Superman and Lois (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Superman and Lois - full transcript

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- Previously on
"Superman & Lois"...

- I'm stepping down
from active duty.

- You're gonna be hard
to replace.

- They'll find somebody.

- John Henry's
from another Earth.

- She was my wife,
the mother of my daughter.

I'm gonna be right back.

- Multi-verse
and parallel universes

each with its own Earth.

- Mom!
- I saw you die.

I lost Natalie.

- When you and your brother
were about

18 months old, I got pregnant.

And I ended up losing the baby.

We were gonna name her Natalie.

- I just wonder if you needed

more time to process
your grief.

- It can't be.

- Mom?


- No, no, no, no.

Nat. Nat! Nat! Nat! No!
Nat. No. No. No.

It's just--it's, um--

It's, um--it's complicated.

Look, that's not--
that's not your mother.

- What?

- She's still gone.

- But then why are you here?

- Let me explain, okay?

- Lois, you have
to say something.

- Boys, we gotta go!

Babe, do we have any Sancerre?

- We can bring a bottle
of Sauv Blanc if not.

- Yeah, it's just Sancerre's
Lana's favorite.

- Then swing by Lark's
and get one.

- Okay.

Anyone promising?

- Just more of the same.

- You know, Perry hired me

when I barely
had any experience.

Sometimes with a cub reporter
it's more about

their eagerness
than anything else.

- What?

- Hey, where's your brother?

- Uh, I don't know,
probably changing

his outfit
for the millionth time.

- Jordan, let's go!

Oh, whoa.

- Something wrong?

- Um--

You'll--wow, you'll smell.

- Whew. Wow.

- Interesting cologne, sweetie.

- Yeah, you put on
the whole bottle there, chief?

- What's that?

- Nothing.
- Nothing?

- It's a surprise for Sarah.

- You spending all day
with her?

- She's been gone a month, Mom.

- Just be home for dinner.

- Yeah. Yeah.

- And, um...

you know, it's Natalie's
first day at school today.

You think you wanna call her,
wish her luck, something?

- Clark, I don't know
what to tell you.

She still won't talk
to me, okay?

Gotta get to these interviews.

- Dad, how long
is she gonna be like this?

- I don't know.

Come on, in the truck.
Let's go.

Oh, windows down, please.

- Is it really that bad?

- It's strong, bud.
It's real strong.

- Hey, come on.

- Look at that bozo.

It ain't cool
they're making Superman

all commercial like this.

You know, last thing we need
is Smallville

becoming some sort of
tourist trap

just because of what happened
here with Morgan Edge.

- Well, if it's helping
the local economy, who cares?

- A lot of us.
- A lot of us don't.

- I think that's the one.

- Hi!


Hi, honey. Oh, I missed you.

- I missed you too.

- We got a lot of people
that are excited to see you.

- Yup.
- Sophie, Jordan.

- Yeah, me too.

- So how was it?

How was camp?
- Yeah, good.

I mean,
it was good to be there.

It just felt a little different
as a counselor.

- Better?
- Yeah, everything--

everything was better.

- So you were at "The
Messenger" for the last year?

- Finally got
my first story published.

Before that, I was doing
a lot of layouts,

proofing copy.
- Oh.

Certainly use help
around here with that...

among other things.

- Mainly though I was
showing them

how to monetize the site.

- You know how to do all that?
- Of course.

I probably make more
on my blog than they do.

- You have your own blog?

I'm the "WOAT or GOAT" guy.

I have, like,
40,000 Twitter followers.

- Lois.

- This is our 9:30--
- Hi, I'm Michael.

- Right, the--
the "WOAT or GOAT" guy.

Thank you for coming in.
It's nice to meet you.

We will be in touch.
- Okay.

- Thank you.

- If the rest of the interviews
we have lined up for today

are more like him, then cancel.

- Lois, you didn't even
talk to him.

- I didn't need to.
We need somebody who cares more

about the job than about
how many twits follow them.

