Supernatural (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 14 - Supernatural - full transcript

Dean convinces "Castiel", who is still Lucifer, to send him back in time to the last reported sighting of the Hand of God which could be useful as a weapon against Amara. Lucifer sees the potential in getting his hands on this weapon so goes along with it and sends Dean to 1944 to the fated submarine mission that sunk the Hand of God. Meanwhile, continuing his charade with Sam while they wait for Dean's return, Lucifer plans his next move.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Let us introduce you
to the men of letters.

It's a rabid group
of sanctimonious do-gooders.

It's a secret society.

The last true
beacon of light

in a world gone

European team-- they were
active during world war ii.

Inducted in 1939,
part of a small delegation

that was sent to Europe.
We're legacies.

Time travel?
That's a reasonable plan?

What, angels got their hands
on some Deloreans?

How did I get here?

You tapped the power of
your soul to get here?

Freaking time travel, man.

The Thule society.
Right. They were Nazis.

Nazi necromancers.
Dark magic, mostly with dead people.

You can kill me, but you will
never kill all the Thule.

Nazi bastards.


Bloody hell. Uhh!

Let's chat.

We want
to kill the Darkness.

We need
to kill the Darkness.

I've had two shots at Amara,

and I don't think I can.

I got it, Dean.

Es ist angekommen.

Ja, ich habe eine
militareskorte angefordert.

Naturlich, ich werde den
egenstand zu ihnen bringen.


es ist Mir eine grosse ehre.

Mein fuhrer.

The bed is cold.


What is that, mon amour?

This is why I've come here.

And I thought you occupied
my country to meet me.


You were a bonus,

A treasure.

Ma petite collaboratrice.

But this...

This is what my country
has been waiting for.

Can I see it?

Naughty Delphine.


One little peek.


♪ Balayés Les amours ♪

♪ avec leurs trémolos ♪

♪ balayés pour toujours ♪

♪ Non ♪


♪ Non ♪

Alors. C'est vrai.

Mein liebchen.

♪ Ni Le bien qu'on m'a fait ♪

♪ Tout ca m'est bien égal ♪

♪ non ♪


I have lived a hard life.
But these months?

Pretending to love a Nazi cochon
like you has been the worst.

But this moment...

Watching you die?

It is the best.

♪ Avec toi ♪

The Men of Letters send
their regards.

♪ Supernatural 11x14 ♪
The Vessel
Original Air Date on February 17, 2016

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We're out.

There was a half a bag yesterday.

I killed it. Hey...

Did you know the Nazis had

a special branch
devoted to archaeology?

A little early for Nazi trivia,
especially without caffeine.

It was called, uh,
the "Ahnenerbe."

There were sites
all over Germany,

and then as the Nazis
increased their territory,

they started popping up
in -- in Poland,

Finland, uh, North Africa.

Yeah, how is this more important
than our coffee situation?

'Cause I found something.

I mean, we need something --

a-a weapon strong enough
to give us a shot against Amara.

So I've been looking outside
the lore in history,

and I found this --
uh, "The Vichy Memorandums."

They were Nazi communications

that puzzle historians
to this day,

and they speak of
a superweapon obtained

by the Ahnenerbe,

said to be strong enough
to win the war.

Yeah? What was it?

Well, uh, these memos
refer to it as..

"The Hand of God."

I mean, that was sort of
a catchall term

for several objects he touched
on earth in biblical times,

but they're believed to contain
traces of his power.

Yeah, well, the Nazis believed
a lot of things.

Dean, Lucifer's caged.

God's M.I.A.

The only beings strong enough
to battle Amara are gone.

If we're gonna fight her,
what better way to arm up

than with an actual dose
of his power?

Okay, so you said the Nazis
got their hands on

one of these, uh..."Hands."


Well, if it was so powerful
it could win them the war,

why didn't it?
Because they lost it.

En route to Berlin,
it was stolen.

The Nazis searched
high and low for the thief,

but they never found
their prime suspect.

Uh, here.
Delphine Seydoux.

French mistress
to a high-ranking Nazi.

Thought to be
a French traitor

till she killed her German lover
and made off with the weapon.

Allied spy?
French resistance?

That's what the Nazis thought,

but their investigation led them
to a different conclusion --

that she was
"Un Femme de Lettres."

A Woman of Letters.

Uh, sir?

Would you like to hear
the latest soul numbers?

No, because I don't care.

How about an update
on Amara?

Well, the update is...

Well, that there is no update.
We still haven't found her.

