Supernatural (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Supernatural - full transcript

Visions show Sam, still hunting for the master demon with Dean, the way to another small town where paranormal events occur, some innocent, some chillingly evil. The Winchester brothers are...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Dad wants us to pick up
where he left off:

Saving people, hunting things,
the family business.

I have these nightmares,
and sometimes they come true.

Come again?

I dreamt about Jessica's death
before it happened.

A vision. It started as nightmares.

It started happening
while he was awake.

The closer I get to the demon,
the stronger the visions get.

The demon, he said he had plans
for me and children like me.

- You have any idea what he meant?
- No, I don't.

Max, your abilities,
they started six, seven months ago?

- How'd you know that?
- That's when mine started.

The same thing killed our mothers.
And you and I are chosen.

- For what?
- I don't know.

The thing I don't get is why, man.
I guess because we're so alike?

He is nothing like you. He is a monster.

He's already killed two people,
now he's gunning for a third.

Did he say anything to you?

No. Nothing.

Hey, doc.

Hello? Yeah.

All right.

- Afternoon, Dennis.
- Hey, doc.

- I'd like to look at a gun.
- Yeah, right, doc.


Hmm. Uh...

That one.


That's a turkey hunter.
Twelve-gauge, pump-action.

Don't leave enough turkey behind,
you ask me.

What sort of shells does it use?

Right here.

I'm taking the boys up to the cabin
this weekend, if you're, uh...

I mean, if you think
you might like to take up the sport.

Thanks, but no. You know guns
make me nervous, always have.

- This one goes in here, right?
- Whoa, doc, no, no.

You can't load on the premises.
It's illegal.

- It's okay, Dennis.
- No, no-

It's okay, Dennis. It's all gonna be...

- ...okay.
- Doc!

No. No, it's okay.

It's okay. It's all gonna be okay.

Sam, come on, zip it up.
Let's hit the road.


Rock in Nebraska,
your source for the classics, all night long.

I don't know, man. Why don't we
just chill out, think about this?

What's there to think about?

Don't know if
going to the Roadhouse is smart.

It's another premonition. I know it.

- This will happen. Ash can tell us where.
- Yeah, but-

Could have a connection with the demon.

- My visions always do.
- That's my point.

There will be hunters.
Don't know if announcing...

...that you're some supernatural freak
with a demonic connection... the best thing, okay?

So I'm a freak now?

You've always been a freak.

Damn, little lady,
that was my room money.

I guess you're taking a truck nap tonight.

Ought to check the high scores
before you put your money down.

Went and got yourself hustled, Ed.

- Just can't stay away, huh?
- Yeah, looks like. How you doing, Jo?

- Where's Ash?
- In his backroom.

- Great.
- And I'm fine.

Sorry, he's-
We're kind of on a bit of a timetable.



Hey, Ash.

Hey, Dr. Badass.

Sam. Dean. Sam and Dean.

Hey, Ash. Um...

We need your help.

Oh, hell, then. Guess I need my pants.

I got a match. It's the logo
for the Blue Ridge Bus Lines.

- Guthrie, Oklahoma.
- Okay, do me a favor.

Check Guthrie for any demonic signs
or omens or anything like that.

You think the demon's there?

- Yeah, maybe.
- Why would you think that?

Just check it, all right?

No, sir, nothing. No demon.

All right, try something else for me.

Search Guthrie for a house fire.
It would be 1983.

Fire's origin would be
a baby's nursery...

...night of
the kid's 6-month birthday.

Okay, now, that is just weird, man.
Why the hell would I be looking for that?

- Because there's a PBR in it for you.
- Give me 15 minutes.

I can't fight this feeling
Any longer

- What?
- REO Speedwagon?

Damn right, REO.
Kevin Cronin sings it from the heart.

He sings it from the hair.
There's a difference.

What started out as friendship
Has grown stronger

- That profile you've got Ash looking for.
- Hmm?

Your mom died the same way,
didn't she? A fire in Sam's nursery?

Jo, it's kind of a family thing.

- I could help.
- I'm sure you could.

