Supernatural (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 7 - Supernatural - full transcript

As Dean and Sam continue their search for Jack, they stumble across a familiar foe; Lucifer manages to escape Michael's grasp and finds an unlikely and mostly unwilling ally.


Mom? Mom!

No, no. No!


Who'd you say you were?
I am Asmodeus.

Fourth Prince of Hell.

There's a new Sheriff in town.

No trace of Lucifer.

At this point, we must
focus on the son.

There's no sign
of him either, Sir.

With Lucifer gone,
I want him found

and trained to rule, with me as
his humble advisor, of course.

You should be dead.
And who are you?

Don't you know me, brother?

What are you gonna do? Kill me?

Maybe I need you.

Every time I try and do
something good,

people get hurt.


I don't know what I am.

Maybe I'm just another monster.

I can't make the world
a better place, not like this.

And I know that if I stay,
I'm gonna hurt you.

Jack, listen... I have to go.

No, Jack.

I'm so sorry.

I got plenty of gripes
with the old man.

His selfrighteous narcissism,

his “my way or the highway”

I gotta hand it to him.

He had a couple of great seconds
when he banged out the universe.

Guy had creative chops.

And optimism.

I'll give him that.

And despite his pissiness

and his massive lack of irony,

he did give mankind
a good turn at bat

and a chance
to live in paradise.

He ruled. He smote.
He parted waters.

Worshipped by creatures
who made God in man's image.

And then, he got disappointed.

Or worse, bored.

Picked up all his toys and...

What was that?

Hitched a ride on
your temporal lobe.

Saw your world.

That paradise you left behind?

Believe I'll take up residence,

lend my guiding hand.

Of course.

'Cause you've done such wonders
with this place.

While I was in your head,

I saw what you're afraid of...

Being locked up again,
like you were in the Cage.

So after I'm done,

you'll be left here, alone,

in agony, forever.

Okay, bro, could you
do me a favor?

Eat me.



No. Thanks.

Not yet.

I put out an APB to
every single Hunter we know.

But... Jack's off the grid.

Kid was pretty spun out.

We'll find him.

I mean, there's gotta be
a sign at some point, right?


Kid can cause a tsunami
with a hiccup.

I don't know. Maybe he's
covering his tracks.

Or this apparent dearth
of evidence is, in fact,

the evidence.

The evidence of...

Of some horrific misadventure
that's befallen him,

like being dragged down to Hell
by Asmodeus.

I don't know, possibly worse,

being hijacked to Heaven
by angels.

Yeah, but isn't he too fast
and furious for angels?

Maybe. Maybe not.

That's what I'm gonna find out.

Find out from who?
From... from the angels?


All right. Well, let's go.

Dean, you can't accompany me.

My contact is already
anxious about meeting

and won't speak in
the presence of a stranger.

So introduce me.
Then I'm not a stranger.

I'll bring a sixpack.

Dean, I swore I would
protect this boy.

Let me do this.

Don't do anything stupid.

All right.

I guess we're stuck in idle.


What do we do?

Just... just sit around here
and wait?

Well, we could work a case.

We got three murders here

a couple hundred miles apart,
same M.O.

They were all horribly tortured
before having their throat slit.

Look at the body. Next to it.

She's a witch.

Were they all witches?
Looking like.

These aren't Hunter kills.

They're more ritualistic,

like a sacrament or something.

Plus, all their places
were ransacked,

which means somebody was
looking for something.




Lord Asmodeus.

Does no one think of knockin'?

I have news of The Jack.

What is it?

There is no news of The Jack.

We've exhausted
all our resources.

How is this possible?

This is an entity of
immense power,

and yet, I detect nothing.

The Winchesters are doing
a masterful job

of cloaking him. I doubt that,

since they don't have
The Jack anymore, either.

Say what?

We have a Hunter on the payroll

who says
the Winchesters themselves

are in a panic to find him.

Well, if they're not
protecting the nephilim,

then who is?

Hey, hey, hey. I got an idea.

Why don't you wail on
Mary Winchester for a while?

I'll go get a latte, okay?

Or not. Look at you.

You claim to be a god
in your world.

Here, you're pathetic.

Hey, you try interdimensional
travel sometime, pal.

Definitely no frills.

And just to be clear,
I never claimed to be God.

Or a god, okay?

Where I come from,
God is a paradox.

He's everywhere, in your mind.

In reality, he's nowhere.
He left.

I, on the other hand,
am the real deal.

I am everything humanity
thinks I am and worse.

