Supernatural (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Dean meet up with America's first serial killer, while Jo lies to her mother about going to Vegas and joins Sam and Dean to help them on their hunt.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Dad wants us to pick up
where he left off, saving people...

...hunting things, the family business.

Anybody here?

Don't move.

-Sam? Dean?
-Mom, you know these guys?

Yeah, these are John Winchester's boys.
Hey, I'm Ellen. My daughter Jo.

Gonna hit me again?

DEAN: You called our dad.
Said you'd help.

-Help with what?
-The demon.

Who are you? How do you know?

I just run a saloon. Hunters have been
known to pass through now and again.

Including your dad, a long time ago.
John was like family once.

-You think Dad and Ellen had a thing?
-No way.

Then why didn't he tell us about her?

-How'd your mom get into this stuff?
-My dad.

He was a hunter. He passed away.

-I could help.
DEAN: I'm sure you could.

-But I think your mother might kill me.
-You're afraid of my mother?

I think so.

I checked the fuses, they're fine.

It's the wiring.

Look, you promised this place
would be ready when I moved in.

No, you come up now.


Thank you.




What the hell?

Los Angeles, California.

What's in L.A.?

Young girl's been kidnapped
by an evil cult.


-Girl got a name?
-Katie Holmes.

That's funny. And for you, so bitchy.



Whereas on the other hand, catfight.

I don't have to be reasonable!

-You can't keep me here.
-Don't you bet on that.

JO: What are you gonna do,
chain me up in the basement?

You've had worse ideas than that.

You don't wanna stay, don't.
Go back to school.

I didn't belong there. I was a freak.

Yeah, but getting yourself killed on
a back road, that's where you belong?

Guys, bad time.

-Yes, ma'am.
-Yeah, we rarely drink before 10 anyway.

Wait. I wanna know
what they think about this.

I don't care what they think.

Are you guys open?


We'll just check out
the Arby's down the road.



Yeah, Preacher.

Three weeks ago, a young girl disappears
from a Philadelphia apartment.

-Take it, it won't bite.
-No, but your mom might.

This girl wasn't the first. Over the past
80 years, six women have vanished...

...all from the same building,
all blonds.

Only happens every decade or two,
so cops never eyeball the pattern.

We're either dealing with
a serial killer--

Who put this together? Ash?

I did it myself.


I gotta admit,
we hit the road for a lot less.

Good. You like the case
so much, take it.


Joanna Beth,
this family has lost enough.

I won't lose you too.

I just won't.

I feel kind of bad, snaking Jo's case.

Well, maybe
she put together a good file...

...but could you see her out here
working one of these things?

I don't think so.


Getting anything?

No, not yet.


What's that?


Holy crap.

That's ectoplasm.

Well, Sam, I think I know
what we're dealing with here.

It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Dean, I've only seen
this stuff, like, twice.

I mean, to make this stuff, you have
to be one majorly pissed-off spirit.

All right, let's find this badass
before he snags any more girls.

WOMAN: It's so convenient.
MAN: It's a great building.

Fixed it up real nice.
Apartments come furnished too.

It is so spacious.

My friend told me
that I had to come check it out.

And I have to admit that she was right.
You did a really good job with this place.

-What the hell are you doing here?
-There you are, honey.

This is my boyfriend Dean
and his buddy Sam.

Good to meet you.
Quite a gal you got here.

Oh, yeah, she's a pistol.

JO: So did you already check out
the apartment?

-The one for rent.
-You bet. Yes. Loved it. Great flow.

-How'd you get in?
-It was open.

Now, Ed, um,
when did the last tenant move out?

Uh, about a month ago.

Cut and run too.
Stiffed me for the rent.

Well, her loss, our gain.

Because if Dino loves it,
it's good enough for me.

Oh, sweetie.

We'll take it.



-I'll flip you for the sofa.
-Does your mother know you're here?

-Said I was going to Vegas.
-She'll buy that?

I'm not an idiot. I got Ash to lay a
credit-card trail straight to the casinos.

You know,
you shouldn't lie to your mom.

You shouldn't be here either.

Well, I am,
so untwist your boxers and deal with it.

Where'd you get
all that money, anyways?

-Hunters don't tip that well.

Well, they aren't that good
at poker either.


ELLEN: Is she with you?

Oh, hi, Ellen.

She left a note she's in Vegas.
I don't believe it.

-Don't tell her.
-I'm telling her.

-You're not supposed to be here.

-Haven't seen her.
-You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Please, if she shows up,
you'll drag her back here, won't you?

-Okay. Thanks, honey.

This place was built in 1924.

It was originally a warehouse...

...converted into apartments
a few months ago.

-Yeah, what was here before 1924?
-Nothing. Empty field.

So most likely scenario,
someone died bloody in the building... he's back and raising hell.

Already checked.

In the past 82 years,
zero violent deaths.

Unless you count a janitor
who slipped on a wet floor.

Would you sit down, please?

So have you checked police reports,
county death records?

Obituaries, mortuary reports
and seven other sources.