But we gotta handle this one ourselves.

Besides, if I ran off with you,
your mother might kill me.

- You're afraid of my mother?
- I think so.

- We have a match. We gotta go.
- All right, Jo. See you later.

You make everything so clear

And even as I wander

I'm keeping you in sight

You're a candle in the window

On a cold, dark winter's night

And I'm getting closer
Than I ever thought I might

You're kidding, right?

Heard it somewhere,
can't get it out of my head.

I don't know, man. What do you got?

Andrew Gallagher. Born in '83, like me.

Lost his mother in a nursery fire
exactly six months later, also like me.

You think the demon killed his mom?

- Looks like it.
- How did you know to look?

If premonitions aren't about the demon,
they're about the kids the demon visited.

- Like Max Miller, remember him?
- But Max Miller was a pasty little psycho.

He was killing people, and I was having
the same type of visions about him.

It could be happening again
with this Gallagher.

- How do we find him?
- Don't know.

No current address,
no current employment.

Still owes money on all his bills.
Phone, credit, utilities.

- Collection-agency flags?
- None in the system.

- They just let him take a walk?
- Seems like it.

There's a work address from his last W2,
about a year ago.

We'll start there.

You won't get anything out of Andy,
guys. I'm sorry, but they never do.

- They?
- You're debt collectors, right?

Once in a while, they come by.

I don't know what Andy says to them,
but they never come back.

Actually, we're lawyers,
representing his Great-aunt Lita.

She passed, God rest her soul,
but left Andy a sizable estate.

Yeah. So are you a friend of his?

I used to be, yeah.
I don't see much of Andy anymore.

Andy? Andy kicks ass, man.

- Is that right?
- Andy can get you into anything.

He got me backstage at Aerosmith once.
It was beautiful, bro.

Uh-huh. How about busing
a table or two, Webber?

Yeah. You bet, boss.

Look, if you wanna find him,
try Orchard Street.

Look for a van with a barbarian queen
painted on the side.

Barbarian queen.

She's riding a polar bear.
It's kind of hard to miss.

Where the demons dwell

I'm sorry, I'm starting to like this dude.
That van is sweet.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

You look like you're sucking a lemon.
What's going on?

Andrew Gallagher.
He's the second guy like this we've found.

Demon came when they were kids,
now they kill people.

We don't know what Andrew is.
Could be innocent.

- My visions haven't been wrong yet.
- What's your point?

- My point is I'm one of them.
- No, you're not.

The demon said he had plans for me
and children like me.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, maybe this is his plan.

Maybe we're all
a bunch of psychic freaks.

Maybe we're all supposed to be-

- What, killers?
- Yeah.

The demon wants you out there
killing with your minds, is that it?

Give me a break.
You're not a murderer, Sam.

- You don't have it in your bones.
- No?

Last I checked, I kill all kinds of things.

But those things were asking for it.
There's a difference.

Is a magic place

Where the moon doth rise

Got him.

That's him. That older guy.
That's him. He's the shooter.

Well, you keep on him.
I'll stick with Andy. Go.

- Hey.
- Hey, hey.

- This is a cherry ride.
- Yeah, thanks.

Manual '67.
Impala's best year, if you ask me.

This is a serious classic.

Yeah. Well, you know, I just rebuilt her.

- Can't let a car like this one go.
- Damn straight.

Hey, can I have it?

- Sure, man.
- All right. Sweet.

Hop right in there.

- There you go.
- That is nice.

- Take it easy.
- All right.

Hello? Yeah.

Hello? Yeah. All right.

Andy's got the Impala.
- I know.

He just sort of asked me for it
and I let him take it.

- You what?
- He full-on Obi-Wan'd me.

It's mind control, man.

I kept him out of the gun store.

Thought he was okay.

I thought he was past it, at least-

I should've stayed with him.

Andy. What's up, dog?

Andy. What are you doing here?

Dr. Jennings, he's dead.

Oh, no. I'm sorry.

I don't know.

I was upset and I wanted to see you.

Well, I'm glad you did.

I, um...

I missed you.