Also, that article he wrote

was predictive journalism
at its worst.

- You haven't liked
a single person I've brought

in the past month.
- That is correct because

none of them were good enough.
- They were the best available.

Look, we're gonna have
to compromise on something,

or we're never gonna get
another reporter in here

and we need help badly.

- Fine.

- Look what just showed up.

- Oh, I'm so excited.


Oh, these are fantastic.

What do you think?

- Ah, yeah, they're great
if you like campaign T-shirts.

- Oh, you should put
Daniel's face on it.

He'd make a super hot mayor.

- No, it doesn't matter
what he looks like, Sarah.

He just needs to beat
George Dean

and I will work
as hard as possible

to make sure that happens.

- Who's that?
- Oh, it's probably Jordan.

I saw him walking up.

- He's here, like, now?

- He probably just
wants to see you.

- He didn't text me first.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hi, I--I know I probably
should have texted first,

but honestly, I--I just

couldn't wait another second
to see you.

- Well, your timing
kinda sucks.

My mom's got
this big Daniel Hart, like,

mayoral campaign event planned

so the house
is gonna be pretty crowded.

- Gotcha.

Well, could you meet me

at Atlas Pond in, like,
an hour?

I have something
I wanna show you.

- Hey, come on. Take 'em on.
Come on, Brady.

- White 22.

White 22 set hut.

- Good hands. Good hands.

- 18 on the line.

- Yeah!

- Come on, baby. Let's go!

Someone is coming on strong!

Good job, son.

Hey, QB number two, let's go!
- Let's go.

- Come on, bring it in.
It's go time!

Time to work on them
running plays.

Let's go.

- I mean, Candice,
you were there. You saw it.

Literally not a single
pass play this week.

Dad, did you talk
to Coach Gaines yet?

- Yes, I did talk to him.

He's just easing you
back into things.

- Okay, yeah, but we've been
practicing for two weeks.

- Yeah, I know Jonathan,

but you broke
your arm twice last year.

- Okay, and yeah,
but it's healed.

- Listen, I'm sure Coach
is just looking out

for your best interest.

Maybe you could talk to him,

let him know you're frustrated,

and see what he says.

- Yeah, you're right.

I knew I was dating you
for a reason.

- Hey, I'm gonna walk down
to Hubbard's farm.

Ben wanted me to look
at the headers on his combine.

- All right, uh, yeah,
we'll just--

we'll just be hanging out then.

- So how far away
is Hubbard's farm?

- Your name is...
- Natalie Johnson.

- And I'm...
- Henry Johnson.

- And we just moved here

- A planet that was
totally destroyed

by psychopathic Kryptonians.

- Nat, are you sure
you wanna do this?

Going to your old school,

things could get confusing.

- Dad, I'll be fine.

- What if you run into
the doppelganger

of Regan or Annika?

- Then I'll pretend like
I don't know

that they're my best friends.

- Because they are not.

They're not the same people.
- I know.

The only person on this whole
earth that I know is you.

- I just wanna make sure
we don't attract

any unwanted attention.
- You mean like the same kind

you get from
flying around the world

in steel war suit
with Superman?

- Natalie.

I'll pick up right here
when you get out.

- Sure thing, Henry.

- Hey!

- Jonathan?

- Whoa, Mom, Mom--
- Oh, my God.

- Candice, I need you
to leave right now.

- Mrs. Lane, I--I'm so sorry.
- Right now!

- Mom, I can explain.

- You, where is your shirt?

- Um, it's, um--

- You know what?
I don't even wanna hear

whatever lame excuse
your brain is concocting.

Get dressed
and meet me downstairs.

We are going to have a serious
conversation immediately!

- Yes, ma'am.

- I'm aware of
the implications.

Just let me talk to him.

I'm sure I'll get this
whole thing straightened out.

Yes, he's just arrived.

Yes, sir.

- This about the sub?

- It's not really playing well

around these parts.

