Supernatural (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 14 - Supernatural - full transcript

Jack and Mary escape Michael's clutches and end up finding an ally in Bobby Singer; Sam, Dean, and Castiel continue to search for a way to open a breach; one of their own may be working against them and costing them precious time.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
All that matters is getting
Jack and your mother
out of that place.
So here's the plan --
We grab Satan...
...and we use his grace to open
up a door between two universes.
[ Grunts ]
Dean: Then we get mom,
we get Jack, and we get out.
Slam the door before
Michael follows us
and destroys our universe.
Now it's...gonna be
harder than it sounds.
Donatello: So the spell
to open this rift is in the...
Sam: The demon tablet.
And since you speak God,
we figured it was
right up your alley.
Asmodeus: Whatever you find
on that tablet,
you will report to me.
It's like pulling
freaking teeth!
Donatello, you okay?
No soul, of course,
thanks to Amara.
Okay, but at least we know
the spell we need is in there.
And we have a plan.
[ Dean speaks indistinctly,
voice echoing ]
[ Sam voice echoing ]
Yeah, I really thought
that was it for us.
Yeah. Well, killin' vamps
makes me hungry.
Ahh, home, sweet home.
Feels good to be back.
Yeah, you're tellin' me.
The last few weeks have
been a nightmare.
You know what?
We made it, though.
You, me, and the kid,
finally under one roof.
Sam: And, you know, honestly, it
doesn't matter where he's been.
I'm just glad Jack's back.
Right, home safe,
where he belongs.
[ Alarm blaring ]
Sam: [ Coughs ] Jack!
[ Door closes ]
Sam? Dean?
[ Coughs ] Hurry!
Hold on!
Jack! Help!
In here! Help!
[ Door rattling ]
The door, man!
You gotta open the door!
It's locked!
Sam: It -- it's a fire!
We're trapped.
Come on!
What's happening?!
-I can't...
-[ Coughs ]
[ Door thudding ]
Dean: That's it!
That's it! You're doing it!
-[ Coughs ] Jack. Jack!
-Dean: Jack!
[ Whoosh ]
[ Grunts ]
-[ Hacking cough ]
-Sam: Jack. Jack?
Dean: Jack!
Jack, please.
Please open the door.
-Dean: Jack, open the door!
-Open the door!
-I can't!
-Dean: Help!
Sam: Jack, you gotta help us.
[ Coughs ]
-Jack, please help.
-Dean: Jack!
Zachariah, these mind games
of yours aren't working.
[ Thunderclap ]
We're close.
Okay, I'll...
[ Whoosh ]
I'll keep trying.
And you're sure this...
is our ticket
to the other side?
And not just a single
one-way ticket
like the prophet's spell.
This boy, he can
open a rift big enough
to march an army through.
He has so much power.
We just...
[ Thunderclap ]
have to make him use it.
Then make him.
[ Thunderclap ]
Yes, Commander.
If fear won't break him,
I think I know something
that will.
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Mutters ]
[ Whispers indistinctly ]
[ Clears throat ]
[ Whispering in Enochian ]
[ Whispering continues ]
[ Knocking on door ]
Castiel: [ Distorted voice ]
[ Whispering stops ]
[ Normal voice ] Donatello?
I... Uh...
[ Stammers ] Come in.
Sam and Dean thought
you might want some breakfast.
Oh. Um...Yeah.
Thank you.
[ Sets down plate ]
Are you okay?
Fine, fine. Uh...
[ Inhales deeply ] just...
The tablet, it...
it has a raw energy.
There's a power here
I've never seen.
Tell the boys thank you
for me,
and, uh, I'm making progress.
Sam: Don't you think
you should, uh,
take it a little easy
on the nitrates?
Dude, if bacon's what
kills me, then I win.
[ Crunch ]
[ Clears throat ]
Cass, hey.
How's Donatello?
Well, he says
he's making progress,
but we still need
archangel grace.
We should be out
looking for Lucifer.
We are.
Look, we got word out to
every Hunter we know, okay?
If they see somethin'
they'll drop a dime.
And Michael?
If he succeeds in getting
to our world first?
Cass, look, right now,
our -- our best defense
is a good offense.
We give Donatello everything
he needs to open that gate.
Then we stealth in,
we get Mom, we get Jack.
Boom, family reunion.
It's just gonna
take some time.
[ Water lapping ]
[ Footsteps approaching ]
Beautiful, isn't it?
[ Sighs ]
[ Birds chirping ]
Wanted you to see
the natural world before...
before it was spoiled.
Humans have good intentions,
but they never truly appreciated
the gift they were given.
