Supernatural (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 3 - Supernatural - full transcript

A wraith kills her friend and Missouri enlists the help of Dean and Jody to protect her granddaughter, Patience, and could be next on the wraith's hit list. Sam continues to work with Jack to control his powers.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Goodbye, Cass.


Jack is a nephilim.

He's halfhuman and halfangel.

Lucifer's son.

So apparently, he can take
an angel blade in the heart

and keep on tickin'.

The lore says, "A nephilim
becomes more powerful"

than the angel who sired it."

A wraith.
It slurpees your brain, sucks you dry.

A wraith will show
its true form in a mirror.

Howdy, boys.

You're hurting my friends!

Jack saved us. Proves nothing.

Even if he hasn't gone
Big Bad yet, he will.

You don't know that. Yeah, I do.

'Cause when have things
ever gone right for us?

If you're right?

If I'm right, and it comes
to killing you,

I'll be the one to do it.


Sorry. I was just closing up.


Come in.

Seems like something's
on your mind.


A lot, actually.

So... what can I help you with?

Shouldn't you know already?

Sign out front says
you're psychic.

I'm a psychic counselor,
not a mind reader.

I read energies, auras.

Can you read mine?

Close your eyes.

Can't let you run away.

Especially now that I know.

What? No. No! Please, no.



You're the real deal.

Please. No. Please, don't.

Shut up.

Please, you don't have to.



Who is it?

It's me. Sam.


Just checking in.

You haven't come out
since we set you up.

That's fine. I mean,
it's... it's all...

It's all been pretty insane,
I'm sure.

But, um...

Anyway, II brought you

Please, have a seat.

Um, before you were born,
your mom left you a message.

And I know you have
a bunch of questions.

Hopefully, this is a start.

Right. Yeah, here. I'll...

There you go.

Just push this button
right here.

Whenever you're ready.

Thank you.

Hi, Jack. It's...

I'm your mom.

I guess I should tell you,

um, I always wanted to be a mom.

I played with dolls.

I was that kind of girl.

And daydream about my baby.

Hello? Sam Winchester?

It's good to hear your voice.


Wow, it's been...

I know. A long time.

Sorry to be a stranger.

That's all right. How are ya?


I could use some help.

Jack, don't let anyone tell you
who you're supposed to be,

because who you're supposed
to be isn't fate.

It isn't me.
It isn't your father.

You are who you choose to be.

And I know you're gonna be okay.

You are gonna be amazing.

You have an angel
watching over you.

Yeah. Yeah.

No, II hear ya.

Yeah, thank you, Jody. Yeah.

What's up?

You'll never believe this.

I got a call
from Missouri Moseley.

Wow. What's it been?
Like, a decade?


- How is she?
- Not great.

She said she got out
of the life for a while,

but something happened, and she
needed help with a case,

so II put Jody on it.

Why would you do that?

Because we need to stay here.

We need to help Jack learn
how to control his powers.

Jody can handle this.

Yeah, maybe she can.

Or maybe she ends up dead
because you wanted

to skip out on her
to babysit the Antichrist.

Dean, we need him.

No, don't.

Mom... Don't. You...

If you wanna stay here
and Mr. Miyagi this kid,

knock yourself out.

I didn't sign up for that,
so I'm gonna go to work.

I appreciate the favor.
Thank you very much.

Talked to him.
Everything's okay.

So the victim, Dede,
was a friend of yours?

My protégé. She was like
a daughter to me.

The closest to kin I had
in my life these days.

Always did love that car.

Dean Winchester.

Missouri. Jody.

Not sure which one to hug first.



I'm sorry for your losses.

Well, leave it to a psychic

to cut right through
the small talk?

Come here. Hey.

How ya doin'?


What'd the Sheriff have to say?

Victim was found

with a hole
at the base of her skull

and her brains...


You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?


No forced entry.

Excuse me, dears.

Missouri reads objects.
It's kind of her thing.

