Supernatural (2005–…): Season 10, Episode 2 - Supernatural - full transcript

Crowley is worried about Dean getting out of control, giving him a target to feed the mark. Sam struggles to escape from Cole. Hannah tries to convince Metatron to give Castiel's grace back.

Where is Crowley?

I don't know!

Where's my brother?!

Cass, I think
I might've found something.

Actually, you need
to be worrying about yourself.

I'm fine.

You're dying.

You need more Grace.

And Metatron?
Still in jail.

You're a good soldier,

Your brother
is very much alive,

courtesy of the Mark.

The Mark
needs to be sated.

I turn into a demon.

You can't stand
that he's my best friend.

Together, we create
the perfect hell.

I am going to find you.

I am going to save
my brother.

Need some help?

I wouldn't do that.
He's a monster.

Is he dead?

As long as you show up
where I tell you to show up,

your brother will be
just fine.

I told him to let me go.

So whatever jam he's in now,
that is his problem.

No, please! Please!

Please don't!





And that was the night

that Dean Winchester
murdered my father.

And that's...

that's why
he's gonna die.

I'm sorry.

I'm not looking
for your sympathy, Sammy.

I'm looking
for your brother.

So, why don't you tell me
where Dean-o is,

and then
I'll let you go.

That's not gonna happen.


Now, you know your brother
gave me the, uh, green light

to put one
between your eyes, right?


Dean isn't Dean
right now.

Now, look,
I don't know who you are ...

Name's Cole.

Listen, Sam...

Every night...
since I was 13 years old...

Every night,
I close my eyes...

...and all I can see
is your brother...

and all that blood...

and my daddy.


I know
Dean's family and all,

but he gave you up.

And you have no reason
to protect him ... none.

So help me.


I'm sorry about your dad.

Whatever happened...

Dean had a reason.

I don't know
how to tell you this.

There are monsters
out there.

You don't think
I know that?

I did two tours in Iraq.

Special Ops, Darfur...

The Congo.

I've seen suicide bombers
and child soldiers

so hopped up on speed
that they could barely talk!

Oh, but they could
sure as hell shoot an A.K.

Not that kind
of monster.

don't tell me
about monsters!

'Cause I've met my share.

I mean vampires!

All right?

Monster monsters.

Look in the bag.

Go on.

Take a look.
It's right there.

I guess even psychos
need to hydrate.

It's holy water.

Holy cow.

I'm not a psycho.

And I'm not lying.

Well, you see, that's exactly
what a psycho liar would say,


See my dilemma?

I guess...

We are just
gonna have to do this

the other way.

* Supernatural 10x02 *
Original Air Date on October 14, 2014

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* She's my cherry pie *

* cool drink of water,
such a sweet surprise *

* tastes so good,
make a grown man cry *

* sweet cherry pie *

* yeah *

* whoa! *

No touching.

* Well,
swinging on the front porch *

House rules.

* Swinging on the lawn *

* swinging where we want *
you sure about that?

* 'Cause there ain't
nobody home *

* swinging to the left
and swinging to the right *

* think about baseball,
swing all night *

* yeah *

* yeah, yeah *
Go ahead. Pick it up.

And we're done.

Hey, hey, hey.
Song's not over, sweetheart.

Time to go, jerkwad.

* 'Cause she wanted me
to feed her *

Where's Dean, Sam?

Where is he?

* she's my cherry pie *

Where is he?!

* She's my cherry pie *

* put a smile on your face
10 miles wide *

* looks so good,
bring a tear to your eye *

* sweet cherry pie *

* sweet cherry pi-I-I-I-I-I-e *

* yeah *

* sweet *

Shove it up your ass.

Okay. Okay.

Okay, okay.

I guess it's time
to crank up the volume, then.


Right there.

Ain't you lucky, boy?

Hey, darling.

No, I'm good.

No, everything's fine.
Everything's just fine.

Go ahead. Put him on.

Hey. Hey, big guy.
How you doing?

Now, no, no. Listen, daddy's
really busy right now, okay?

I love you.

All right, I got to go, okay?
I'm gonna have to call you back.

Move, grandpa.

Kids. Am I right?

In my day,
we respected our elders.

Of course, back then,
anyone over 30 was ancient.

Now 40-year-olds
are still living with mommy,

lying on OkCupid, and taking
pictures of their food.

What do you want,

A chat.

We need to talk about your...
Anger-management issues.