Left to their own devices,
humans...they would
destroy everything.
You've been so sheltered.
Let me show you.
[ Whoosh ]
[ Crackling, exploding ]
[ Explosion ]
they take and they take
and they just can't
help themselves.
So you...
you have to help them.
Jack, you have the power
to save us all.
And I can guide you.
I can teach you some
miraculous things.
What about Sam and Dean?
Well, if only
they'd accepted you
instead of teaching you
to fear your powers.
My powers...
Because they feared them.
Now if you'll just
do as I say...
No, that's not true.
I remember.
I was with Sam and Dean
the last time I used my powers.
We got separated, and...
I was in the other world.
You're not Castiel.
None of this is real.
[ Laughing evilly ]
Well, so much for
killing him with kindness.
You. Michael?
My lord.
[ Grunts ]
We tried it your way.
[ Groans ]
[ Grunts ]
Now...we do it mine.
[ Whispering in Enochian ]
[ Whispering subsides ]
[ Papers rustling ]
Eureka, eureka,
eureka, eureka, eureka!
-Are you stroking out?
-No, I-I-I-I cracked it.
The -- the spell.
I-I finished the translation.
What? No way.
Here are the ingredients.
Whew! Running is hard.
All right,
what are we lookin' at?
[ Panting ]
Besides archangel grace.
that's not even in here.
Uh, maybe the -- the spell in
the angel tablet's different
because this
oil of Abramelin,
angelica root, we...
We have
most of this stuff.
Other than the --
the hearts of Gog and Magog?
Sorry. What?
Um, they're -- they're people.
Kind of.
Uh, sometimes referred to
as brothers, other times lands.
Uh... [ Chuckles ]
You know how Bibles are.
Too damn many translations.
Wait, Gog and -- and Magog...
I'd -- I'd heard rumors,
but I didn't think
they were human.
Oh, yes.
According to the tablet,
they were ancient warriors
who enslaved
half the Fertile Crescent,
until some priests cast
a spell to bind them away
in "a place without a place
and a time without a time."
Okay, so we're supposed
to find these guys
and cut out their hearts?
The -- the demon tablet has
very specific instructions
on how to free them.
These men are very dangerous.
Then I'll do it.
I'll go with you.
And Sam and I will stay behind
to, uh, uh, assemble
the other ingredients.
Now, um,
where do you keep
your virgin lamb's blood?
[ Thunderclap ]
[ Keys jingle ]
[ Thunderclap ]
[ Lock clicks, door creaks ]
[ Thunderclap ]
[ Thud ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Door creaks ]
[ Door closes, lock clicks ]
[ Departing footsteps ]
[ Thunderclap ]
I've seen you before.
Your sons, Sam and Dean,
they -- they sent me.
Are they here?
[ Sighs ] My god.
My name is Jack.
[ Thunderclap ]
Your mother...
was Kelly Kline?
You knew my mother?
I was there
when you were born.
[ Thunderclap ]
And she, uh...
Died. I know.
You should
be 6 months old.
I am.
Sort of.
[ Sighs ]
[ Thunderclap ]
Jack, how did you
get here?
I opened a door.
To another world?
You can do that?
I -- Sam and Dean...
We were coming to save you,
but something went wrong,
and now it's just me.
And Michael, I...
I tried to fight him,
but he was in my head.
He wants me to use my powers,
but I don't know why.
[ Thunderclap ]
I do.
You said he was in your head?
Well, he's in my head, too.
[ Inhales deeply ]
And I saw everything.
He's gonna bring an army
to our world and just...
He wants me
to open the door.
But I won't.
He can't make me.
I-I don't care how much
he hurts me.
[ Sighs ]
[ Thunderclap ]
He's not gonna hurt you,
He's gonna hurt me.
[ Thunderclap ]
Why do you think
he brought you here?
So that we would meet,
so we would talk.
And then
when he comes back,
if you don't
do what he wants,
he's going to kill me.
You ready?
How are you holdin' up, Cass?
[ Ascending footsteps ]
I'm fine.
No, I just mean with, you know,
everything you've been through.
And...I know you really
wanna find Lucifer.
No, it's not that.
It's about...
Well, it is that,
but it's also I...
Dean, I was --
I was dead.
And I have to believe that
I was brought back for a reason.
You were.
Okay, Jack brought you back
because we needed you back.
Right. And how have
I repaid him?
I promised his mother
that I would protect him,
but now he's trapped
in that place
while Lucifer is here,
who's... [ Scoffs ]
I mean, he's getting stronger
and more powerful by the day.
And if Michael
really is coming,
maybe I was brought back
to help prepare.
Prepare for what?
War is what Michael does.
