Supernatural (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam is shocked when Dean finally tells him their dad asked him to watch over Sam to save him, or if that fails kill him. Sam leaves alone to let Ash look up a same-type clairvoyant demonic victim. Ava Wilson, from Peoria, Indiana, fits that bill and looks up Sam to warn she saw his death, then leaves ridiculing him. Dean followed Sam, just in time to intervene when crazy Gordon Walker turns up, who will stop at nothing to destroy 'utterly evil' Sam. It's a testing fight for the brothers.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Dad wants us to pick up where he left off.

Saving people, hunting things, the family business.

You know the truth about Sammy and the other children.

I've known for a while.

Dad, you know the demon...

He said he had plans for me and children like me.

Do you have any idea what he meant by that?

No, I don?t.

Did he say anything to you?

No. Nothing.

Max, your abilities started 6, 7 months ago, right?

How'd you know that?

That's when my abilities started.

You and I -- we're chosen.

For what?

I don't know.

Everyone's capable of murder.


Maybe that's what the demon's doing...

- Pushing us, finding ways to break us.
- We don?t know what the demon wants.

We all have some kind of ability.

- Ability?
- Psychic ability.

I have visions, premonitions.

It's different for everybody.

The demon said he had plans for people like us.

What kind of plans?

We don't really know for sure.

Don't be afraid, Scott.

You can tell me anything.

You know that.

Whatever you say won't leave this room.

It started a little over a year ago.

Migraines at first.

Then I found I could do stuff.

What do you mean, "do stuff"?

I have this ability.

When I touch something, I can electrocute it if I want.

How do you know?

Did it to the neighbor's cat.

Its insides fried up like a hamburger.

You don't believe me.

I believe that you believe it.

Then here.

Want to shake on it?

Why would you want to kill the neighbor's cat, Scott?

I don?t.

He wants me to, and he doesn't want me to stop there.


The yellow-eyed man.

He comes to me in my dreams.

He tells me to do things -- awful things...

But I tell him no.

"No, I don't want to! ?

What else does the yellow-eyed man tell you?

He... he has plans for me.

What kind of plans?

Before dad died, he -- he told me something.

Something about you.


Dean, what did he tell you?

He said that he... wanted me to watch out for you... take care of you.

He told you that a million times.

Well, this time was different.

He said that I had to... save you.

Save me from what?

He just said that I had to save you and nothing else mattered.

- And that if I couldn't, I'd...
- You'd what, Dean?

I'd have to kill you.

He said that I might have to kill you, Sammy.

Kill me?

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

I don't know.

He must have had some reason for saying it.

Did he know the demon's plans for me?

Am I supposed to go dark side or something?

What else did he say, Dean?

That's it, I swear.

How could you not have told me this?

Because it was dad, and he begged me not to.

Who cares! Take some responsibility for yourself, Dean!

You had no right to keep this from me!

You think I wanted this?

I wish to god he'd never opened his mouth.

Then I wouldn't have to walk around with this screaming in my head all day!

We each got to figure out what's going on, then -- what the hell all this means.

We do?

I've been thinking about this.

I think we should just lay low, you know.

At least for a while -- it would be safer.

- That way, I could make sure...
- What?

That I don't turn evil?

That I don't turn into some kind of killer?

- I?ve never said that.
- Jeez, you're not careful, you will have to waste me one day, Dean.

I never said that!

Damn it, Sam, this whole thing is spinning out of control.

All right, you're immune to some weirdo demon virus

and I don't even know what the hell anymore.

And you're pissed at me, and I get it.

That's fine.

I deserve it.

But we lay low until we figure out our next move, okay?

Forget it.

Sam, please, man.

Hey, please.

Just give me some time.

Give me some time to think, okay?

I'm begging you here. Please, please.


Are you okay?

Oh, I just had another nightmare.

It's fine.

It's nothing.

Just go back to sleep.





Hey, Ellen.

You don't seem that surprised to see me.

Your brother's been calling, looking for you.

I figured he might.

What's going on between you two?

So, um... how's Jo?

Well, I don't really know.

What do you mean?

I haven't seen her in weeks.

She sends a postcard now and again.

Well, what happened?

Well, after she worked that job with you boys

she decided she wanted to keep on hunting.

I said, "not under my roof," and she said ?fine?.

So I'm probably the last person you want to see right now.

Oh, don't get me wrong.

I wish I could blame the hell out of you boys.

It would be easier.

