Stumptown (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Stumptown - full transcript

Dex becomes friends with a new client, the owner of a male strip club who has been mysteriously losing money; Grey continues to help Hoffman

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "Stumptown"...


You're gonna let him move out, huh?

Maybe it's not
the worst thing in the world,

getting used to being on your own.

You know, the VA has
lots of support groups for PTSD.

Talking feelings is, uh...

It's not my thing.

It's a peer-to-peer group that I go to.

They don't just steal cars.

They're into something way bigger.

I want you to go undercover. You ready?

We stumbled into something
above our pay grade.

Well, what is it?

Heroin. A ton of it.

♪ The photographer smiles,
takes a break for a while ♪

♪ Take a rest, do your very best ♪

♪ Take five, honey ♪

- Subtle.
- What's that?

That thing you're trying to keep
hidden under your jacket.

Looks like you're trying
to snatch a baby.

Oh, it's a surprise for, uh, Ansel.

- You mind zipping it?
- Oh. What is it? I love surprises.

Oh, it's just... It's a kilo of heroin.


Come. I'm, uh, waiting for a client.

Have a drink with me.
We haven't hung out in so long.

I, uh... I gotta go.

Hey, buddy!

What's with all the supplies?

A surprise.

What is going on around here?
All these surprises.

Well, uh, do you need any help?

Tookie said he would help.

Oh. Um... well, uh,
that's very nice of him.

- You and Tookie tight now?
- Yeah.

You're never too old, Dex,
to make a new friend.

Yeah. It's one of the many
reasons I love you, buddy.

Bye, Dex.


Have fun.

Hey, sweetie. I need a drink.

Whatever she's having,
but make it a double.

Lady, you just ordered a double double.

Oh. Girl after my own heart.

- Ginger Lloyd.
- Oh. I'm Dex.

- Thanks for meeting me here.
- Oh! Wow!

You are gorgeous.

I was expecting, you know, Ruth Buzzi.


I'm sorry. I don't get
that reference at all.

- Oh. It was before your time, I guess.
- I don't know.

Not that I'm that much
older than you are.

- No. No.
- I know.

Uh, so, how can I help you?

Well, basically I'm getting screwed.

I run my own business, and I think

one of my employees is ripping me off.

Well, how much money is missing?

First... that jacket.

Oh. Love!

Nordy's? Saks?

Oh, thanks. Uh, nope.

Uh, lost and found.

Mm. Is that a new boutique?

No, it's a box. Underneath this bar.

Lady hustler.

I definitely hired the right girl.

What's your business?

A place called Hold the Meat.
It's a vegan club.

Like a dance club?

Mm. Kinda.

♪ I feel like fire ♪

♪ I feel like rain ♪

♪ I can take you higher ♪

♪ But you gotta earn it ♪

- ♪ Whoo ♪
- ♪ I'm lit, don't mess with it ♪

- ♪ Whoo ♪
- ♪ Stand back, let me do my... ♪

- ♪ Whoo ♪
- ♪ I'm lit, don't mess with it ♪

Hold the Meat! Hold the Meat!

How much heroin
is this car ring trying to move?

- I'm not sure.
- But if he comes back

with the cash for this kilo,

that'll get their attention.

- Sorry I'm late.
- Hey, closed door meeting...

No, it's okay. I called him in.

It's good to see you, Bobby.

Lieutenant, I thought we were keeping

a closed circle on this one.

We were, until a kilo
just got dropped on the table.

Jimmy Arrieta, Drugs and Vice Division.

This is Miles Hoffman, Precinct Squad.

You're the CI?

Oh, no, I'm the ice cream man.

Ha. Hilarious.

How'd your crew score the heroin?

They told me they boosted
a delivery truck

and the drugs were on the back.

Ah, we've seen it.

Traffickers using delivery trucks

to move weight in plain sight.

We can take this.

I don't think so.

My CI got us in, so it's... it's my op.

You cool with riding shotgun
on this one, Jimmy?

Not really, but I'll follow orders.

Convince the crew that you got
a buyer for the stash.

I mean, I'll see what I can do.

Solid crowd for a Wednesday.

Well, that's the beauty of Portland.

Nobody cares about nudity.
They embrace it.

And I give them what they want...

A little human connection

and a damn good vegan enchilada.

How'd you come to own this place?

