Supernatural (2005–…): Season 10, Episode 4 - Supernatural - full transcript

Sam and Dean investigate a series of werewolf attacks in an attempt to find out who the culprit is.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
"Werewolves that are turned,
up to four generations from pureblood...

are less feral and can transform
before, during, and after the lunar cycle".

Human by day, a freak animal killing-machine
by moonlight, werewolves are badass.

Best part about it is we already know
how to bring these suckers down.

-One of these bad boys right to the heart.
-Dean's a demon.

I don't know how you did this, what
black-magic stunt you pulled, but hear me:

I will save my brother or die trying.

-Stop. It's over, Dean.

There's a difference from what
I turned into to what you are.

What's that mean?

I know what you did
when you went looking for me.

Which one of us is really the monster, hmm?

You might actually be worse than me.

Got a whole bunch more of these to go.
You can make it a lot easier on yourself.

What the hell are we doing to him, Cass?

The ritual of purified blood
is the only treatment I know.

-You look worried, fellas.
-Welcome back, Dean.

Maybe you should, um, take some time
before you get back to work.

Allow yourself to heal.

Damn. A girl after my own heart.

That's the idea, sweetie.

What the hell?

# Supernatural 10x04 #
Paper Moon
Original Air Date on October 28, 2014

Hey, something I needed to ask you.

-You've been...

kicked, bit, scratched,
stabbed, possessed, killed...

and you sprained your freaking elbow?

Dude, it was more than a sprain, all right?
And it was a freaking demon, but--

But what?

That sling come with a slice
of crybaby pie, on the side?


How you doing?

-I'm golden, man.
-Come on.

Seriously, I'm good.

I am. You know, we got three more
cases of this stuff on ice in the trunk.

Taking some "we" time,
best decision we ever made.

Hear that.

See that thing in the paper this morning?

Maybe it was an animal kill.

It was three kills, and it was in
the same town, all within the last month.

Yeah. You're right. We should call
some guys, have them fix it.

-Good. Smart.


-We could be in and out. It's a milk run.

Because that happens never.

Look, Sam. What we're doing here?
It's good. Okay?

You and me hanging out.

But I need to work.

I need this.

If things go sideways, I mean like,
an inch, you gotta give me the heads up.

Done. You got my word.


Well, I'm not gonna lie.
We're damn glad to see you.

You boys must come up
on stuff like this all the time.

-Oh, yeah.
-Yeah. Definitely.

Hell, seen raccoons in rec rooms,
bears in swimming pools, but this?

-You tell me.

Oh, well, where do we start?
What with the logging--

-The ice caps.
-Bitcoin, yeah.


You know, maybe you could
walk us through the attacks.

Any similarities, anything weird.

Only thing weird about them
was how similar they were.

Folks torn clean through, hearts absent.

-Hearts absent as in--?
-Consumed, most likely.

And there were no witnesses?

Town-square attack,
parking lot, those were late.

But with how jammed the bar was, you'd
think somebody other than Tommy would see.

-And what did he see?
-Honestly, not much.

Now, Tommy ain't exactly
what we'd call a reliable witness.

He's telling anybody who'll listen he saw a
girl go with Barker, and she got torn up too.

-So there was a second victim?
-Well, sure.

Except Tommy's a drunk.

There's no body, no DNA, no blood
trail, no nothing to suggest that.

-Give me one sec.

-Hearts missing. Sounds wolfy, right?
-Yeah. Pretty brazen, even for a werewolf.

You think it was the girl?

Let's find out.

Yeah. Barker and I been raising hell,
chasing tail and riding for a long time.

Part of him always knew when his clock
ran out it wasn't gonna be pretty.

To go out like that?

By some animal?

-Just ain't right.
-You mind, uh, telling us what went down?

It was just another party, you know?

Barker went out back, then everyone's
yelling and screaming. He's all torn up.

Sheriff mentioned you thought
there might've been a girl involved.

-You think she was killed too?

So there was no girl?

Couldn't say.

You know we're not cops, right?

Badge is a badge.

You should also know that
working outdoors the way we do...

we see some pretty weird crap.

Stuff that we can't explain.

Hell, half the stuff we wouldn't believe
it ourselves had we not seen it together.

You don't live here, mister.
Don't have to deal with ridicule.

I'm just saying that crazy might
not be as half as crazy as you think.

So if someone were to tell you
they saw a ghost, you'd believe that?

Just assume we believe everything.

Okay, then.

Other night I was riding past
the old Sturges farm...

you know, thinking about the rides
me and Barker used to go on.

I saw her, man.

Saw "her" who?

-The girl.
-What? After the attack?

Yeah. She was just standing
there, all bloody. Watching me.

So I turn the hell around.
I ran back thinking:

"Damn, she's hurt or something",
but she was just gone.

Like, gone.