That's who you're
dealing with, pal.

But, hey, congratulations to you

for being king of the hill
of this dead rock.

Unlike you, I'll be trading up.

You mean to the Earth?

Sort of need
that pesky little rift

to pull that trade off, right?

And it's... Missing.

For now. I consider myself
a man with a plan.

Alternate universes? Not news.

We've been exploring the idea.


Bring him in.

The greatest minds on
this “dead rock,” including...

Our Prophet of the Lord.


Kevin Tran?

Have we met?

We had one of you in our world.

The other you is dead.

Don't care.

What do you have for me? I...

I've assembled all the elements
annotated in the angel tablets.

Of course, I haven't done this
before... no one here has...

And any predictions
are only predictive,

not declarative probabilities
being what they are or could be.

Maybe. Or not.

But a fly in
the ointment exists.


The key ingredient...
Archangel grace,

which you have refused
to donate.

Don't screw with me, Worm.

I'm a vertebrate, neither
an annelid nor a nematode.

I don't need to waste my grace.

And there's plenty
in the cupboard.

Touch me, and I'll...

Don't worry.
I won't take it all.

Save some for a rainy day.

Say “”.

Yeah, Jody. No, I mean,
we don't know what's going on.

We just know that
they're all witches.


All right. Will do. Thanks.

All right, check this out.

This is the surveillance footage
of the last victim

before she was kidnapped
and killed.

She turned down an alley,
and that's when she got grabbed.

Wait, stop. Stop, stop.

- Stop?
- There.

Blow that up.

No. Is that...


How is that possible?

It's not possible.
That... that can't be Ketch.

Mom shot him
clean through the head.

Exactly. So that can't be Ketch.
What? Are you kidding me?

You think I forget the face
of the guy who tried to kill me?

Twice? That's him.

And he's 30 feet away from the girl
who got tortured and murdered.

I say case solved.

Say it is Ketch, which I still
don't understand.

Why... why is he...
Sam and Dean Winchester?

Do we know you?

No, but I know you.

In my profession,
it pays to know the enemy.

My name is Daniela.

I'm a witch.

And I know you don't
like witches,

but I also know you help people
who are in trouble.

It's ready.

Kevin, what are you doing,
getting mixed up with Michael?

I don't have a choice.

I'm a prophet, so I serve God,
but there's no God to serve,

so I serve the ranking deity,
which is Michael,

because I don't have a choice
because I'm a prophet.

Idiot. Can't you see Michael
is a monster? Pure evil?

Okay, I'm confused.
Aren't you Satan?

Which would make you
the evil monster?

And besides, Michael's taking me
with him to paradise world

so I can meet hot women.

I'm sorry. What?

This better work.

Okay, disclaimer?
What I'm making is

a synthetically generated megaforce...

which has not been tested,
and I've never done it before.

And it should be enough
to open the rift,

but I can't promise 100%.

Just do it. Okay.


don't do it.

Mah ray, fay doh, em lah.

Kah day, em lah!

Kah day, em lah!

What just happened?!

Clearly, the science
wasn't perfect!

And wow!

The spell's designed to admit
one person at a time.

Who saw that coming?!

Fix this.


What is this? Cincinnati?

Excuse me, could you tell me
where I am?

Just a moment of your time, sir,
'cause II don't know where...

my God.

When are they ever gonna get
those people off the street?

Excuse me? “Those people?”

No eye contact, Beverly.

You have no idea who
you're talking to, lady.


And don't go spending it
on drugs now.

I'm Lucifer.


Honey, you're not Lucifer.

My exhusband's Lucifer.


I don't know anything!

Don't know anything about what?

Aanything at all.

II'm a motel clerk from
a nowhere town

where nothing happens
to anyone, okay?

Well, then how do you explain
how Jack, the infamous nephilim,

along with
the Brothers Winchester,

all stayed in your NoTell Motel?

What are you talking about?!

What miracles did you witness?

What? Where they going next?

The people in Room 26,
they were FBI agents, okay?

They... they paid the bill
in cash and they left.

I swear to God,
I don't know anything.

You're just beating
a dead horse.

Not quite.

Please. Wait, wait, wait.


Clean this up.


What is it?

I'm sensing something.

Not the nephilim.
Something else.

More like...

You live here?

It's a safe house some of us use
when we're in hiding.

From Hunters, for instance.

It's almost impossible to find.

Yeah, we noticed.
All right, so here's the deal.

We trust you about as much
as you trust us,

but we followed you here.
So what's going on?