My husband ran away with my best friend.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

It sent me into a spiral for a few years,

and then I-I came here with a girlfriend

and loved it

and became friends with the owners,

this sweet older couple
who were looking to phase out.

So, we made a handshake deal.

I borrowed everything I could
from everybody I knew

and I started making payments.



This might sound silly,

but I finally found something
that's mine, that I'm good at.

And if this fails...

No, I get it.

♪ Burnin' money till
we flamed out in the sky ♪

♪ Finna put my thing down,
make it rain now ♪

♪ I be flyin' high ♪

- Oh, he's looking at me.
- Mm-hmm.

He's... He's coming over here.

Yeah, he's coming.

- Oh, no, no, no.
- No, he's coming for you.


Okey doke.

Do I have to put it in the thing? Okay.

All right.

Just... Excuse me.

Thank you.

It's very warm.

How does the... The money work, exactly?

Well, all the dancers pay a stage fee...

$100 per night

and 30% of all the tips
that they bring in.

So, someone's skimming cash.
Any idea who?

Could be anyone.


No. Nuh-uh. That's not coming
on my truck. Those are evil.

Get too close to one of those things,

and a thumb ends up in a burrito.

- We need it.
- No. We don't.

We're gonna make Tookie's
Churro Ice Cream Deleite.

That's "delight" in Spanish.

Why do I say some words in Spanish that,

in the context of a sentence,

are perfectly understandable in English,

but then I needlessly
describe their meaning

in English, anyway?

Do you ever do that?

Dude, I'm half Filipino
and half Hawaiian.

Aloha. How do I keep spacing on that?

I don't know.

We are making Baked Alaska.

What the hell's a Baked Alaska?

Crazy white people dessert.
Brownie ice cream pie.

On fire.

The "on fire" part intrigues me.

So, you'll help me?

It would be my el gusto.

That's "my pleasure" I...

Hit me with a wooden spoon
if I do that again.

Just a good smack in the...

Yes, I'm in. Come on.

♪ Ese sudor que se desliza por tu piel ♪

♪ What we've got is burning hot ♪

♪ What we've got is burning hot ♪

Hi, handsome.

Care for a dance, pretty momma?


I have something else in mind.

Are you gonna let me
dance for you or what?

Mm, I paid for my three songs.

I get to spend them how I like.

Okay, so, uh, next,
you claim your cash tips?


When did the government
start sending census takers

out to the clubs?

It's a new 2020 policy.
We're trying to get to everyone.

Uh, household income?

Ugh. I don't know.

Come on. Give me a ballpark.

Oh, God. Um...

How much does Kendra make, again? 400K?

What? Excuse me?

Kendra. My girlfriend.

Mostly off her investments.

She's well diversified between domestic

and emerging market equities.

ROI on one of her ETFs is like 17% alone.

Why are you dancing here?

Because... God put me on this Earth

to dance half-naked
for appreciative women.

And dudes sometimes.

But mostly women.

Cool. Okay, thank you.

I have everything... that I need.

Bird's eye view.

You ever see anyone walk away
with a little extra cash?

Full disclosure...

Most nights, I'm, like,
baked out of my mind up here.

Complaints about the job?

Girl, I wash 30 male thongs every night.

By hand.

Hey, Sasha.

Gotta love the perks, though.


Okay, uh, so, do you like your boss?

♪ And I'm ready, and I'm ready,
and I'm ready ♪

Drive an expensive car?

Pay your taxes on time?

You know, the Queen's guard is hiring.

- ♪ Oh ♪
- Good talk.

♪ Oh, ooh, whoa ♪

♪ Here we go ♪


Moved that kilo pretty quick, Grey.

It's easy if you know the right people.

Now, what's your excuse, Scuz?

- Nice work.
- Thanks.

Look, I know somebody who might
be interested in a bigger haul.

How much they looking to buy?

How much you looking to sell?

This dude comes in
off the street, outta nowhere.

You're the one who brought him in, Scuz.

Fine. But all of a sudden,
he's got a buyer for our score?

He's probably getting a kickback
from whoever he's bringing in,

though he probably wouldn't admit it.

Oh, I'll admit it.
I'd be getting a kickback.

Leo... I've got our guy.

I say we go with whoever
actually sold some of the drugs.

Use my guy or not.

I'm just trying to make
everybody a little bit of money,

including myself.

Good to know.