You know what? Some guys were here
this morning, looking for you.

What guys?

Thank God.

I'm sorry, baby.
I'll never leave you again.

At least he left the keys in it.

Yeah. Real Samaritan, this guy.

He can't work his mojo by twitching his
nose. He's gotta use verbal commands.

Doctor had just gotten off his cell phone
when he stepped in front of that bus.

- Andy must have called or something.
- I don't know, maybe.

- Beg your pardon?
- I don't know if he's our guy.

You had O.J. convicted before he
got out of his Bronco and you doubt this?

He doesn't seem like
the stone-cold-killer type, that's all.

And O.J. was guilty.

Either way, how are we gonna
track this guy down?

Not a problem.

Not exactly an inconspicuous ride.

Let's have a look.

Oh, come on.

This is magnificent, that's what this is.

Not exactly a serial killer's lair, though.

There's no clown paintings on the walls
or scissors stuck in victims' photos.

Like the tiger.

Hegel, Kant, Wittgenstein.
That's some pretty heavy reading, Dean.

Yeah, and, uh, ahem, Moby Dick's bong.


You know, one day,
I'd love to just sit down...

...and eat something I didn't have
to microwave at a mini-mart.

What I don't get is the motive.
I mean, the doctor was squeaky-clean.

- Why would Andy waste him?
- If it is Andy.

- Dude, enough.
- What?

The doctor was mind-controlled
in front of a bus.

Andy happens to have the power
of mind control. You do the math.

- I don't think he's got it in him.
- How would you know?

- Why are you defending him?
- You're not right.

- About Andy?
- Hey. You think I haven't seen you two?

Why are you following me?

Well, we're lawyers.
A relative of yours has passed-

Tell the truth.

- That's what I'm-
- We hunt demons.

- What?
- Dean.

Demons, spirits. Things your
worst nightmares wouldn't touch.

- Sam here is my brother.
- Shut up.

I'm trying. He's psychic, like you.

Not really like you.
He thinks you're a murderer.

He's afraid he'll be one, because
you're all part of something terrible.

I hope he's wrong, but I'm starting
to get scared he might be right.

Okay, you know what?

Just leave me alone.

- Okay.
- All right?

What are you doing?

Look, I said leave me alone.

Get out of here.

Just start driving and never stop.

- Doesn't seem to work on me, Andy.
- What?

You can make people do things.
You can tell them what to think.

Look, that's crazy.

It all started about a year ago,
didn't it? After you turned 22.

Little stuff,
then you got better at control.

- How do you know all this?
- Same thing happened to me.

My mom died in a fire too.
I have abilities too.

We're connected, you and me.

Just get out of here.

Why'd you tell the doctor
to walk in front of a bus?


- Why did you kill him?
- I didn't.


Sure. I can do that.


- What are you doing?
- It's okay.

Lady, no. No!

Sam. What is it?

Look, I didn't do anything to him.

- A woman burning alive.
- What else did you get?

A gas station.
A woman is gonna kill herself.

- What's he mean, "going to"? What's-?
- Shut up.

- She gets triggered by a call on her cell.
- When?

I don't know. As long as we keep
our eyes on him, he can't hurt her.

- I didn't hurt anybody.
- Yeah, not yet.


No, not you.
You're staying here with me.

Hey, it's me. She's dead.
Burned up, just like you said.

- When?
Minutes before I got here.

Smell hasn't even cleared.

What's with your visions?
This wasn't a head start.

I can't control them.
I don't know what's going on.

You were with Andy
when this went down.

It can't be him.
It's gotta be somebody else.

- That doesn't make any sense.
What else is new?

I'll dig around here,
see what else I can find.

You get-? You see premonitions
of people about to die?

That's impossible.

A lot of people would say
the same thing about what you do.

- Death visions?
- Yeah.

Dude, that sucks. I mean, like,
when I got my mind thing?

It was like a gift, you know?
It was like I won the lotto.

You still live in a van.

I don't get it. I mean, you could have
anything you ever wanted.

I got everything I need.