Let me.

Thank you.

you don't have to ...

you ... you can go.

You don't owe me

I know.

But I want to stay...

and help.

Is that wrong?


It's just...very human.

It's a compliment.



You need to get to Beulah,
North Dakota ... now.

I do?
Yes. Crowley and Dean were there.

We got to
pick up their trail.

Good. Great.

Yeah, um...not so much.


Dean's a demon.

Dean's a demon?


The Mark ...
I-I guess it ...

it just messed him up.
I don't know.

That is
a vast understatement.

Now, Cass, listen.

I know you're not feeling
so hot, but this is kind of

an "all hands on deck" situation
here, so...

I'll meet you there.


Are you sure about this?

If you wanted
to stay behind...

I didn't.
I just...


I think the Winchesters
are a bad influence on you.

Sam and Dean may be
a bit rough around the edges,

but they're the best men
I've ever known.

And they're my friends.

I never get tired
of looking at them.

All those stars.

Two shots here.

He'll have something fancy,
with your tiniest umbrella.


How you been feeling?

On edge?



You sound like
a Viagra commercial.

You know that, right?

This isn't about...
Little Dean.

It's about the Mark.
It changed you.

I've noticed.

And I know that you want
to keep the party going.

You want to have
fun, fun, fun

till daddy
takes the black eyes away.

The fact is...

you need to kill now.

Not want to,
not choose to ...

need to.

There you go.


Face it, darling.

You're an addict.
Death is your drug.

And you're gonna spend
the rest of your life

chasing that dragon.


So...I'm here
to facilitate.

You want me to kill
for you.

I want you to kill
for us.


You're going to snap

The anger, the bloodlust
is gonna build up in you

until you can't take it

and then...

So, the question is,

do you want to
spike a civilian

or someone
who has it coming?

Like who?


Mindy Morris.

Caring mother...

Loving wife...

...Cheating trollop.

After her husband,

discovered Mindy's
liaison amoureuse,

heated words
were exchanged.

In the end,
Mindy wanted a divorce...

And 50% of everything.

But Lester ...

Lester would rather
give up his soul

than half his junk.

We live in
a very materialistic world.

Mindy's gonna die
one way or the other.

Why not take the job ...
feed the beast?


One-time deal.

there's something else

that I...
need to share with you.

I'm gonna have to run in to town
for a new set of tires.

Could take a while.

You want to head inside
and watch TV or something,

you're more than welcome.

Oh, and there's
leftover three-bean surprise

in the fridge,
if you're hungry.

You're very kind.

Well, makes up for me
being an ax murderer and all.

Uh, sorry. Kidding.

Ah, I see.

Thank you
for everything.

I understand
the three beans, but...

What's the surprise?



Let me guess ... Lester?

I...Who are you?

Who do you think?



What the hell
are you doing here, man?

Well, my contact...

Yeah, he, uh ... he told me that,
uh, this was happening,

so I just
wanted to come down

and make sure
it gets done right.

Ah. 'Cause
you're the expert, huh?

Listen ...
and this is murder 101 ...

when you hire someone
to kill your wife,

you don't want to be around
when the hit goes down.

It's called an alibi.

Yeah, I know
what an alibi is.

I watch
"Franklin & Bash".


Listen, you sold your soul
for this crap, so ...

It's not crap.

It's my life.

And she
flushed it down the toilet.


I'm gonna say something
to you.

I need you
to really listen to me.

You're a loser.

Your lady in there ...
she's a North Dakota 8.

You're a 4 1/2, Max.

Now, I don't blame her
for stepping out ...

especially if she found
you were messing around first.

No. Oh, no.

I-I wasn't...Uh ...

How do you know?

Well, you just got that,
uh, pervy,

"I'd do anything
to nail my secretary" look.

Oh. No.

T-that ... it's different
when guys do it.


It's called "science".


Men aren't built
for monogamy...

because of evolution.

We're ... we're ...
we're programmed, you know,

to ...
to spread our seed.


Ohh! Ow!

Like I said ...
loser, with a capital "L,"

rhymes with "you suck."

Yeah, well,
you're a punk-ass demon!

And you work for me now.

So get in there
and do your job, you freak!

And what are you gonna do?
You gonna watch, huh?

Is that what you like to do,
Lester? Watch?

Well, watch this.

Hmm. That's the guy.

I called 911,

but he was gone
before they showed up.