- Glad to have you around.
- Yeah.

I brought you
into this crew to steal cars,

not to try and push your buyer,

'cause that's money
right out of my pocket.

- You read me?
- Yeah.

So, back off.

Hey, Ginger.

Um, can I get access to
all of your security footage?

Uh... don't worry.
I'm gonna figure this out.

- What? No.
- Not that.

My squad just flaked.

- Again.
- Oh.

All my married friends, they come here,

they see what I've got,
they see how I live,

and they're like, "Oh, my God.

I wish I had that. I'm so jealous."

And then their husbands text 10 times,

and they have to go home.

- Well...
- You married? Kids?

Uh, nope.

Uh, my brother actually just moved out,

so, basically, I'm on my own.

You miss your brother.

No, I... i-it's fine.

- I-It was time.
- Listen up, baby girl.

I am not gonna let you wallow.

- Here's what we're gonna do.
- Okay.

We're gonna get some drinks,
we're gonna go have some sushi,

and then you're gonna show me
how to do that magical thing

- you do with your hair...
- Oh...

...and then we are gonna rage.

You know, I-I'd love to,
but I-I have to work.

What? Oh, please, don't.

- It's your case.
- I'm giving you the night off...

And the morning, too, if you need it.

Uh, I-I have some leads
that I want to follow up on.

It's my first day on the job.
I want to get ahead of it.

But, uh, tomorrow?

Perfect. Meet me at my place
for a nightcap.

- Deal?
- Deal.

- Ah, hello.
- Hello.

Uh, Office of
Sexually Oriented Businesses?


So, the acronym is, uh... S.O.B.?

Yeah, I never heard that one before.

You here about the naked bike ride?

- The what?
- You're not Gypsy?

Uh, no. I'm Dex.

I'm... I'm here about the all
male revue club, Hold the Meat.

Best vegan enchilada in the state.


Home of some sticky-fingered strippers.


I'm surprised, 'cause Ginger
runs a pretty tight ship.


Um, I wondered if you could tell me

if there was any past
financial problems, um,

dancers with spotty records,
that kind of thing?

Who's asking?

I am.

I'm a, uh, private investigator.

Dex Parios. My business card.

I'm here on, uh, Ginger's behalf.

Eh, I'm sorry. That's my only one. So...

Thank you.

Let me guess...
You're her new best friend?

What if we are friends? Is that
a crime here at the S.O.B.?

Oh. Here we go.

Enrique Bedoya.

Made some threats.


How long did you work at Hold the Meat?

- Five years.
- Hmm.

Why'd you leave? Fell off the stage.

Tore my ACL.

Exact same injury Tom Brady
suffered in 2008.

No kidding. Hmm.

So, uh, what was your
relationship like with Ginger?

Fine. Great. She's like a mother to me.

Then why did you tell her
you would break her in half

if it didn't mean that the world
would be left with two of her?

I can explain that.

Please do.

I went back to the club with the
estimates for the knee surgery,

and she said I was on my own

because I was a private contractor

and some other legal mumbo jumbo
I didn't understand,

and I lost my temper.

But I apologized to Ginger.

She's still mad about that?

Oh, she's mad that someone's
stealing from her club.

That's what this is about?

Yep, indeedy.

I'm not perfect. I've made mistakes.

But I've never stolen money from anyone.

Hey, Jimmy.

For your husband. The heartless bastard.

The two of you still betting on golf?

We were playing in Nassau, three ways.

The front nine and back nine
canceled each other and then...

All right, I'm gonna just
take that as a yes.

So, let's hear it.

What do you mean?

Well, I'm guessing this tequila
is only half of the reason

why you made the trip down here.

Okay, yeah.

I've got some concerns.


I know Hoffman's your protégé or whatever

and you're grooming him to be a boss,

but let me tell you
what other cops are saying.

He don't trust anybody but himself,

which is why he does
that lone wolf act of his.

And you know I'm right.

Normally, I couldn't give a rat's ass,

but not on a case like this.

Look, I told him to cooperate.

You heard me say it in the room.

You just got to give him a chance, Jimmy.

I have.

Called him twice, texted. No response.

And he's got that mouthy CI
who walks all over him?

Hoffman's trusting a case
this big to him?

Bobby, I know drugs
and I know informants,

and that douchebag has his own agenda.

Believe me.


Got it.