What's going on is, I survived.

He had me,

the serial killer
you're looking for.

Well, no one he's grabbed
has lived.

So why should we believe you?

This is how he tortures you,

slow cuts with a redhot knife.

While he was doing it, I managed
to get a hand free enough

to touch him
and whisper a spell,

to disable him just long enough
to get away.

What did he want?

He kept asking the same thing
over and over again...

“Where is Rowena MacLeod?”

Rowena? Rowena's dead.

That's what I told him.
That's what everybody's been telling him.

That's why he'll keep doing this
until he hears what he wants.

Did he happen to have a British accent?

Yeah. Why? Do you...

Is this him?


You have to find him.

He has to be looking for me.
He knows I can identify him.

Yeah, we want him, too.

You can't tell anyone
that you spoke to me.

Until he's caught, no one
can know where I am.

Well, about that...

I was thinking
just the opposite.

I got ya. I got ya. All right.

One more time.
How are you not dead?

One more time. Why should I be?

Because we killed you.

Apparently not.

Don't mess with us, okay?

You already killed Mick.
You tried to kill us.

You messed our mom right up.

We're already pissed off.
So I wouldn't do that.


Look at that. You got
rid of your tattoo.

Was that a stickon? It was
a stickon, wasn't it?

Yeah. What?

Tattoo? I would never g...

I think I know what's
going on here.


You have me confused
with my brother.

Your brother? Arthur.

I'm Alexander, his twin.

Do I look stupid to you?

Is that a trick question?


So you're seriously gonna
sit there with a straight face

and tell us that you have
an evil twin?

If reducing things to that black
and white level helps you, fine.

Arthur was
the family success story.

The... headliner,
our Donny Osmond.

All right, Marie.
What's your story?

Arthur and I attended
a feeder school

for the British Men of Letters.

Kendricks. We know all about it.
Just get to the point.

When it came time to initiate
into the organization,

I... fled.

It wasn't for me. And if they
were to find me...

I'd be dead. It's really funny

because, you know,
your name never came up.

Well, no doubt.

Arthur felt I brought shame
to the family

and to the Men of Letters.

He had to work twice as hard
to make up for my...

public failure.

And I had to work
thrice as hard to disappear,

live in the shadows.

Do my work. What work?

Killing monsters.

All over the world, for a fee.

A Hunter. A mercenary.

A man with my sort of training
has limited options.

The witches... who's
bankrolling their deaths?

II'm doing that pro Bono.

Why do you keep asking
for Rowena MacLeod?

She's a witch, isn't she?

Isn't that what we Hunters do?

Kill the bad thing?


I've dug up a pretty hefty
paper trail on Alexander Ketch.

Birth certificate, U.S. visa
and passport,

academic records from Kendricks
for Arthur and Alexander.

Dean, I went into the hard drive

I took from
the Brits' U.S. base.

There are academic initiation
papers drawn up for both Ketches

with Alexander's
remaining incomplete.

Okay, I don't care how good
this story looks.

I ain't buying it.

All right. For argument's sake,
we know Mom shot Arthur,

and we know we dumped
his corpse into the waste canal.

So even if this is weird,
yes, it's weird,

but we eat weird every day.

Yeah, but there's “Ripley's
Believe It or Not!” weird,

and then there's weird
that's just straight up bull.

Now I'm thinking that
Ketch weird is door number two.


even though you and your brother
both saw my brother, Arthur,

shot pointblank,

you still question is demise?

Yeah. It... it's probably smart

to question everything
about Arthur Ketch.

Probably, yeah.

I know I'm still trying
to figure him out.

The Arthur Ketch we knew
was sadistic.

Amoral, predatory.

Loyal to no one.
You're wrong there.

Not amoral, and actually,
loyal to a fault.

What you witnessed was
an incredibly good company man.

Not an easy job.

Sounds like it would
be easier to be “Alexander”

than to be Arthur, yeah?

To a degree. No glory, yes,
but no...

burdens either.

You admire him.

Maybe, wanted to be like him.

Like you, I understood
my brother's issues

and why he did what he did.

I suspect, if he were here,

admit regret

to some of the things
he did to your family.

Dumah, thank you for
agreeing to meet with me.

This is a matter of...
Of great urgency.

It's imperative
that I locate Jack.

You mean the nephilim.

Yes. Do the angels have him?


Okay, you're certain that
he's not maybe sitting in...

In Metatron's old cell or...

If we had him,
he wouldn't be imprisoned.

