Supernatural (2005–…): Season 14, Episode 15 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Castiel follow a case to a picturesque little town in Arkansas, only to find out nothing is as idyllic as it appears to be. Dean and Jack take a road trip to visit an old friend.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You're keeping the snake?

I didn't want
to leave it there.

And I didn't want
to just kill it.

Michael's in there, and he is
fighting hard to get out.

I can't let my guard down,
not for a second.

I was touched by God?

Or possibly
his sister, Amara.

Amara sucked out his soul.

What did you do
to that boy?

When I cast
the transformation spell,

I felt something else
pushing back.

Volatile magic --

powerful and stitched to him
like some kind of parasite.

What is the good
of having these powers

if I can't help the people
that I love?

Michael. He's gone.

Hello, Rowena.
I'm looking for a new home.

Say yes.

I'm the son of Lucifer.
I am a Winchester!

You won't hurt anyone
ever again!

- Jack?
- I'm me again.




What are you --
You have to go!

I don't want to leave
without you.

I can't.
I made a promise.

Conrad, go!

I love you.

- Phone! I need a phone!
- Whoa. Slow down.

I need a phone!

Hey! That's my phone!


I'm gonna call 911!



Do you need help?

♪ Supernatural 14x15 ♪
Peace of Minds
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Hey, Jack.

I'm good, Castiel.

Jack, you say that,

but ever since the Hunters
and their funerals...

How's the snake?

I don't think
he's feeling well.

He won't eat.

Well, perhaps he misses
his previous owner.

He's been through

a lot of change
in a short period of time.

I guess that's something
you have in common.

Jack, you killed Michael.

You consumed his grace.

It was enough.

You have
your powers back?

I think so.

I feel different now,
not like before,

if that makes any sense.

And your soul?

You want to know
how much of my soul

I had to burn off
to kill Michael.


I don't know.

I try not
to think about it.

Oh. Thought you, uh,

were gonna sleep until
the cows dragged you home.

That's not the --
Never mind.

I was putting some gear away,
and Rowena called.

How is she?

Not great.
She's coping.

But, uh, you know,
at least she's not dead.

How's the kid?

Well, he says
he's good, but...

What about Sam?

He says he's good.

I think they're both
full of crap.


Hey. Found us a case.

We've just done three
back-to-back Hunts.

I need some rest.
At least a night.

We both do.

Yeah, well...
I'm leaving in ten.

Like I said, not good.

Maybe I should go with him.
And you can stay with Jack.


You were right.
Jack is struggling.

And I've tried, but --

Why do you think
he'll talk to me?

Well, because
he looks up to you.

And his soul -- I mean,
you've seen this before.

No, no. No.
See, I was --

I was not great with Sam,
you know, when he was, uh...

But Jack's soul
isn't completely gone.

At least I don't think so.

W-We just don't know
how much is left.

Well, how am I supposed to
figure that out?

I don't know!

Just talk to him.
Get him to open up.

And then...

Sleep until the cows
come home.

- There it is.
- That's the saying.

So we're looking
for a witch?

Exploding heads.
sounds like a witch.

Or a demon.



I'm good.
I'm good, honestly.

Yeah, I know.
Everybody's good.

But after this, maybe...

Dean's right.
You need to rest.

Just because I'm tired

doesn't mean the monsters
are gonna stop, you know?

Doesn't mean anything.

we don't have as many Hunters
as we used to.

- Excuse me. Griffin?
- Yeah?

- Griffin Tate?
- Mm-hmm.

Agent Scholz.
This is Agent Delp.

We're, uh, FBI.
We're here about the incident.

"Incident"? That's what
we're calling it?


what would you
call it?

Insane! This guy --

- You mean Conrad Martin.
- Right.

He comes in looking like
he's been running all night,

asks for my phone,
then he just...

...went all "Scanners."

Was it more "Scanners"
1, 2, or 3?

Never mind that.

Um, this Conrad Martin.
Did you know him?

No, but he was probably
from Charming Acres.

He had that "look."

Charming Acres?

About five miles
up the road.

But it's weird.

Weird how?

Good day!
Good day to you!

- Hey, Carl.
- Hi, there. Nice to see you!

- This is...
- Yeah.

It's like we're stepping into
a Saturday Evening Post.

I look at them sometimes after
you fall asleep at night.

They're very soothing.

Should we call Dean?

I mean, I've been trying, bars.

Guess this place really is
the middle of nowhere.

All right.
Let's get to it.

- Whoa, Nelly! Excuse us.
- Sorry.

You know what?

I'm sorry.
D-Do you have a moment?

Well, we're on our way
to the bake sale.

We're FBI. We're looking into
a death that happened near here.

A couple of G-Men, huh?

