Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 4 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Dean investigate a case that leads them to a devout religious family living off the grid. They realize the parents are hiding a huge secret that could destroy them all. Meanwhile, Dean struggles to accept Mary's latest decision.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You must be one of us. One of who?
One of the psychics. I mean, there are others
like us out there and we're all a part of something.
We both have psychic abilities.
Sam, Max is a monster. He's already killed two people,
now he's gunning for a third.
I think I'm here to help you. No one can help me.
There are people out there, like me.
We all have some kind of ability.
Ellen: Ability? Yeah.
Psychic ability.
These people out there, these psychics,
they dangerous? Not all of them.
But some are. Some are very dangerous.
Who knows how many of 'em are really out there?
Castiel, after you left heaven,
when did it start to feel like...Like you fit,
like you belonged here?
You do belong here.
It's just gonna take me a second to catch up.
I can handle myself.
You were good at this, weren't you? Very.
Mom, what are you trying to say?
I have to go.
I just need a little time.
I love you both.
Prok yaw-thi a-law-haw!
Prok yaw-thi...
Prok yaw-thi a-law-haw!
Sam: Father valdecantos?
I'm father penn of the dubuque archdiocese.
This is -- father deniro.
We're here to talk about Olivia Sanchez.
I'm not talking about that anymore.
You sure were chatty with the press and the cops.
"Priest claims demons walk among us."
Boy, that's quite the headline grabber.
I said I'm not talking about -- no, we heard you.
Don't care.
You'll think I'm lying, like my bishop, like everyone.
But I knew Olivia.
She was a good person.
I watched her get flayed alive by some invisible force.
That was the devil's work.
I've been told the church doesn't want us
talking like that anymore -- too old fashioned.
But I know what I saw.
You see any black smoke?
What? We don't think you're lying.
We just wanna ask you a few questions, that's all.
Um...No. No smoke.
What about sulfur? Did you smell, uh, rotten eggs?
You told people that she was speaking in tongues?
Yes. It sounded like Hebrew.
Prok yaw-thi a-law-haw.
Sounds more like aramaic than Hebrew. Hmm.
What kind of priests are you?
The old-fashioned kind.
Dean: So no sulfur means no demon.
You think the padre's right? We talking about Lucifer here?
Little small-time for him.
I don't know. Maybe a rogue angel?
Yeah. Uh, I'll make a call.
Wait, wait, wait. What? Are you serious?
Yes, cass, that's weird. It's really, really weird.
All right, yeah. Um...
Thanks for the heads up.
Now I'm a 13-year-old girl.
Hey. So what's the word?
Cass have anything?
Yeah. Uh...
Well, good news, uh,
there's nothing on angel radio, and heaven's still on lockdown,
so rogue angel is out.
Bad news?
Cass is chumming it up with crowley. Hmm.
They're hunting Lucifer together.
That's right -- one's an angel, one's a demon,
and apparently, they solve crimes.
Are they having any luck? Kind of.
So Lucifer, the lord of evil, angel of light,
is now the master of butt rock.
He jumped into Vince vincente.
The rock star? The douchebag.
Guy used to roll with purple hair down to his butt
and a spiked codpiece.
It -- it was the '80s.
The what? Uh...
It was the '80s.
What, are you defending him? No, I'm not...
I mean, his third album was kind of...
Not horrible. I hate you so much right now.
Anyway, he's the devil now?
Well, I mean, he was always kind of the devil,
but, yeah, now it's official. Where is he?
Rowena blasted him to the bottom of the ocean.
Why? I don't know. Why do you love Vince vincente?
I don't love --
anyways, uh, looked at those words.
I was right. They are aramaic.
"Prok yaw-thi a-law-haw."
It means, "save me, oh, god."
Save me from what?
Body's right there, agents.
I can get her prepped to your -- Dean: That's great, Carl.
Uh... We'll take it from here.
Oh? Okay.
Um, but...It's a weird'un.
If you guys need anything at all, I'm -- we won't. We won't. Thank you.
Are...You sure? Yep.
Oh, okay.
Little, uh, tough on Carl, don't you think?
Ah, he's a big boy. He can take it.
You okay?
Peachy. You sure?
'Cause ever since mom left, you've been a little, uh...
Cranky, huh? Yeah.
I mean, to the priest, to Carl.
Heck, on the way here, you wouldn't even make a pit stop.
So now your tiny bladder is my problem?
I'm just saying -- Olivia Sanchez.
The body was found.
It had deep cuts on her back as though she'd been whipped.
