Supernatural (2005–…): Season 15, Episode 12 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Dean respond to a frantic call and assist in an extraordinary and heartbreaking rescue; Billie surprises everyone with a visit to the bunker.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- What happened?
- Short version...

Sammy lost hope,
and now I'm free.

You go back to Earth 2
and play with your other toys.

Because we will never give you
the ending that you want.

We'll see.

Kaia, look,
we need you.

We need you
to dreamwalk for us.

I'm sorry.
I can't help you.

Get in the car.

Get in the damn car!

You know the thing
that killed Kaia

in the Bad Place?

Well, we think it's here.

- Why are you here?
- You know what we want.

What'll you do for me?

- What do you want?
- I want to go back.

- To the Bad Place?
- I call it home.

To get back, I need help.

We'll do what we can.

The boy.
The special boy.

The one that used Kaia
to open up the door?

He can do it again,
for me.

Yes, he can.

If you don't
bring this back to me,

I will find you
and kill you.

Billie kept him hidden
in the Empty

until Chuck
went off world.

She let me out
when it was safe.

To do
what I have to.

If I do
exactly what she says,

if I follow her plan,

I'll be able
to kill God.

You're listening to
Jimmy Jack and the Ros,

traffic and weather together,
after the news.

Take it, Ros.

Thanks, Jimmy Jack.

Negotiations resume
at the U.N. today

as world leaders work to
restore the Paris Agreement.

The revamped agreement would
represent an historic victory

in the fight against
climate change.

Come again.

In other news, President
Hillary Clinton is in Iowa,

as she officially kicks off
her re-election campaign...

Hello, sir!
Welcome to Radio Shed,

"Where superstore inventory
meets swap-meet prices!"

Oh, um...

I take it
you're unsatisfied

with your viewing experience
at home?

- You have no idea.
- Okay.

Well, we've got everything
the big-box stores have...

4K, 8K, HD,

48-, 55-, and 65-inch,
freestanding or wall-mounted.

And to bring it all together,
this universal remote...

a Radio Shed exclusive.

Not really what I'm looking for.

Oh? Uh, then, what are
you looking for?

An audience.

An audience.

It's monologue time.

In the beginning,
it was just me and sis.

- Um...
- And it was fine.

But I wasn't satisfied.

So I made more.

I created the world.

But I didn't stop there.

No, no, no.

I got the bug!

So I... I kept creating.

I made... other worlds.

Different combinations,
scenarios, characters.

Different versions of
the same characters.

You know, my...
"My other toys."

Is that where I screwed up?

this is a Radio Shed.

Dean says I'm not gonna get
the ending I want.

And I don't know.
Maybe... I...

I mean, that shouldn't matter,

I've gotten what I want from
hundred of Sams and Deans.

I could get what I want
from a hundred more.

And I don't care.

Those other toys, they don't...
they don't...

spark joy.

But Sam and Dean...

the real Sam and Dean...

they do.

They challenge me...

they disappoint me...

they surprise me.

They're... the ones.

How 'bout a stereo?

I don't need more!


More things,
more distractions?

I need less.

It's time
to clear the board.

All the other worlds,

alternate realities,
the subplots...

the failed spin-offs...

It's time to start
canceling shows.


Oh, yikes.

Oh. Hey, Alex.

Lasagna's getting cold.

Yeah. Who made it...
you or Patience?

I did.
It's vegan.

You know, actually, tonight,
I'm grateful for that.

I assumed we had a monster
on our hands,

but it's looking like
human-on-animal cruelty.

Poor Bessie was
clubbed to death.

- That's sick.
- Yeah.

Keep the lasagna
in the oven.

Will do.



I still don't like it.

Which part...
Jack's deal with Death?

Or the part where she's got him
eating angel hearts?

The hearts were disturbing.

So what's next?

We're just supposed to
trust her?

Well, apparently Billie's
got Jack on a need-to-know,

which not a shock.

We've made deals with
cosmic players before...

"cards up"
ain't their style.

Jack still doesn't
have a soul.

And now he's been in the Empty
for months.

I mean, we have no idea
where his head is right now.

You rang?

I don't understand.

You made a silent prayer
to death.

She's got her hands full
at the moment, so she sent me.