Like a ghost.

I don't give one red cent
in hell what the cops say.

She was there. She was eaten.

She's a freaking ghost.

Ghosts don't shred people like that.

Yeah, well, this fleabag looks like she ain't
done chowing down Sons of Anarchy just yet.

Guess she likes bad boys.

Well, wait until she gets a load of us.

Stop ignoring my calls.

Pick up the phone and call me right now.
This isn't how it's supposed to go.

Look. I've been down this road
before and I'm not going to--



I know who you are.


After what happened at school,
I thought you'd let me go.

-That was before you started
dropping bodies. -What?

Guy at the bar saw you before
you went all Wolverine on his buddy.

So surprise. Here we are.

Kate, you said you were gonna go straight.

What happened?

I guess things change.

Being this...

I tried to be strong,
but the hunger was too much.

Too hard.

Not like anyone gave me
a handbook on being a werewolf.

Looks like you're doing
a pretty good job so far.

-Break some hearts, then you eat them.
-I was on my own.

I evolved.

So that's what you call
killing innocent people?

Whatever you're gonna do...

just do it.


You know what. Let me do it.


Because I think you should sit this one out.

-What are you talking about?
-You're not ready, Dean.


Warden, we had another animal attack
over at the high school gymnasium.

Guy was a security guard.
Same MO as the other three.

-When? -Deputy said the
victim's blood was still warm...

when he got there.
So had to be less than an hour ago.

Of course. Thank you.
Um, I'll be in touch.

-We got a problem.
-What, besides Werewolf Barbie over here?

Yeah. There was another kill.
Across town, just before dark.

Well, how did Kate get her murder on,
and then get back here before--?

-You don't think she did it.
-Look. I don't know, man.

But as far as I'm concerned--

Damn it.

All right. If she's not icing people,
why play big bad wolf?

Maybe she's running with a pack.
Trying to protect them?

Wow, hell of a price to pay.

She was about two seconds away
from taking a dirt nap.

-What is that?
-It's her phone.

Let's see who she was booty
calling when we pulled up.

Thank you for calling
the Lincoln Motel. Can I help you?

So, what's this about me
not being ready back there?

I wasn't trying to start something, Dean.
I was just saying...

I thought that was the point
of us taking a break. You know?

Oh, no. No. Yeah. I get that.

-And you know, there's no worries there.

But I gotta ask. What about you?

"What about me," what?

Are you ready?

Why wouldn't I be ready?


-My wife kicked me to the curb.

We haven't had sex for four months,
but not that she hasn't been having plenty.

It is possible that
you can have your revenge.

Who summons me? For what purpose?

Lester, don't.

Kill my wife, and my soul is yours.

Who are you?


You're a punk-ass demon.
You work for me now.

-You're serious? This is about Lester?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying
to start anything neither, okay?

I'm just saying, maybe--
Maybe we ought to talk about that.

Okay. Except there's nothing to talk about.



I figured since we're opening
veins maybe you'd wanna talk...

-about the guy who you made sell his soul.
-The guy you killed?

-That's the same guy?
-I was a demon.

Oh, you were a demon.
Oh, I didn't realize that.

Hey, man. Lester was gonna pay
for that soul shake sooner or later.

-So technically, it's still on you.
-What do you want from me, Dean?

Look, I--

I'm not happy about it. Okay?
But I needed to find you.

So if I had to bend a few rules...

-Go "dark"?
-"Go dark". Sure.

Label it if you want.

Look. Again, I'm not complaining. Okay?

In fact, I'm doing just
the opposite of complaining.

I just--

-You know, between Lester and the others--
-There weren't others.

Okay. Eitherway.

Maybe we both needed that time off.

This is good.

This is good.

Yeah. Real good.

All right. So the, uh, clerk says a blond
rolled into Room 3 just before sun-up.

-She alone?
-He thinks so.

She's on the move.

What's she doing?

Looking for breakfast.


It's over.

Oh, God. Please.

Don't. I'll give you anything you want.

-Where's Kate?

You were just in her motel room.

What? That's my room.

-Why were you following that guy?
-Robbie? I know him.

I just wanted to surprise him.

Test her.

Test me for what?

No. Help. Somebody help me.

Just take it easy.

I don't wanna die.

Stop it. Stop it.


She's my sister.

I lost her.

Kate, why is your sister a werewolf, huh?

-Let her talk.
-Why? I am.

-Then put the gun down.
-Why? So she can run again? Uh-uh.

She just saved our lives.

My sister's a werewolf
because I turned her into one.

Okay. This is the part
where you help yourself out.

I don't care.
All right? I'm sick of the lies.

Let me get this straight.

We let you run because we take pity on you.

And you turned around
and you started making pups?

-You start killing people.
-It's not like that.

I'm no killer.

