Supernatural (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 2 - Supernatural - full transcript

Jenna winds up in a dangerous situation and calls Dean for help, leaving Sam to deal with monsters on his own.

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Sam: Getting rid of the mark

unleashed a force
on this world

that could destroy it.

This is the darkness, right?
It's got to be.

She shows up and everybody goes
"28 Days Later"?

[ Gunshot ]
Jenna: They were like rabid dogs.

They didn't stop.

Maybe it was the smoke,
and anybody who was outside,

they were exposed.

- That wasn't human.
- Why not? I killed death.

I'm pretty much open
for anything.

- Did they bleed on you?
- They did.

- It might be transmittable.
- I'll go.

You save my baby girl.

[ Voice breaking ]
Her name is Amara.

Look, we can just wait
for them to die.

We can't save Cass if we're
stuck in some hospital.

I can't help myself.

He's still alive.

Save me from doing worse.

[ Grunts ]

All right, let's gear up.

Saving people means
all of the people.

What are you thinking?

Get Jenna and the baby
somewhere safe.

Without a shot.


[ Grunting ]

- Hey, you good?
- Yeah.

I'm gonna run Jenna up
to her grandmother's.

How about you?
You okay?

Like it or not,
I'm gonna find a cure.

Yeah, I know you are.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Mitchum: H-a-t-e.

It was with this left hand
that old brother Cain

struck the blow that laid
his brother low.


You see these fingers?
They're arched.

These fingers has veins

that run straight to the soul
of man.

The right hand, friends...
The hand of love.

Now watch, and I'll show you
the story of life.

These fingers, dear hearts,

is always a-warrin'
and a-tuggin',

one against the other.

Now watch 'em.

Old brother left hand...

Left hand hates a-fightin'.

Sam: Can you talk?

And it looks like
love's a goner.

Or are you too far gone?

But wait a minute.

Wait a minute.
[ Electricity crackling ]

Hot dog!
Love's a-winnin'.

[ Grunting ]

Yes, siree.
It's love that won.

And old left-hand hate
is down for the count.

Good answer.

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

Well, nice neighborhood.

I pretty much grew up here.

Learned to ride my bike
down the road.

Had my first kiss at that
blue house over there.

Lost my virginity up there.

I'll bet blue house
was pissed.

[ Chuckles ]
She was.

Do you mind?


[ Amara cooing ]

Hey, beautiful.

[ Cooing continues ]


That's why I asked you
to bring us here.

After everything that happened,
it just feels safe.

Well, good.
Safe is good.

Shh, shh, shh, shh!

You're so great with her.

Well, what can I say?
Chicks dig me.

Well, look, I should, uh...

Right. Sure.

You're gonna be okay,
both of you.

I know.
What about you and Sam?

Are you gonna be okay?

Well, for us,
the bar's pretty low.

[ Chuckles ]

See you.


Thank you...

For everything.


Hi, grandma.

After you called, they did
a big report on the news.

That weatherman I don't like
with the big teeth,

he said some kind of freak storm
hit Superior.


It was... Crazy.

Well, don't you worry.

If that thing
rolls our way,

I've got a generator
and enough canned green beans

to last till judgment day.

Good to know.

And this must be Amara.

Oh. [ Laughs ]
What a little angel.

She's a miracle.

And her folks?

It's a long story.

Well, then it can wait
till after your nap.

[ Chuckling ] My what?

When's the last time
you slept?

Because... and I mean this is
the nicest possible way...

You look like poop
on parade.

Now, I made up
the guest bedroom,

and I got your father's old crib
out for the baby,

so I will put her down...

Yes, I will...

While you go upstairs
and have a rest, all right?

[ Whimpers ]
[ Shushing ]

Honestly, a nap sounds
awesome right now.

Well, then, you just go
right upstairs, missy.

Thank you.

[ Amara cooing ]

Aww. [ Shushing ]

Who's the little angel, hmm?

You have to go to sleep.

Oh, who's a beautiful baby?

You are a beautiful,
beautiful baby.

There we go. Yeah.

Night-night, doodlebug.

[ Fussing ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

What's your name?

[ Scoffs ]
Bite me.

Okay, "bite me," how long have
you been infected?

Could ask you
the same thing.

We smell our own.

Answer the question.


'Cause you want to know how much
time you got left?

[ Chain rattles ]

I want to know everything.


