Supernatural (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Supernatural - full transcript

While investigating a haunting in an abandoned asylum and rescuing two teenagers who ventured in, Sam and Dean become trapped with the spirits of those who had died in a riot decades ago, ...

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Previously on Supernatural:


Take your brother outside
as fast as you can! Go!

Dad's on a hunting trip.
He hasn't been home in a few days.

DEAN: This was Dad's book. l think he
wants us to pick up where he left off.

Saving people. Hunting things.
The family business.

You think Mom would have
wanted this for us?

-l can't do this alone.
-l'm driving.


Can't keep kids out of this place.

-What is it anyway?
-l forgot you're not local.

-You don't know the legend.

Every town's got its stories, right?

Ours is Roosevelt Asylum.

They say it's haunted
with the ghosts of the patients.

Spend the night,
the spirits will drive you insane.

Hello? Police officers!

Police officers!

You telling me these kids
brought bolt cutters?

Come on, we'll split up.

All right.




All right.

Come on out.


Kelly, you copy?


-Where the hell you been?
-ln there.

What was it? See anything?


GUNDERSON: This is patrol 1-4.
We are clear and returning to station.

Roger, Patrol 1-4....


So, what?

You're still not talking to me?

Walt, l said
I was sorry about before.

How many times do l have to say it?


SAM: No, Dad was in California
last we heard from him.

We just thought that he comes
to you for munitions...

...maybe you seen him
in the last few weeks.

-Call us if you hear anything, thanks.

-You bet.
-Caleb hasn't heard from him?

Neither has Jefferson or Pastor Jim.

What about the journal?
Any leads in there?

No. Same last time l looked.
Nothing l can make out.

I love the guy,
but he writes like Yoda.

Maybe we should call the feds.
File a missing persons.

We talked about this. Dad would be
pissed if we put the feds on him.

I don't care. After all
that happened back in Kansas....


He should've been there.

You said so yourself.
You tried to call him.

I know.

-Where the hell is my cell phone?
-You know, he could be dead.

Don't say that. He's not dead.

-He's-- He's--
-He's what? He's hiding? He's busy?

I don't believe it.


It's a-- A text message.

It's coordinates.

You think Dad was texting us?

-He's given us coordinates before.
-He can barely work a toaster, Dean.

Sam, this is good news.
It means he's okay. Or alive, at least.

Was there a number on the caller ID?

-No, it said unknown.
-Where do the coordinates point?

That's the interesting part.
Rockford, lllinois.

Okay, and that's interesting how?

I checked the local Rockford paper.
Take a look at this.

This cop, Walter Kelly, he comes home
from his shift, shoots his wife...

...then puts the gun in his mouth,
blows his brains out.

Earlier that night, Kelly and his partner
responded to a call at Roosevelt Asylum.

Okay, l'm not following.
What does this have to do with us?

Dad earmarked the same asylum
in the journal.

Let's see.

Here. Seven unconfirmed sightings.

Two deaths. Till last week, at least.

I think this is where
he wants us to go.

This is a job.

-Dad wants us to work a job.
-Yeah, maybe we'll meet up with him.

He could be sending us there
by ourselves to hunt this thing.

Who cares? lf he wants us there,
it's good enough for me.

This doesn't strike you as weird?

-The texting? The coordinates?

Dad's telling us to go somewhere.
We're going.


DEAN: You're Daniel Gunderson, right?
You're a cop?


I'm Nigel Tufnel,
with the Chicago Tribune.

Mind if I ask a couple questions
about your partner?

Yeah, l do.
I'm just trying to have a beer.

It won't take that long.
I just wanna hear your story.

A week ago my partner was sitting
in that chair. Now he's dead.

-You gonna ambush me here?
-Sorry. l need to know what happened.

Hey, buddy. How about
leaving the guy alone, huh?

The man's an officer.
Why don't you show a little respect.

-You didn't have to do that.
-Yeah, of course l did.

That guy's a serious jerk.
Let me buy you a beer, huh?



-You shoved me kind of hard in there.
-l had to sell it, didn't l?

-lt's Method acting.

-Never mind.
-What'd you find out from Gunderson?

Walter Kelly was a good cop.
Head of his class, even-keeled.

-He had a bright future ahead of him.
-What about at home?

He and his wife had a few fights,
but it was mostly smooth sailing.

