Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 13 - Supernatural - full transcript

A ghost from a merchant ship may be responsible for a murder at a museum; an angel tries to kill Kelly.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Let me paint you a picture

of a world without monsters
or demons,

of a world where no one has to
die because of the supernatural,

of a new world, better world.

I'm listening.

You have no hold on me.

Gavin, honey,
say hello to Daddy.

How did you...
I know a spell or two, Crowley.

You get that he's gotta
go back, right?

His destiny is to board a ship
bound for America.

That ship went down in a storm.
All hands were lost.

You change any one thing
in the past,

the ripple effect impacts
everything that follows.

Damn it, Crowley!

What the hell
is a Prince of Hell?

The oldest of the old demons.

Lucifer turned them himself.

They were trained
to be generals

to lead demonic armies
in the war against Heaven.

- Like Azazel.
- They even have his eyes.

You have any idea who we are?

I don't care.
I don't care who you are.

I don't even care that
Lucifer's got a bun in the oven.

You know about that?

My sister Dagon has...
taken an interest.




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Okay, well, stay on it.

You get any leads,
you let us know,

and we'll keep working it
from our end.

Thanks, Cass.

So Kelly Kline is in the wind.

No trace.

No idea when Lucifer's kid is
gonna pop, if it hasn't already.

So basically, we got nothin'.

All right. Well, we do have
this other thing.

What other thing?

Check it out.
Museum in Des Moines, Iowa.

A guy's body was found
in the parking lot. A teacher.

His tongue had been ripped out.

Well, that didn't kill him.

No, but having
his internal organs crushed did.

Uh, no obvious damage to
the torso, no point of entry.

You thinkin' witch?

I mean, he was seen alive
just a couple hours earlier,

leading a student tour
of the museum.

Hmm. Haven't seen Mom
in a while.

Maybe she'll wanna work
with us on this.

Nice toy.

Gets the job done.

Hey, Dean.

Nothin', just, uh...

I'm at a motel outside Newark.

No, no special plans.

You know, pay-per-view,
magic fingers,

the uze.

Oh, it's so sweet of you
to think of me. I...

Tongue ripped out. Wow.

I, uh...

I'm actually still
sort of resting up

after that whole Ramiel thing.

But if you need me...

You sure?

Okay, rain check.

Hey, I love you.

You're an excellent liar, Mary.

I haven't told my sons
I'm working with you.

I gathered, and I understand.

Sam and Dean aren't our...
biggest fans.

Yeah, 'cause you, uh,
tortured them.

We've been through that.

It wasn't you, it was your, uh,
"rogue operative."




Oh, you'll resist, at first.

But the humiliation
will eat at you.

Until, finally,

you're worn down

by your utter helplessness.

And you call me...


You brag
of your superior power.

Well, genius trumps
brute force.

I've had a dozen of
my most loyal studying the cage

where you were held
at the molecular level.

They managed to replicate
the material.

They made those chains.

Getting you here...well,
that was a different matter.

Crowley, still not helping.

Listen, we know what
we're talking about here.

We have been on Lucifer's trail
for a long time.

Everybody in the room
was obviously focused

on sending you back
using Mother's spell.

Everybody except yours truly.

Rowena, now!

Ez loh, say tah!

Mah tay, ez loh, say tah!

I managed
to pervert that spell.

So your essence wasn't sent
back to the cage,

but instead,

we found your discarded vessel
a few years ago...

...repaired it,

improved it,

making it a fitting
final home

for the real you.


No snarky, devilish comments?

You have nothing to say?


I mean, all that effort.

So you could've had me back
in the cage, but no,

you needed your sad,
little revenge.

How do you think
this is going to end?

Nice new digs, by the way.


Get this. It looks like
there was another murder.

It's just like the one
we're checking up on.


No, Andover, Massachusetts.

Six months ago. A woman.

Body was found
in the same condition.

Looks like she was
a teacher, too.


Too bad Mom couldn't
make it.

You said she was too tired?



I don't know, I just --

I feel like something's
going on with her,

and she ain't talkin'
about it.

Mom's hunting again.
That's a grind. You know that.

She just needs a little time,
Dean. That's all.


Okay, you're in Mr. Peterson's
van, guys. Come on.

I'll be back out in one minute.

So thank you you again
for meeting with us, Dr. Ochoa.

Of course, Agent. I...

We've had
two murders in two days.

The police have no idea
what's going on, and --

Well, that's why we're here.

Now you said victim number two
brought some Timber Troopers

through here, right?
16 hours ago,

they were standing
right where you are.

