Supernatural (2005–…): Season 10, Episode 5 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Dean investigate a haunting at a theatre.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ mouse clicks ]

[ electricity crackles ]

Oh, no!

Whatever could that be?

[ gasps ]

[ screams ]

[ gun cocks ]

Meet Winchester.

Marie: Cut!

Maggie, Siobhan...

Is this some kind of a joke
to you?

this scene takes place

before the events
of Carver Edlund's

unpublished masterpiece
"Dark Side of the Moon."

So? [ chuckles ]

where is the Samulet?

Oh. [ sighs ]
I took it off.

It kept hitting me
in the lips, and...

That amulet is a symbol of
the Winchesters' brotherly love.

You need to take one
for the team.

Look, I'm just here
for the college credit.

[ scoffs ]

How dare you!

[ scoffs ]



[ sighs ]

Okay, I have had three weeks
of this crap show,

and I am done.

There is too much drama
in the drama department.

I'm going to principal Salazar
in the morning.

No, no, no, no, no, no,
Mrs. Chandler, please...

It's over, Marie.

[ footsteps depart, door opens ]

[ door closes ]

All right,
everybody back to one!

Until we are all suspended,
the show must go on.

Why couldn't
they just do "Godspell,"

like good little skanks?

Instead, it's this awful,
unbelievable horror story.


Like that stuff really happens.

[ sighs ]

Theater is about life,
you know?

Truth... truth!

Where is the truth
in "Supernatural"?

[ rustling ]

[ gasps ]



Oh, get it off! Get it off!

[ screaming ]

[ neon buzzing ]

I mean, it's close,
but it just...

It needs a little more,

[ Gordon Lightfoot's "Sundown"
plays ]

[ tool cranking ]

[ sighs ]

♪ I can see her lying back
in her satin dress ♪

♪ in a room where you do
what you don't confess ♪

♪ sundown,
you better take care ♪

♪ if I find you been creepin'
'round my back stairs ♪

♪ sundown,
you better take care ♪

[ door closes ]


How long you been up?

Long enough
to find us a case.

Long enough to...

I take it that means
you're feeling back to normal?

Yeah, whatever normal is
in our world.

So, uh...

Right here.
[ grunts ]

A teacher
at an all-girls school

went missing
in Flint, Michigan.

She was, uh, headed to her car
and then disappeared.

Nobody's seen her since.

♪ Sometimes,
I think it's a shame ♪

Dean, there's nothing here

to even remotely suggest
there's a case.

There is nothing there
that even remotely suggests

there isn't a case.


Come on, man.

Sam, out there hunting...

That's the only normal
I know.

♪ I can picture every move
that a man could make ♪

We got work to do.

Oh, of course.

Yes, I certainly
appreciate it.

You got it.
Thanks, officer.

[ engine shuts off ]

So, the last place
Mrs. Chandler was seen by anyone

was in the auditorium.

Turns out
she's the drama teacher.

[ sighs ]
Theater kids... great.

I was a theater kid.


You did "Our Town,"
which was cool,

but then you did
that crappy musical.

That... "Oklahoma!"?

Hugh Jackman
got cast off "Oklahoma!"

You ran tech, Wolverine.

Shut up.

If you gentlemen need
anything else, just let me know.

Thanks, Mrs. Salazar.

Katie: Idjits.

Ya idjits.

You are idjits.

Kristen: Hey, assbutt!

Hey, assbutt!

[ piano playing ]

♪ John and Mary,
husband and wife ♪

♪ bringing home
a brand-new life ♪

♪ his name is Sammy ♪

♪ I'm big brother Dean ♪

♪ the perfect family ♪

♪ or so it seemed ♪

♪ the demon's visits had begun ♪

♪ it believed
Sam was the chosen one ♪

♪ it burned my mother ♪

[ screaming ]
♪ And it cursed my brother ♪

♪ leaving us in tears ♪

♪ on the road so far ♪

♪ yeah, the road so far ♪

♪ we are in dad's car... ♪
Marie: Cut!

All right, go talk to the
lighting department real quick,

and then we're gonna
go talk to Siobhan.

Maeve: Okay.

Okay, that was
really, really good.

What in the h-holy...

If there is a case...

Probably has
something to do with all this.

Ya think?

Okay? Good.


Marie just never stops.

I know.

You were great.

Oh, my gosh, a-a-are you guys
from the publisher?