I think it's the oil pressure switch.

You're gonna have to take the engine out.

It's the thermostat O-ring.

You're still gonna have to
take the engine out.

Smart ass.

How'd you get into cars, Max?

Fixing or stealing?

Figured they went hand-in-hand.
They did with me, at least.

My pops.

Not right away, though.

First, he taught me the Melon Drop con.

The Melon Drop con? What's that?

Never heard of it?


My dad would buy me a watermelon
at a farmer's market,

then I'd spot a couple
that looked like they had cash,

had them run into me,

the watermelon would drop, crack open.

I'd start bawling, and, you know,

20 bucks later...


- How old were you?
- 8.

Then it was on to pickpocketing,
which I was serviceable at,

then three card Monte,
which I still don't get,

and then finally, cars.

Love at first sight.

No doubt.

Where's your dad now?


Did everything I could
not to end up like him.

Here I am.

Believe me, I get it.

I'm not a drug dealer, though.

Never was.

- Okay.
- I mean it.

That stuff just dropped in our lap.


I can't believe we're about to
drop 20 kilos out on the street.

So, why don't you just flush it?

Not my call.

Look, I'll see you around.

Yeah. For sure.

This is hard.

Hard? No.

Tacos Chicharrón is hard.

This is the Manhattan Project.

What about a nice cupcake?


Rice Krispie treat?

No. Baked Alaska!



We try again.

Add one cup of flour at a time.

Slowly. Easy does it, killer.


Let it mix.

Wait, but keep your eyes
on it at all times. Trust me.


When did you meet Dex?

When she was like 15.

I was working at a bookstore
on Burnside back then.

Someone started putting the Bibles

in the fiction section every day.

Then I caught Dex red-handed.

She took off like a bat outta infierno.

That's Spanish for "Hell."


She was fast, but I was motivated.

I tackled her in the parking lot.

I thought I saved the day.

Then I got fired.

Turns out what I did is
something called simple assault.

So, you knew our parents?

I did.

Nice people.

Hey, so, I met with Enrique today.

Aw, Love Bug. How's his knee?

Oh, thank you.

Um, good, I think.

Uh, was Enrique working at the club

when the money was disappearing?

Maybe. I'd have to check the books.

Oh! I have something for you.

For me?

A necklace?


Whoa, Ginger.

I know you have your own style,
and I dig it,

but every girl should have
a diamond around their neck.


It's just been sitting
in my drawer for 15 years.

This is... This is too much.
I can't accept this.

Plus, the P.I. Board has a rule
against accepting gifts, so...

They'll never know. May I?

Remember, never apologize
for being a strong single woman

with your own money, your own life,

your own business, your own good time,

because you're gonna encounter
a lot of people

who are threatened by it,
and they'll try to take it away from you

just to make them feel bigger.

Take a look.

I love it.

Thanks, Ginger.

Make two more drinks.

- Two more?
- Uh-huh.


I figured you'd want Ford.

She's had her eye on you.

Wait, doesn't she work for
the Census Bureau's office?

Oh, well, she's off the clock.


Make memories, not babies.

What is happening?

O... kay.



I-I'm sorry.

I-I guess I just can't
when it's... arranged.

This is a first for me, too.

Oh. Escorting?

No. No, being turned down.



- Ginger's the best, huh?
- Oh, yeah.

She is, uh... She is an interesting one.

That is for sure.

- She is the best.
- The best.

Yeah. She is really...



Anyone from your work
not feel the same way?

No. Everybody loves Ginger.

Well, anybody that you think
might want to steal from her?


No way.

Maybe Enrique?


I saw him the other day. He's moved on.

You saw him the other day?


Well, m-maybe... it was longer than that.

No, you know what? I'm...

I'm thinking about another dancer.


Yo! Party people!

What's up with all the talky-talk?

Yeah, it's not, um...
it's just not my style.

Yet. That's my new goal.

I'm gonna show you
how to have a good time.

Operation Dex.

Cannot wait.

Ford, are you coming?


Mmm! Yummy!

It's still early.

- See you tomorrow.
- Mm. Okay.

You get in there!

- I can't... I don't...
- You get right in there!

You need something?

Oh, hey, there you are.

I was looking for a copy
of your CI's case file.

I don't share case files on my CIs.

We're running this thing together.

I should be up to speed.

You will be... When I need you.

