Supernatural (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 12 - Supernatural - full transcript

Claire believes recent murders in town are supernatural and asks Sam and Dean to investigate. However, Sheriff Mills tells the guys that Claire has been getting into trouble lately and has ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My men brought in a runaway
last night.

There's no I.D. on her...
Nothing on her, actually,

except for a bus ticket
out of Nebraska.

My name is Alex.

You're alive because
hunters trained the sheriff.

I think the first words
out of your mouth

should be a thank you.

You think the vamps
are the ones who took her?

We've seen it before...

Vampires keeping people as pets,
human feedbags.


This your family?

Where are they?

I'm not your father.

Those were the first words
you ever said to me. Remember?

My dad...

Is he still in there?


I'm trying to track
somebody down.

Her name's Amelia.
She's been missing for a few years.

She's my mother.

Claire, you are not going
out there.



What are you gonna do
about Claire?

It's not up to me.

Hey, Dean. Jody Mills.

Jody Mills is good people,

and she'll give you
a place to crash

until you get
back on your feet.

You know, Claire, you go
down this path... our path...

do your homework before
you do anything stupid, okay?

And we're here if you need us,
any time.

♪ Lord, don't remember ♪

It's like
tumbleweeds out there.

Where is everybody?

Maybe they moved on to their
winter humping grounds.

It's freezing.

You want to
get out of here?

♪ Don't remember ♪

We finally have the place
to ourselves.

You mean you don't like it

when the, uh,
car next to you's

bumping up and down
and you hear groaning?

Nobody can hear us,
can they?

♪ Don't remember ♪
not tonight.


What the hell
are you doing?!

He knows.

Don't you? Huh?

I swear
I don't know anything.


What are you?

What are you?!

Did you catch us a case?

Um, no. Uh...

Get this.

Some... some dude
took a picture

of a weasel riding
a flying woodpecker.

I-It's kind of nuts.

So, I'm guessing there's nothing
on the mar-meter, either.

Uh, no.

I'm starting to think
that God's psycho sister

has gone to ground.

What about you?
Hear from Cass?

No, he said he was working
on something to draw her out,

but it's been radio silence
since he was here.

Yeah, all this quiet's
starting to wig me out.

What the hell is that?

That? That's the Elvis.

- Elvis?
- Mm-hmm.

I-Is that a...

- That's a glazed doughnut.
- Yeah.

Two, actually.

One topside,
one on the bottom.

your inferior versions...

They'll just take
one doughnut,

split it right down
the middle.



All right, well, uh,
hope you enjoy it.


You know there are starving
children out there.

Dude, I'm not gonna survive
hundreds of monster attacks

to get flatlined by... by some
double doughnut monstrosity.

The Elvis!

Whatever it...

How many calories
are in that thing?

Hey. Long time.

Your, uh, "Caddyshack" review
is way overdue.

Yeah, you got it.
We're there.

How do you feel
about South Dakota?


Word on the street

is that I'm in the presence
of royalty...

Future prom king and queen.

You guys are in the lead.

No way.

No, I mean, yeah, for you,
Henry, but not me.

Also, people still do that?

I thought it was, like,
an '80s thing.

Oh, yeah, there's crowns
and everything.

Come on.
Let's have fun with it.

I'll wear the dress.
You wear the tux.

You don't have the boobs
for my dress.

Come on. Look at those things.

Hey, Mr. P.

you ready for the test tomorrow?

So not.

Oh, lucky you've got
18 hours to prep.

Good times.

See ya.
See ya.

Oh, my God. Chem lab...

I fell asleep
in a pool of my own drool.

Oh, and coach is calling
double practice tomorrow.

Midfield needs
serious tightening.



You're killing it
out there.

Shut up.

Fitting right in.

The Winchesters?

Why would they be here?

I didn't put up
the bat signal.

Well, there goes
the neighborhood. Hi.

- Hey.
- Ooh.

- Let me help you out.
- Oh, thank you.

- Yeah, sure.
- Come here.

- It has been too long.
- Hey.

Yeah, clearly,
it's been too long

'cause, Alex,
that is you, right?

I don't look that different.

It's amazing
what you can accomplish

when you spend two hours
in the bathroom every morning.

Since when are you even up
in the morning?

I'm surprised
you're awake now.

Hey, I'm pretty sure
the guys didn't come here

to watch you two
kill each other.

Is everything okay?

I didn't accidentally butt-dial
you or anything, did I?

- Sh...
- I called about the monsters

that you refuse to believe
are monsters.

Oh, you got to be kidding.

You know, if you'd checked
in with me, I could have saved you a trip.