Well, I'm Justin Smith, and
this is my foxy wife, Cindy.

Sweetie, we are
going to be late.

Oh, sorry, Agent.

I haven't heard
about anyone dying,

but, uh,
ask at Harrington's.

And try a milkshake.
They're the best!

Say, what's that
ya got there?

Strawberry jam...



Honey, my cakes
are getting cold.

A cell phone?

What was that?

Maybe they're Mormon?

♪ ...why we're so far apart ♪

♪ You made your world ♪

♪ Out of vows that are broken ♪


♪ I built a world
in my heart ♪

This is weird.

Yeah. Little bit.
All right. Come on.

♪ Everyone here
tried to warn me ♪

Oh, that's the fella.
Oh, I couldn't!

Sweetheart, can you make sure
we get some more root beer?

Already sent
the order, Pops.

Here you go.

Oh, no. Sorry.
We didn't order --

First one's free.
Everyone loves the milkshakes.

Oh. Thanks.

Wow. That is, uh...


- See?
- Sunny, can you make me a --

A banana split with extra cherries for
Miss Lewis, coming up!

You know, I would lose my mind
if it wasn't for that girl.

You must be the flatfoots
I keep hearing about.

"Keep"? We've barely
been here five minutes.

It's a small town.

Chip Harrington.
I'm the mayor.

Mayor? Oh.

Um, it's a...nice town
you got here, Mayor.

Yeah, I know what
you're thinking.

We're a little bit
old-fashioned, huh?

You know,
people who live here --

well, we take care
of each other.

We're here about
Conrad Martin.

I don't know
if you heard...

I have.
Poor kid.

You know,
the police came by.

They said something about
an aneurysm or something?

Oh, no.
His head exploded.


I'm sorry?

Like a ripe melon
on the sun.

Okay. Uh, you know what?
We, uh --

We're just looking to find out
everything we can about him.

Yeah, well, uh, I can point you
to where he was staying.

Would that help?
That'll work.

"Like a ripe melon
on the sun"?

It was an apt metaphor.

Okay, well,
maybe next time

try to be a little less...apt.


The entire town is so
strangely picturesque.

Yeah, it's kind of nice.
All right. Here's the plan.

We go in, sweep for sulfur,
hex bags. You know, the usual.


Good afternoon, Agents.

Were you expecting us?

Small town.
Come on in.

Sure. Thanks.

What, you setting up
a science project?

I'm trying different foods
for the snake.


I think he's sad.

Oh. Have you tried bacon?

Do snakes like bacon?

I don't know.

I like bacon.

Well, anyway,
you and the, uh, snake...

...want to go
for a little dri-ive?

You mean a Hunt.

Uh, more like
a field trip.


Yeah. Good. All right.

I'm gonna make some bacon now.

Would you like
some bacon?

This is Conrad's room.
He was such a nice young man.

Oh, what happened to him
is a shame.


He'd only been in town
for a few weeks.

Do you have many people
come through here?

Not people. Men.
I only rent to young men.

It's not proper --
young women living alone?

You got to have morals.

You know.

Ms. Dowling?
May I have some coffee, please?

Of course, dear.

- Hey. What'd you find?
- Hey.

Love letters that were under
the bed. They're from Sunny.

Sunny. Sunny,
the milkshake waitress?

Yeah, and they're...
surprisingly passionate.

Passionate how?

She spends, uh,
quite a bit of time

talking about the -- the shape
and the heft of his --


Got it, yep, passionate.

Well, I say we should definitely
check that out tomorrow.


It's getting late, Cass.

And you're right.
I-I probably need some rest.

You want to stay here?

Why not?

Ms. Dowling's
making pot roast.

Cell phone. Cell.

Cell phone.

Is something wrong,

I -- I bought
a cell phone.


In Houston.

For my daughter.


My daughter. Rose.

My daughter -- My --

Who are you?

What am I doing here?


This --
This isn't my house!


Help! Help!
Somebody help me!

Help! Help me!

Aah! Ohh! Help me!



Why don't you grub up? We still
got another couple hours.

I'm not really hungry.

Well, maybe feed
the snake something.

Yeah. Here.

Give him one of these. I bet
he's never had that before.

I don't think you have a firm
grasp on what snakes eat.

Yeah, no.

Yeah, I always thought they
were kind of cool, though.

Well, most people think
they're dangerous.

Mm. Well, it's not the snake
that's dangerous.

It's their...bite.

Is -- Is that a saying?

It is now.

You try one of those.




Excuse me.

I'm sorry.
Excuse me.

♪ He's my guy,
and I love him truly ♪


♪ He's not good-lookin',
heaven knows ♪

♪ But I'm wild about
his fancy clothes ♪


♪ He wears tan shoes
with pink shoelaces ♪

Oh. hello, dear.
Good morning.