The truth is, it's not your fault.

Sam, none of it is.

I want you to know that I forgave your daddy a long time ago... for what happened to my Bill.

I just don't think he ever forgave himself.

What did happen?

Um, so, why did you come here, sweetie?

I need help.

So, what am I looking for, Sam?

Other people, other... psychics like me.

As many as possible, and I need a nationwide search.

But I thought there was no way to track them all down.

Not all of them had nursery fires like you did.

Well... no, but some had to.

Start there.

Done... and done.

That was fast.

Well, apparently, that's my job.

Make the monkey dance.

Just tell us what you got, Ash.

Four folks fit the profile nationwide.

Born in '83, mother died in a nursery fire, the whole shebang.


That's it?

Sam Winchester from Lawrence, Kansas.

Max Miller from Saginaw, Michigan, Andrew Gallagher from Guthrie, Oklahoma.

And another name -- Scott Carey.

What? You got an address?

Kind of.

The Arbor Hills cemetery in Lafayette, Indiana.

Plot 486.

So he's dead?

Killed about a month ago.

Killed how?


Parking lot.

Fuzz don't have much -- no suspects.

All right.

Thank you.

Where are you going?


Sam, I got to call Dean.

I've got to let him know where you are.

Ellen, I?m trying to find answers about who I am

and my brother means well, but he can't protect me from that.


You said you went to high school with Scott?

Uh, yes, sir, I did.

I just heard about what happened.

I'm so sorry.

Scotty was a good boy.

He changed a lot since you knew him.

What do you mean?

It started about a year ago with these headaches.

Then he got depressed, paranoid -- nightmares.


Um, did he ever talk to you about his nightmares -- what he saw?

No, no, he closed up on me.

I tried to get him help, but nothing took.

He'd just... lock himself in his room for days.

You think maybe I could see his room?

Who are you?


You're in danger.

Okay, look, I know how all this sounds, but I am not insane, and I'm not on drugs.

Okay, I am normal, and this is way, way off the map for me.

All right, all right, just -- just calm down, okay?

What's your name?


Ava Wilson.

Ava, I?m Sam Winchester, all right?

Now, you were telling me about these dreams of yours?

Oh, yeah, uh, okay, about a year ago, I started having these

like headaches, and just... nightmares, I guess.

And I really didn't think much of it

until I had this one dream where I saw this guy get stabbed in a parking lot.

When was this?

Uh, about a month ago.

But anyway, a couple of days later... I found this.

I saw this guy die days before it happened.

I don't know why.

I don't know.

Some reason, my dreams are coming true, and last night, I had another one.


About you.

I saw you die.

How did you find me?

Oh, uh, you had motel stationery, and I Googled the motel,

and it was real, and so I just thought that I should warn you.

I don't believe this.

Oh, oh, of course you don?t.

You think I'm a total nutjob.

No, no, no.

I mean, you must be one of us.

Sorry, one of -- one of who?

One of the psychics, like me.

Look, Ava, I have visions, too, all right?

So -- so we're connected.

Okay, so... you're nuts.

That's great.

No, okay, okay. Okay, look.

Did your mother happen to die in a house fire?

No, my mother lives in Palm Beach.

So you don't fit the pattern, either.


It's Ellen.

Hey, have you heard from Sam?

I have.

But he made me promise not to tell you where he is.

Come on, Ellen, please.

Something bad could be going on here, and I swore I'd look after that kid.

They say you can't protect your loved ones forever.

Well, I say screw that.

What else is family for?

He's in Lafayette, Indiana.


Why can't you just leave town, please, before you blow up?

No, I can?t.

Oh, god. Why not?

Because there's something going on here, Ava, with you, with me.

I mean, there are others like us out there

and we're all a part of something, and I've got to figure out what.

Okay, you know what?

Screw you, buddy.

Okay, 'cause I'm a secretary from Peoria

and I'm not part of anything.

Do you see this?

I am getting married in eight weeks.

I am supposed to be at home addressing invitations

which I am way behind on, by the way.

But instead, I drove out here to save your weirdo ass.

But if you just want to stay here and die, fine.


I'm due back on Planet Earth.

Don't you want to know why this is happening?

I mean, don't these visions scare the hell out of you?

'Cause if you walk out that door right now, you might never know the truth.

I need your help.

So, miss Wilson, you're new in town?

That's right.

And what made you decide to seek out therapy?

I have no idea.


No, I mean, I?m feeling really, super... anxious right now.

