Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 5 - Street Fighter: The Animated Series - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[energized chime]

- [Narrator] Colonel
William Guile,

one of the greatest
martial artists

in the world travels the
Global Tournament Circuit,

using it to conceal
his top secret mission

as leader of an elite group of
international crime-fighters

known only by their code
name, Street Fighter.

The heroic man-beast,


hard-kicking fighting machine,


[rock guitar]

and a team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces with Guile
to combat the criminal empire

of Shadaloo, and its
superhuman leader, Bison.

They have their own code of
honor, discipline, justice,

commitment, and together
they will triumph

against the forces of evil.

[rock guitar]

Street Fighter.

[birds singing]

[snake rattles]

[jet engine roaring]

[door motor hums]

[mechanical motor ratcheting]

[laser blast]

[static buzzing]

[jet engine bellowing]

[water splashes]

[grating high pitch chime]


[disrupted water spashing]


[water bubbling]

[rhythmic thuds]


[tense building music]

[crowd shouting]

[crashing thud]

[crowd shouting and jeering]

- Sonic


[crashing thud]

[booing and shouting]

[roaring and cheering]

[heavy breathing]

[connecting punch]

[thud and crowd roar]

Way to go Dee Jay, you
still got the moves.

- Guile, I got to
apologize to you, man.

- Apologize, for what?

- You're my friend, but
tomorrow night in the finals,

I'm gonna kick
your tail big time.

I got to win dis
tournament, man.

That to show dat
I'm still champ.

You understand?

- Sure Dee Jay, I understand.

Don't count on that
championship belt yet.

That belt would look
pretty good on me.


You, or me, man.

Whoever wins, it's going
to be one good fight.

[emergency vehicle siren]

[door slams, car horns]


[low eerie music]

[frightened meow]

- You're out of the
tournament, man.

- You can't walk outta here,
or you can be carried out.

Either way, you ain't going
to be fighting tomorrow.

- [Sigh] Why does
this always happen?

[tense music]

Blast kick.



[connecting punch,
and painful moan]

Hey, I'm just getting warmed up.

- Let's go.

- Let's get outta here.

[screeching tires,
and humming engine]

[thud, and screeching tires]

Huh, looks like a dummy.

Somebody is a real practical
joker, and I know who.

[relaxing music
and birds tweeting]

[scraping rock]

[motor hum]

- Right on time as usual.

- Well there was an invitation
that I couldn't refuse.

What's up?

- Do you know what the SX9 is?

- Some kind of new
stealth aircraft.

Top secret stuff.


- The SX9 makes a
conventional stealth plane

look like a hot air balloon.

It's not just that
radar can't track it,

but it also has an energy field

which renders it
totally invisible.

The SX9 didn't return from its
final training flight today.

It carried a full bomb-load.

This arrived in
Washington after we last

contacted the plane.

- Your SX9 is missing,

how careless,

but finders keepers.

Now it belongs to me,

unless I receive
10 billion dollars

in 24 hours, one of your
cities will be destroyed.

I hardly need to remind you,
I don't make idol threats.

[zapping power down]

- You got to find that plane.

The government will not give in

to ransom demands;
not even from Bison.

- There's not enough time to
bring the whole team together.


- Blanka, and Cammy can
be in Jamaica by dawn,

and there's one more
person I want on the team;

our former local
operative Dee Jay.

- Dee Jay lost his
title for fixing fights.

I won't have anyone on the
team who can't be trusted.

I never believed Dee
Jay threw those fights.

Zangief is the one who brought
those charges against him;

not exactly a source
you can believe.

- We can't take the risk.

- Either I choose my own team,

or you find someone
else to lead them.

- Alright, there's
no time to argue.

You've got 24 hours.

[high pitch hum]

[mellow island music]

- Dee Jay, I need your
help to go after Bison.

- Bison!

Nobody'd like to get
him more than me, man,

but this tournament's my
chance to clear my name.

I got to win it.

- Zangief is working for Bison.

- [snarls and yells]

Hi-ya, hi-ya, hi-ya.

He's da man who destroyed me.

Count me in.

[plane jet engine]

- I didn't expect
to see him here.

- Why, because it looked
like he threw a fight?

You should know Blanka,
appearances can be deceiving.

Where's Cammy?

She should've been here by now.

- Sorry I'm late, Colonel.

I had a few things to pick up.

Portable transponder,
electromagnetic field detector,

a scandalously small bikini.

You've never seen me in a
bikini, have you, Colonel?

I brought some
suntan lotion too,

and you have such
nice, strong hands.

- I, uh, how do I,
uh, mmm, thanks,

I guess.

- Wouldn't want you to
strain your hands, man.

- [low grumble]

- Just get in the plane.

[propeller hum]

These are the plane's
last known coordinates.

- What's that island down there?

- San Cristobal, but the
fishermen call it Demon Island.

I tell you one thing, the
world would be better off

if dat island sank
beneath the waves.

Humming motor, and
laser blasting]

[sonic pulsing]

[engine sputters and stops]

- We've lost both engines.

- I hate when that happens.

[descending hum]

- Can't level her out.

Why Colonel, I didn't
know you cared.

- Just keep pulling back.

[tense music]

Hold on.

[loud splash]

[rising air bubbles]


Come on, swim for the island.

- Good idea, man.

I don't want no sharks
making lunch plans.

[birds chirping]


- We've got to

to get into the jungle before--

- Before what, devushka?

Before we find you
perhaps? [sinister laugh]

- [loud roar]

[heavy foot steps]

- We got to make a break.