He would be put to work.

What do you mean?

Castiel, the angels...

Our numbers were greatly
diminished after the fall.

No one's made new angels
since the dawn of creation.

We're going extinct.

You would need a powerful force
to make more of us.

You mean Jack.

Even if he had that power,

what makes you think
he'd cooperate?

He may not have a choice.

So you're planning to enslave
him for some kind of experiment?

Castiel, he's not your pet.

He belongs to all of us.

You did well, Dumah.

You delivered him as promised.

We hear you have influence
with the nephilim.

He'll listen to you.


I will not help you.

Ever the renegade.

Castiel, please, come with us.

Drop the blade, Dumah.

You hesitate?

This isn't gonna one of those
“make my day” moments, is it?

Okay. Buhbye.

What are you doing
back in this world?

What are you doing alive?

It's complicated. Same here.

Obviously, getting here
took its toll.

You're weak.

Yeah, I'm clearly not myself.

But, cowboy, I'm not that weak.

And you and I need to talk.

I have no interest
in talking to you.

And if this is about your son...

Okay, I get it, I get it.

Custody of my son is
a nonstarter.

But if you can please just
shelve the eternal enemies thing

for a second,
we have a situation.

And by “we,” I mean
everything alive.

We're sorta... all gonna die.

Everything I am telling you
is true. You were there, man.

You saw what
that place was like.

The Michael I just described
to you is responsible for that.

What? What? What? What?
Will you...

Will you do me a favor
and stop looking at the door

every five seconds like
you wanna get outta here?

You'll forgive me
if I'm a little on edge.

The last time we were together,
you killed me.

Well, last time we were
together, you stabbed me.

I'm sorry.

You wanna dwell on the past?
I don't.

I'm not myself anyway.
What am I gonna do? Okay?

Look, it's time to save
the world.

Be the heroic Castiel instead of
the butt of Heaven's joke.

I am not the b...

I'm, you know, just sayin'.

Okay. How do I save the world?

We. We.

No. Yeah, yeah.

Look, you protected my son.
He trusts you.

If you can convince him
to be on our team,

I think the combined power
of the three of us

can drive Michael back.
I'm telling you,

this guy is not the same
Michael that we knew.

He's much more powerful.

Okay, if this Michael comes...
Not if. When. When.

The guy's on a mission.

Well, you would seem to be
the weak link on this team.

Okay, that hurt.

That... was unnecessary.

I'm gonna let it go.

Yes, my grace is
a little bit depleted,

but give me time, man.

Work this out with me.
Hypothetically, um,

let's say you're lying,
and I help you find your son,

and then you kill me again.

Cut me a little bit
of slack. Please?

That unhinged thing
and that meth head Kevin Tran

are about to bust through
that door.

God isn't here! It's just us.

We're all we got, in case
you hadn't noticed.

Well, III have to talk
to Sam and Dean.

Why, why, why, why, why,
with all their second guessing

and their whining?

This is an emergency, Castiel,
and all they're gonna wanna do

is... is put me
back in the Cage.

That's all I want.

But right now, you need me,

I need you,
and we both need my son.

Look, not changing the subject,
but we'll get back to it.

I just wanna ask you,
how did you hide him so well?

I mean, I tried to get a bead
on him, and no bueno.


Your son's name is Jack.



Is he... awesome?

I mean, is he
a chip off the old block?

Thankfully, no.

No, he seems to favor
the mother.

All right, that's nothing
that we can't fix.

But seriously, I mean,
why can't I...

you know, detect a presence?

I don't know. He...

He is okay, though, right?

I'm sure he's fine.

Well, you don't sound sure.

Is he... is he nearby?


Somewhere more distant?

Yes, more that.

My Dad.

You have no idea where he is.


Yes, this is Agent Russell.

I did give you my card, yeah.


What kind of questions?

Okay, and when was this?

What did he look like?

Yeah, no, we will check into it.
Thank you very much.

What was that all about?

That was a manager
at the Stampede Motel,

place we stayed in... in Dodge City.

Guess his front desk clerk
went missing

right after some dude showed up
asking questions about Jack.

You get a name?

Nope. But...

from his description?

Evil Colonel Sanders.

Asmodeus. Tracking Jack.

Yeah, which means he's
two steps behind him,

which means we need
to find him fast.

I should say.

What the hell is this?

He's in chains.

There's no bathroom
in the armory.

And he hadn't eaten in, like,
a day and a half.

Do I look like I care?

Judging by your rage,

my brother must've behaved
very badly.