Okay, anything else?

Uh... holy crap!


I just remembered, when I was a kid, I swallowed

like, eight things of pop rocks, and then drank a whole can of coke.

You don't think that that counts as a suicide attempt, do you?

You okay?

Am I okay?


I just helped you steal some dead guy's confidential psych files.

I'm awesome!

Scott: It started a little over a year ago.

Migraines at first.

Then I found I could do stuff.

What do you mean, "do stuff"?

I have this ability.

When I touch something, I can electrocute it if I want.

Oh, thank god you're okay.

Oh, you're better than okay.

Sam, you sly dog.

What else does the yellow-eyed man say?

He has plans for me.

He says there's a war coming,

and people like me -- we're gonna be the soldiers.

Everything is about to change.

He's not talking about us, right?

Yeah, I think he is.

Well... but how can we turn into that?

I don't...

Get down!

Oh, my god, what's happening?


You do that to my brother, I?ll kill you!

Dean, wait!

Wait, I don't understand.

Shouldn't we be talking to the cops?

Trust me, they wouldn't do us much good.

These are .223 caliber -- subsonic rounds.

The guy must have put a suppressor on the rifle.

Dude, who are you?

Oh, I just, uh...

I just watch a lot of ?T. J. Hooker?.

Who you calling?

My brother.

I think we definitely need help.



Sam, I?ve been looking for you.

Yeah, look, I?m in Indiana.


I know.

You do?

Yeah, I talked to Ellen.

I just got here myself.

It's a real funky town.

You ditched me, Sammy.

Yeah, I?m sorry.

Look, right now, there's someone after me.

What? Who?

I don't know.

That's what we need to find out.

Where are you?

I'm staying at 5637 Monroe Street.

Why don't you meet me here?

Yeah, sure.

Now, was that so hard?

Bite me.

What is it?

My brother's in trouble.


He gave me a code word.

Someone's got a gun on him.

Code word?


?Funky town.?

Well, he thought of it.

It's kind of a long story.

Come on.

Gordy, I know me and Sam ain't exactly your favorite people

but don't you think this is a little extreme?

Oh, you think this is revenge?

We did leave you tied up in your own mess for three days.

Which was awesome.

Sorry, I shouldn't laugh.

Yeah, I was definitely planning on whupping your ass for that.

That's not what this is.

This isn't personal.

I'm not a killer, Dean.

I'm a hunter.

And your brother is fair game.

I don't think I should leave.

I want you out of harm's way, Ava.

What about you?

Harm's way doesn't really bother me.

No, but you are walking right into my vision.

I mean, this is how you die.

It doesn't matter.

It's my brother.

Maybe I can help.

You've done all you can.

Just -- just go back to your fianc??

Are you sure?

Yes, I?m sure.

Go home, Ava.

You'll be safe there.

Well, just... promise me you'll call, then.

When you get your brother, just let me know that everything's all right.

I promise.

See, I was doing an exorcism down in Louisiana.

A teenage girl.

It seemed routine.

Some low-level demon.

But between all the jabbering and the head-spinning,

the damn thing muttered something about a coming war.

I don't think it meant to.

It just kind of slipped out.

But it was too late.

It piqued my interest.

And you can really make a demon talk, you got the right tools.

What happened to the girl it was possessing?

She didn't make it.

Well, you're a son of a bitch.

That's my mama you're talking about.

Anyway, this demon tells me they have soldiers to fight in this coming war.

Humans fighting on hell's side.

You believe that?

I mean, they're psychics, so they're not exactly pure humans.

But still, what kind of worthless scumbag you got to be to turn against your own race?

But you know the biggest kick in the ass?

This demon said I knew one of them...

Our very own Sammy Winchester.

Well, this is...

This is a whole new level of moronic, even for you.


Come on, Dean.

I know about Sam's visions.

I know everything.


Because a demon told you?

Yeah, and it wasn't lying.

Hey, Dean, I?m not some reckless yahoo, okay?

I did my homework.

I made damn sure it was true.

Look, you got your roadhouse connections.

I got mine.

It's how I found Sammy in the first place.

About a month ago, I found another one of these freaks here in town.

He could deep-fry a person just by touching them.

Yeah, did he kill anyone?

Besides Mr. Tinkles, the cat, no.

But he was working up to it.

They're all gonna be killers, Dean.

We got to take them all out, and that means Sammy, too.

You think Sam's stupid enough to walk through that front door?

