Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 8 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley and Rowena band together to fight Lucifer when his search for power leads him to the White House.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ Engine roars ]

[ Glass shatters ]
Sam: So you're a what?

- You're, uh, English Men of Letters?
- British.

We wanna work with you.

[ Grunts ]
[ Grunts ]

Uh, Mick, is it?
[ Sighs ] My number.

What do we think?

Are we buying that Brit's whole
"let's be friends" routine?

Sam: No. No way.

The Winchesters are no better
than the monsters

they fail to control.
They need to be eliminated.

Well, we have Mr. Ketch
for that.

Mr. Ketch: I cleaned up
the Winchesters' mess.

As suspected, they couldn't
finish the job. [ Silenced gunshots ]

Man: Thank you, Mr. Ketch.

Crowley: Your dinner date
is loaded, single,

and possibly in delicate health.

Rowena: It's my chance to leave
behind monsters and demons

and moldy hideouts.

Crowley: Lucifer wearing
Vince Vincente.

You're... Kind of famous.

[ Bones crunch ]
Vince: Onward and upward.

[ Roars ]

Crowley: That's why he's jumping
from vessel to vessel.

Castiel: Me finding him is
my responsibility.

Cass, you're gonna want
some backup on this.

If you get Lucifer cornered
and find yourself in need,

I'm there.

Dean: Cass is chumming
it up with Crowley.

They're hunting Lucifer

Crowley: Feathers and I are
all but inseparable.

Together again.


[ Bell tolling ]

Woman on radio: And in the
unprecedented drought condition...

Farmers in the state worry
that the entirety

of next year's crop
could be lost,

driving up prices worldwide.

In other news,

police are investigating
the mysterious death

of billionaire philanthropist
Wallace Parker.

Parker was found dead
in his office late Tuesday,

his body heavily damaged...
Turn that off.

By an explosion of some ki...
[ Switch clicks ]

Better we stay focused
on the lord's work.

Wouldn't you agree?

Of course, your excellency.

Such a shame
about Mr. Parker.

I know he was a friend.

Not to mention,
one of our biggest donors.



[ Creaking ]

[ Creaking ]

[ Creaking ]

[ Telephone ringing
in distance ]

Your colleagues are
already inside.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]


Okay, this has gotta stop.

All right, give me that.

Okay, enough.

Let's have a look.

Ooh. Looks like somebody forgot
to put on his sunscreen.

This was Wallace Parker,

the very powerful CEO
of almost everything.

And apparently,
Lucifer's latest vessel.

Wasn't strong enough
to hold him.

Lucifer's not content
with slutting it

from one random vessel
to the next.

He's moving on to blue chips...

captains of industry.

He just got
a lot more dangerous.

I agree with agent Zappa.

Oh, will you stop?


Dean: So, find anything?

Anyone powerful or respectable

who suddenly changed...
Or exploded?

Well, this is
pretty interesting.

This is the archbishop
of St. Louis

with Wallace Parker.

So that was him three days ago.

And this...
[ Taps key ]

Is him last night at
the opening of a food kitchen.

Notice anything missing?

[ Taps key ]

[ Taps key ]

Yeah, the big mother of a cross
around his neck.

Exactly. And this morning,

his office canceled
all further public appearances

without comment.

Okay, so you're thinking
that, uh,

Lucifer blasted out of Parker

and into his buddy
the archbishop here.

Worth a shot.

[ Thunderclap ]

It's awfully quiet.

Yeah, I put in a dozen calls
to the chief of staff.

No one returned.

Well, we'll have a look around.

If it is Lucifer, we'll call the rest
of the Scooby gang. [ Button clicks ]


[ Clicking ]


[ Knocks on door ]

[ Door rattles ]

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Switch clicking ]


Dean: Father, hey.
[ Groans ]

What happened?

[ Labored breathing ] We...
Knew something was wrong.

He... [ groans ] He...

The archbishop?


Senior staff decided...

Handle internally

and intervene.
[ Inhales shakily ]

An exorcism.




[ Chair clatters ]

If I agree to this,

we would be partners.

We would bring a true era
of spirituality to America

and heal her wounds?

Then hallelujah.

[ Inhales shakily ]

I humbly accept your guidance.


