Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 3 - Street Fighter: The Animated Series - full transcript

- [Narrator] Colonel
William Guile,

one of the greatest martial
artists in the world,

travels the global
tournament circuit,

using it to conceal
his top secret mission

as leader of an elite group of
international crime fighters,

known only by their code
name Street Fighter.

The heroic man-beast, Blanka.

Hard-kicking fighting
machine, Chun-Li.

[upbeat rock music]

And the team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces with Guile

to combat the criminal
empire of Shadaloo

and its superhuman
leader, Bison.

They have their
own code of honor.

Discipline, justice, commitment.

And together, they will triumph
against the forces of evil.

Street Fighter!

[suspenseful music]

- Sonic boom.


[suspenseful music]


Bison, I might have known.

- Really, Colonel?

Is that a way to
great an old friend?

- How is this?

- A little better.

Do you have the time?

[suspenseful music]



- No!



- More dreams, Colonel?

- Don't trust him, Guile.

Watch out, my friend.

- That's Bison.


- Your friend Bison
can't help you now.




The Street Fighters have no
more use for you, Colonel Guile.


- No.



- Doctor, we seem
to be winning down

his mind's prodigious

Please continue.


[upbeat music]


- Spinning bird kick.


[crowd cheering]

- Well done, my dear.

We must celebrate your victory.

- Not seeing your face again

is enough to make
my night, El Fideo.

We had a deal.

- Quite right.

You beat my best man,

so I shall provide you
the information you seek.

Wait at your hotel.

[suspenseful music]

- Huh, what's this?

"This book is the first
of a rare trilogy.

"Come in now and enjoy
its companion volumes,

"Justice and Commitment."

Oh blast.

I can't keep my
appointment with Fideo.

You sent for me, sir?

- Yes, Chun-Li.

Thank you for coming.

- But I'm curious, sir.

Usually you contact Colonel
Guile and he contacts me.

- Guile's been captured.

By Bison.

- It can't be.

- Oh, it's happened, my friend.

I was there.

- Dee Jay.

- Guile and I just
finishing match in Ajizma.

We go to meet
friends of mine when.

- The crates.


You okay?

- How careless of me.

How can I ever
make it up to you?

- Fall off a cliff.

- I am sorry, Colonel.

I would hate to do that now
that we have become friends.


- Hands off, man.

- You heard the man.

- So hard to get
good help these days.

[suspenseful music]

Go, run and get your friends.

Tell them I have Guile.

- They took him,
and I lied there.

Good for nothing.

- We are all anxious
to help Colonel Guile,

but there are also practical
reasons we must find him.


He knows too much
about our operation.

- Operation?

Our operation?

Bison has Guile,

and you're worried about
our stinking operation?

- Easy now.

- I'll take it easy
when Guile's safe.

- So Colonel, how do you like
your first day at school?

Making new friends.

- What do you want
from me, Bison?

My lunch money?

- Higher, doctor.

Our new student must learn
quickly, if he wishes to live.

- Tell me again how
this was supposed to go.

- We grab the map to
the Pharaoh's tomb,

and El Fideo pays us for it.

- Well, looks like his guys
want an early delivery.

- Yeah, in a discount price.

Hey, he is a businessman.

You can't blame him for
trying to make a buck.

- [Both] Fire ball.

- I always hate to
have to fire someone.

- [Both] Tatsumaki Senpukyaku.

- Why don't we just
give them the map?

- Are you nuts?

We're talking about a
Pharaoh's lost tomb.

- Got a better plan?

- Sure.


- Well?

[upbeat rock music]

- [Ken] Will they do?

- [Man] Come on.

- Thanks, guys.

And we'll be on our way now.

- Ken, we need your help.

- Yeah, how about
later in the week?

- No, we stay.

They helped us when
we were in trouble.

- Guile's been
captured by Bison.

- You had to say we'll help.

- Count me in.

- Wait a minute.

- Isn't it funny you always
forget the Street Fighter code

when it suits you?

- Code?

Gee, Ryu, weren't we
home sick that day?

- [Blanka] Perhaps
you should learn it.

- [Dee Jay] Who's there?

- A friend.

- Blanka.

- I received your
message about Guile.

- Hey, how'd you find
us in this alley, man?

- We'll have time for
cookies and gossip later.

Now we find William Guile.

[dog barking]

[suspenseful music]

- Hey you guys, cut it out.

Come on, leave him alone.

- What'd say, punk?

- You shouldn't
pick on little kids.

- Yeah, he's right.

We should be picking on him.


Going somewhere, whimp?

- It's just not right.

It's just not right.

- You went too far
back, you idiot.

Find me someone he cares about.

Find me his Achilles'
heel, so we can break him.


- That's it, Billy.

You can do anything if
you try hard enough.

- Doctor, are you familiar
with my genetic experiments?

