Supernatural (2005–…): Season 10, Episode 7 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Dean discover a group of witches "gone wild" and they attempt to stop them.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
-Who are you?
-Name's Cole.

Your older brother, Dean, he and I go way back.
That was the night Dean murdered my father.

We're talking heavyweight witchcraft.

Not some New Age,
Wiccan water dowser, either.

This is Old World black magic,
warts and all.

I hate witches. They're always spewing
their bodily fluids everywhere.

It's downright unsanitary.

Castiel, it's time we
stop avoiding the obvious.

Hannah, we can't afford to lose our way.

This mission, it's everything.

Emotions, feelings,
they're dangerous temptations.

-You'd better think fast, Tiana...

because this looks bad.

I'm so-- I'll do anything, I'll come back.
I'll make it up to you.

Just, please, don't hurt me.


what kind of message would that
send the other girls, huh?

Oh, Tiana, Tiana.

I'd say I'm sorry to lose you...

but there's plenty more where you came from.

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Girls, Girls, Girls
Original Air Date on November 252, 2014

What, this? Cattle deaths a few towns over?
Uh, demon possibility or something?

No. It says right there it's
probably because of the drought.

-So, what are we doing here?
-Uh, reason's right on your plate.

Lazardo's Porterhouse, USDA prime. Only
place between Connecticut and the bunker...

you can get a decent steak under 10 bucks.

Dude, you are blowing up. Who is that?

-It's just, uh, you know,
these alert thingies. -For what?

You know, monster stuff.

Hey, hey. Uh-uh. No, give it back.

What? Why?

-Because privacy and stuff.
-Oh, priv--

You're on a dating app?

Yeah. And you know what?
Don't knock it until you try it.

Nice screen name, Dean.

-All right, give it back. Come on.

"Shaylene", huh?

Dean, there are like a million messages here.

Yeah. Check out her pic.

Uh-- Oh. Wow.

Okay, um-- Okay, she's hot.

-But what?

But she seems, um...

kind of available.

Like, too available.

"Oh, baby, whatever you want.
I'm burning up just thinking about you".

They get raunchier.

Yeah. Yeah, I see that.
It's like a Penthouse letter.


Is that bad?

No. It's not bad, Dean.
It's too good to be true.

I'm sorry, is it so hard to believe that
an attractive, red-blooded American female...

could be interested in someone like me?

You realize there's no guarantee
"Shaylene" is even Shaylene?

I mean, for all you know, it could be
some Canadian trucker named Bruce.

That look like a Bruce to you?

We detoured eight hours
so you could get laid?

Yeah. Yeah. Oh, and, uh, you know what?
Lunch is on me...

and, uh, don't wait up.

-Excuse me. Hi.

It's getting easier. Isaac came
back willingly. Didn't even resist.

There are still some angels down here,
but the higher profile rogues are back.

We find them all, that's the mission.

Here. Christopher Sherman, pastor.

Local paper in Tennessee says
he's working miracles in his parish.

Figure of speech?


But it's the best lead we have.

Until we find something
stronger, we should...

uh, check it out.



What are you doing?

I'm taking a shower.

We don't need to shower.

I know.

Are you--?

Does this bother you?

Bothered? I--

I'm not.


I forgot something.

-We still need to discuss my terms.

Oh, like rules? Like sexy rules?

Um, more an issue of payment.

Yeah, heh.

Sweetie, I thought you figured it out.

I mean, shy of coming out and saying it,
I thought I made it pretty obvious.

Yeah, yeah. No, I just, um...

See, I have this code.

Uh, no cash for ass.

Well, you're in luck, honey.
because I don't want your money.

All I want from you is one little thing.
A trifle, really.

I'm listening.

Your soul.

My soul.

It's nothing, baby.

Who knows what a soul is, really?
If it even exists.

All I know is you say yes,
my guy comes up, you sign some papers...

and then it's you and me, good to go.

So that's it?

Jut sign over my life.

It's a signature, baby.

What's a little paperwork
compared to absolute physical bliss?

-You make a strong case.
-I love my job.

Do you?


Because it doesn't look like love to me.

Get the car. I'll check us out.


I put an alert on your credit card.

