Supernatural (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 21 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel must work together if they have any hope of bringing Mary and Jack home. Meanwhile, Rowena's encounter with Lucifer may alter the outcome of the journey for one of our heroes.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I devote myself to finding Jack.

We're gonna combine our powers.

I'll remake the world in my image.

Before he crushed my skull,
Lucifer showed me his true face.

I've seen it, too.

I'm scared, Sam.

I don't suppose you guys
have any more of my grace.

Tank's a little low.
It will recharge, eventually.

Whatever we didn't use on you,
we used to open up a rift.

Mom and the kid,
they're not with Michael anymore.

We must assemble our most
powerful allies to rescue our family.

We may need your help.

- But before you answer, Lucifer is back.
- Hmm.

- Wait. You're actually gonna help us?
- Yeah, no tricks?

Tricks are for kids.

Dean, we're going to that place,

and we're gonna save
Jack and Mom. Together.

And if we die,
we'll do that together, too.

Dean, you can't possibly eat another.
That's your 7th piece.

- No, it's not.
- Castiel's right. I counted.

Okay, first, don't be a narc.

And secondly,
seven pieces is perfectly normal.

Uh, it's really not.

It's not even a whole pie.

Was he always like this?

Even as a baby.

John and me,
we used to call him our little piglet.

All right. I'm done.

- With love.
- Hmm.

Thanks, Mom. You know what?
Let me help you.

Hey, Mom, um, how you holding up?

You haven't really said much
since you got back, you know.

How you're doing,
how it was over there, and...

It was hard.

But somehow I always knew that you,
you and Dean, would come and save us.

And you did.

- Mom...
- Yes, Sam?

Sam. Sam.



Sam. Sam.

Fruits from the Tree of Life.
Blood of a most holy man.


And, uh...


Something from the other side.

Hey. How's Gabriel?

He said he needed a minute alone.

He wanted to extract his grace
by himself. "In private."

So, I left him alone in Dean's room.

You what? No.

I hate to interrupt,

but I can't be
the only one who's noticed

the rather glaring hole in this plan.

We open up the rift, it gives us a day
to find and save your mum and the boy,

and it's a very big world over there,

and you're not even sure
where they are, so...

She's right.
The clock may run out on us.

Yeah. It might.

Yeah, well,
we don't have any better ideas.

Well, that's inspirational.

Here it is. The final ingredient.

A fresh serving of archangel grace.

This is what you call a serving?

That is the jet fuel
of divine emissions.

It'll be more than enough
to get the job done.

Everyone ready?

- Yeah, all right.
- Let's do this.


Well, that was fast.

Very, very fast.

One could even say premature.


I thought it would be enough.

All right, great.
What do we do now?

Hell if I know.

You do know. We all do.

We need archangel grace.

Gabriel's obviously
running a little low,

and we don't know how long
it'll take him to recover.

So that leaves exactly
one source on Earth.

- No.
- I don't like it either

but there is no other way.

We need Lucifer.

Obviously, I wanna
get mom and Jack back.

It's all I want,
it's all I can think about.

But we've been down this road before.
Teaming up with Lucifer...

No, we're not teaming up with him.

We just need his grace.

Oh, "just."

We've trapped his ass before.

Yes. And every time,
it ends up the same way.

With the Devil being
on the loose. Again.

Look, Sam. I was used by Lucifer, too.

It was the worst possible violation.

So, I'm not
taking your reluctance lightly,

but he is already out there,
and we've been ignoring it

and avoiding dealing with him
because we're afraid.

We let Lucifer out of the Cage.

And he has never stopped
being our responsibility.

- It's not always like that...
- Gabriel, please.

Just 'cause I take
a little extra time to recover...

I don't need to hear excuses.

It doesn't make me
any less of an archangel.


You know, it could have been you
who screwed up the spell.

Just saying.

I heard your, uh, magical unbinding
didn't take,

that you got knocked back down a peg.

Maybe it's you who are off your game.

A drunk 6-year-old
could execute that magic.

It wasn't the spellcaster or the spell.
It was the ingredient.

You think they'll be much longer?

The three amigos?

With their bro hugs, pep talks
and melodrama? Count on it.

Quite a tidy wee tush
he's got going on there. Sort of cute...

Ah, she's so tiny. So angry.

That milky white skin, dancer's body.
God, I bet she's flexible...

So, we've a little time.

How would you like to fill it?

To fill what?

I know a thing or two
about wounded, masculine pride.


No, you're right. You're right.

I don't like it,
but it's our only choice.

Another fun, great choice.

Well, hey, bright side is,
even if we do pull it off,

we still only get 24 hours
in the Apocalypse World.

And Rowena's right.

We'll be lucky to even hear word of Mom
and Jack, much less save them, so...

Wait a second.




- We were just...
- Reading. Books.

Here in the, uh, library.

Which is the room we're in right now.

Did you boys arrive at a decision?

Sam has a plan.

Keep 'em coming, pal. Keep 'em coming.

Some tolerance you got there.

Yeah, it's more like a curse.