Well, we figured
we owed you the visit.

And you know what? Actually,
I could use the backup.

Let me have that.


I'm gonna go
put another chicken on.

You settle in.

M-might want to make it two.
I'm... just gonna...

- Yeah.
- I'm starving.


Oh, this bird is fantastic.


And when you mix it up

with the potatoes
and the... the beans...

You guys eat like this
every day?

It's just chicken.

It's shaped like chicken.

Not a patty
or... or a nugget.

Can we get to the case?

Three people are missing.

There is no evidence that they
didn't skip town on their own.

Two of them were runaways.
One was a homeless guy.

He was last seen
at Brayden Point.

I've been stalking it out.

- Right.
- Dude.

There's plenty left.
Brayden Point?

Yeah, it's where
the kids go to make out.

And, yes, there's about
four pounds left on the stove.

Guys, there's something
out there.

People are reporting animals
they've never seen before,

things stalking their
front yards that disappear.

This is according to the...
Hey, put it back...

Neighborhood crime blogs
that Claire has been reading.

They're eyewitness

We've hunted on less.

What else you got?

I'm... I'm working on it.

Claire did catch
a werewolf.

Oh, right, it turned out to be
a German Shepherd with rabies.

And before that
was the vampire...

into erotic cosplay.

I didn't know what cosplay
was before that.

for the whole force.

You've been busy.

I've been hunting.

menacing innocent people.

Claire has a whole string
of assaults racked up.

The only reason she's not
sitting in jail right now

is that I'm the Sheriff.

Fine, I've been wrong.

But this time I know
there's a monster.

Can we stop talking about
monsters and hunting?

What about real life?

Real life?


Yeah, sure.
Let's get real.

You and Henry settle
on a weekend yet?


When you're sneaking out
to Jody's cabin

to screw yourselves silly.

Here we go.

We're not...

You're completely insane.

You might want to clear
your G-chats

before you commit to that.

This seems like,
uh, family business.

Sit! Stay!


anything you want to say?


Okay, uh, well,
um, I-I may have...

I've definitely seen birth
control pills in your backpack.

- Oh, we're going there.
- Okay.

Oh, my God.

Hey, if we can't talk about it,
we shouldn't be doing it, right?



Okay, I'm not gonna tell you

that you are too young
to be having sex, or you.

Who's she gonna have
sex with?

She doesn't talk
to anybody.

Hey, um,
what I will tell you

is that birth control pills
are useless against STDs.

Whoever you are with needs to
suit up every time, always.

No pulling up
the drawbridge early.

Oh, I get it.

And don't expect the guy,
as much as I love Henry,

to always show up packing.

Am I right?



Stop! We haven't done
anything yet.

I'm just...
trying to be prepared.

Great. Um...

We need some more
mashed potatoes, right?

Mashed pota... I'm just gonna...
I'm gonna...

I'm gonna get some more


This is fun.

Nice ambush in there.

Hey, you guys crashed
my pad first.

Well, you know, thought
we were gonna be helping you

with monsters,
not birth control.

Welcome to my world.

I mean, don't get me wrong,
I love those girls,

but, man, I am hanging on
by my fingertips.

The last guy Claire pegged
as a monster,

she held a sword
to his throat.

He is hell-bent
on pressing charges.

You know,
I got to be honest,

I thought it was gonna be Alex
with the, uh, adjustment issues.

Oh, yeah, it was rough going
there for a bit, too.

But this year,
everything clicked.

She's dating the most popular
guy in school, for gosh sake.

Yeah, I know.
I barely recognized her.

But even there, I feel like
I should be teaching her

about boyfriends
and relationships.

You know, stuff a mom
would teach her.

Eh, Sammy and I could have
benefited from a little of that.

but I'm not Alex's mom.

I'm not Claire's mom.
I didn't raise them.

I don't have that kind of
history with them.

We can talk to Claire, and
we'll get her to settle down.

It's not just Claire
busting heads.

There's more?

Yeah, she started college,

but she hasn't been
to classes for weeks.

She doesn't have
any friends.

She spends all her time trolling
for cases and reading lore.

Sounds kind of creepy
when you put it like that.

You know, I've got nothing
against hunting,

but if she's hiding in it

because she doesn't have
anything else, I'm just...

I'm worried about her
being so alone.

Well, I'll put Sammy on it.

He's better with the whole talky
thing, anyway.



Come in.

- Claire.
- Hey.

You, uh...
You got a minute?


Looks like you and I have
the same decorating philosophy.

It's not like I need
the Biebs on my wall.

I was thinking tomorrow
we could go

to the families
of the people who disappeared

and, like, see if there's
any connection between them.