They were talking
about having kids.

So either Kelly had some
crazy waiting to bust out...

-...or something did it to him.

What'd Gunderson
tell you about the asylum?

A lot.

So apparently,
the cops chased the kids here...

...into the south wing.

South wing, huh?

Wait a second.

South wing, south wing.

1 972. "Three kids broke into
the south wing.

Only one survived."

Way he tells it, one of his friends went
nuts and started lighting up the place.

So whatever's going on,
south wing seems like the heart of it.

But if kids are spelunking the asylum,
why aren't there a ton more deaths?

Looks like the doors are usually chained.

Could've been chained up for years.

Yeah, to keep people out.
Or to keep something in.

Let me know if you see
any dead people, Haley Joel.

Dude, enough.

I'm serious.
You gotta be careful, all right?

Ghosts are attracted to that
ESP thing you got.

I told you, it's not ESP.
I just have strange vibes sometimes.

-Weird dreams.
-Yeah, whatever. Don't ask, don't tell.

You getting any reading
on that thing?

Nope. It doesn't mean nobody's home.

Spirits can't appear
during certain hours of the day.

-Freaks come out at night.

Hey, who's the hotter psychic?

Patricia Arquette,
Jennifer Love Hewitt or you?





Electroshock, lobotomies. They did
some twisted stuff to these people.

like my man Jack in Cuckoo's Nest.

So, what do you think?

Ghosts are possessing people?


Or maybe it's more like--
Like Amityville or the Smurl haunting.

Spirits driving them insane.

Kind of like my man Jack
in The Shining.


-When are we gonna talk about it?
-About what?

-About the fact that Dad's not here.
-Oh, let's see. Never.

-l'm being serious, man.
-So am l, Sam. He sent us here.

He obviously wants us here.
We'll pick up the search later.

-lt doesn't matter what he wants.
-See, that attitude right there?

That is why
I always got the extra cookie.

Dad could be in trouble.
We should be looking for him.

We deserve answers, Dean.
This is our family.

I understand that, Sam.
But he's given us an order.

We gotta always
follow Dad's orders?

Of course we do.

"Sanford Ellicott."

You know what we gotta do. We gotta
find out more about the south wing.

See if something happened here.

Sam Winchester?

-That's me.
-Come on in.

Thanks for seeing me last minute.

Dr. Ellicott?

Ellicott, that name.

Wasn't there a--?
A Dr. Sanford Ellicott?

Yeah, he was
a chief psychiatrist somewhere.

My father was chief of staff
at the old Roosevelt Asylum.

How did you know?

Uh, well, l'm sort of
a local-history buff.

Hey, wasn't there a--
Wasn't there an incident or something?

In the hospital, l guess.
In the south wing, right?

We're on your dollar, Sam.

We're here to talk about you.

Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah, sure.


How's things?

-Uh, things are good, doctor.

What you been doing?

Uh, same old.

Just been on a road trip
with my brother.

Was that fun?


Um, you know, we...

...met a lot of...

-...interesting people.

Did a lot of....

A lot of interesting things.


You know--

What was it exactly that happened
in the south wing? I forget--

If you're a local-history buff, then
you know all about the Roosevelt riot.

The riot? Well, no, I know.
I'm just curious.

Sam. Let's cut the bull, shall we?

You're avoiding the subject.

-What subject?

Now, l'll make you a deal.

I'll tell you all about
the Roosevelt riot...

...if you tell me something
honest about yourself.

Like, this brother
you're road-tripping with.

How do you feel about him?

Dude. You were in there forever.
What the hell were you talking about?

-Just the hospital, you know?

And the south wing? lt's where
they housed the real hard cases.

-The psychotics, the criminally insane.
-Sounds cozy.

Yeah. And one night in '64,
they rioted.

-Attacked staff, attacked each other.
-So the patients took over the asylum?

-Any deaths?

Some patients, some staff.
I guess it was pretty gory.

Some of the bodies
were never even recovered...

-...including our chief of staff, Ellicott.
-Never recovered?

Cops scoured every inch of the place,
but I guess the patients must've...

...stuffed the bodies
somewhere hidden.

-That's grim.

So they transferred all the surviving
patients and shut down the hospital.

So we've got violent deaths
and unrecovered bodies.

Which could mean angry spirits.

