Supernatural (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 8 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam is shocked when his imaginary childhood friend, Sully, makes an unexpected appearance. Sam tries to understand why he is seeing Sully now. Even more surprising, Dean can see him too.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Don't be afraid of the
dark? What, are you kidding me?

Of course you should
be afraid of the dark.

- You know what's out there.
- It was the tooth fairy.

A leprechaun.
Why did it have to be clowns?

I'd say you have a bunch
of elves working for ya.

Fairies? Come on.

This is cupid?
♪ heaven ♪

It was a little glowing hot...

- ...naked lady.
- Well, that's super disturbing.

I've never seen a baby monster before.


Why is it so hard to believe
that God could

be sending me visions about
the Darkness?

What are you trying to say?

Don't count on God.
Okay? Count on us.

If it is God, then he's
showing me something

I don't know what
to do with -- the cage.

Lucifer's cage?

What if he's telling me
I have to go back?

Here you go.

One spoonful of sugar
or two?

Maddie, daddy and I are ready
to go to dinner now.

So whenever you're ready,
you just let us know.

Sparkle and me
aren't done with tea, mommy.

Well...When you're ready.

We have reservations.

The R.I.E. manual says
be patient.

So now we wait for her
to have fake tea

with her fake
imaginary friend?


We can party forever

while mommy and daddy
eat Cheerios for dinner.

It's cool, Maddie.

Go with your mom and dad.
I'll clean up.

I love you, Sparkle.


Hiya, Maddie!

You're not mad--

Don't forget to
brush your teeth, sweetie.


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Just My Imagination
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Who are you?!

It's me, Sam!

It's Sully!


You remember me, right?

I-I made all
your favorite snacks.

We were friends.
Like, best friends.

You remember?


No. You're not real.

Well, how'd you punch me...

This can't be happening.


Who you talking to?


Are you having a stroke?

Do you smell toast?

He can't see me
unless I want him to.

What is all of this crap?

When'd you start eating
this stuff?

Is that marshmallows
on nachos?

This wasn't me.

It was me.

And those are delicious.

Wait a second.
C-can you see him?


Dean, this, um...

I think this is...Sully,

m-my friend from when
I was a kid.

You mean Mork from Ork here

is your dumbass
imaginary friend Sully?


Uh, I'm not dumb or ass.

I'm gonna get my gun.

No, please.

Someone killed my friend.

You mean your imaginary
imaginary friend?

First off, “imaginary friend”
is more of a descriptive term.

How you just said it?
That was a little...offensive,

just to be honest.

Secondly, we're Zanna.

Me and...

Me and the victim were Zanna.

We help kids.
We're the good guys.

Sam, tell him.

Yeah, okay. Um...

You know what? I'm still trying
to wrap my head around

this whole
you being real thing.

Aw! Yeah, no, no, of course.
No, that's okay. That's okay.

This is all really unexpected.

Yeah, that's one word
for it.

Just...I need your help.

All right, you're hunters.
That's what you do, right?

I mean, you help people, too.

Yeah. Yeah, people.

You are not that.

Dean, come on.

Come on?
Are you kidding -- look...

This -- mother--

you and me, library, right now.

Come on!


No, I'll just stay here.


You're not actually
buying this crap, are you?

when I was 9 years old,

you know what I wanted
more than anything?

Marshmallow nachos.

Yeah, you were
a weird-ass kid.

Yeah, well...

The only person
I ever told about it...


I don't know, man. I --

hey, you know, maybe this is
just one of your visions.

Yeah, except we're both
seeing it.

And it doesn't involve
the cage or Lucifer

or me having to talk
to Lucifer in the cage.

Look at this. Here.

In Romanian lore,
Zanna are creatures

who guide and protect
lost children.

Zanna intentionally appear

as figments of
a child's imagination,

allowing the child
to move on with confidence

once guidance
is no longer necessary.

Maybe Sully's
telling the truth.

Okay, say Bozo is legit.

Which, you know...
Hello, crazytown, but okay.

How is this our problem?
Because someone's dead.

No, something is dead.

A fairy Godmother getting
capped? That ain't our beat.

Yes, I know that, Dean, but --
but what?

But as messed up
and insane as this sounds...

Sully helped me.

That's the place.

It's a horror show in there.

You mean, you've been inside?

Last night.

I'm in management now,

so I don't get out
in the field much.

I just came to see Sparkle.

Sp-- Sparkle?


Oh, I show up and...

I mean, the place was bananas.

Kid had called the cops,
mom's freaking out,


Sam, it was horrible.

Okay, so according to
Zanna rules,

the kid is the only witness,


Oh, poor thing.

I'll meet you inside.

All right,
what are you thinkin'?

Good. The Bert and Ernie
pretext. Awesome.

Dude, you didn't have to come.

