Supernatural (2005–…): Season 14, Episode 5 - Supernatural - full transcript

After a hunt gone wrong leaves Maggie's whereabouts unknown, Sam, Dean, Mary and Bobby race to find her, but what they find are their own worst nightmares.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Maggie.
- My father,

he's gonna bring Maggie
back to life.

Maggie? Hey, sorry.

- You okay?
- I'm alive, so...


Remember when you asked

if we could stop it?

All the evil
in the world?

Well, maybe with Jack,
we can.

Maybe you're right.

But then
what will we do?


We had a deal!


Thanks for the suit.

I appreciate you
accepting my invitation.

I'm the leader
of a werewolf pack.

Why on Earth would an archangel
care about us?

- Isn't it time you had your due?
- Our due?

There are ways
to enhance your...

let's call them

And these ways are...

Fully tested.


There were some misfires early.
I will admit to that.

But I have
cracked the code.

Do you propose we wage a war
on the humans?

Why be the hunted...

when you can be
the hunter?

Hey, guys.

Okay, so here we are

in delightful
Claremore, Oklahoma.

According to the post,
that's where it came from.

I'm thinking ghoul.

Anyway... we go.

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Nightmare Logic
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...and details matter,
all right?

I know homework sucks,
but it get it down --

all of it.

The more we know,
the better we are, so...


Everybody good?
Any questions?

Let's get to work.

You kids
have fun out there.

- Don't even say it. - What?
- No, it's good.

It's got, like, a very
camp-counselor vibe to it.

Just need
to get you a whistle.

What is that?

It's nothing. It's just...

Hunter check-ins.

- Check-ins?
- Yeah.

That's adorable.

You got any rest lately,
like at all?

I mean, look, man, I know things
are crazy right now, okay?

I mean, hell, I just
went toe-to-toe

with my own personal
horror-movie icon,

but we all need
our beauty sleep.

Dean, I have 16 Hunters
on cases right now.

That's not counting Jack
and Cass in Sarasota

or Mom and Bobby working
that rugaru in Texas.

Okay, you know that these people
survived a war, right?

Yeah, but a war
isn't Hunting.

These people need, uh, lore
and weapons and tips

and backup, and --

Look, don't worry
about me, all right?

I'm -- I'm --
I'm good.

What is it?

One of the Hunters,
uh, missed check-in.



Come on, kid,
answer the phone.

You got them
wearing body cams now?

Yeah, they're new.

I figured watching each other
Hunt is the best way to learn.

Okay, so --
They upload
directly to the server. delightful
Claremore, Oklahoma.

And if something
goes wrong,

you got
a place to start.

Yeah. That, too.

Here we go.

Something jumped her.

The ghoul?

Dean, if she's hurt
or dead --

We don't know
that, okay?

We don't know
anything yet.

You just watched
the same thing I did.

I saw a ghoul, okay?

And, yeah, they're nasty
little sons of bitches,

but they're
also scavengers.

They don't usually
feed on the living.

- Yeah, so why attack her?
- I don't know.

But I bet if we go there
and find out,

we got a shot
at bringing her home.

- So, what's the deal here?
- I don't know.

- Same family owns the whole place.
- Huh.

Private cemetery.
Must be nice.

- What?
- As in convenient.

But what are we talking here?
Are they some sort of

weirdo shut-ins
like the Addams Family?

Uh, Maggie
was working a lead.

Kids online said
they were studying when --

and I quote -- "a walker
tried to end them."

It's a zombie --
a "Walking Dead" thing.

I know what
a walker is, Sam.

- "Studying," huh?
- Yeah.

check it out.

Drag marks.

But no blood,

which means Maggie
could still be alive.

Ghouls don't
take prisoners.

Okay, say that
she surprised it,

it attacked,

and then took her somewhere
to feed for later, right?

Maybe it didn't
finish the job yet.

Either way,
I say we find it --

- And kill it.
- Yeah.

Who's down there?

All right,
we're coming up.


- Hi.
- Can I help you?

Yeah. I'm -- I'm Mr. Harrison.
This is Mr. Byrne.

We're with the
Historic Preservation Society.

This is
private property.

Sure. Uh,
the city sent us.

They -- They are gonna
make this whole place

a historic site.
- Yeah. Yeah.

We just need to take
a look around, uh,

survey the grounds,
and then the home.

I-If we could just
speak with the owner.


Follow me.

I knew it!
I always said

this place had
historical significance.

- So much significance.
- Thought so.

Oh, please.

I'm no expert.

I do subscribe
to Architectural Digest.

Oh, is that right?

The thing is... many of you
does this take?