- I was just trying
to save lives.

- Sure, I get it. I do.

The problem is you rescued
a North Korean submarine,

a nuclear one,

and then
you returned it to them.

Couldn't you have just
dropped it by American soil?

- It's important that
I stay out of the--

- Geopolitics of it all.

It's just that we seem
to keep having these issues...

communicating with each other.

The whole reason
that I got this position

is because I was the one
who knew everything about you--

all your saves,
all your history.

Now it's feeling clear to me
that actually,

I know nothing about you.

- Lieutenant Anderson,
that's not true.

Maybe a little true.

- Look, we don't need to be
best friends, okay?

But we do need to be up-front
with each other

just like you
and General Lane were.

- It wasn't that simple.
- Doesn't matter.

That's how
the upper brass see it.

- They're not my concern.

- Sure, not yet.

But if I can't
get your firm commitment

that American interests
come first,

our working relationship's
gonna have to change.

- Lieutenant,
we've been over this.

I will continue
to do everything I can

to help the DOD.
- That's not a commitment.

- It's the best I can do.

- Clark, I need you home now.

I have to go.

- Wait, what's so impor--

Important now?

- Is everything okay?

Where's Candice?
- You knew she was here?

- Yeah, I dropped them both off
after practice.

What happened?

- Go up to your room.

- Happily.

- What happened is that
I came home to find

our not-even-old-enough
-to-drive son

in bed half-naked with Candice.

- Jonathan, come on, man.
What are you thinking?

- He's 15 years old and home
alone with his new girlfriend.

It's pretty obvious
what he was thinking.

- What? You mean--no, th--

I never would've done that
when I was his age.

- Well, then he clearly
takes after his mother.

Do you want me to go up
and talk to him?

- No, he's just gonna give you
some bogus answer.

By the way, who knows what
Jordan's up to right now.

- Oh, Lois, come on.
- What?

He certainly didn't wanna tell
us anything this morning.

- He did tell us. He said
he had a surprise for Sarah.

- Well, if he can get away
with that non-answer,

then don't be surprised
when we're grandparents

nine months from now.
- Wow.

- Clark, you really
don't get it, do you?

- No. No, I guess I don't.

But I'm trying to.

- Don't do this right now.
- Lois, would you please

just tell me
what's bothering you?

- Is it the Natalie thing?
Is it--

- No!
This is what is bothering me!

That you left
our 15-year-old son

home alone to have sex.

- You're acting like
I did something wrong.

- And you're acting like
this isn't a big deal.

- Not enough to use
the ELT, no.

- Okay, so now
you're just criticizing me.

- That is for real
emergencies, Lois,

not to get me home to talk
about some high school hook-up.

- You know what? Why don't you
go to Lana's without me?

- Fine.

- Fine!

- Are you ready now?

- Almost, just gimme a sec.

- I mean, not to cramp
your style or anything

but this blindfold's
really itchy, so...

- Here.

- Oh, wow.

How'd you light all those?

- A magician never reveals
his secret.

- Yeah, I'd believe that
if you were a magician.

- I just wanted to do something
nice for you coming back.

- Um...

- Is--is everything all right?

- Yeah, it's just,
we got arrested here and I'm--

I'm feeling sort of crampy.

- Oh, uh,

I--I didn't know.
- Of course you didn't.

I mean, it's not really
something I text you about.

- Well, uh, you wanna go home?

- I'm sorry.

I mean, maybe
we could try it again

when I'm not feeling
really crappy and weird.

- Yeah, okay.

- Okay.

- And here is a T-shirt.
- Thanks.

- Yes, here is a T-shirt.

There's some people I want you
to meet in the living room.

- Okay.
- Great.

- Mr. Hart, what are your plans

for the settlement money
from Galaxy Holdings?

- Simple.

To give back and build better.

We're talking local

community services, building
a new park for the kids.

- That's just what we need.

- Thank you.

