Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 2 - Supernatural - full transcript

Dean, Castiel and Mary have a lead on Sam and set out to rescue him. Dean is uncomfortable putting Mary in danger, but she insists on going. Meanwhile, Crowley is tipped off that Lucifer has taken over the body of rock star Vince Vicente.

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["Gypsy" by Stevie Nicks]
# So I'm back to the velvet underground #
# Back to the floor that I love #
# To a room with some lace Some paper flowers #
# Back to the gypsy that I was #
# To the gypsy that remains #
# Faces freedom With a little bit of fear #
# I have no fear, I have only love #
# But she was just a wish #
# She was just a wish #
# And lightning struck only once #
# And your gypsy, your gypsy #
[Jean] Diane. Diane Hart.
I'm a journalist.
I'm a journalist.
I'm a journalist.
Relationship status, single.
Educated at Stanford.
Drink of choice, Bulleit, bourbon.
Address, 309 West 81st Street.
Future plans, unknown.
Diane. Diane Hart.
[water rushing]
[cell phone dings]
- [sighs] - [woman] Jean!
Oh, hey, Holly, what a nice surprise.
I thought you worked in the city.
Um, I have mornings off half the week.
You know, it's so bizarre, I was actually gonna call you today.
Yeah? What's going on?
Well I heard about the whole debacle at school.
About Dolly.
Michelle spoke to the other mothers, and Eleanor happened to hear,
and told me, you know, the whole telephone game.
Yeah, well, I spoke to the principal.
All under control.
Uh, the thing is, is, um...
I looked at Dolly's evite for her party
and noticed Michelle hasn't RSVP'd yet.
You know, I think it's probably better that way.
Who needs that kind of drama?
But we are so excited, of course.
Oh, wait till you see what Dylan picked out for Dolly.
Oh, that's very sweet of you.
I'm looking forward to it.
Making anything special?
Oh, no, I'm just grabbing the basics.
I don't cook the way you do.
[laughs] Never too late to learn.
Have a great day.
[papers rustling]
[papers rustling]
[Sam] I went in last week and did all the start paperwork.
Oh, and I'm gonna need to figure out new times with you.
That's fine. I'm just glad to hear you're going back.
Yeah, well.
[laughing] It's about time.
- [Jean] How are you otherwise? - Good.
I mean, glad that's all settled.
But, uh...
I guess my big news is that I randomly ended up
hanging out with Sidney the other night.
Really? When?
[Sam] Well, I dropped off the box, remember?
Of her things.
And I guess she went through them and probably felt bad
or maybe nostalgic.
Anyway, she texted saying thanks, and we ended up grabbing a drink.
- How'd it go? - [Sam] It was nice.
Really nice, actually.
It's like...
for all the fucked up ways she made me feel,
she's also the only person who can fix me.
Well, I'm sure it seems that way,
but I think you're far too close to the situation
to have any real perspective.
But she doesn't know I am.
She's convinced I'm already dating someone else.
Is she seeing anyone?
[Sam] Well, I mean...
I'm sure she is.
She's always seeing someone.
She can't live without the attention.
But it's probably just some bullshit distraction.
She did say something kind of weird.
I'm actually not sure how to interpret it.
She mentioned some woman.
- Interesting. - She didn't say much.
And I didn't pry, because I'm never gonna get a straight answer out of her
unless she wants to give it.
But she seemed curious.
Do you have any idea why she brought this woman up?
I don't know.
So, this week's homework might seem extreme,
but it's very typical practice...
when dealing with any kind of addiction.
[paper tearing]
It does seem kind of extreme.
I know how much you care,
and how much you think you need her, I get it.
But I just want to see you moving forward, Sam.
The more exposure, the harder it'll be to get off the drug.
Think about it.
Take it home.
[paper rustling]
And remember,
even if it feels good, she's not the solution.
- [Larin] Jeanie. - Hey.
Hey, we missed you the other night.
Oh, yeah, I was bummed I couldn't make it.
[Larin] I'm shocked the "desperate housewives"
kept you out so late.
Those guys can drink.
Actually, Natalie got so tanked we didn't even make it out.
I have like half the place decorated, so we sat on the floor,
and we drank out of plastic cups.
- Nice. - Total throwback.
Anyway, I really, I want you to see it.
Okay, how about Monday after work?
I'll get Stacey to stay longer.