I mean, two of you
seems like enough.

Two of us?

Your colleagues?

Well, they got here
right before you did --

said they were
from the H.P.S., too.


You gotta
be kidding me.

Hello, boys.

What are you
doing here?

Oh, no.
Was there a mix-up?

No. Not at all.

We --
W-We're all good.

We, uh, just wish

you'd checked in
with the main office

before coming
all the way out here.

Well, we don't
need permission

to look at houses.

when the main office

is run by a bunch
of idjits.

I really hope this won't
affect our chances

of being
historically preserved.

Could you just
give us a minute?

So, uh, Neil, right?

How long is the house
been in your family?

Oh. No.

I can see why
you think that.

I'm...I'm flattered.

I'm not the owner.

Oh, that'd be
Mr. Rawling.

I'm his nurse.


We're gonna need
to talk to him.


It was
her first solo Hunt,

and she was
nervous, excited.

Bobby and I were talking her
through it,

giving her pointers,
and then all of a sudden,

she just
stopped texting.

We were worried,
but we should have called.

No, it's...

Did you
find anything?

Mr. Harrison, a word.

Is it just me or
does this guy look exactly --

No, that's him,
from the video.

So, if he's here,
where's Maggie?

Help me.



Help me.

Mr. Rawling.

Groundskeeper found him
like this.

He had a stroke.

I'm doing my best to keep him
comfortable, but --

Give me a hand?

In here!

Sasha --
Mr. Rawling's daughter.

they're from

the National Historic
Preservation Society.

Isn't that exciting?


This house?

You're sure?

Yeah, she's, uh...
she's got good bones.

Ah. My grandpa
used to say that

when he and my grandma
lived here.

Now, your father -- how long
has he lived here?


I don't really know.

- You don't know?
- Look, I just came down here

to get everything
in order before he...

Well, before he dies.

Look, it's -- it's been
a really long week.

Sure. Sorry, um...

We'll just take a second,
and we'll be out of your hair.

You know what?
I can't. Not today.

So, I'm sorry.
You're gonna have to leave.

Well, it ain't
a ghoul.

I checked the old guy out
pretty good back there -- no bites.

Maybe we're looking
at a shifter.

I don't know.
Shifters don't usually

hang out in graveyards.
- Maybe he was possessed,

you know, or maybe a demon
took his body for a joyride?

and then what?

He tucks him
back in

like he's returning
a library book?

Anyways, I spritzed him
with holy water

when the nurse's head
was turned.

This case obviously
ain't a milk run.

Something on
your mind, Bobby?

Your brother.

He let Maggie come here

when she had no idea what
she was walking into.

She wasn't ready.

Oh, c'mon, when is
anybody ever ready?

You are or you ain't.

A real leader would've
seen that a mile a way.


Look, we all want
the same thing.

We -- We have a job to do,
so let's do it.

you're with me.

you're with Dean.

Look, don't listen
to Bobby.

Um, maybe he's right,
you know?

I encouraged her.
Maybe he's right about me,

about everything.


Watching you
these last few weeks,

you know what I've been
saying to myself?

"This is what
he was born to do."

If Bobby can't
see that, then...

it's not the only thing
he's been missing lately.

I wasn't
gonna mention it.

None of my business,
but it did seem like

you'd gotten
pretty close lately.

Yeah, and
I thought so, too.

Maybe, but since
we've been back,

things have changed.

Changed how?

We're Hunting
all the time.

He won't take a break,
not even for a second.

There's something
on his mind, and...

he doesn't want
to talk about it.

Have you asked?

Bobby's not open
like your dad.


Like my dad?


At least he's not like
your dad was when I knew him.


Bobby's got walls,
big ones.

I just don't know
if I can do that...

if I even ever put myself
out there again.

I shouldn't be talking
to you about this.

You think I was too hard
on your brother back there.

He's doing his best.
He's doing better than his best.

You know, this whole
Hunter Five-O thing --

he's -- he's killing
himself over it.

He doesn't eat,
he doesn't sleep,

grew himself one of those
Kenny Rogers Beards.

No offense.

Well, I'm, uh...

still getting
to know this Bobby.

Um, our Bobby wasn't
the most open person either.

Not at first.

His wife, she, uh --
she was possessed by a demon,

and he had to
take care of it himself.

They never had
any children?


Anyway, point is,

people put up walls
for a reason.

So, whatever your Bobby
has behind his...

...doubt it's pretty.

But you think
I should try and find out?

You know what?

If you care
about him,

I think
you should.

- Hey, what is...?
- What?

Sam, look at this.



...Forest Service.

Looks like
a Hunter's wallet.