Sir, if I may...

Since you've claimed the throne,
we could use some direction.

Any direction.

We could deploy a force.

Real boots on the ground,
shake the trees to find her.

W-with you leading the charge,

of course.

We have had a coward and a fool
at the helm for too long.

Perhaps it's time to...

Doggie wants to speak.

How dare you.

The impudence.

The lack of humility.

That's no way to talk
to your master...


That's a good doggie.

Who knew the Men of Letters had
European chapters?

Maybe it wasn't
an entire chapter.

Just some assets, you know?

Yeah, and letting women join
way back in the '40s?

I just never
got the impression

that they were so big
on gender equality.

You know, it's right there
in the name.

Well, it was World War II.

Kind of an all-hands-on-deck
situation, you know?

Yeah, Rosie the riveter.

Hmm. Cool.
Here you go.

This report was written by
Clifford Henshaw,

a bunker-based Man of Letters,
back in 1943.

It's the right era.

But it's in French.


So it's definitely about

Her name's at the top
of every page.

And check this out.

They're transcriptions
from transatlantic cables

between Clifford
and Delphine.

What do they say?
Uh, give me a second.

Web translation's
kind of buggy.

Dude, it's, like, noon.

Uh, well, you drank
all the coffee,

so what am I supposed to drink? Water?

Look at this.

They were making arrangements

to get the artifact
out of Europe to keep it safe.

Uh, Henshaw pulled
some strings

with a Man of Letters
in the O.S.S.

to requisition an active
U.S. submarine to transport

Delphine and the weapon
back to the states.

Back to here.

Wait, the bunker?

So it's been here
the whole time?


No. Never arrived.

Uh, the U.S.S. Bluefin
came under German attack

midway through its trip across
the Atlantic.

The sub was sunk.

The ship and its contents

haven't been recovered
to this day.

Great. It's lost.

Or is it?

Well, yeah, I'd say so.

I mean,
tides took the wreckage.

Submersibles have been trying
to locate it for years.

I mean, if James Cameron
and his "Avatar" billions

can't find it...
Yeah, but...

We have something that
James Cameron doesn't have.

That's all of it?

Yes, sir.

The requested weaponry
from your crypts.

Does it...Please you?

Spare me.

How are your wounds, doggie?

They are...

No less than I deserve.


You're scared of your master.

That's a good doggie.


But it's an act.

I broke you, but, um...

Yep, I can still smell it.

You've got that delectable
little whiff of defiance.

You're just playing, huh?

Waiting for your moment
to retake the throne.

Am I right?

Yes, sir.

Well, then...
Tell me, uh,

once and future...
King of Hell,

you've been watching
my rule.

What treasonous thoughts
do you have

brewing in that little head
of yours, huh?

What are you really thinking?


The truth, sir?


You're not strong enough.

You've had your weapons

You realize
they won't be enough.

If you thought
you could beat Amara,

you'd be taking the fight
to her,

right now.

You're a clever
little doggie.

You're right.

At the moment, I-I may be
a bit underequipped.

Maybe defeating Amara was
a bit more of a team effort

than I led certain people
to believe.

You know, all that said...

I'm still your master.

Did I let you out
of that kennel too soon?


No barking.

It's showtime.

Hello, Dean.

There were several
God-touched objects,

but it never occurred to me
that any had survived the flood,

let alone the 20th Century.

Do you think we can use it
against Amara?

It's perfect.

I can get you back there.

Without wings?

Cass, you can't even teleport.

Time travel's is a...
It's a whole different system.

Told ya.

So, uh,
these the last coordinates?

That's the Bluefin's last
transmission to shore, yeah.

All right.
Wait a second.

Cass, aren't there still risks
with time travel?

I mean, aren't there consequences that --


This is the ideal scenario.

That sub's a tin can floating
in the middle of the ocean,

doomed to go down.

You can't really mess
with history at 20,000 leagues.

So we get in, get the weapon,
get out. It's a milk run.

Well, t-that's not
a-a very good plan.

Well, if things get
out of hand,

then Cass'll just zap me
right back.


You're not going.

I beg your pardon?

You need to stay here.
Stay here?

Just in case
things go sideways,

somebody needs
to be left standing

to take care
of the Darkness.

We can't risk us both,

and at the moment,
I'm the least valuable player.

You both know
that I can't kill Amara,

so the least I could do

is get the thing
that we need so that you can.

So you expect me to sit here
and ride the pine

while you and Cass
go play Jules Verne?

