Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 18 - Supernatural - full transcript

When Sam and Dean investigate the case of a missing person, the lead witness says the victim was attacked by a man with the head of a goat.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Mrs. Winchester, I believe
you're drawn to danger.


Hey, you talk to Mom, lately?

Oh, I shouldn't worry about your mum.
Her and Ketch make quite the team.

Would you want your
mom working with him?

Well, that was unexpected.

Dr. Hess. I didn't
think you left London.

I have been tasked
by the other elders

to fix this rapidly
deteriorating situation.

Dr. Hess...

These hunters
are out of control.

Exterminate them. The
brothers Winchester in particular.

Yeah, I think I'm gonna go.

- What?
- I got work tomorrow, so...

No, dude. Stick around.
Have another beer.

Enjoy the show.

You know you're a freak, right?

Oh, yeah.

Cheers, bud.



Ah! Man! Dude. Daryn!

What is this, man?

Hey, real funny, Daryn!

No. No.

No, no, no!

This is my voicemail.

- Come on.
- Make your voice a mail.

Cass, it's me. I've been trying
to get ahold of you for days.

I don't know what's going
on, but we got a line on Dagon

and we got our asses handed
to us, even with the Colt.

So, could really use the backup.

Just call me back.

Still no luck with Cass, huh?

Yeah, still AWOL.

All right, so let's find him.

I've been trying, Sam.

The GPS on his
phone is turned off,

and there's nothing
in the system

about some weird guy in a trench
coat getting arrested or turning up dead.


Dean, it's Cass.

I mean, this isn't the first time
he's dropped off the map, you know?

And whatever's
happening, he'll be fine.

He always is.


What about you?

You got anything there,
Reading Rainbow?

I stayed up all night going through
every book we have on demons,

and it turns out we have
a lot of books on demons.

Anything on Dagon?

Mentions here and there,
but nothing we can use.

I guess the, uh, Princes of Hell are
pretty good at staying off the radar.

Well, yeah, isn't that
kind of their thing?

Hmm. Just got an
email from Mick.

It's a case.


Looks like a guy named Jarrod Hayes
disappeared in Tomahawk, Wisconsin,

a week ago.

No witnesses. No body.

- But Mick says this place has a history.
- Meaning?

Well, it means a lot of people
go missing in Tomahawk.

One a year, every year, from 1898
to 1997, and then nothing until now.

So, 20 years?


So, maybe they're starting up
again? Maybe it's a cycle of some sort?

Well, one way to find out.

It's time.

I'm sorry, but why are the
Feds interested in Jarrod Hayes?

Just following orders.

Yeah. Um...

So, what can you
tell us about the case?

Well, nothing much to tell.

Jarrod and his friends were
hanging out at Weather Top.

This make-out spot the
kids use out in the woods.

And then he ditched
his pals to hoof it home.

Never made it.

So, somebody snagged him?

- Maybe.
- Maybe?

Look, maybe Jarrod did get
got. We're working every lead.

But you ask me, he just bailed.

And why would he do that?

Jarrod's had it rough.

Mom left years ago.

And his dad...
Well, let's just say

Jarrod fell down
the stairs a lot.

- If you know what I mean.
- Wait a second.

If you knew he was being abused,

- why didn't you...
- We tried.

Try and take a child
from his parents,

even if they're the worst
people in the world, it's not easy.

Did you talk to his old man?

Can't. Not really.

Guy stroked out a couple years
ago. Breathes through a tube. Heh.

Guess who gets
to take care of him?

Can you imagine having
to spoon-feed the guy

that wailed on you
for all those years?

Everybody's got
a breaking point.

If Jarrod did blow town,
I wouldn't blame him.

You said that he was with friends
the night Jarrod went missing.

Yeah, did any of
them say anything?

Nothing worth repeating.

Ain't he precious?


Any idea where we
can find these friends?

Oh, yeah. Sure.

Daryn Boston?

Agents Stark and Martell, FBI.


Yeah, no, it's cool.

Medicinal purposes, right?

Uh, yes?


We just, uh, wanted to talk about
the night Jarrod Hayes went missing.

What about it?

Well, the Sheriff says
you were with him.

Yeah, well, the Sheriff
is a jackass, all right?

Look, he thinks Jarrod
just skipped town.

- You don't?
- I know he didn't.

Did you tell that to the cops?

Man, Sheriff Bishop's
not gonna believe me.

We got history.


Any time something happens in this
town, he brings me in for questioning.

Why is that?

- Why do you think?
- Right.

Well, look, if you won't tell the Sheriff
what you saw, how about you tell us?