Good times.
Let's check out the hospital tonight.


Check this out.


Yet terrifying.

I thought we were going to a movie.

This is better.
It's like we're in a movie.

I can't believe you call this a date.

Come on, it'll be fun.
Let's look around.

Come on.

-What's that?
-Oh! Oh!


GAVlN: Hey, look. Come on,
let's check it out.

I don't want to.

-Let's just go.
-Come on.

Okay, okay.
You can wait here.

-W-- Gavin, no.
-l'm just gonna be a minute.

Nothing's gonna get you, promise.


Damn it.

Hey, sweetie.
Couldn't take it, huh?


Gavin, where are you?



Getting readings?

-Yeah, big time.
-This place is orbing like crazy.

Probably spirits out and about.

If these bodies
are causing the haunting....

We gotta find them and burn them.
Be careful.

Only thing that makes me
more nervous than a pissed-off spirit... the pissed-off spirit
of a psycho killer.


Dean. Dean!

-Sam, get down!

-That was weird.
-Yeah, you're telling me.

No, Dean, I mean,
it was weird that she didn't attack me.

Looked pretty agro
from where l was standing.

She didn't hurt me.
She didn't even try.

So if she didn't want to hurt me,
then what did she want?


DEAN: lt's all right.
We're not gonna hurt you.

It's okay.

-What's your name?

DEAN: Okay.

-l'm Dean. This is Sam.
-What are you doing here?

-Um, my boyfriend, Gavin--
DEAN: ls he here?

Somewhere. He thought it would
be fun and try and see some ghosts.

I thought it was all just... know, pretend.

I've seen things.

I heard Gavin scream and....

All right. Kat, come on.
Sam's gonna get you out...

-...and then we'll find your boyfriend.
-No, no.

I'm not gonna leave without Gavin.
I'm coming with you.

It's no joke around here,
it's dangerous.

That's why I've gotta find him.

All right, l guess we're gonna
split up, then. Let's go.



-Hey, l got a question for you.

You've seen a lot
of horror movies, yeah?

-l guess so.
-Do me a favor.

Next time you see one, pay attention.

When someone says
a place is haunted, don't go in.


Hey, Gavin. Hey, it's okay,
it's okay. l'm here to help.

-Who are you?
-My name is Sam.

-We found your girlfriend.

-ls she all right?

She's worried about you.
Are you okay?

I was running.

-l think l fell.
-You were running from what?

There was--

There was this girl. Her face--

-lt was all messed up.
-Okay, okay. Listen, listen.

This girl, did she try to hurt you?

What? No. She....

She what?

She kissed me.

Um.... But-- But she didn't
hurt you physically?

Dude, she kissed me.

I'm scarred for life.

Well, trust me, it could've been worse.
Now, do you remember anything else?

She-- Actually, she tried to
whisper something in my ear.


I don't know. l ran like hell.

You son of a bitch.

It's all right. l got a lighter.

-Ow. You're hurting my arm.
-What are you talking about?



Kat, hang on!


-What's going on?
-She's with one of them.

-Help me!

-Get me out of here!
SAM: Kat.

It's not gonna hurt you!
Listen to me! You have to face it.

-You have to calm down.
-She's gotta what?

-l have to what?
-The spirits. They're not hurting us.

They're trying to communicate.
You gotta face it.

-You face it!
-No. It's the only way to get out.

SAM: Look at it, that's all.

Come on, you can do it.


Man, l hope you're right about this.

Yeah, me too.



KAT: One thirty-seven.

It whispered in my ear, 1 37.

Room number.

So if these spirits
aren't trying to hurt anyone--

-Then what are they trying to do?
-Maybe they've been trying to tell us.

I guess we'll find out. All right.

So.... Now, you guys
ready to leave this place?

-That's an understatement.

You get them out of here.
I'm gonna go find room 1 37.

So how do you guys
know about all this ghost stuff?

It's kind of our job.

Why would anyone
want a job like that?


I had a crappy guidance counselor.

And Dean? He's your boss?


All right. l think
we have a small problem.

-Break it down.
-l don't think that'll work.

-Then a window.
-They're barred.

Well, how are we supposed to get out?

That's the point. We're not.

There's something in here.
It doesn't want us to leave.

-Those patients.
SAM: No.

Something else.

This is why I get paid the big bucks.

Patients journal.

