the first time in 2000 years?

To stop Lucifer.

It's why we've arrived.

Well, bang-up job so far.

Stellar work with the witnesses.
It's nice.

We tried.

There are other battles.

Other seals.
Some we'll win, some we'll lose.

This one we lost.

Our numbers are not unlimited.

Six of my brothers died
in the field this week.

You think the armies of heaven
should just follow you around?

There's a bigger picture here.

You should show me some respect.

I dragged you out of hell.
I can throw you back in.

Ha. You all right?

What's wrong, Dean?

So, ahem,
you got no problem believing... God and angels?

No, not really.

So I guess that means
you believe in the devil.

Why are you asking me all this?