I saw a charge here.

I drove a night.

How we doing?

Everybody ready for a good time?

Okay. John Hancock, right here.

Then we can get this party started.


-She told us everything.
-Abduction, forced prostitution.

That's pretty gnarly, even for a demon.

-She's got her version, I've got mine.

Let me guess. She came to you
begging for you to pimp her out.

Yeah. Because that Harvard degree
was working so well for her.

How many girls, hmm? How big is this?

-Just me and Shay.
-He's lying.

There's a brothel. I heard him on the phone.
They told me what you are. A demon from hell.

Beats trash from the street.

Face it. Without me, you would've been
dead of drugs, or worse, in a year.

-Frankly, this little ho
should be thanking me-- -Whoa!

Okay. Well, that just happened.

Yeah, and he was our best shot
at the location of the brothel.

-Do you have any idea where it is?

But, um...

I saw him give these out at the bars.

What did you say?

I said, if you like it so much,
why don't you wear it?

She won't wear the clothes you picked.

What should I do?

Gerald, what do you think?

Don't leave any marks.

Hey, lady...

I think you're in the wrong place.

This is Raul's Girls, isn't it?

Clever name, by the way.

Sorry, but were not hiring at the moment.

And no offense...

but even if we were, you're a little old.

-Unless you're here as a customer.
-No disrespect to your girls...

but I'd sooner die
than do business of any kind...

with filth like you.



Ladies, you may want to stand back.
This will get messy.

Hardly the most appetizing
process in the world...

but killing demons always makes me hungry.

You coming?

I mean, you're we come to stay here.


Caroline, you've been gone a year.


I don't know what's happened to you,
I don't know who's gotten into your head...

but something's going on and
I'm not walking away till I know what.

Well, there's is a reason.
An answer for all of this.

-Then tell me.
-I can't.

You wouldn't understand.

Then I'm not going anywhere.

-I waited at the car but the deskman said--

This is Joe.

-My husband.


Who is this guy?


You saying you're together?



I left you for him.

He's the reason.


No, I don't believe it.

This guy? You?

There's something...

You're not that kind of person.

You wouldn't do that. You couldn't do that.

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

I can't believe somebody got to kill
this Raul too before we could.

-Check IDs.
-All right.

Uh, Dean?

From the look and smile of it...

pure demon.

I think this is Raul.

-What, did he puke himself to death?
-Yeah, literally.

Okay, so...

Something went down here.
There was a standoff.

One demon smokes out, and Raul...

What can even kill a demon like this?


a witch.

Um, ma'am, why are we here?

Well, I thought you'd be hungry.
I doubt that swine Raul fed you properly.

Yeah, but...

we don't belong here.

-Apologies for the interruption, ma'am.
-That word again.

But I'm afraid that the Bistro des Moules
has a very strict dress code.

A sartorial standard certain members
of your party fall well short of.

-Now can we go?
-Stay in your seats. We're not going anywhere.

Excuse me?

You heard me.

A Krug '95. An excellent vintage.

With our compliments, of course.

This is awesome.

How did you do it?



a bordello?

You opened a whorehouse in my name?

Well, technically, the place
was called Raul's Girls...

but yes.

-But Raul said that--
-Oh, Raul said.

Your decree last month.

Soul deals way down
after the war with Abaddon.

Said you were looking for proactive
strategies to get numbers back up.

So you and your half-wit pal
threw me into the sex trade?

I'm evil, but that's just tacky.

We tried running it past you.

We were told you weren't taking
meetings, that you were distracted.

I mean, busy.

Look, this witch took Raul down like that:

The whole operation, kaput. I smoked out.

Ran away.

-Possessed the nearest meat suit I could find.
-Apparently so.

Because I thought that you
should know what happened.

An act of aggression like that...

didn't seem like something
you could let stand.


Here we go.

So it looks like in the 18th century, there
were accounts of demons killed by witchcraft.

Apparently, they were vanquished by
a spell called "Defigere Et Depurgare".

Which is Latin for "to bind and purge".

You think that's the same
spell that took out Raul?

Sounds like it.

But from what I can tell...

that spell hasn't been
used in over 300 years.

