Supernatural (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - Supernatural - full transcript

When Sam's visions start happening while he's awake, he and Dean investigate the unusual murders he foretold only to find them all to be true. And that perhaps he's not the only one with special abilities.When visiting the Millers the boys go as priests.

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Previously on Supernatural


Sam. This is bigger than you
think. They're everywhere.

He wants us to pick
up where he left off.

Saving people. Hunting things.

The family business.

I got to find dad.

I dreamt about Jessica's
death before it happened.

You got to be careful, all right?

Ghosts are attracted to that
whole ESP thing you got going.

I told you I don't have ESP.
I just have strange vibes.

Weird dreams. Dead people
have weird dreams, man.

I have these nightmares.
Sometimes they come true.

Come again?

Somebody help me! Somebody...!

Somebody help...!



What are you doing, man? It's
in the middle of the night.

We have to go.

What's happening? We have to go.

Right now.


Detective Mcreedy. Badge number 158.

I've got a signal four
eighty on progress.

I need a registered
owner of a Two door Sedan.

Michigan license plate
Mary, Frank, 6-0-3-7.

Yeah, okay. Just hurry.

Sammy, relax.

I'm sure, its just a nightmare.
Yeah. Tell me about it.

I mean it. You know, a normal
everyday naked class nightmare.

This license plate, it
won't check out. You'll see.

It felt different Dean. Real.

Like we dreamt about our
old house and Jessica.

Oh, yeah. That makes sense. Dreaming
about our house, your girlfriend.

This guy in your dream,
you ever seen him before?

No... No, exactly.

Why would you have premonitions
about some random dude in Michigan?

I don't know. Yeah, me neither.

Yes, I'm here.

Jim Miller, Saginaw Michigan.

You have the street address?

Got it. Thanks.

It checks out.

How far are we?

From Saginaw? Yeah.

A couple of hours.

Drive faster.

What happened?


I can't believe it.

Did you know him?

Saw him everyday at Saint Augustine.

Always seems... seemed so normal.

I guess you never know what's
going behind closed doors.

I guess not. How did uh...

What are they saying happened?

I heard they found him in the garage

Locked inside his car
with the engine running.

Do you know about what
time they found him?

It just happened an hour or two ago.

His poor family.

I can't even imagine what
they're going through.

Sam, we got here as fast as we could.

Not fast enough.

Which doesn't make any sense, man.

Why would I even have these premonitions

Unless there was a chance that
I can stop them from happening.

I don't know.

So, what do you think killed him?

Maybe the guy killed himself.

Maybe there's nothing
supernatural going on at all.

I'm telling you. I watched it happen.

He was murdered by something Dean.

It trapped him in the garage.

Like what? A spirit?
A poltergeist? What?

I don't know what it was.

I don't know why I'm
having these dreams.

I don't know what the
hell is happening Dean.


Nothing, man. I'm
just worried about you.

Well, don't look at me like that.

I'm not looking at you like anything.

But I got to say. You look like crap.

Nice, thanks. You welcome.

Come on, let's just pick
this up in the morning.

Check out the house,
we'll talk to the family.

Dean, you saw them. They're devastated.

They're not gonna want to talk to us.

Yeah, you're right.

But I think I know who they'll talk to.


This has got to be a
whole new loaf for us.

Good afternoon.

I'm Father Simmons.
This is Father Freely.

We're new junior priests
at Saint Augustine.

May we come in?


We're very sorry for your loss.

In difficult times like these when the
Lord's guidance is most needed. Look...

You want to pitch your whole
Lord has a plan thing fine.

Don't pitch it to me. My brother's dead.

Roger, please.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry about my brother in law.

He's just so upset about Jim's death.

Would you like some coffee?

That'll be great.

It was wonderful of you to stop by.

The support of the church
means so much right now.

Of course.

After all, we all are god's children.


Just tone it down a little bit, Father.

So, Ms. Miller.

Did your husband have
a history of depression?

Nothing like that.

We... had our ups and
downs like everyone.

But we were happy.

I just don't understand

How Jim could do something like that.

I'm so sorry you had
to find him like that.


Our son, Max.

He was the one who found him.

Do you mind if maybe...
I go talk to him?


Oh, thank you Father.


Hey, I'm Sam.

Ms. Miller, you have a lovely home.

How long have you lived here?

We moved in about five years ago.

You know, the only problem
with these old houses

I bet you have all kinds of headaches.

Like what?


Weird leaks.

Electrical shortages.

Odd sort of noises at
night. That kind of things.

No, nothing like that.

It's been perfect.

May I use your restroom?