- Perfect. - Okay.
# Everything is broken #
# Everything turns wrong #
# Singing keeps us waiting #
# You can watch me falling today #
# Into pieces #
# Big enough to break #
# Some seasons I just cannot stay #
[radio clicks off]
[Michelle] I don't even know why she just doesn't get...
[chattering continuing]
- Michelle? - [woman] Listen, we're all that they see.
- Michelle? - Jean, hi.
Look, I wanted to apologize for what happened the other day.
I just think it's Doll's way of showing her affection for Sadie.
Of course, they're eight. She's just expressing herself.
Great, thanks.
And listen, I was actually thinking
we should get the girls together for a playdate.
Oh, okay, let me see.
Next week's a little tricky.
Well, we're totally flexible.
Okay, uh, why don't you guys come over next Thursday, then.
- We'll be there. - Great.
[Dolly] Mom!
Oh, there's my cue.
See you next Thursday.
- [Jean] Hey, honey. - Hi.
- So, how was it? - Good.
My favorite part was that we had indoor recess.
And we got to play Star Wars, and I was a Jedi.
Which character?
[toy car whirring]
Mom, when am I getting my haircut?
You've got beautiful hair, honey. We've talked about this.
But I don't want it to look beautiful. Do you think GI Joe has beautiful hair?
- No. - Enough, please.
Have you finished your homework?
Yes, yes, yes.
Well, can I check it?
- [cell phone ringing] - Hold on, hold on.
Hey, honey, I'm just in the middle of cooking.
[Michael] Oh, really? What's the occasion?
Shut up.
I just didn't want to make spaghetti again.
So, get this, I have made...
beef bourguignon.
[Michael] Oh, wow, that sounds difficult.
Yeah, well, I'm figuring it out.
[Michael] I can't believe I'm gonna miss it.
I'm slammed at the office.
What? Well, we'll wait for you.
[Michael] Oh, no, I might be a while.
You guys just go ahead. I'll grab something here.
Okay, we'll see you later.
Mom, when's daddy coming home?
Um... after bedtime.
[can opener thudding]
[cell phone swooshes]
[breathing heavily]
[door opens]
[water running]
- Hi, stranger. - Hey.
I was waiting for you.
- [Michael] Oh, really? - Yeah.
[Michael chuckling]
- [Jean] Hey. - Hi.
Maybe I should work late more often.
Very funny.
[sighing] How was work?
[Michael] Um, well...
Alan offered me his tickets to the Islanders game.
You're in the big leagues now.
I told you, I told you, I told you, I'm a worthy bet.
Never doubted it.
So, how was your fancy dinner?
I can't wait to try this beef "bourbonnon."
We finished it. It was that good.
Well, I thought you ate at the office.
Yeah, well, I was just gonna snack on stuff. That's fine.
I'll, um...
I think maybe I'm gonna make some pasta.
- You gotta put that olive oil in... - Yeah, I got this.
I know you're all cocky from your beef "bouronnon,"
but I remember a Bananas Foster incident that didn't go so well.
Shut up.
I didn't realize you were supposed to put only three teaspoons of rum in it.
Instead of 30?
My favorite part was your mom's face when she was pretending to like it.
I'm pretty sure she cleaned her plate, too.
Yeah, well, at least she was supportive with that.
[Michael chuckles]
- Okay, for the dishes, tonight? - Yeah.
- You wanna cut? - Yeah, I do.
Get your hands off my cards.
Let's go.
- Not a good start, Holloway. - Yeah.
You wanna double-down on the trash?
- Sure. - Okay.
I'll stay.
- Staying, too. - Really?
You gotta be kidding me. But you raised your eyebrows.
- That's your tell. - No, I know you think that's my tell,
but it's called outsmarting you.
How weird.
[pots clattering]
Hey, uh...
I didn't realize that Sexy Lexi was on your personal calls.
No, that's her job. She has to note anything that's important.
Well, but that's for work, right? Not me.
Okay, well, you know, if you start to say something private,
I'll ask her to jump off.
Well, it's all private, don't you think?
Bourbon again?
Yeah, it's kinda growing on me.
[Claire] It was never like this before.
When she was in high school, she built the sets for the school play.
They were doing Pippin.
I would come in the theater and sit and watch.
She never minded.
That was a long time ago.
People evolve, so do relationships.