Look, I'm not gonna hog
the spotlight on this.

You can parade the suspect
in front of the lieutenant,

show her what a good cop you are.

I'm just trying to
get drugs off the street,

and I've got just
a tiny bit more experience

doing that than you.

When I need you, I'll call you.



Are you related to Lionel Hoffman?

Defense attorney?

He's my father.

Ah. Now it all makes sense.

Meaning what?


He's a good man.

Oh, no, no, no.

Come on!

Oh, I gotta pee. Come on!

♪ 'Cause there's somethin'
we forgot to say to you ♪


♪ Sisters are doin' it for themselves ♪

♪ Standin' on their own two feet ♪

♪ And ringin' on their own bells ♪

♪ Sisters are doin' it for themselves ♪

♪ Now, this is a song ♪

♪ To celebrate ♪

♪ Sisters are doin' it for themselves ♪

ARETHA FRANKLIN: Thank you, all.
I'll get it myself.


This isn't suspicious at all.

Census taker, my ass!

Yeah. Well, you got me there.

- You're a spy.
- Private investigator.

Ugh, man, I wish I was a spy.
That'd be pretty cool, huh?

It's still a breach of privacy.

Was almost sleeping with Ford
part of your investigation, too?

Okay, okay.

That was not my choice,
and I did turn it down.

Right, Ford?

Guys, I have been through all
of the security footage, okay?

At the end of each shift,
each one of your bikini briefs

is way bulgier than when you started.

That's where you've been
stuffing the extra cash.

Am I right?

So, tell me what is going on,
and we can keep the cops out of this,

'cause that's where we're headed.

You're never gonna divide us.

We stand together, as brothers.

- What...
- Ohh!

I don't want to go to jail over this.

Great speech.

Just tell her.

Ginger pushed me off the stage
that night,

right after I told her she needed help.

She'd been drinking more and
more, until now it's every night.

Then why didn't you just file a report?

It's the only male revue club in town.

Rock the boat, and you're out.

I'm a single dad.

Between daycare, clothes, food, rent,

and now the hospital bills...

We've all been skimming a little
for Enrique to keep him afloat.

She likes you. She'll listen to you.

Can you talk to her?

No, my friend. One more minute.

Can't hurry genius.

Outside a sharp knife,

patience is a chef's most valuable tool.

Patience for the process,
patience to let flavors blossom.

Why'd they leave?


My parents.

You know, that's something
you should talk to Dex about.

Dex doesn't like talking about it.

I'm sorry, hermano.

Maybe she will one day.

- Hey, Ginger.
- Mm!

What's up, girlfriend?

Well, I figured it out.

Oh, my God! Tell me.

Well, uh, a couple unnamed strippers

were taking a little off the top
to help Enrique with his bills.

Unnamed? What do you mean "unnamed"?

Well, I mean,
I kind of know who they are,

but I think I have a solution

where we don't have to drop
a bomb on anyone's head.


You have a morale problem.

The Marines didn't teach me
anything about strippers,

but morale, I do know.

- A morale problem?
- Mm-hmm.

Last I checked, I hired a PI,
not a therapist.

Ginger, I'm telling you this as a friend.

Bring Enrique back,

put him behind the bar
until his knee heals up.

He just... He wants an apology.

For what?

Well, his version is that you
shoved him off the stage.

Regardless of... of that,

just hold a big team meeting.

Tell the guys that you value
and appreciate them

and it's a fresh start, starting today.

It'll pay off tenfold.

Well, eh, fivefold.

It's gonna get better around
here, is what I'm trying to say.

Because the guys seem like
they're good guys,

and they care about you.

In fact, from what I gathered,
they're, uh...

they're concerned about you.

I'm really sad right now.


I thought you were different,

but you're just like
all the other haters.

You just can't handle seeing me
live the life you want.

Um... no. No, that's... That's not it.

Oh, sure it is.

You want me to have
a small life, like yours,

to make you feel better about yourself.

But guess what, toots. Not gonna happen.

Okay, that's fine.
We can just stick to the case.

We're not sticking to the case.

You're no longer working for me.

We're no longer "friends."

Okay, Ginger, I'm just trying to
help you here, you know?

You should see your face right now.

You're all like, "Oh,
I just royally screwed up."

You almost had the golden ticket
of hanging out with me.

That's gone.