Hey! Daryn!

Look, I ran to save
Jarrod, okay? But...

No, no, no!

The monster, it got him.


Black Bill.

Black Bill is a
local urban legend.

- Dates back more than 100 years.
- Warm it up?

Thank you.

A folklore story from
1907 that mentions that...

Uh, back then, he was
called Black William.

So, it looks like sometime
between then and... Dude, focus.

I am focused. Yeah,
Black Bill. What do you got?

All right, well, he lives in the woods,
so he's like a local Jersey Devil.

And apparently, he
has the head of a goat.

A goat?

Like... Goat?

Yeah, a goat.

Well, maybe that's
what Daryn saw.

- Unless you think he was lying.
- Yeah. Be right back.

Mmm. Nah, I think he's a
little too freaked out to be lying.

So, we got a goat dude
with a name like a pirate,

which is a little
insane, even for us.

And that bar is... Super high.

- So, if it is real, what the hell is it?
- I'm not sure.

I mean, there's tons of
human-animal hybrid lore

- dating back all the way to ancient Egypt.
- Right, well,

why don't you figure
out what the hell it is,

and I'll figure out a
way to kill it. Okay?

All right.


- Don't wait up.
- What?

- I already figured out a way to kill it.
- How did you...

Dean, we don't even
know what "it" is.

The Colt. Dusts anything.

Work smarter, Sammy, not harder.

Don't do the hot coffee thing.

Boy, this coffee is hot.

Kind of like...


- What's your name?
- Carmen.


- Damn it, Pete!
- Daryn...

I don't wanna be the bad guy
here, but you clocked in late.

- Again.
- Yeah, and?

And you're really painting
me in a corner here, pal.

Look, I know that you
and Jarrod, you were close.

And I liked him, too.

He was a valued employee,
and he was a friend.

- Really?
- Yeah.

'Cause after you put him on
part-time, he pretty much hated you.

Well, I would say that
that was his prerogative.

But you can't keep using him as
an excuse to blow off work. Okay?



Daryn. Daryn. One more thing.

You gotta lay off the reefer.

All right?

At least for tomorrow.

It's a big day.

Yeah. No, no, no. I
understand. Mmm-hmm.

Yeah. Well... Yeah, gotta go.

I'll see you later. Yeah.


- Good night?
- Awesome.

It was an awesome
night. So awesome.

- You gonna eat that?
- Uh...

Guess not. Be my guest.

I mean, would it kill
you to order pancakes?

- Once?
- Okay, fine.

- You...
- No, no. No.

I'll deal.

How was your night?

Busy. A different kind
of a busy, but good.

Right. Books.

- Anything on goat dude?
- Yeah, little bit.

I have some idea what we're
dealing with. Look at this.

It's a satyr. Half man, half
goat. From Greek mythology.

Oh, come on. This
guy's adorable.

He plays a freakin' flute.

Yeah, Dean. That's
Pan. It's his flute.

So listen, satyrs are
creatures of uncontrollable lust.

They would lead people to
the woods for massive orgies.


And when the fun was
over, the satyr would, quote,

"Feast upon the
flesh of his victims

"until his belly was full to bursting
with their moist, slippery meat."

That's descriptive.

Uh... All right, what do we do?

Well, I was thinking that
maybe we could go talk to Daryn,

see if this is,
indeed, what he saw.

- But?
- But,

his mom told me Daryn never
made it home from work last night.

No screwups, right?

Excuse me, sir.

Hi. Agents Stark
and Martell, FBI.

We're looking for Daryn Boston.

Uh, Daryn?

- Is he in trouble?
- No, no, no, not at all.

We spoke with him yesterday. Just
wanna ask a few follow-up questions.

I don't suppose he's around?

No, Daryn didn't
show up for work today.

So, when was the
last time you saw him?

Uh, last night.

Closed up.

Talked about our big day today.

What big day?

You see that walking
clipboard over there?

- Yeah.
- That's a health inspector.

He's trying to shut us down.

How come? This
place is spotless.

It cleans up pretty nice,

but our equipment,
it's a little out of date.

Can't you upgrade?

We would if we could.

Business isn't exactly booming.

We had to shut down half
the plant three months back.

Meanwhile, our owner
would rather play sheriff

- than actually take care of business...
- Wait a second.

You're telling me that Sheriff
Bishop owns this place?


Barrett Bishop, Jr.

Heir to the Bishop meat empire.

His family, they've owned
this plant for... Forever.

Barry's inside. He's hoping
to sweet-talk the inspector.

If you ask me, it's
too little, way too late.

Mr. Garfinkle.