And it was only ever known by one person.

The witch who created it.

That is...?


According to the Grand Coven, there are
three recognized kinds of witch in the world.

Most common are the Borrowers.

Those who harness the power of a demon
in order to practice the art.

Owing to recent experience...

I doubt you'd have the stomach for that.

Secondly, and rarest of all,
are the Naturals.

Those who are born with the gift.

You're one of those.


you are correct.

-And what's the third?
-The Students.

Those with no natural ability, who,
with enough practice and training...

and a Grand Coven-approved
mentor to show them the path...

can eke out a modicum of witchly power.

-Will you be our mentor?

Well, I'm about as far from Grand Coven-
approved as it's possible to be.

They threw me out...

many years ago.

Disapproved of my methods,
said my magic was too extreme.

I was forbidden from using magic...

from taking students, from forming a coven.

I've been on the run from
those utter fannies ever since.

So you can't teach us.

Screw the Grand Coven and their silly rules.

You two stick with me
and you can have anything...

do anything you want, whenever you want.

When do we start?

Soon, but not here.

Whoops, I believe that's our cue.

-Did you do that?
-Oh, he'll be fine.

Worker's comp and all that. Are you coming?

Call 911.

I'm not afraid.

Because you're a newb.

Heh, I'm your first.

That's why you're drawing this out,
because you're studying me.

You're training.

It's gonna take a lot more
than that to make me talk.

Boy, you will talk.

You will talk and you will tell me everything
you know about your buddy Dean Winchester.

At some point, we have
to talk about what happened.

The, uh...

He wouldn't listen, Castiel.

He wouldn't let me go.

I didn't wanna hurt him.

I could have erased his memories...

but it didn't feel right.

I thought if he truly believed
we were together, he'd give up.

And it worked.

So why does it feel so bad?

You did the right thing.

You hurt him, but you gave him a reason.

Something he could use to move forward
and make sense of his loss.

I had to take my vessel from his family.

Twice, actually.

Jimmy Novak.

He was a good man. He was married.

Had a daughter.



And it was difficult, but necessary.

The mission comes first. Always.

Middle of my shift, there's Marty,
falling down, clutching his head...

stroking out right there on the floor.

Sweating, turning red like...
Like... Like he was--

Like his brains were boiling?

Was there anything else unusual?

More unusual than our head waiter
dropping dead in front of me?

Before that.

I don't know. I thought getting two
hookers in here was pretty unusual...

but that was before Marty keeled over.

Two hookers?

Based on what they were wearing, yeah.

Were they alone?

No. Came in with a lady.

Thank you for your time.

No, that is strange.
All right, hear you. Thank you.


So it looks like our witch
was here with two new friends.


-Raul's girs? What does she want with them?
-I don't know.

-What'd you get from the Hunter network?
-Darrell's been working a case.

Series of grisly hotel murders.

One at the Kensington,
another at the Waldorf in Cleveland.

Bodies stabbed, impaled on the ceiling.

Sounds more homicidal maniac than witchy.

That's what Darrell thought too
until the autopsy came back.

-Actual cause of death--
-Let me guess. Boiled brains.

Yeah. Same as our waiter.

I'll give this to the witch,
she's got deep pockets.

The Kensington, Waldorf, this restaurant.
That can't be cheap.


-Let's go.
-Where we going?

-To check out every five-star
hotel in the area. -Oh.

What's going on?

I'm sorry, Castiel.

I'm not going with you.

I'm done.

It's hard letting go...

of a story, a mission.

But what of the humans whose lives
we sacrifice in the name of that mission?

What of them?

We always said the humans
were our original mission.

Maybe it's time, Castiel.

Time to put them first.

Where is all this coming from?

Being on Earth.

Working with you.

I've felt things, human things.

Passions. Hungers.

To shower...

feel water on my skin.

To get closer to you.

But a of that was nothing compared
to what I felt when I saw him.

Her husband.

His anger and his grief.

And Caroline was inside me
screaming out for him...

for her life back.

These feelings...

they aren't for me, for us.

They belong to her.

I know it's time to step aside.

Goodbye, Castiel.



I know.


You two ready for some practice?