Yes. No. Uh, who?

I won't let him
out of my sight.

You'll stay by his side
the entire time?

I will.


Let me do this.

Okay? I need to do this.

Be safe.
When am I not?

Let's do this, Cass.

Bon voyage.



See, I enlisted
to sink German ships.

You're up.

Let's go. Vacation's over.

Now we got zip running patrols
in the bay.

Now captain's got us going
the wrong direction?

To run some mystery mission
for some broad?

Tell me how that
makes sense.

I wouldn't worry about it.
Get some rest.

You know I can't rest.



Wait a second.
Where's Dean?

We made the leap.

He got on. I didn't.


I couldn't make it past
the hull.



Where's Delphine?

Where's the broad?

I-I-I don't know
what you're talking about.

Someone must have warded
the ship.

Delphine. It has to be.

I mean, she's protecting
the weapon, right?


Just go back to their last port
before she boarded,

leave a message
so Dean knows.


Where would Dean see it that
the crew wouldn't?

He's as likely
to find the warding

as he is any message
I'd leave.

Then send me.
You got Dean past the hull.


We'll double-down on what
screwed us the first time.

You're really bringing
your "A" ideas today.

I can't believe I lost it.

Him. Mm.

Can't believe I lost Dean.

Well, it's up to him now
to find and clear the warding.

No. We can help.

There's got to be something

in -- in -- in magic
or angel lore.

You know, some way to clear
the sigils from the outside.


Don't worry.
We'll bring him back.

Look out.
Coming through.

Coming through.


When can I smoke?

When it's your turn,
I'll let you know.

Surely some of you boys take
breaks in the engine room?

Captain wants you stayed put.

Let me guess. He fears
I would distract his men?

Does not want a skirt
roaming the decks?

Give me the light.

But, ma'am, uh...

You're wearing pants.

Rich, ain't it?

Frog's sittin' pretty
like Queen of Sheba,

getting room service
in the wardroom,

and I can't even gripe 'cause...
Well, you seen that dame?

The gams on her?

Yeah. Yeah, she's a hottie.

Yeah, those gams, huh?

Who are you?


You might find this
hard to believe, but --

Not a soul on this ship
knows my name,

so I repeat, who are you?

- Coming through!
- Hey!

Excuse me, sir.

I'm a friend
of Clifford Henshaw.

I'm a Man of Letters.

That's him.

That's the guy. Captain.

Sit down.
Okay, I'm --

He took my clothes,

and he hog-tied me
in the head, this guy.

What should we do with him, captain?
Search him.

All right, all right.


Petey, this yours?

What the hell is this?

It's a phone.

Right. A phone in your pocket.

Next thing
this guy's gonna tell us

is he's from space.
Yeah, or the future.

I-I am.

Captain James Dearborn?

My name is Dean Winchester,

and I am on a mission
from the future,

the details of which
I am not at liberty to discuss.

But know this --
within the hour,

a German destroyer will find
and attack this submarine,

and you will go down.

Okay, you've said your piece.
Let me tell you what I think.


I think you're a soldier
that's gone A.W.O.L.

You've hopped a ride home,
and this cockeyed story

is some loony attempt
to keep your cover as a civvie.

That, or you're a spy.

Deciding which? I'll leave that
to the court martial.

I need to speak
with this man alone.

Not a chance.

Captain, there are things,

things about this mission
that you don't know.

Flash Gordon here
will remain under guard

until we reach the shore.

What if we don't
reach shore? What if he's right?

The odds of a German attack
from a surface ship,

this far west,
hunting down a lone submarine?


Sonar's picked up a surface ship
on a steady bearing, closing.


Harris, back to your station.

Giraldi, watch our guest.

Yes, sir.

The Germans,
they've come for it.

Delphine, the warding
on the hull? The sigil?

That's not like any
I've seen.

You're certain of the identification?
Yes, sir.

Uh, 36B German destroyer,

3,000 yards in closing.
Bearing 0-9-0.

Clear the bridge.
Clear the bridge!

My mentor
in the men of letters,

he taught me the symbol
before he died.

World Series, 1944.


You're from the future.

Tell me, who won?

Um, the, uh, the Rangers.

The Rangers?

He believed it would keep me
and the artifact safe

on our journey...
Who are the Rangers?

...from supernatural

And angelic interference.

Angels? They are not real.
Who are the Rangers?

Look, kid, I don't follow
baseball, okay?

Yeah, and angels are real.

In fact, one of them
is my ride off this ship.