Right, um...

About that, Claire...

I know how it can be.

The hunter life consumes you.
There's no 9:00-to-5:00.

You start seeing monsters
at every Quik Mart in town.

So you think I'm nuts?

No, of course not.

What I'm saying is
I'm not sure you have a case.

And lately, it seems like
you've spent a lot of time

hunting monsters
that weren't there.

What is that
supposed to mean?

You wouldn't be
the first hunter

who was trying
to escape something.

And what am I escaping,

aside from mind-numbing

You tell me.

I mean, how are things
with Jody and Alex?

And I'm not taking sides.

I'm just trying to understand
what's going on.

They're not trying
to make me feel bad.

I mean, Alex is.
She hates me.

But, um...

Sometimes I just feel like

I'm a little late
to the Jody and Alex show.


Well, they have been through
some heavy crap together.

Maybe it's time
I just head out on my own

and be
a full-fledged hunter.

Claire, I absolutely understand
the need to hunt.

Believe me, I do.

But the monsters are
always going to be there,

on and on, forever.

But a chance at a family,
a home, school... that won't be.


Come on.
We're gonna be late.

Come on.
We're gonna be late.

I want to catch
Mr. P. before the test.

Victim's name
is Stephen Phelps.

He was a math teacher...
Alex's favorite, actually.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Phelps was found hanging

from the top of the flagpole,

Like his neck
had been snapped first.

Any witnesses?

Only the lucky custodian
that found him.

So, how did the killer
get Phelps

up there
in the first place?

Unless he had his own
fire truck?

Yeah, so our killer climbs up
20 feet

with a guy on his back
and then duct-tapes him?

Yeah, and why?

We found this around the
flagpole if it means anything.

We already sent a sample
to the lab.

What else do you know
about Phelps?

Just that he was
a damn fine teacher.

He really helped Alex out.
I know that.

I knew it.
So, what are we dealing with?

Ghost possession?

Claire, this is a crime scene.
You can't be here.

Oh, but the fake FBI can?


Keep your voice down!

Come here. Come here.

I was trying
to work the case...

The case everyone said
wasn't real.

And you know what?
You were right, okay?

There is something unnatural
going on here,

but you can't just walk up
in front of a bunch of officers

and demand that
the sheriff give you details

on a murder investigation.

Can we talk about
the body now?

Oh, I'm not even
near finished.

You need to show Jody
a little respect.

She did you a huge solid
by taking you in.

She got you set up
at school.

I don't want to
go to school.

Nobody wants to
go to school, Claire.

It's school.

My point is she's been
busting her ass

to get you set up
with a life.

She's feeding you.

Hell, you got a nicer room
than I do now.

She kept you out of jail.

I never asked her to.

And that's what
I'm talking about.

You need to act like
you give a crap.

You need to appreciate
what that woman's do...

They canceled school.

So we're gonna...
Hang out, I guess.

Hang out, huh?


Okay, then.

Oh, yeah.
He got the message.

Damn right he did.

I'm sure.

Where you go...

People walking away
from me!

You know the FBI?

Jody does.

Was there anyone that Mr. Phelps
had run-ins with recently...

Staff, parents, students?

No, not that I know of.

Parents would bake brownies
for that man.

Oh, okay, well,
we're gonna want to, um,

interview staff
and students,

as well as have access
to personnel records.

Whatever you need.

We got to catch
that bastard...

Turn his insides out
and string him up.

Glad you're on our side.

Well, I raise the flag
in the morning

and, uh, he's...
He's s-stuck up there,

you know,
like a bug on a stick.

I thought it was a prank
at first,

but, uh, you know,
like it was a dummy

or something like that,

but, uh it wasn't.


Did you know Mr. Phelps?

Seen him around.

Have you noticed anything weird
or out of the ordinary

going on
at the school lately?

You mean weirder
than a dead teacher

taped to the top
of a flagpole or...?

Before you discovered
Mr. Phelps,

had you noticed any unusual
sights or sounds or smells?


Uh, I mean, you know, this place
kind of always stinks.

The kids are slobs, you know?

But I do the best that I can,
but, uh...

Mr. Weiler,
you don't seem too upset

about the, uh, graphic scene
you came upon this morning.

Well, I mean,
what can I tell you?

I mean,
I-I didn't know the guy.

And where were you last night,
and earlier this morning,

before you found the body?

This is confidential,

I was passed out
at the Blind Donkey.


This place is bigger
than it looks.

Checked every classroom,
every office,

every hallway,
and every bathroom,

and I deserve hazard pay
for that.