- Yes, sir.

- I suggest that
if you do not wish

to become a subject in
one of those experiments,

you find me a painful
memory of Colonel Guile.

- Yes, sir.

I will.

- Morning, Captain Walker.

[soft music]

Oh no.

No, not her.

- You see, doctor, I
feel the weakening.

[soft music]

- Oh.

Not Cindy.

I can't let you.

- That's it!

- You asked about
unusual movements

in the area near Guile's
last known coordinates.

A large number of shipments
of hi-tech equipment

have recently been smuggled
by doctor Murchesen,

and I don't mean VCRs.

- That name sounds
familiar, Honda.

- It should.

He was criticized for his
research into the human brain.

It seems many of his
subjects did not live

to file the malpractices.

It's taken many hours
since your call,

but I'm now able to access

a heavily protected
Murchesen database

coded Fallen Eagle.

- [Blanka] An arrogant
reference, but clearly Guile.

- Something about a project
Friendly Persuasion.

They're trying to lock me out.

Get back.

Almost have it.

- Wow.

That's some computer virus.

- I have the coordinates.

It's an island in
the Adriatic Sea.

- We're on our way.

- [Man] Guile's a
traitor, I have proof.

- [Cindy] No, not William.

- [Man] How can you
care for that criminal?

It's me you love.

- Liar.





- Traitor.

You traitor.

- Traitor.
- Traitor.

- Traitor.
- Traitor.

- Traitor.
- Traitor.

- No, that's not true.

- Your woman Cindy be
better off without you, man.

- No.

- How could she
possibly love you?

- Traitor.
- Traitor.


- [Bison] William, my
friend, let me help you.

- The Street
Fighters betrayed me.

- We shall defeat them
together, William,

and get your Cindy back.

- Yes.

Thank you, my friend.

[loud explosion]


- Ladies and gentlemen, I
give you the Isle of Pesca.

Sun, fun and master criminals.

- The lab is in the center
of the island, here.

We will have to parachute
in, disable an alarm fence,

and fight our way to get Guile.

- And if fate is kind to us,

we will encounter Bison as well.

- Well, if we have
to follow a boss,

at least this one's easier
on the eyes than Guile.


- [Bison] How are you feeling?

- Confused.

- We got you out just in time.

The Street Fighters
nearly killed you.

- The Street Fighters?

- I have something to show you.


[suspenseful music]


[suspenseful music]



- Inside.

- I sense Guile's near.

I also feel we're being watched.

- You're more than
watched, my little puppets.


- Look out.

- You wanted to help.

We should be out
getting rich tonight.

- Riches without honor
is its own poverty.

- Oh please.

Why don't I trust
this to be good?

- Remember, in confidence
lie the seeds of victory.

[suspenseful music]

- You were saying?

- Who's there?


Guile, are you alright?

- Look out, William.

She is here to destroy you.

- Guile, stop.


It's Chun-Li.

Don't you know me?

- Backstabber.

You're one of them.

Fire ball.

You'll be the first to
pay for betraying me.





- Guile, stop.

Look at me.

I'm here to help you.

- Liar!

- Guile, think, we're
both Street Fighters.

You are my friend.

Bison has corrupted your mind.

- No, he cares about me.

- Oh yeah, you're right Ryu.

This certainly beats
making a pile of money,

and hanging out with cute babes.

- Come on.

The cavalry has arrived.

- Thanks, guys.

Not that we really
needed you or anything.

- Looks like Chun-Li does.

Let's go.

- You hurt me.

You all hurt me.

- No, we never would.

Guile, listen to me.

The Street Fighters
didn't betray you.

Remember what we
mean to each other.

- Spare me.

- Discipline,
justice, commitment.

Discipline, justice, commitment.

- Discipline.



- Justice, commitment.

- Discipline.

- Justice, commitment.

I used to know a Guile
to whom that meant a lot.

- Blanka?

- We're all here, Guile.

- Oh, by heavens.

- Come on, Guile.

Let's get you home.

- You lost him.

- [Doctor] I--


- You better pray your failure

doesn't eat the building alive.

[loud explosion]

- I think that's a hint
we overstay our welcome.

[loud explosion]

- There goes Bison.

- You know, Ryu, one of
those mutants we fought

looked a little like that
girlfriend of yours in Osaka.

- [Ryu] Hey.


- [Dee Jay] Good one, man.

- He had me, Chun-Li.

Bison made me feel things I
never wanted to feel again.

Another hour and I would have
told him anything he asked.

- Anybody would have, Guile.

The Street Fighters
are your family.

You were able to hang on so long

because, deep down, you
knew we'd be there for you.

- You're right.

- Hey, Guile, before
you start bawling,

how about buying us some dinner?

- Remind me, they're
not family, right?

[upbeat rock music]