Now look, the warding that you
put up to block the magic,

it must've blocked him, too.
I cleared the one.

If there's any more,
we gotta clear those, too.

Otherwise, I'm stuck here.
Okay, then.

The next president.
Delphine, you wanted the weapon

to be at a Men of Letters
safe house, right?

I'm from the bunker.

That's how I knew how
to find you,

from your communication
with Henshaw.

Now if you clear the way,
I can get it there for you.

And that's why you came,

to protect the object,
the weapon?

You gonna answer my question?

Eisenhower, okay?
No. Uh...Truman.

Now would you please
shut up?

This sub is going down.

But the allies do win.

But from Man of Letters
to Man of Letters?

I'm fighting a war
in the future.

It's not like your war.

It's big.
Biblical, end-is-nigh big.

And I need your weapon
to win.

That is why I came.

But we all die?

Me, the girl,
the rest of the crew?

I'm just trying
to get your story clear.


Look, I know
it's a lot to ask,

especially from
a complete stranger.

You're not a stranger.

"Man of Letters
to Man of Letters."

I trust you.

Hatch secure.

Alter course to 2-7-0.
Take us down to 60 feet.

Alter course to 2-7-0!

Altering course to 2-7-0.
Open front port.

Dive, dive, dive!
Dive! Dive!

Wait a second.
I think I have something.

"The spell of gathering."

It's an incantation used

to "focus the power of
celestial beings" -- angels --

"against all drawn forms
of evasion."

This spell was designed

to clear all mystical
or occult blockages.

I mean, this is
highly theoretical magic.

It's never been used before,

but it sounds like it could work.
Do you have the ingredients?


All but one.

That's why it's never
been used before.

It requires the power
of an archangel.

Well, Sam,
we may as well try.

We don't have time
for long shots, Cass.

Even at full power,
you're not strong enough.

That's the hand of God?

Doesn't look like much.

No, I suppose it doesn't.

It must have been more
impressive in its complete form.

The Ark of the Covenant.

Oh, so full-on "Raiders."



Don't touch it bare-handed.

Its power is potent
and unstable.

No mortal can survive long

with direct contact.

I'll remove the warding.

I'll be back.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Definitely not you.



When what?

When do we win?

Months, years, decades?

Got a lot of friends
and family on other ships,

in other branches.

I want to know
what their chances are.



You believe me?

I read a lot
of Flash Gordon.

1,500 yards.
We are not shaking him.

Battle stations.
Sir, respectfully,

our orders were to go home,
not engage.

X.O., do not make me
repeat myself.

Battle stations!
Aye, aye, sir!

General quarters, battle stations.

General quarters,
man your battle stations.

All hands, man your battle stations.
Okay, let's go!

Let's go, boys! Let's go!
Come on! Come on!

Okay! Okay!

Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!

Keep it going!
Keep it going! Go.

He said get a move on!
Get a move on!

Get to it! Get to it!
Everyone in positions!

Stand by
to load tube number 8.

Load aft torpedoes.

Load aft torpedoes.
Load aft torpedoes.

Harris, open the rear door.

Opening door.
Go! Clear!

Easy. Ease it down.

We're secured!
Flood the tube.


Ready to fire.

800 yards and closing.

Torpedoes loaded.
Line us up for a bow shot.

Line up for a bow shot.
Lining up for a bow shot.


In position, ready to fire.

Captain, uh, I-I've lost
his position.

He's gone.

How is it possible

to lose a 3,000-ton warship
from 800 yards?

Find him!

30 yards, sir!

He's right on top of us!

Flood negative!

Take us down to max depth
and rig for silent running!

Silent running!

What's happening?

Shh! Shh!

Leveling out at 300, sir.

Kill me.

You can't do that.

Kill me.


Depth charge.

I don't have to kill you,

I can just cut it.
It'll work.

Not with this.

It's spell-bound --
to my blood, my heart.

Its power lives and dies
with me.

Do it.

Midshipman down!
We need a medic!


Cass, what is that?

your spell of gathering.

Are you nuts?

You're not strong enough, Cass.
You could get hurt.

You find a better option?


but without a serious boost
to your angel power,

that spell won't even work.

My strength may surprise you.

Wait a second.

I remember Bobby told me,

when you needed strength
to retrieve us from the past,

you used him to power up.

You -- you touched his soul.

That's right. I did that.

But that -- that, uh, procedure
it can be fatal.

Use my soul.

That way, maybe you'll have
enough power to wield the spell.