- A low kick.

- You speak when I say.


- Sonic boom.

- Ahhh.

[uplifting music]

- The Street Fighters have
escaped into the jungle.

Guile leads them.

- Guile.

Find them, hunt them down.

The invisible
bomber will be ready

to take off in eight hours
if my demands are not met.

I want no interference.

[zapping power-down]


- [Man] Hovercraft
units three, and four

execute search in
sectors Delta, and Echo.

[Motorized door hum]

[low engine hums]

[heavy breathing]

[rock metal guitar]

[heavy breathing]


- Looks like we lost them.

[low engine humming]

- Dee Jay, tovarishch.

You remember Zangief?

Because of me, they take
your champion's belt,

and your are nothing.

I tamper with your
water at ring side,

and blame you for
throwing the fight.

I made you a loser. [laughs]

You will always be a loser.

- I show you who's
da loser, man.

- No Dee Jay.

He's just trying to
get under your skin

so you will give
away our position.

- The foxes stay in their den.

Spread out, keep searching.

- We can't keep playing
cat, and mouse with Zangief.

We've been knocked out
of the sky; ambushed,

hunted down like wild animals.

Well I'm through running.

It's time to take
the fight to Bison.

- We're with you, man.

What's da plan?

- Okay, those hovercrafts
reinforcements came

from the direction
of the mountains.

That's gotta be where
Bison's base is.

Cammy, and I will
try and find it.

- Our first date, how romantic.

- You, and Blanka will
have to decoy Zangief.

It's our only chance to
get through to Bison.

- All I want is my
chance at Zangief.

This isn't a private
war, Dee Jay.

If you're part of the team,

you live by the Street
Fighter code of honor.

There's no room for
personal revenge.

- Maybe for you, man.

But I'll take my
chance if it comes up.

[rotary engine hum]

[eerie chime]

[pattering foot steps]

[laser blasts]

[laser blasts, and explosion]

[crashing kick and thud]

[tense music]

- Well dat ought
to keep dem safe,

and outta trouble
like good little boys.

- I hear hovercraft coming.

Three of them.

They'll be here soon.

[rotary engines humming]

[booming gun shot]

[clink and gaseous hissing]

- Run, Dee Jay.

- Ugh, ahhhh.


- You should've listened to
your hairy friend, tovarishch.

You might've lived
a little longer.

[crickets chirping]

- If we don't find
Bison's base soon,

it'll be too late to stop him.

- Even you can't win every time.

But you keep trying, that's
what I like about you.

- Uh, Cammy.

This, this isn't a good time.

- Blame it on the
tropic moonlight.

[rotary engine hum]


Forceful, I like that in a man.

- Shhh.

[rotary engine hum]

[motorized door howls]

- C'mon, we found our way in.

[motorized door high hum]


[pattering steps]

[eerie music]

- Nothing must go wrong.

[motor hum]

[clicking and beeping]

[grating chime]

[thud and groan]

[building music]

- [Cammy] I give up,
where's the plane?

- All systems are operative.

- Excellent.

Prepare to take
off in 15 minutes.

- If I had not not seen
it, I wouldn't believe it.

- I'm going after the plane.

When I make my move, you try,
and spring the prisoners.

- No, we'd stand a
better chance together.

- I'm not leaving anyone behind.

It's over, Bison.

- Guile.

You've never realized
it's not finished

until I say it is.

[charging pulse, and loud blast]

[thud and chime]

[charging pulse]


[crashing thud]

[charging pulse]





- Flash kick.

- Ugh.

[laser fire]

[laser fire]

- Something in the way, pal?

- Stop firing, you'll
damage the plane.

- Cannon drill.


[high pitch chime]

- You made it this far
Guile, very impressive.

But you can't win.

[booming explosion]

[rotary engine hum]

- Guile, look out.

- Ugh.

[crashing thud]

My arm.

- You escape me once,
Guile, but never twice.

- Guile.




[scraping metal]

[crashing thud]

- [strained growl]

[clanking metal
and crashing thud]

- Ugh.

- Now, we see who is best,

man to man.

[crushing metal]

- Get to the plane, now.

[tense music]

[clanking metal and thuds]

- Hi-ya.

[pulsing energy]

- [loud grumbles]

- Ahhhh.

- Useless.


I'll have to stop them myself.

[laser blasts]

- I hope this baby is fast.

- Divert all power
to the main engines.

[grating chime]

- Stop that plane.

- Look out.

[swooshing and crashing thud]

- Ugh.

- Ahhh

[laser blasts]

[loud cracking and rumbling]

- The cave is coming down.

- Evacuate.

[loud cracking and rumbling]

- [Cammy] We'll never make
it, the doors are closed.

- What's life without a
few obstacles to remove?


[swooshing and roaring missiles]

[loud explosion]

[cracking and rumbling]

[loud boom and swooshing]

- Wait, Bison, wait for me.

[metal thud]

- Bison, wait.

[booming explosion]

[roaring jet engine]

[cheering and roaring crowd]

- Cold coffee, yuck.


Now that's a cup of coffee.

[laughing and cheering]

- Too bad about your
arm, I'd a loved

to have seen you in the finals.

But how about a
consolation prize?

Say a romantic candlelight
dinner for two?

- I'm buying--

- Oh, Colonel.

- dinner for the whole
team for a job well done.

- Oh, Colonel.

- Ugh.

- Ugh


[roaring and cheering]

- Yes, man.

The champ is back.

[rock guitar music]