Holes punctured through her hands and her feet,
and pinprick wounds around the top of her skull.
What's that sound like to you?
Gets weirder. How?
"The victim's skull was filled with a goopy mush."
That Carl paints quite a picture, doesn't he?
All right. What can do all that?
I got nothing.
Me neither.
Well, maybe we should focus more on the case
and less on the Dr. Phil crap.
It's just over here.
This is -- was Olivia's office.
Sam: So...What is it now?
It's...Kinda mine now.
So is that yours?
It's for positive energy.
I'm a wiccan.
So how well did you know Olivia?
She was my boss.
Is it true what they're saying,
that she, you know...
Killed herself?
Well, we're working on that.
Um, now the day she died, was Olivia acting strange?
Not really. I mean...
She was getting headaches. Bad ones, like super migraines.
But we all knew she was working too hard.
She have any enemies?
Somebody who held a grudge, maybe wanted to do her harm?
I mean, Olivia was great,
but this is child protective services.
We get threats all the time.
From who? Everyone.
You don't make a lot of friends when sometimes
what's best for a family is to split them up.
Right. Um, yeah, can we see Olivia's case files?
Of course. They're right over here.
Well, that was easy. What?
What? The wicca'd witch of the west in there.
Little miss positive energy wanted a bigger office,
did a little hoodoo... Boom.
I say we put a witch-killing cap in her ass, call it a day.
Yeah, but we checked the church and Olivia's house.
We didn't exactly find any hex bags.
So she covered her tracks.
But we're not looking at a witch.
I'm not saying it's not Beth.
I'm -- I'm just saying we need proof.
And look, if it's her, I'll shoot her myself.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
No, I'm definitely shooting her.
Oh! Aah!
Ah! Prok yaw-thi a-law-haw!
Dean: Coroner says signs of stigmata
with a side of scrambled brains, just like Olivia. Great.
Great. Did you find anything?
Maybe. Kid delivered groceries all over town,
so I checked his route against Olivia's case files.
And? Got a match.
Dean: Tell us about the Petersons.
They're weird.
How weird? All the way. That family,
they're, like, off the charts religious.
Old, old testament.
I'm talking no cars, no electricity, no nothing.
Kids are homeschooled.
Family like that, we try to keep an eye on them, but...
But what, Beth?
Their oldest, magda --
a few years ago, she got pneumonia,
and the family wouldn't let a doctor treat her.
They said whatever happened was god's will.
What happened?
She died.
All right. Um, thank you.
Weird, creepy, off the grid, "children of the corn" people?
Yeah, I'm in.
Guess we're walking from here.
Whoa. When they cut the cord, they really cut the cord.
Yeah, no kidding.
How fast you think their buggy goes? Like, top speed?
Hey, about yesterday...
Oh, all right.
Next time you gotta take a leak, I'll pull over.
I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about you and mom.
What about her? What, she took some cash,
she took a cellphone she doesn't answer, and she bailed on us.
I mean, think about what she's going through.
After everything, she probably just needs some space.
We've been there.
We've both had times where we needed time apart.
And we both came back. You don't think she's going to?
I don't know.
She hates the way that we were raised.
She hates the fact that we're hunters.
Maybe she starts walking and she doesn't stop.
You know, she obviously has zero interest
in keeping this family together.
Well, you know, sometimes families do better
after a little time apart.
Yeah, who? The mansons?
Can I help you?
Uh, Abraham Peterson? I'm James morrison.
This is my associate ray manzarek.
Uh, we're your new case workers with child protective services.
Pleasure to meet you. Pleasure to meet you.
Yeah, thought you'd be, uh, you know,
long beard, suspenders, big hat.
We're not that kind of religious.
Sam: Mr. and Mrs. Peterson,
we're here because your previous case worker, Olivia Sanchez,
has passed away.
What happened?
We're not sure yet.
How often did she visit?
Every few months.
We liked her better than the other one --
that Beth.
And what was wrong with Beth?
She hated us because of our faith.
Olivia Sanchez was a papist, but...
At least she believed in god.
Do you know god, gentlemen?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we're -- we're besties.
Um...I'm a little embarrassed to ask,
but do you think one of you boys might help me with something?
Dean: So what happens when, uh, stuff like this goes wrong
and no one's around to help you?
Pray harder.
See, I'm not good with all this.
I was a computer programmer till about five years ago.
What made you move out to the middle of nowhere?
Oh, the world out there is all distractions.
Consumerism, corporations.