The way I remember from
the snuff film you left us...

is that you killed
your boyfriend's best friend.

That's because Bran went crazy.

-I had no other choice.
-Okay, Kate.

-If this wasn't you--
-That's a big "if".

--then who was it?

Your sister?

Your sister do this, Kate?


You almost just took a bullet for her?
You got nothing.

What do you want me to say?

-The truth?
-Hey, guys? Whoa, whoa.

Can we, uh, take it somewhere else?

Oh, yeah. Sure. Let's go grab
some coffee. Maybe some bear hearts.

Let's party.

Just so you know...

Brian's the reason I carry this.

-I'm just showing you something.

In case I ever lose it...

like Bran did...

you won't have to kill me.

Saying it and doing it
are two different things.

I'm serious.

And whether you believe me or not...

I've never hurt anyone who didn't deserve it.

And I have never, ever eaten a human heart.

Guess that expIains all the dead
chickens back at the barn?

I eat what I can find.

What people won't miss, hopefully.

Small game, deer.

I meditate.

Yoga helps.


Okay, heh.

You augh...

but I'll pretty much try anything
to keep that side of me under control.

Well, that is great, Kate. It really is.

And it's nice to see that
this hippy-dippy, new-age crap...

has had such a positive
influence over your sister.


She's a different story.

After I left school, I was adrift.


Not really sure where to go...

or what to do.

So I went someplace safe.

I went home.

But even though I'd be good...

I started to think about my family.

How safe were they going to be?

I was a werewolf.

And then of course, there was you two.

What if you showed up, tried to kill me?

I couldn't risk that.

So I...

walked away.

Never called.

Never wrote.

Just started a new life.

Until one day I saw a posting
on my sister's Facebook page.

Tasha had been in a really bad car accident.

The doctors didn't think
she was gonna make it.

We were always so close.

So I had to go say goodbye.


it hit me.

This curse that I had...

that had brought me nothing
but pain and suffering...

could actually finally
maybe do something good.

If I turned Tasha into a werewolf...

it would heal her wounds...

save her life, give her a second chance.


I did the unthinkable.

At first, I thought I had failed.

That, even though werewolves heal quickly...

it was too late for Tasha.

Then she woke up.

Not sick anymore but okay.

Hi. Hey. Hi.

Tasha had so many questions.

What happened? How did she get here?

So I was straight with her.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

Of what we were,
why we could never go back home.

And the responsibility we had
to control what we'd become.

I picked you up from the hospital.
I'm gonna take you someplace safe. Okay?

It was a lot to swallow.

But we had each other,
and that felt like enough.

Or so thought.

My sister, she gave into everything
that I had warned her about.

And I knew...

even if I couldn't bring
myself to admit it then...

I knew I was losing her.

So back at the barn...

that was all just an act to protect Tasha?

She's family.

And, yeah...

worth "eating a bullet" for.

And she needs me more now than ever.

-This is my mess. I gotta clean it up.
-And how do you plan on doing that, Kate?

By getting Tasha out of here.

She hasn't listened to you yet.

Why do you think she's gonna start now?

I don't know, but I've gotta try.

You know, we'll go out into the woods.

Drop out for however long it takes
unti she learns to control this.

Little late for team building,
don't you think?

So, what...

I just abandon her?

I did this.

I owe her every chance to make it right.

What if she never does?

Then I'll take care of it.

You'll take care of it?

You know what that means?

Why don't you ask Brian?

Well, maybe it doesn't have to come to that.

If you had shot straight with us from the get go,
we might've been able to help you a lot sooner.

What do you mean?

By curing the you both.

Pfft. Shut up.

-Yeah. Okay, or you're welcome.
-There is no cure for werewolves.

And for a long time that was true.

But we found one.

We got everything we need on our end.

Okay? But the clock is ticking.

And we need one more thing.


Unless you wanna do this without her?

No. No. No.

It's a long drive,
but I know where to find her.

Dude, what are you doing? There is no cure.

-There's one.
-It's a little more complicated than that.

Kate and Tasha are monsters.
Last I checked, we kill monsters.

How can you blame Kate for fighting
for her sister? We do it all the time.

Well, yeah, and that's worked wonders for us.

Well, we're still here, aren't we?

Yeah, but is it right?

All you've done for me,
I still got this mark.

We'll figure that out. We always do.

But you can't take whatever's happened to us,
or to you, and dump it at these girls' feet.

All right.
So, what, you wanna nuance this thing?

Hit me. What's your plan?


She's out.

Okay. Then, uh, I gotta tell you something.

I, uh--

-I lied about Lester.

-There were others.
-Other humans?

No. No. No.

I'm sure there's a few hunters I rubbed--
Or punched the wrong way.


No. I pretty much saved
my best stuff for the bad guys.

But you gotta understand something, Dean.

I watched you die.

