Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 8 - Street Fighter: The Animated Series - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[soft jingle]

- [Narrator] Colonel
William Guile,

one of the greatest martial
artists in the world,

travels the global
tournament circuit,

using it to conceal
his top secret mission

as leader of an elite group

of international crime fighters

known only by their code
name, Street Fighter.

The heroic man beast, Blanka.

Hard kicking fighting
machine, Chun-Li.

[dramatic music]

And a team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces with Guile

to combat the criminal
empire of Shadaloo

and its superhuman
leader, Bison.

They have their
own code of honor.

Discipline, justice, commitment.

And together, they
will triumph against

the forces of evil.

[dramatic music]

Street Fighter!

[soft music]

- Stop him, he stole my wallet.

- Oh easy, kid.

Did you hurt yourself?

Uh oh.

- Grab him.

- It was a mistake.

I didn't do anything.

- Okay okay, but if
you're lying to me,

you'll wish the welcome
wagon got you first.

Hold it, what's
the problem here?

- My wallet was
in my back pocket.

He bumped me and now it's gone.


- Sonic boom!


Excuse me, sir, but I
think this belongs to you.

- Guess I just put it
in the wrong pocket.


- Thanks, mister.

- Come on, kid, you look
like you could use a meal.

- My folks weren't
all that hot for me

to come out here by myself.

It's kinda hard
sometimes, you know?

- Yeah, I've been there.

- Yeah?

[eerie music]

- Look kid, something
just came up.

I gotta bail.

Take care, huh?

- Okay sure, thanks.

I can't pay you back
for this or anything.

- Yeah, yeah you can.

Call your folks.

[soft music]


- I assume you're aware

of the International
Street Fighters Tournament

taking place in
Chhatarpur, India.

- Yeah yeah, I
thought about going,

but my financial advisor said

Cancun's a better value.

- You've been entered.

Chun-Li and the others
are already on their way.

- All the way to India?

What's up?

- We believe some of
the new contenders

are coming out of Shadaloo.

- Bison will be there?

- We hope so.

Intelligence reports
are sketchy but,


Good luck.

[intense music]

- Father, please can we go home?

- In a moment.

I wish to see the
street fighters.


[soft music]


- Time's up, buckaroo.

You okay?


- Bison still gets to me.

What he made Dhalsim do to me.

Look at me, Chun-Li.

I am, I am a monster.

- Well, you know what?

I like a guy with a
full head of hair.

The tournament's started.

Let's go kick some
Shadaloo butt.

Make you feel better.

- Ah, Chun-Li.

Ever the poet.

[soft music]

- Congratulate me, Doctor.

My street fighter
tournament has begun.

Guile and his contentious
band of roaches have arrived

and I am about to deliver them

into the hands of
their destroyers.

Hands that I have created.

- Indeed, without
Dhalsim's old notes,

we'd have nothing.

- I don't believe in
shared credit, Dr. Kurst.

Too cluttered.

- Yes sir, of course.

- You are a hired
wrist, nothing more.

Or need I remind you?

- Please, Bison, don't.

It'll explode.

I've done everything you asked.

- You talk too much.


[intense music]

- [Chun-Li] Spinning bird kick.


- Way to go, Chun-Li.

- Yes, go.


- [Bison] Yes!

I did it.

And destruction of the
Street Fighters is at hand.

- [Dr. Kurst] They
respond to your voice.

- That's what they're
programmed to do, yes?

Welcome, my trio of terror.

- What have I done?

- You have done my bidding,

as was required of you.

And now to destroy
the Street Fighters.


- Flash kick!



- Look at them, Kurst.

They have my eyes.


- [Dr. Kurst] Bison,
these are monsters.

We must destroy them
before they destroy us.

- Destroy them?

They are to be glorified.


Behold, we are witness
to the end of Guile

and his Street Fighters.



- [Cammy] Cannon drill!

- Spinning bird kick!


- I want to do that.


- I am the strongest
woman in the world.

Until next time, sister.


- [Ken] Ryu, a hot
flash for you, bud.

This ain't the arena, you know?

The place where the action is.

- This is a temple of worship.

Act civilized for once.

- Are you sure the other
Street Fighters did this?

- [Ryu] It's been the
custom for centuries

to come here before a battle.

The tournament counts.

[soft music]


- Hey, Chun-Li, wow.

Looks like you were
a hit last night.


- [Child] I saw you last night.

You were awesome.

- My my, Chun-Li, superstar.

Well, just wait until
I win next time.


Hmm, my my, tough room.

- Gotcha.


Begin your work, Balrog.

- [Balrog] The
tape will be ready

in a few more minutes.