And the people, if they're not shopping or stuffing their face,
they're sitting in front of some screen
watching fake people do fake things,
while the real world just gets more and more screwed up.
Gail and I, we didn't want that for our kids, so...
So here we are, sweatin' our butts off.
The things you do for family.
It's ready.
All right, let's get this wheel on.
On three.
One, two, three.
We're out of coffee. Hope lemonade's all right.
Oh, yeah. Great. Thank you. Welcome.
Happy family. No, they weren't.
The father was working 80 hours a week
to barely pay the mortgage.
And what little time he did spend at home,
he spent in a bottle.
Children were on four different kinds
of behavior-enhancing medication and barely spoke.
Could text up a storm, though.
And the mother, she was the worst.
She was so pilled up, she could barely think straight.
So what happened?
God showed them a better way.
I was in a car accident.
Almost died.
Nerves in the lower half of my body are damaged.
Wow. I saw doctors.
No one could stop the pain.
Best they could do was give me drugs,
which helped for a while. Yeah.
But the more I took, the more I needed.
And when I didn't get them...
And then one night,
when things were at their worst, I was...
Lying in a puddle of my own sick.
I heard a voice.
It was god's voice.
And he said, "go, live a life of simplicity and humility,
and all your pain will be taken away."
So has the pain gone away?
I get by, with his grace.
Mrs. Peterson, um,
what can you tell me about Ricky copeland?
The delivery boy?
Comes by once a week,
brings us things we can't grow ourselves.
He's dead, too.
I see.
You see?
That's it?
God has a plan for us all.
So what happened to your daughter, was that god's plan?
She didn't have to die.
She was sick.
If you had taken her to a doctor --
god does -- god doesn't care what kind of life you live.
Trust me.
And god didn't kill your daughter. You did.
Think you boys should go.
All right. We're clear on what we gotta do, right?
Yeah, definitely. What's that for?
To track down magda's ghost. What's...
Beth. The witch.
Dean, this isn't a witch. Well, it's not a ghost.
Those people let their daughter die.
She's angry and wants revenge. Yeah, but they're alive.
Besides, how -- how she getting around town, huh?
Ghosts are tied to one place.
Or -- or to a person or to a thing.
Oh, you're reaching. And you're not?
Beth didn't even know the delivery boy.
Maybe, maybe not, but I'm gonna find out.
Look, you didn't spend alone time with that woman.
She is disturbed.
The family's weird, but they're good people.
Look, Beth wanted the better job, she killed to get it.
End of story. You're wrong.
All right, look, you got your ideas, I got mine.
You wanna stay here and, uh, scan the farm for emf,
you go right ahead. I'm on Beth.
Fine. We'll see who's right. Well, you'll see I'm right.
What did you do?
Nothing. Nothing.
That woman. That boy.
You killed them.
What? No.
I have tried to keep the devil locked away,
and you let him out.
You couldn't let it rest.
And now...
Now the devil is doing his work through you.
Confess your sins.
Pray for forgiveness.
Prok yaw-thi a-law-haw
a-rum mayyaw mto 'ad naf-Shaw.
Tma-'ith bama-'a-ma-ke syawn w-leth a-thar lma'kum.
Ishthal-hith bmik-ri.
What's wrong? Mom's with magda.
Your mother's doing god's work.
She's hurting her.
Son, the devil's a deceiver.
Don't let him sow doubt in you.
If anyone found out about magda, they'd come for her.
And if that happened...
I love your sister...
But you know what she can do.
Magda's our cross to bear.
Come on.
Working late?
Oh. Sorry, agent, you surprised me.
No worries.
Can I help you?
How you liking the new gig?
I hate it.
What? Yeah.
You make more, but you work more.
And if somebody screws up, that's on you.
If somebody blows a deadline, that's on you.
And if somebody's photocopying their ass in the breakroom,
you have to adult and act all mad,
even though it's kind of hilarious.
Being the boss sucks.
I don't know how Olivia did it.
I-i thought you wanted this job.
No. Nobody wants this job.
So...Why are you here?
Krav lwaw-thi prok yaw-thi.
Hekh ksa-gi-uth ra-chamawch
this-tha-kal lwaw-thi.
W-al this-tha-lak...
A-pawch me-'av-dawch.
A-ni yaw-thi sar-hev a-rum 'yawk li.
Ra-chamawch this-tha-kal lwaw-thi.
Shezev-ni mba'-le dvawv-vay.
A-ni yaw-thi a-do-nay a-rum tawv.
Hey. Beth is not a witch.