Is there anything new
to the museum?

Well, here in the lab,

three traveling exhibits
have been uncrated.

One's already on display.
The other two are being prepped.

Dr. Ochoa?


Excuse me.

- Sure.
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, so...

the Massachusetts Vic,

that is two teachers
and one scout leader.

People who supervise kids.


There's a lot of action in here.

Okay, well, I'm switching
my vote from witch to ghost.

I don't know. EMF isn't that
surprising at a museum.

They're always filled
with ADHD spirits

and their tethers, you know?

Okay, but if our killer is
a chain rattler,

how we gonna figure out
which one it is?

Ready, honey?

Uh, just some orange juice,


So, when you due?

I have no idea.

Well, take it from me,

before kids,
your life is yours.

Once they show up,
life as you know it is over.


Pretty sure that's the way
this is gonna go.

But whenever it pops out,

you're totally gonna love
the little devil.



Aztecs were pretty serious
about their killings.

Aztec ghost.

Yeah, I like that.

What you got?

It's from a ship, um,
a brigantine called The Star.

Sunk in a storm off
the New England coast.

Currently on loan from

the Maritime Museum in --
wait for it --

Andover, Massachusetts.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Sunk in a storm in 1723.

W-wait a minute. I know
something about something,

about this ship.

Um, it was, uh,
headed to the New World.

Weighed anchor
in Leith, Scotland.

Leith. Yes.

Ga n MacLeod.

This was his ship.
Crowley's kid?



Ohh. Oh, sorry,
it's just that...

Y-you --
you actually...

you seriously think this
is gonna work?

It's just, uh...

It's so sad.

Hope you like
the taste of floor.


There's a spot there
needs scrubbing.

And worse,

you're not even gonna
see it comin'

when you get taken down.

By you?

And my flesh and blood.


You remember the lovely...

Kelly Kline?

She got rid of that thing.

Did she now?

The Winchesters saw to it.

Because they can always
be trusted.

It was in their own

Huh. Interesting.

Because I can still feel it.

Its heart.

Its power.

Sort of makes me proud.

A chip off the old ball
of heavenly light,

if you know what I mean.


What do you want?
Need a favor.



Turns out

that behind that whole
moron facade,

you and your brother are,
in fact, morons!

You let
Lucifer's love child live.

How do you even know
about that?

I don't owe you an explanation.

Okay, so I'm --
I'm guessing this isn't

the best time to ask you
to get in touch with Gavin

so we can talk to him?

Are you out of your minds?

You know what, Crowley?

When you set Gavin free
to live in our time

and possibly screw up
the rest of human history,

we didn't hunt him down, okay?

So I think you owe us.

You and Bullwinkle

fix this mess before it hatches.

Then, maybe then,
we'll talk about my son.

Oh, my Dad.

I love that. You and I,
both single fathers.

I could use a little Dad advice
right about now.

When do you let 'em date?

No pushing, ladies.

Let's be as polite on the bus
as we were in the museum.

Class, no saving seats.

No food on the bus, Sharon.



Your little story's

but you said there was
something in this for me?

If the killer is a ghost,

it may be tethered
to something on the ship.

So we need Intel
on the vessel.

Get a library card.

You two still owe me
for helping you in Arkansas.

Sit down.

We know of a guy who has
firsthand knowledge of The Star.


So, if you find him,

we actually do have something
that you'll like.

Like, really like.

Who is this eyewitness?



Get away from her!

She's ours, Demon.

Not my problem.



Come with me
if you wanna live.

I get it. You're freaked.

But take a breath. Chill.

Y-you made
those people explode.

Again, not people.
And they were attacking you.

And you said
you were a demon.

Titles, labels.

I'm a demon, you're Rosemary,
complete with baby.


You humans.

You've been fed
so much propaganda.

What did they teach you about
Lucifer at Sunday School?

Let me guess.
Pitchforks? Horns?

But did they mention
he's an archangel?

Once one of
God's most trusted?

What are you...

I don't even know your name.

Dagon. It's Dagon.

Look, what I'm saying is
it ain't all black and white,

good versus evil.

Those "people" who were
tryin' to kill you?


Yeah, that's right.

Not quite the harps and halos
you thought.

And why'd they want you dead?

Because you're carrying
an innocent child.

I know you're scared.

Don't believe what you see
in the movies.

No one is born good or bad.
It's all in the upbringing.

This child, your child...

he could save us all.


You didn't know.



Kelly, the angels?
The Winchesters? The good guys?

They want you dead.

But I can protect you.

I can protect your son.