[ Football game playing
on TV ]

[ Whoosh ]

[ Electricity crackling ]


[ Chuckles ]

[ Exhales ] Ahh.


Now what?

Okay, then, Jeff.

Usually, I give my hosts
more downtime,

but in this case,
high-profile as it is...

I may need help fine-tuning
some... Protocols

if I'm going to deliver
on all the goodness

and public service that
I promised.

I'm... I'm happy to help,

We're appearing at...
At a series of fundraisers here

backed by a fantastic group
of aides.

So I just focus
on the big picture?

The team handles
the details.

Well, listen, Jeff,

this is all useful information,
of course.

But... If we're gonna
pull this off,

I'm gonna need a few more
personal details.

People need to believe
that I am, in fact,

of the United States.

[ Gasping ]

[ Crunching ]
[ Choking ]

[ Bones crack ]
[ Gasps ]

[ Thud ]


One minute, we're talking
about the best barbecue.

I'm a Kansas City man.

Bill likes Memphis.

I stepped into the John.

When I came out,
he was on the ground.

I, uh, I tried CPR, but, uh...

I'm sure you did everything
you could, sir,

but it appears he had
a massive cerebral hemorrhage.

[ Whispers ] Oh.
We're gonna need an autopsy,

but I don't see any evidence
of foul play.

[ Mouths word ]

If you'd like to say
a few words, sir.

[ Departing footsteps ]

A few words
to the man upstairs, sir,

like you do every morning.



Nothing we ever say feels
like enough.


That's what we are.


All of us struggling to...

Walk upright with purpose
and... and pride.

[ Sizzling ]

And yet, we need "our father"...


Be there when we fall.

Today, we lost a brother.

Tomorrow, we will continue
our work for the country.

All: Amen.

You always know
the right thing to say.

[ Sizzling ]

[ Whoosh ]

Ugh. [ Sighs ] These pictures...
[ Typing ]

The level of violence,
it's completely unnecessary.

Lucifer doesn't like
to get messed with.

I guess when
the archbishop's priests

figured out
he was possessed,

they tried to keep it quiet,
do an exorcism.

I mean, not that
it would've worked.

[ Footsteps approaching ]
Lucifer blew town,

but not before he slaughtered
the entire staff.

So we were on the right trail.
Where's it go now?

I don't know.

Who won the Nobel Peace Prize?
Why don't we start there?

[ Paper bag rustles ]

[ Crow cawing ]

While we've been away
from from D.C., in Belaurus,

negotiations between
rebel forces and the government

have broken down.

We're recalling
ambassador Harkin.

Sir, is it time
to involve the U.N.?


That or we can just
go ahead and nuke 'em.

[ Laughs ]

[ Forced laughter ]

Well! Montroy fundraiser
at 2:00.

We'll pick this up at dinner.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

[ Folder thuds ]


Thought you might want to know,
the new poll numbers are out.

You're way up.
[ Aircraft hovering overhead ]

Officially the most popular
sitting President

in modern history.


Hmm. That's impressive.

Uh, Otto... [ sighs ]

Take a little break.

Was there something else?

[ Kelly breathes heavily ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Exhales sharply ]
So amazing.

Yeah. [ Exhales deeply ]

It's almost like
I've never done that before.

[ Laughs ] You...


[ Exhales sharply ]

You know, Jeff, I admit...

It makes things
kind of exciting

keeping this a secret.

I just wish

we could make how we feel
about each other...

Well, public.


I know... [ sighs ]

People might not like it.

Public might not like it
because you're a widower.

Uh-huh. But...

I know you've been lonely
since Louise died.


And I know your feelings
for me are real,

because everything you do
is real.

I just love to think that...


We could be a real couple.

Maybe do the wedding thing.

Maybe the baby thing.

I just...

[ Whispers ] I just know
you'd make an amazing father.

[ Sighs deeply ]



[ Train whistle blowing
in distance ]

Good girl.
You're right on time.

Your majesty.

Keep this up and you could
actually earn back your soul.

What little tidbit
do you have for me today?

There was a death last night
that I ascribed

to natural causes, but...

It was anything but natural.
[ Crow caws ]

Did the bunker's warding

I just powered it down.

Crowley called, said he had
some big news about Lucifer,

whatever the hell
that means.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait a second.