Uh... you know, I-I think
that you have some issues,

you know, either with
abandonment or anger.

I mean, certainly...
Certainly with anger,

but obviously, you don't want to
talk about them,

- so...
- You know what?

You might want to
look in the mirror next time

before you tell somebody else
how to live their life.

No wonder your brother left you.


You're fired.


Get the hell out.

Hey. Where's Grey?

Haven't seen him.

What are you drinking?

You're new.

This is true.


Well, I'm, uh, Dex.

Grey's friend.

Ansel's sister.

- Dude, I just started yesterday.
- Okay.

Well, uh, did Grey mention the part

where Dex gets a drink for free?

No, he did not.

- IPA.
- Which one?

Coldest one you got.

Nowhere to go but up.

- Miss Parios?
- Yeah?

Harriet Straw. DPSST.

Oh. Yeah, the, uh, Department
of Public... Safety,


The PI licensing place.

You work with Janice?

- Janet.
- Right.

Were you recently hired
by a Ginger Lloyd?

Yeah. Why? What's going on?

- She filed a complaint against you.
- Wait, what?

Consequently, our office has
opened a formal investigation.

W-What do... What do you mean?
How... How formal?


This will be thoroughly, fairly,
and promptly investigated.

What did Ginger say I did?

Trying to sleep
with one of her employees,

general incompetence, accepting a gift...

A diamond necklace, specifically...

And drinking on the job.

Okay, the first two things are lies,

the third is iffy at best,
and the fourth is a joke

because she was the one
who was constantly drinking.

She's not a private investigator
licensed by our office.

She can drink as much as she wants.

Fair point. That's a fair point.

If her claims are substantiated

and Ms. Lloyd pushes hard enough,

your license could
get permanently revoked.

Have a great rest of your day.

Yo, Hoffman, we have a problem.

Yeah, you don't answer my calls.

No, it's a little bit bigger than that.

The crew is sitting on
20 kilos of heroin.


Are you sure you heard that right?

Yes, I'm sure.

That's over a million, street value.

Who in Portland is trying to
move that much dope?

Short list. Heavy players.

Okay, look, you need to do

what you were gonna do 24 hours ago.

Force their hand.

They need to take your buyer today.

If they don't, you pull out.

I'll lock them all up, and then
I'll start flipping people.

Hey, Hoffman?

What if I get Max to cooperate?

Is she wobbling?

Yeah, a little.

Or is she just putting on an act
to see if you're a rat

and then she tells her boyfriend,

and you end up with a bullet
in the back of the head?

Don't overthink it, Grey.

Hey, Lieutenant.

- Hey.
- What'd your CI have to say?

I'll, uh, type it up. CC you on it.

This is exactly what I was talking about.

Why you pushing so hard on this, man?

Well, the question is, why
aren't you sharing information?

Which I believe was conveyed to you

as a direct order and not a request.

Respectfully, Lieutenant...

I don't trust this dude.

Meaning what?

Meaning you try to bulldoze into this

like you do
every other case I read about,

and I can't have that...
Not with my CI inside.

I read about you, too, kid,

and maybe this is all about you
making up for the fact

that you got your last CI killed.

Darius? Am I pronouncing it right?

- Know what?
- What?


You need to share information, Hoffman,

or you're gonna lose this case entirely.

This crew is trying to move 20 kilos.

And I need to know
the location of this crew,

and I need to know it now.


Now you're pissing me off.

Sorry, Lieutenant.

Just keep me in the loop.

♪ ...mind's like a window
looking into my brain ♪

♪ Taking all my time and leaving
nothing but my pain ♪

♪ I gotta get away ♪



Poppy. We talked on the phone.

Oh. Right. Hey.

Um... I forgot to put
some money in my meter.

- Be right back.
- Right.

You know, it took me three times

before I gave
one of these meetings a shot.

So why don't I save you
some trips, Marine?

Get your ass in here.

♪ I gotta get away ♪

See? It's no big deal.

Once a week, we meet.

There's a Facebook group, so we get vets

and active military
from all over the country.

They drop in whenever they're in town.

There's no pressure. It's informal.

And if you're anything like me,
you'll be surprised

at how great it feels
to be around other veterans,

'cause they get it.

Why are you here? Did something happen?

Oh, um...

Honestly, uh...

for the first time
since I got back, I've...

I've found something that I'm good at.

And today, someone decided
to take that away from me.