I'm... I'm Marie,
the writer/director.

This is Maeve, my stage manager,
and that was just a dr...


I'm, uh,
special agent Smith.

This is my partner,
special agent...


No relation.
[ chuckles nervously ]

W-we're here to look
into the disappearance...

There is no singing
in "Supernatural."

Well, this is
Marie's interpretation.

[ scoffs ]

Well... I mean, if there was
singing, you know...

And that's a big "if"...

If there was singing,
it would be classic rock,

not this...
Andrew Floyd Webber crap!

Andrew Lloyd Webber.
S... what?

Well, you know,
we do sing a cover

of "Carry on Wayward Son"
in the second act.


It's a classic.
It's a classic.


Anyways, w-we're here

to talk about the disappearance
of Mrs. Chandler.

Any chance you two saw her
before she vanished?

Um, yeah.

She left around like,
what, 9:30?

Any idea where she would
be headed that time of night?

Maeve: A bar.

Or a liquor store.


Wow. Really?

She had a nasty divorce
last year.

Most of the time,

she's sipping on her, uh...
Grown-up juice

or passed out...

Usually in that order.

Yeah, well,
I don't blame her.

I'm gonna need 50 jello shots and
a hose-down to get this stink off me.

[ chuckles nervously ] Young woman: Maeve,
we need you to check the lights.

Maeve, right?
You're the stage manager?

And I understudy
Jody Mills.

That's great. That's great.

Jody Mills... that's great.
[ clears throat ]

So, how about you give me
a, uh, behind-the-scenes tour

while your director shows my partner
Mrs. Chandler's office?


Give us a moment, please.


I'm gonna throw up.

I mean, I got to say,
it's kind of charming...

T-the production value
and the...

No? N... No.
[ clears throat ]

I'm gonna check for EMF.

You... you look for,
uh, cursed objects.

Where the hell
did you get all this stuff?

Some parts homemade,
some parts re-purposed,

all of it... Awesome.


[ gun cocks ]

Please don't.

What are they doing?

Oh, uh, they are rehearsing
the B.M. Scene.

The bowel-movement scene?


the boy melodrama scene.

You know, the scene
where the boys get together

and they're... they're driving
or leaning against baby,

drinking a beer,
sharing their feelings.

[ sighs ]

The two of them...
alone but together.

Bonded, united.

The power of their pain

Why are they standing
so close together?



You know
they're brothers, right?

Well, duh.

But... Subtext.

Why don't you take
a substep back there, ladies?

Sam: Now, have you noticed
anything strange

during the production?

I mean...
Any odd noises or...

You mean
something like this?

[ woman screaming ]

Or perhaps this?
[ hissing]

Right. Of course.
How about this?

[ distorted whirring ]
I-I-I got it. Thanks.

[ chuckles ]

You know, back when I did tech
in school,

we had two CD decks.

[ indistinct talking on headset ]
Oh, sorry.

I have to go sign
for delivery.

Please don't
touch anything.

[ door opens ]



[ beeping ]

[ beeping stops ]
This hers?


That's a prop from act 2.

I've been looking for that,

There's no space
in "Supernatural."

Well, not canonically, no,

but this is
transformative fiction.

[ scoffs ]

You mean fan fiction.

Call it whatever you like,

It's inspired
by Carver Edlund's books...

With a few embellishments.

Well, as you know, Chuck stopped
writing after "Swan Song."

I just [sighs] I couldn't
leave it the way that it was.

[ beeping ] I mean,
Dean not hunting anymore,

[ beeping stops ]
living with Lisa,

S-Sam somehow back from hell
but not with Dean?

So, um,
I wrote my own ending.

You wrote your own ending...

[ beeping ]

[ beeping stops ] And robots
and some ninjas.

And then
Dean becomes a woman.

It... it's just
for a few scenes.

All right, Shakespeare, you know
that I can actually tell you

what really happened
with, uh, Sam and Dean.

A friend of mine hooked me up
with the, uh...

unpublished books.

So, Sam came back from hell,
but without his soul.

Then Cass brought in a bunch
of leviathans from purgatory.

Uh, they lost Bobby.

And then Cass and Dean
got stuck in purgatory.

Sam hit a dog.

Uh, they met
a prophet named Kevin.

They lost him, too.

Then Sam [sighs]
Underwent a series of trials...

In an attempt
to close the gates of hell...