I know.
I was just giving you context.
We're not talking about a small change here.
I barely get her for two minutes on the phone when she calls.
Let me ask you,
what do you think Rebecca's take on your relationship is right now?
Well, she'd probably say I'm overbearing, and too judgmental,
but I'm her mother.
And no one else is gonna stay up at night and worry like I am.
I want Rebecca to be settled down and happy.
Well, you know, you have a kid.
There's nothing more painful than not being aware of their lifestyle.
It seems that you've been disappointed
with Rebecca's choices for a long time now.
Do you think...
do you think she started changing with the new job?
Yes... yes.
[chuckling] She started not having enough time for me.
It's really that simple.
But you've heard me say before that relationships aren't singular, right?
Did you contribute at all to Rebecca pushing you away?
No, I stayed the same.
I've been the same. She changed.
You know, I really like you, Jean, but...
honestly, I've been thinking lately
that maybe therapy isn't helping me that much.
Maybe we...
Do you think it's...
Maybe it's time to take a break.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
[pencil tapping]
She's just not willing to take any responsibility.
She pins the whole thing on Rebecca.
Yikes. Does she have any hobbies?
No, I've encouraged that, too, I...
Jean, remember, our job is not to do the work for our patients.
Sometimes we're just here to listen, to be a sounding board.
- [stammers] - And realize that you can't fix everyone.
Yeah, I know. I get it. Trust me, I have tried.
But I am just tired of sitting in that office
listening to the same old story week after week with no results.
It's frustrating.
And now she's questioning the value of therapy, the value of me.
That's the hardest part of this job. Sometimes you get stuck.
I know. I am literally at the point
where I cannot trust a single word she says about Rebecca.
But Claire is your patient, not Rebecca.
You work with what she brings into the room,
whether that's delusional or real.
Oh, Jean, do you have a sec?
Yeah, of course, what's going on?
I know this is sensitive,
but Melissa Saugraves' psychiatrist at Bellevue actually reached out again.
He wanted to speak out more about what she's sharing in session.
Yeah, well, she's borderline. She'll say anything.
But I think it might be worth getting on the phone with him yourself,
just to explain that her accusations are unfounded.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I really just don't want to engage.
Well, she's supposedly doing a lot better.
Might even be released soon.
I can't get involved, you know?
She's just too erratic, and I need to maintain my boundaries.
Okay. Of course. I understand.
[telephone clicking]
[voicemail] Record your message after the tone.
- [beeps] - Hi, Allison. This is Jean Holloway.
I was expecting you at 3:00 p.m.
If you can call the office, please, at 212-555-0168, and we can discuss.
Thank you.
[machine whirring]
I didn't know if I'd ever see you again.
I think you'd prefer it that way.
Hey, Max, can you cover?
I was actually just stopping by for a quick coffee.
I have to get back to work.
Don't writers work in coffee shops?
[Jean] Not all types.
You want me to take you on a tour?
Well, as long as you promise to give me that coffee after, sure.
- I'll make it extra special. - [Jean] Deal.
Well, here we have the magic of the storeroom,
where I grind the coffee, wash the mugs.
All the brilliant parts of being a barista.
Well, I'm always up for an education.
You gotta know where your coffee comes from.
- Get to the source. - [Jean] Couldn't agree more.
In fact, I was curious about your story.
Well, I live in Bushwick, and I work here.
What else do you want to know?
What it feels like to be you.
- Why is that? - I don't know.
Clearly have a strong effect on people.
And how would you know that?
From what you said the other night about your ex.
Yeah, that is so over.
Although... we did end up having a drink the other night.
Oh, yeah? How'd it go?
You know, it was fine.
I don't know, the whole time I just kept thinking...
I can't believe we ever dated.
So why do you see him at all? Play with his feelings like that?
I mean, you're obviously aware that you're alluring and charming.
Maybe he's still in love with you.
Well, that's his responsibility.
If he can't handle it, he shouldn't have come.
I'm glad to know you think I'm so alluring.
Oh, um, Monday night my friend Josh is hosting this pop up thing in Bushwick.
I have plans, actually.
I thought you were curious.
- It's a little more complicated than that. - Right.
Well, uh...
it's off the Morgan stop, at the old Red Lumber factory.
If you feel like a change.
Allison, what are you doing here?
There was no one out front to...
Well, there's a waiting room.