I understand your mother is
the one who killed him?

And he had it coming,

after what he did to her.

And how is she now?

She's good.

Would you put him back?

Cass, any news on Jack?
We need to find him fast.

Nothing yet, but...

interesting things
are happening. We...

What? Yes,

I would like to see you, too,
the sooner the better.


You know, smooth was
never your strong suit.


What's up?
Something didn't seem right.

I'll track his phone. Let's go.

Yes, let's.

No. No, you are not
a part of “let's”...


Man, I hate the idea of Ketch
on his own in the bunker.

He's locked up tight.
Not going anywhere.


How we looking? You still got
a lock on Cass' signal?

Sure do.
I nailed down his location.

He's not much further, so...

Don't worry. You did tell him
not to do anything stupid.

Right. When's the last time
that's worked?

It's bad enough the Winchesters
were babysitting my son,

but then they managed
to lose him?

With Heaven, Hell,
and everything in between

hunting him down?

In their defense, they were
doing their best to educate him.

About what?!

What could they possibly know
about an entity like Jack?

About his potential?

Well, having seen it firsthand,

they know that his potential
needs to be carefully channeled.


Kid's a bruiser?

Come on, man, let me have
this a little bit.

Just... just tell me one thing.

Did he hurt 'em?

Did they suffer just a little bit?

Hey, man.

“Lord Lucifer.”

Lil' Asmodeus.

My onetime stooge.

Runt of the litter.

Dimmest bulb in the string,
et cetera, et cetera.

I see you must've taken over
Crowley's spot? Yeah.

That's okay. You can
stand down now.

Skipper's back.

Well, here's the thing, Lou.

I'm real satisfied
with my current position.

Hell is humming along
quite nicely, thank you.

But I do hope you
and your little lap angel

will pay me a visit.

Yes, well...
see, that's the thing.

We're all booked up, buddy.

I won't take “no” for an answer.

Now you know better than to
screw with me, Asmodeus.

I knew better than to
screw with the old you.

But this new version seems
a little more...


So help me.

Aw, please.

There's nobody here.




Hhow did you get out
of the armory?

Yyyou... chains...

Lock pick.

If you'd done
the prescribed cavity search,

as you should've,
you'd have found it.

I, grabbed some weapons
from your toy box

and a motorcycle from
your garage, et voilà.

What's become of your angel?

Not sure.

But I am sure about you, Arthur.

You know,
I gotta hand it to you.

That paper trail you cooked up,
pretty impressive.

But my gut told me
it was baloney.

Looks like my gut was right.

See, I've been in it
with you, Arthur.

I've seen your moves.

We've gone toetotoe.

And I saw that look in your eye
when you asked about our mom.

So why don't you cut the crap?

Actually, everything
I told you is true.

Well, except for
the, twin brother thing.

I am separated from
the British Men of Letters,

lying low because they will
kill me for desertion.

I make a rather good living
as a sort of

soldier of fortune,
deep underground,

for a certain sort of clientele
who appreciate my skill set.

And I do use
the name “Alexander”...

How is it you're still alive?

I believe you're familiar
with the witch Rowena MacLeod?

So? She was captured by

the British Men of Letters
some years back.

I discovered she'd sewn
a powerful charm into her body

that could bring her back
should she be killed.

I struck a deal wherein
she did the same for me

in return for allowing her
to escape.

So after we dumped
your body, you...

Good as new.

Only problem is,
one the device is used,

it needs to be recharged.

Which is why you're hunting
for Rowena.

Well, sorry.
Lucifer burned her up.

She's dead.

Is she?

Why'd you come here?
You could've run.

Did it ever occur to you, Dean,

that I might actually be
one of the good guys?

No. Not even once.

You and I were soldiers
in opposing armies

who were at war.

Well, the thing about war is,

one side wins.

I suppose you're right.

Hello, Dean.

Cass? Hey. Are you okay?

We... we... we tried to track
you down, but you were gone.

We ran into a bunch of demons.
What's... what's happening?

I'm sorry. I'm fine.

I tried to call and warn you,

but couldn't get a signal.

Okay, well, what's going on?

I'm following
a very interesting lead.

I'll fill you in
when I know more.

See you soon, Dean.

As I was
sayin', I'm a collector.

I like to be prepared.

Lucifer could be useful.

Castiel is a card to play if
the Winchesters get out of line.

And if there's any truth
to the story

that a new version
of Michael is comin',

I will definitely need
that nephilim.

You really needn't worry.

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