- And?
- Nothing.

No EMF, no hex bags,
no sulfur.

The only thing I found
were a couple of teachers

making out
in the break room.

Well, you got more than I did.
Not one witness.

Oh, but the custodian...

There's definitely something up
with him.

He's... Squirrelly.

Well, teacher of the year
gets run up a flagpole,

and nobody knows squat?

Something's going on here.

You okay?

I know you were tight
with Mr. Phelps.

He thought
I was super-smart.

Said I should ditch soccer
and join the math team.

You are super-smart.

What he must have
gone through...

Nobody should die
like that.

People are messed up.

Never thought we'd have
an actual psychopath

here in Sioux Falls.

There are awful things
out there.

What do you mean?


I wasn't always this girl.

Sometimes I look at myself
in the mirror,

and I'm like,
"that's me?"

Yeah, you said you had
to run away from home?

Jody took you in?

You should know...

I've done
some really bad things.

Let me out!

Hurt people.

You got any idea
what I'm about to do to you?

Yeah. I do.


What the...?

I should have told you

Everybody's done stuff
they're ashamed of.

I mean
there was this one kid

we all tortured
in middle school.

I-I can't even think
about it.

Alex, hey.

I don't care.

Whatever it is you did,
I don't, okay?

And you never have to tell me
anything if you don't want to.

- Hey.
- Yo.

Got the results back on that
fiber from the crime scene.

- And?
- Asbestos.

- Asbestos?
- Yeah.

So our killer's

What does that mean?

Well, not much yet.

And Weiler the janitor...
His alibi checks out.

Well, his social security number
does not.

It belongs to Mamie Garcia,
who died in 1988.

And Weiler started at Marshall
a few months ago,

when the disappearances

The ones I said were
supernatural in the first place.

Yes, we know.
You keep reminding us.

So we need to talk to
this Mr. Weiler again.

Okay, I'm gonna run his I.D.
photo through the database.

I'm coming with you.

I have a fed suit, and I can be
your new agent trainee.

Okay, hold on there,

You and I are leaving
in a half an hour.

The registrar... remember?

Reschedule it.

Again? Unh-unh.

You are going to beg him
to let you re-enroll tonight.

When there's
a killer out there?


I feel like a total asshat.

Who dresses like this?

You know, there is a reason why
murderers put on monkey suits

when they go in front
of a judge.




I always thought
you were the pretty one.


And a fake address.

Oh, I'm loving this guy.

Hey, what's up?

Dean, you need...


- Ohh!
- Jody?

Oh, no! No!



I'll check the house.

Damn it!

Nothing. No one.

It's Claire's knife.

So whatever it was, it was lying
in wait for them when they left.

This is Agent Noon.

No, I have not seen
the sheriff, either.

I'd be happy to pass
on the information.

I'm just here with my partner.
Uh, what do you got?

They identified
the custodian.


Richard Beesom.

He's a trucker
out of O'Neill, Nebraska.

He's been missing
for three years.

Thank you.

His family was found

Throats ripped out.

- He's a vampire?
- Yeah.

Isn't that where Alex was from?

Where her nest was?

So, what, Beesom was
part of Alex's old nest?

Came here looking for Alex

and then found Jody
and Claire instead?

I don't know. Something
still doesn't sit right.

We got to warn Alex.

Yeah, all right,
you pick her up.

I'll go check
Beesom's office.

There's bound to be
something there.

Hey, where are you?
I'm coming to get you.

I'm at 50's on lake.

Okay, sit tight
till I get there.

- Do not go off by yourself.
- What's going on?

The custodian at your school...
He's a vamp.

Oh, my God. No.

Listen to me.
I'll be there in five minutes.

Don't move.
You understand?


You need to go.

What do you mean?

You need to get away
from me now.

Just leave me here.

I can't let you go.

Oh, come on!


Alex is gone.

Dean, listen, I just found
an old school map.

Uh, there's a building
that used to be the pool.

They closed it down
because it had asbestos.

That has to be
where Beesom took them.

I'm 15 minutes away.

All right, uh, it's at the east end of
the school across Menlo.

I'm heading there now.

Those are the bodies
that went missing.

Just a little take-out.

Waiting for trash day.

You were right.

What are we here for?



What the hell is this?

Your whole life.

How's this
for a family reunion, huh?

Would have invited my own,
but, uh,

they died
a couple years ago.

Do you know how?

You figured out who I am?

I don't know you.

You don't remember?

Well, you took my life,
and you don't remember?

Three years ago. Nebraska.

Some sleazebag was taking
you home outside of a bar,

and I chased him off.