Well, then we do
what we do.
Whatever it takes.
[ Door creaking open ]
Okay, how we lookin'?
We still need the Dead Sea brine
and the, uh, wolfsbane.
On it.
[ Crow cawing,
feathers fluttering ]
All right, field in
the middle of nowhere --
What's next?
Well, Donatello said
that Gog and Magog
can only be killed by
a weapon touched by God,
so angel blade.
All right.
Let's rock and roll.
[ Birds chirping ]
Zoh nuh ray nuh rah juh.
Kohrahx oh.
Ee zee zohp ah.
Mah oh.
Ee vee gee.
Well, Enochian's
kind of tough.
Maybe you got a word wrong.
I don't get "words wrong."
[ Thudding footsteps ]
I told you.
[ Laughs ]
-[ Stifles laugh ]
-This is serious.
Yeah, no, no, I-I-I know.
They're wearing --
they're wearing loincloths.
[ Stifles laugh ]
[ Clears throat ]
[ Speaking Canaanite ]
It's ancient --
ancient Canaanite.
They wanna know
if we brought armies.
To fight them.
[ Speaking Canaanite ]
W-what now?
Uh, they're...
They're arguing.
Ask 'em where they got
their loincloths.
It's like a flurry diaper.
[ Scoffs ]
Gog: Eh.
Uh, he just said that
he's gonna -- he's gonna --
No, I got it.
-[ Growls ]
-[ Grunts ]
[ Shouts ]
[ Angel blade shatters ]
Cass, what the hell?
He said their blades were
forged by a god.
[ Laughing ]
[ Groans ]
[ Thud ]
[ Thud ]
[ Growls ]
[ Thud ]
[ Groans ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Thud ]
Forged by God,
touched by God, same thing.
[ Exhales sharply ] Yeah.
Dean, we have a problem.
He isn't human.
He appears
to be a primitive beast
formed of rock and sand.
That's a thing?
A very old thing.
I thought they had gone extinct
during the flood.
So what does this mean
for us?
[ Sand sifting ]
It means...
they don't have hearts.
When Michael
comes back, you...
[ Thunderclap ]
you let him kill me.
Do not open that door.
No, we're getting out
of here.
We can't.
Yes, we can.
I-I'm strong.
I should be able to
save us both,
but every time I try
and use my powers here,
even things I know how to do,
it's all wrong.
It's just...
my head, it --
it doesn't stop pounding.
Your head hurts?
Mine, too. I...
I've had migraines ever since
they locked me in here.
I...thought it was from
the torture.
But maybe...
maybe this place
has wardings so strong
that humans can feel it.
[ Thunderclap ]
You think that's why
my powers aren't working?
My headache...
I have it everywhere except
right here.
This is the only place
it ever lets up.
Because the warding's weaker.
Worth a shot.
[ Sizzling ]
It's working.
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
[ Beep ]
Okay. I think
that's everything.
[ Thud ]
[ Groans ]
[ Donatello grunts ]
Find him and bring him
back to me.
And the woman?
Kill her,
in front of the boy.
Make her feel it.
[ Thunderclap ]
[ Thunderclap ]
don't fail me again.
[ Thunderclap ]
How far till we're safe?
Out here? I'm not sure
there's any such thing.
[ Whispers ] Wait!
Shh, shh, shh.
[ Whispers ]
I think they're gone.
[ Rifle cocks ]
You angel, demon,
or human?
Human. We're human.
Mary Campbell?
It's Bobby. Singer.
My boys...
they told me about you.
Your boys?
Dean and Sam Winchester.
Oh, I remember.
The daytrippers, right?
You called me Mary Campbell.
Do you know me?
Well, knew you,
the other you.
Well, hell, I thought
you were a damn ghost.
Turns out you're just
from a whole other world,
which is...weirder
when you think about it.
Who's the kid?
Mary: Um...
I'm Jack.
Friend of the family.
Well, that's good enough
for me.
You better come with us.
[ Thunderclap ]
[ Door creaking open ]
Dean: Sam?
[ Door closes ]
Sam: Hey.
Yeah, I'm right here.
Tried to get a hold of you.
Sam: Yeah, well, um, I've been
a-a little busy, Dean. sorry.
What happened?
Donatello happened.
He...attacked me.
The Muppet professor
attacked you? Why?
I better just show you.
Come here.
Must bear witness
to possess ability of it.
[ Whispering in Enochian ]
To protect it.
Yes. Protect them both.
The power has been given you to
Sam: He attacked me.
I didn't wanna hurt him,
but he -- he just kept on
coming at me, and...biting.
So I had to lock him up
in there.
