Supernatural (2005–…): Season 3, Episode 16 - Supernatural - full transcript

Dean's time is up and he has to pay the Devil his due. When Lilith resurfaces in New Harmony, Indiana terrorizing a family to no end Sam, Dean, and Bobby steal Ruby's knife and confront the mother of all demons in a battle to the death.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- How long did you get?
- One year.

- Let Dean out of his deal now.
- I got a boss like everybody.

- Who holds the contract?
- I can't tell you.

There's a new leader rising in the West.

He doesn't like you very much.

Her name is Lilith.

- I know about your deal.
- Who told you?

The demon that holds it.
She holds mine too.

- She?
- Her name's Lilith.

So this is Ruby, huh?
She's a demon, Sam.

They want us dead, we want them dead.

What blade could kill a demon?

Yesterday, there was no such thing.

Yellow Eyes had some pretty big plans
for you, Sam.

That you're special,
in that ESP vision kind of way.

No, that stuff's not happening anymore.

Black Dogs. They're seeing Hellhounds.
Demonic pit bulls.

- There's no way to save me from the pit?
- No.

I don't wanna die.
I don't wanna go to hell.

We'll find a way to save you.

You're gonna die.
This is what you're gonna become.

Dig up anything good?

No, ahem, nothing good.

Well, Bobby has, finally.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, a way to find Lilith.

Wow, and with just, uh, 30 hours to go.

Hey, why don't we just make
a TJ run, you know?

You know, some se?oritas, cervezas.
Uh, we could...

What's Spanish for "donkey show"?

So if we do save you...

...let's never do that.
- Yeah.

Hey, hey, Dean, um...

Look, we're cutting it close, I know.

But we're gonna get this done.

I don't care what it takes, Dean.

You're not gonna go to hell.

I'm not gonna let you.

I swear.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Yeah, okay.

See, a name.
That's the whole kit and caboodle.

With the right name, the right ritual,
ain't nothing you can't suss out.

Like the town Lilith's in?

Kid, when I get done,
we'll know the street.

New Harmony, Indiana.

- And we have a winner.
All right.

- Let's go.
- Whoa, hold on. Holster it up there, Tex.

- What's the problem?
- "What's the problem"?

Where do I begin?

We don't even know
if Lilith actually holds my deal.

We're going off of Bela's intel.

When that bitch breathes,
the air comes out crooked, okay?

Second, even if we get to Lilith,
we have no way to gank her.

Third, isn't this the same Lilith that
wants your head? Should I continue?

- Ha. Ain't you bringing down the room?
- It's a gift.

I'm sorry, what are we supposed to do?

I gotta die. Doesn't mean you have to.
We go in smart or we don't go in.

- Lf that's the case, I have the answer.
- You do?

Yeah, a sure-fire way
to confirm it's Lilith.

And a way to get us a bona fide,
demon-killing Ginsu.

Damn it, Sam, no.

We are so past arguing.
Dean, I am summoning Ruby.

The hell you are,
we've enough problems.


And we got no time
and no choice either.

Come on, man, she is the Miss Universe
of lying skanks, okay?

She told you
that she could save me, huh? Lie.

She seems to know
everything about Lilith...

...but forgot to mention
Lilith owns my soul.

Okay, she's a liar.
She's still got that knife.

- Dean...
- She works for Lilith.

Give me another option, tell me.

- Sam's right.
- No, damn it.

Just no.

We are not gonna make
the same mistakes all over again.

You guys wanna save me?
Find something else.

Where're you going, Bobby?

I guess to find something else.

You know, phones work too.

Hey, Sam. How's tricks?

- How do you get around so fast?
- I got the Super Bowl jetpack.

So... called?

Did you know?

- Um, gonna need a tiny bit more.
- About Dean's deal.

- That Lilith holds the contract.
- Yes, I did.

And what?
You didn't think that was important?

- You weren't ready.
- For what?

If I told you, you two yahoos would have
just charged after her halfcocked.

And Lilith would have peeled the meat
from your pretty, pretty faces.

Well, we're ready now.

I want your knife.

You're right about one thing.

If you are ready...

And now's the time too.

Lilith's guard's down.

Is that so?

She's on shore leave. A little R and R.

- What the hell does that mean?
- Trust me, you don't wanna know.

You didn't lose those hex bags
I gave you?

We got them.

Good, then she won't sense
that you're coming.