Oh, sure. It's just up the stairs.


So, what was your dad like?

Just a normal dad.


You live at home now?


I'm trying to save up
for school but it's hard.

So, when you found your dad?

I woke up.

I heard the engine running.

I don't know why he did it.

I know its ruff.

Losing a parent.

Especially when you don't
have all the answers.



Escanaba Motel No Vacancy

So, what do you have? Well, nothing.

Nothing bad has happened to the
Miller house since it was built.

What about the land? No
graveyard, battlefields,

Tribal lands or any other kind of
atrocity on or near the property.

Hey, man. I told you. I
searched the house up and down.

There were no cold spots,
no soul person, nada.

And the family said
everything was normal.

Well, if there was a
demon or poltergeist.

You don't think somebody
would have notice something?

I used the infrared thermo
scanner, man. There was nothing.

So what? You think Jim
Miller killed himself?

And my dream was some sort
of freakish coincidence?

I don't know.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing
supernatural about that house.



You know, maybe...

Maybe there's nothing
to do with the house.

Maybe it's just a...

Gosh. Maybe it's connected to Jim.

In some other way.

What's wrong with you?

My head!




What's going on? Talk to me.

It's happening again!

Something's gonna kill Roger Miller.

Roger Miller?

No, no, just the address please.

Okay, thanks.

450 West Grove. Apartment 1120.

You okay?

Yeah. If you're goon hurl. I'll
pull the car over, you know.

I'm fine. Just drive.

All right.

Dean, I'm scared man.

These nightmares weren't bad enough.

Now I'm seeing things when I'm awake?

And theses...

Visions or whatever. They're
getting intense, painful.

Come on man. You'll be all right.

You'll be fine. What
is it about the Millers?

Why am I connected to them?
Why am I watching them die?

Why the hell is this happening
to me? I don't know Sam.

But we'll figure it out, okay?

We face the unexplainable every
single day. This is just another thing.

No. It's never been us.

It's never been in the family like this.

Tell the truth. You can't tell
me this doesn't freak you out.

This doesn't freak me out.

Hey, Roger!

Hey, hold up a second.

What are you guys,
missionaries? Leave me alone.


Hey! Roger!

We're trying to help!
Please! Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey!

I don't want your help.

We're not priests. You've
got to listen to us!

Roger, you're in danger!

Come on, come on.


Start wiping down your finger prints.

We don't want the cops
to know we were here.

Go! Go! Come on!

I'm gonna take a look inside.

I'm telling you there
was nothing in there.

There's no signs either.
Just like the Miller's house.

I saw something in the
vision. Like a dark shape.

Something was...

Something was stalking Roger.

Well, whatever it was I'm sure
it's not connected to their house.

No, it's connected to the family itself.

So, what do you think?
Like a ventral spirit?

Oh, yeah. Few of them have been
known to ledge horn to families.

They'll haunt them for years.

Angier, Banshee.

Basically it was like a curse.

Maybe Roger and Jim Miller got
involved in something heavy.

Something curse worthy. And
now something's out for revenge.

And they're making their family dying.

Hey, you think Max is in danger?

Let's figure out before he is.

Well... I know one thing I have
in common with these people.

What's that?

Well, their families are cursed.

Our family's not cursed.

We're just had our dark spots.

Our dark spots are...

Pretty dark.

You're dark.

My mom's resting. She's
pretty packed. Of course.

All these people kept
coming with like casseroles.

I finally had to tell
them all to go away.

You know, cause nothing says
I'm sorry like a tuna casserole.

How are you holding up?

I'm okay.

Your dad and your uncle were close?

Yeah, I guess. They were brothers.

I use to hang out when I was little.

But not lately, much?
No, it's not that. It's...

We used to be neighbors
when I was a kid.

We lived across town
in this house and...

Uncle Roger lived next door so
he was over all the time. Right.

So how was it in that
house when you were a kid?

It was fine.


All good memories?

You remember anything unusual?

Something involving your
father and your uncle maybe?

Why do you...?

Why do you ask?

It's just a question.

No, there was nothing.
We were totally normal.

Happy. Good.

That's good.

Well, you must be exhausted.

We should take off. Right.

Thanks. Yeah.

Nobody's family is
totally normal and happy.

You see when he was
talking about his old house?

Sounded scared.

Max isn't telling us everything.

See we go find the old neighborhood?

Find out what life it
was with the Millers.

Have you lived in the
neighborhood very long?

Yeah, almost twenty years now.

It's nice and quiet.

Why you looking to buy?

No, no, actually we
were just wondering if...