What's up, kid?

Well, I have my concerns,

Jack trusts Billie,
and I trust Jack.

But what about cosmic balance,

I mean,
Jack's gonna kill God?

What about Amara?

I don't know.
I don't know.

But I have seen
Billie's library,

and I have
spent time with her.


Well, "trust" is a strong word,

I believe in her.

There's no one more committed
to the rules than she is.

She's probably got it all
figured out.


Like she had the Ma'lak box
figured out?

Yeah, I dunno.

I mean,
she's still Death.

She was right
about Rowena.

All I'm saying is,
I wish we knew more.

Yeah, I got questions, too,

but right now, this is
the only plan we got.


When the Grigori trapped me,
I called out for her, but...

she didn't come then,

She musta known
you'd handle it.

But... I didn't.

Cass saved me.

She musta known that, too.


Just follow the rules.

Lie low.

Wait for instructions.

And don't use your powers under
any circumstance, 'cause...?

"If I do,
God might find me."


I'll do it.

Everything she asks.




Uh, who were you
talking to?

Uh, no one.

Hey, uh, I-I just, uh...

wanted to check in on you,

make sure
you're settling in okay.

I am.



We're all just, uh...

We're just...

We're so glad
to have you back.

You know that, right?

And you know that...

you could've come to us first,

We would've helped you.

I know.

I knew it, Dean.

When I was with Jack's mother,

You know,
Kelly just had faith

that Jack would be good for
the world, and I felt it, too.

I knew it.

And then,
when everything went wrong,

and God took him from us,

I was lost in a way
I've never been before.

Because I knew
the story wasn't over.

I knew Jack wasn't done.

And I was right.

here's to being right.

And here's to payback.

Come on.

What, revenge doesn't
sound good to you?

What sounds good to me is
Jack fulfilling his destiny.

Okay, yeah, but...
icing on the cake?

I mean, Chuck wanted
Cain and Abel, and...

now we're going
all biblical on him.

Killed by
his own grandson.

That sounds right to me.

Heya, Jody.

I'm in trouble.

Route 11.

Fletcher farm,
the old barn.

If you don't come,
I'm dead.


She's gonna be fine.
Just hang tight, okay?




- You alright?
- Uh-huh.


Look out!


You have something
that belongs to me.

What, the spear?

Oh, that got broke.

You promised you'd get me
back to my world.

Well, way I see it,

that promise expired
the minute you hurt our friend.


Alright, whatever this is,
it's over.

You promised.

You said
the boy could get me home.

Well, the boy's

I don't get it.

Why go back to that Hellhole?
Why now?


my world is dying.

Your world is dying?


How do you know that?

From my dreams.

Who you got eyes on
over there?

When you gave me the spear,
you said that there was someone,

someone you were


We share our memories,
our lives, our dreams.

Even when I came here,
it never stopped.


We've been connected
my whole life.

Born at the same time
in different worlds.

Yeah, you killed her.
She's dead.

I never meant to hurt...


I thought I could
leave her behind, but...

she haunts me.

Kaia's alive.

Oh, my God.


She's been stuck over there
this whole time?

We left her there
for dead!

I left her the tools
she needed to survive.

And she has.


my world is ending,

I can see it
through her eyes.

Miss Mack all dressed
in black, black, black,

with silver buttons,
buttons, buttons

all down her back, back, back.

I need to
get back there.

That's why I need your help.

You have four of the same color
connected, so...

Given the name of the game,
I assume that means you've won.

They're back.


Hey, Jack, Cass.

Nice to finally
meet you in person.

So, what happened?

Long story.

Hello, Jack.

Jack can't help her.

Yeah, we know that,

I already told her
he's off-limits.

We'll find another way...
we have to.

I mean, Kaia is there
because of us.

Alright, so you and me,
we'll hit the lore.

Yeah. Cass, why don't you
and Jody dig through our stores?

We might have something
in inventory

we haven't thought of yet,

something that can help us
jump worlds.

I'll call Sergei,
as well.

He may have more
archangel grace.

Other than Jack,
it's the only thing

that's worked for us

- Yeah, good idea.
- We're running out of time.

He's standing
right there.

He could
bring us there now.