Nearly cost him his life.

And Dean...
well, Dean became a demon.

A knight of hell, actually.

[ scoffs ] Wow.


That is
some of the worst fan fiction

that I have ever heard!

I mean, seriously,
though, no,

where'd your friend
find this garbage?

I-I'm not saying that ours
is a masterpiece or anything,

but geez.

[ sighs ]

I'll have to send you
some fic-links later.

What are they doing?


Kids these days
call it "hugging."

Is that in the show?

Oh. No.

Siobhan and Kristen
are a couple in real life.

Although, we do explore
the nature of Destiel in act 2.

Sorry... what?

Oh, it's just subtext.

But, then again, you know,

you can't spell "subtext"


[ chuckles ]

I don't understand.

Me neither.

I mean,
shouldn't it be "Dea-stiel"?

That's your issue with this?

No, of course
it's not my issue.

You know, how about...
"Sastiel," "Samstiel"?

Okay, all right,
you know what?

You're gonna do that thing

where you just
shut the hell up... forever.

[ sighs ]

Look, man,

no EMF, no hex bags.

None of their props
are even remotely hinky.

Other than the Charlie Kaufman
of it all, I got nothing.


No, miss Chandler's office

was just a pile
of empty bottles and regret.

She's probably facedown
in a bar somewhere or a ditch.

[ chuckles ]

All right, so, what,
this... this whole...

This whole musical thing,
everything, it's just...

It's all a coincidence?

There is no case?

Unless you're seeing
something I'm not,

no, Dean,
there's no case here.



Shut your face.
Get in the car.

Maggie! Come on!

[ scoffs, sighs ]

Please don't do this.

Everyone else is willing to
follow your little dictatorship,

but not me.

I've been telling you
all along, Marie...

If it's not canon, then
it shouldn't be in the show.

You know, we should've
just done "The Outsiders,"

like I told you.


Come back inside.
We can make this work.

[ sighs ]

I'm going to principal Salazar's
in the morning.

Gonna do what Mrs. Chandler
was too drunk to finish.


[ scoffs ]

[ sighs ]

[ bicycle wheels clicking ]

[ rustling ]

[ screaming ]

[ screaming ]



[ clicking ]

I understand. All right, well,
thank you for the help, officer.

Appreciate it.

[ police radio chatter ]

So, checked
with the principal.

There's nothing
on the surveillance tapes.

What do the, uh,
what do the cops think?

You know, the only clue
they found was by the dumpster.

They found the same flower
near Mrs. Chandler's cellphone.

You recognize it?

Yeah, me neither.

I made you some tea.


Let me guess.

You guys came here
to laugh at me, too, right?

Why don't you tell us
what happened to your friend?

Maggie quit the show.

She was trying
to get us shut down,

and so we were fighting.

Then she... she left,
and I heard her scream.

So I ran outside to help.


And I saw a scarecrow.

It looked just like the one
from our show, but...


Then what?


I-It wrapped her up
in vines

a-and took her
behind a dumpster.

And then they were both
just... Gone.

So, I called the cops,
and a bunch of adults

just told me I had
an overactive imagination.

But it's all real.

Ghosts, angels...

I want to believe.

You should believe.

You both should
'cause it is all real.

And so are we.

I'm Sam Winchester.

That's Dean.

[ both laughing ]


Now, look.

[ clears throat ]

I'm willing to accept
that monsters are real,

but those books...
Are works of fiction.

And you guys are way too old
to be Sam or Dean.

Oh, yeah.

More of a Rufus/Bobby combo...

Okay, all right,
little miss sunshine.

We are
what the books call hunters.

FBI hunters?


You guys are "X-Files."

Sure. Yeah.
You could say that.

So, the scarecrow
in your musical...

Is it based on the one
from the books?

No. I changed it.

I got scared of a local legend
when I was a kid.

There was
this old, creepy scarecrow

on an abandoned farm
outside of town.

Kids used to say
if it caught you,

it would take you away.

Okay, if this scarecrow
is based off of your version,

then miss Chandler and Maggie
might still be alive.

You think the scarecrow
was created by the play?

You think...

It's a Tulpa.

Sam: Tulpas are monsters
that are created

by intense, focused energy
on an idea.

Or a story.

How do you kill an idea?

Well, in "hell house," Sam
and Dean burned the house down

to take out the one Tulpa
they hunted.