If you might recall a family that use to
live right across the street I believe.

Yeah, the Millers. They
had a little boy named Max.


Yeah, I remember.

Their brother had the place next door.

So, what's this about?

That poor kid okay?

What do you mean?

Well, in my life. I've never
seen a child treated like that.

I mean, I'd hear Mr. Miller

Yelling and throwing things clear
across the street. He was a...

Mean drunk.

Used to beat the tire out of Max.

Bruises. Broke his arm
two times that I know of.

And this was going on regularly?

Practically everyday.

In fact that thug brother of his

Was just as likely take a swing
at the boy. But the worst part...

Was his step mother.

She just...

Stand there, checked out. Never
lifted a finger to protect him.

I must have called the
police seven or eight times.

Never did any good. Now,
you said 'step mother'.

I think his real mom
died. Some sort of...

Accident. Car accident I think.

Are you okay there?

Uh, yeah. Thanks for your time.

Oh, yeah. Thank you. Let's go.

Oh, god.

I don't know what you mean by that.

You know I didn't do
anything. That's right.

You didn't do anything.

You didn't stop them. Not once.

How did you...?

Max! Please!

But every time you
stood there and watched.

Pretending it wasn't happening.

I'm sorry. No, you're not.

You just don't want to die.

Max is doing it.

Everything I've been seeing.

Are you sure about
this? Yeah, I saw him.

How is he pulling it off?

I don't know. Looks like telekinesis.

So, he's Psychic? He's a spoon bender?

I didn't even realize but
this whole time he was there.

He was outside of the
garage when his dad died.

He was in the apartment
when his uncle died.

His visions this whole time.

I wasn't connected to the
Millers. I was connecting to Max.

The thing I don't know
is why man. I guess...

Cause we are so alike?

What are you talking about?
Dude's nothing like you.

Oh, we both have psychic abilities.

We're both... Both what?

Sam, Max is a monster.

He's already killed two people
now he's going for a third.

With all he went through. The beatings.

To want revenge on those people.

I'm sorry man, I hate to
say it. It's not that insane.

Yeah, but it doesn't justify
murdering your entire family.

Dean... He's no different than
anything else we've hunted.

All right, we've got to end it.

We're not gonna kill Max.

Then what?

I hand him over to the cops
and say Lock him up, officer.

He kills with his power
of his mind. Forget it.

No way man. Sam! Do...

He's a person.

We can talk to him.

Hey! Promise me you'll
follow my lead on this one.

All right, fine.

But I'm not letting
him hurt anyone else.

You know I never did
anything. That's right.

You didn't do anything.

You didn't stop them. Not once.


What are you doing here? Oh...

Sorry to interrupt.

Max, could we uh...

Could we talk to you
outside for just one second?

About what?

It's... It's private.

Um... I wouldn't want to
bother your mother with it.

We won't be long at
all though. I promise.



You're not priests!

Max! What's happening?

Shut up! What are you doing?

I said shut up! Max, calm down.

Who are you? We just
want to talk to you.

Yeah, right. That's
why you brought this.

That was a mistake, all right?

So was lying about who we
were. But no more lying Max.

Okay? Just please.

Just hear me out. About what?

I saw you do it.

I saw you kill your dad and
your uncle before it happened.

What? I'm having visions about you.

You're crazy.

So, you weren't gonna launch
a knife at your step mom?

Right here?

Isn't that hard to believe?
Max, look what you can do?

Max, I was drawn here, all right?

I think I'm here to help you.

No one can help me.

Let me try.

We'll just talk.

Me and you.

We'll get Dean and Alice
out of here. No, no way.

Nobody leaves this house!

And nobody has to, all
right? They'll just...

They'll just go upstairs.

Sam, I'm not leaving you alone with him.

Yes, you are.

Look, Max...

You're in charge here. All
right? We all know that.

No one's gonna do anything
that you don't want to do.

But I'm talking five
minutes here man. Sam...

Five minutes?


Come on.


I can't begin to understand
what you went through.

That's right, you can't. Max...

This has to stop. It will.

After my step mother... No.

You need to let her go.


Did she beat you?


But she never tried to save
me. She's part of it too.

Look what they did to you.

Look what they all
did to you growing up.

They deserve to be punished. Growing up?

Try last week.

My dad still hits me.

Just in places people wouldn't see it.

Old habits die hard I guess.

I'm sorry.

When I first found out
I could move things.

It was a gift.

My whole life I was helpless.

But now I have this.

So, last week...

Dad gets drunk.

First time in a long time.

And he beats me to hell.

It's the first time in a long time.

And I do what I had to do.