We were prepping the spell,
and he just snapped.
[ Speaks indistinctly ]
Yeah, I think
it's all a set up.
Gog and Magog, they can't be
part of the spell.
'Cause they
don't have hearts.
Wait a second.
Then why did he...
Because Donatello
wanted them to kill us.
He wants us dead.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Well... welcome
to home, sweet home.
[ Man speaks indistinctly ]
What happened to them?
Angels happened.
Angels did this?
They've done worse.
Two days ago, angels dive-bombed
a colony in San Antonio.
400 people.
Not a soul left alive.
This ain't a war.
This is an extermination.
he'll be lookin' for us.
Don't worry.
We got protocols
protecting us.
lookouts in the trees,
few other tricks
up our sleeves.
[ Chuckles ] Besides,
Mary Campbell saved my ass
more than a few times.
It'd be rude
not to return the favor.
[ Laughing ]
Dean: Donnie,
what happened, man?
I thought we were friends.
[ Scoffs ] Friend?
I see how you,
both of you, look at me.
God didn't choose you
for this part, Dean.
He chose me.
Sam: Donatello,
whatever it is you're feeling,
whatever it is
you're going through,
you can fight this.
[ Laughs ] I don't wanna
fight it. I...
[ Sighs ] You're supposed
to be dead.
Sorry about that.
Was it the tablet that --
that did this to you or...
[ Chuckles ]
It didn't do anything to me.
I translated the tablet.
All of it!
I saw the power of God!
And it's all up here.
And you wanna take it from me.
No, we don't.
That's not true.
We -- we just wanna help you.
[ Laughs ] No.
You just brought me here
to use me
and to get your precious
spell back.
You're wasting your time.
And if it's a little magic
you wanna be seein'...
[ Whispers ] Suffocetur.
[ Whoosh ]
[ Grunting ]
Donatello, listen, we...
[ Choking ]
[ Gasps ]
Dean! Hey, hey! Hey! Hey!
[ Laughing maniacally ]
-[ Continues gasping ]
[ Continues laughing ]
Dean! Dean!
[ Grunts ]
[ Gasps ] I'm okay.
I'm okay.
[ Children laughing ]
Go easy.
I added a nip of whiskey.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Laughter continues ]
I don't mean to stare.
You... you look
just like her.
Give or take
a year or two.
[ Wind howling ]
What was she like?
Mary Campbell was a...
[ Inhales deeply ]
complicated woman.
Brave, but sad.
Full of regret.
Let me guess --
she made a bad demon deal?
She didn't make one.
Lost the love of her life.
Never moved on.
And Dean and Sam
were never born.
Bobby, I made that deal.
And it -- I...
brought my boys a...
[ Sighs ] lot of pain.
What happened here,
in your world?
Sam and Dean stopped
that war in mine.
Then I'd say you made
the right choice.
Well, I don't know much,
but... [ Sighs ]
I do know you done good
by your boys.
They hadn't been here
five minutes
when they were trying
to convince me
to come back with them
to their world.
But you said "no."
your world's got your boys.
This place?
I'm pretty much
all it's got.
Children: Whoa!
[ Children laughing ]
Children: Whoa!
What is he?
A witch? Psychic?
Children: Ooh!
[ Children laughing ]
Jack's a nephilim.
Excuse me?
he's...half-angel, half --
I know what it means.
What I don't get is
why the hell
you would bring one
into my camp.
You know what angels
have done to us.
I...I trusted you.
I want him gone by morning.
If he goes,
I go with him.
Well, then that's
your choice.
Look, Mary,
when this all started,
when Lucifer and his demon army
rose out of hell,
we thought the angels
were on our side.
But one by one,
they turned on us.
He will, too.
It's just a matter of time.
Dean: All right,
what else do we know
besides all work and no play
makes Donatello a homicidal boy?
Maybe... [ Sighs ]
Well, maybe something
in the -- the tablet
snapped him.
No, no.
Prophets are conduits.
Whatever's in the tablet
should just flow through them.
I heard of one
who was tempted once,
but never fully corrupted.
Well, Kevin translated it,
and it was hard on him, sure,
but he -- he never went
full-on psycho.
Okay, so what was different
about Donatello?
He doesn't have a soul.
Is that bad?
Yes, that's bad.
the -- the human soul
would act as a filter,
inoculating the prophet
against whatever darkness
is in the tablet.
All right. Um, well,
how do we fix him?
I don't think we do.
Hold on.
We were so close.
[ Sighs ] We almost had it.
What are you talkin' about?
Our plan, Dean.
The spell, get Mom back.
Donatello's soul is gone.
That's not just something
you come back from.