And I carried you, carried your corpse...

into your room, and I put your dead body...

on your bed, and then you just--


I know.

I guess I was hoping that note would,
you know, fill in the blanks.

"Don't look for me"? That note?

Yeah. That was really informative. Thanks.

Yeah. I--


It's embarrassing, you know?

-What's embarrassing?
-All of it.

That note.



Dean, you were a demon.

I was a demon? Oh, thanks, I didn't realize.

Oh, shut up.

Not to mention I never
even said "thank you", so...

You don't ever have to say that.

Not to me.


Well, good then. I guess--

I guess it's all gravy.

Little R & R, and we are back at it.


How we doing?

We're getting close.

What is this place?

Ever since Tasha and I were little we've been
coming up to this cabin with our parents.

Why do you think Tasha will even be here?

When she became a wolf,
we knew it would be hard.

So we kind of came up with this escape
plan in case things ever got bad.

So it's a rendezvous spot?

Pretty much.

Now what?

Maybe I should go in first.
Explain all this.

Sounds good.

What are you doing?

You son of a bitch.

There is no cure, is there?

I trusted you.

It's not her fault.

It's mine.

-She killed people.
-Because I did this to her, okay?

If you want your pound of flesh, take me.

-We'll deal with you later.
-But she can be saved.


Tasha's in too deep.

You don't ever come back from that.

Not ever.

Come on, Sammy.


Please don't do this.



Please don't.

I can't believe my own sister betrayed me.


Except she didn't.

You're not gonna shoot me.

And why's that?


Drop the gun, or dreamboat
here gets his mind blown.

Don't do it, Sam. Unh!



Tasha, what are you--?

-Who are these people?
-Brandon. Travis.

I turned them.

They're our new family.

Yeah. You're a regular psycho Brady Bunch.


-You always had crappy taste in guys.

Tasha, we can talk about this.

They were gonna kill me,
and now you're protecting them?

No. I'm protecting you.

Yeah. I'm good. Thanks.

So here's how it's gonna be:

You can walk away, or you can join my pack.

I'm not walking away.

Then prove you got what it takes.

Eat his heart out.


-You don't have to do this.
-No one's talking to you, Paul Bunyan.



Take them.

Have some fun.

Oh, and I want a heart to go.

Put it in a doggie bag.

-On your knees.
-Wow, I am awfully flattered--

T., I can help you get better.

Oh, I am better and smarter.

And stronger and awesome.

I'm a freaking superhero.

Who kills innocent people?

No. That's not you.

You were a good kid.

I was weak and scared.

I let people walk all over me.

Mom. Dad. Friends. Boyfriends.


But I'm not weak anymore.

And I'm not scared.

I'm scary.

I was trying to give you a second chance.

You wouldn't have been normal...

but we would have had each other.

We still can.

I'm won't spend life on the run...

from people like
Mary-Kate and Ashley out there.

We're strong, Kate.

We can go anywhere we want.

We do anything we want,
and if anyone gets in our way...

You don't have to be alone anymore.

We can do this together.

You okay?

-I've been better. These guys, huh?

-Can you believe them?
-Yeah. A couple of minor leaguers.

Yo, you're dead.

You don't get to talk. In fact--

Welcome to the majors, boys.

Kate, we're gonna be good, okay?

We're gonna be great.

I love you.

I love you too.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Are we going after her?

I don't know, Dean.

Well, you gotta admit,
when push came to kill, she did good.


Maybe it's good you didn't shoot her.

Really? You gonna Monday-morning
quarterback this thing?

If you got an itch to scratch--

Dean, look.

We both jumped on this case. I agree.

Equal parts blame there.

But the whole idea behind
laying low was to rest.

To try and deal with everything we--

Everything you went through.

Maybe we jumped back in too fast.

I mean, Dean...

you were a demon.

You still have the mark.

-Didn't you ever wanna talk about it?
-"Talk about it"?

Talk about it how?

-Come on, man.
-I am coming on, Sam.

Look. I know what happened.

Okay? I was there. Remember?

I'm not trying to get by it. This--

-That's not what this was about.
-Then what is this about?

It's about getting back in the saddle.

Okay? Doing something good,
not stewing in my own crap.

What if you're not ready?

Well, I'll give you one thing,
you're pretty damn good at getaways.

Yeah. Well, I decided living
was better than being dead.

For what it's worth, thank you.

At the end of the day, she was your sister.


She wasn't.

Listen to me, Kate.

You keep moving, keep your nose clean,
we can stop meeting like this.

I hear you, and I will.

But I'm not gonna promise because...


See you around, kid.

I sure as he hope not.

Let's say you're right.

-About what?

Maybe I'm not ready to hunt.

But I'm just trying to
do the right thing, man.

Because I'm so sick and tired
of doing the wrong one.

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