[ Chain rattles ]

What's in it for me?

if I can find a cure...


[ Laughs ]

I want something real...

something I can hold
in my hands.

Like what?

Your pudding.

[ Breathing heavily ]

I was infected last night.


This morning.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Wait a second.
Then why...

am I further along?
Don't know.

This thing, it ain't math.

I seen some people change fast,
some change slow.

But in the end...

We all end up the same.

We go psycho.

And then we go boom.

[ Plastic clatters ]

Well, that's not...

I'm gonna fix this.


You and me,

we're dead.

We're just taking our sweet time
about it.

So if you were smart,
you'd put a bullet in me...

and then eat one yourself.

[ Engine revs ]

[ Line ringing ]

Come on, Cass.

[ Cellphone ringing ]



As in Winchester?


[ Smash ]

Do the honors.

[ Grunts ]

Morning, handsome!



What's happening?

We have questions for you,

[ Breathing heavily ]
Why am I...

I asked for help.

And I asked for a vessel
that didn't have psoriasis.

Crap happens.

[ Grunts ] No.

No what?

[ Growls ]


You don't understand.
I'm cursed.

[ Growls ]
You should run.

[ Snarling ]

[ Thudding ]

Did you hear that?

Sounded like raccoon...

[ thud ]
[ Gasps ]

That was not a raccoon.

[ Eerie music plays ]

[ Fussing ]

[ Crying ]

[ Crying ]

Mary, mother...
No, Jenna, don't!

Jenna, no!
The devil's in that girl!


I'm calling father Wyatt.

Grandma, no.

who are we gonna call?


Jenna, hey.
Uh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Slow down.

What's wrong?

[ Tires screech ]

I mean, it sounds like something
out of "the exorcist."

That's what I said.

So you thinking demon?

Or kid got infected
by something.

You know, who knows what was
in that giant, crazy fart?

[ Chuckles ]

Wow. Vivid. Thanks.

Look, man,
I know you're flying solo.

No, I'm... I'm fine, Dean.

Look, don't...
Don't worry about me.

Just help Jenna.

And if you need anything,

then call me.

Will do. How you doing?
How's "Zombieland"?

It's good.

It's great.

[ Screaming ]

Where's Metatron?

[ Groaning ]

I don't know.

[ Groaning ]

[ Screaming ]

Where's Metatron, Castiel?

Mercy, brother, please!

Brother? Ha!

What are you?


I'm an angel of the lord.

That so?

'Cause, near as I can tell,

when you have to choose between
heaven and the Winchesters...

You choose them.

Every time.

[ Breathing heavily ]

So, see,
you're not my brother.

And if I had it my way,
I'd take this blade,

stick it in your heart...

[ Groaning ]

And call that
a damn good day.

Then do it.

[ Grunting ]


The fun's just
getting started.


[ Screaming ]

[ Mouse clicks ]

Woman: ♪ O death ♪

♪ O death ♪

♪ O death ♪

♪ won't you spare me
over another year? ♪

♪ Oh, what is this
that I can't see ♪

♪ with ice-cold hands
taking hold of me? ♪

[ Humming ]

♪ When God is gone
and the devil takes hold ♪

♪ who'll have mercy
on your soul? ♪

[ Hums ]

Hey, Sam.

How do you know my name?

Who are you?


Think you mean "what?"

Here's a hint.

You and your brother been
real good for business lately.

You're a reaper.

The circle gets the square.

What's your name?

Mm, you flirtin'
with me, kid?

'Cause, no offense,
but you ain't my type.

And I'm not looking
to get friendly

with the man who helped gut
my boss.

I'm sorry about death.

So am I.

But people are still dying,

so... Work to do,
souls to collect...

Messages to deliver.

What kind of messages?

It's over.

What's over?

You and Dean...

Dying and coming back
again and again.

The old death
thought it was funny.

But now there's one hard, fast
rule in this universe.

What lives... Dies.

So the next time
you or your brother bite it,

well, you're not going
to heaven...

Or hell.

One of us...
And, lord, I hope it's me...

We're gonna make a mistake

and toss you out
into the empty.

And nothing comes back
from that.

I know you're dying.

I can feel it.

You're unclean
in the biblical sense.

So I'll be seeing you
again, Sam...

Seeing you real soon.

Name's Billie, by the way.

Again, Metatron...
Where is he?

I don't know.