- Excuse me.
- Sure.

So, we roll into
town, look into a case,

- talk to the local badge...
- And then our one witness goes missing.

Last place he was seen,
owned by the Sheriff.

Sound like a coincidence?


You hungry? I'm hungry.

Excuse me, Sheriff.

Agents. What are
you guys doing here?

Well, we could ask you the
same thing, except... Oh, right.

You run the joint.

Well, my name's
on the paperwork.

Pete handles the day-to-day.

Are you still trying to
chase down Jarrod Hayes?

- Yeah, and, uh, now, Daryn Boston.
- Yeah.

Seems to have gone missing, too.

- Geez. First I've heard of it.
- Yeah.

So tell us, what have
you heard about Black Bill?

- I'm sorry.
- Black Bill.

Daryn told us he saw Black
Bill attack Jarrod Hayes.

He didn't wanna tell you 'cause
he didn't think you'd believe him.

Well... You know.

He's right.

Look, round here, parents tell
their kids not to go into the woods

or Black Bill will get
'em. He's the bogeyman.

Everyone knows that
the bogeyman ain't real.

Sure about that?

Seems like a lot of people
go missing in this town.

Yeah, one a year,
every year up until '97.

Yeah. Okay.

I mean, people come to town,
they work in the plant for a while,

then they get bored and restless,
and they, you know, move on.

And Daryn?

Maybe Daryn thinks he saw
Black Bill, but let's be honest.

Kid was drunk, high, or both.

And I'll bet you dollars to donuts,
Daryn's just holed up, sleeping one off.

Hell, he's probably waking
up right now, safe and sound.


Help, please!


Help me!

Well, Sheriff's not
acting suspicious at all.


Yeah, but how is he
connected to goat dude?

Now that's a good question.


Help! Help!

Please! Help me!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Seriously? Dean?

After what we just
saw, how can you eat?

Grow up, Sam, okay?

Burger is beef, bacon's
pig, Soylent Green is people.

But this, this...
This is heaven.


Um, so, uh, what's the
word? You find anything?

Mmm. Yeah, kind of.

So I cross-checked all the names
of the people who went missing

with the employee
roster at Billhook Meats.

And? Any more of the
vics work at the plant?

- Try all of 'em.
- All of 'em?


So I guess that
means, safe to say that,

uh, Black Bill is definitely
connected to the plant?


Or the family that
runs it. Or both.

Well, maybe they just run
an evil petting zoo on the side.

So, I, uh, spent some
time at the Hall of Records.

The Bishops founded Tomahawk.
Everything. This was a company town.

Er, if you lived here,
you worked at the plant.

The Bishops owned all the
houses, all the businesses.

Or they did until
a few years ago.

Looks like the Sheriff has been
selling off all of their family property.

- Mmm.
- Everything, really,

except for the plant
and the family estate.


So, who lives at the
Addams Family house?

- It's Mick.
- Okay.

Tell him we're cool.

So, creepy house?

Creepy house.

It's clear. Onward.

Now, remember your orders.

By the time we leave,

Dr. Hess wants to know everything
about our friends the Winchesters.

Their allies. Their habits.

How does Sam get
his hair so shiny?

How many ratty
flannels does Dean own?

So, work quick, work
quiet, and leave no trace.

Oh, and apparently, Mick let Sam and
Dean get their hands on the bloody Colt.

Find it, huh?

Looks empty.

Well, why don't we check
inside? Maybe we'll get lucky.

Dean. I'd say we just got lucky.



Goat dude?

Why is it always the rich ones?

I mean, what, are they,
like, "Croquet's all right,

"but you know what'd
be great? Murder."

Hiya, Sheriff.


- Listen, it's not what it looks like.
- Really?

'Cause it looks like a
straight-up murder room to me.

Sheriff, what's going on?

Oh, youse...

Youse won't believe me.

Try us.

We have a pretty open mind.

My family, we've...

Got a secret.

All the best ones do.

Is this about Black Bill?

No. I mean, yeah,
but he's not real.

Black Bill, he's...


Come again?

Growing up, my father'd tell
me stories about a monster.

Lived under our house
and made our family rich.

All we had to do
was... Was feed it.

Feed it what?


Human blood.

My dad, his dad,
and all the way back,

they'd go out and grab some poor
son of a bitch, bring 'em here and...

When they did it,
they wore a mask.

Black Bill.

We made him up.

So, goat dude is just a dude?

Then who's the monster?


The god of sacrifice.

What, I'm sorry. You have a
god living in your basement?

Yeah, one of my people way back,
they bound Moloch, locked him away.

Starved him.