A-Are you hungry?
I made some johnnycakes.

No, I don't eat.
I'm looking for my partner.

Oh. The very nice,
the very tall fella?


Hm. He said he's
going for a walk.

And a milkshake.

♪ We go to drive-in movies
in a limousine ♪

♪ He's got a whirly-birdy
and a 12-foot yacht ♪

♪ Ah, but that's... ♪

♪ He's got tan shoes
with pink shoelaces ♪

A polka-dot vest
and man, oh, man

♪ He wears tan shoes
with pink shoelaces ♪

Oh! Hi!
Uh, welcome to Harrington's.

How can I help you?

I'm looking
for my partner.


The man I came in with

Oh, the tall man.

Yes, the very tall man.

I -- He was here
a little while ago.

And do you know
where he is now?

Uh, he left when, um...

When what?

You heard what happened
to Mr. Smith?

What happened
to Mr. Smith?

Oh! Agent!

Mrs. Smith.

Please. Come in.

Thank you.

Would you like
a martini?

Uh, no, thank you.

I, um...

I don't mean to
bother you, but I'm, uh --

I'm looking
for my partner.

The tall man.

He has beautiful hair?


This is complicated.

Mrs. Smith.


That's my husband's chair.

Okay, um,
I think my partner

wanted to talk to you
about your husband.

What about him?

I'm so sorry, but last night,
his head, um --

Your husband --
he died last night.

Ohh. I think
you're confused.

Have you already had
your martini today?

N-No, I'm -- I'm not.

He really died.

No, my husband,
he's good.

No, he's not.


Is something wrong?

Oh, hi, there.


Justin. Justin Smith.
And you are?

Your partner.

Y-- Partner?
Huh! Super!

That's swell. Great.
Tell you what.

Why don't you stick around?
We're having pot roast.


Make me a martini?

Who does she think
you are?

I'm her husband, of course.

This is not your house.

I see. You're right.

This is my wife's house.
I am simply living here.

- Oh, you!
- Oh, you!

Oh, no.

Something terrible's

Hon, we're low
on olives.

- Well, that is terrible.
- One or two?

Uh, three?

I'm feeling adventurous.



Would you like one?

Your name
is Sam Winchester.

So that's a no-no on the hooch?

Sam, I don't know
what's happened.

I don't know if this is a spell or a curse
or -- or what's happened,

but you will snap
the hell out of it!

Sir, you watch your mouth.

If we cannot remain civil,
then you can skedaddle.

- Sam --
- That's not my name!

- Cindy, grab his hat!
- I don't wear a hat!

Honey, I don't
think he wore a hat!


Sir, using language like, uh,
"H-E-double hockey sticks" --

You should have your mouth
washed out with soap.

Sam --

- It's Justin.
- I'm gonna --

Double hockey sticks?


Great to see you!

Donny, good to see you
up and around.

Ah, I am just
the picture of health.

Except for my prostate.
It's shaped like a papaya.


Our field trip
is to see Donatello?

Well, with this whole
soul thing, it's, uh --

We're worried
about you, okay?

And when it comes to souls
or...not having them,

Donny here's an expert.

He is?

Come on in.

Actually, you know what?
I'm gonna --

I'm gonna
let you guys talk.

I'll, uh, keep an eye
on the snake.

Come on, Jack.

So, you took this snake in,

and now it gets to go
on road trips?


Can I ask you something?

That's what you're here for,
isn't it?

How did you lose
your soul?

God's sister ripped it
right out of me.

wasn't my best day.

But oddly, it wasn't
my worst day, either.

And when it was gone,

how did you --
how'd you feel?


...the galaxy.

You know, Jack,
our galaxy's

all bright and shiny
and spinny,

but in its center lies
this very large black hole.

It's the same with me.

I'm all bright and shiny,
obviously --

Not so much spinny.

But inside?


So you feel bad?

I feel...


Losing your soul
doesn't make you bad.

It doesn't
make you anything.

It's, um...

an absence of...

of pity, of empathy...

...of humanity.

How do you feel, Jack?

I don't know.

I know I don't

but I don't feel
the same, either.

And maybe I just don't know
what nothing feels like.

Mostly, I just don't want Sam
and Dean and Cass to worry.

They're your family.
Families worry.

But I just --
I need time and space

to figure things out
on my own,

but everywhere I go,

there's someone looking
over my shoulder.


When I need to, uh, "blend,"
I ask myself,

"What would
Mr. Rogers do?"

Who's Mr. Rogers?

The best man I know.

Sam and Dean
are the best men I know.

So, ergo, whenever you don't
want them to worry,

just think "WWWD" --

"What Would
the Winchesters Do?"

I can do that.