So... so now Crowley can
just... What,

drop in whenever
he feels like it? [ Scoffs ]

I-I prefer keeping Crowley
at a distance. Long distance.

Not very charitable, moose...

[ Sighs deeply ]

Particularly since,
once again,

I'm saving both your asses.

So, as you know, I'm temporarily

persona non grata
in my own palace.


However, there are those
I still control. Operatives.

Crowley, can we just get
the damn news without the drama?

Can I get you
without the flannel?

No. Still, I endure.


Did a little digging,
acting on a tip.

[ Taps key ]

And I think I know the identity
of Lucifer's newest vessel.

Oh, for god's sake.

Huh? Aha!


I give you
one Jefferson Rooney,

of these United States.


[ Aircraft continues hovering ]

You wanted to see me, sir?

Rick, something urgent's
come up.

Urgent and... Confidential.


We have reliable intel

that two mentally unstable

possibly cult members,

have imminent plans
to assassinate me.

What? Why?

Because I'm Satan.

They think I'm Satan.

Not metaphorically?

Mm. In the flesh.

Satan's not real.

Well... He's a symbol
for the simple-minded.

A-a comic book villain.

He's a bit more than that, Rick,
to many people.

I wasn't briefed on this.

Well, I'm briefing you now.

We've been sitting on it
until we had more facts.

Aside from
the obvious peril to me...

We'll keep it strictly
under the radar, sir.

I think the best way to do that
is to eliminate the threat.

Would you agree?

We could initiate
the approval process.

No. No.

We need to handle this
in the family.

Secret service only.

And as the head
of my personal detail,

you will head this up

Of course.

I'm liking this job, Rick.
[ Chuckles ]

I wanna keep it a while.
[ Pats arm ]


[ Touchscreen beeping ]

[ Line rings ]

[ Ring ]

Hello. Mick Davies here.

Leave a mess...
[ Disconnects call ]

Even if Crowley does bring in
Rowena, the problem remains.

Lucifer can't be returned
to the cage inside his vessel.

His essence
has to be extracted.

Yeah. And Lucifer has found
the perfect safe house.

[ Typing ]
I mean, how do we even start

getting close
to the President?

Well, it helps
that he's not in D.C.

Well, he's, uh, actually
on a fundraising swing

through the midwest.

Yeah, right now, it looks like
his whole party...

Aides, secret service,
the whole circus... is staying

at an estate owned by
Ron forester,

the, uh,
hedge fund zillionaire.

It's right outside

But it is completely surrounded
by walls, security,

secret service, military.

Plan B?

He's got a hell
of a speaking schedule.

He's averaging
three events a day,

and he's got a gala dinner
on Friday night.

Well, at least he'll be
outside of the mansion.

Yeah, guarded like
the hope diamond. Plan C?

[ Sighs ]

What about us? Our...
Our feelings for each other?

That's why I've been
totally up front about Mona.

[ Surf rolling ]

Mona Levin.

Mona Levin?

The heiress?
[ Sea birds calling ]

You've been seen her
as well?!

You know one has to keep
one's options open.

The heart knows
what the heart knows.

And what does your heart know
about me?

It knows that
it's fond of you.

But your credentials
were unverifiable.

Financial holdings,
royal ballet, none of it!

You had me investigated?!

You were scamming me!

Oh, there's the pot
calling the kettle black.

[ Clears throat ]

Ah. Finally.

Light starch.

I offered my heart
to a pauper

who was after
my nonexistent fortune!

Same as I did, sweetie.
I'm just being honest about it.

Who is this?
My latest fiancé.

[ Groans ]
And if I tell Mona the truth?

That'd be a first.

Get out!
It's my place!



[ Gasps, choking ]

[ Explosion ]
[ Gasps ]


[ Breathing shakily ]

[ Crying ] That is the sweetest
thing you've ever done for me.

[ Chuckles ]

Promise you won't laugh.

Even if it's funny?


I won't laugh.

[ Whispers indistinctly ]

us here, it felt...

[ Inhales deeply ]

Now I'm really not laughing.

No. [ Laughs ]

We were great, as always,


In some way
I can't describe,

it feels like...

Something's changed.


[ Sighs ]

Maybe something has.