- Based on what?
- Nothing, really.

Hurt feelings. Lies.

Are you gonna do something about it?

Well, there's nothing I can do.

I just have to see how it all plays out.

You're just gonna roll over
and let it happen?


One of the first things
I learned in basic was,

at a time of war,

you take the fight to your enemy.

You can't sit around clicking your heels,

waiting for unreasonable people
to become reasonable,

because they never will.

You have to take the fight to your enemy.

Ms. Parios. What can I do you for?

I'd like to lodge some
complaints against Ginger Lloyd.


Wage violations, employee abuse,
possible aggravated assault,

sexual harassment,
and a hostile work environment.

I'll get a pen.

It's a bad call.

If I wanted your opinion,
I would have asked for it.


Do whatever the hell you want.

You all right?


I gotta get the hell out of here.

You talking away from Leo?




Well, maybe I can help.

You barely know me.

I know enough.


With me. Now.

Hope you got your story straight.

Hey. What's up?

You did time at Columbia River, right?

Yeah, I did three years.

And that was what? 2012?

Yeah, sounds right.

You know Billy Galvin?

I haven't thought of that name in years.

He told me a funny story recently.

Oh, yeah?

I don't remember him being too funny.

Yeah, well, I told him
you were working with us.

And he told me to be careful.


Just so I get this straight...

You called that dude to check up on me?

You know, he'd sell his mother
out for a pack of gum.

'Cause he's a snitch.

Maybe it takes one to know one.

What's going on here? Are you bored?

Is that what this is?

'Cause you'd have to be bored and stupid

to take a guy like Billy Galvin
at his word, Leo.

All right, let's do this.

Why don't you find me when
you're ready to move your weight?

Otherwise, find somebody else
to play tough guy with.


I'll meet your buyer.

Okay, no guarantees,
but we can have a sit-down.

Where they at?

- Los Angeles.
- Good.

Have them here tomorrow afternoon.



You're looking for 20 kilos,
you got the wrong warehouse.


You're a jackass and you're dirty.

What are you talking about?

I got a call from this location.
They said they needed backup.

Stole a dummy file off my desk.


you're on the take with
whoever got their heroin stolen?

I'm not telling you squat.


Then maybe you'll tell me.


It's not what it looks like.

Come on. You know me.

I used to.

He's all yours.

Give me your hands.

Bring them up.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can
and will be used against you

in a court of law.

Grey, what's up?


- ♪ Come on, come on, come ♪
- ♪ Oh, nah, nah ♪

- ♪ Come on, come on, come on ♪
- ♪ Ooh, son... ♪


Buy you a drink?

No, I'm good.

So, I've decided to give Enrique
a job until his knee heals.

Oh. Wow. That's big of you.

Well, that club means everything to me.

I know it seems like I have it together

and everything's perfect,

but without that place, I'd be a mess.

I have to protect myself.

I may have overreacted.

You think?

Do you want your necklace back?

I want you to drop
the complaints against me.

The club is all you have.
Being a PI is all I have.

I'll drop mine if you drop yours.



No one's ever gone
toe-to-toe with me and won.

I knew I liked you.

See ya 'round, toots.

♪ La la la la ♪

♪ La la la la ♪


Go ahead.

You told me so.

I would, if it would
make me feel any better.

So... what's the plan now?

We move forward.

I get someone to front as a buyer.

Okay. Reach out to narcotics.

See who they've got working undercover.

After this?

No way.

Well, then, who are you gonna use?

I'll get an informant.


I'll get you the paperwork later.



I don't know about this, man.

Why don't you just get one of your cops

to stand in as the buyer?

After today, I need somebody
I know I can trust.

♪ Mister, can you hear my name? ♪


Buddy, is this
what you've been working on?

- It's for you.
- It's for me?

W-What is it?

I'll give you a hint.

- Fuego.
- Whoa!

Remember now?

Today was the day

you came to get me

12 years ago.

That's right.

And, uh... And we went to Romy's Diner,

and I got you...

a slice of Baked Alaska.

You told me everything would be okay.

I did, and I meant that.

You know I'm always gonna be
here for you, buddy, right?

And I'll always be here for you.

Come here.

This is awesome. Thank you so much.


Wow. Hey, guys.

Do you, uh, want some cake?

What's going on?

We need your help, Dex.

Like, right now.