- You see all this
jibber jabber

about infrastructure and parks

and I still haven't
heard anything about

giving our kids' teachers
a raise.

It's been what, five years?
- At least five years.

- It's been five years since
our teachers have had a raise.

What are do you planning
to do about that?

- Well, I--well,
I can certainly look into that.

- Oh.

- What Daniel means
is that he is pro schools.

And if that means
giving the teachers

the raises they deserve,

then this administration
will see that it gets done.

- That's what
I'm talking about.

Yeah, that's
what I'm talking about.

- And as you can see,
I've already got

the best people working for me.

- Would you mind getting me
some more of

that shrimp cocktail?
It's delicious.

- Daniel Hart,
ladies and gentlemen,

Hey, meet a friend of ours,
Daniel Hart.

Friend, come on now.

- Hey.

Sorry I'm late.

- No man, it's--it's all good.

you're not missing much.

Where's Lois?

- Uh, work.

- Wow, you're a terrible
damn liar.

You know that?

- Y'all aren't in a fight
or something, are you?

- Yeah.
- Oh, damn, man.

I'm--I'm sorry.
I--I just thought

y'all were the couple
that never argued, you know?

- No, it's just--

I just--feels like
there's something

Lois isn't telling me, but--

- Listen, you want some advice?

Best let sleeping dogs lie.

- Really?
- See, women are...

mysterious creatures, Kent.

A lot of times
where there's mystery there's--

there's danger.

- I hear Lana and Daniel are
working pretty well together.

- Yeah, couple of damn
peas in a pod.

Listen, if you'll excuse me,

I got some sloppy-ass
shrimp cocktails to deliver.

- Maybe she went to
the Met Museum after school.

- I'm afraid the museum
is still under repair

from the Battle of Metropolis.

- Where could she be?


Nat. Nat.

Where have you been?
- Just went for a walk.

- School ended 3 hours ago.

- Well, I left
before first period.

- Wait, did something happen?

- I mean, Annika looked
right through me

like I didn't even exist.

But don't worry,
I didn't tell her I'm from

some weird alien
dimension that imploded.

- That's not what I meant.

- But that's all that
matters here.

We're different while everyone
else is basically the same

and living
their best possible life.

I mean, just look at Mom.
- No, Lois is not your mother.

- No, no, you're right.

In this world,
she has two perfect boys,

Superman for a husband.
She's way better off.

- Hey, look, you know--
you know it's not that simple.

- No, Dad, it's super simple.

I never should've come here.

- We talked about this, okay?

It's just--it's gonna
take some time.

- No, I've been here
three months!

That's more than enough time
to realize that I don't belong.

- Nat, please.

- I just wish I died
like I was supposed to.

- You're late.
- Is that dinner?

- Unless you're cooking
something else.

- How'd it go with Sarah?
- It was good.

- Good?
- Yeah, good.

- That's it?

- What do you want me to say?

- You could start by giving me
an actual answer.

- I--I did and then
you got all weird about it.

- Excuse me?

- We went to Atlas Pond.

- Where you got arrested?

- Yeah, I--

I checked with
the owners first. It was fine.

Look, I--I just--

I don't want to talk about it,
all right?

Can--can I just go up
to my room now?

- Hey, how did it go?

Did Sarah totally lose it
or what?

- Not really.
She wasn't feeling well.

- Really? Did she say that?

- Yeah.

- You sure she was
telling the truth?

- Wait, why--why would
she be lying about that?

- I mean, I don't know.

Just--I guess the timing
seems a little sus, no?

Jordan, hey, I--I wasn't trying
to freak you out or anything.

I'm sure it's all good.

- Yeah.

- And just so you know,
I think we might get a little

talking-to from Dad later.

- About what?

- If Daniel can get
Aidy's support,

he might be able to take
the farm vote away from Dean.

- I think he's got a real shot.

- Yeah, me too.

- So what does Kyle think about

all the work
you've been putting in?

- Why? Did he say something?
- No.

