Supernatural (2005–…): Season 15, Episode 19 - Supernatural - full transcript

Everything is on the line as the battle against God continues; a familiar face returns to join the fight.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You want to evaporate
every kernel of existence

because the Winchesters
won't do what you say.

Jack's powerless.

And Billie wants us dead.

That's Chuck's Death Book?

Only Billie can read it.

Stop killing my people!

I didn't hurt your friends.

You killed me, Dean.

It was Chuck all along.

Everybody's gonna die, Cass,

Why does this sound like
a goodbye?

Everyone's gone.

You see anybody on the way here?


I couldn't save anybody.


It wasn't Billie. It was Chuck.

What? Where's Cass?


He saved me.

Billie was coming after us,

and Cass summoned the Empty.

It took her.

And it took him.

Cass is gone.

This can't be happening.

It is, Sam.

I think everyone's gone.

Hey, it's Jody.

I can't get to the phone
right now, so leave a message.

Jack, I'm sorry.

Hey. You know who it is.

You know what to do.
Catch you later.

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It brings a whole new meaning to
the term "sudden death."

Dean, do you think we're it?

All that's left?


You, me, Jack.



So, um, what now?

I did this.

We could have just given Chuck
what he wanted,

you know, his grand finale.

But I resisted.
I pulled the thread.

I thought we could beat
this game, do it better.

We tried to rewrite him, and
the whole world paid the price.

Sam, we can... We can what?

There's nothing left, Dean.

No one left to save.

Everybody's gone.

You can't just give up.

What other choice do we have?

Think he'll show?

He better.

Hey, guys.

Enjoying a little alone time?

Alright, Chuck. You win.

Well... sure.

I always do.

Me being me.

Is that it or...

We'll give you what you want.

That's right.
The whole Cain-and-Abel thing.

Us dead. Whatever.

I'll kill Sam. Sam will kill me.

We'll kill each other.
Okay? You pick.

But, first, you got to put
everything back the way it was.

The people, the birds, Cass.

You got to bring him back.

We're surrendering.

We're giving up.

Yeah, no.

I mean, I appreciate
the white flag,

but, frankly, it's too little,
too late.

I'm kind of enjoying
this story now.

You can't.

Oh, no, see, I'm the almighty.

I really can.

I mean, picture it.

The two of you...

And your little lapdog Jack...

Rotting on a lifeless planet,

knowing it's this way

because you wouldn't
take a knee.

Eternal shame, suffering,
and loneliness.


That's deep.

That's sophisticated.

That's a page-turner.



Look out.

You okay?

I feel terrific.

Guys, I'm...

feeling something weird.

Yeah, me, too, pal.

We need aspirin.

I'm sensing a presence.

There's something out
there... besides us.

Something like people?

I don't know.

How are you sensing anything?

I thought you were
all powered down.

I'm not sure.

But I feel it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Look at you. Hey.


How did Chuck miss you?

Whoever thought finding a dog
would feel like a miracle?

Come on, Miracle. Come here.


Check it out.

You found a dog?


I guess Chuck didn't
get everything.

I mean, maybe there's people
he missed, you know?

Look, either way, this guy's
coming home with us.

You're gonna let a dog
sit in the Impala?

I'm not giving him shotgun.

Unless you're cool with that.

I'll get Jack.

Don't worry about him.
He'll warm up to you.

Maybe we'll let you
sleep in his room.

Here we go. Good boy.

Hey. Come here.

You know, believe it or not,

you're the best thing that's
happened in the last few days.

Yeah, you are. Good boy.


Can't even save a friggin' dog.

Yeah, maybe that's the point.

No one left to help.

No one but us.

You sure about this, Jack?

Whatever you're picking up on
is in there?

In there or very nearby.

Guys, I have no idea
what we're walking into.


you survived.


When the rapture first began,
I took refuge here.

It is St. Michael's,
you may have noticed.

Are you hiding out
from your dad?

I'm sure he's aware
I took your side against him.

I've avoided using any powers

that might
attract his attention.

And Adam?


I'm sorry to say.

Exterminated by my father,

like everyone else.

Poor bastard
never caught a break.

How did the three of you manage?

Apparently, your old man
has a sense of humor.

He thought it would be hilarious

to watch the three of us
on an empty planet.

What, are you, uh...
doing some reading?

I never spent much time
on Earth.

I was... curious about the
perception of God and Heaven.


the believers loved him.

They have for
thousands of years.

I guess my efforts were more
effective than I'd hoped.

Y-Your efforts?

When God left Heaven,
I was certain of his return.

So I made sure all of the angels

and prophets
burnished his image on Earth.

The all-knowing, all-seeing,
all-caring God.