Yeah, yeah, you kill the symbol,
you kill the Tulpa.

It's, uh, actually
a pretty good start.

So, the scarecrow in your play,
is it a person or a prop?

[ breathes shakily ]

And it's terrifying.

We keep it
in the boiler room.

That's, uh... Great.

Um, okay, you guys read up.

Just give us a sec.

[ clears throat ]

so, this doesn't add up.

Tulpas require a-a ton
of psychic energy to juice up.


Well, it's not like
the "Supernatural" books

are tearing up the New York Times
best-seller list,

and I seriously doubt
this play is even sold out.

Hope not.

Oh, but you know what?
This flower...

I know I've seen it
in the lore somewhere.

There's got to be
a connection.

All right, you get on that. I'm gonna take
a shot at burning man.


Can you show me
to the boiler room?



Gird your loins.

It's horrifying.


I know.
Scary, right?

[ sighs ]

You want
to piñata this ass-hat?


It's, uh, very Dean.

No, he's all yours,
agent Smith.

Thank you.

We came, we saw,
we kicked...

It's not a Tulpa.


It's not a Tulpa.

Say it one more time, but just
a little bit more Arnold,

you know, like...
[ as Arnold Schwarzenegger ] It's not a Tulpa.

Dude, come on.

- It's Calliope.
- Who?

The goddess of epic poetry...
the muse.

She's associated with this...
the Borage or starflower.

That's the picture.

Okay, wait...
if this is a god thing,

then what's with
the scarecrow?

According to the lore,
Calliope manifests creatures

from the stories
she's tuned into.

So... The scarecrow
is still alive

and we burned my prop
for nothing?

Oh, that thing
needed to burn.

The only way to destroy the
scarecrow is to kill Calliope.

Right... she uses
these manifestations, like the scarecrow,

to inspire the author
and protect them

until their vision
is realized.

Then what?

Then she eats the author.

Okay, that's bad.


You get your wish.

Let's cancel the show.

That's what your teacher
and classmate did.

They tried
to shut you down,

and the scarecrow
took them...

Protected you and the show.

Okay, so, the scarecrow
is a boogeyman.

We got to take our shot
with this, uh...

- Calliope.
- Calliope.

But she won't show herself

Your vision is realized.


What are you saying?

The show must go on.

[ breathing heavily ]

[ clattering ]

[ breathing heavily ]

[ muffled breathing ]

Hey, uh, why don't I...

Why don't you guys
rally Marie?

I'm gonna grab some
wooden stakes from the trunk

and do the blessing.

[ muffled breathing continues ]

Is Marie gonna get eaten?

Not gonna happen.

Soon as that curtain rises,

we are gonna be there
to take out this Calliope.



How you doing, champ?


This is all my fault.

If I hadn't written
this dumb play,

none of this
would've happened.

Okay, well, first of all,
uh, the play's not dumb.

I thought you didn't believe
in this interpretation.

I don't.

Like at all.

B-but you do, okay?

And I need you to believe in it
with all you got

so that we can kill Calliope
and we can save your friends.

Can you do that?

Yeah. You're right.

If Sam and Dean
were real...

They wouldn't back down
from a fight.

Especially my sweet...
Brave... Selfless Sam.

There's nothing
he can't do.


[ sighs ]

[ inhales deeply ]

[ exhales deeply ]

[ breathing shakily ]


Let's do this.

[ sighs ]

I understudy Sam, so...

I used this for my one-woman
"Orphan Black" show last year.

But it's gonna have to work
for Sam.




I'm gonna Barbra Streisand
this bitch.

[ mid-tempo music playing,
indistinct conversations ]

[ beeping ]

Marie: Okay.





Oh. Wait.


Okay, Samulet?

The... Samulet?

That amulet is a symbol

of the Winchesters'
brotherly love.

Okay, good. Good.

[ clears throat ]

[ grunts ]

Marie: Posture. Straighten up.

[ chuckles ]

Pretty good.

Wait a second.
Where's Chuck?

Oh, I-I-I love him.
I do.

But, honestly, the whole

"author inserting themselves
into the narrative" thing,

it's just not my favorite.

I kind of hate
the meta stories.

Me too. Me too.

All right,
listen up, girls,

now, I know you're all here
because you love "Supernatural."

Actually, I was hoping
we'd do "Wicked."

that'd have been easier.