No, I don?t.

Especially since I'm sure you found a way to warn him.

You really think I'm that stupid?

No, Sammy's gonna scope the place first, see me covering the front door.

So he's gonna take the back.

And when he does, he'll hit the tripwire.

Then... boom.

Sam's not gonna fall for a frickin' tripwire.

Maybe you're right.

That's why I'll have a second one.

Hey, look, I?m sorry.

I wish I didn't have to do this. I really do.

But for what it's worth, it will be quick.

Come on, man.

I know Sam, okay, better than anyone.

He's got more of a conscience than I do.

I mean, the guy feels guilty surfing the internet for porn.

Maybe you're right, but one day, he's gonna be a monster.



How's a guy like Sam become a monster?

It beats me, but he will.

No, you don't know that!

I'm surprised at you, Dean.

Getting all emotional.

I had heard you were more of a professional than this.

Let?s say that you are cruising around in that car of yours

and you have Adolf Hitler at riding shotgun, right?

Back when he was just some goofy, crappy artist.

But you knew what he was gonna turn into someday.

You'd take him out.

No questions, am I right?

That's not Sam.

Yes, it is.

You just can't see it yet.

Dean, it's his destiny.

Look, I?m sympathetic.

He's your brother.

You love the guy.

This has got to hurt like hell for you.

But here's the thing.

It would have wrecked him, but your dad

if it really came right down to it,

he would have had the stones to do the right thing here.

So, you're telling me you're not the man he is?

You hear him?

Here he comes.

Hold on.

Not yet.

Let's wait and see.

Sorry, Dean.

Drop the gun.

You shouldn't take your shoes off around here.

You might get tetanus.

Put it down now!

You wouldn't shoot me, would you, Sammy?

'Cause your brother -- he thinks you're some kind of saint.


Well, I wouldn't be so sure.

See, that's what I said.

You're no better than the filthy things you hunt.

Do it.

Do it!

Show your brother the killer you really are, Sammy.

It's ?Sam?.

Son of a bitch.

Dean, no.

I let him live once.

I'm not making the same mistake twice.

Trust me.

Gordon's taken care of.

Come on.

You call this taken care of?

What the hell are we doing?

Just trust me on this.

Drop your weapons!

Get down on your knees!

Anonymous tip.

You're a fine, upstanding citizen, Sam.

Gordon Walker was hunting Sam?

Somebody over there can't keep their frickin' mouth shut.

And you honestly think that it was me or Ash or Jo? No way.

Who else knows about Sam, huh?

Well, you must have been talking to somebody.

You can say a lot of things about us

but we aren't disloyal, and we're not stupid.

We haven't breathed a word of this.

Gordon said he had roadhouse connections, Ellen.

And this roadhouse is full of other hunters.

They're all smart.

They're good trackers, each of them with their own patterns and connections.

Hell, I could name 12 of them right now that are capable of putting this together.

I am sorry about what happened, Dean,

but I can't control these people or what they choose to believe.

Hey, Ava, it's Sam... again.

Um... call me when you get this.

Just want to make sure you got home okay.

All right, bye.

Everything all right?

Yeah, I hope so.

Well, Gordon should be reaching for the soap for the next few years, at least.

Yeah, if they pin Scott care?s murder on him... and if he doesn't bust out.

- Dude, you ever take off like that again...
- what?

You'd kill me?

That's so not funny.

All right.

All right.

So, where to next, then?

One word -- Amsterdam.

Come on, man, I hear the coffee shops don't even serve coffee.

I'm not gonna just ditch the Job.

Screw the Job.

Screw it, man.

I'm sick of the job anyway.

We don't get paid.

We don't get thanked.

The only thing we get is bad luck.

Well, come on, dude, you're a hunter.

It's what you were meant to do.

I am not meant to do anything. I don't believe in that destiny crap.

You mean you don't believe in my destiny?


Look, Dean, I?ve tried running before.

I mean, I ran all the way to California, and look what happened.

You can't run from this, and you can't protect me.

I can try.

Thanks for that.

Look, Dean, I?m gonna keep hunting.

I mean, whatever's coming, I?m taking it head on

so if you really want to watch my back

then I guess you're gonna have to stick around.



You calling that Ava girl again?

You sweet on her or something?

She's engaged, Dean.


What's the point in saving the world, you can't get a little nookie once in a while?


Just a feeling.

How far is it to Peoria?


Is anybody home?

My god.



The demon's been here.