But you broke him
out of heaven.

And took his grace.


And you expect us
to believe he, what,

just gave you the slip...
No powers, no wings?

Metatron tricked me.

So you're just stupid.

Or he's lying.

Or that.

One way to find out.

What should we
cut off first?




Or moe?

[ Door rattling ]

[ Creaking and whirring ]

That's enough.


What are you doing?

Getting answers.


This isn't
how we do things.

Get out.


Thank you.

Don't thank me yet.

Something's happened, Castiel...
Something horrible.


I know it's been
a long time, but...

[ Sighs ]

Dean and I, we've... we've been
through a lot of bad.

But this is different.

This is my fault, and I don't
know how to fix it.

And if I have to die,

I've made my peace
with that, but...


Dean deserves better.

Dean deserves a life.

There are people out there,
good people,

who are going to suffer
because of me,

and I am not asking you
to clean up my mess.

Hell, I don't even know
if you're out there, but...

If you are...

And if you can hear me,
I, um...

We need your help, God.

We need to know
there's hope.

We need a sign.

[ Sighs ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Distorted screaming ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

What does that mean?!


Where's the kid?

We got another problem.


I tried to stop her,

but my grandma's
real Catholic,

and after the crazy,
she called her priest,

who sent over an exorcist.


[ Sighing ] Yeah.

Hello, my son.


Father Crowley.

Do you know each other?

Oh, yes.

Dean was a rather scrumptious
young altar boy.

Can I talk to you
outside... Father?

Of course.

After I finish my tea.

[ Spoon clinking ]


This is safer.

[ Sighs ]

I wasn't lying
about Metatron.

I know.

But right now,
I'm more worried about you.

Can you heal me?

I can't.

I'm sorry.

It's... Powerful magic.

[ Sighs ]

Really? Father Crowley?

I'm sorry, aging, pathetic,
has-been rock star.

Did I offend your delicate

Where have you been?

Your brother
and that idiot angel,

do you know what
they've been doing?

I've heard.

What are you doing here?

Same as you...
I'm working the case.

I feel the spell just cutting
deeper and deeper,

and I'm trying to fight it.

I'm trying, but...

Does it have anything to do

with the disturbance
in Superior, Nebraska?

You know about that?

Alarms have been sounding
in heaven, Castiel...

Alarms that haven't gone off
in... Ever.

We don't even know
what they mean.

Those alarms
are for the darkness.

[ Crying ]

The darkness is a story.

No, it's not.
It's real.

The darkness...

It's been locked away
since the dawn of creation.

[ Crying continues ]

And now it's free.

Whatever's wrong,
Dean will fix it.

God help us.

[ Sighs ]
I wouldn't count on that.

Yeah, it's okay.

Where is it?

I don't know.

Then who would?
The Winchesters?

Castiel, if this is true,
it's the end for all of us.

Sam and Dean...
Where are they?

I don't know.

Then think harder!

How did you find me?

I have sources
in the Catholic church...

Nuns that owe me a favor,

priests with a taste for...

Okay, all right, yeah,
I can imagine.

You really can't.

Anyhow, they hear of a demonic
possession, they call me.

If it's one of mine,
I tell them to ignore it.

If it's a, uh,
demon gone rogue,

well, that's when father Crowley
comes out to play.

So you think there's a demon
in there.

Not even a little bit.

[ Water running ]

[ Thud ]

Hannah: I saved you.

I don't think you did.

I think that you told Efram
and Jonah to bring me here

and to hurt me,

and so you arranged
to... to...

[ Breathing heavily ]
To burst in and save me.

You were hoping that
I would be so grateful

that I would do anything
you said,

that I would tell you anything
that you wanted to know.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Why, Hannah?

We were friends.

That was before you
freed Metatron...


The other angels,
they hate you.

And what about you?
Do you hate me?

It doesn't matter.

[ Footsteps approach ]

We took a vote...
Democracy in action...

Hannah's doing the job.

I won't give you
Sam and Dean.

Sure you will.

We're gonna hack
your brain.

Whatever's in that house,

I can taste the power
radiating from it.

Oh, Jenna!

Oh! You scared me.

Crowley: That thing...

It's old...

What'd you do,
drop a bowling ball up there?



[ Kettle thuds ]


Honey, are you all right?

I always wanted
to try this.


[ Screaming ]

Dean: Jenna?


Well, hello, plot twist.