Uh, I know I have expressed
some differences of opinion

regarding this particular
version of "Supernatural,"

uh, but tonight...

It is all about
Marie's vision.

This is
Marie's "Supernatural."

So I want you
to get out there,

and I want you to stand
as close as she wants you to,

and I want you to put
as much sub into that text

as you possibly can.

There is no other road,
no other way, no day...

But today.

Did he just quote "Rent"?

Not enough
to get us in trouble.

Now, you get out there
and you kick it in the ass.

All right, bring it in!

Ghost... Ghost...
Ghost... Ghost...

Facers. Facers.
Facers. Facers.

[ applause ]

[ sighs ]

Good evening, everybody.

Uh, welcome to our production
of "Supernatural."

Not gonna lie... it might be
a full-on Gallagher show

up in this piece.

[ light laughter ]

Um, so those of you
in the front rows

may want to use the ponchos
we've provided for you

under your seats.

You may, in fact,
get wet on this ride.

Um, I would...
I would like to thank

the, uh,
cast and the crew for...

Okay, she's stalling.
Let's do this.

Copy that.

Curtain, kids.
It's showtime.

Um, I'd like to thank the school board...
curtain ready. Roll sound. Go.

[ mid-tempo music playing ]

Okay, um, and... and...

A-and that concludes
our introduction for the night,

so everybody just sit back,
relax, and enjoy the show.

[ Music continues ]

Everyone in places.

♪ John and Mary,
husband and wife ♪

[ baby cries ]
♪ Bringing home a brand-new life ♪

♪ His name is Sammy ♪

♪ I'm big brother Dean ♪

♪ the perfect family ♪

♪ or so it seemed ♪

♪ the demon's visits had begun ♪

[ gasps ]
♪ It believed Sam was ♪

[ baby cries ]
♪ The chosen one ♪

♪ it burned my mother ♪

[ screams ]

♪ And it cursed my brother ♪

♪ leaving us in tears ♪

[ engine revs ]
♪ On the road so far ♪

♪ yeah, the road so far ♪

♪ we are in dad's car ♪

♪ on the road so far ♪

♪ dad was driven,
no turning back ♪

♪ he wouldn't stop
without the payback ♪

[ gunshot ]

♪ He trained us both to ♪

♪ track and hunt and kill ♪

♪ he took away
our own free will ♪

♪ so that's where we are ♪

♪ on the road so far ♪

♪ saving people ♪

♪ hunting things ♪

♪ family business ♪

♪ back in swing ♪

♪ driving down the road so far ♪

[ cheers and applause ]

Maeve: Ready in 5... 4... 3... 2...

[ Sam groaning ]

Agent Smith?

Where the hell are we?

School's basement. The scarecrow
brought us down here.

I tried that days ago.

So, what?
We're stuck in here?

Calliope: That's right.

[ both gasp ]

You're gonna miss
the big show.

[ stake clatters ]

Okay, so, you can pop in
tomorrow morning.


[ cellphone beeps ]
I'll just...

Wait here, then.

[ piano playing ]

So, what do we do now?

Just stick to the plan,

Keep singing until
the scarecrow comes for you.

♪ That's what I'll do ♪

♪ I'll just wait here, then ♪

♪ wait for my cue ♪

♪ I raised you from perdition ♪

♪ to be god's ammunition ♪

♪ but now you need some rest ♪

♪ so I will do what's best ♪

♪ and just wait here, then ♪

♪ that's all I'll do ♪

♪ I'll just wait here, then ♪

♪ I'll wait for you ♪

[ cheers and applause ]

I've consumed many authors,
many stories.

But tonight...

As soon as
that curtain opened,

I knew something special
was brewing with this one.

Maybe it's because the story's
actual inspiration is here.

Mm. I don't know.

I guess I'm just gonna have to
kill you and your brother

to find out.

Don't you have to wait until
the vision has been realized?

[ chuckles ]
Oh, gods.

If I have to sit through
that second act one more time...

There's robots and tentacles
in space.

I can't even.