-I know what I'm doing.
-Think the jury's still out on that one.

Could you put the knife down?

Okay, so, uh, it's something else, then.

Maybe some cursed object
that brought a spirit with it.

We gotta scan the building,
everywhere we can get to, right?

Right. So you and me
will take the top two floors.

We'd move faster if we split up.

Well, this isn't negotiable.

So you gonna buy me dinner?


What are you talking about?

If you're gonna ride me this close,
it's only decent you buy me dinner.

Oh, that's hilarious.

It's bad enough I lied, but if you think
I'm letting you out of my sight....

Don't know if you've noticed,
but you're the spirit's type.


You wanna be bait?

Quickest way to draw it out
and you know it.

-I'm so regretting this.

You know,
I've had it up to here with your crap.

-Excuse me?
-Your chauvinist crap.

-You think women can't do the job.
-This ain't Gender Studies.

Women can do the job fine.

Amateurs can't.
You got no experience.

What you do have is a bunch of
half-baked romantic notions...

...that some barflies put in your head.

-Now you sound like my mother.
-That's a bad thing?

-Because let me tell you--

Forget it.

-No, you started this.
-Jo, you got options.

No one in their right mind chooses this.
I started in this when I was so young...

-...I wish I could do something else.
-You love this.

-Yeah, but I'm a little twisted.
-You don't think I'm a little twisted too?

Jo, you got a mother
that worries about you...

...who wants something more for you.
Those are good things.

You don't throw things like that away.

Might be hard to find later.




I'm not sure.

You smell that?

What is that, a gas leak?

No, something else.

I know it.

Just can't put my finger on it.


Mazel tov.
You just found your first spirit.

It's inside the vent.


There's something in there. Here.

Somebody's keeping souvenirs.



This building, I swear to God.



I'm so out of here.





Morning, princess.

-Where's Sam?
-Went to get coffee.

Ohh, my back.

How'd you sleep on that big, soft bed?

I didn't.
Just been going over everything.

-What's this for?

It'll work a lot better than that little
pig-sticker you're twirling around.

William Anthony Harvelle.

Sorry. My mistake.

What do you--?

What do you remember
about your dad?

I mean, what's the first thing
that pops into your head?

Come on, tell me.

I was 6 or 7...

...and, uh, he took me shooting
for the first time.

You know, bottles on a fence,
that kind of thing.

I bull's-eyed every one them.

He gave me this smile, like....

I don't know.

He must have been proud.

What about your dad?

I was still in pigtails
when my dad died.

But I remember him
coming home from a hunt.

He'd burst through that door
like Steve McQueen or something.

And he'd sweep me up in his arms...

...and I'd breathe in
that old leather jacket of his.

And my mom,
who was sour and pissed...

...from the minute he left,
she started smiling again.

And we were--

We were a family.

You wanna know why
I wanna do the job?

For him.

It's my way of being close to him.

Now, tell me,
what's wrong with that?



-Where's the coffee?
-There are cops outside.

Another girl disappeared.


Theresa Ellis. Apartment 2-F.

Her boyfriend reported her missing
around dawn.

And her apartment?

Cracks all over the plaster,
walls, ceiling.

There was ectoplasm too.

Between that and that hair, I'd say
this sucker's coming from the walls.

Yeah, but who is it?
Building's history is totally clean.

Maybe we're looking
in the wrong place.

-What do you mean?
-Check this out.

-An empty field?
-It's where this building was built.

Take a look at the one next door.

The windows.

-We're next door to a prison?

JO [ON PHONE]: Thanks, Ash. And if
you breathe a word of this to my mom....

That's right, I will. With pliers.

Okay, Moyamensing prison,
built in 1835, torn down in 1963.

And get this,
they used to execute people... hanging them
in the empty field next door.

Well, then, we need a list
of all the people executed there.

Ash is already on it.

A hundred fifty-seven names?

-We gotta narrow that down.

Or else we're gonna be digging up
a hell of a lot of stiffs.

Herman Webster Mudgett?


Wasn't that H.H. Holmes' real name?

You gotta be kidding me.

Yup. Holmes was executed
at Moyamensing May 7th, 1896.

H.H. Holmes himself.

-Come on, I mean, what are the odds?
-Who is this guy?

The term "multi-murderer,"
they coined it to describe Holmes.

He was America's first serial killer
before anybody knew what that was.

He confessed to 27 murders.
Some think over a hundred.

And his victim flavor of choice:
pretty, petite blonds.

He, uh, used chloroform to kill them.

Which is what I smelled
in the hallway last night.

At his place,
cops found human remains...

...bone fragments and long locks
of bloody blond hair.

Boy, you sure know how to pick them.

We just find the bones,
salt them and burn them, right?

Well, it's not that easy.

His body is buried in town...

...but it's encased
in a couple tons of concrete.

What? Why?

The story goes that he didn't want
anybody mutilating his corpse.

Because, you know,
that's what he used to do.

You know something?

We might have
an even bigger problem.

How does this get bigger?

Holmes built an apartment building
in Chicago.