[ Indistinct chattering ]

[ Chattering grows louder ]


[ Groans ]
Dean: Cass? Cass? Hey.

[ Grunts ] Something's happened.

Angel radio...
There are so many voices.

What are they saying?
[ Groans ]

There's been a massive surge
in celestial energy.

A nephilim
is come into being.

It's the offspring
of an angel and a human.

And that's big news?

Yes, but the power to
produce this is immense.

It's much, much greater
than a typical angel.


W... Lucifer?

I didn't know he was dating.

[ Engine roars ]

Yeah, and hey, Crowley?

Uh, find out from your
government mole if there's

a girlfriend or a mistress
or a favorite hooker.

Someone we don't know about.

Got it. All right.

Crowley and Rowena will
meet us in Indianapolis.

Do we have a plan?

Impeach lotus
and find Rosemary's baby.

[ Police radio chatter ]


[ Siren wailing ]

Aw, crap.

[ Radio chatter ]


[ Siren whoops, stops ]

All right. Stay here.
We got this.

[ Turns off engine ]

[ Radio chatter continues ]

Gentlemen, is there a problem?
[ Car doors close ]

Federal agents, guys.
We need to keep going.

And I need 6 grand by Saturday,
but that ain't happening either.

[ Scoffs ] You guys know
who you're talking to?


You make those toy badges in
craft class on the psyche ward?

Nice car, by the way.
Really stands out.

Sam: Hey.

Wait a second now.

[ Grunting ]

Let him go. Now.
[ Cocks gun ]

[ Car door opens, closes ]


Don't move!
Cass, don't.

[ Dave Brubeck's "Take Five"
playing ]

[ Engine turns off ]

[ Song continues ]

[ Launcher fires,
window shatters ]

[ Explosion ]

[ Gun clatters ]


You. Angel. Wipe their memories.

[ Flames crackling ]


U.S. government plates.
Elite dogcatcher level.

Someone special wants you.

Whose hydrant have you lads
been tinkling on?

I'm sorry.
Who the hell are you?

Oh. Where are my manners?

Arthur Ketch.
British Men of Letters.

So it's all very simple,

Mick Davies asked you
to join our effort,

which we're taking

My instructions are
to strongly encourage a "yes."

So, what? You've just been
following us?

Not at all. We're good dogs.
We only come when called.

And he called.

You what?

I-I didn't, uh...
I hung up.

Yes, you did,

which made Mr. Davies think
that you were in trouble,

which you were.

So he rings me.
Bing, bang, boom.

Meet Bob. He's your uncle.

Oh, and, um,
you're welcome. Hmm?

And why should we believe
anything that you have to say?

[ Chuckles ] You, halo.

Do you sense I'm lying?

My name is Castiel.



But the truth can be

[ Chuckles ] Oh.
Oh, I do enjoy an angel.

But I understand
your hesitation.

You haven't exactly seen us
at our best.

Lady Bevell is a bit...

She tried to kill us.

Like I said, excitable.
And you're better?

I don't care about you one way or the other.
I'm not an ideologue.

And all you wanna do is help
these American hunters

to clear this country
of monsters?

We understand things are
different here.

We're eager to collaborate.

The British Men of Letters
are centuries old, lads.

We can offer expertise,

weaponry, skills.

Like we saw out on the road?

I'm an artist, Mr. Winchester.

I paint in many colors.
[ Beep, trunk opens ]

Was that a grenade launcher?


Our engineers
have spent years

blending sorcery
and technology.

For instance, we don't always
decapitate vampires.

Inefficient, really,
especially for large nests.

We irradiate them,

reorder their DNA.

Their own blood becomes
lethal to them.


Mm. The toys are
the fun part, hmm?

[ Inhales deeply ]

Hyperbolic pulse generator.

Exorcisms are unreliable.

This device emits a force

which drives the possessing
demon from the vessel.

What about
a, uh, possessing angel?

And what might you boys
be working on?

Well, you want us
to trust you,

you're gonna have to
trust us first.

And that means?

So you're gonna pop Lucifer
out of the President with that?

I hope so.
Otherwise, we're all dead.

Then Rowena zaps him
back to the cage.

Of course, we gotta
get him here first.

Yeah. We need to get ahold
of this, uh, secret girlfriend

Crowley found out about.

This... Kelly.