- So you'll give us the knife?
- No.

- You just said...
- You wanna charge in...

...with one little pig-sticker?

It's a waste of a true-blue window.

Like hitting Hitler
with that exploding briefcase. Forget it.

Okay, then how?

- I know how to save your brother.
- No, you don't.

You told Dean you couldn't.
You've been lying to me all along.

- So just give me your knife.
- You're not the one I've been lying to.

- Oh, so you could save him?
- No.

But you can.

- What?
- Sam, you've got some God-given talent.

Well, not God-given,
but you get the gist.

All that psychic crap?

That's gone ever since Yellow Eyes died.

Not gone. Dormant.

And not just visions either.

Why do you think
Lilith is so scared of you?

Right, she's scared of me.

If you wanted, you could wipe her
off the map without moving a muscle.

- I don't believe you.
- It's the truth.

And you decided to tell me this
just now?

Um, demon?

Manipulative's kind of
in the job description.

Fact is, is that you never
would have considered it.

- Not until you were...
- Desperate enough?

You don't like being different.

You hate the way
Dean looks at you sometimes.

Like you're some sort of sideshow freak.

But suck it up, because we got
a lot of ground to cover...

...and we gotta do it fast,
but we can do it.

Look, call me a bitch,
hate me all you want...

...but I have never lied to you, Sam.

Not ever.

And I'm telling you,
you can save your brother.

And I can show you how.

So that's you, huh?
Our slutty little Yoda.


- Charming as ever.
- Oh, I knew you'd show up.

Because I knew Sam wouldn't listen.

But you're not gonna teach him anything.
You understand me? Over my dead body.

Oh, well, you're right about that.

What you are gonna do
is give me that knife.

And then you'll go crawl back
into whatever slop you came from...

...and never bother me again,
are we clear?

Your brother is carrying
a bomb inside of him...

...and we'd be stupid not to use it.

- Dean, look, just hold on...
- Sam, don't.

- You blind? Can't you see this is a trick?
- That's not true.

She wants you to give in to this whole
demonic, psychic whatever, okay?

She wants you to become
her little Antichrist superstar.

I want Lilith dead. That's all.

- Why?
- I've told you why.

Oh, right, yeah.
Because you were human once.

And you like kittens
and long walks on the beach.

You know, I am so sick
of proving myself to you.

You wanna save yourself?
This is how, you dumb, spineless dick.

Ruby, hey. Oh! Unh!

What the hell are you grinning at?

Missing something?

I'll kill you, you son of a bitch.

Like I said, I knew you'd come.

Wait, you're just gonna leave me here?

Let's go, Sam.

Oh. Oh, so you're
just too stupid to live, is that it?

Then fine. You deserve hell.

And I wish I could be there, Dean.

I wish I could smell the flesh
sizzle off your bones.

I wish I could be there
to hear you scream!

And I wish you'd shut your pie hole,
but we don't always get what we want.

We're just gonna let
Ruby rot down there?

That's the idea.

Dean, what if, um...?

What if Ruby's right?
What if I can take out Lilith?

- Quit looking at me like that.
- Give her the stare and Lilith goes poof?

I don't know what Ruby meant.
Maybe we should just go ask her.

You wanted the knife,
I got you the knife.

Listen to me for a second.

Last time, Lilith snapped her fingers
and put 30 demons on our ass.

All we got is one little knife?

- We go in smart or we don't go in at all.
- This ain't smart.

We got one shot at this, Dean. Just one.

So if there's a sure-fire way,
then maybe we should just talk about it.

Sam, we are not gonna make
the same mistake all over again.

You said that, but what does that mean?

Don't you see a pattern?

Dad's deal, my deal, now this.

Every time one of us is up the creek,
the other's begging to sell their soul.

That's all this is, man.

Ruby's just jerking your chain
down the road.

You know what it's paved with,
and you know where it's going.


What are you afraid is gonna happen?

This is me, I can handle it.

- And if it'll save you...
- Why even risk it?

Because you're my brother.

Because you did the same thing for me.

I know.

And look how that turned out.

All I'm saying...

Sammy, all I'm saying
is that you're my weak spot.

You are. And I'm yours.

No, you don't mean that. We're family.

I know. And those evil sons of bitches
know it too.

I mean, what we'll do for each other,
you know, how far we'll go.

They're using it against us.