You're supposed to sit there until I come get you,
and you're late today.
At least I came.
It doesn't work like that.
We make an appointment, we agree on a time, and you show up.
Okay, fine, I'm sorry I'm late, but...
I came here to talk to you about some real shit.
I mean, I didn't sleep last night, and I keep...
Allison, are you...
are you on something?
You're accusing me of being on drugs. Now I'm for real.
Fucking unbelievable. This is what I get...
Okay, hold on, hold on. Okay, I understand.
Just... just please sit for one minute, okay?
I know you want to displace your anger onto me, and that's fine.
But it's not actually gonna help.
There's no need to be defensive or angry,
I just...
I need to know whether you took something today.
Okay, I took a few pills.
Well, I took two pills before I came.
That's okay. I'm not mad, I just...
I can't treat you while you're high. So...
we can schedule something for early next week.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do, please, just tell me what to do.
Just tell me... Just tell me what to do.
It's okay, it's okay. You can let it out.
[sobbing] Please just tell me what to do.
Let it out. It's okay.
[Allison sniffling]
Listen, I know it feels impossible right now.
But there are programs.
It's not the drugs, I'm...
Then what is it?
It's Tom. It's my boyfriend. He...
[gasping] I came home last time
after coming to see you, and I said that we should cool it.
And he got angry, he's just a different person when he uses.
He can...
And he sells everything, just pills, coke, Fentanyl,
and I won't touch that shit 'cause I know it's too addicting.
But it's gonna be hard to get clean if you're always around it.
I don't have anybody else.
I can't count on my mom.
What would you do if you found out your daughter was a fuck-up?
It's okay. You can stay here for a while.
I'm not gonna send you home like this.
You can rest here.
Lie down.
- [sniffles] - It's okay, sweetie. It's gonna be okay.
I just don't think I can give him up.
I don't think I have the power.
["Francine" by Esme Patterson playing]
# Oh, Francine, don't you be so mean #
# Oh, Francine, don't you be so mean #
# You don't belong to me #
# Belong to me #
# Belong to me #
# Belong to me #
# Belong to me #
It's true, I feel like a shocking disappointment.
It's like, unless you announce you're pregnant, engaged,
got a promotion or all of the above,
- you are doomed to fail. - Mm,
and throw in a few pictures from an exotic safari for good measure.
[laughing] Exactly.
You do all of that, but if you don't look your best,
everyone comments anyway.
- It's like it's Easter. - Hmm.
Who cares what I'm wearing?
I just, um, broke the news
that I was spending Thanksgiving this year with my friends.
How'd you manage that?
[Rebecca] I explained that it's toxic for me.
[groans, laughs]
I'm sure my mother and my cousins talk about how fucked up I am.
I'm beginning not to care.
Can I ask, is that a new thing?
Kind of. I mean, I've always controlled
what I told my family, but it's just spiraled from there.
[Jean] Mm.
It's my mother, really.
After my dad passed, she just tightened the reins. It's...
I can't breathe.
- [woman] We're ready for you. - [Rebecca] Perfect.
- See you soon, Diane. - See you, Rebecca.
Just felt like a blowout. [sniffs]
Just felt like a blowout.
[elevator dinging]
- Yay, you're finally here. - Hey!
Oh, I literally, I sprinted home from work.
I had to pick up more chardonnay. Divorce equals high tolerance, I swear.
[Jean laughing]
[Jean] Holy shit. This is really nice.
[laughing] [Larin] I know, right?
Darryl came over the other day.
- What? - He couldn't believe it.
With what I got out of that divorce, I swear I can afford this place.
Every morning I'm a little more grateful he was a fucking philanderer.
[Jean laughing]
I told you, I still have a lot to do. I've got that table, I need another couch.
I gotta get a real coffee table. Wow...
Well, don't worry. You have time.
It's just hard to figure out what I even like.
I'm so used to choosing everything with Darryl. It's...
strange to figure out who I am without him, you know?
Wait a second, didn't you guys use decorators last time?
Oh, shut up, I am doing this on my own.
Oh, shit. I'm an idiot. I didn't bring anything.
Oh, Jeanie, we are so past that.
No, I totally meant to bring something.
You bolted out of supervision.
Oh, yeah, I just felt like a blowout.
Oh, right, your hair.
Looks great.
Thanks, it's just last minute.