Why all work and no play
makes Dr. Ellicott a very dull boy.

All right. l've looked everywhere.
There's no other way out.

GAVlN: What the hell are we gonna do?
-We're not gonna panic.

Why the hell not?


DEAN [ON PHONE]: Sam, it's me. I see it.

-It's coming at me.
-Where are you?

-I'm in the basement. Hurry!
-l'm on my way.

All right. Can either of you
handle a shotgun?

-What? No.
-l can.

My dad took me skeet shooting.

All right, here.
It's loaded with rock salt.

It'll repel a spirit.
So if you see something, shoot.




Don't be afraid.
I'm going to make you all better.

Hey, Gavin?


If we make it out of here alive...

...we are so breaking up.


KAT: Did you hear that?
-Something's coming.

Damn it, damn it!
Don't shoot...'s me!
-Sorry, sorry.

Son of a....

What are you still doing here?
Where's Sam?

He went to the basement.
You called him.

-l didn't call him.
KAT: His cell phone rang.

He said it was you.

Basement, huh?

All right.
Watch yourselves.

And watch out for me.


Sam, you down here?


Man, answer me when l'm calling you.

-You all right?
-Yeah. I'm fine.

-That wasn't me who called your cell.
-Yeah, I know.

-l think something lured me here.
-l think l know who. Dr. Ellicott.

That's what the spirits have been saying.
You haven't seen him, have you?

-No. How do you know it was him?
-l found his log book.

Apparently, he was experimenting
on his patients. Some awful stuff.

-Makes lobotomies look like aspirin.
-But it was the patients who rioted.

Yeah, they were
rioting against Dr. Ellicott.

Dr. Feelgood was working on some
sort of, like, extreme rage therapy.

He thought if he could get his patients
to vent their anger, they'd be cured of it.

Instead, it only made them worse
and worse, and angrier and angrier.

I'm thinking, what if his spirit
is doing the same thing? To the cop.

To the kids in the '70s. Making them
so angry, they become homicidal.

Come on.
We gotta find his bones and torch them.

-How? The police never found his body.
-The log book said...

...he had a hidden procedure room
down here somewhere...

...where he'd work on his patients.

If l was a patient, l'd drag his ass down,
do a little work on it myself.

-l don't know. It sounds kind of--
-Crazy? Yeah, exactly.

I told you, I looked everywhere.
I didn't find a hidden room.

That's why they call it hidden.


You hear that?


There's a door here.


Step back from the door.

-Sam, put the gun down.
-ls that an order?

No, it's more of a friendly request.

Because I'm getting pretty tired
of taking your orders.

I knew it.

-Ellicott did something to you, didn't he?
-For once, just shut your mouth.

What are you gonna do, Sam?
Gun's filled with rock salt.

Not gonna kill me.

No. But it'll hurt like hell.



We gotta burn Ellicott's bones and all
this'll be over. You'll be back to normal.

I am normal.

I'm just telling the truth
for the first time.

I mean, why are we even here?

Because you're following Dad's
orders like a good soldier?

Because you always do what
he says without question?

You're that desperate
for his approval?

-This isn't you talking, Sam.
-That's the difference between... and me. l have a mind of my own.
I'm not pathetic like you.

So, what are you gonna do, huh?
You gonna kill me?

You know what? l am sick
of doing what you tell me to do.

We're no closer to finding Dad today
than we were six months ago.

Well, then here.
Let me make it easier for you.

Come on. Take it.

Real bullets are gonna work a hell
of a lot better than rock salt.

Take it!

You hate me that much?

You think you could kill
your own brother?

Then go ahead.

Pull the trigger.

Do it!




Man, l'm not gonna
give you a loaded pistol.

Sorry, Sammy.


Oh, that's just gross.

Yeah, soak it up.

Don't be afraid.
I'm going to help you.

I'm going to make you all better.

You're not gonna
try to kill me, are you?



Because that would be awkward.

-Thanks, guys.
-Yeah, thanks.

No more haunted asylums, okay?

Hey, Dean.

I'm sorry, man.

I said some awful things back there.

-You remember all that?

It's like l couldn't control it.
But l didn't mean it, any of it.

-You didn't, huh?
-No, of course not.

Do we need to talk about this?

No. I'm not really in
the sharing-and-caring kind of mood.

I just wanna get some sleep.