- He's not jealous, is he?
- Well, I--I don't know.

Why would he be jealous?
- No, no, it's just him and I

have talked about this

- I'm sure you have.

I'm just saying you might
wanna check in with him.

- Right.

So he did say something.

- Lana, he didn't say anything.

- I'm sorry, it's just

Kyle can be so frustrating.

I mean, it doesn't matter
how many times I ask him,

he just--
- Avoids the question?

- It makes me feel like
he's hiding something from me.

- But then acts like somehow
you're to blame

for wanting to know
what's wrong.

- Exactly.
- Even though

all you're trying to do
is help,

it turns into
some kind of argument

and then that makes you
the bad guy.

- Are we still
talking about Kyle?

Things haven't been great
with me and Lois lately.

- Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

- I'm trying to help her.
I just really don't know how.

- And I guess
we're just gonna have to

finish this whole bottle
of wine

and see if we can't
figure it out.

Did you feel that?

- Was that an earthquake?

- Doubtful.

Probably just some

mining equipment
getting started up.

- Any luck?

- No.

Thought I'd have had it
sorted out by now,

but I can't get
the damn thing to turn on.

Well, you're home early.

Everything okay
with you and Jordan?

- Yeah.

- Well, he didn't get
handsy with you now, did he?

- No, no, no, no, no.
He was a total sweetheart.

It was just--

- It's too much?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, well, he's insecure.

I mean, let's be real,

kid is batting
way out of his league.

- Dad.

- You're the alpha
in this relationship, okay?

You set the tone

and I think best thing
you can do is just be honest.

- That wasn't terrible advice.

- That's kind of where
I'm setting the bar as a dad.

- Why don't you hand me
that 3/8 over there,

see if we can get
this old bird fired up, yeah?

- Yup.

- Everything okay?

- I snapped at Jordan earlier.

- What did that one do?

- He just wasn't ready to talk
about Sarah yet

and I couldn't let it go.

- Huh, I see.

- Things haven't been okay
for months.

And I've been blaming you.

And I'm sorry.

Ever since you told me
to say something to Natalie

and I just stood there frozen.

- You were in shock.

All of us were.

- It's more than that.

She was my daughter
in that other world and...

seeing her standing there
and calling me "Mom..."

I felt nothing.

And in that moment,

I finally realized how my mom

must have felt
the day she left us.

- Lois.
- I've wondered

how she could do that
my entire life,

how a mother could just...

abandon her children.

And now I know.

She didn't feel.

She didn't feel anything.

Not for me. Not for Lucy.

- Lois, you can't know
that for sure.

- Yes, I can, Clark.

And every time
you ask me about Natalie

or tell me to call her,
it's just bringing up

all of those feelings in me
and all of this guilt.

- You have nothing
to feel guilty about.

- She called me "Mom", Clark.

- But she's not your daughter.
- I know, but--

- Lois, her mom died.

And there's absolutely nothing
you could've said

or--or done to change that.

- But I know how she felt.

And she must have been
so crushed

seeing me look at her that way.

- You are not your mother.

What happened with Natalie,

that's a completely
different thing.

- I just hate this feeling.

- Here, come here.

Lois, get the boys.
Get some cover.

- Why?
- We're having an earthquake.

- Get him up, get him up!

- Welcome back.
I want full debrief.

- Yes, sir,
Lieutenant Anderson.

- Think Dad would want us
to keep that?

- Yeah.

The rest can go.

- Lois?

- Hey.

Can we meet, please?

- We're still monitoring
the situation,

but the tremor seemed
to have stopped...

For now.


- Who are they?

- They're from our school.
- Your school?

- Surely General Lane told you

that the DOD is training
some of our gifted students.

I think they did a great job

on their inaugural mission
tonight, don't you?

- Saving people during an
earthquake, that's one thing.

They're not ready for
what's out there in the world.

- I disagree.

Regardless, it's not your call.

I asked you repeatedly,

"Be part of my team."