'Cause, see,
you were so young,

and I could see you didn't want
anything to do with the guy.

I mean, I-I-I thought maybe
some pimp was working you.

I gave you a few $20s and told
you I would drive you home.

I do remember you.


Oh, good.

You remember how you didn't say
a word all the way there?

Is this your house?

And then they came.

Hey. What...?


Hey! Hey!

Ohh! Aah!

Get off me!

The whole starving pack
tore into me.

They drank me alive.

They turned me!

Leave her alone!
She had no choice!

That is when
the real fun began

because I went home
to tell my wife what happened,

but, see, I was covered
in blood... my own blood,

which made me crazy,

I lost control.

I gutted her... and my boy.

I'm so sorry.

They... they made me.

You could have left me
outside that bar.

I tried to help you!

I was a good man!

And, you know, the only thing
that kept me going

was the knowledge
that I would find you one day,

and I would make you pay.

You see, Rich was tracking you
for months, Alex.

Yeah, he's...
He's been watching you.

What for?

Well, I was just gonna
kill you outright,

but, of course, you just
were so miserable and alone

it would have been
a mercy killing, right?

I wanted you to be happy first.

I wanted you to have
something precious

so that I could take it
from you.

So... He turned
the most popular kid in school

and sent me after you...
I'd build you up...

Then I'd chop you right down
piece by piece.

I'd take your teacher...

Your boyfriend, your family,

and then I'll feed you
to my nest.

None of it was real?

Seriously, Al?

You were a complete freak.

I mean, you were an angry loner
creeping around the school

like some kind of
trench coat Mafia.

You're gonna burn in hell,
you sociopath.

I could never date
someone like you.

Stop it!

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

- Ahh.
- Don't mess with this one.

Henry's got a real mean streak,
you know?

You know, this one couldn't
just kill Mr. Phelps.

He had to run him up a flagpole
for the whole school to salute.

Well, she saw him,
didn't she?

You brought a lot of cops.

Get off me!

- They know we're here!
- No!

Those FBI...
They're hunters!

They know that you
killed Phelps.

And they killed Alex's
entire nest! Just ask her!

It's... it's true.
They're coming for you.

- Shut up!
- Ow!

Henry, the killing and running
all the time...

You don't want that.

You did this!
You did this to all of us!


You are gonna watch
everyone you love die.

Check your Intel, you pig!
Alex hates me.

- Ow!
- I-I-I'll help you.

Let them go,
and I'll lure for you.

You know how good I am.

I kept a whole nest alive
for eight years.

And... and you can feed on me
when the hunting goes dry.

And it goes dry.
I know.

You know,
I might take you up on that.





No one's gonna save you.


- Did you drink their blood?
- No.

Ow. Dean.



It had to be the leg.

I'm gonna need bionics.
Come here.

He's all yours now.

I should have tapped that
when I had the chance.

Keep dreaming about me.

Yeah, I thought I smelled
burning bacon.

You two cooked?

Uh, we tried.

The pancakes might
be a little raw.

We wanted to do
something for you.

Okay, stop looking at me
like that.

I feel like Tiny Tim.

I'm sorry he hurt you...
Both of you.

Hey, we're fine.

We're in three whole pieces,
more or less. It's okay.

It's not okay.

He almost killed you
for what I did.

It's for what those vamps did.
You were a kid.

You had to do whatever
they said.


you were ready to give up
your life for us.

That's goodness.

And that's what's scary
about family.

It gives you so much to lose.

You don't have to worry.

I know what I have.

You should have seen Jody
take out that vamp.

She would have taken
a bullet for me.

Does that mean you're gonna make
her life less hellish?

I solemnly swear
not to hunt like a dumb-ass.

Jody said that she's gonna
teach me to vet leads

and teach me
how to investigate.

She think I'm gonna
get myself killed.

You all right?

Ahh, thanks.

Dude, we got ribs
and, uh, two tubs of sauce

'cause you're not touching mine.

Made them for dinner last night,
but didn't get to eat it,

what with the multiple
kidnappings and all.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- One second.
- Mm.

Are you gonna be all right?

School on Monday.

You're just gonna go
take a bio quiz

and pretend like you didn't
almost get slaughtered?

You're not giving up hunting,
are you?

Hell, no.

Alex, other vamps
may come for you.

I know.
And I'll be ready.

And when I get my life together,
I might be moving on.

Alex, you don't have to leave
to protect us.

That's not why.

I can't be around
what you all are doing...

The things you're fighting.

Are you gonna be all right now
that you're outnumbered again?

Ah, as long as everyone wears
a condom, we'll be fine.

I want that bumper sticker.