He pretended to be a customer,

said he needed help.

Dede always was a soft touch.

He is a wraith.

But he's picked up a taste

for our kind.

He feeds on psychics?

Yes, he does.


Missouri, you okay?


Train me?

To what?

I've seen what you can do, Jack.

You're powerful, but you have
to learn to control it,

you know, to focus.

So I don't hurt anyone anymore.


See this pencil?

I want you to move it.

With your mind.

That's it?

That's it.


James? Baby? Mom?

I know I'm not supposed to call,
but this is important.

Let me guess. You had a vision.

Yes. You have to believe me.

James, something bad is coming.

It's coming for you and Pa...

I want you to go
to Buckhead, Georgia.

This is the address.

My son, James, he lives there

with my granddaughter, Patience.

This wraith,
he'll be coming for them.

That's what I saw.

All right, well, let's go.

No, I'm... It...

I just complicate things.

James won't have anything
to do with me.

Why not?

He has his reasons.

I'll just stay behind,
say my farewells to Dede.

I don't like that at all.
You don't have to like it.

You just have to do it.

You save my family.

You hear me, Dean Winchester?

Yes, ma'am.


And thank you.

I can't.


I'm useless.

All right, all right.

Jack, when you did use
your powers,

what was it like?

I don't...

It was like...


Blinking. It just happens.

Even with Asmodeus?
That just happened?

No. He made me.

It was like...

Like he was in my head.

Okay, um, then...

imagine him doing that.

No. No? Why not?

Because I don't want to.

It's just... I can't do this.

And you keep
staring at me, waiting.

You know what?
Let's take a break. Yeah.


Yeah, I'll get some food.

You stay here, try to relax.

When I get back,
we'll try again.

My lithomantic gems.


You can spare me.

I know what you are

and why you're here.

And why is that?

You're going to kill me.

Well, then, I guess it's
time to, you know...


No, there'll be none of that.

I've seen how this turns out.

I run, you catch me,

I die.

I stay, I die.

But this way, my people,

they're going to murder
your ass.

You sure about that?

I am.

You know, this would be
a lot more fun if you screamed.


Hey. Hey.

Where you coming from? Library.

Why'd I even ask?

How was practice?

Heinous. Coach kept
riding my serve.

Says we, and I quote,
"Suck this year."


Inspiring. Yeah.

If only we had a killer
setter on the team.

Some... some
secretly athletic bookworm

to carry us to victory.

Ronson, I was 12.

And the best volleyball player
I've ever seen.

It's senior year.

I have five AP classes,
plus volunteering.

I do not have time.

See? Really?

You're freakin' Wonder Woman.

It's such a waste.

Need a lift? Nah.

I am ripe.

Gotta hit the showers. Later!






You working from home?

Yeah, I have a client call
in a few.

How'd you sleep?

I had a nightmare, actually.

Grandma was there.

It's just a dream.

Tragedy in an Omaha suburb
last night...

And, $20 on the pump.
Erica Foster has the story.

There have been two murders
in the last 24 hours,

both at the same local business.

The latest victim
has been identified

as Missouri Moseley.

She was found dead at the scene.

Now we'll have more information
as soon as we get it,

but investigators are on scene.

And you know what? She knew it.

She... I mean,
we could've protected her.

Do you wanna head back?

No. No, Missouri wanted us
to save her family.

That's exactly what
we're gonna do.

James Turner?

We need to talk.

Look, whatever you're selling,
I'm not interested.

It's about...

it's about your mom.
Missouri sent us. She's...

She's dead.


A wraith got her.

Look, whatever game
you're playing here,

I talked to my mother yesterday.

She died last night.

9:00 p.m., according to
the coroner's office.


No, I...

I hung up on her.

James, I need you to
listen to me.

Missouri sent us because
the thing that killed her,

it's still out there.

It's coming for you
and your daughter.

Not even Ahmed?

I've seen him drooling
all over you in chem lab.