What salon?
Um, down by Irving Place.
Oh, Jesus, did you go downtown to come back uptown?
- I'm sorry. - It's nothing.
Anyway, let's make a toast.
To this new chapter in your life.
- [glasses clink] - It's a fresh start.
[laughs] It's inspiring.
[Michael] By my count, that's now the sixth time that's happened, sixth.
Okay, I'm gonna give you some fairly standard protocol
on an internal investigation, Frank, just to be clear.
You cannot continue to withhold information from me
if you want me to defend your company.
Great, thank you. Goodbye.
I really don't like being lied to.
I mean, just, you know, let me do my fucking job.
- Sorry. - Oh, don't apologize.
It seems like everyone there is guilty.
It's demoralizing.
Well, you're in this business enough, you see that a lot, unfortunately.
Oh, I like to think people are more human than evil.
- [Michael] Thank you. - Yeah, sure.
If you wanna bring your dinner in here, we can keep talking about the case.
Uh, sure.
[giggling] That's not at all how it happened.
- Okay. - People here are full of shit.
Anyway, he was a lit agent, and I worked there as an intern.
And I realize how that sounds, but, I mean, he wasn't my boss.
We had no interaction in the office whatsoever.
And when it did get serious, I gave up the job.
But, uh, whatever, it's over.
It's not even worth talking about.
I went on a date with my law professor once.
Uh, not actually, or not on purpose.
[laughing] What do you mean?
It was the end of the semester, and she invited me for a drink,
and I thought it was a festive thing, you know?
Like, hey, good job.
[laughs] Surprising.
[laughs] Yeah.
It was divorce law or something equally painful.
So, I find myself at this dark bar, and she's hitting on me.
I don't know where she thought it was gonna go.
I told her I had a girlfriend.
- Hmm, is this is before Jean? - Oh, my God, yes, please.
Jean would kill me for even accidentally going on a date with someone else.
- [telephone ringing] - Oh.
If it's Frank, I don't want to, um, talk to him.
Michael Holloway's office.
[Jean] Hi, Alexis, is Michael there?
- It's Jean. - Oh.
[Michael] Hey, honey.
Hey, I'm at Larin's apartment. It's amazing, you would flip.
Well, weren't you there the other night?
Yeah, of course, I just... She got some new furniture,
so it almost feels like a totally new place.
Well, you sound pretty envious.
A little, though I can't imagine chasing Dolly down the street here.
Oh, my God, we'd be packing the bags within a week, guaranteed.
What train are you taking home?
I was thinking maybe we could go together.
[sighs] I'm gonna be here late again.
I'm probably just gonna take a car home. I'm so sorry.
Okay, no worries. Text me when you're heading home.
- Okay, you too, honey. - All right, bye, love you.
[telephone clattering]
Uh, you want some more?
- No, uh, thank you. - Okay.
By the way, when Jean calls, you don't need to stay on.
Of course, got it.
[Jean] Hi, Stacey.
Yeah, I was just wondering if you can stay longer.
You can? Oh, great.
You're a lifesaver, thanks.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
[muffled dance music playing]
[distant train horn honking]
Looks like you found Nirvana.
Your other hand.
[music thumping]
[man] Yeah, he's supposed to be coming.
You want?
Yeah, definitely.
Josh, Zal, this is Diane.
Zal and I go way back. Don't tell her jack shit.
So, how do you know Sid?
Um, well, I...
We just met recently. At the café.
Oh. I hate that place.
Did you know Sam, her ex?
Yeah, what about him?
No, nothing. I just, uh, he...
I was surprised. He seems not her type.
I was one of the few who wanted it to work out,
but he couldn't keep up.
- She's rigorous. - How so?
Well, it's like, he was a submissive puppy,
and she was a tiger.
Plus, the whole relationship with Talia complicated shit with Sam and pfft.
What relationship?
Not just a good barista.
I can see that.
- To good surprises. - Ditto.
[door opening]
I don't want you to see behind the curtain.
I know that women wear eyeliner.
It's not like you're spoiling Christmas.
Yeah, but you don't know my secret.
- Actually, I might. - Is that right?
Well, I found out one tonight.
- Yeah, what's that? - Talia.
[scoffs] Yeah? So?
We dated for a little bit, but it's a long and pointless story
because I'm not with her anymore.