Believe it or not,
I'm barely even buzzed.

Still. That can't be good for you.

Who cares?

You know, I had Heaven and Hell
in the palm of my hand.

And you know what I learned?

They don't matter. Nothing matters.


You know what?

All this time,
there was one thing that mattered.

I had a son.

You know,
I used to be able to sense him,

you know, feel him in the world.

Ever since I've been down here,
I can't feel him.

It's like he dropped off
the face of the Earth.

Not that finding him
would change anything.

His bitch of a mother poisoned him
against me. Probably forever.

Sorry to hear that.

But I'm sure things'll work out
in the end. Jack will come around.

Jack? I never told you his name.

- You didn't?
- No. Didn't.

I swear that you did.

I swear that I didn't.

Who are you, pal?

What's the matter, buddy?

You did something to me.

Yeah, kind of spiked your drink.

Think of it as a magical roofie.

Powerful enough
to bring down any archangel. Even me.

Hey, brother.

I killed you.


Welcome back.



What in the Hell
did you put in that drink, Gab?

White sage, a little bit of burdock,
a pinch of salt.

Very simple ingredients
for a very potent spell.

I killed you, too.



Whatever. Okay. Do it.
Put me out of my misery. Go ahead.

He's awake.

Oh, hey, Sam.

Oh, look at this. All the people
I love to torture in the same room.

What's the occasion, guys?


Okay, I think I see what's going on.

You're planning a trip
to save Mother Mary,

and you need my grace. Is that about it?

Good guess.

Okay, you could've done this
back at the bar.

Could have drained me, killed me.

What's this really about?
Humiliation? Revenge?

No. Those are just bonuses.

See, we got a lot of work to do
back in Apocalypse World,

but not a whole lot of time to do it.

So, I realized something.
I realized we could use you.

Use you not just to crack the door open,
but to keep it open.

So we're gonna drain you,
and we're gonna keep on draining you.

Like a stuck pig.

Grace on tap. Sorry, bro.

And then, when we get back,
then we'll kill you.


- You're gonna be okay back here?
- Aye.

Someone needs to keep an eye
on the Devil. Go. Save your mum.

You ready?


Oh, boy.

Yeah. Well, that was fun.

I could've used a heads up
about this landing site.

Yeah. Thought we could spit out
in the same spot,

but this isn't it.

All right.
Well, Charlie, the other Charlie

said that Mary and Jack
have an out post in Dayton.

Okay. Let's get our bearings
and head that way.

Cass, where are we?

Uh, Kentucky, northeast Kentucky.
Or what used to be Kentucky.

Which means that's North.
Okay. So, Dayton's that way, roughly.

Two days by foot, but that way.
After you.

- Let's go.
- All right.

I don't know, Red. I think I'd be
a tad insulted if I were you.

It's not like you have
the posh job here, babysitting me.

I mean, there is a sort of old-fashioned
rightness to it, if you think about it.

The men going off to face
the trials and glories of war.

Woman staying home, in the kitchen,
where she belongs.

I know you're trying to bait me

with your seeming Neanderthal misogyny.

Anything to distract yourself
from your profound,

deeply emasculating humiliation.

Sorry, Lucille, I'm not biting.


Have you, uh...
Have you thought about what's next?

After we get back to Earth?

Uh, yeah, not so much. Seeing as
we've still gotta find Jack and Mary.

Not to mention survive Michael
and his super angel army.


Although, I did tick off
some, uh, bucket list items recently.

Got some revenge,
had sex with a 300-year-old redhead.

But what's next for me?
I don't really know.

This world,
it's obviously glutted with angels,

but back home in our world,

you know, it's just Naomi
and a handful of others.

They're trying to keep the lights on,
but Heaven's dying, Gabriel.

- Are you serious?
- Very.

And you think I can fix it?

Yeah, I wish.
I skipped out on Heaven, Castiel.

They wouldn't want me back.

As far as they're concerned,
I'm a screw-up.

Hell, as far as I'm concerned,
I'm a screw-up.

Well, Heaven's been run into the ground
by upstanding angels,

perhaps a screw-up
is just the change we need.

You seem different
since we got here.


Yeah, like you're lighter,
happier, more energetic.

I don't know. Maybe it's just,
you know, Mom and Jack.

You know I mean, we've been working
at it so hard for this and so long,

and now we're finally here. We're close.

Can't you feel it?

Not our world, not our problem.


Maggie, run!

What the Hell was that thing?

What do you mean? A vampire.

It's not like any vamp we've ever seen.

Who are you?

I'm Sam. Uh, Dean, Gabriel and Cass.

- We, uh...
- We're not from around here.

Tell me, what makes a bloodsucker
look like that?


When Michael's armies
started to wipe out the humans,

they didn't think about monsters
and what'd happen to them

when their food source dried up.

Turns out, not eating makes 'em wild.

Nothing but pure, stupid appetite.

Which way you headed?


To Dayton?

We were going that way, too.

We'd heard the rebels Jack and Mary

set up a satellite colony there.
An outpost.

Wait. What do you mean you were?