Daddy's boy.

And now?

After seeing what Chuck's done?

We reached out to you.

You ignored us.

That was then.

This is now.

Tell me what you need me to do.

Alright, Michael.

Here's the book we've been
telling you about.

That's one of Death's books.

Yeah, but this one is about God.

And how to kill him.

As far as we know,
only Death can open it.

But, um...

we're hoping, uh...
maybe you can, too.

I'm sorry.

So, where does this leave us?

We need that book open,
and we're out of options.

Where's it leave us?


I'm sure Chuck's ready
to make a move.



Dean. I'm here.

I'm hurt. Can you let me in?


Wow! Way to treat a pal.

No, you're not our "pal."

Okay, be honest with me, please.

Would you have let me in
if I said it was really me?

You're dead.

Uh... yeah, not so much.

Um, after pop nutted out

and murdered pretty much
everyone in the world,

the Empty booted me
with orders to find

the missing God Book
and use it on Chuck.

Uh, normally, I'm not very good
at following orders,

as you guys know, but, uh,

you do not want to mess
with the Empty, man.

Total "B," especially after

Jack blew up all over her,
and she killed Death.

I mean, guys,
never a dull moment.

But that's the past.

What's up?!

We're a team again, guys.

Oh, that is not happening.



Alright, team.

I don't want to bring ants
to your picnic,

but that ain't gonna cut it.

Okay, think about it.

If the Empty pulled me
off the bench,

it's 'cause the Winchester charm
ain't enough, right?

And I did anticipate
a little bit of pushback,

so I did bring
a token of good faith.


Who is she?

Oh, this is Betty.
Betty... Betty, say hi.

No, no, no. Say hi to the boys.

Just getting it straight.

Oh, did I mention
Betty is a reaper?

I'm doing a fly-by, right? Okay.

I'll say that again.
Betty is a reaper.

Yes, we heard you.

So what?





Oh, no, this is...
This is the first reaper

to check out since Billie,

So... wait for it.

Wait for it.



Meet the new Death.

Wow. You okay?


Wow. Look at that.

I mean, she's got the whole
Death starter kit going

with the decoder ring.

Isn't that awesome?

And that, whatever that is.

I'm good, right?

So, do you have it?

The book. Hand over the book.

Slower than they look.

Okay, the end of God
is in the special book,

and if you give Betty the book,
Betty can read it.


Uh... not a group project.


Look at you, bro.

The almost-mighty.

Hmm. I cheated.

Are you seriously thinking about
trusting him?

Uh, I wouldn't exactly say

Mikey, Mikey, come on, man.

I get the bitterness.

For all you did for the old man,

you got no better from him
than me.

The son voted Most Likely
to Suck, and that sucks.

I did what I did because it was
the right thing to do,

not to get his love.

Alright, well,
that's a good thing,

'cause the man had
no love to give...

Not to you, not to me,
not to... humanity.

You see that now, right?


I have opened the book.

And? And it's in here...

all that you want.

I know how God ends.

Wait a second.
You're sure about this?

Of course I'm sure. I'm Death.

You've been Death for an hour.

"Behold, in the end,

there is the ending of
he who created the beginning."


"And, thus, it will be..."

Yeah, this is what Pop wanted
to get his hands on.

Hmm. Did I say that out loud?

Yeah, Pop was the one
who let me out of the Empty.

I'm sort of
the new favorite now.

What did Dad say about you?

Oh, yeah.

"Mikey's a cuck."

You're a cuck.



Wow, you are really getting
rusty at this, buddy.


So... buddy...

you're gonna have to
make a decision now.

Uh, dump the losers

and join Gramps and me
on the winning team.

Of course, this is the only way

you're getting out of here

'cause you're not strong enough
to fight me now, so...

What do you say, kid?
What do you say?

Come on.

Somebody's behind me?

You don't learn.

Thanks for the blade.

How you doing? You okay?

Yeah, a bit winded.

I haven't been in a battle like
that for several centuries.

Yeah, well...

...glad you were here.

Chuck's getting desperate.

He knows something's up.

Wouldn't take the chance
of showing up himself.


He sent Lucifer.

Brought him back from the dead.

He didn't even reach out to me.

Did you want him to?
Of course not.

I mean, he clearly he knows the
God Book could be lethal to him.

But it's actually fairly useless
without Death to read it.

Yeah, well...
at least it's open.

Sam thought that he recognized

some of the symbols
in the writing,

thought they might be
some form of Enochian.

So he's gonna use
the Book of the Damned,

see if he can't
figure out the end.

And by that, I mean... the end.

How's, uh, Sam doing?
Any progress?

I hope so.
He's been in there a long time.

Oh. Why
don't you ask him yourself.