But, you know, you shouldn't believe everything you hear.
People tell stories that aren't true.
- Do you? - I mean, come on.
We all pretend, don't we?
Some of us are just more honest about it.
- I think that's called lying. - Semantics.
You're like a human Rorschach.
How's that?
You want people to look at you and see what their fantasy is, don't you?
What I want to know is, why do you want to know so much about me?
- You're curious to me. - And that's all?
You can't lie to me.
See, your face.
Completely transparent.
Did you ever think that's just what I want you to see?
[dance music playing]
[man] No shit, my dad always holds money over my head.
Like, I'll get a birthday gift,
but only if I first clean out his wife's closet
and hang her weird-ass dog trophies.
- Champagne problems. - Oh, really?
You should talk, Sid.
You guys are lucky you have parents to even remember your birthdays.
[Zal] Here we go, we're gonna get a pity party.
[Sidney] There's nothing shittier than being told
your dad died while you're at sleepaway camp.
Thursday, I'm learning how to shave my legs.
Friday, my mom gets out the class, tell me my dad's dead.
It's almost too fucked up to be real.
[dance music playing]
- I like your story back there. - What story?
I'm not that gullible, for your information.
I'm just fucking with you.
How do I know what's real?
Why tell me that story about your dad in prison
if it's all just a big lie?
It's easier to say he's dead
than tell these annoying fuckers anything real.
[cell phone ringing]
[Dolly] Hello?
- Oh my God, she's so cute. - Wait!
- [Dolly] Mommy, where are you? - Hi.
Give me that! Hey!
- Hey who? - Hey!
- [Dolly] Mommy? - Are you fucking kidding me?
You don't just take someone's phone!
That's a total violation.
- Jesus, I was just fucking around. - No.
Yeah, that's what you do, isn't it?
Sorry, I wanted to say hi to your niece.
- I don't see what the big deal is. - No, of course you don't.
- And what does that mean? - Forget it.
You don't care about anyone but yourself.
Everyone who crosses your path ends up a fucking casualty.
[sirens wailing distantly]
- [door opens] - [dog barks]
[Jean] There you go.
Hey, Stacey, I'm sorry I'm so late.
Oh, no worries.
She had trouble sleeping.
I'm sorry. She kept insisting on FaceTiming you and Michael.
I was at an event.
I couldn't seem to see her.
- Um, here you go. - Thank you.
Thanks so much.
- Good night. - I'll see you next time.
[door opening and closing]
[Dolly] Mommy?
- Hey, sweetie. - I can't sleep.
Oh, what is it, baby?
I missed you.
I missed you, too. But it's time to go to bed.
Mom, who was that lady?
- What lady? - On FaceTime?
No one. Just a friend.
Okay, come on, let's go to sleep.
- I love you. - I love you too, Mommy.
Sweet dreams.
Good night.
[water running]
[perfume spraying]
[door opening]
[footsteps padding softly]
Oh, hey there, creeper.
Hey, sorry.
You look so good.
Thanks. I have a surprise for you.
Um, I knew we were running low
and you're really into bourbon these days, so...
You really are the best, you know that?
[Michael] Mm-hmm.
- Can I buy you a drink, Mr. Holloway? - Absolutely.
You look like you had a fun night.
Oh, it was fine.
I mostly heard about Larin's dating life
and Sasha's obsession with her patient,
which is bordering on inappropriate.
I'm sure you can help with that.
Yeah, maybe.
How was work? Did you eat?
You know, ramen, at the desk.
Oh, I hate to think of you eating alone.
What is that?
It's, uh...
They stamped us on the way into the bar.
Oh, must've been a pretty cool spot.
It wasn't all that.
Much happier here with this drink,
this company.
To the love of my life.
[glasses clinking]
["This is Love" by PJ Harvey playing]
# You're the only story That I never told #
# You're my dirty little secret Wanna keep you so #
# Come on out, come on over Help me forget #
# Keep the walls from falling As they're tumbling in #
# Come on out, come on over Help me forget #
# Keep the walls from falling On me, tumbling in #
# Keep the walls from falling As they're tumbling in #
# This is love, this is love #
# That I'm feeling #
# This is love, this is love #
# That I'm feeling #
# This is love, this is love #
# That I'm feeling #
# This is love, love, love, love, That I'm feeling #
# This is love, this is love #
# That I'm feeling #