- What you asked for was
my allegiance to America.

- And you refused.

- Because I gave it
to the world

a long time ago.

- America needs to come first.

And to them, it does.

And the rest of my new team.

When it does to you,
come on back.

I'd love to have you.

Bring your friend.

- I told you, he's done.

- Then they're who I'm calling.

- Anderson.

That crest
you put on their suit,

it's not yours to give.

- That's the most recognizable
symbol on the planet.

I want everyone to know
that we are the good guys.


America can have more
than one Superman.

- Told you
the rhubarb was good.

- Not worth the drive.

You're unbelievable.

- We need help.

We need help.


- I'm sorry for what happened
to you, Natalie.

- You don't have to apologize.

You don't even know me.

- No, but I'd like to.

- Yeah, okay.

- When I saw you come out
of that pod

and you were looking at me,
I froze.

I had no idea
how I was supposed to react.

I've been thinking a lot
about that moment

since you left.

What I could have said
or done differently.

- Is that why you kept calling?

To make yourself feel better?

- No.

- Look, you didn't have
to say anything, okay?

You're not--

you're not my mom.
- I know I'm not.

And I would
never pretend to be.

But I could have at least
explained the situation to you.

I'm just sorry
that I let you walk away.

I was hoping that
we could maybe be friends.

- I don't wanna be
a charity case.

- That's not what this is.

- But you already have kids.

You have a family.

Why would you want me
in your life?

- Because you seem wonderful,

smart, poised, lovely.

You're a survivor.
So many reasons.

I just think it'd be good
for both of us...

if we're in each other's lives.

- I hate to say it but

Firebird's giving me
a run for my money.

- Yeah,
but it's a great project

you're doing with Sarah.

It's a good idea, babe.

It's a big year for her.

Wow, 15.

- Honey,

all the time that I'm spending

with Daniel for the campaign,

you know I'd rather
be here with you, right?

- Even if my mug's
not splattered

all over a T-shirt?

- Even if your sexy mug

is not splattered
all over a T-shirt.

- You guys do have a bedroom
down the hall...

with a door.


- Hey, is everything
okay out there?

- Yeah, things seem
to have settled down.

Fortunately, nobody's hurt.

That's not what I came up here
to talk about though.

- Thanks, Jon.
- Here we go.

- No, no, no, no. No.

Hey, this one's on you, buddy.

Now we cannot have a repeat
of what happened here today.

- Well, I don't think you have
to worry about that.

I'm pretty much
scarred for life, Dad.

- Probably, yeah.

Maybe you'll think twice
next time.

Look, you guys are both
15 years old.

I get wanting to be intimate
with someone,

but that's an adult decision

and it comes with
some pretty adult feelings

that you might not
be ready for yet.

So if and when you guys
have any questions,

you can always come to us,

- All right, um,
how old were you

the first time you, you know?

- Older than both of you.

- I just want you guys
to be responsible

and more importantly,

you respect
whoever you're with.

Always. Is that clear?

- Yes.
- Of course.

- Okay.

Good talk.
- Wait, does that mean that

Mom's not gonna
talk to us now or--

- Oh, no.

No, you're gonna hear

more than a few words from her.

I think things are gonna get
back to normal around here.


- What is it?

- What's going on?

- Well, I went to finally
talk to Natalie

and I realized I couldn't
let her leave again.

- So--so what? They're--
they're moving here now or...

- They're gonna stay
in Smallville for a while

and see how they like it here.

And if it's okay with you guys,

stay at the farm until
they find someplace to live.

- Whatever we can do to help.

- Natalie, this is
my husband Clark,

and these are my boys,
Jonathan and Jordan.

- Hi, it's nice
to finally meet you.

- Yeah, you too.

My dad's told me
a lot about you guys.

- Why don't we go inside

and you guys
can show her around?

- Sure, yeah.

- You sure
you're okay with this?

- Of course.

Happy to help a friend.

- Thanks, man.