You don't have to run

There he is.


Hey, Gavin. Good to see ya.

How's life in
the 21st century treatin' ya?

Oh, fine.

Where's my father, then?

Walk with us, Gav.

How sick is he?
About that...

we might've exaggerated
a little bit.

Lied. We lied.

Okay, well, we knew you wouldn't
come if it was just us.

We need your help, Gavin.


Nah, we're fine.

Um, just hear us out, please.

How did you find...

What are you going
to do to me?

Just wanna ask you
a few questions.

About this.

Dear God, that's The Star.

That's my ship!
Well, it should've been.

Yeah, we know all about her.

We figured there's someone
you'd wanna meet.


Hello, Gavin.

You look just like my father
when he was young.

Gavin, meet Rowena,

your grandmother.

My grandmother?

She cannae be alive.

Well, technically, dude,
neither can you.


Father told me she'd gone down
in the storm

and that was the end of her.

The end of you, too,
if you'd been aboard.


Gavin, what can you tell us
about the other passengers

who were supposed to make
the crossing?

Ordinary folk.

Storekeepers, farmers,
a doctor, a teacher.

A teacher?


Mistress Allaway.

She taught most of us
in the village.

This everything
they found aboard?

Yes. Let us know if you
recognize anything.



Ooh, there's
Mr. MacCallum's hook.

Had no hand, you see.



Oh, sweet Lord.

It's the locket.

The locket?

I bought it myself.

It was a gift for my Fiona.

Darlin', you had
a wee girlfriend?

Look at this. Added to
the exhibit six months ago.

Fiona Duncan,

the love of my life.

When she found out
I was going to America,

nothing would do
but I take her with me.

I told her it was too dangerous.

How did it get here?
If you didn't board the ship,

then she wouldn't have either,

I don't know.

That terrible night...

I was packing, ready to leave.

Fiona said she was going
to come see me,

beg me one more time
to take her along.

Obviously, I never made it
to the ship.

What's that, you say?
Come in?

Don't mind if I do.

If Fiona came that night,

I was gone.

And she would've thought that
you left without her.

Dear God, she must've smuggled
herself aboard.

Would she really have done
something like that?

Iron will, that one.

She'd have stayed hidden
until they were at sea

and there was no turnin' back.

And she would've died,
pissed as hell and heartbroken.

Yeah, unfinished business.

We got a ghost probably tethered
to the locket.

A ghost?

My Fiona's a ghost?

All right,
where is this thing?

Item 121.


All right.



- What?
- It's gone.


about that drink...

I'm good, actually.

Your sons...

I'm...sure they're
fine lads and all,

but it might be best
if you were to...

disengage from them a bit.


This work.

It's demanding
and it must come first.

The Men of Letters
is my family.

I'm sorry.

Nothing comes before my family,
not with me.


Or is that just
what you want to believe?

You're different
when you talk to them.



Not an insult,
just an observation.

But when you hunt, Mary...

you're one of the best
I've ever seen.

Now you might play
at being the good mummy,

but when you're in
the thick of it,

nothing but a blade in
your hand and blood in the air,

that's the real you,

the best you.

And I think you know it.

And I think that scares
the hell out of you.


Sorry to interrupt, Dr. Ochoa.

We've been looking through
the shipwreck exhibit

in connection
with the murders.

There seems to be
an item missing.


It's right here. 121.
It's a locket.

That's not possible.
It's in a sealed case.

We know, ma'am, but --
but we've looked everywhere.

It's definitely gone.

Have one of those, um,
student tours been through here

the last couple of days,
the ones led by the teachers?

Yes, there was one yesterday.

And where are they from?

The Pembroke Day School
for Girls.

Ugh. That's it for me.

How 'bout a glass of wine?

I read one more

Internet-bought paper
on "Bleak House," I'll scream.


The panel?

Is it dead?

- Yeah. Has been for a long time.
- What?

It was a ghost.

The rock salt only
slowed it down.

All right, we gotta figure out
if this was Fiona.

So, show time.


"O restless spirit,

make thy presence known to me."


It is I, Gavin.

Your Gavin.

I must speak with you.



You abandoned me.

You...Where were you?

I came to your room. I --

It wisnae my fault.
I was sent somewhere else.

I hid myself aboard The Star,

and you wernnae there
to protect me.

The crew,

they came to scorn me
and mock me

and worse.

Use me in a way
no woman should be used.

The other passengers...

Did no one help you?

All did nothing.

And Mistress Allaway,
our teacher?

She said I deserved it
for throwin' myself at you.