Why didn't you just leave?

It isn't about getting away.

Just knowing that they'd
still be out there.

It was about not being afraid.

When my dad used to look at me.

There was hate in his eyes.

Do you know what that feels like?


He blamed me for everything.

For his job. For his life.

For my mom's death.

Why did he blame you
for your mom's death?

Because she died in my nursery.

While I was asleep in my crib.

As if that makes it my fault.

She died in your nursery?


There was a fire and he get drunk

And blab along like she
died in some insane way.

He said that she burned up.

Pinned to the ceiling.

Listen to me Max.

What your dad said.

About what happened to your mom.

It's real.


It happened to my mom too.

Exactly the same.

My nursery, my crib.

My dad saw her in the ceiling.

Your dad must have been
as drunk as mine. No.

No, it's the same thing, Max.

The same thing killed our mothers.

That's impossible.

This must be why I've been
having visions during the day.

Why they're getting more intense.

Cause you and I must be
connected in some way.

Your abilities started six,
seven months ago, right?

Out of the blue?

How'd you know that?

Because that's when my
abilities started Max.

I mean, yours seem to be much
further along but still this...

This means something. Right?

I mean, for some reason.
You and I were chosen.

For what?

I don't know.

But Dean and I... My brother and I...

We're hunting for your mom's killer.

We can find answers.

Answers that can answer us both.

But you got to let us go Max.

You got to let your step mother go.


What they did to me.

I still have nightmares.

I'm still scared all the time. Like...

I'm waiting for that next beating.

I'm just tired of being scared.
If I do this, it'll be all over.

No, don't you get it?

It won't.

The nightmares won't end Max.

Not like this.

There's just...

More pain.

And it makes you as bad as them.


You don't have to go
this all by yourself.

I'm sorry.






Son of a...





Stay back.

It's not about you.

If you want to kill. You got
to go through with me first.






Stay back.

It's not about you.

If you want to kill. You got
to go through with me first.


No, don't! Don't!

Please! Please Max!


We can help you.

But this... What you're doing...

It's not the solution.

It's not gonna fix anything.

You're right.


Max attacked me.

He threatened me with a gun.

And these two?


Family friends.

I called them as soon as
Max arrived. I was scared.

They tried to stop him.

They fought for the gun.

Where did Max hid the gun?

I don't know. He...

Showed up and he...

It's all right, Mrs. Miller.

I lost everyone.


We'll give you a call if we
have any further questions.

Thanks officer.

Come on.

If I just said something else.

Got him through it
somehow. Don't do that.

Do what? Told you yourself.

It wouldn't matter what you
said. Max was too far gone.

When I think about how he
looked at me man right before...

I should have done something.

Come on, man. You risked your life.

I mean, yeah. If we gotten
there twenty years earlier...

Well, I'll tell you one thing.

We're lucky we had dad.

I never thought you say that.


He could have gone away more after mom.

A little more tequila a
little less demon hunting.

Then we would have Max's childhood.

All things considered.

We turned out okay.

Thanks to him.

All things considered.

Dean, I've been thinking.

That's never a good thing.

I'm serious. I've been thinking...

Why would this demon or
whatever it is. Why would it...

Kill mom and Jessica and Max's mother?

You know, what does it want?

No idea. Well, you think maybe...

It was after us? After...

Max and me? Why would you think that?

I mean...

Either telekinesis or premonitions.

We both had abilities, you know.

Maybe it was after us for some reason.

Sam, if it wanted you. It
would have just taken you.


This is not your fault.

It is not about you.

Then what is it about?

It's about that damn thing
that did this to our family.

That thing that we're gonna
find that thing we're gonna kill.

And that's all.

Actually, there's a...

Something else too.

Oh, geez what?

When Max locked me in that closet.

That big cabinet against the door.

I moved it.

Yeah, you're a little more up the body
strength than I gave you credit for.

No man. I moved it. Like...





Bend this.

I can't turn it on and off Dean.

Then how'd you do it? I don't know.

I can't control it. I just...

I saw you die and it just came
out of me like a... Like a punch.

You know, like a...

Like a freak adrenaline thing.

Well, I'm sure it won't happen again.

Yeah, maybe.

Aren't you worried man?

Aren't you worried that I can
turn into Max or something?

Nope. No way.

You know why?

No, why?

Cause you got one advantage
that Max didn't have.


Because dad's not here, Dean.



As long as I'm around...

Nothing bad is gonna happen to you.

Now then.

I know what we need to
do with your premonitions.

I know where we've got to go.



What? Come on man.

Craps table. We'd clean up.