- I am in the
presence of a maestro.

Well done, Balrog.

Either my trio of
terror shall rid me

of the Street Fighters,

[eerie music]

or the good people of
Chhatarpur will do it for me.

[eerie music]


- [Ryu] Attack!


- Patience, patience, my pets.

Your turn is coming.


- Flash kick!

- Attack!


- Man, that was rigged.

- Which part?

Guile kicking your
backside, or Blanka?

- You know, you've
fought better underwater.

- Yeah, I've seen
moles with better moves

than you up there.

- Oh yeah, I'd like to
hear you say that now.




- Where are the lights?

- What's going on?
- What happened?



- What are they?


- [Chun-Li] Spinning bird kick!



- This is delicious.

- Guess you won't be needing
those tapes I made for you.

You want me to get rid of them?

- Don't be hasty.

Not until I see
those Street Fighters

pummeled to dust, which
should be any moment now.



[intense music]

- [Ken] I can't open this thing.

- Oh, then let someone
with talent try.

No offense.


- Mutations.

Guile, they're not human.

- No kidding.

- No, somehow, they're
Dhalsim's work.

They're giving
off a green light.

I've seen that before.

- Well, good for you.

The rest of us are seeing stars.

Sonic boom!


Flash kick!

The lights.

Sonic boom!


- Oh, I get it.



What were those things?

- Two years ago,
back in Shadaloo,

I thought Dhalsim's
lab was destroyed.

But somehow, someone is
carrying on his worst work.

My biggest nightmare.



- What have they
done to my creations?


- Time for the tape?

- Time for the tape.

And the wrath of the world

will crush the Street
Fighters for me

once and for all.



- Wait a minute.

Hey, we didn't do that.


- They defiled our holy temple.


- Where are we
supposed to go now, up?

- Sonic boom!


- Well, long time no see.

- [Guile] Let's move.

- Oh that's right, Colonel.

Always leave them wanting more.


- This is Asher.

I need an airlift out
of Chhatarpur now.

What do you mean, an
hour to get there?

The Street Fighters
don't have an hour.

If that mob hasn't ripped
them apart already.


- Bison's behind this somehow.

Now all we have
to do is find him.

- Well, we could
take out a personal.

Wanted, one flaming jerk.

Likes midnight strolls
through minefields

and moonlight invasions.

- Blanka saw some kind of light

coming from those
things up in the arena.

Find the light,
we may find Bison.

- No, I lost the
trail back inside.


- One diversion coming up.

Come on, love, let's go
show them what you got.

- Next time, could you
recruit someone less perky?

- Good luck, Guile.

We'll wait for your signal.

- Yeah, what signal?

- The defilers.

They're over there.

- Next time, Cammy
gets to be the defiler.


- This is it.

- [Guile] Bison must've bolted.

- Look, Dhalsim's notes.

My one chance at recovery.

- Go away, get out of here.

He'll destroy this
place any moment now.

You have to leave.

- Who will, Bison?

Where is he?

- He and that Balrog
fellow are gone.

- [Guile] Balrog.

- Bison intends to
detonate this place

as soon as they're
safely out of range.


- Then come on, let's
get out of here.

- Impossible.

I am his means of detonation.

Down here, I may harm
the fewest people.

- [Blanka] I think I can
override the electronic lock.

But I doubt I can defuse this.

- Just get it off of him first.

Bison's control room.

[soft music]



- Oh, how can I thank you?

- Don't thank us yet.

- I'll take it from here.

- Doctor, maybe you
can help us after all.


- People of Chhatarpur,
listen to me.

I implore you, hear me now.

My name is Dr. Kurst.

I've been held
hostage by an evil one

for several weeks now.

By a monster called Bison.

These Street Fighters
have done no harm.

They have not
defiled our temple.

Instead, they have
come to help us.

To rid us of Bison.

And here is your proof.

Believe your eyes now.

This man, Guile, is risking
his life to save us all.

Bison has deceived you.

Don't let Bison turn
you into animals.

Don't turn into Bison.

Turn away from your anger
and calm yourselves.

In the name of peace.

I implore you all.
- Blast kick!

[intense music]

- Huh, I guess that's
Guile's signal.

Show off.


[soft music]

- [Chun-Li] Caged competition?

This is the next big thing?

- Yeah so, they're in a cage.

I could fight in a cage.


- I'm not gonna
touch that line, Ken.

- Oh, thank you.

- Huh, so much for my
15 minutes of fame.

- Cammy, you forget,
I'm the one who won.

- Yeah, and who's asking
for your autograph, sister?


- [Ken] When's our rematch, huh?

- [Guile] You that
anxious to lose again?

[dramatic music]