So we just stop
looking out for each other?

No, we stop being martyrs.

Man, we stop spreading it
for these demons.

We take this knife
and we go after Lilith our way.

The way Dad taught us to.

And if we go down, then, uh...

...then we go down swinging.

What do you think?

I think you should have been jamming
"Eye of the Tiger. "

Oh, bite me.

You know,
I totally rehearsed that speech too.

- So, Indiana, huh?
- Yeah, where Lilith is on shore leave.

Yeah, I guess.

Tell me something.

What the hell does a demon do for fun?

- Hey, Pat.
- Tom.

- How's that granddaughter of yours?
- Home sick, poor thing.

- Darn bug that's going around now.
- Oh, that's too bad.

You give her a big old hug
from me and Judy.

- You bet. Take her easy, Tom.
- You too, Pat.

Where is she?

- Upstairs, playing with Freckles.
- Lf we just sit here, we're dead.

- She'll hear you.
It's her or us.

- It's my baby girl.
- Not anymore.

There's something inside her.

Shut your mouth. She's coming.

- What were you guys talking about?
- Just how much we love you.

- What happened to your dress?
- Oh, Freckles was mean to me.

That's... That's nice, dear.

Daddy, will you push me on the swing?

Well, sure, honey.

But don't you wanna change first?

I mean, you don't want the neighbors
to see all that blood.

Oh, you're so smart. I love you, Daddy.

I love you too.

Hey, sweetie,
you think maybe after a while... you think maybe you could...

...let us go?

- Why?
- I, uh...

- Well, I don't know.
- Don't you wanna be here?

Don't you love me?

- Well, sure, I do.
- Oh, we all do, honey.

- We all love you so much.
Don't be mean to me, Daddy.

Like Freckles or what's-her-name,
that mean old babysitter.

L... I'm sorry.

That's okay, silly. Now let's go and play.

Where do you think you're going?

We got the knife.

And you intend to use it without me.

Do I look like
a ditch-able prom date to you?

- No, Bobby, of course not.
- This is about me and Sam.

- Okay, this isn't your fight.
- The hell it isn't.

Family don't end with blood, boy.

Besides, you need me.

- Bobby...
- You're playing wounded.

Tell me, how many hallucinations
have you had so far?

- How'd you know?
- That's what happens...

...when you got Hellhounds on your butt.

And because I'm smart.

I'll follow.

Don't be stopping to pee
every 10 minutes either.

Hey, Dean?


You know, if this doesn't, uh...

If this doesn't go the way we want...

- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- "No" what?

You're not gonna bust out
the misty goodbye speech, okay?

And if this is my last day on earth,
I do not want it to be socially awkward.

You know what I do want?

- Bon Jovi?
- Bon Jovi rocks on occasion.

Come on.

We getting pulled over?

I got a busted taillight.

It's not like we're in a hurry or nothing.

- Problem, officer?
- License and registration, please.

Do you realize you have a taillight out,
Mr. Hagar?

Yes. Yes, sir.

Uh, you know,
I've been meaning to take care of that.

As a matter of fact...


- What the hell happened?
- Dean just killed a demon.

How'd you know?

I just knew.

I could see its face.

Its real face under that one.

So, what? Now you're seeing demons?

I've been seeing all kinds of things lately,
but nothing like this.

- Actually, it's not all that crazy.
- How's it not that crazy?

What you got?
Just over five hours to go?

You're piercing the veil, Dean.

You're glimpsing the B-side.

- Little less New Age-y, please.
- You're almost hell's bitch.

So you can see hell's other bitches.

Thank you.

It'll actually come in handy.

Glad my doomed soul's
good for something.

Damn right it is.

Lilith's probably got demons
stashed all over town.

We can't let them sound the alarm.
If she knows we're here, we're dead.

Well, this is a terrific plan.

I'm excited to be a part of it.
Can we go, please?

Happy birthday, sweetie.

Happy birthday.

Yay, it's my birthday every day.

Mm. Cake.


It's good.

Hey, Grandpa, can I ask you something?

Sure, jellybean, anything.

Why'd you try to go to Mr. Weprin
for help?

Well, I didn't.

- I don't know what you mean.
- You're a big fat liar.

I'm sorry.

It was a mistake.

Did you two know about this?



- Grandpa, you don't love me?
- I do.

- I do. I love you.
No, you don't.

You're lying again.