♪ Omnis immundus ♪

♪ exorcizamus omnis spiritus ♪

♪ a single man tear
slips down his face ♪

♪ he shows emotion
without a trace ♪

♪ he hides behind
a mask so strong ♪

♪ worried
that he could be wrong ♪

♪ I wish that he could see
the way I see him ♪

[ audience murmurs ]

♪ The perfect brother,
a man without sin ♪

♪ 'cause underneath
the manly sheen ♪

♪ it is my brother,
a boy named Dean ♪

♪ a single man tear ♪

♪ a single man tear ♪

♪ a single man tear ♪

♪ that's all we fear ♪

♪ exorcizamus omnis immundus ♪

♪ exorcizamus omnis spiritus ♪

[ Dean grunting ]

[ audience gasps ]
♪ A single man tear, that's all I'll spare ♪

Okay, we're through
the looking glass here, people.

Strike the wendigo set.
Let's prep the priest costumes.

And, Sarah, get our understudies
into hair and makeup.

♪ Now I'm hunted ♪

Sam: So, why this story, huh?

Why, uh, "Supernatural"?

has everything.

Life, death,
resurrection, redemption.

The stake.

But above all...

Give it to him.


All set to music
you can really tap your toe to.

It isn't some meandering piece
of genre dreck.

It's... Epic.

♪ But underneath
this broken mask ♪


♪ It is my father,
with all his wrath ♪

And that...

that is my bag of tea.

Bag this!

♪ My own man ♪

♪ but underneath
this broken mask ♪

♪ it is my father,
with all his wrath ♪

♪ a single man tear ♪

♪ a single man tear ♪

♪ a single man tear... ♪

No chick-flick moments!

[ stake plunges ]

[ piano continues ]

[ audience gasps ]

[ gasps ]


[ audience gasps ]

[ gasps ]

[ ending note plays ]

[ audience murmuring ]

[ audience cheers ]

Take a bow, Sammy.

[ cheers and applause continue ]

Usually, this is
where Sam and Dean take off

before anyone asks
any questions.

[ chuckling ]
That's probably a good idea.

for saving my friends.


You know, if you cut your hair
a little,

you'd make
a pretty good Dean.


Well, you did good out there, kid.

You're not so bad yourself.

You know, this has been...

Seeing the...
Story from your perspective.

You keep writing,

Even if it doesn't match
how you see it?

I have my version,
and you have yours.

One minute, folks,
one minute.


[ rock music plays ]


You never should've
thrown this away.

[ chuckles ]

It never really worked.

I don't need a symbol
to remind me

how I feel
about my brother, so...

Just take it...



[ chuckles ]

Right. Okay.

Maeve: Sound car start.

[ engine turns over ]

Stand by.

[ engine revving ]

Curtain, go.

I guess we can go back
to staring at motel-room walls.

You know what, Dean?

You were right.

Staying cooped up
isn't helping us.

We need...
we need to be back on the road, Dean,

doing what we do best.

What is that?

I just...
I don't know anymore.

It's the, uh,
the B.M. Scene.

Saving people, hunting things.

Bowel-movement scene?

You know, the family business.
Shh. No.

Just... Shh.

You're right, Sammy.

[ sighs ]

Out on the road...

Just the two of us.

The two of us
against the world.

What she said.

[ piano playing ]

♪ Carry on,
my wayward son ♪

♪ there'll be peace
when you are done ♪

♪ lay your weary head
to rest ♪

♪ don't you cry no more ♪

[ piano continues ]

♪ Once I rose above
the noise and confusion ♪

♪ just to get a glimpse
beyond this illusion ♪

♪ I was soaring ever higher ♪

Who's that?

Oh, that's Adam,
John Winchester's other kid.

♪ But I flew too high ♪
He's still trapped in a cage in hell with Lucifer.

♪ Masquerading
as a man with a reason ♪

♪ my charade
is the event of the season ♪

♪ and if I claim
to be a wise man ♪

♪ it surely means I don't know ♪

♪ carry on, my wayward son ♪

♪ there'll be peace
when you are done ♪

♪ lay your weary head to rest ♪

♪ don't you cry no more ♪

♪ carry on ♪

[ applause ]

[ piano plays
"a single man tear" ]

[ ending note plays ]

[ engine revving ]

[ indistinct conversations ]

Oh. Bye.

Thank you. Thank you.

The ticket you left for the publisher...
someone claimed it.

Oh, my gosh.

[ gasps ] But wait.

Does that mean that Calliope
came for me or for...

Who cares?
Go, fangirl!

[ scoffs ]

[ grunts ]

Um... Hi.

Thank you...
So much for coming.

Uh, I know the second act
is a little bit wonky

and the first act
has some issues,

What did you think?

Not bad.

[ piano plays
"a single man tear" ]