They called it the Murder Castle.
The whole place was a death factory.

They had trapdoors,
acid vats, quicklime pits.

He built these secret chambers
inside the walls.

He'd lock his victims in,
keep them alive for days.

Some he'd suffocate,
others he'd let starve to death.

So Theresa could still be alive.
She could be inside these walls.

We need sledgehammers, crowbars.

We gotta smash these walls
anywhere thick enough to hide a girl.


JO: Okay, call us after you check
the southeast wall.

Sam's almost done
with the first floor.

Hasn't found jack squat either.

-What is it?
-It's too narrow. I can't go any further.

-Let me see.
-What--? What are you--?

-Should have cleaned the pipes.

I wish the pipes were clean.

Shut up. I can fit in there.

-You're not going in there by yourself.
-You got a better idea?



DEAN [ON PHONE]: Where are you?
-By the north wall.

I'm heading down
some kind of air duct.

-No, no, no, stay up here.
-Dean, we gotta find this girl, don't we?

I'm okay.

All right, I'm heading to you.


Damn it.

Oh, God.

What is it?


Jo? Jo?






-He's got Jo.
-What? How'd that happen?

I wasn't with her.
I left her alone. Damn it!

-Look, we'll find her.

-Inside the walls.
-We've been inside the walls.

None of the other girls are there.
She won't be either.

Let's take a beat and think about this.
Maybe we got Holmes' m.o. wrong.

Well, we better frigging think fast.


ELLEN: You lied to me. She's there.

-Oh, Ash told me everything.

He's a genius, but folds like
a cheap suit. Put my damn daughter on.

She'll call you back.
She's taking care of feminine business.

Yeah, right. Where is she?

Where is she?

-Look, we'll get her back.
-Get her back? Back from what?

-The spirit we're hunting, it took her.
-My God.

-She'll be okay. I promise.
-You promise?

That is not the first time
I've heard that from a Winchester.

-If anything happens to her--

It won't. I won't let it.
Ellen, I'm sorry. I really am.

I'm taking the first flight out.
I'll be there in a few hours.

Damn it!

Don't beat yourself up.
There's nothing you could have done.

-Tell me you got something.
-Uh, maybe.


Look at the layout. There's other torture
chambers inside the walls, right?

But there's one we haven't considered,
the one in his basement.

-This building doesn't have a basement.
-Right, but I just noticed this.

Beneath the foundation,
looks like part of an old sewer system...

-...that hasn't been used for--
-Let's go.



Is anybody there?

Your name's Theresa?


This won't make you feel better,
but I'm here to rescue you.

Oh, God. He's out there.
He's gonna kill us.

No, he won't.

We're getting out.

My friends are looking for us.
They'll find us.

Oh, God, he's here!

Shh! Just be quiet.






SAM: Got it?



You're so pretty.

So beautiful.

Go to hell.




How do you like that?

Pure iron,
you creepy-ass son of a bitch.


Is he gone?

I don't know. I....


Shh. Shh.



JO: I'm here.


Come on!

SAM: We're gonna get you out
of here, all right?


Hang on.

Come on.

-You all right?
-Been better.

Let's get out of here
before he comes back.

-I don't think you're leaving here yet.

Remember when I said you being bait
was a bad plan?

Now it's kind of the only one we got.




Scream all you want, you dick...

...but there's no way
you're stepping over that salt.

So this job as glamorous
as you thought it would be?

Well, except for all
the pee-your-pants terror, yeah, sure.

But that Theresa girl's gonna live a life
because of us.

-It's worth it, isn't it?
-Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Hey, what if somebody
finds that sewer?

Or a storm washes the salt away?

Both very fine points,
which is why we're waiting here.

For what?


For that.


You ripped off a cement truck?

I'll give it back.


Well, that ought to keep him
down there till hell freezes over.

Boy, you really weren't kidding
about flying out, were you?

How about we listen to some music?



This is gonna be a long drive.


This is my fault, okay?

I lied to you and I'm sorry.

But Jo did good out there.
I think her dad would be proud.

Don't you dare say that. Not you.

I need a moment
with my daughter alone.

You're angry, I understand.

Angry doesn't begin to touch it.

Let's just think about this.

-Everything's okay. I'm alive.
-Not after I'm through with you.

-Is this about me hunting or something?
-They used you as bait.

They were there backing me up.

That is why you don't have
the sense to do it. You're trusting them.

-What are you talking about?
-Like father, like sons, that is what....


I thought you and John were friends.

-Yeah, we were. I'm sorry, I didn't--

What aren't you telling me?

-That bad, huh?
-Not right now.

What happened?

-Hey, talk to me.
-Get off me.

-Sorry. See you around.

Turns out my dad had a partner
on his last hunt.

Funny, he usually worked alone.
This guy did too...

...but guess my father figured
he could trust him.

Mistake. The guy screwed up,
got my dad killed.

-What does this have to do--?
-It was your father.


Why do you think John never
came back? Never told you about us?

Because he couldn't look my mom
in the eye after that. That's why.

-Just get out of here.

Please, just leave.