Hey, Not Kaia...
not helping.

I can help
in other ways.



Meantime, what are we
gonna do with her?

Well, she killed a prize heifer
just to get my attention,

then she jumped me, beat me up,
and threatened to kill me.

Do I get a vote?

Guys, what about this?

La Piegatrice Mondiale.

It's an old Italian spell...
Stregherian magic.

It means
"The World Bender."

What are
the ingredients?

Basic stuff...
crystals, herbs,

and the, uh...
"liver of a mandragora."

What? What's that?
Some kind of monster?

one that's extinct.

Our dad wrote about it
in his journal.

"A Hunt in Fargo"...
killed the last one.

why don't you go see if

Cass and Jody
are having any luck?

We're not
finding anything.

I know.

I mean, nothing that doesn't
require archangel grace,

which we don't have.

And Michael didn't exactly leave
a forwarding address.

Listen, I can try
and jerry-rig up some magic

using a substitute.

But then again,
the only substitute we have

that would even stand a chance
of working is...

- Nephilim grace.
- Yeah.

And I'm guessing that would be
against Billie's rules.


We're batting zero.



It's Castiel.
Call me back as soon as you can?

I-I have a question for you.

No luck
with your friend?

Sergei is hardly a friend.

But, no,
he's not picking up.

You find anything?

Uh, well,
there's a handful

of unidentified objects
in the inventory,

but the thing
about magical items

is that they are
not on the web.

We could go analog,
check all the books,

but that could take months.

You tell Claire?

She's out of cell range.
She's deep in Yosemite.

Believe it or not,
she's following up

a lead on a woman
in a dark cloak.

a false lead.

Claire has spent years
looking for...


She loved her...


Claire'd do anything for
a chance to save her,

but there's just...
there's no time to loop her in,

and if we fail...

She'd never recover.

It'd kill her.

Sergei, you better not
be ignoring my calls.

Call me back.


What do you want?

I'm sorry.
It's just...

you look just like her.


H-How did you come...

I don't know.

You have anything else you want
to say, "Off-limits" boy?

I'm sorry I can't do more.

I saw you.

You encouraged her.

She was scared, and you
pushed her to cross over.


I wanted to help her.

She was in
so much pain.

She's in pain now.

And soon,
she will die.

Because of me.


Why did you do it?

Come here?

I envied her.

Her world
looked peaceful.

This place is...


I don't understand it.

I don't know how
to move through it.

So I just find empty spaces,
and I hide.

This world
doesn't want me.

And I'm done with it.

You can fix this.

You can help us.



Miss Mary Mack,
Mack, Mack,

all dressed in
black, black, black...

I'm saving Kaia.

- What?
- I owe it to her.

She's running out of time...
I saw it.

What, you...

Now, wait a second.

Did you dreamwalk?

Whoa. Hey. What?

Jack, what about
Billie's plan?

I know, I know, but...

saving Kaia,
it's the right thing to do.

You've got to
be kidding me.

Who the Hell are you?

Name's Merle.

She's a reaper...
works with Billie.

How did you
get in here?

on the boy.

She's been watching me.

Yeah, I've been watching
you screw up.

One measly life
on the line,

and you're ready
to risk it all?

That's not just dumb.

That's Winchester dumb.


I'm the only one
who can do this.

Well, try,
and I'll tell Death.




In the meantime, I'll open
a rift to the Bad Place.

I'm sure Billie will
appreciate hearing about it

after the fact
when it's already too late.


And how about
I just stop you?

Right now.

You can try.

Run to Billie.

Tell her everything went
sideways on your watch,

and see how she reacts...

what she decides
to do to you.

Or help us.

Help us find the safest,
smartest way to pull this off,

and she never has to know.

this is Winchester stupid.


But there might
be a way.

The, uh... cosmic warding that
Amara peeled off these walls

that somehow you've all been too
stupid to even try and repair...

Uh, we fixed that...

you fixed part of it.

You slapped up some
anti-demonic monster warding.

You didn't come close
to restoring

the original,
cosmic-grade stuff.

Okay. Then,
how do we restore it?

Well, you can't...
not permanently.

But I know how to get it
back up... for a while.

But it won't be enough.