You were right about the whole ghost thing.
Listen, magda is still alive.
Wait, what? Yes, magda's not dead.
She's alive!
Don't move.
Sammy? Okay, listen to me.
I can help your sister, okay?
I just need you to trust me here.
Magda Peterson.
That's not my name.
I'm not magda.
I'm the devil.
No, you're not. You're really not.
He's inside me. I can hear him whispering.
He lets me hear what people are thinking.
He lets me do things.
What kind of things?
Magda, I'm here... I'm here to help you.
Show me.
They'll come for us, our children.
We need to leave tonight.
You're not the devil. You're just psychic.
There are others out there like you, like -- like me.
I have powers, too.
I'd get these visions sometimes
and -- and I could move things with my mind.
You can do that?
Well, no, not anymore, i don't think.
But that didn't make me the devil.
It -- it -- it just made me who I am.
Then you are evil.
Mother says I'm evil,
'cause I hurt people.
Who did you hurt?
I didn't mean it.
She was pretty,
and she always smiled.
And I thought that maybe she could help me.
I couldn't talk to her, but I could hear her thoughts.
And I thought maybe I could make her hear mine.
So I prayed.
Prok yaw-thi a-law-haw.
Prok yaw-thi a-law-haw.
Tma-'ith bama-'a-ma-ke syawn w-leth a-thar lma'kum.
And I reached out to her...
Ishthal-hith bmik-ri ith-char-char 'inki.
...but she never came.
And I did it again with the delivery boy.
Mother says I killed them.
Magda, that wasn't your fault.
You are not the devil. You're not evil.
And it's scary. I-i know it's scary.
But you can learn how to control it.
You don't ever have to hurt anyone ever again.
It's time for supper.
Who's hungry?
Your daughter needs help.
What do you think we've been doing all these years?
You talk about knowing god, but we know the devil.
We've been wrestling with her for years.
You have any idea what she's done?
Those people, but...
That wasn't her fault.
You think they're the first? Tell him.
Tell him.
Before we came here...
I wanted a new cellphone,
but my mom wouldn't buy me one.
We were driving home, and she screamed at me to pull over.
And I felt the devil at my hands.
I yanked that wheel right into oncoming traffic.
She did this to me.
She did this to us.
She has taken lives.
Don't you understand that by keeping her here,
we're protecting you?
By doing what? Beating the hell out of her?
Pain purges sin.
No, it doesn't. You're wrong.
It's time.
We thank you for these bountiful gifts.
May they nourish our body and soul.
And look after each one of us,
now and until our dying day.
Amen. Gail and Elijah: Amen.
Dig in, everyone.
Dad? Shh.
What did you do?
What did you do?!
This is how we will stay together.
We will enter heaven as a family.
Elijah, do not eat that.
Mom? Eat.
Elijah, do not do it.
Elijah: No!
I'm not the devil. You are.
Magda, stop! You don't have to do this.
You could control it.
Magda, nobody else has to die.
She's the devil!
The devil is among us!
She must be cleansed!
She is the devil!
Pray for us!
Sorry I missed all the psycho.
Hey, you thought our family was crazy.
Hey, magda.
Are you holding up?
Beth called my aunt in California.
I'm gonna be staying with her.
She has a ranch.
Lots of wide open country.
Dean: Well, that's great.
You know, sometimes in order to figure things out,
a person needs space.
Agent, can I talk to you?
Yeah, sure.
Magda, i-i know it doesn't feel like it right now,
but...You're gonna be all right.
You can do this. You will do this.
Just remember,
that power...
It doesn't control you.
You control it.
I know.
If you ever need anything, anything,
call me, okay?
I'll be there.
Think you made the right call back there, letting her go?
I hope so.
I mean, magda didn't know what she was doing. She had no idea.
I think she deserves a second chance.
What did Beth want?
She gave me her number, her personal number.
You were gonna shoot her. Yeah, I know.
Kinda weird. Kinda hot.
Hey, um...
Did you mean what you said back there?
Yeah, you were right.
This whole mom thing, it's...
I mean, we get her back, and then she leaves.
I hate it, but I get it. I do.
I guess I just...Still working through some of that crap.
I'll try to be less of a dick about it.
What? Nothing.
Woman: All right, bathrooms to the right.
Soda machines to the left.
You have 20 minutes, folks. Then we're off to Cali.
Man: What's your status?
I cleaned up the Winchester's mess.
As suspected, they couldn't finish the job.
Very well. Thank you, Mr. ketch.