- So you're really not a killer, huh?
- That's what I've been trying to tell you.

That's good.

Means there's hope for both of us.

Victim's name was
Holly Beckett, 41, single.

- Who is she?
- Never heard of her.

Called Ash on the way here.
He came up with something.

Apparently Holly Beckett gave birth
when she was 18 years old in 1983.

Same day you were born, Andy.

Andy, were you adopted?

- Well, yeah.
You were?

- And you neglected to mention that?
- Never really came up.

I mean, I never knew my birth parents.

And like you said, my adopted mom
died when I was a baby.

Do you think this Holly woman
could actually be my-?

I don't know.
Tried to get the birth records.

But they're hard copy only,
sealed in the county office.

Well, screw that.

I probably shouldn't have
let you kids in here.

No, it'll all be fine.

All right,
just go get a cup of coffee. All right?

And these aren't the droids
you're looking for.

- Awesome.
- Got it.

- Yeah.

Andy, it's true.
Holly Beckett was your birth mother.

Does anyone have a Vicodin?

Dr. Jennings was her doctor too.
I mean, he oversaw the adoption.

- You have a solid connection to them.
- But I didn't kill them.

We believe you.

- Yeah.
- But who did?

I think I got a pretty good guess.

Holly Beckett gave birth to twins.

I have an evil twin.

Holly put you and your brother
up for adoption.

And you went to the Gallagher family,

And your brother went to
the Weems family from upstate.

Hey, Andy, how you doing?
Still with us?

- What was my brother's name?
- Here. Um...

Anson Weems.

He's got a local address.

- He lives here?
About to get a look at him.

There's a picture coming over
from the DMV right now.

Hate to kick you while you're freaked.

Take a look at that.

- Hey, Trace.
- Yeah?

You and Andy, you guys went together
for a while, didn't you?

- Yeah, Webber, why?
- I don't know, I was just wondering.

I was wondering how you
felt about him these days.

I've seen you guys together.
It seems like there's still something there.

Were you guys ever, like, serious?

- Um, no.
- Come on, Trace.

Tell the truth.

All right, Andy. Tell us
everything you know about this guy.

I mean, not much.

Webber shows up one day,
like, eight months ago...

...acting like he's my best friend.
Kind of weird, like trying too hard.

He must have known
you guys are twins.

Why change his name?
Why not just tell the truth?

- No idea.
- Aah!


Sam. Sam.


Hey. Hey.

I take my ladies here.

They like it.

Well, I mean, I like it,
so of course they do too.

Please. I just wanna go home.

Stop crying.


I get it. I see what you see in Andy.

I mean, he's a genius. Books he reads?

He's gonna be a great man someday.

But he is my family, not yours.

You can't have him.

You're not gonna have anything
after tonight.

- Dean, you should stay back.
- No argument here.

I've had my head screwed with
enough for one day.

I'm coming with you.

- Andy, no.
- If it's Tracy out there...

...then I'm coming.

Okay. Slower.

Tracy, I want you to
listen to me very carefully, okay?

When we're done here...

...I want you to head over
to the edge of that dam.



And when you get there...'re gonna think you can fly.

And you're just gonna step right off.

You can fly, can't you?

Yeah, I think so.

You might get scared,
but I want you to say that it's okay.

Just tell yourself, "Everything is okay."

Get out of the car. Now!

You really don't wanna do this.

Tracy. Come here, come here.
Andy! I can't.

- I couldn't control myself.
It's all right.

Don't move. Don't move.

- No, no.
I will kill you!

Hey, let me handle this, all right?

- I'll kill him.
I'll handle this.

I will kill you.
Andy, listen to me. Listen to me-

Tracy, stop.

I said, stop it.

- How did you do that?
- Practice, bro.

If you'd just practice, you would know.

you don't need to use your words.

If you have to, all you need is this.

- Sometimes the headache's worth it.
- You son of a bitch.

Back off, Andy,
or Tracy's gonna do a little flying.

Aren't you, Trace?

I'm stronger than you. I can do it.

Okay, okay. Okay.

All right, just please don't hurt her.