Well, there they are.

How's the snake?

He's good.
Might be hungry.


So, what's the verdict?
Does he have a soul?

I suppose the first question
we must ask ourselves is,

what is a soul?



I'm sorry.

Um, I'd keep an eye on him,

but I think if he seems okay,
he probably is.

So he's not like you?

Oh, no.

I'm a Prophet of the Lord,
but he --

Jack's probably the most
powerful being in the universe.

I mean, really, who knows
what's going on inside his head?


I think we should talk.

I, uh --
Okay. About what?

About how you're a witch.

A witch?

About how you
brainwashed my friend

and about how you've done
something to this entire town.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Oh, yes, you do.

You wrote these.

You wrote them to Conrad.

And between various
steamy, erotic musings,

you begged him to leave.

Why is that? Because you
were afraid you'd hurt him?

You don't know what
you're talking about.

Okay, then tell me.

Tell me, or I'll rip it
from your mind.


Have it your way.

No, no, please! It's not me!
It's him! He's out of control!

Well, now...

That's not very nice.

So you did this.

What, did you think
it was the milkshakes?

What are you?

Well, I like to think of myself
as a kind of Good Samaritan.

You know, I've always been
lucky. I've always had

an intuition about what people
are gonna do or say.

Made me the king
of poker night.

But then the mill shut down,

and this town -- the town
I love -- had started to die.

Then my sweet wife,
she passed away.

And the world kept
gettin' worse,

and they called it

and no matter what I did,
people would turn

to drink or drugs,
they'd move away.

They just weren't happy.

Things kept getting worse,

and I started to hear
noises -- voices.

And I screamed
at these voices!

I said, "Just make
things better!"

And you know
what happened next?

No, but I have a feeling
you're gonna tell me.

The very next day, I thought --
just thought --

"I wish there was more people
in the soda shop."

And I came in here that day,
and it was packed.

And that's when
I figured it out.

I can make people do
whatever I want.

So you're some kind of
mind-control psychic?

I re-made this town.

I gave everybody
new names, new lives.

I made everybody happy.

Well, most everybody, and, uh,
the ones who fought it, well --

You'd murder them.

I was just
protecting my home!

And you -- you knew
all about this.

Well, she knew enough
to play along,

but, tricks
never worked on Sunny.

She's too much like me.

I am nothing like you.

But you.
Why can't I change you?

Because I'm not human.





- Sunny!
-Get away from me!

I won't hurt you, Sam.

Golly, I told you
my name is Justin!

- You killed Conrad!
- No!

You told him the truth,
and that's why he ran,

and that's why I did
what I had to do.

No, you killed that boy, Sunny,
not me.

I didn't.


Fight this!

Why? I'm happy
in Charming Acres.

We're all happy.

Sam, I know
you want to be happy.

And I know what it's like
to lose your army.

I know what it's like... fail
as a leader, Sam.

But you can't lose yourself.
You have to keep fighting.

You can't lose yourself,
because if you do, you fail us.

You fail all of those
that we've lost.

You fail Jack.

Sam, you fail Dean.

You're sick.

Well, but you stayed.
You didn't even try and stop me.

- Sam.
- Cass?

I promised Mom that I wouldn't
leave you, but you're a monster.

No. No.

In this town, I'm God.

No. You're not.
Believe me. We've met God.

God has a beard.


Sorry, sport.


I said stop!

You see? I told you!
You're just like me!

No. You hurt
innocent people.

You want to be happy?

Then be happy!

W-What did you do?

I -- I don't --


She made him happy.

Your father is trapped
inside his own mind.

He's in a world that --

It's a beautiful world.

But it's a place where he can
never hurt anyone again.


Well, it seemed like
the snake enjoyed the trip.

Hard to say.
He's, uh, very guarded.

Yeah. Yeah.

And what about you, huh?
Good time?

It was...illuminating.


Hey! How was Arkansas?

Arkansas was, uh...

It was...weird.

Heard you wore
a cardigan.

Yeah, I told him
about the cardigan.

Great. Thanks.

And the wife.

He said you were,
uh, really happy.

Thanks. Yeah.

Where's Jack?

His room.

Really happy, huh?

I mean, I guess
I was happy, but...

It wasn't real, you know?


Well, not a lot of happy
goin' on around here.

I hate this place
right now.

I hate it.

Everywhere I look,
I see them.

I see Maggie.

I guess that's why, uh --
why I was so desperate

to get out of here,
why I kept running us ragged.

But I got to stop that.
I-I can't keep running. I --

This is my home.
This is our home.

Dean, I think
I just need some time.


Cass says
you miss your friend.

You need help.

Sam and Dean would help you,
so -- so I'll help you.

I'll help you
see your friend again.

In Heaven.

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