You know, this whole
imaginary friend thing

was dumb then
and it's dumb now.

Yeah, you've made that
pretty clear.

You didn't think to tell me
that he was real?

Well, Dean,
I didn't think he was.

And you saw
the lore book, too.

I mean, maybe when I was
9 years old

I thought he was real,
but I grew up.

Or grew out of it.

Whatever. I left it.

And what did you need
drop dead Fred for

in the first place?
I was kind of a lonely kid, Dean.

You weren't lonely.
You had me.

Go on, bud.

Whatever happens,
it's cool beans.


Did you ask?

Yeah, it's not gonna happen.

Come on. You said.

Look, I said I would ask.
Dad said no.

What do you want me to do
about it?

But I've been shooting.
I can run 2 miles.

I know silver kills
werewolves, and --

No fair.

You started hunting
when you were younger than me.

Yeah, well, I never had
an imaginary friend.

I heard that.
Look, I'll keep working on dad, all right?

Don't listen to him, Sammy.
He's a germ.

Now maybe you can come
next time.


All right, I gotta go.
Call you in a couple days.

Yep, I'll just be...


Hey, come on. We can finally
make those bottle rockets.


Can I help you?
Mrs. Berman, I'm Dr. Strummer.

This is my associate --
Dr. MacGowan.

We are trauma counselors
with child services.

We're here to follow up on
a police report filed yesterday?

Oh. That was...

Come in.

Uh, my daughter, Maddie,
she's the one who called.

Uh, she has
an active imagination.

She made up this unicorn man,

But, um, she
thinks he's dead in her room.

So Sparkle is a unicorn
and also a man?

So a manicorn.

I...I guess?

May we, uh...

Yes, please. Thank you.

Hey, Maddie.

My partner and I would like
to ask you about last night.

About Sparkle?

Your mom says you don't wanna
go back into your room?

How come?

All of the blood.

This has been her room
since she was a baby.

She's loved this room.
And then last night...

Do you mind if we take
a look around?

I'll be right back.

All right. What's the problem?
I don't know.

I told you
it was horrible.

You mind enlightening us?

Oh. Mm.

If I show you all we can see,
you can't tell a soul.

Oh, yeah,
'cause chicks dig

the whole
imaginary friend thing.



Oh, yeah. That kid is gonna need
all the shrinks.

Wait a second. So his...
blood is glittery?

Even when he's dead,
Sparkle can't stop shining.

Who would do this?

It was a blade.

Sully, can Zanna see
other Zanna?

Of course.

But it's not
what you're thinking.

A Zanna could never do this.

Nothing to see, right?

I was always under
the impression

that it was parent's job
to let a child be a child

as long as possible.
Oh, this is bad.

Maybe we let her get
too carried away.

I don't know.

I mean...

An imaginary friend
named Sparkle.

What's cuter than that?



I'm sorry.

I'm being as dramatic
as my daughter now.

Um, it's on her face.
Sam, it's on her face!

Just tell me.
She's got Sparkle on her face!

How do we get our girl back?

Somebody's say something.
Someone's gotta say something.

You know what?
Is there a spare bedroom?

Great. Uh, maybe Maddie can
sleep there. That should help.

It's on her face.

And a hot shower does wonders.

Real deep scrub. Purify.

For Maddie?
The whole family.

Yeah, just get
the whole gang in there.

You know, the family
that showers together...

Pull up! Pull up.

You know what? Why --
why don't you start there?

You can contact our office
for more guidance if you like.


Oh, my gosh, Zoe,
I think I saw the treasure, too!

Let's go for it!

But wait,
don't you have gymnastics?

Oh, yeah. Let's look at it
when I get back.

Right on.

Nicky didn't check in
with the home office last night.

This can't be happening.

You gazoos can talk
to each other?

Us Zanna
share a telepathic link.

She wouldn't be in there.

A frickin' mermaid?

It's a bloodbath.

All right, just let it out.

Uh, no. No.

I gotta stay strong
for Sam.

Looks like more stabbing.

Okay, Sully,
is there anybody

that would want
to hurt, uh, Nicky?

No. Well...


Oh, well, I mean,
her boyfriend's a little clingy.

But he's one of
my best friends.

Guys, Weems would never
hurt Nicky.

I mean,
he loved her too much.

Well, too much ain't good.

So let's go talk to
the mermaid's boyfriend,

because apparently,

imaginary friends have
boyfriends now.

Wait! Wait!

We can't just leave her here.
It's disturbing for the kid.

All right, well,
what do you wanna do?

Find a giant toilet
and flush it?

You're right. I was...

What would you like us to do?

I think I saw some
shovels back there.


Well, Totoro really cares
for you, huh?

Okay, I got one.

Hit me.

Ever think...

You can fly?

Oh, sometimes.

on really windy days.