You're just a mean old man.

Do something.

Help me, please.

I don't think I like you anymore.

Nobody scream, okay?

Screaming makes me mad.

Mommy, can I have
ice cream with mine?

It's the little girl.

Oh, God, her face is awful.

All right, then let's go.
We're wasting time.


For what?
For her to kill the rest of them?

Yeah, and us too, if we're not careful.

See the real go-getter mailman
on the clock at 9 p. M?

And Mr. Rogers over there.

- Demons?

Okay, fine. We...
We ninja past those guys, sneak in.

- Then give a Colombian necktie to a girl?
- I know it's awful.

- You think?
- This isn't just about saving you, Dean.

This is about saving everybody.

She's gotta be stopped, son.

Oh, damn it.

Read it again, Mommy.
- But I've read it 26 times.


"Once upon a time,
in the town of Selene...

...lived a beautiful princess named Cleo.

But the town was plagued
with an evil dragon...

...that demanded
the blood of the children.

And the princess was doomed
to be sacrificed... the dark and terrible dragon. "


I'd like my knife back, please.

Or your neck snaps like a chicken bone.

He doesn't have it. Take it easy.

How the hell did you get out?

What you don't know about me
could fill a book.



Nothing. I just...

I couldn't see it before,
but you are one ugly broad.

Sam, give me the knife
before you hurt yourself.

- You'll get it when this is over.
- It's already over.

I gave you a way to save Dean,
you shot me down. Now it's too late.

He's dead.
And I'm not gonna let you die too.

Try and stop me and I'll kill you...

- Hit me with your best shot, baby.

Guys, guys. Hey.

Have your little catfight later.

- So much for the element of surprise.
- Go. Run, run, run.

Okay, okay.

What the hell's taking Bobby?

I'm trying.

- You think Lilith knows we're here?
- Probably.


We're here to help, okay?

I'm gonna move my hand, and
we're gonna talk nice and quiet. Okay?

Sir, where is your daughter?

It's not... It's not her anymore.

Where is she?

Upstairs. In her bedroom.

Okay, okay, okay. Listen to me.

I want you to go downstairs
to the basement...

...put a line of salt at the door.
Do you understand?

- Not without my wife. No.
- Yes, without your wife.

Do it.

Do it.

Do it.

Do it.

Do it.

Do it. Hurry!

It's not her.

It's not in the girl anymore.


Mommy's here.
Mommy's here. It's okay.

Oh, damn it.

No matter what, you, your husband
and your daughter stay in the basement.

- Well, I hate to be a told-you-so.

- All right, Ruby, where is she?
- I don't know.

Well, can she get past the sprinklers?

At her pay grade,
she ain't sweating holy water.

Okay, you win. What do I have to do?

- What do you mean?
- To save Dean.

What do you need me to do?

- What the hell do you think you're doing?
- Shut up.

- Ruby.
- You had your chance.

You can't just flip a switch.
We needed time.

There's gotta be something, some way.
Whatever it is, I'll do it.

Don't, Dean.
I'm not gonna let you go to hell.

Yes, you are!

Yes, you are.

I'm sorry.

I mean, this was all my fault.

I know that.

But what you're doing
is not gonna save me.

It's only gonna kill you.

Then what am I supposed to do?

Keep fighting.

Take care of my wheels.

Sam, remember what Dad taught you.


And remember what I taught you.

I'm sorry, Dean.

I wouldn't wish this
upon my worst enemy.

- Hellhound.
- Where?


Give me the knife.
Maybe I can fight it off.

- What?
Come on.

That dust won't last forever.


You wanna die?

Sam, that's not Ruby.

It's not Ruby.

- How long have you been in her?
- Not long.

But I like it.

It's all grown-up and pretty.

And where's Ruby?

She was a very bad girl.

So I sent her far, far away.

You know, I should've seen it before.

But you all look alike to me.

Hello, Sam.

I've wanted to meet you
for a very long time.

Your lips are soft.

All right, so you have me.

Let my brother go.

Silly goose.

You want a bargain,
you have to have something that I want.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You don't.

So is this your big plan, huh?

Drag me to hell, kill Sam,
and then what?

- Become queen bitch?
- I don't have to answer to puppy chow.

Sic him, boy.


No, stop.


Stop it! No.

No. Stop it.

Stop it!




I said, back.

I don't think so.








Somebody help me.