Me, Floyd, the rest of our group.

We were crossing north,
through the Morehead Tunnel.

Stumbled into a whole nest
of those things.

Nine of us went in.
Only me and Maggie came out.

This tunnel? Is it the only way north?

There's a mountain pass,
but it's a long way around.

Tunnel's the quickest route.

If the long way is the safe way...

No. We're already two days
out from Dayton as it is,

we don't have time for a detour.

Listen, we've faced worse than
a nest of vamps before, much worse.

So, if you still wanna get to Dayton,
we'll keep you safe.

As far as we're concerned,
we're going through that tunnel.

One more time.

Come on, Red. I'm just trying
to have a good time with you.

Like last time.

You remember that?

When I surprised you in your hotel room?

I mean,
I even wanted you to put up a fight.

I wanted a little bit of a tussle.

You froze.

You choked.

So I choked you.

What was that like? Burning to death?

You know, I can't get that smell
out of my nose,

that ashy reek of burnt up, ginger ass.

Shut your mouth!

You want to get inside my head,
twist the knife?

Two can play that game.

Do you know what yer grace
is making possible right now?

The heartfelt family reunion
of Sam, Dean, Cass, Mary

and your very own son, Jack.

That's right. Your wee boy's over there.

And he'll be so glad
to see his three fathers.

Because as far as he's concerned,

They are his father. And you?

You're nothing to him or me

or anyone, now.


Red. You shouldn't have made me mad.
Step into my office.

You know, you and Gab,
you kicked me when I was down.

When I didn't have any fight.

And I didn't have anything to live for.

But you, you gave me something
to fight for again.

My boy.

So, for that, I'm gonna be quick.


Fine. This isn't how you wanted things
to work out.

But yes, Rowena, thanks to you,

Sam and Dean will be trapped
in some sort of nightmare universe

with the Devil himself.

And you're the only person
who might be able to devise a way

to keep the door
back home open for them.


Sorry, boys.

Au revoir, bon voyage. Not my problem.


Bums, bollocks.

- You good?
- What do you think?

Second time's the charm, right?

All right. Here's the plan.

Stay close, keep walking,
anything moves, kill it.

Let's do this.



Wait, wait, wait.

Here, let me.

Maggie! Maggie!

- You all right?
- Mmm-hmm.

Let's keep moving.

Hey. There's a blocked passage
over here. I need to move some rocks.




Maggie, help!

I got it. I got it.







He's gone.



We don't have time.

Dean, we can't save him.


Dean? About your friend, I'm...

Must be getting close to Dayton.
In the outskirts at least.

I can't.

This warding is too strong.


Whoa, whoa. We're not here to fight.
We're just looking for...



How did you even find us?

Dean. Where's Sam?


Hey, Sammy.

- No.
- Yeah.

I mean, you could do
the whole pinch yourself,

rub your eyes thing,
or you could put on your big boy pants

and just, you know, cut right to
the realization that, yeah, it's me.

You're here, you...

You brought me back.

I did. You're welcome.

- Why?
- I won't get into that.

The rift. The rift. Rowena...

Oh, she's okay.
I mean, I was gonna kill her,

but she blasted me here
before I had a chance to, so...

It's great self defense,
but I was coming here anyway.

But we drained you.

So, how did I have the juice
to pull off my little Lazarus trick?

Uh, that's a long story.

But I was basically tracking you here,

and then I came across a handful
of Michael's angels, and I...

Ate them.

I guess it's not really a long story,
is it?

- What do you want?
- What do I want?

I want what everyone wants.
I want a personal apology from Pop,

I want rerun-free,
year round episodes of Drag Race.

Yeah, got it. Okay. Right.
We're done here.

Oh, you're going?

Here, it's dark out there.

Yeah. They're sort of all over there
and I'm holding them back.

They're just waiting
for a little snap of the fingers,

but I didn't want them flooding in here
and eating you again.

Not until after we finished our convo.

What do you want?

I want what you already have.

A relationship with my son.

Okay, there was a time that I would,
you know, just grab him.

But I've grown.

Yeah, sure. Yeah.

I have, Samuel.

I want my son. And you're gonna help me.


Well, I don't feel like
he'll give me a chance

unless I come bearing gifts.

Yeah. Boop. That's you.

Look, Sammy, I'm not asking you
to like it, or to like me.

All I'm asking is
that you acknowledge the truth.

That I was the one
who brought you back to life.

And I was the one who lifted you
from the darkness and into the light.


Apocalypse World, Michael's armies.

You really think you and your family
can handle that stuff alone?

You need me.

And what if I say no?

All right. Let me just
make this really, really, really easy.

Easy enough for you
to understand, Sammy.

I'm getting to Jack,
one way or the other.

The only question is, you coming with?
Or that.

Your move, champ.

He can't be dead.
He can't be dead.

- Jack, I know...
- Couldn't you bring him back?

Why didn't you bring him back?

I'm not strong enough.

Jack, if we could have, we would have.

I'm so sorry.

We have to go back. To get his body.


Hello, son.