I used to,

but I broke my arm.

Your turn.

Ever think...

You could eat
10 waffles in one sitting?

Well, I hope so
when I'm big. Can you?

I tried, once.

Whoa. Head rush.

Ever think...

About running away?

From you? No way.

No. I mean, from here.

All this.

The hunting life.

Do you?


Ever think...

That maybe you wanna
go to school?

Make some friends?

But I have you.

Yeah, you do.

But one day you won't.

Sam, I want you to listen
to me.

You can be whatever
you wanna be.

You're not Dean.
You're not your dad.

You're Sam.

And Sam is so awesome.

Can you imagine?
Running away?

My dad would kill me.


It's your choice, Sam.

It's your life.
I mean, it's all up to you.



Let's go.

Hey, slacker.

Am I burying Ariel by myself
here or what?

No. Yeah, of course.
Let's go.

How you holding up, Sully?

I'm fine.

How are you, Sam?


Don't worry, kid.

Everybody's got
a pee-pee problem.

Weems will take care
of these sheets,

and mommy will be
none the wiser.

What if mommy hears us?

Fletcher, not even a parade
can wake mommy up tonight.

Because she drank her grown-up
juice and went sleepy-by?

Yep. Mommy drank
a lot of juice tonight.

Hey, you wanna try
and hit the sack?

All right. I'll catch you
on the flip side, okay, bud?

Thanks, Weems.

You got it.


Uhh! Sully.

Sully. Oh.


Sully. Sully.

Weems! Weems, are you okay?


It went right through
my love handle.

My fat saved me.
Can you believe that?

Fat is the best.

Yeah, well, the mermaid
wasn't so lucky.

Is he talking to me?

Who are these guys?

They're friends.

Hey, Weems, when was the last
time you saw Nicky the mermaid?

God, I can't
believe I just said that.

Yesterday. Why?

What happened to Nicky?

She was murdered.


Weems, I am so sorry.

She -- she was my girl!

Sparkle's gone, too.

Not Sparkle! Dude, that's,
like, our whole posse.

I know, right?

But hey, you're okay.
You're okay.

Okay, all right,
so you're all pals.

Is there anybody who would
have beef with the bunch of you?

I've never seen her before
in my life.

Wait a second.
You saw somebody?

Some chick.

After she...Shivved me,

she took off
in an old VW Bug.

I'm so sorry, Weems.
So this is a good thing, right?

Uh, no, this is a great thing.
It's gross!

I mean, a manicorn?
A freakin' mermaid?

What am I supposed to do
with that?

But a chick in a car?
That's Terra firma. I'm home.

All right, you go.
I'll, uh, cover these two.

It goes -- it's -- yeah,
it goes all the way through.

I gotta ask.

Hey, uh, acid wash.

What's so special about you?

Mermaids dig me?

No, I-i mean,
why do kids like you?


I play air guitar.

You play air guitar?

Sam plays air guitar.
I can play air guitar.

Aah! Oh!
That's okay, it's okay.

Good solo. Good solo.

Well, he's no Clapton.

You know, I'm gonna go get
some bandages. Okay?

Oh, I'll be right back, Sam.


You're not that Sam?

Sully's Sam?

I guess I would be. Yeah.

So now you and Sully
are, like, back together?


How old are you?

Look, I get it.

We all need a tune-up
from time to time. It's okay.

No. He, uh, came to me.
I'm helping him out.

Sam Winchester.

I mean...


Hey, just so you know...


You broke his heart, man.

Ready to hit the road?

No. My dad just called.

He changed his mind.

He wants me
to come with him.

On a -- on a hunt?

Finally! He thinks I'm ready.

I have to catch the next bus
to Milwaukee.

Are you sure this is
what you want?

I'm a Winchester.
I hunt monsters.

Why would I want
anything else?

Well, I-I'm not sure
it's you.

Why can't you be happy
for me, Sully?

Listen, buddy,

I'm just afraid
you're going down a path

you might be better off
not going down.

Yeah, but I'm not afraid.

I know you're not.

You're one of
the bravest kids I know.

It's just...
This whole hunting thing,

you know,
it's not the only way.

There are so many other ways.
And you can find one, Sam.

You can leave right now.

I don't want another way.

I wanna be with my dad
and -- and Dean.

Look, Sam,

I'm just saying this
'cause I'm your friend.

Pretend friend!

You're not even real.

Well, I'm -- I'm here
as long as you need me.

I don't need you anymore,

I don't even know why I made you
up in the first place.

I wish
I could unmake you up.

If -- if that --
if that's what you want.

It is, okay?

Just go.

You have
a good, long life, Sam.

you did a good job.

Is it too tight?

All right, that's good.

There you go, pal.

All right.

I'm gonna go check
on Fletcher.