My family, that's what we did.

We let the god get so hungry
that he'd do anything for blood.

Moloch used his
power to make us rich.

After my father died in
'97, I put a stop to all of that.

Look, I couldn't...

I never killed anybody. I
just wanted to help people.

To make up for all
the bad we've done.

I wanted...

To leave a legacy.

Well, aren't you just a peach?

So, what happened to Moloch?

I kept him locked up.

Hoped he'd starve to death.

Locked up where?

It's empty.


- It's empty.
- No, no. No, no, no.

Stay here. Keep an eye on him.


Dean, there could
be a god up there.

I'm cool.



Hey! Open up!


Here. Here.

- What are you doing?
- I'm trying to track Dean's cell phone.

All right, got it. Let's go.

Just as I thought.

Can't see a damn thing.

Hiya, Pete.

Nice digs.

I didn't expect to
see you again, Agent.

I went to the house
looking for my brother.


Barry. Different
moms, same daddy.

Old man Bishop, he, uh...

He had an eye for the ladies.

Hey, everyone in town knew
about it, but didn't make a difference.

Barry grew up in the big house.
I grew up in a double-wide.

- Does that sound fair to you?
- Honestly?

Sounds like a bad
episode of Dynasty.

You got a lot of jokes.

Yeah, right now,
that's about all I got.


You know what I got?

A god.



With Barry giving away the family
fortune like that, I had to get creative.

I went to the old house, trying to
get my hands on anything I could sell.

But I found something else.


He told me he'd make me rich. He
told me he'd solve all my problems.

All I had to do was feed him.

And, hell, I'm a Bishop.

That's what we do,
right? Hunting people.

Killing them! The
family business!

Moloch's been
starved for 20 years.

It's gonna take a few meals for
him to get his mojo going, but then,

we are back, baby.


I'm saving this town.

Well, I'll tell that to
Jarrod and Daryn.

Jarrod was a screwup!

He got what he deserved!

And Daryn? Well, sorry, bud,
but once he talked, he had to go.

Loose ends, you
know? Loose ends!

Come on!

My jackass half-brother was supposed
to be the next meal, but you'll do.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey. Pete, let's
just talk about this.

Listen. Let's...

It'll be over soon.

Thanks for helping out!


The sweep's complete, sir.

We've photographed
and cataloged every inch.

- And the Colt?
- I'm afraid not.

- The Winchesters must have it.
- Bugger.

- Shall we go?
- Yes.

Just one last thing.

Now then, I could use a pint.






Come on, you son of a bitch.

Pete! You have to stop.

- Don't act like you care.
- I gave you the plant.

Oh! Because you knew it was
failing. What a bunch of crap.

That's what I get. I get
that my whole life! The crap!

Not anymore.

I'm saving this town.

I'm the hero.

And you're dead.


Dusts anything.


How you feeling?

Like I just went 12 rounds with
a god. So, you know, normal.

- Yeah.
- You should go.

- No, Sheriff, we can help clean up.
- No.

This, I'll take care
of it. It's on me.


This is my legacy.

- Hey.
- Yep.

Next time you hear me say
that our family is messed up,

remind me that we could
be psycho goat people.

Yeah, that's true enough.

You know, I was thinking
about what Bishop said.


What do you think
our legacy is gonna be?

When we're gone, I mean,
after all the stuff we've done,

you think folks will remember us,
you know, like, 100 years from now?


Oh, that's nice.

Well, I mean, guys like us, we're
not exactly the type of people

they write about in
history books, you know?


But the people we saved...

They're our legacy.

And they'll remember
us, and then, I guess,

we'll eventually fade away, too.

That's fine.

Because we left the world
better than we found it. You know?

I wonder what's gonna
happen to this place.

After we're gone, you think
some hunter will move in,

keep fighting the fight?

Yeah, I hope so.


Me, too.

What are you doing?

I'm leaving our mark.



Guess we gotta call
Mick, debrief or whatever.


Hello, Winchester.

Ketch? Where's Mick?

Oh, he didn't tell you? He
flew back to London last night.

After all the, uh, unpleasantness
with Dagon and Renny.

Well, Mick has a
lot to answer for.

So, for the time being,
you'll report to me.

- Seriously?
- I don't like it any more than you do.

I'd much rather be
with your mother.


For chupacabra in Texas.

But for now, I'm
what you've got.

So, Wisconsin?

We fought a god and won.

Well done.

We'll be in touch.

So, now we're reporting
to low-rent Christian Bale?


I don't like that guy.
He creeps me out.


And he rides the oldest,
worst, most unreliable bike.

English -SDH