Another Hunter?

Not one of ours.



The hell?

What happened
to you?!

I could ask you
the same question.




No! No!

A thing chased me
down the hall.

What kind
of thing?

It couldn't have been real.
It looked --

It looked
like a vampire.

Oh, I'm crazy.
That sounded crazy.

You're not crazy.

I'm sorry.

What are you
doing in my house?

You hunt monsters?

What about
the Historic Society?

Uh, yeah -- Sorry.

You're not gonna believe
what I found in the shed.

You hunt

Oh, good.
You told them.

What did you
find in the shed?

Dead guy.

Any chance, uh --
Any chance it was him?

Yeah, that's him.


So, we think something
is killing Hunters.

Where's Bobby?

Said he had to grab something
out of the truck.

I'll go check.

No, wait,
time out.

There's a dead body
on our property?

Yeah, that's not all.

A wormy clone of her dad
tried to kill me.

It was the same thing that
attacked Maggie in the video.

- W-Who's Maggie?
- But my dad is right there.

This makes no sense.

Sasha, c-can we talk to
the Groundskeeper, please?

He left hours ago.

What about
the thing that I saw?

Right. Yep.
S-So, she had

a vampire chase her
down the hall.

Okay, you're right --
no sense.

I mean, what kind of vampire
lets its dinner go AWOL?

And that thing that I killed
died weird.

Okay, you know what?
This is a stretch, but --

but go with me.
What if what we're dealing with,

what if they aren't
monsters at all?

Oh, thank God.

All right.
Well, then what are they?

Maybe some kind of

Like from a witch
or a psychic?

Remember, uh, the -- the guy
in the old folks' home?

He could -- He could make things
go "Looney Tunes."

Fred Jones --
Yeah, Dad's buddy.


He was psychokinetic.
He could reshape reality.

That's not possible.

Oh, pal, you have no idea
what's possible.

Yeah, but Fred Jones
was damn near catatonic.

He had no idea
what he was doing.

Well, maybe
he doesn't either.

You think
my dad's doing this?

Sasha, has your dad ever shown
any signs of, um...

Psychic powers?
There's -- No. No.

I mean, if we're talking
textbook workaholic

with toxic narcissistic

then, yeah, sure, maybe.
But a psychic? No way.

Why would he manifest a vampire
to scare his own daughter?

Sasha, tell us exactly
what was going on

when you saw
the vampire.

I thought I heard rats

or something
in the attic.

I was going up to see,
but I --

But you got scared.

You got scared,
so you didn't go.

- The attic.
- Yeah.

I'll go.
You stay with them.



Could you not --

Yeah, you know what?
Never mind.

- You okay?
- Well, my father's dying,

and there's a strange man
sharpening a...

...machete to presumably
kill monsters with

in my living room.

Thank God
for benzos.

I never should
have come back here.

Thanks, Dad.

No love lost
between you two, huh?

- Look, I get it.
-No offense,

but I'm not really up
for a heart-to-heart.

Great. Okay.

My dad wasn't
the best person.

He was gone all
the time working.

for us,
he said, but... mom...

He knew depression
runs in her family.

He wasn't there, so I was
the one who found her.

I was 12.

I'm sorry.


That's what
everyone says.

Except him.

Never said it.

You want to know what
the most ridiculous part is?

I worshipped him
when I was kid.

Didn't know any better.

He's the only family
I have left.

Can I give you
a little advice?

Let it go.

The past is...

There's nothing
you can do about it now,'s just baggage.

Let it go.
You'll feel a lot lighter.

Is that
what you do?

I try.

Every single day.


Oh, no.


- Sam?
- Hey.

- It's here.
- What?

It's here.

It's -- It's here.

I-I didn't mean
to get caught. I'm s--

No, no, no. Stop that.


you did nothing wrong,
all right?

We're gonna
get you home, okay?

We're gonna get you
out of here.


Hey, Dad.


you can't be --


Here? Real?

But here I am.

And, damn,
this feels real good.


C'mon, Dad.

I know you're curious --

what they did,
what you let them do.

It's kind of
a funny story.

They crucified me,

piece by piece.


Get away from him.

Mary, run!




I'm sorry.

You're giving him
a transfusion?

Oh. Um...

keeps up his iron.
- Ah.


could you go
make me a sandwich?


You want me to make you
a sandwich?

I'll just go
make that sandwich.


Wh-What are you

It didn't hit me
at first,

but then
I remembered --

I've seen
that rig before,

long time ago,

when I was
hooked up to it.

You're not
giving him blood.

You're taking it.

You're a djinn.

But you knew that

didn't you?