Kid has a bladder
like a sieve.

You know, it's...
pretty awesome,

how you help everyone
around you.

Doesn't always work out,

I try.


I feel awful.

About how we left off.

I'm sorry. I was a kid.
I was a-a jerk kid.

And -- and you were
trying to help, and...

That's all on me.

I mean, goodbyes are part
of the job, and ours was...

Pretty bad.

It was really bad.

You know,
I'm not gonna lie to ya.

When you went off to hunt,

I considered that one of
my biggest failures.

It just seemed so clear to me
that you wanted something else.

But...I was wrong.

And it all worked out,
didn't it?

I don't know about that.

Come on.

You're a hero.

Sam, you saved the world.

I keep track of my kids.

And you did
really good, Sam.

Well...Not all good.

There was some bad.

And some really bad.


I screwed up.

I let something out
into the world that was...

You mean the Darkness?

That's what the others
are calling it.

I've just heard rumors.

Well, I'm gonna fix it.
I am.

Dean and I, we're -- we're --
we're gonna fix it.

It's just...

What is it?

I think God
wants to help us fix it.


I don't think I can do
what he's asking.

How bad is it?

There's this cage in hell,

and it's where
they keep Lucifer.

And I've been in it,

and it's...

And I think
God wants me to go back.

Ever think...

About running away anymore?

I did. Um, I mean, I have.

But not in a while.
Not anymore.

Ever think...

About hot-wiring
a minivan?

In my dreams.

Let's do it.

Good. You're awake.

Your brother's on the way.

Who the hell are you?

I think we have a mutual
imaginary friend.

You know Sully?

Hold it.


Hey, stranger.

You give me Sully,
I give you your brother.

What do you want
with Sully?

Ask him.

He's the one who killed
my sister.

It was an accident.


Reese and her twin sister,
they were my first kids

after I thought
I screwed things up with you.

So this is his fault?

No, Reese,
I'm the one that bungled it.

It was me.

I should never have let her
chase me into the street.

We were just playing tag.

I don't know why I didn't
see the car coming.

That's why I never went back
in the field.

That's why I never found
another kid.

I was too scared
I'd hurt 'em.

Do you know how bad
you messed me up?

“Audrey's dead because of
the invisible man.”

try telling that to about
10 different kiddie shrinks.

I always wondered
if Sully was real,

so I got obsessed
with folklore.

I studied abroad in Romania,
and then I found out

he's a Zanna.

Yes, and Zanna are good.

That's what the witch
tried to tell me, too.

The witch?
She sold me a spell

so that I'd be able
to see these freaks.

She gave me this, too.

Finally, I can save other kids
from these monsters.

So you killed my friends
just to get to me?

And I would've done it sooner
if these two hadn't shown up.

Why didn't you call?
I would've come.

Honestly, I kinda liked
watching you suffer.

You weren't just
Audrey's best friend.

You were mine, too.

And after she died, Sully,

I never needed you more.

I panicked when Audrey died,

and I left you
to deal with the pain

'cause I couldn't handle
being the one that caused it.

So maybe I'll take something
you love, Sully --

a real person.

That's not gonna happen.

Will killing me
make you feel better?

No, Sully,
that's not the answer.

This is what I do.

Whatever's best for the kid.


If this is
what you need,

I'm okay with it.

I'm still mad.

I can't stop it.

I'm just still so mad!


Trust me. Revenge?

Ain't gonna make you
feel better.

Listen, I have seen more than
my share of monsters.

And I mean real monsters.


These guys?

These are Sesame Street
mother Teresas.

But when I wasn't there
for my little brother,

Sully was.

Now, look, I'm not saying
that he didn't make a mistake,

but you know that there is not
a monstrous bone in his body.

I'm so, so sorry.

Oh, Reesy,
I'm so sorry.

Well, now that you know
about Audrey,

you probably never wanna
see me again.

Ever think...

Maybe you're a hero to me?


One thing I've learned --

heroes aren't perfect.


Sometimes, they're scared.

But that just means
the thing that they're facing,

it's super important.

And nobody else is
gonna go for it

because nobody else
has got the balls.

Well, it is that time

You, um,
you'll look in on Reese?

Don't worry.
I will be checking in.

And, Dean,

thank you
for looking out for Sam.

You are not a germ
at all.


You know, you're not gonna
ever get me to admit

that you're not
the weirdest thing out there,

but, um...

You're a good weird.


Good luck, buddy.

Let's do it.

Dean, we need
to seriously discuss

me going to the cage.


Not happening. Good talk.

Sam, even if these visions
are real --

yeah. It's Lucifer?
And me?

In the cage? I know.

But this --
this lump in my throat...

It's not an excuse,
not anymore.

We'll find another way.

Okay? There's always
another way.


Then tell me.

What is the other way?

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