Of course, she's in that mansion
with the President,

which is guarded like
a fortress.

Only one of us has a chance
of getting in there.


Yes, I'm pregnant.

I don't know when, Sheri.

I don't know how.
I just know that I am.

Hello, darling.

This is going to sting a bit.

No, no, you're making it up.
It's impossible.

Well, to be fair,
so is teleporting.

But... Ta-da.

Who are you people?

Well, dear, I'm a witch.

He's an angel.

And I'm the king of hell.

Oh, god.

No, actually, he left.

Okay, guys, not helping.

You... you can't.
He's the President.

He was, but now...

Tell me he hasn't been
acting different.

Jeff's been under
a lot of stress. He...

Wrong. He's the devil.

Horns, pitchfork,
the whole nine.

Crowley, still not helping.

Listen, we know what
we're talking about here.

We have been on Lucifer's trail
for a long time.

And we know you're pregnant
with his child.

That's... that's...
You're lying.

[ Opens, closes drawer ] The
thing inside you, it's unholy.

[ Opens drawer ]

It's an abomination.

That's n...

Place your hand here.

[ Sizzling ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Inhales shakily ]


Oh, no.
[ Trash can thuds ]

Does he even know
you're knocked up?

[ Whispers ] Yes, he...

[ Normal voice ]
He said he was thrilled.

He said it was the only time
he ever created anything.


We need your help.


"I Grant a full pardon..."

Hmm. [ Chuckles ]

"To Charles Manson."

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

[ Beep ]


Sir, we agreed to keep this
small like you asked.

We're gonna go inside,
run a quick sweep.

Absolutely. Wouldn't want
anything happening to me.

Ms. Kline.

[ Door closes ]


[ Doors rattle ]

[ Doors rattling ]

There's no one in here
but Kelly.

Go wait in your car.

[ Whoosh ]

It's clear.

Man: Let's go.

[ Doorknobs rattle ]

[ Front door opens, closes ]

[ Sighs ]

There's no one in there but Kelly.
We'll wait in the car.

[ Car door closes ]


Kelly, what's wrong?

I told you on the phone.

I can't have this baby.

[ Thud ]
[ Grunts ]

[ Gasping ]

I'm afraid
I'll have to insist.

[ Groans ] Sam.
Vade retro.

We've done this dance
so many times.

Princeps inferni.

[ Electricity crackling ]

[ Zaps ]
[ Groans ]


[ Groans ]

[ Light bulbs shatter ]

[ Power surges ]

Rowena, now!

Mah tay, ez loh, say tah!

[ Groans ]

[ Groans ]

[ Mirror shatters ]


This isn't over, Sam!

Go to hell!

Mah tay, ez loh, say tah!

[ Roaring ]

[ Screaming ]

Mah tay, ez loh, say tah!

[ Panting ]

[ Kelly crying ]

[ Panting ]

He's alive.
He won't remember a thing.

Oh, Jeff. Oh, my god.

[ Voice breaks ] Jeff?

Oh, my god.

We gotta go.
Get her out of here. Go.

Wait, wait.
Kelly, you gotta go. Go.

We got him.

We got Lucifer.

[ Exhales shakily ]



Mr. President?
[ Exhales slowly ]

Okay. All right.
Take it easy, tiger.

Man: Mr. President!

On your feet!
Hands on your heads! [ Gun cocks ]

Hands on your heads!

Okay, listen, we were
just trying to... - shut up!

You're under arrest
for the attempted assassination

of the President
of the United States.


[ Rifles cock ]


Man over radio:
Look good from here.


I'm sorry. I just...
I need a minute.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

[ Woman speaks indistinctly ]

Man: All right, coming right up.
Woman: Thanks.

[ Man speaks indistinctly ]

Woman: Bring these out?
Man: Yeah, go ahead.

[ Indistinct conversation ]


[ Dishes clattering ]

Man: Thank you very much.



[ Indistinct conversation ]

[ Knocks on door ]
Kelly, are you all right?

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Beep ]


I can't do it.


[ Voice breaks ]
I can feel it inside me.

I'm its mother.

Kelly, you listen to me.
This is not a baby.

This is the spawn of Lucifer.

It's my child.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

No, no. Kelly, you...
[ Beep ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]


[ Sighs ]