Why are you
going after Hunters?

you told me to.

Is this still
part of the game?

- What game?
- The test.


You think I'm Michael.

You're not?

No, not anymore.


I thought when you showed up
with that ridiculous

"Historic Society" story
that you --

he was testing me,

making sure I kept up
my end of the bargain.

- What bargain?
- Stop!

Find somewhere quiet,
set up shop,

kill as many Hunters
as I can.

And in return,
he'd give you an upgrade.

It's what he does.

Djinn --

What powers
do we really have?

Trapping our little flies,

weaving our poisonous webs
inside people's minds.

It's all so...limiting.

Now, one touch --

I read minds,
see nightmares.

And because of him,

because of you,

I can bring those nightmares
into the world --

make them do
whatever I want.

The old man?


His worst nightmare is dying
in this house --

unmourned, unloved,

rotting away
in the family crypt,

alone with
his own regret.

It's a tad macabre,
don't you think?

Now, your little
Hunter girl?

Hers were
much more interesting.

It's a shame what those vampires
did to her family.

Quite a place
she comes from,

and your friend

The things slithering
around in his mind.


I said stop.

We both know that
won't do me any harm.

And I highly doubt you have
a knife dipped in lamb's blood.

No, but
it'll slow you down.



I won't let anything happen

to Michael's
favorite monkey suit,

but I am curious...

what are your nightmares?

You -- You're --

You know, I don't have a blade
dipped in lamb's blood...

...but I can improvise.

You think
I'm the only one,

the only trap?

He made dozens of us,

just out there
waiting for you

and your family.

You don't know
my family.

So, that's all?


The djinn's poison
was keeping him under.

Give him some time.
He'll come back around.

Might even
get that apology.

Yeah, maybe.

Maybe not, but can't change
the past, right?

It's okay, Dad.

I'm here.


- Hey!
- How you doing?

- You all right?
- You're back.

- So great to see you.
- Bring it here.

You did this.

You got her home.

So, Bobby,

back there --

You weren't supposed
to see that.

Caught sight of him in the woods
when I was with Dean.

I wanted
to handle it myself.


You can talk to me.

Daniel was my son.

My wife,
God rest her...

...she didn't
die natural.

Daniel and I
buried her together.


well, Hunting,

that -- that's what
got us through.

Then the angel war

I'd been called up
to serve before,

so they gave me a...

platoon, I guess
you could call it.

Dan was in it.

We got separated.

I guess you can figure
where this is headed.

It wasn't your fault.

I'm the one that
brought him to war.

I'm the one
who sent him to die.

I don't even know
what they did to him.

The angels
took them.

We never found
the bodies.

I never figured

I'd be any kind
of a father to a child.

But Daniel....

...was the best thing
in my life.

I always assumed
that war'd kill me, too,

but it didn't.

I guess lately,
I've --

I've been looking
for other options.

The Hunting.

It ends the same.


You are not allowed
to give up on me.

I don't...

I don't know
any other way to live.

Then we'll find one.

Well, I talked
to Maggie.

Says she can't wait to get
back in the saddle.


Well, she learned
from the best, huh?



We, uh --
We need to talk.

Yeah, thank you


Okay, so, uh,

the key is under
the garden gnome.

And you're sure
she doesn't mind?

No. Donna says her cabin
is your cabin.

Take as much time
as you need.



those things
I said before --

forget about it.

No, no. I...

This job is no picnic.

I don't know that I ever
really had it in me.

But you do.

We'll -- We'll just
be a few weeks.

As soon as Bobby's back
on his feet --

Hey, I know.

If you need
anything --

anything, I'm just
half a day's drive --

Mom, go.
All right? Be happy.

Garth? It's Dean.
Here's the deal --

Yeah, that's right --
super-charged monsters.

a whole new breed.

So, I know things
are crazy right now,

but you got
to listen to me.

We got to stay safe,
use the buddy system.

All right.
Spread the word.


That's, uh --
That's everybody.

Traps for Hunters.

Friggin' awesome.

Dean --
I know, I know.

Not my fault.

It's Michael.
It's all Michael.

You know,
I've been trying to --

not forget,
but to move on

from what I --
from what we --

from what he did.

And I got to be honest,
I was -- I was...

starting to feel
like myself again.


- So we'll work harder.
- How, Sam?

You get sleep three hours
of sleep a night.

All right, then -- then --
then I'll sleep two.

Dean, we're going
to find Michael,

and when we do,

we will kill him.


I don't know.
We'll -- We'll --

We'll track down Dark Kaia
and her spear.

We'll --

We'll find something.

I hope you're right.

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