He's cute. No, no, no, he's hot.

Crazy hot. Okay, he's hot.

But when am I finding the time

to deal with some
high school boy's crush?

Besides, that boy is
failing chemistry.

Like that matters.
It matters to me.

Where you going? I am ripe.

I gotta hit the showers. Later!




I am ripe.

Gotta hit the showers. Later!



Aah! Shh, shh, shh.

Shh. Shh.

Good girl.

This hurts like hell.

But don't worry. It grows back.


You okay?

I got it. Stay with her.

I lost him.

Did you get a good look at him?

Yeah. He, um, he tried to
stab me with that.



Yeah. Wow.

All right, well, that thing
might come back, so...


Well, all we know is that
he stalks psychics.

Then what does he want with me?

What do you think? I...

No. I'm not...

I get déjà vu sometimes,
but that's normal.

I'm normal.

Your grandmother was psychic,
and she sent us to protect you.

My grandma said she was psychic,
but she's a fraud.

She doesn't care about me.
She ditched me...

Me and dad,
right after mom died.

Okay, this woman
you're describing

that walked out on her family,

that's not who Missouri
was at all.

Why do you keep saying "was"?




Jack. What are you doing?

I moved the pencil.

Okay, look, I know this
isn't exactly fun...

No, it's the opposite of fun.


But why is it so hard?

I've seen you throw people
across the room.

I've been thrown across
the room by you.

II've seen you open
a Gate to Hell,

and now nothing?

It doesn't make any sense.

It'd make sense...

if I'm evil.


Just go. Please.

No, Jack. Why do you think
you're evil?

'Cause when I look at you,
that's not what I see.

Yeah, well, Dean sees it.

That's why he says...

he said he'd kill me.

He what? And maybe he should.

Mom said I could be good,

that I had the choice
to be good,

that it was up to me.

But she's dead because of me.

I've only been on Earth
for a few days,

and I've already hurt people.

I've already done bad things.

And no matter how hard
I try, I can't...

I can't do

the one good, stupid thing
you want me to.


I must evil,

like Lucifer.



Asmodeus tricking you,


None of that is your fault.

I think that, after
everything that's happened,

you're... you're probably
scared to use your power.

And me pressuring you
certainly isn't helping.



What do you say we call it?

Until I figure out a better way.

How does that sound?

It sounds... good.

Good. Come on.


Why are you being so nice to me?

Because I know what
it feels like

to feel like you don't belong,

to feel like there's
this darkness inside of you,

to be scared of who you are,

what you can do.

Dean, Cass...

my family helped me
through that.

So now I wanna help you.

Because you're not evil, Jack.

You told me she left us.
But this...

Dad, is it true?


You said she was fake. She was.

Least I felt like she was.

I always believed in her powers.
I had total faith in them.


they were wrong.
What do you mean?

When your mother got sick,
and grandma told me,

she said,
"Tess will be all right."

She promised me,

but then...


She apologized after. She said,
"Nothing's ever set in stone."

But I... I couldn't forgive her.

So you cut your mother
out of your life?

This whole time, I could've had
relationship with her.

Growing up with her, she was
always on the road, hunting.

I spent my entire childhood
terrified of monsters,

of... of losing her.

I didn't want that life
for you. I...

I didn't want her encouraging...
Encouraging what?!

Grandma believed...

She felt you had "the gift."

My God. But you didn't.

Baby, you don't.
I mean, you're 18.

If you had powers,
we'd know it by now.

My dream last night,

I saw what happened
before it happened. I...

Your daughter is psychic.

That's why the wraith's
coming after her.

So we run. We can work
all this out later.

But right now, get your things.
We need to go.

Patience, I said now.

James, you can't.

I can. I have to.

Patience... she's...

She's all I've got. You have me!

I don't want you
influencing her,

poisoning her.

You need to say goodbye.


Hey, baby.

I got something for you.

I promise,

no matter what happens,
no matter where I go,

I will always look out for you.