-Who is it?
-Probably the hotel manager.

Probably here to complain
that I haven't paid the bill.

You have those spells I gave you?

Yeah, about that. I don't read Spanish.

It's Latin.

Phonetics are in the back, darling.


Get ready.

And on my word...

You're in for a world of hurt
when we deliver you to our boss.

What about us?
I'm not going back to that place.

Operation Skank has been terminated.

The only place you two are going
is the Dumpster out back.

-Who are those guys?

-Let's get out of here.
-That's not an exit.

Don't worry, ladies, our beef's not with you.
We're here for the witch. Rowena.

Always nice to be recognized.

Do something. A spell.

That's an excellent idea.

-What did you do to her?

Go. Go.

What'd you do? What did you do to her?

Attack-dog spell. We needed a decoy.

But... But she'll die.

-Just like the waiter.

Few humans are built to survive
magic like that, and Elle was weak.

But you're not.

I saw it the second we met.
You're strong.

You're right.

I am.

Not another word.

Lady, your luck has just run out.

I'm pretty sure that's not true.

Pal, we gotta work on your timing.

Drop the gun, Dean-o.

All right, she may not look like much,
but letting this one go, big mistake.


You heard the boy.

Look, I am sorry about the last time we met.
Okay? I'm sorry about a lot of things.

-I'm not the same person that I was.
-Oh, you're not a person at all.

-You see, I know all about your kind now.
-My kind? Listen--

I'm not a demon anymore.

So were you a demon
when you murdered my father?


Then you're still a monster.

Let's go.

Let me out.

Look, whatever she did to you,
you have to fight it.

I can't.


What are you waiting for?

Do it.


I'm gonna clear this mess
up once and for all.

You're gonna give me five minutes
and we're gonna talk. Get up.

And after that...

if you don't like what you hear...

you still want me dead, you take your shot.

What I do...

is hunt monsters.

Your dad, Cole, your dad was a monster.

You say that now, but last time we fought,
you couldn't even remember his name.

2003, Nyack, New York. Ed Trenton.

I was working a case.
Three dead, livers ripped out and eaten...

by your father.

-Livers? -I'd tracked him
down that night, to your house.

You say he was a monster.
What kind of monster was he?

I don't know.

I'd never seen that kind before,
never seen it again.

All I know is that he came home
that night looking to kill.

Could've been you, could've been your mom.

-That didn't happen...

because I was there to stop him.

I heard his voice.

it was a human voice
and he begged you to stop.

It was a ploy.

It's a monster's trick.

I know what you heard.

But know this...

that was not your father, Cole.

Your father was already gone.

Put it down. Sam, put it down.

-Cole, it's fine.

Put it down.

Hey, right here. We're talking, okay?

How can I believe you?

How can I believe you?

My whole life, I've been...

I get it.

That was your story.

Look, man, I got one of those too.

Okay, but those stories that
we tell that keep us going...

man, sometimes they blind us.
They take us to dark places.

The kind of place where I might beat the crap
out of a good man just for the fun of it.

The people who love me...

they pulled me back from that edge.

Cole, once you touch that darkness...

it never goes away.

Now, the truth is...

I'm past saving.

I know how my story ends.

It's at the edge of a blade
or the barrel of a gun.

So the question is, is that gonna be today?

That gonna be that gun?

You've got a famiIy, Cole.

I heard you on the phone that night.

I'm guessing they need you to come back.

And they need you to come back whole.




-He say where he was going?


In the wind.

What you said earlier back there...

about being past saving, were you really--?

I was just telling the guy
what he needed to hear.

We'd better go.

Winchesters showed up.

Alpha Team went down, but
Beta Team was working contingency.

Had a perimeter around the hotel.

We got her.

Right in there. Tortured.

If you'd like, I could finish her off.

Wipe that ridiculous smile off your face.

What, do you want a medal?

A thank you for cleaning up
the mess you made?

Everyone working for me, touched.

A bunch of needy, squalling,
incompetent infants.

The king at last?

King of what, Liliput?
I mean, I'd heard you were short, but...


Get to it.

Time for the coup de grace.

Wee boy...

something the matter with you?

Cat got your tongue, hmm?



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