Teachers -- they claim
to love children,

and then they betray them.

I cou'dna punish her,
but others will pay her debt.

Her life aboard that ship
was so unbearable,

she felt death
would be a relief.

But the sweet maid I knew is now
a spirit bent on revenge.

So we agree
Fiona has to be stopped.

We can't burn her bones.

They're at the bottom
of the Atlantic.

Could destroy the locket.
Then again,

she might also be tethered
to something else on the ship.

Either way, nothing can bring
back the poor people she killed.

Actually, there might
be a-a way

to fix
pretty much everything.


Keep Fiona from going Casper
in the first place.

Yeah. There's no reason
for her to be a ghost

if she's not angry and alone...
on the ship.

You don't intend to tamper
with the flow of time do you?

That's up to Gavin.

Look, we're lookin' for
a fix here, okay? This is it.

We get him aboard that ship,

he travels with Fiona,
keeps her safe.

And go to his death.
That's your solution?

I didn't say
it was the fun one, okay?

Just the one, and you know it.

And it would
keep history intact.

I...was thinking
the same thing.

I loved her. She loved me.

That's the only reason
any of this happened.

I can spare her the nightmare
she's trapped in.

I cannae say I ever fit here.

Here, I'm alone.

Fiona and me,

we'll spend eternity

Never gonna happen.

Just 'cause Dim and Dimmer here

can't keep their own family
all in the same dimension,

doesn't mean they can
mess with mine!


I want to do this.

What you want
is a gym membership,

happy hour at Hooters,
and Cubs tickets --

none of which are available
anywhere else but here.

I've made up my mind.


Then why did you call me?

You called him?

To say goodbye.

Let him go, Fergus.

Butt out.

Fergus, he's not like us.

He believes in things.

Let him do what he believes
is right.



Damn you.

I'm sorry, Father.


That soup yet?


You ready?

Do it.


Ready to do this, Gavin?

You're positive this
will work?

Never done it before.

But our granddad did.
And Abaddon.

And Rowena tweaked the spell
so that you could use it.

All right.

I think that's it.

This is a tough one.

You're a good guy, Gavin.

Thank you.


this is all for the best.

Beam him up, Scotty.





So the teachers
at the girls' school

are all back to work.

It's like nothing ever happened.
That's all the victims in Ohio.

Well, no mention of
the Massachusetts murder either.

Uh, no Fiona, no angry ghost.

Looks like history
is back on track.

Thank you, Gavin.

- Mom!
- Well, well!

It has been a while.

A long, long...
long, long, long, long while.

Yeah, all right.
He's dramatic, as you know.

What he meant to say was,
we missed you.

Glad you're back.

Burgers. Beer.



Whatcha been up to?


Jogging, tai chi,

Melting rugaru brains.

Uh, m-m-melting
rugaru brains?

There's no easy way to say it,
so I'm just gonna say it.

I have sort of...

been working with
the British Men of Letters.

M-- You -- you, uh...
you what?



we, um...

we have a-a history
with them.

I know, Sam.

And it was a hard decision.

But they're doing good work.

I have helped them save people,
a lot of people.

We can learn from them.

Do not give me the face.

What face?
You know the face.

There's no face.
That's the face.

Mom, we have
our own tool kit,

and it works just fine.

A-and for obvious reasons,

like broken ribs
and burnt feet...

We don't trust the Brits.

So where does that leave us?


Same as always.


Just hear me out.



What you did...

A low, even for you.

Wasn't right.

And you would know
what's right?

I know there's an ugly,
rancid, spiteful reason

why you sent my son,
your grandson, to his death.

I wanna know what it is.

He was a lovely boy.

And in your own lizard way,
I know you cared for him.

just as I cared for Oskar.


The child I loved
more than you.

The boy you made me kill

in order to remove
the Mark of Cain.

So that was all drivel
you were spewing

about Gavin doing
the right thing.

It was the right thing.

Maybe for Gavin,
certainly for me.

It allowed me to watch you
suffer the loss of a child.


I'm your mother, dear.

Who better to crush
your shriveled heart?

? Well, you've got
your diamonds ?

? And you've got
your pretty clothes ?

? And the chauffeur drives
your car ?

? You let everybody know ?

? But don't play with me ?

? 'Cause you're playing
with fire ?

? Now you've got some diamonds ?

? And you will have
some others ?

? But you'd better
watch your step, girl ?

? Or start living with
your mother ?

? So don't play with me ?

? 'Cause you're playing
with fire ?

? So don't you play with me ?

? 'Cause you're playing
with fire ?