That isn't necessary.

It's worth the risk.

Cass, Dean needs our help.

I trust you.


Oh, it's ju-- I don't --
I don't need you anymore.

I mean, Dean's the one
with the link to Amara.

Why have I been trying
to spare you?

I mean, maybe it's because

you're like the girl who kept
turning me down at the prom.

I will touch your soul,

just because you asked
so nicely.

And I'll use your spell
to blast through the warding

and retrieve Dean
and the, uh...Hand of God.

And then
when Dean comes back

and he finds this place
decorated with your guts,

I will tell him the truth,

I'll just say, "Dean" --


"He knew the risks.

He wouldn't take 'no'
for an answer."


In the flesh.

Hello, Castiel.


Come on!

Damage report?

Battery room is flooded.
Hull's breached.

We're dead in the water.

Ship's locked
in position above us.

American submarine.


The Germans are sending
a message.

American submarine.

Sir, it's not for you.

Watch your head.

Go ahead.

Hello, mein liebchen.

It is not possible.
I killed you.

A little advice, Delphine.

If you want a friend
of the Thule to stay dead,

burn the body.

A word for the captain.

You may have noticed
you are up against a warship

and a crew possessing,

let us say,
extraordinary abilities.

And you have taken damage
that you cannot recover from.

So I offer you a choice --

surface now, relinquish
the girl and her cargo,

and I can assure you
and your men

the highest of P.O.W. treatment.

Or you can protect her,

and we will depth charge
you and your boat

right into the seabed

and recover the cargo ourselves.

You have three minutes
to surrender.

I don't expect you
to understand, but this cargo,

the Germans can't have it.

You need to believe me.

Our orders were to protect you
and your cargo.

We wouldn't even consider
a surrender.

You had better reconsider.

Killing me is your only way off
this ship.

Maybe not.

Teach me how to use it.

It's the power of God.

Maybe I can use it to save you,
save the sub.

And your war?
I want to help you now.

Two minutes, Captain.
You save the ship,

get us to the surface,
and then what?

The power of God
will consume you,

and you'll have merely
brought the weapon

closer to the Nazis' grasp.

We are supposed to die.

Let us do it with a purpose.

How long can you keep
the boat steady?

Not long. And once they resume
their attack --

Give me every second you can.
Delphine, what are you doing?

One minute.
I'm going to get you home.

And I'm going to get
you and your men

your first German ship.

No, no.

Sam, it's me.

Cass? Why?

I wanted to be of service
to the fight.

And only Lucifer
can beat her.

You chose this?

You have to fight, Cass.
Eject him now!

I can't.

It's taking all my strength
to keep him from killing you.

And besides, we need him.
No, Cass, we don't.

We'll find another way
to stop Amara.

We need him to save Dean.

You can't time travel.

Only Lucifer can.

How fast is your ride back?


It's time!

God help us all.


Isolate that panel!

What is this?!


Fire in the control room!

Torpedoes are taking water! We need...



That's not Cass!

Cat's out.

Mm! I feel a burden lifted.

You know,
this whole "deep cover" thing,

it just wasn't -- it wasn't
terribly well thought out.

Donning this...This Cass mask?

This grim face of
angelic constipation?

Just ugh.

And then teaming up
with you two? I mean...

I thought you boys

were insufferable as
mortal enemies.

But working with you?

Ugh. That's the soul crusher.

Why the faces, boys?

You should be cheering.
We have a common enemy.

With this,
she will be no problem.

I mean...

I will have killed you both
by then, but still...

Come on.



It's kicked.


Who'd have thought
the Hand of God

would turn out to be
a one-hitter?





Yeah, what do we do?

What else?

We hunt Lucifer,

trap the bastard,
and save Cass.

Like I said,

Lucifer may
be in control now,

but Cass may not come back

I mean, he chose it.

No, not possible.

Hales sharply ]

So how'd you get through today?
I mean, what did you do?


Sam, they...

I was just a witness.

Do you want to talk
about it?


No. Story for another day.

Hey, the, uh...

The German ship
that sank the Bluefin,

what happened to it?

It went down.

Unlike the sub,
its wreckage was found.

Um, there was a giant hole

that'd been ripped through
the entire thing.

Something must have hit
the fuel tanks and exploded.

But it burned. Sank.

♪ non, rien de rien ♪

♪ non, je Ne regrette rien ♪

♪ ni Le bien qu'on m'a fait ♪

♪ ni Le mal
tout ca m'est bien égal ♪

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