You did.
Yeah, because you
convinced Death
to get my soul
back from the cage,
but Amara ate
Donatello's soul.
There's nothing to get back.
It's gone.
And Donatello's
already corrupted.
the kindest thing to do
would be
to end his suffering.
I don't like it either.
But if Donatello's life ends,
then another prophet
comes into being
and they can finish
the translation.
So what,
you just wanna kill him?
No! No killing!
We just need the spell.
What are you doing?
What I have to.
Dean: Cass.
Sam: Cass.
[ Door slams, bolt clanks ]
[ Door rattling ]
Cass! Come on, let us in!
Oh, come on.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
You really like it here.
These people...
Everyone's so brave.
But we can't stay.
Why not?
[ Sighs ]
Because of me?
I'm sorry, Jack.
It's not fair.
[ Siren wailing ]
Get to cover!
We got incoming!
[ Screaming ]
[ Explosion ]
[ Explosion, screaming ]
Man: Michael!
Man: Go! Go! Go! Go!
-[ Woman screams ]
-[ Man shouts indistinctly ]
The spell
to open the gate --
you gave us
the wrong ingredients.
[ Huffs ] Duh.
But you know the right ones.
I might.
But like I told Sam and Dean,
you're wasting your time.
Well, I'm not Sam and Dean.
What are you gonna do?
I am going to do something that
I promised I would never do
to a human being
without their permission.
I'm gonna strip the spell
from your mind.
You -- you -- you -- you can't.
I-I've absorbed too much power.
Y-y-you'll fry us both!
I might.
Ardeat intus --
[ Muffled shouting ]
I'm sorry, but I'm not
going to let you
or anyone hurt
the people I love.
Not again.
[ Screaming ]
[ High-pitched ringing ]
[ Screaming continues ]
You -- This is your fault.
-He used his powers.
Must've been
how they found us.
I didn't...
I didn't mean to.
Well, ain't that just gravy.
What can we do to help?
Here. Take this.
There's a grain cellar,
escape tunnels
running underneath.
Round up any kids you can find,
get 'em safe.
I'll come with you.
You've done enough.
Jack...the angels,
we can't let them find you,
so just...
find some place and hide.
[ Whispers ] Okay.
[ Bolt clanks ]
[ Door creaking ]
Well, I know
what we have to do.
[ Choking ]
[ Bone cracks ]
[ Thud ]
Find the child. Kill the rest.
[ Children screaming ]
Mary: Okay.
[ Scream in distance ]
Shh, shh, shh. I've got you.
[ Explosion, rapid gunfire ]
Mary Winchester.
[ Girl cries ]
[ Whispers ] Okay.
[ Cocks gun ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Groans ]
[ Grunts ]
The half-breed...
Where is he?
[ Rapid gunfire continues ]
[ Explosion ]
Go to hell.
[ Explosion in distance ]
Perfect timing.
Enjoy the show.
I said...stop.
[ Groaning ]
[ Continues groaning ]
[ Explodes ]
[ Projectiles whir ]
More incoming!
[ Explosions ]
Bobby: Rest easy. We gotcha.
[ Indistinct conversation ]
Well, I don't know what to say
except thank you.
Jack, what you did
was amazing.
I had to come back.
Sam and Dean,
they wouldn't run.
They'd stay and fight.
These angels, what they're
doing, they're not gonna stop.
As long
as Michael's out there,
this war will never be over.
So what are you saying?
I have to kill him.
[ Sighs heavily ]
Sam: Well... [ Sighs ]
Guess you could say
Donatello is alive.
You told me
not to kill him.
Yeah, but, Cass,
you turned him in...
He's brain dead.
Machines keeping him
What's wrong with you?
Cass --
His soul was gone.
He was corrupted.
He was a danger to himself
and to you
and to all of humanity.
[ Sighs ]
Did you know that he was
working with Asmodeus?
What? No.
Not by choice, but he was.
Some people
just can't be saved.
Yeah, but who gets to
make that choice? You?
What exactly
gives you the right?
Nothing. I took it.
And if I hadn't acted,
we would still be sitting around
and talking about
what to do next.
We would be wasting time.
And it's time
we don' have, Dean.
I told you, war is coming.
And I did what soldiers do.
Now we needed the spell
to open the rift,
and I got it.
We need four
major ingredients --
the grace of an archangel...
a fruit
from the Tree of Life...
the Seal of Solomon...
and the blood of
"a most holy man."
We find those things,
we can
bring everybody home.
And together, we can beat
Lucifer and Michael.
This is the only way we win,
and this is the only way
we survive.
It's like you said, Dean.
Whatever it takes.