This good-enough warding,

I'm gonna have to juice it up,
feed it.

I'm gonna need to
borrow your angel.

And with all that,

you think that'll keep us
off of Chuck's radar?

Better hope so.

Magia, quae olim inhaeserat
in his symbolis,

nunc depletis,
reducatur, reducatur.

How you feeling
'bout this?


Feels like we're taking
a big, probably stupid risk.

Feels good.

cosmic entities,

doing the, uh... dumb,
right thing?

Feels like we're back.

Hey, thanks for staying,
keep an eye on the reaper.

Yeah, um...

Jody, I-I'd... I'd like to
ask you to stay, as well.

What is that? Some kind of
B.S. male chivalry thing?


No, it's not.
Jody, it's, um...

Well, you know...

I was never able to
make things right with Claire,

what I took from her.

I mean...

I'm never gonna be able
to make that right.


you and Claire found each other,
and she has you now.

If something goes wrong
with this rescue, and...

and Kaia isn't saved...

Claire will be devastated,
but she'll survive...

she already has.

But if she loses you both...

That'd kill her.



Ready when you are.


Alright, Jack.

You're up.

How's it feel
to be back?

Good talk.

Where is she?


Aw, crap.

Do we fight 'em?

No. This many?
You'd lose.

they seem hungry.

They're not hungry.

They're scared.

Scared of what,

No, this.

Let's go.

What is that?

My home.





Hey, kid.

No, Kaia, it's okay.

She helped us
find you.

We should go.

Come on!

No, I'm staying!


This is my home.
I never should have left it.

You'll die.

I don't belong
in your world.

You do.



Come on!


Told you they'd fit.

They do, uh...
kind of.

They're clean.

How'd you survive alone...
all that time?

Miss Mary Mack.

The nursery rhyme.

My mom used to...


Doesn't matter.

what do I do now?

Well, uh, if you want,

come back to Sioux Falls,
my home.

Will Claire be there?

She will be. Soon.

Thank you.

If I cared for a second
about saving that girl,

I guess I'd say
that was a victory.

So you think
the warding worked,

kept us off
Chuck's radar?

If it hadn't,
we would all be dead,

so I'd say,
yeah, it worked.

Hello, boys.

What the hell?

Bending the rules already,


I tried to call you.

I know.

I was busy.

Can't say I'm not disappointed,


You just iced
one of your reapers.

Merle had one job...
keep you in line.

She failed.

We're playing
a big game here,

and we're only as strong
as our weakest players.

She had to go.

That's the difference
between you and me.

I see the big picture.

I understand that one life means
nothing in the grand scheme.

That girl you saved
from a dying world,

you think hers
was the only one?

They're all dying.

All the worlds...
each and every world...

but this one.

It's Chuck.


He's been a busy boy...
extinguishing galaxies.

Wiping the slate clean...
for the end.

Yeah, and what's
your endgame, Billie?

I mean, you lecture us about
how important all this is,

but we don't even know
what you're doing.

Jack's gonna kill God, right?

Okay. How?

What's your plan?

When I was a reaper,
I believed in the rules.

But then you killed me.

And when I became Death,

I inherited
Death's knowledge...

and Death's library.

And in Death's library,
everyone has a book.

Even God.

So God can die.

Everything dies.

At the end,
I'll reap him, too.


You'll reap God?

Oh, yes.

I don't understand.

Why would God write
the blueprint to his own death?

He didn't.

The books
write themselves.

After God made the world,
he couldn't stop.

He wanted more.

But he needed to create
a perfect harmony...

a Swiss watch,
so this world

could keep tick tick ticking
in his absence.

He had no choice but to build
himself into the framework.

It's his only weakness.

So Chuck doesn't know
what's inside the book?

No one can read their books
unless I let them.

What about Jack?

He's in God's book?

And so are you.

I told you, Dean...

you and your brother
have work to do.

This is your destiny.

You are the messengers
of God's destruction.

Are you finished,

Is that all of them?

Not yet.

You know,
unwinding whole worlds,

some take a snap,
but others are more complex.

They'll need more time.


But you'll spare us,
though... right?

I mean,
I've served you for weeks.

I'll be okay, right?

You'll be fine.

Everything's just fine.