That dude get to you,

Oh, uh, no.

This is, uh,
just a...hunting accident.


Would you do me a favor?

If you do see him again,
will you give me a call?

Yeah. You bet.




Did you have
a good dream?


I, uh...

I don't really dream.


One time, I dreamed
that my snot was a rocket,

and it shot into space
and knocked down the stars

to make room
for more rockets!

That sounds like
some very special snot.

All right,
you're good to go.

We appreciate that.

Great guy
you have there.


We're not...


Too bad.

At the end of the day,

we have to strategically
calibrate expectations.

And so, by making
these 64 small changes...

...I believe we can increase

our demon-conversion rate
by 0.03%.

Uh, sir?


Kill me.

It's Sam Winchester, sir.

He's close.


How did it go?

Fine. Fine.


He's dead, and you're right ...
I-I feel amazing.


Uh, Lester.

The client?

You killed the client?

Does it matter? He was a douche.
Now he's a dead douche.

Of course it matters!

The deal was one dead wife
for one soul.

The wife's not dead,
I don't get the soul.

It's math.

Well...There you go.

Hey! don't turn your back
on me!

Is something funny?

No, sir.



What do you think
you're doing?

Oh, whatever I want.


Because I think
you don't know what you want.

Tell me, Dean ...
what are you?

A demon?

If so, why isn't
Lester's wife dead?

Did you feel sorry
for her?

So maybe you're human.

Except you have
those pretty black peepers

and you're working
alongside me.

Why don't you do us all
a great big favor

and pick a bloody side?!

Or what?


Go ahead.

Make a move.

See how it ends.

I ain't
your friggin' bestie,

and I ain't taking orders
from you.

When I need to kill,
I'll call.

Until then,
stay out of my way.


It's over.

What can I say?

Crazy ones ...

well, they're good
for a fling,

but they're not
relationship material.

Are you done?

We're done.

You know what, Dean?

It's not me.
It's you.

Maybe I should drive?

All right.

Good idea.

Hello, Bullwinkle.

You miss me?

So much.

You're here for Dean.
I'm here to give him to you.


The little prat's
bad for business.

Must be the Mark.

Anyway, Dean's your problem
now ... again, forever.

Then where is he?

First, there's the small matter
of my finder's fee.


She's gone, Castiel.

She took the express elevator

To heaven? Why?


Hello, beautiful.


I knew you'd come back.

That white-hot spark
between us ... I felt it.

I'm here about Castiel.


After you cast the spell
to close the Gates of Heaven,

was there
any of his Grace left?

And if there was?

Then I want it.


wants something.

Question is,
are you willing to pay for it?

Are you willing to...

I don't know ...
let me out?

Oh, come on.
don't look so shocked.

You knew
what I'd ask for.

And you wouldn't have
come here

if you weren't willing
to pony up.

It doesn't make it
any easier.

Fair enough.


Let me sweeten the pot.

I have had time to...


And I've decided ...
screw earth.

You pop that lock,
I'll give you Castiel's Grace

and then scamper off
to another planet ...

another galaxy, even ...

and you will
never see me again.

And in return...

you get Cass back
at full power ...

large and in charge.

And that's what
you really want, isn't it?

Somebody big and strong
telling you what to do.

Poor little Hannah.

You're so desperate
to be dominated.


Watch your mouth.


Like I said ...
white-hot spark.

So, do we have a deal?


What are you doing?


You know perfectly well
what she's doing, ass-tiel.

I had to.
You are dying.

She's right.
You totally are.

You shut up!

He said your Grace ...
it's still out there.

He's lying.
He is a liar.

Hey, words hurt!

Listen to me, Hannah.
You don't want this.

I have seen what ...

I've made deals
born of desperation,

and they always end
in blood and tears ...


So I'm supposed to let you...

It's my life,
and it's my choice.

And I don't want this.


You're right.

I'm sorry.

You're wrong.

Not about the lying part.
I am a terrific liar.

But there is
some of your mojo left.

Not a lot...

But enough.

And it can be yours
for the low, low price of ...

Keep it.


I've made peace
with my fate.

Who's the liar now?

I enjoy thinking about
you locked up in here,

until the end of time.

It's my...happy place.



I'll get out.

It may take a century.

May take
a millennium or two,

but this dump
will not hold me forever.

And when I'm free ...

here's a little
sneak preview ...

everybody dies.


You talk too much.