You hear?

Okay, thanks.

You get anything from
the traffic cam?

It caught the van at a light
a few blocks from here,

but it's too blurry
to get a plate.

What'd the Sheriff say?

He said they'll keep
an eye out, but...


When I was a boy,
and my mother was out on a hunt,

I got so scared.

She gave me these.

Lithomantic gems.

Divination tools.

She taught me how to use them

so we could always find
each other wherever we were.

You? Doing magic?

Desperate times.

You're awake.

You're probably wondering why
I didn't drain you on the spot.

See, first psychic I ever had
was a total accident.

Just this guy in a mental ward.
Thought he was normal crazy,

but turns out,
he wasn't crazy at all.

And once I got a taste...

You see, with a psychic,
it's... it's different.

It's a rush, you know?

I become clearer.
Everything becomes clearer.

Strong and focused.

But I gotta tell you,

your grandmother...

was by far the best I ever had.

That got me to thinking.

You are made of the same stuff.

But you're young and healthy.

With you...

I can really stretch this out.

I'm gonna feed on you
and feed on you.

I'm gonna milk that big,
beautiful brain of yours


First, gross.

Second, I'm not psychic.

You're wasting your time.

Your granny thought you were.

Saw it when I ate her up.

Hey, guess I better make sure
for myself, right?

Time for a little taste test.

Patience, baby.


I'm gonna get you
out of here, okay?


No, Dad!

[ Gasping


Time for a little taste test.

Patience, baby.


I'm gonna get you
out of here, all right?


Jody, behind you!




You okay?

How did you...

Guess I'm psychic.

The way you handled
that wraith, you still got it.

Guess so.


You know I said it before,
but good work in there.


For everything.

Given any thought to
what's next?

I don't know.

School's in an hour,
so I guess calculus.

And your gift?

I talked to my dad.

He thinks I should put it away.

Dad says we should just
get back to normal.

Maybe he's right.

He is.

This life...
Hunting, monsters...

There's no joy in it.

There's nothing but pain,
horror, and death.

So if you get a chance
at normal,

you take it.

Patience, wait.

I may be out of line here,

you don't have to listen to him,

to either of them if it's not
what you really want.

I had a daughter, I guess...

And I asked her to stay in line,
to fight who she really was

'cause I thought it would
keep her safe.

It didn't work.

It never does.

Your gift... you know,
maybe you're right.

Maybe it'll go away.

But if it doesn't, you try
to force it down to make

someone else happy, you will
only make yourself miserable.

It's your choice.

But if you ever need someone to
talk to or someplace to go...

my door's always open.

How was it?

Jody told me about Missouri.

Yeah, just another day
at the office.

How's the kid?
He go Dark Side yet?


He is, he's pretty
messed up, though.

You're telling me.

No, Dean, he's messed up
because of you.


you said you'd kill him.

It wasn't exactly like that.

Then how exactly was it?

I told him the truth.

See, you think you can
use this freak,

but I know how it ends,
and it ends bad.

I didn't. What?

I didn't end bad

when I was the "freak,"

when I was drinking demon blood.

Come on, man,
that's totally different.

Was it? Because you could've
put a bullet in me.

Dad told you to put a bullet
in me, but you didn't.

You saved me.

So help me save him.

You deserved to be saved.
He doesn't.

Yes, he does, Dean.
Of course he does.

Look, I know you think
that you can use him

as some sort of
an interdimensional can opener,

and that's fine.

But don't act like
you care about him,

because you only care about
what he can do for you.

So if you wanna pretend,
that's fine.

But me? I can hardly
look at the kid.

'Cause when I do, all I see is
everybody we've lost.

Mom chose to take that shot
at Lucifer. That is not on Jack.

And what about Cass?
What about Cass?

He manipulated him.
He made him promises.

Said "Paradise on Earth,"
and Cass bought it.

And you know what that got him?

It got him dead!

Now you might be able to forget
about that, but I can't!



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