[ Grunts, screaming ]


[ Sighs ] Not yet.

You said you knew how
to do this.

I watched Naomi...

[ Screaming ]


Look, you don't want to get
your pretty hands dirty, fine.

Walk away.
But this is happening. Gimme.

Now hold still.

This one might hurt.

I said stop.

[ Metal clatters ]

You get in my way again...

[ Grunts ]

You touch me again,
and I...


[ Growls ]


end you!

Uh, Efram.

[ Grunting ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Body thuds ]



[ Grunting ]

[ Gurgling ]


[ Grunts ]

[ Breathing heavily ]



[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Electricity buzzing ]

Sam, Sam.

[ Deep voice ]Sam. Sam.

You're fine.

You're fine, you're fine,
you're fine, you're fine.

You're [Echoing] unclean
in the biblical sense.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Mouse clicking ]

[ Warbling,
keyboard clacking ]

[ Warbling continues ]

[ Cork pops ]

[ Echoing ]Don't!

Don't do this to yourself.
Don't do this to yourself.

[ Echoing ]I'll die.

Please, stop.

I can't.

Don't do this to yourself.

Please, stop.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Object clatters ]

[ Breathing heavily ]




We have no idea what ancient,
world-shattering evil

we're dealing with,
but go right ahead.

Let him know we're coming!

Listen, Velma, this isn't
the Scooby gang, okay?

So either shut up
or get out.

Easy, tiger.
Just trying to help.

[ Amara crying ]

I'm way more of a Daphne.


[ Crying stops ]

[ Coos ]

[ Fussing ]

We're bound, Dean.

We'll always be bound.

We will always help
each other.

[ Fussing continues ]

The child likes you.

No surprise, really.

You're very maternal.

[ Cooing ]

We got to find Jenna.

♪ There's a crazy little shack
beyond the tracks ♪

♪ and everybody calls it
the sugar shack ♪

♪ well, it's just a coffeehouse
and it's made out of wood ♪

♪ espresso coffee
tastes mighty good ♪

♪ that's not the reason
why I've got to get back ♪

♪ to that sugar shack ♪

Ohh. Whoa.



[ Gasping ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Gasping and exclaiming ]


[ Gasps ] Thank you.

Let's go save
the rest of them.

[ Glass shattering ]

[ Singsong voice ]

[ Glass shatters ]


What are you doing?

My grandma collected
these things,

but I always thought
they were so... Blah.

Don't worry.
She won't care.

I cut her throat.

Why did you do that?

Because this woman
doesn't have a soul.


What are you talking about?
How is that even possible?

Amara's hungry.

She's a growing girl.

[ Flesh rending ]

Listen to me.

Whatever's happened,
whatever's going on,

we can fix it, okay?

But I don't want
to be fixed.

I like the new me.

She's a ball.

Just come with us, okay?

[ Grunting ]

[ Both grunting ]

Jenna! Stop!

[ Both grunting ]

[ Rapid footsteps ]

I was getting bored.

You killed her!

You're welcome.

Where are you going?

To see the child
that eats souls.

You don't get
what that thing is.

Enlighten me.

Come on, darling.
Don't play coy.

I think Amara
is the darkness.


So, what now?

You kill her? You?

I don't have a choice.


Even if you could
murder a baby,

you couldn't murder
that baby.

I saw the way
you looked at her.

Me, on the other hand,

it's not like it'd be my first.

- Oh, is that an offer?
- It's a promise... right after I'm done with her.

Stay away from her!

Oh, Dean.

Adorable little Dean.

I want that child,
and I get what I want.

You and Sam
don't understand.

I'm not
your bloody sidekick!

We've had some good times.

So I'm gonna give you
one chance...

Just one...
To walk out that door,

or I'm gonna take you apart
atom by atom.

Do you understa...

[ grunts ]




[ door opens and closes ]

[ Switch clicks ]

Sam: All right,
I still don't understand.

I mean, I thought the darkness
was a woman, not a child.

Well, same here.

I don't know. Maybe
whatever I saw wasn't real.

Maybe it was a vision.



Pretty weird.

Yeah, weird with a weird cherry
on a weird top.

We got to get a maid.

But, you know,
one with a-a little uniform

and really big, uh...

[ board creaks ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Weakly ] Help me.

My, haven't you grown
into a sweet young thing?

Want some candy,
little girl?