You should have killed me when
you had the chance, Castiel.

Dead man walking!

You heard me!

Dead man walking!!

What are you, Dean?
A demon?

Maybe you're a human.

Pick a bloody side!

Hiya, Sam.

Hey, Harv, why don't you
go grab a smoke?

Who winged you?

Does it matter?

Not really.

I told you
to let me go.

You know
I can't do that.

By the way,
your, uh, pal Crowley...

Sold you out.

Sounds like him.

hold on a second.

You don't
have to do this.

Look, we know how to cure
demons. You remember that?

Little Latin,
lot of blood.

It rings a bell.

Did you ever stop to think
that if I wanted to be cured,

I wouldn't have bailed?

That was Crowley.

It really wasn't.

It doesn't matter,
all right?

'Cause whatever went down,
whatever happened,

we will fix it.

Will we?

'Cause right now,
I'm doing all I can

not to come over there
and rip your throat out...

with my teeth.

I'm giving you a chance, Sam.
You should take it.

I'm gonna have to pass.

Well, I'm not walking
out that door with you.

I'm just not.

So, what are you gonna do?
Are you gonna kill me?



You don't know
what I've done.

I might have it coming.

Well, I don't care.

you are my brother.

And I'm here
to take you home.



"You're my brother,
and I'm here to take you home."

Yeah, what is this,
a Lifetime movie?

Huh? With your
puppy-dog eyes?

Oh, thanks, Sammy.
I needed that.

You really think
those are gonna work?

There's one way
to find out.



It's really you.

We met?

Talked on the phone.

Right. Right.

You're the guy who's supposed to
put a bullet in Sammy's brain.

Did you miss?

I had a better idea.

I figure
if I let your bro escape,

he'd go running to you,

and all I had to do
was just tag along.

And now here we are,
finally ...

Dean Winchester.

Great. A groupie.

You remember me?

Yeah, yeah. You're that guy
from that thing.

Nyack, New York,
June 21, 2003.

That supposed to
ring a bell?

It was the night
you gutted and murdered a man

by the name
of Edward Trenton.

He was my father.


Well, hey, I'm not saying

I didn't slice and dice
your old man.

I'm just saying
that he wasn't the first,

and he certainly wasn't
the last,

and they all
just kind of get blended up.

I saw you...
That night...


You let me live.
That was dumb ... real dumb.

I spent half my life
training for this moment.

I've played out this fight
a thousand times in my mind.

And I know all about you,

And you're good.
Oh, you're real good.

But, you see,
I'm better.

Prove it.

Take a shot.

that's not payback.

This is payback.

You know...

And I'm just spitballing here,
but, uh, maybe...

you are not as good
as you think you are.


You know Kung Fu?

I know everything.

Well, come on.

What did you think
was gonna happen, huh?

You just stroll up here
and say

"my name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father.
Prepare to die,"

And I'd just roll over?

Well, that's just ...
it makes me sad.


You have no idea what
you walked into here, do you?


What are you?

I'm a demon.

Do it!

You said if you saw me,
you would kill me, so do it!

I guess
I changed my mind.

Stop! It's over!

It's over.

A pleasure doing business.

What are you
gonna do with it?

Toss it into a volcano,
leave it on the Moon.

I'll get creative.

Believe me,

I don't want Dean getting
his hands on the precious

any more than you do.

Your brother knows
I ratted.

He tends
to hold a grudge.

I don't want to get...


This doesn't
make us square.

If I see you again ...

Oh, stop it, Samantha.
No one likes a tease.

Give me every book you have
on demons.

* Hey, there, lonely girl *

* lonely girl *

* let me make your broken heart
like new *


It's time to move on.

* Hey, there, lonely girl *

* lonely girl *

* don't you know
this lonely boy loves... *

This thing is filthy.

It's just a car, Sam.

"It's just".


You really
have gone dark.

You have no idea.

You know what, Dean?

I saw what happened
back there.

You could have killed
that guy, and you didn't.

You took mercy on him.

You call that mercy?

you spend your whole life

hunting down the guy
that knifed your father.

When you finally
find him...

He whips you like a dog.

How do you think
that feels?

That kid's gonna spend
his whole life

knowing that he had his shot
and that he couldn't beat me.

That ain't mercy.

That's the worst thing
I could have done to him.

And what I'm gonna do
to you, Sammy...

Well, that ain't
gonna be mercy, either.

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