Sorry. It's slow going.

But I think I was able
to piece it together.


The spell. There's a spell.

It has to be done
at a particular place...

at an exact angle from the sun.

But it will release
an unstoppable force

that will find Chuck...

and finish him.

Let's light it up.

Wait. What happened?
What's wrong?



And, listen, I appreciate
the heads-up about all this.

It's always been
my destiny to serve you.


The thing is, it's kind of late
in the game.

You did side with
the Winchesters.

I can't forgive that.
Father, no.

That was a lapse of judgment,
I admit, but I swear I...

Save it!

And you two.

You know, eternal suffering
sounds good on paper,

but as a viewing experience,
it's just kind of... eh.

So we're done.

I'm canceling your show.


Well... one for the road.


Eh, what the heck.

I can get my hands dirty.

Fellas, give it up now.

Come on, guys.

Just stay down.

That's enough, guys.

Guys, come on.

Just stay down.

Fellas, give it up.

That's enough, guys.

Guys, come on.

That's enough.

Why are you smiling?


You lose.

Hey, Jack.

What... What did you do?

We won.

So this is how it ends.

My book.

See for yourself.

There's nothing there.

Oh, there is.

But only Death can read it.

That's right.

So we had to come up with
a plan "B."

That wasn't too hard, though,

when we realized that Michael
really is a daddy's boy.

Oh, yeah. "Mikey's a cuck."

See, he didn't take it too well

when he found out that
you asked Lucifer for help.

Oh, he was desperate
to be the favorite again.

Since we couldn't read the book,

we had to come up with a story
about finding the spell,

which we knew Michael would
feed straight to you.

All that prep work we did

to turn Jack here
into a cosmic bomb?


Well, it turned him into
sort of a-a power vacuum.

He's been sucking up bits of
power all over the place.

So when the two heavyweights...
Your boys...

Showed up to duke it out, ohh.

That charged him right up.

See, we knew Michael would
warn you and you'd show up here.

And you did.
And you killed your own son.

And you beat the crap out of us.

Releasing all kinds of power.

God power.

Jack absorbed it all.

It made him...
it made him unstoppable.

This... This... This is why
you're my favorites.

You know, for the first time,

I have no idea
what happens next.

Is this where you kill me?

I mean, I could never think of
an ending where I lose.

But this, after everything
that I've done to you...

to die at the hands of
Sam Winchester...

Of Dean Winchester,

the ultimate killer...

It's kind of glorious.

Sorry, Chuck.



See, that's not who I am.

That's not who we are.

What kind of an ending is this?

His power.

You sure it won't come back?

It's not his power anymore.

Then I think it's the ending
where you're just like us

and like all the other humans
you forgot about.

It's the ending
where you grow old,

you get sick, and you just die.

And no one cares.

And no one remembers you.

You're just forgotten.


Guys... wait.



No, wait. G-Guys...

Guys, wait!

Guys, wait!

Guys, wait!

Wait, wait, wait!

Please wait!


Alright, kid, you really think
you can pull this off?

In other news, yes,
it's that time of year again.

You guessed it.

Thank you so much.

Way to go.

Way to go.

So... does this mean
you're the new...

I mean, what do we call you?

Who cares what we call him?

Look, all that matters is
he got us back online.

Hey, what happened to Amara
when Chuck...

She's with me.

We're in harmony.

You gonna come back with us
to the bunker?

What do you mean? Of course he's
gonna come back to the bunker.

He's the man with the plan.
He's top dog.

He can do whatever he wants now.
Come on.

You know what?
We'll spruce the place up.

We'll get some recliners.

We'll get you one of those
big-screen TVs.

Dean, I'm not coming back home.

In a way... I'm already there.



So you are him.

I'm me.

But I know what you mean.

What if we want to see you?

You know, or have a beer
or whatever?

I'm around.

I'll be in every drop
of falling rain,

every speck of dust
that the wind blows,

and in the sand, in the rocks,
and the sea.

It's a hell of a time to bail.

You got a lot of people
counting on you,

people with questions.
They're gonna need answers.

And those answers will be
in each of them.

Maybe not today, but... someday.

People don't need to pray to me
or to sacrifice to me.

They just need to know that
I'm already a part of them

and to trust in that.

I won't be hands on.

Chuck put himself in the story.

That was his mistake.

But I learned from you

and my mother
and Castiel that...

when people have to
be their best...

they can be.

And that's what to believe in.


I'm really as close as this.


See ya, Jack.

It's pretty quiet.


To everyone that we lost
along the way.

You know, with Chuck not
writing our story anymore,

we get to write our own.

You know, just you and me going
wherever the story takes us.

Just us.

Finally free.