Don't be mad at me, okay?
I know, it's all wrong.

I didn't mean for this to happen.
It's just...

Tracy, she's trying to come between us.

- You're insane.
- She's garbage. Man, they all are.

We can push them.
We can make them do whatever we want.

Are you really this stupid? Is it-?

You learn you got a twin,
you call him up.

You go out for a drink.
You don't start killing people.

I wanted to tell you for so long, bro.

But he didn't let me.
He said I had to wait until the time-

- Who?
- The man with the yellow eyes.

What are you talking about?

He came to me, in my dream.

He said I was special.

He told me he's got big plans for me.

Wait till you see what's in store,
Andy, for both of us.

See, he's the one who told me
that I had a brother.

A twin.

Why did you kill our mother?
And why Dr. Jennings?

Because they split us up!

They ruined our lives, Andy.

We could have been together
this whole time.

Instead of alone.

I couldn't let them do that.

I couldn't let them get away with that.

I see you.


He shot himself.

And you all saw it happen.

Yeah. We did.

Look at him. He's getting better at it.

You'll be okay, miss.

Won't even look at me.

Yeah, she's pretty shaken up.

No, it's- This is different. This is, uh...

I never used my mind thing on her
before last night.

She's scared of me now.

Andy, I hate to do this, but, um,
we have to get out of here.

Here. I wrote down my cell.

You don't have to be alone in this.

If anything comes up, you call me up.

Wha...? What...?

- What am I supposed to do now?
- You be good, Andy.

Or we'll be back.

Looks like I was right.

- About what?
- Andy.

He's a killer after all.

No, he's a hero.
He saved his girlfriend, he saved my life.

Bottom line, last night,
he wasted somebody.

He's not a foaming-at-the-mouth psycho.

He was just- He was pushed into that.

Webber was pushed, in his own way.

Max Miller was pushed.
I was pushed by Jessica's death.

What's your point?

Right circumstances,
everyone's capable of murder.

Maybe that's what the demon's doing,
pushing us, finding ways to break us.

We don't know what
the demon wants, okay?

Quit worrying about it.

I heard you before, Dean,
when Andy made you tell the truth.

- You're just as scared of this as I am.
- That was mind control.

It's like being roofied, man.
It doesn't count.

- What?
- No, I'm calling do-over.

- Are you 7?
- Doesn't matter.

We gotta keep doing what we're doing,
find that evil son of a bitch and kill it.

Yeah. I guess.


Ellen, what's going on?

Yeah, we'll be right there.

Jo, go pull up another case of beer.

- Mom-
- Now. Please.

So you, uh, wanna tell me
about this last hunt of yours?

No, not really.

No offense.
It's just kind of a family thing.

Not anymore.

I got this stuff from Ash.

Andrew's house burned down
on his 6-month birthday...

...just like your house.

You think it was the demon both times.
It went after Gallagher's family?

- Yeah, we think so.
- Sam.

- Why?
- None of your business.

You mind your tongue with me, boy.

This isn't just your war, this is war.

Something big and bad is coming,
and fast.

Their side holds all the cards.
Now, at best, all we got is us.

Together. No secrets or half-truths here.

There are people out there.

Like Andy Gallagher.

Like me.

And we all have some kind of ability.

- Ability?
- Yeah. Psychic ability.

Me, I have, um, visions.

Premonitions. I don't know,
it's different for everybody.

The demon said he had plans
for people like us.

- What kind of plans?
- We don't know for sure.

These people out there, these psychics.
They dangerous?

No. Not all of them.

But some are. Some are very dangerous.

- How many of them we looking at?
- We've been able to track a pattern.

They had house fires
the night of the kid's 6-month birthday.

- That's not true.
- What?

Webber, or Anson Weems,
or whatever his name is.

I looked at his files,
and there was no house fire.

There's nothing out of the ordinary.

Which breaks pattern.

If there's others like him,
there'd be nothing in the system.

No way to track them all down.

So who knows how many of them
are really out there?

- Jo, honey.
- Yeah?

Better break out the whiskey instead.